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    Pinnacle Studio Tutorial – Object Masking with Motion Tracking
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    Pinnacle Studio Tutorial – Object Masking with Motion Tracking

    November 22, 2019

    In this tutorial we’ll learn about video masking with track motion. Once your clip has been added to the timeline you can simply select Track Motion and then Mask Object. Now that the Track Motion dialog is open, I’m going to drag my scrubber to a section of the video where I can see the parachute in plain sight so I can outline it. In the menu on the right I can select the shapes to best highlight my objects so we’ll select the circle shape and drag it over top of the parachute. You can fine-tune the mask by dragging the orange nodes along the outside. You can add a new node with a simple click. but what I’m doing now is I’m tracing the outside of the parachute by adding nodes along the way We’ll just speed through the next part as I outline the rest of this Once your object is highlighted we’re going to analyze the click by selecting the center track motion icon. This tracks the selected area backwards and forward from the current time point until it is no longer detected on screen so now let’s go back and check the tracking analysis by playing the video in spot checking a few points. As we move throughout the video we’ll see that the tracking moves along and it has identified the object as we go. If we find a part in the video where a node has gone off track or it doesn’t fully cover the selected area we can simply find the first frame where it goes off track re-adjust the nodes and then we’ll continue tracking forward. so once we’ve made these adjustments will select the last icon under analysis which tracked the selected mask forward all frames. Then we’ll just do a quick spot check to make sure that work and everything is looking good! Once you’ve reviewed the whole video and are happy with the mask you can select okay and it will export this into your timeline. Here we can see the mask has been added to the timeline essentially as an extraction from the original video. So now the fun part you can go in and you can add effect either the mask layer or the background layer to really make this video your own and make your object stand out. You can also easily apply a blur or mosaic blur to an object which comes in handy when you’re looking to blur it a license-plate, blur face or just remove an object from an item so it’s no longer in focus. Let’s apply a name to the mask we previously created and then select the icon to the right of it to create a new mask. We’ll put a label on this as well. I’m just going to scrub backwards here so I can see the face of the little boy of which we’re going to blur out. In similar fashion we’ll select the circle icon and outline his face readjust the node so that we’re covering it. Once we’ve highlighted our object the menu on the right we can see two checkboxes for the mosaic effects or blur. By simply selecting this we can then apply the effect to the inside the mask – so we’ll see the mosaic being applied to his face. Then adjust the size of the mosaic underneath in the settings. Now you can also apply the blur both with the mosaic effects or on a thumb to play with the checkmark to get what you want and click to adjust the settings here as well. Once you’re happy with the effect applied we can go ahead and analyze the clip.

    경마장 가는 길(1991) / The Road to the Race Track (Gyeongmajang ganeun gil)
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    경마장 가는 길(1991) / The Road to the Race Track (Gyeongmajang ganeun gil)

    November 19, 2019

    The Road to Race Track   Producer: Lee Tae-won Writer: Ha Il-ji   Kang Su-yeon Moon Seong-keun Kim Bo-yeon   DP: Yoon Yeong-gil   Editor: Kim Hyun Music: Kim Su-cheol   Director: Jang Seon-woo   British Airlines 027 from London
    has just arrived from Hong Kong.   R returned on June 16th. Actually it’s not clear
    if it was the 15th or the 16th. Because he traveled
    across half the world he was unable to keep track of time.   But that’s not important because he was given time
    in one way or another. Wow. My goodness.
    What is making this so heavy? There’s nothing more than a computer, printer   and a few books.   You’re going to sleep over. Right?   Yes, I should right?   Are you tired?   Yes. I’m so very tired.   I wasn’t able to sleep at all
    during the 22 hour flight. Oddly enough, I have a headache.   Get some proper rest.   You should be fine after a few days   I’ll have to leave in a bit.   What? Why?   Do you know how much I’ve missed you? No, please don’t.   We can’t do that here.   I should go.   Have you thought of
    what you’re going to do from now on?   Yes. If you’re going to leave,
    leave before it gets late.   It’s only 9. It’s still early. I’m okay.   Aren’t you tired?   I’m tired.   I’m just going to rest.
    Hurry up and leave before it gets late.   Ok then I’m going to leave.   No need to walk me out.   Come here you skank!   – I said I’m not.
    – Come here! You want to die today. I should kill you!   Come here! Now! Idiot! You pathetic human being.
    You think you can beat me? Huh? Shut up! Uh… You’re such a whore. You’re going to kill me?
    Sure. Why don’t you try, moron. What a dirty slut!
    Come here! Slut!   Where are you going?   Come back! Come back! Stop there!
    Where are you going?   Where the hell are you going?   This is such an odd motel.
    People fight and yell all night long. Where do you want to be dropped off?   Not sure   Shall we tour downtown Seoul? No. Do you know what traffic
    is like at this time? The roads are too congested.   When are you going to Daegu?
    You’re leaving today right? I guess I should.   Let’s head to The Express Bus Terminal. Yeah?   The noise of the phone ringing
    woke me up at 2 a.m. I wasn’t able to sleep after that.   Also I was hoping you would at least call once.   Hey! I got cut off again! Where is there room for you to come in?   Uh! You won’t believe how many more
    cars are on the road now. Don’t you think there are more cars now
    than before you left?   You know, they say by 1999 the average
    driving speed in Seoul will be 7km/hr.   How about we just drive to Daejeon? To Daejeon?   Sure.   Gyeongbu Expressway will be packed.
    Let’s take The Jungbu Expressway. There’s a Jungbu Expressway? Yes, it’s a new highway. They say it’s less congested.   Uh… If I had known than I would have gotten on the Olympic Expressway.   Is it that hard to find the on ramp? Uh! Yes. It’s just over there.
    You can see the expressway. I can’t find a ramp.   Isn’t your father’s factory
    engulfed in labor disputes? No. No such problems. My dad always treats them so well. Also, those problems only happen in
    the large companies, not the smaller ones.   Ok. Now where shall we go?   Shall we go to Yuseong? Why Yuseong? They have hot springs. They do, but what will we do there? First, we will bathe in the hot springs   and then…   How can we? Let’s go.   What will we do there? What else will we do? First, we will take a bath in the springs and then I’ll rub my face against your bosom, and then I’ll fondle your nipples. After that I’ll push my groin against yours. As always, our bodies will melt into each other and your hair down there…   Do you know how much I missed
    your body after you left?   Of course I was busy with work and
    did forget about it to a certain degree. But, I don’t want to do it in a motel. I know we had our own apartment in France but what can we do about
    not having a place here yet? And if I don’t have sex right now . I’m going to go crazy Yes, but Korea is different.   Do we have to go? It’s better to go than not.   But… Hurry up. Let’s go   Stop it Move your hands. Stop.   Don’t.   That hurts.
    That hurts.   Stop.   Stop Why are you doing this? You want to drive me crazy?   Why are you torturing me?   Why are you torturing me?   You…   Sleep here and go down tomorrow.
    I’m going to leave. Did I come here to sleep alone in this strange room? Do you think I have nowhere to go?   What do you want me to do?   Are you saying you don’t need me anymore?   The cheapest kind of whore.   I feel dirty and embarrassed, meeting you as soon as I got back.   Let me just ask you one thing.   Did you meet someone else?   Then why are you acting like this?   What is causing you to act like this?   You can have all of this
    since it was bought with your money. I just need this.   Is this not Ga-ya’s home? It is. Then who is this I’m talking to? I’m Ga-ya’s older sister   So you are Yeong-nam’s mother? Yes.   It’s me R.   He just arrived.   It’s been five years.   He just showed up without telling us.   No, he doesn’t look thinner or older.   He looks just the same.   Yes. Yes.   yes. yes   Oh come on, stop it.   Did you set a wedding date, Myeong-ja? Yes. She was waiting till you came back to get married. You must be happy Myeong-ja. You were at the factory
    since elementary school. I bet it makes you shudder to think of it.   And Soon-ja,
    you work at an electronics store? Isn’t it difficult? Bookkeeping isn’t too hard.   Yeong-a’s mother does a flower shop? Yeong-a’s mother is good to us now.   Since last April, right?   Why did you send such a cruel letter?   She cried and threw a fit because of it. She couldn’t be better
    to us these days. Move these. Mother, I’m back. Yeong-a, your father is here. Come. Hurry.   – Why?
    – Honey.   Hi, it’s been a long time.   How have you been? What kind of greeting is that
    for a married couple that hasn’t seen each other in ages?   It’s your father. Say hi. Hello. Father
    Hello dad. That’s it? Shouldn’t you bow?   Come on!   You’re not going to join Yeong-a? You take a bow, too.   How is it seeing the kids again?   I don’t know. Yong-taek, that is your father.   Yong-taek looks just like you. No?   I can’t really tell. Yeong-a. Do you remember your dad?   She doesn’t.   Yong-taek. How is it seeing your father? He looks dull.   Hello brother-in-law. Hello. Welcome. I thought you were dead man. Let’s see you how you are.   Are the buses still running? I took a cab here. There is no where to sit. Bring that over.
    You need more food on the table. Mother. Don’t get up May I shake the hand of
    the doctorate holder? Tough to get? I did what I gotta do.   You look good. Please sit.   This here is a doctorate dissertation. Look! I wouldn’t know it whatever. This has “dedicated to my father” written on it, right? Yes, that is correct.   Do you want me to get the lights?   Sure.   Do you know where she’s going?   Oh! Here she comes.   Goodbye.   How’s your parents?   They’ve gotten so old.   Mother almost passed away
    last new year’s day.   They’ll serve it if you ask them.   Miss! Water please.   Did Yeong-a remember you? Wow, It seems overstaffed here in Korea. Are they attended even
    just filling glass of water?   people would pour it themselves, no? What did Yong-taek say?   Does he look just like you? Well I don’t know. He said I look dull. That’s what he said. What? Dull?   To a doctorate holder?   Uh, why don’t they bring water.   Drink this, I didn’t take a sip.   When I meet you,
    it’s always endless walking. This is a stroll. Do you remember what you said to me
    when you visited France last summer? You said you desperately wanted to
    take a walk in Seoul, didn’t you?   How is this a stroll?
    This is slave labor.   Your bus leaves at 6:50.   J   Do you know ?   J. desperately desire you?   Next time. Let’s do it next time.   Seriously, why are you like this?   What is your ground
    of your code of conduct?   We have to be careful in Korea. Do you know what kind of place Korea is?   Shall I get the lights?   Sure.   Now that you have
    your doctorate degree, you must buy a bigger house.   They can’t kick you out every time
    they have a party now, can they?   I’m okay with it, but
    It’s a little embarrassing, I guess. It’s okay.   What the heck. Why does he hate you so much? The biggest reason is
    because I had atteded that school. On top of that… I have a doctorate
    he doesn’t have yet. Something like that. Last time he got drunk at a party.
    He said… I know you’re smart. But you are so conceited and arrogant. He yelled that out. What? How did you end up
    hearing such a thing? He has too many personal issues.   What kind of “smart”
    does he see in you?   Exactly. I don’t even have
    an ounce of intelligence.   You always give me hard time
    for not being smart. This is true.   Anyway…   Have you looked into other places?   There was a job opening
    for professor last summer, I pitched my application there. Then… Of course I didn’t get it.   I found out later the board of school
    appointed the assumed already. Job postiong in newspaper was
    just pretending “fair procedure” in public. Wow! But even so, the dean of
    the department really liked me Though they couldn’t hire me
    at the time, he said he would scout me next time. Then I presented him with
    the published book carried my article.   So… They think very highly of me. That sounds very encouraging. What kind of article the book carried?… It doesn’t matter really. I’ll tell you about it later.   Well…   You’re always like this. It’s not even a big deal
    so what matters?   Where are you going to stay tonight?   What the hell… Geez… all we ever do is eat together. What do you want me to do? It’s driving me crazy, too. Seriously!   Have you guys ever come to see? Welcome. Does she even know where I live? Say I got sick and died. Would you two even come?   Wake up stupid!
    I didn’t raise you to be like this! Please keep it down. I never met you halfway. I will live my life and you yours.
    That’s that. Let’s go.   Welcome.   Ah, sorry for being late.   Why am I wasting time   on worthless things
    after returning to Korea?   If I can’t hold your naked body
    through the night and slip away. mine feels like it’s going to rot.
    I’m that tired.   I don’t want to go down
    to Daegu home tonight.   So what if you don’t go back? Fine! Fine!   So what is it
    that you want from me? What do I want?.   Like I clearly and bluntly
    stated in my letter, I want a divorce   I’m sorry. What do you sorry for?   I had a deep relationship before I married you. Ah! Do you think that’s
    what I’m talking about right now?   Yes? It is not a reasont
    that I should divorce you. So what is it then?   Of course finding out that
    you had a previously relationship and weren’t pure in body
    was offensive to me. However, that’s in the past
    and what can I do about it?   That is not the reason
    I decided to get a divorce. Then what is it?   Since we are talking about this. You are not someone that
    can support my rise.   You may be able to throw away
    my old books, but you will never be able to
    throw away your vanity.   Isn’t that true?   Anyway…   Do you know
    what happened to your sister?   What happened?   She is…   so worried you get to know it. Really? Then don’t tell me.   Oh man…
    she made me promise not to tell you.   She had a relationship with another man.   So?   One day she came to me crying,
    asking me what she should do.   The guy she was dating
    left her and got on a ship. I think she was pregnant.
    Father knows all about it as well.   So?   Why’re you yelling at me? So?   So what!   Why are you telling me this?   You made me realize once again
    why I can’t live with you.   Is father very unwell?   Uh… He can’t even manage farming. He’s getting weaker noticeably
    since a couple of years ago.   Why don’t you quit farming? Farming gives you nothing
    but tough work.   The land owner gets rich
    from rising land prices. I heard they get millions.   Lets go now.   And where are we going to go?   If there is really nowhere
    to go lets go back in. We just came out.
    Why go again? You’re going to want to
    come back out as soon as we get in. It’s a waste of money.   You want another ice cream? Again? Uh…   Tonight   I must touch your nipples and fall asleep with our pubis stuck.   Only then able to get
    my dulled instinct back to life. I’ll be able to keep myself
    hanging tough in Korea. and survive in harsh Korea.   No.   You still haven’t solved
    your divorce problems.   Are you mad?   Well…   Now what shall we do?
    Where should I drop you off?   Anywhere. Do I really have
    a specific place to go?   Then I’ll drop you off
    at the motel you stayed at last time.   Is this really Korea? Is this the Seoul with the 600 year history?   It’s peppered with crosses.   It feels like I’ve entered
    a huge European cemetery.   Don’t view everything
    so pessimistically. Am I pessimistic?   I might be.   If I could just paraphrase something I heard, it feels like Seoul becomes
    a massive graveyard full of crosses at night. PJ Paradise Motel   Yeong-a come inside.
    I have something to say. What do you want to say?
    I’m busy. I said come inside. I don’t want you to work in the kitchen.   So, have you thought about it?   About what? Do you really not know?   Why do you want a divorce
    all of a sudden? All of a sudden? It is not sudden at all. I’ve been asking for
    a divorce for ages. You’ve just been denying it
    like you are now.   You said you would think about it. Did you think about it?
    Shouldn’t you tell me your decision?   No?   I still need more time to think.   How much time do you need?   I’ve been asking for 8 years. So is it okay for some to
    have a relationship before marriage and not okay for others? What are you talking about?+++ Isn’t it so? I mean… Is it okay for some women to
    have premarital relationships? And it’s not okay for others?   Mother, father, are you back?   Yes. Where are the kids?   They’re out playing.   If it’s so hard for you to say   do you want me to just ask you?   What would you like? Coffee.   You have a boyfriend?   Yes.   Really? Wow that’s great. Congratulations.   So   what you want to ask me, R, is now that you have a man
    you want me to get out of your life! That’s what you want to say right?   Isn’t it?   Are you two going to get married?   Yes.   You found a good one.   If I had known earlier, I shouldn’t
    have got your support that much.   Silly me kept asking for your help.   That’s not it.   It’s only recently that
    I said I would marry him.   But…   but I knew after I got back
    from France last summer.   He kept asking me
    to marry him for a long time.   But you know I can’t get married.   So I said no,   I answer yes to him recently.   Of course…
    of course I said I can’t. But he kept asking why. He said he couldn’t turn away
    without knowing.   And…   And I just gave in.   And that’s why I recently said yes.   Yeah good job.   But why did yo decide recently?   Why?   It’s because of you.   I can’t leave you and get married.   But I can’t marry you neither.   You know I sometimes…   not always,   but sometimes
    I just want to get married.   You understand how I feel, right? Yes, I should understand.   It’s not important when you told him
    you would marry him. This is a problem caused by your emotions.   He loves me. Of course.   So did you tell him that you and I lived together
    for three and a half years in France?   How can I tell someone about that? I much rather just not get married.   You did a right thing. It’s better not to mention such things.   You’ll just damage this man who loves you so much as you desribed, and because of that he might
    pay you back by cheating you. It might be best
    to keep quiet about this and prevent hurting him.   Do you understand?   Yes.   Of course…   of course I know
    I can’t get married because of you.   However…
    I get it. I get it.   But occasionally.. it’s not all the time. I said I get it.   It worked out.   In France, you often told me that in Korea men chase the girls.   I get it.   It seems Korean women are really
    into having many men chase them, it tends to be taken as a sign of
    their influence or attration.   I guess
    I’ve been chasing you as well.   Come to think of it,
    I’m slightly embarrassed. I’m sorry. No need to be sorry. It’s all in the past.   I’m sorry.   I’m sorry.   Let’s take a walk.   Lets. I’m sorry.   I’m sorry. What is there to be sorry about?
    Quit saying that.   But you aren’t divorced yet? That is exactly it. That has always been my biggest fault. However, after returning to Korea I have been trying very hard
    to get a divorce. But even if you got a divorce
    you’re not going to marry me. And Doctor…   you don’t even love me.   This is true. I never thought I had to marry you once I got a divorce. I know. I think you have been a routine to me. Your my habitual sex partner. Do I love you? I’m not sure about that. But one thing that I am certain of is I enjoy having sex with you
    on a regular basis. I like fondling your breasts, and stroking your pubic hair. I also like to cum inside you. I know , all women have the same physical traits but as you know I haven’t slept with a lot of women. So, I don’t know them and don’t feel a sexual desire for them.   That’s why I’ve become so fond of ejaculating into that womb of yours. I know.   Do you? You say you know, but you have misunderstood me all along. No! I know what you are saying.   You are…I know that you see things
    objectively than others do. Is that why I deserve to be betrayed like this?   I’m sorry.   Where are you going?   Where did you park?   I parked over there. Go. I will walk you to your car.   Goodbye. Okay. Goodbye.   J! I have something to say.   What is it? I can accept everything, but one thing really bothers me. And what that is…   I’m wondering if your decision
    to leave me and get married stems from a misunderstanding. Some misunderstandings… If a misunderstanding completely destroys what we built together that is a sad thing, as well as regrettable and it could be considered a crime.   This is true. And you made it sound as if I am never going to get a divorce. Like I’m not really trying to get a divorce. That’s the general feeling I got. If you feel that way,
    it’s all a misunderstanding.   You can’t even get a divorce.   Are you secretly wishing I don’t get a one? No! Are you crazy?
    You don’t’ need to get a divorce for me,   but you must get it for your own good. Exactly. That’s exactly right. That is why I am doing
    my best to get a divorce. I will get a divorce. Also, you said that , even if I did get one I wouldn’t marry you. That also is a misunderstanding. It’s not like I never thought about it. I thought a contract marriage or
    just living together was more appropriate. However, if that’s not how it’s done
    in Korea, I can get married. No need to do that. And… You also said that I don’t love you. That can also be a point of
    misunderstanding. I thought the commonly used
    word “love” was too dull. That’s the only reason I said that. I love you. But did you ever tell me while we were together in France that you wanted to marry me or that you loved me? Exactly I’m saying that is
    a misunderstanding. It is true that I didn’t promise you anything while we were in France, but did I have to make
    specific promises to you? Wasn’t our life in France
    a promise in itself? Yes, yes, yes.   But…   I also want to get married. Sometimes.
    Not always.   Well…   When I’m with you, I feel like I’m bothering you . and that tortures me That is one of the big reasons I told you I’m leaving you to get married!   You are going to be better off without me. That also is a misunderstanding. That is your biggest misunderstanding.   You always thought you were bad for me.   Of course, I was distressed to a certain degree because of you.   There’s an incident that comes to mind. I was working on the computer
    and you were annoying me and out of desperation you said, I’ll give you money, please be upset!   It breaks my heart
    to remember that. How desperate you must
    have been to say such a thing… It was hard to stay mad at you
    when you said things like that. However, things are different now. I won’t let your stuff
    interfere with my business. I’m not that dumb. I won’t let your issues effect
    my work negatively. So there is no need for you to think that way.   Honestly, there’s nobody in Seoul
    I mean, in the world that knows what I need and want
    better than you. I don’t think there is anyone else
    that could help me. In other words,
    you know me inside out.   Once, I was overcome
    with uncontrollable lust. However, we were unable to
    have sex at that time. You looked at me for an eternity and eventually
    let me cum in your mouth. I said “thank you” because you knew
    how much I needed that. You always try to fulfill my needs,
    whatever it may be.   Even when you didn’t have any money, you knew I wanted a Montblanc pen and You bought it for me. But despite all of this,
    you still think to yourself that you’re no good for me. That is your own delusion
    and a misunderstanding.   However, I’ve made the biggest mistake.   I should have promised you things
    when we were in France.   But I guess I thought
    you just knew me and how I felt.   Yes,   it was good to have this kind of talk instead of leaving things
    hanging like last time. I agree.   How about we do this…   Do what?   We shouldn’t let our pride allow us
    to make a rash decision. We need to think about this more carefully. So…   go home tonight   and concern about it.
    We talk more tomorrow.   Okay. Let’s do that.   Okay.   I’m leaving.   Citizens. Wolves masked
    as lamb are right behind us, manipulating us to
    stand against the government. They praise Communism and
    try to bring it to this country. But our government is against them. The authorities totally pulled back
    from Communism.   Of course, I know it’s not right for me
    to leave you and marry someone.   However I…   But then I can never
    get married to anyone.   How can I get married?   But, still sometimes…   sometimes…   I just want to get married.   I know it’s a problem with my emotions,   but   we can’t even get married. You understand how I feel?   Right?
    You understand?   Yeah…   How can I ever leave you?   He has continuously
    asked me to marry him.   How can I get married?   So I said no.   But then…   But then… Wait.   Hold on a second, please.   Let me ask you one thing.   What is it?   The second day I was back in Korea.
    We went to Yuseong, right?   I asked you then
    if you were seeing someone.   You shook your head side to side?   When I asked you the question, I asked in a negative statement, right? And because you are used to
    the Western sentence structure, out of habit,
    you answered “no” and you shook your head. Right?   If not how could you have… Yes…   Isn’t that how you asked it?   That’s how I understood it.   Yes. But despite that, I took your answer
    as you NOT having a boyfriend because you shook your head side to side.   Like you said yesterday,   isn’t everything due to
    my emotional problems? Right?   Yes   I know full well that I can’t leave you.   When I think of you I get so sad. Really.   However, once in a while I…   not always   just sometimes…   Like you said,   everything stems from
    your emotional problems.   That’s what you said
    yesterday, right? Yes, I did say that.   But… I would like to seriously warn you of one thing. What is it?   You must tell that person
    who loves you, that you lived with me for
    three and a half years in France.   Why should I tell him that? And also, last night you said I should never tell him. You have to tell him. I’d rather not get married. Why do I have to tell someone
    else about that? As a friend and a lover you shared
    three and a half years with, I want to advise you
    to go tell him the truth now. But I think he has vaguely caught on that
    I had a painful relationship in the past.   Painful?   It sounds like a movie title.   You remember our three and a half years
    together as pain? I’m sorry.   When we first started dating you
    often used the word pain. So I told you   not to classify every emotion
    you have as pain. You get off by clumping everything
    you feel into the word, pain.   Condensing complicated feelings
    into such a mundane word is not becoming of someone who
    studied literature in grad school.   Hence, I told you not to use
    such words from then on. – Do you remember?
    – Yes. After that you
    didn’t use that word.   But I see that after returning to Korea
    you have rediscovered that word.   I’m sorry. So…   what kind of pain was
    our time together?   I’m sorry.   However,   whenever I meet you…   I can never say anything
    in front of you. I’m not like that with other people. Everyone else finds
    what I say so interesting.   Of course,   when I talk to these people I incorporate parts of
    what I heard from you.   Yes.   I’ve learned so much from you.   When I meet other people
    they all listen courteously to me. Also, I can talk to them
    without any hesitation. However, when I’m with you…   I can’t say anything
    in front of you.   Why wouldn’t they listen to you? You are a Doctor of Literature
    that studied in France.   J Yes.   I have a heavy heart telling you this.   Yes.   The moment you stop being with R,   you step into a void.   You’re right.   I can’t leave you.   How could I leave you?   I can’t do that. Then you have to tell him that you lived with me
    for three and half years. No.   I don’t want to.
    I’d rather not get married! Why should I tell him all of that? I don’t want to!   So did you tell him? Yes.   What did he say? He was taken aback. I’m sure he was.   So does he still want to marry you? No. You see.   I’m so angry. Why do I have to tell him all of that? I am so upset. Yes. I understand how you feel,
    but what can you do. Now, forget
    about the whole thing and wait for me patiently.   Okay.   When Hook saw that Peter Pan was asleep
    he put poison in his medicine. Mom, is that poison? Yes. Do you think I’m going to
    stop pursuing a divorce just because
    you’re being stubborn?   Ha! Is it okay for some women
    to have premarital relationships, but not me? This is so unfair. You start again. During the past eight years I never told anyone about your premarital relationships.
    That was to protect your reputation. However, you bring up Myeong-ja
    every chance you can.   Fine! Why should I cover up
    your dirty past? Ha! Dirty my butt.   Why is it okay for some?
    Why are you so mean to me? Fine. Then I will tell my family about everything. Get up. I said get up.   Come.   Let’s go to other room.   I heard from Yeong-a’s mother
    that Myeong-ja had a premarital relationship.   That woman mentions it
    every chance she can. Is it true?   Also, while we are on this topic I also have something to say.   This woman slept with many men
    before she married me. One of them is my friend
    from high school. Just shut up,
    stupid boy.   Pick one, pick one, pick one. Last chance! It’s a big bargain.
    Take it, take it! Last chance!   Why are you so late? The traffic was crazy.   Let’s rest somewhere.
    I’m so tired.   So what did he say?   It’s all over. Tell me more in detail. He asked if we had any kids.   So I told him the truth.   Why do I have to tell other people
    about what happened?   Look at that smile. Are you happy now?   When I think of how it felt
    to tell him about everything… Do you regret telling him?   No, but still… I know how you feel, but it was something
    you had to do. Right?   I don’t know.   Now it’s over. Let’s forget about it and move on. I’ve already forgotten it.   Yes, everything is over.   Even with you.   What does that mean?   I mean it.   The reason I came out today is
    to tell you that everything is over.   I will neve ever see you again. You’re not done with the guy? It’s over. It’s all over.
    Even with you. Why are you being like this? Please stop pestering me. – I’m so tired.
    – Anyways…   just know that I’m never going to meet you again.   But J, last time you mentioned
    sending a Department Head a book with your paper
    published in it. What paper was that?   Oh… that? Buy one please.   I didn’t tell you?
    That was…uh…well… Remember that paper
    you wrote for me, telling me to submit it
    to a literary contest?   So I took that…
    and when was it? Last year after I finished my studies,
    I brought it back with me. I gave that to you to keep. Yes! So after I brought it back,
    I looked it over and decided it was too good
    to throw away. So I modified most of it
    and showed it to Professor Lee.   And before I went to France
    for the summer… Yes, I practically revised
    main direction of the story and submitted it to
    the modern literary magazine. And I forgot all about it. But then…
    But then I got a notice saying the paper was selected
    when I got back. Great, huh?   You should go back
    and rest at the motel now. No! I won’t go back to
    the motel today. Oh, you said you don’t have
    money right? Take this.   Please, don’t.   Take this!   Ah why are you acting like this? – Take it.
    – Stop it. Why are you doing that?   Take me to the police station!   After you drop me off
    you can go to your parents’. You can sleep in peace
    in the apartment.   Am I worth less than
    ten thousand won?   You always cried fake tears
    in front of me, but today I finally get to see you
    cry over ten thousand won. But where can a poor
    bunch like us get ten thousand won? What? Poor bunch? Don’t make me laugh.   I used to be touched
    by that comment, but not anymore. I am the poor one here, not you!   You say such things, but you’ve taken full advantage of a poor man and humiliated him as well.   I want to go home now.   I don’t know what your family is like, but I won’t let you go home tonight.   Why are you acting like this? What do you want me to do?
    What do you want from me?   Take me to the police station!
    Why don’t you?   Why… Why can’t I
    go home tonight? Why you ask?   You always talked about your house
    as if it were some grand castle.   I want to see how nuts
    the people in the castle go if you don’t don’t
    come home tonight.   If you actually think about it, your family isn’t anything
    more than petit bourgeoisie.   What other place on earth has
    so many pretentious people?   All you guys do is talk garbage about others
    when you guys aren’t much yourselves. When did I talk poorly of you?   I met up with someone like you,
    upon my return. That was the most shameful and lowly thing
    I could have done.   I trusted you, but you really aren’t entitled
    to sleep with someone like me.   Of course, this is all due to
    me being too naive. When you came looking for me
    four and a half years ago in France… I didn’t go looking for you! Yes, you can babble whatever you want,
    but in your letters and phone calls you said if you would allow me to come,
    and you sticked to this sentence. And you begged me to help you
    prepare the arrangements – to go to France.
    – But it’s not like I went there with the intention
    of living with you. I’m sure.
    Because you are a hail woman.   Is that why you also
    enjoyed the sex?   Soon I learned that you were not
    smart enough to study by yourself and that was a big surprise for me. You didn’t have to write
    my dissertation for me then! Now you talk like that? I had no other choice but to.
    Why? Because you would cry and beg day and night for help.   Also, there was another reason
    why I wrote your dissertation for you. The most important reason was I wanted to make you happy. I liked seeing you happy rather than
    seeing you sad and blue.   What is the point of having
    a doctorate and being a literary critic?   – What good does that do me?
    – I think it would be best for you
    to shut up and listen.   Of course, I regret turning a knucklehead like you into a doctor of literature.   After I helped you,
    you completely betrayed me, and humiliated me like this. Doctor! When did I
    ever humiliate you? Yes, a girl like you is
    too stupid and indecent to understand
    the true nature of my actions.   Does everyone worship you because you received a doctorate and returned as a literary critic
    in such a short time?   What is the point of all of it! What good is it to me? I didn’t do any of it! It tortures me now!   Come again!   J,   how would you feel if you lost a year
    writing my dissertation for me   and was left all alone
    in France for a year?   Well… of course I would go crazy.   Right…   then let me ask you this.   How would it feel if you
    came back a year late because of time spent
    writing my dissertation only to find that
    I had met someone else, and I treated you poorly for no reason?   Well…   of course, I would detest you
    and just let you be.   What?
    What did you say?   Of course,
    I would detest you.   And because of that
    I siad just let you be.   What? You would detest me
    and just let me be?   Yes.   Detest me and just let me be?   Detest me and let me be?   Yes.   Why… Why are you doing this?   Why… Why are you doing this?
    You’re scaring me.   Stay still. You’re just trying to scary me.
    Right? Stay still.
    Darn it, stay still.   Stop it!   Are you thinking more clearly?
    Are you okay?   Stop it! Stop it!   Oh no! Someone is coming.
    Someone is coming   Are you still thinking
    about the other guy?   If you think about it,
    I feel bad for him as well.   But you must forget about him.   I’ll forget about all that has happened,   so let’s not think anymore
    pointless thoughts.   There is a saying that the earth
    gets harder after it rains.   Please move your car!   Move your car!   Move your car!   Why won’t you do it?   It seems like you have OCD.   I think I might.   It always bothered me
    when we were together in France.   That is a lie.
    You also sought pleasure like me.   You know I’m tortured as well.   Sometimes it’s hard for me
    to fight it. That’s why we should do it now.   No. Next time. We can do it
    next time for sure.   Welcome.   You look pretty today.   Are you saying that
    I usually don’t dress up for you? I don’t have anything to wear.   It’s not like you ever bought me
    anything to wear.   You have to sleep with me tonight, like you promised
    last time. Okay?   Do you want to go see
    a fortune teller?   Why? To ask what?
    Our compatibility?   It’s because I’m so worried. There’s nothing to ask. We already know
    though our time in France.   Remember doing it when we were
    living in that small apartment?   You wanted to use separate rooms so you could catch up on
    your studies.   So I slept in the living room, alone. But only after two days,
    I opened my eyes at 8 a.m. to find you standing
    next to my bed.   So I lifted the blanket and you came in and
    that’s when it all started. How many hours were we at it,
    that time? Hmm… I didn’t time it, but I think it must have been
    almost four hours.   When we had just finished,
    Mademoiselle Kim rang the bell. When I looked at the clock
    it was almost noon.   We were in our honeymoon stage. We acted like our sole purpose
    in life was to do it. You would be standing at the window waiting for me to come back from school. – We did it three times the first night.
    – Four! Really?   Your’e the unemployed type.
    You’re much better when the sun’s out.   Do you know how many
    positions we did?   I counted it last time,
    and it came out to ten.   What I like the most
    is that you know what I want just by the way
    I move my hands. You move your body accordingly. It’s not like we’ve only done it
    a few times. I really felt comfortable doing
    if from behind. You always promised to stay still, but you always moved. Of course you don’t move at first,   but about a minute after you enter me you start moving.   Doing it sitting down is the best,   but you move so much
    it worries me. Every time we do it like that
    I almost die.   When we first did it
    you screamed so loud.   As soon as I entered you, you would scream
    at the top of your lungs.   Did I yell that loud? Loud? You almost screamed
    for five minutes straight.   I covered your mouth because you were so loud
    and only then did you quiet down.   I didn’t know we would be so good
    from the start, like that. At first, I didn’t think
    it was that great. It just felt like a streamlined ship
    was entering my body. That’s the only thing I remember. But from the second time on,
    it was really good.   Yes, the second time
    was really good. When you are about to orgasm, your nose gets stuffy
    and you start moaning.   You make a high pitched sound and you start to scratch my back.   Do we have to go?   Okay.
    I’ll go in.   Do I have to go in?   Why are you acting like this again?   Are you still thinking about him?   Then why? Why do you have to
    torture me like this?   But it’s so sad.   Can’t we not do it? No! Please. Please.   Okay. Just hold on a second.   Do we have to go in?   Yes, of course. Why do we have to do it? How many times do
    I have to explain?   We’ll be talking in circles
    until the sunrises!   Don’t humiliate me anymore. When did I humiliate you? Why are you crying? Are you crying for me?
    Or for him?   Please!
    Okay. Stop.   Hold on. Please. You’re scaring me.
    Why are you being like this. Why are you doing this? Are you trying to humiliate me? Okay. I’ll take it off.
    You’re going to rip my clothes.   Can I keep it on? No! Why not? Why can’t we just do it like this? Okay. I’ll take it off.   Go over there.
    I’ll take it off.   Put the light out.   And the curtain. It’s already done.   But it’s still bright.   You’ve done?   Yes.   Take them off, too! No, I don’t have to.
    it’s not necessary. Why are you acting
    so shy all of a sudden. I fondled your breasts
    for three and a half years.   Please let me keep this on. Okay! Okay! I’ll take it off. I’ll take it off.   Go away.
    You’re going to rip it.   I’ll take it off. Go over there.
    Don’t look at me.   Wow you’ve become a virgin.   Okay are you done now?   Not yet.   I said not yet.   Don’t.
    Stop it. Don’t do it yet.   It hurts. Ow.   Stop Stop.   Stop Stop. Stop Stop.   I’m sorry.   Why is this like this? How did you do this?   Okay.
    I’ll take it off. Let go. Okay?   You ripped my panties.   Am I a whore? No.
    You are not a whore. That’s what you called me last time.
    You called me a whore. I just said that. You ripped my panties.   Do you really look at me
    like a prostitute? I said no! I just said that last time.
    That was all just a lie.   I don’t want to take off my underskirt.   Okay.
    I’ll take it off.   Do we have to do it? Are you crazy? Are you trying to
    make me go crazy? Then give me your shirt. I’ll wear it like I used to.   Doctor, do you detest me?   You said you detested me. I don’t detest you. – You detest me!
    – Shut up. Why would I detest you? Why are you acting like this?   My goodness. Why?   Okay. It’s been a month now.
    What are you going to do?   It’s been a month.
    You must have come to a conclusion.   Didn’t you say you would
    make a decision after a month?   Why do you have to rip
    my underwear again tonight? Do you have to always
    ask me “why”? It seems like you really don’t know.   I don’t think there’s
    anyone as lustful and hypocritical as you
    on this whole planet.   Why are you not coming in?   Do we have to go in?   Why do I have to go in?   I don’t want to go in. You rest by yourself tonight.   Oh please.
    Do we have to do it? Stay still. Do you have to do it this badly   – Can’t we just not do it?
    – This really won’t come loose.   It wont come off?
    Let me try.   – Let me try.
    – Wow. It really won’t come off? – I’ll try it, move your hands.
    – Just wait.   Huh. It really wont come off. Hold on.   This won’t come off.   I’ll try, stay still.   Do we have to do it? Stay still. Do we really have to do it
    this badly? Can’t we not do it?   We look so burly standing here with just our pants on
    and our shirts off. Why do you torture me
    every time we meet? You’ve actually made it impossible
    to take your pants off today. Why do you say
    I torture you every time we meet? It’s not like I do it on purpose. It takes more than three hours
    to take your clothes off.   You are an incredible women. If…if you can’t do it, get something like a match
    and burn the end off. Try it that way if you must. Oh yeah. Matches…matches..   come here.   Ow that’s hot.   Do we have to go through
    this to do it? How else are
    we going to get it off? You want me to go
    ask someone else for help?   Come here. Do you think I’m a whore? It seems like you need me to say
    “you’re not a whore.” That’s not what I’m saying! It’s because we are using a match
    to take my clothes off! What difference does it make
    whether you are a whore or not.   Watch your hands.   Ouch that’s hot! There we go.   Now…   Like this. Move.
    I’ll take it off. I said move.   I’m not a whore. My goodness shut up.
    Who said you were a whore? You are someone I cherish.   Why…what’s wrong?   It wasn’t good this time either?   Don’t worry.
    I’m okay.   You worry too much.
    Don’t worry about such things.   Gosh! You even untied my belt.
    You think I’m a whore?   I’m going to leave.
    Goodnight.   J, sit down. Like you said it wasn’t good tonight
    just like it wasn’t good last time.   Unlike our days in France,
    I’m just not feeling it.   Who cares if you can’t do it well.
    It’s okay with me.   When we were
    having sex tonight   I felt the presence of the other man.   I think that is
    why I couldn’t enjoy it.   I’m sorry. That means…   You’re an emotional liar
    when we have sex. You think of another man while
    you are having sex with someone else. You act like a virgin
    is getting raped. And naturally you treat me
    like the rapist. When did I treat you like a rapist? You may cry, when you are with that guy,
    thinking of me. And he won’t know what to do because he has no idea
    why you are crying. He might think it’s because
    you are a very sensitive person. But I’m different from him. I’m too old to be played by
    your vanity and silly feelings. And I’m also too busy for this. And I’m too smart for that. And that is why
    I’m saying this to you. Go home tonight and
    think about it real hard. Whether you are going to
    pick him or me. And let’s meet again
    tomorrow morning. Did you sleep well? Uh… it felt like my brain was
    being poked by needles. It’s going to get better. I was also really tired last night. So did you think about it? What? Did you decide to pick him?
    Or me? Tell me.
    No need to hesitate. This is the best time to tell me. So, did you decide to
    pick him? Yes. Okay. I get it. It’s due to your emotional problems
    and it’s time for me to step aside. Thanks for everything.
    I wish you luck. Let’s go. Shall we shake before we split. You want to take a stroll? I have a sudden urge to
    humiliate you for the last time. How? Because I’m so smart, I can make you very happy and also I can also stomp on your pride.
    My choice. Why don’t you try. But not here.
    We need to go somewhere quiet where I can enjoy seeing
    your humiliated face. Fine.
    Let’s go somewhere quiet. I’m so smart. If I had such money, I would just leave this country
    right now. What? Why do I have to
    give you money? Why do you have to give it to me?
    Let’s not go on and on about this. But you know that
    I don’t have that kind of money. Where would I get such
    a large amount of money? Don’t ask me that. It’s the same thing as me not knowing
    how you can afford to have a car. Not only do I have no idea how you will come up with
    30 million won, I also don’t care. If I had a job, at least, I could get that kind of money together,
    but I don’t. So how then? I can’t do it. Just like I expected,
    I hurt your pride. I told you to get a job, but you were busy dating, right? Then again,
    that’s not my business. Those are your emotional issues,
    not mine. I just need 30 million won
    right now. But what money do I have? Oh yeah? I asked you politely for the money,
    but if you can’t fulfill my request, I’ll have to demand it. You wish for me to keep fond memories
    of you in the future. But I don’t want to keep
    such cheap memories. I’m trying to sell these memories
    for the small amount of 30 million won. After selling it I’m going to leave
    this nasty place with a light heart. And you would have bought
    your doctorate for 30 million won. How simple is this? What do you want me to do? What would you do if you were me? I said okay! That is not true.
    You misunderstood me. What am I misunderstanding? That is not how I truly feel. Please try to talk without crying. What would others in this cafe
    think of us? What are you saying is a misunderstanding? When I asked you
    if you pick him or me? Were you saying your answer
    was not really the honest truth? Yes. Really? Really! That was not my honest truth. I just said it like that. Then why did you say “yes” when I asked
    if you picked him? How else could I answer
    when you ask like that? This train is heading to
    Sadang, Sadang. Please stand behind the yellow line
    for your safety. Why do you want to stay with me? Sign the papers
    or let’s go to court. Where are you going? I’m never going to
    give you the divorce. I can live my life
    anyway I want. I can! Are you the devil incarnate? Why are you acting
    like this again? You said you wouldn’t say
    stuff like that again. That’s what I said last time. Yes, I did. But that wasn’t the honest truth. Why do you torture me like this?
    Are you trying to torture me to death? I’m the one that is going to die. Do you know how tortured
    I am because of you. When we slept together
    two weeks ago you were fine, but now things are different? You are like an addict? I’m not like this because
    I had sex with you. Really? I guess I don’t need to be with a girl
    that changes her mind every single week. I don’t change my mind
    every single week. Whenever I meet you,
    my feelings… Whatever, I don’t know
    how grand your emotions are, but you always use it
    as an excuse to humiliate me. – My emotions…
    – I get it. I get it. You’re emotions sway left and right
    and that’s why I need to leave you. Better? But no matter your emotions I need to
    be paid my due. Don’t you think? Racetrack is 934 steps north
    from the intersection and then 780 steps west and then another 858 steps north. Racetrack is 934 steps north
    from the intersection and then 780 steps west. Welcome. Eat mine as well.
    You said you were hungry. That is yours. So you are saying you
    won’t give me the money? It’s not that I won’t give it to you,
    I can’t. What can I do. Fine. I have a plan to be compensated
    for the emotional and mental damage I have received. First I’m going to tell all of this
    to your parents. Go ahead, I’ll feel liberated
    once it’s all out. But, parents always side
    with their children. So even if I tell them they won’t believe me. So I’ve thought of
    what I can to do after that. And that would be
    to take you to court. Go ahead then. But even if
    I do take you to court I won’t be able to
    win the case. Why? Because
    I don’t have any solid evidence. So if you are ever called into court
    you must deny everything. Then you will be able to win. Do you understand? So then why am I thinking of starting
    a case I can’t win? That is simple. Even if I lose the trial in court I will have fulfilled my objective. It will be a very unusual case and so society
    will be drawn into it. And the press will be
    very entertained by it. Do as you please. If I don’t take you to court
    what else can I do? I have another card
    I can play. I can write a paper describing
    the details of our life together. But as you know there is no way for me
    to come up with that money. I know that too. I’ve invested in the most incompetent
    and untrustworthy human in the world. And because of that
    I am being punished for it. The only gift you have is
    that you have been spoiled by your rich parents and you know how to play rich men. I don’t have a man. Even if you said you had a man
    it really doesn’t matter to me. You don’t need to tell me that. Do I have to tell your parents
    or take you to court, or write a paper? Do I have to do it? My answer to that question
    is “I must.” Because I have been
    unjustly humiliated. But…   I just had a good idea. What is it? You’re saying you can’t pay me
    30 million won, right? – Then how about this?
    – What? If you really can’t pay me that money how about you be a whore
    for that amount of money? I must get paid back from
    you in some way. That is a great idea. Yeah? So we are going
    to do it then? Sure let’s do that. Since I don’t have money
    I’ll at least have to do that. Okay? So then I will call you
    “putain” from now on. It’s better than
    calling you whore, no? If I call you whore
    what will others think? So I’ll call you “putain”
    because no one will understand. Each time will be worth
    ten thousand won. I’ll even count the two times
    we did it in Korea. Ten thousand won
    is too cheap. You don’t know
    the current cost of things. But a girl like you that is old and short
    should be good for ten thousand won. You still have to think of
    the market price. Fine. I don’t want to pay you
    less than others. As you know,
    I’m not stingy. So I will find
    the fair price later. So on days when service
    is exceptional or when I am feeling generous
    I will pay you more. Okay? Okay. It wasn’t good
    this time either? No. I got weak
    after I returned to Seoul. Are you having an orgasm? Are you in pain? What’s wrong? Stay with me!   Now, now. Hold on. Don’t let go.
    Put some pressure on it. Yes, like that. Are you better? Are you okay? Thank you. I thought I was going to die. Later when we earn money
    let’s get this surgically removed. Did it bother you that much? No. It’s okay. – So have you thought about it?
    – About what? J, this is a very important matter
    in my life! To be honest I’ve thought about it
    constantly for the past few days. And? Um… I think it’s a great idea. You are right. What is
    the point of staying here. Is my life about having a large,
    dream apartment? Or having kids like a goldfish
    and sending them to kindergarten and then racing them to
    cram schools after that? I don’t want those things
    to squander my life away. If I can leave, if I can do something else
    wouldn’t it be better to leave? Yes. So you are coming with me? But… don’t ask me whether
    I will come with you or not yet. But J, you have to
    hurry up and decide. Only then can I make
    the proper arrangements. No? Yes. Okay. Look J. If I plug this into my computer
    I can use it just like a Korean typewriter. This is something
    you can’t get abroad. I don’t like computers.
    Once you get sucked into it you sit in front of them
    for hours like a mad man. I won’t be like that
    from now on. My legs hurt. How much longer
    do we have to go? Oh… It would be
    nice to have a car… Shall we go to a cafe? I’m so tired of going to
    those darn cafes! Ouch!
    That hurts. Are you okay? If I get pregnant again I’m going to
    have the baby this time. You are so erratic!
    Erratic! We’ve had sex three times
    after I go back and we didn’t enjoyed it. You never allowed me
    into your heart. But… You say you are going give birth to
    a kid conceived like that! Erratic! You… Even when we were in France and we were completely united you refused
    to have that child you were pregnant with. But it’s not like I was the only one
    that didn’t want the child. You also didn’t want the kid! Huh?
    Buy some socks. Why socks? You don’t have any socks. When can we stop using motels? I think we will have to use
    motels for a very long time. Honey. Honey. Honey, I’ve tortured you too much. Honey I’ll never torture you again. Honey! I think I should go now. Oh… why is this still like this? Yes. Hello. Did you sleep well? Yes it’s been a while since I’ve slept so well.
    But why are you calling me? You asked me to call you
    in the morning last night. Oh right. But you already told me
    your decision, didn’t you? Has something changed
    since then? No.
    I’m going to go. What will I do here by myself? Stop lying! You’re leaving because you don’t
    want to deal with the kids, right? Irresponsible prick. When are you leaving? What day! What are you going to do
    about the kids? If you send the kids
    I will gladly take them. I’m going to go now. You want to make your sister sad? You want to kill your dad? You’re not going to Paris. Prick! I’m not going to let you
    get away with this. Daegu-Seoul Hyundai Newspaper For the Good of Public Culture J, I’m so tired and lonely. Please don’t torture me
    any more. I don’t want to hear it.
    Stop calling my house. Yes… then why don’t you let me talk to
    someone that can understand how I feel. No.
    I’m going to hang up. If you want to hang up,
    hang up. I am walking towards
    your house right now! I’m going to meet someone
    that will understand me. Mademoiselle Kim. Yes. Like I said before I have something personal to
    discuss with Doctor J today. Can you please give us a moment? Please don’t leave. If you leave,
    the Doctor will kill me. Go ahead and talk.
    I know all about it. What do you know? Why don’t you tell me
    what you know. J told me everything. So what exactly
    did she tell you? You did want to marry J. And? And that you kind of helped J
    write her dissertation. Did she say “kind of”? Fine! It’s true that you helped me a great deal
    in writing my dissertation. – But…
    – And? – And…
    – And? And that you are
    trying to go abroad. And? I’m not going abroad
    with you. Never! And? You don’t know much do you? If you don’t know much
    don’t butt into other people’s business. Please leave. Don’t go.
    You can’t go. J said she is
    having problems with you and that she wanted me
    to come with her. Mademoiselle Kim, you are not
    responsible for resolving our issues. So get up right now and please leave.
    Do you understand me? – Oh my!
    – What are you doing? You can’t do that in the cafe! If you are going to be like that,
    then leave! Here you go. Lift your leg. Do you know that this all happened because of you, Mademoiselle Kim? Mademoiselle Kim, you can’t be
    held responsible for anything, right? So why are you butting
    into our business? So get up and leave please. If you stay then
    I really might kill her today. I’m going to leave.
    Take your time talking. J let’s leave quietly…
    very quietly from this cafe. How can we talk freely
    after such an incident? If you go towards the overpass
    there is another cafe called Jeil. Yes Let’s meet there. Okay. Does it hurt a lot? No, I’m okay. J, why do you say you’re not in pain
    when you are in pain? How would someone like me
    know about pain? If I’m beaten, I have to take it. Looking at your face makes
    my heart break with pain. You enjoy hitting me. Why would I want to beat you
    after all the hard times we went through together in France? Then why did you hit me? Why did I hit you? Listen to me carefully. The reason I asked you to come out
    today was to talk to you. It was not to meet with
    Mademoiselle Kim. So why did you bring
    that women with you? Now that she
    has seen everything she will gossip about it.
    Won’t she? But Mademoiselle is
    not that kind of a person. There isn’t a certain kind of person
    that goes around gossiping. Even you have enough pride to keep your pain to yourself. Don’t you think
    I have any pride of my own? When did I do anything to your pride? If I’ve hurt your pride,
    I’m sorry. My pride is not so fickle
    to be hurt like that. It’s just that I’m upset.
    That is why I hit you. Then we’re even. Shouldn’t it end with you hitting me? It’s all over. But let me ask you one thing. Ask. Why did you say two weeks ago
    that you would go abroad with me and then change your mind? I am not going to
    go abroad with you! Why do I have to
    go abroad with you? I am not insisting that
    you go abroad with me. – I am just… two weeks ago…
    – I’m not going! I said I’m not going!
    I won’t go! Are you crazy? I too don’t want to
    go with a girl like you. It would be crazy to take
    such a psychotic girl as you. Then we’re all set.
    Everything is settled, no? I saw your paper that was in
    the literature magazine. I read the article where
    you interviewed an author. To be honest,
    I read the first paragraph ten times. I read it very carefully ten times, but I was still unable to understand
    what you were trying to say. And the last question
    you asked the author. Do you think your novel
    will be validated after ten years? That is a stupid question. To use the words “validated” is
    to ask if the public will accept it. But what is there to validate in a novel?
    You can’t validate a novel. I know! I know! I know!
    I get it! Did you know? Then why did you
    write that for all to read? I could not understand it. And the only part
    that made any sense…. The part that has no grammatical errors were parts copied from my paper. I know.
    Please just stop it. When I’m talking to you
    you’re illogical, just like your odd paragraphs. I just asked you why
    you had changed your mind after agreeing to go with me
    two weeks ago. But all you say is
    “I’m not going. I said I’m not going!”.
    You just scream that. Do you think that’s the proper way
    to answer my question? Then how should I answer? How should you answer? If you so desperately don’t want to
    answer my questions you can say “it’s a secret. I don’t want to tell you”. You can plead the Fifth. But it’s not even that,
    you just yelled I won’t go.
    I can’t go. So how can I not say you are crazy! Are you laughing?
    How can you laugh? I’m laughing
    because I’m crazy. How did this happen to you, J?
    You weren’t like this in France. Did Seoul turn you into this? My heart is crushed. What do you want me to do! How did you become like this J? How are you going to
    live with those lies…. After that R came up to Seoul
    one more time. The reason he came to Seoul was to get his translated
    dissertation published. After submitting his dissertation
    to the publisher, R came to meet me. His visit was so unexpected. I knew he was abroad, so I asked him
    when he got back. He said he came back
    on June 16th. After a bit, he said it could’ve been the 15th or the 17th.
    He couldn’t really remember. Hi, is this Soon-ja?
    It’s me. Where are you? How is father? A few days ago
    father coughed up blood. What? We took him to the hospital and
    after exams they said it was tuberculosis. He had to stay isolated for a few days. So we took him to a large hospital and they said they didn’t have room.
    We put him on the waiting list. Mother said J’s mother came by and she put out money and insist on take it.
    I don’ know how much it was. Father said we couldn’t take it
    and sent her back.   The Road to Race Track   Korean Film Archive presents
    Korean captions and English subtitles are sponsored by Google
    Translations and subtitles by Free Film Communications  

    HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 – Official Trailer 2
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    HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 – Official Trailer 2

    October 10, 2019

    HICCUP: Come on, bud.
    There’s a whole other world of dragons out there Unbelieveable. What do you say? What should we name it? Itchy armpit it is. VALKA: I bet you think you know a lot about
    dragons. HICCUP: Should I know you?
    VALKA: No, but a mother never forgets. VALKA: Every dragon has its secrets.
    I’ll show them all to you! HICCUP: Did you know about this? ASTRID: That’s your mother?! HICCUP: Now you know where I get my dramatic
    flair! VALKA: (laughs) He likes you.
    HICCUP: Wow… VALKA: Something is coming. Something you’ve
    never faced before. ASTRID: What’s down there? DRAGO: I alone control the dragons!
    STOICK: Drago Bludvist is a madman. TUFFNUT: I’ll bloody his fist with my FACE
    if he tries to take my dragon!
    RUFFNUT: Aww… HICCUP: Dad, there’s something you need to know GOBBER: Oh boy. VALKA: I know what you’re gonna say- STOICK: You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you STOICK: We’re a team now. Now what do you want to do? HICCUP: Drago’s coming for our dragons. We have to stop him. Together. Don’t worry, bud. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you. VALKA: You have the heart of a chief, STOICK: That’s my boy! VALKA: and the soul of a dragon. HICCUP: Aghh! You KNOW that doesn’t wash out. DRAGO: Cut them down! TUFFNUT: Dragon riders, coming through!
    FISHLEGS: Wooo! GOBBER: Heads up! TUFFNUT: We can’t fly these things! HICCUP: They’re babies! They don’t listen
    to anyone. ASTRID: Take ’em down, babe! HICCUP: Come on, bud! Hold on! HICCUP: Distract the alpha!
    GOBBER: Have a nice flight! [laughter]
    SNOTLOUT: Uh oh. HICCUP: Yeah, baby!

    Japan Life – Evangelion Shinkansen bullet train is coming soon !! / English Sub.
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    Japan Life – Evangelion Shinkansen bullet train is coming soon !! / English Sub.

    September 18, 2019

    Starting Nov. 7, West Japan Railway Co. will run a special Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train adorned with designs inspired by the popular anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion.” The company unveiled the Kodama train to reporters last week. It features a model of the cockpit of the giant humanoid Evangelion. The exterior of the eight-car train is painted in the “Eva” style, and the front and second cars have undergone special interior refurbishment. The front car has been installed with a life-sized model of the cockpit, in which a passenger can sit and play a video game. The walls and the floor of the second car are adorned with the anime’s logos. Advance reservations will be required to use the first car. The special train will be operated until around March 2017. The company is planning to operate one return service per day between Hakata Station in Fukuoka and Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka.Speech