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    The Family Builds Shae’s Earthbag Bedroom | Full Version Movie
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    The Family Builds Shae’s Earthbag Bedroom | Full Version Movie

    August 8, 2019

    a few years ago we got this crazy idea to
    build a bedroom for each of the kids after a few decisions about what type of
    building method both alternative and traditional, we decided on the one that was
    the most abundant to us Dirt all of us kids have gotten an earth bag bedroom except for
    Shae [music] [music] we started this six, seven years ago we
    decided we were just gonna build a bedroom for each of the kids and off we
    went starting off with a Bree with great
    aspirations oh yeah we were going to bang these out like boom boom boom boom Mommy did you catch that on video? what? He took the saw and he was trying to cut it and he went, zzzzzzzzzz to the dirt bags Bree’s room, she was interested
    in a drum space that’s were my bed goes that’s going to be my closet that’s going to be my drum area then you got different financial things – we run out of
    bags and we don’t know where to buy the bag there’s just different stresses that
    happen through the years that were putting these together each one got a
    little bit more elaborate well, you know grrr grrr grrr each one had its own style, its own
    purpose, its own theme each one was designed by the kids and then Garen had this a castle look and then we experimented with his exterior a little
    bit we were into the paper bags on Garen’s room it’s kind of like the hula hoop, we go through these little stages I guess Bryson, at one time, was really into the stars and that’s why he had that patio
    to put the telescope on not everything’s all hunky-dory and roses
    right I mean there’s stresses and time commitments there were times when some of us had to be away this stuff is really cool I’m helping you out Dad thanks Honey you don’t think about the time that you’re
    gonna be spending with the kids, working side-by-side and you get to see them in
    stressful situations and happy situations and all of – the whole
    gamut and it helps you as a parent to be able to address some of the issues
    that come up and help the kids through things and they helped us probably more than we help them that we need to be patient and it turned out to be just a really
    wonderful experience and more than just building buildings don’t you think? oh absolutely Sometimes it was more, what do I do here I know that this
    should look like that the kids and everybody’s working on it do I leave it or do I go back and change it and usually I just left it I thought, you
    know it’s better for me for them to have that sense of accomplishment it’s not
    hurting anything that’s the look and that is just the way it’s gonna be and
    I learned through that it’s organic that was our saying it’s organic I’ve had a lot of time to think about
    what I want for my room but as I was designing it, I realized it was a heart
    shape design can sometimes just happen accidentally and I didn’t intend to have
    this this perfect third idea and it just seemed that two hearts, one going
    one way and one going the other way came out that way we’re going down
    one yardstick this is gonna be the one circle is gonna be three-foot lower than
    the other circle how’s it going guys? it’s going beautiful the dogs were such a ginormous
    help they moved dirt and moved sticks if they were able to actually get the dirt out
    of the hole, that would be a lot more productive rather than just moving it
    from one place to another he’s watching you dig and he goes, I can do that gettin
    deep the root of our problems right there Root-pert [music] we cut out with the pressure washer,
    then we break out the chunks it worked surprisingly well [laughter] I’m really bummed about that shovel though that was your favorite? yeah this wimpy one will have to be my
    favorite from now on I’m gonna go put a quick shield on it it worked really good I gotta try it now [music] we needed a couple
    railroad ties so we looked online and there were some people who wanted to get
    rid of theirs we went and helped them dig them out, out of their property and if
    you’re willing to go and dig up some railroad ties for someone then if it makes them happy it makes us happy it’s a deal [drum music] a lot of times we’ll just be
    able to bury our posts when there long enough we have shorter posts we got to add a little extra so we can get them up in
    the air kisses hugs blah you just want my bottle that’s what you want first bag [music] we put together the foundation just
    like typical we do have some pretty nice ground out here we drop it in
    two or three different rows down so we get kind of a foundation that’s placed
    in and then we start building on top of that and kind of gauging in where that
    floor is gonna set [music] look at that beautifully leveled pole it’s gorgeous Bullet, look, I got a stick ready – go get it yes you’ve got that stick it’s just a process do a layer tamp it on
    the top tamp it on the side and so forth [music] one side or the other [music] Hi Dad hey no, no, no don’t ruin it these buildings are so organic
    and just different you don’t really ever know what they’re gonna turn out like
    until they’re done no matter how much time I spend there looking at it and
    planning, it doesn’t turn out exactly what’s in my head but it’s even better normally I am a human stabilizer are you growing your hair out? [music] there’s gonna be a post in the center of
    my bedroom and I really didn’t want it to be a
    railroad tie that’s the beginning Garen suggested we used some of the old
    mesquite trunks that we have they’re real thick wood and I really like that
    idea dad has found our center post and he’s been working on that and getting
    that ready gonna be a little bit more artistic it’s a shapely kind of a post scraping it all down there’s a lot of bugs so it’s gonna take a little bit of
    time to chase those worms out you want to look at this dad just double-check your good at it unless something is not right and you hate it because your roof won’t fit my roof doesn’t matter there ummm hummm [music] [music] Shae and I, we headed over to the hoop barn to see what windows
    were available over there I found these candy jars so we’re gonna use those aren’t we Shae? yeah those are definitely gonna work yeah I’ve always
    thought it would be cool to put something in there okay little jars it’s nice to kind of map things out now so that we know where everything’s gonna
    go there’s windows, hangers we’re gonna do some bottle lights I want them by my bed [music] before we start the day, we usually cut our
    bags to length, lay the barbed wire and then start [music] [music] nice It took quite a bit of work, doing some
    sanding and taking down all these rough edges and stuff but for the most part I
    think I’ve got it shaped the way I want shaped one of the things we told the
    kids was whoever got the first, which of course the oldest, Bree, got the first
    building the benefit is is she gets the building first but the benefits of the
    last being Shae is that she will then get hopefully, the best building because
    we’ve learned from all the other buildings when I was designing this
    one, I had a lot of time I got to experience
    everyone’s building and seeing what they like, what they don’t like so I combined
    what I liked about all the buildings into mine [music] clearly, I was not made for
    this job ahhhh okay, we’re doing this differently now so that they’re already try this again alright, what do you think of that snapple? we have smaller
    windows this time the actual that wall sticks out of the ground is a little shorter
    than our usual buildings it’s dog level Diesel hi except they’ll be a window oh my
    gosh, you’re gonna have all kinds of nose windows oh no [music] we’re going with the two by
    12 instead of a two by ten to try and get a little bit wider of a window box that way it covers more of the bag [drum music] Garen savage in his natural environment [drum music] it’s just four two by twelves and then just
    squaring it up, nailing it together nothing too complex [drum music] because the windows are smaller, I don’t
    think we’re gonna brace them off we may end up bracing them later depending on
    how it goes but I think for now, we’re just gonna set them on there and level them [music] today we’re gonna go ahead and get the
    posts installed [drum music] is this is gonna be a window? yes siree shoot it’s going to have a big window [German accent] big big windows big window big window yes [music] hey, Shelly, where is this window going? it’s too tall now and that roof slopes back this is damp enough still [music] my room is gonna be boss you know that’s true want to help me Bry? [music] alright hey, it’s not tamp-orary [laughter] I’m stabilizing it so what are you up to? right now we’re putting the level of
    the beam to set across the post I like that can you pull the post this way a little bit? okay that’s a nice fit right there you’re not going to have this much stuff piled in here you can’t get to the bottom I agree so I guess we are going to put them in like this it is beautiful [music] what’s up no it’s all dirty Mom oh no, it’s dirty [music] a little bit over bagging up to it and then I think once
    we get around here then we’ll take the tire out right? yeah, then we pull the tire out it’s just a frame a tire mold we saw
    somebody doing that on YouTube didn’t we? we did youtube youtube for the win man let’s go take a peek at it [music] sit [music] I like it, wow it has some issues what’s that for? the beam going across here crazy dogs [drum music] this is what happens every time we go to record they go crazy it’s like they want to take all the attention from the camera you are the instigator the light still comes through it like if you stick your head in there it’s still lit mom’s experimenting [giggling] you can see a little pinpoint oh yeah, I see a little pinpoint you guys look ridiculous we’ll wait till it dries and then we’ll take off that tape are you admiring my
    beautiful handiwork yes I am I was admiring it [sneaky music] oh yeah, a dung beetle dung beetles [music] I got your back Diesel [music] we have to stop at this point in the building, we have so many things going in it’s so
    hard to keep track of it and it’s slowing us down really bad because doing
    prep work after prep work and we’re not can’t just get in and bag which makes it makes this part really slow and crazy I’m getting the window boxes level and plumb you’re getting them plumb level after the window frames nailed in, that whole
    wall just gets tied together really nicely you notice a big difference after
    the window frame is put in [yell] are you okay? I found a stick bug and he’s so cute look at him I just feel like maybe we should put him on the tree or something he’s
    kind of panicky hey dude come here there we go he’s going up on a Tuesday are
    you ready are you ready? thank you Bree thank you I’ll kiss it for good luck that’s what I’m talking about that’s true grit here, it fell out of your head oh, that fell out of my head again? oh wait no, it’s mine alright, let’s get this over with you have to get his rolling shot or he won’t be able to sleep tonight whoa she did a good job on this, didn’t she? ya, she did a really good job these babies go in here they’re like a mini window let’s do it keep them all the same okay huh, that look good? it looks like a kowawi wall it’s even got a smiley face eyes, nose it’s a happy room it is a happy room [music] is it moving at all? this is boarding whoa the stakes are high couldn’t be any lower because this is not coming out easily you did it this is a killer deal we’re always looking ahead for deals on
    building materials because every time we can find something used, it just helps
    cut on the cost of these buildings tremendously and we don’t typically find
    wood but we did come across some 3/4 inch plywood it’s a little weathered but
    it’s in good condition [drum music] the wheelbarrow was just sitting right there I just mixed it dad stole it I bet it’s the same person
    that steals our socks but only the left ones what’s up with that? now we have to go see because the mystery must be solved Gary do you have are wheelbarrow? oh my gosh, he goes you took our dirt it’s still there It doesn’t seem practical dad I’m glad you didn’t use the other wheelbarrow because the other wheelbarrow was empty thank you it’s missing [music] don’t mind us dad, we’ll just navigate around your bricks they really hold everything down you guys are so demanding thank you for playing aw, that is going to be so cute this will be the outside the bags going over the top of it so cute I love that look very cool [music] right now we’re just
    doing some cleat minor cleat work all right Shae, so what’s next on your agenda? we have to put the we’re putting in the pot thought you wanted to know that it’s got issues it’s special that could be a problem Ma, what are we gonna do with the hole? we’ll plug it with cement or something oh, okay gives you a whole new point of
    view on walking on eggs or nails wait no that’s walking on eggshells are you a little tired Bree? I’m starting to get, you know illusions from all the sun [music] Shae’s gonna put the keys to her
    Maserati in there [singing] my Maserati does 189 185 185 well, who knows,
    maybe it goes a few miles more [singing] I got pulled over and now I don’t drive close enough [music] all right, so we have the pot in and this
    little hanger here is gonna be for keys or who knows it’s just when you
    first walk in that door, we got the light switch right there everything in one
    spot It is gonna be amazing [drum music] nice oh, there he goes whoa no, no, no, no, no, no ahhhh are you okay Mom? yeah go live your life live your dreams hold this and make yourself useful instead of ornamental why don’t you set it down somewhere I did – I set it down in your hands so hard to sit down right at his foot there at her if I split there we all have our flaws he’s ignoring you I noticed are you talking? weza putting a cement arch around the window [German accent] [music] putting up to the board so we can have a ceiling and a roof [German accent] are you ready pops? back to the drawing board yeah back to the drawing board yes silly Garen put this one on it’s okay I can’t seem to get him going he’s a little tired are you dropping these nails on the ground here for the tires to get pop-oled on yeah why else would you put nails on the ground short on one end hey heads [laughter] I’m good we’re good [music] why don’t you go ahead and nail that in want me to square it first? ya, square it okay, we got her [music] [singing] there are dinasaurs in Gerasick park Oh Garen, this looks so good very pleased [music] so we went dumpster diving dumpster
    diving at Gram and Gramps like bosses it’s like cutting my fingers
    hazard if you wanted it perfect, you could have done it
    yourself okay mom I’m not lippy anymore she can stop being lippy mom piggy backs off of my bad
    pun to create a bad pun herself that’s family love right there [music] we’re filling in between the
    rafters now filling in bags we’ll fill you in because we’re filling this in these rafters I’m an endangered
    species we’re all endangered species there’s only one of us every single
    person is a species to you we’re one of a kind Diesel dances with you dance with me yeah a little vicious once you guys got just even one bag in between these joists, they just tightened
    this floor up so much amazing a little bit longer bag this time Mom okay no more Swiss cocoa for you Swedish fish no Swedish meatballs no Swedish tacos wait wait a minute we don’t have Swedish tacos we are part Swedish so we can say that you can say that I don’t have any Swede me that comes from your mama’s side dad has been
    working on his sarcasm I don’t believe in sarcasm does that mean your sarcasm
    experience is not going very well? there’s no such thing as sarcasm it’s a filament of your in-gig-nation the family is really good at sarcasm it’s one of
    the ways that they express humor and it’s so funny to see their reactions to
    me practicing with this idea sarcasm because well I’m not so good at it and
    anyway I’ve been playing with this idea and trying but it keeps coming
    out snarky and, and I just don’t have the hang of it yet I don’t practice it anymore you’ve quit it cold turkey? I’m a cold turkey quitter you were making vast
    improvements we were so impressed people make fun of me everybody keeps laughing at me for my
    sarcasm but I think it’s for the wrong reasons [music] going this way [music] load her up Hey, Mom do you want me to cut that? did I not cut it right last time? [giggles] okay not really [laughter] I was going to let you cut it because you looked like you wanted to cut it wait a second, maybe there’s a reason he politely said that alright, I can take a hint especially when you tell me straight out I don’t
    think we need it really, it’s gonna fit? I never really had a learning curve you had to teach yourself to glue yeah, exactly but you did awesome yeah it looks good up here Bry you did good awesome [music] we started at 6:00 a.m. no, make that uhhhh four 3:30 and now the sun is setting as you can clearly see it feels like the sun should be setting no, I don’t mean to correct you though because I know you
    know everything I do know everything thank you let’s see your little nose thing yes, Mother just want to look at it want to tease me? no you want to mock my pain I’m smiling but you cannot see it [laughter] your eyes
    show it [music] two straight and then one setting sort of like that right there? just put one on [music] do you want to get two sides set up? then we’ll just tip it up and move it to where we want it [music] you’ll live woah! woah! did you move it slightly more than a
    touch and they freaked out Shae? yah Shae, can you grab the hammer and throw it at my face yah, sure thing sounds a little violent that actually holds itself up, doesn’t it? a little bit hand me the level let me level with you this level is holding up this roof right now [giggles] hey, could somebody get the lad a tape measure? hey Bryson, can we have that
    one now? anywhere but here alright, I’ll take it to the other side of the property now can we have it? [laughter] I did my duty they are probably going to call on me in the next two minutes Bryson can you come over here? a little bit, in little bursts,
    very far apart [music] Oh here because we need two and a half
    inches up that gives us a little wiggle room that’s five and a half for the two
    by six [music] we have a new addition to the family say “hi” are you getting tired? [music] that is the most adorable thing I have ever seen come meet your new family hey, you Hi Gizzy so much personality [music] a little dirt blender this is Gizbert or Pug G Pug G, the pugster I knick named him Skahiggle Boody when he walks his boody skwiggles I see, I see the skwiggle when he skwiggle when he walks, he walks when he skwiggles skwiggle walking or Gizbert for short he’s so sweet hello puny mortal my, my how far down you are I don’t have a come back to that one I wish I did puny mortal you’re getting our good side peasant the forehead? where you’re balding? [giggles] this mortal is wounded alright Dad I’m expecting great things from you alright then the second half of the
    roof hangs over more we didn’t know exactly how it was gonna work out we have two-by-six on the first half where it’s all shorter spans now we’re
    gonna move to a two-by-eight for the longer spans and we don’t have any two-by-eights so we’re gonna stop for the day, go into town and get
    some two-by-eights [music] go get ’em Max grouchy old man he is a grouchy old man he’s it totally “get off my lawn” kind of guy if had had a lawn, he’d be screaming at people to get off it all the time what are you guys up to? making some stucco got a one puppy over here I got another puppy over here he’s like, “oh my gosh, you guys keep bringing
    those things home this is the fourth one you guys need to stop!” Rapunzel, Rapunzel
    let down your hair this I think is a pretty good batch she’s getting some water to wet down the walls for connection oh yeah, that is perfect how good is your aim? it’s excellent you say dribbling on my puppy you got to get a pattern to this I’m not sure who Pink is she’s a pop singer hey now I’m still a rock star. I got my
    rock moves and I don’t need you [singing] I love how you sing that like mom will
    know what that song is let’s see, what’s another one? “I’m coming out so you bet..” yah, okay she’s funny even wet this stuff is
    better than the last stuff what did we decide? like a 2 to 1 2 to 1 ratio [music] we’re ready to go? ready to cut it, stick
    it up [music] look it that is that not the coolest thing perfect my span was a bit more than what a
    2×6 could handle so we went for 2×8 for three of the rafters [music] we’re getting the windows installed here this one looks like it has a trim around it am I upside down? ut oh I’m in upside down [laugher] okay, now press in the center [music] now it’s time for trim asuming I didn’t put the window on backwards that looks nice oh, I love it with that trim cute, isn’t it? yeah that gonna
    hold you or are you gonna fall through? yes yes to if it is going to hold you or to you’re going to fall through? yes it’s gonna hold me! it’s awesome now you want me to gracefully come down or just come down like normal? just jump [music] he’s eating the stucco, Mom ut oh [music] thank you now he’s pulling oh your shirt [growling] [music] your face is so dusty oh my goodness [music] you’re the reason for the crookedness in my roof [singing] oh my gosh I got it alright, two down eight to go? that is solid enough ish I honestly thought carpenters put carpet in that would be a logical thing to call carpenters exactly we have eight boards, all sitting on each other and all supporting
    each other the more weight you put on them, the tighter everything gets it’s a
    little bit different we’ve taken an octagon in the middle and created kind
    of a compression ring that we can attach everything to plus, we’ve also done the
    lap over to get the idea of a reciprocal roof [music] we’ll cut the fascia I mean at least it would of been longer I got back from my little trip that I had
    to take for a work and we had to do a little bit of re-leveling for some of
    the rafters it’s kind of a tricky thing getting everything all level and the
    proper distance away from the building that’s looking better so that the roof
    has the proper amount of hips that set off at the top of this reciprocal roof got it? [music] what are you covered in? are you Sawdust Diesel? that looks perfect coming down the center of this one get your nail gun right now we’re putting on the fascia for our roof put your angle thing on that and see what that is this side? when you do some type of octagon, it is tough all
    those angles are so different and then you add the complexity of a reciprocal
    roof which doesn’t come out from the center of the building, it comes out at
    an angle then you compound it even more and then I cut it at a 14, if I would of cut it at 15 I would have been right yes I would agree [music] you got a little something on your face there Diesel we’re just bagging up to this so it’s flat trying to make this
    flat so that our sheeting will go up to it and then that will kind of act like the
    bird block that you would typically put in a house [cutting noise] have you gotten rid of your nemesis? now I’ll hit it here [laughter] my head’s caved in let’s see? my wife wouldn’t let me cut that branch off [laugher] you cut that branch off? uuhhhh you cut that branch off? Dad, that was my favorite part of the roof oh well [music] there’s one right underneath there [music] this is too short Dad, by about 2 inches everything is so complicated on bevels and angles and links, I was
    constantly off I had cut this thing like two maybe three times to get it to
    fit correctly how did we get two inches off though? I never make a two inch mistake I cut it twice and it was
    still too short it’s too short Dad what? again? what am I doing? I was teasing Dad because he kept making the
    wrong cuts and it was exactly an inch and a half short, every time he cut it an inch and a half inch and a half? what do you keep doing Dad? I don’t know we’ll just just throw a 2×4 in there it’s not going to show if you don’t want to do it the right way that’s between you and the roof I think you guys have reversed roles use your gun and pin a new one in yah [music] that groan is important I need a short one are you ready? let me lick it first please do it’s almost a full sheet for one area very efficient I was just like man Papa’s a beast as long as it goes my way I just hope this roof stays together I have complete confidence,
    faith in the builders doesn’t sound like you do Mom I actually do Oh, barb wire down I got you thank you Honey [music] it’s a lot of fun to take a weird shape
    and add a roof to it and make it look like art I’m really happy with the way
    this thing is turning out so Mom yeah why are we getting the sand here instead
    of buying it? we started using this stuff out here until we could get to the sand
    place because they weren’t open I think it’s got some clay content in it it’s
    working so good that I don’t know if we want to go buy it now here comes the
    crew they don’t want to miss out no they don’t like what y’all doing up in here? you got
    anything to eat? [music] you guys are obnoxious do you know that? the four pugstatiers [music] this is not good success yes that’s what talking about take note because that’s a story of preserverance there trying to scare it in it’s a start the window of opportunity thank you very much anytime, I’ll be here all week can I take your order please? I’ll take a hamburger, fries, a steak… a steak? what kind of fast food restaurant is this? it’s a fancy one this is our makeshift window that we are going to put in here I can’t decide if I want it this way or this I like the
    other way me too, it feels like the glass is half-full hello so we’re gonna cement it in
    today sweet try building up the sides a little bit what side do we want there I like
    that [music] beautiful so we have our dirt bike tire and our glass end tabletop we’re ready to put it
    all together seal it up make it look good we’re
    ready to take this out and I want to kick it free because that’s how I feel
    about it kick it free Obi-Wan I’m happy now is it gonna hold? I’m gonna say yes if not, I’m in trouble it looks like a hobbit hole doesn’t it? about as small as a hobbit hole it’s so cute it’s the circle of life there’s no food so he doesn’t like it he eats everything whatever’s edible just lift it right up into place and then wedge it in with shims Dad did some adjustments to make sure everything fits I have it in backwards [whispers] uuhhhh bummmmmerrrrr tap a roo uuhhhh that’s not scary at all I didn’t think you’d be scared so Dad, how are you gonna secure the window in? magic the best form of securing things is magic [music] so this turned out really good nice and solid just perfect we’ll just clean it up and stick it in the hole they’re hooked into other little wooden things the window was a
    little small for the hole so he got some little wood to secure the window [music] use the wood to help connect this is our first tire window we’ve ever
    put in never done a tire window before I really like it it looks so good it’s in there really pretty steady too once the stucco gets in,
    it really holds it very well look how cute that is turned out really nice [music] we’re putting in the threshold for the door which is gonna set the grade of what we’re gonna have for our
    flooring get him Gizzy there we go that’s what I’m talking about found some material here that I can bend and use for a round
    corner since we’re doing rounds a lot and make this a nice little step
    here so that’s the goal [music] he’s got little ones you want lots of little
    ones? it looks like that’s what you are getting [music] I can hear the ocean [music] are you happy with that? yes for now? yes how about now? now? how about now? is now good? no now that it’s permanent, can we
    move it? you want to help us out? give us a hand? give us a paw? hmm, I’m not happy with this not happy Bob not happy Oh why did you stick that there for? because I figured we’d be putting more blocks right there you know where he’s
    gonna put glue in two seconds why did you put your hand in that for? because you stuck it there [music] we realize he’s annoying he’s enduring like that huh Gizbert look at that walk he’s got a sassy walk [music] it makes for the funnest little room all those windows on that side and that downstairs just fun day one of the official cobbing of the inside we did a batch here I’m just trying to
    smooth it out the best I can make sure everything looks purty Shae and I have been
    working on this and she had to run off and do a couple things I have to say, it’s really fun working with Shae it seems like you have all
    these opportunities to discuss things it’s kind of been our motto all through
    the kid’s lives is just to work side by side with them and I think it
    really pays off in our closeness and our ability to just talk about whatever’s on our heart I recommend it okay, in that case [music] we’re digging a trench here we’re going to fill it with concrete make a footer out of it or foundation piece right now
    we have our poles in and they’re fun they’re all shaped and twisted and it’s
    a lot of fun now it’s time to move onto the concrete phase [music] so cool look at how pretty that is the coolest so far in this
    building, we have stressed the flatness of walls who has stressed the flatness? I have thank you and mom has put this beautiful, pointy lump [giggles] with not a bulbous bag no, because that’s unfixable with the piece of wood sticking out right there something we could of cut off I’m fixing it [music] is it like a dream come true? yes what I’m wondering is if the wall is flat enough for your majesty it is not we have a plan though don’t we? we do it might actually hurt [music] looks so cool like that one wall that needs to
    be done [music] we’ve got all of these paints I would rather use what I have then run
    down and spend a hundred bucks on a five-gallon bucket of paint Shae likes these colors you can make a maroon color it’s a combination of violet and
    red which is really just a lot of red and then maybe 25% blue I’m going to see
    what I have I doubt I have any red paint but I’m gonna take a look and see if I
    can make a paint that’s either close to these or something that we at least can
    live with it’s definitely a lighter version of what I wanted it’s kind of a plum I’ll have to see what Shae thinks of that color Shae is going to have a pink room? no look it’s not pink it’s purple purple this is dry yeah, see it’s purple it’s not pink when we first started putting it
    up on the wall, I was scared because it looked like it was coming out
    pink and I knew that that was the one color that Shae did not want I’m sorry you think it’s too pink? I really, really don’t want pink it’s a really nice kind of purpley color it’s my tongue color that’ll be no doubt that a chick lives here that’s for
    certain don’t look don’t look at it Bullet, why don’t you tell us what you’ve done? I think you have a confession to make Bullet, you can’t drop your ball here look at that no no what am I going to do with that? I’ll tell Bryson it’s his dog yep Bryson, you dog did something you need to come clean it up what did he do? that how do you feel on the matter? observe, his chin, pink and earlier
    I’m pretty sure I saw him eating something that he shouldn’t have been
    eating it is cool it’s really cool oh I love it do you love it? yah [music] I like it it’s a little purple it’s a good purple though it’s uh, it’s good it doesn’t look pink at all perfect for Shae’s room [music] I’m making happy little trees we’re gonna put one… oh that’s daring remember Bob Ross? oh it kind of matches this tree that’s hilarious I think I’m done my cold hands are done I’m lovin it alright, Shae all right, I’m trying to
    figure out what I want so we have this which is finger painting that’s just the
    little droplets or we can do something like that it all looks like smudges to me hey now what do you think Mom? I’m thinking that looks more cherry blossomish do you think we should do this in the background with a green? I’m trusting in you Bree it does, from a distance you know, like when it is a dot you zoom out enough everything looks good it’s got character oh Shae, I’m loving that thanks ba, ba, ba, ba, I’m loving it [music] what are you working on Garen? roofing sheeting [music] hey Skoobie, who can’t get down once you’ve got up are you going to come down? no I can’t I just sit up there and whine are you sure you are suppose to be up here? [music] how is it looking? I’m putting a layer one of the blossoms looks like you got your hands full there know that it’s also on the tip of my fingers cute time for a color change and you can see that there’s more clusters around the
    branch so do you think that’s good? is that enough? yeah, I think it’s very cute we’ll see when it dries what are you doing up here huh Scoobie Doo? Hey, look what’s going in oh how exciting is that they are getting closer huh Mom it is hi buddy Gizbert’s house is almost finished come on buddy he’s doing it hi he’s learning he did it you’re getting so good at that [music] I was like oh, okay 2 1/2 inches? a couple different ways to
    do the panel’s we have found that the easiest way is just lay the panel in
    place, nail it down yeah there that’s probably good and then trim it at the joints where
    it meets and butts up to another one and then we put the ridge cap over the top of that then we can cut that corner off it fits right there yah, I think it will [growling noise] what was that? like chill little squirt are you going through your angry teenage years? [music] [music] it works out pretty good these land right on those ridges and covers up that spot there all the water runs down correctly is my foot in the way Dad? give me a nail quick that has got some cobwebs on it baby we’ve had them for a while we’ll dust them off look how cute that’s gonna look Mom yeah gorgeous this is the last of three doors that he purchased on a Craigslist ad Shae gets the last one oh yeah we picked up this frame for what? five bucks for that frame five bucks for the frame too it’s a metal frame it actually fits the dimensions we were going to be amazing and finish stucco-ing this are you impressed? we were so optimistic at being able to get this
    room done in the beginning of the week oh yeah your room is definitely going to be done we’ll have it done soon and we didn’t get as much done
    as we thought we’d be able to do but Shae and I are gonna be extremely
    happy to be done stucco-ing whenever that may be is that what you said? yeah you’re motivated to do nothing I like it wanted to share my genious with you [music] woooooo put down 30 pound felt put all the
    flashing around it and then I use a six inch seam called seam flashing and I
    do all my seams glue all that down with this white snow roof common out here in the southwest to have snow roofs so we use that same material to glue all
    this down probably end up put three or four coats [music] number two [music] [music] got this first coat on we’re gonna put a couple more coats on I think darken this up just a little bit more [music] we like to complete things within the
    day or a week or possibly two weeks but that’s usually getting out
    there for us so these projects being such huge projects have really taught us
    something very valuable and that is a little bit everyday stucco, even if you
    do an hour a day, you may only put two batches on the wall and that’s only a
    section so it takes a long time and we find that within six months to a year
    those big projects that seems so huge at the beginning, get completed we got some
    sheetrock mud down at the local hardware store I’m gonna put it all over the
    walls but you can already see it’s way smoother and then we’ll sand it out and
    then we’ll put another coat on and then this is just going to be as smooth as it
    could possibly be it’s been really a fun challenge and flat walls –
    I don’t think we’re really gonna meet the goal of flat [sad music] oops oh I was just talking about how fun it was do we have more of those? no sad face it just flew off the handle get a handle on that mom alright, I’ll leave you guys to handle this [laughter] [music] Shae decided to go with the red oak I’m putting that on here now Shae had to take off and take
    Gizzy in to get him neutered they should be back here soon [music] Mr. Coneman are you a little cone head? [music] whoops weird isn’t it [music] [puppy snorts] it looks lumpy but those lumps
    will all settle down it did that on mine when I did my roof we had huge lumps for whatever reason, it does that but then in just a little bit, you give it a
    week or so or whatever, and it will flatten [music] I think I can probably work with that [music] are you doing anything fun in here? you guys are already working? alright, I’ll go get dressed and come out we’re doing the soil cement floor wooooo [music] Bryson, Bryson [laughter] it’s so dusty the dust is flying everywhere I regularly dust it [music] I dust dry it [music] [music] that’s not too bad [music] it’s kinda nice and soft
    huh here, put your hand down there [music] what are you doing? there’s some glue on there I was fixing it because that’s just what I do [music] oh yeah, very happy [music] that’s goop goopy on the sponge? goopy on the sponge let’s just pick a spot we know like this spot here instead of trying to sand it all in we really try to think of things
    outside the box when we work around here we like to use those of building
    materials which are traditional as well as those which are alternative [singing] it’s a never ending job I don’t think it’s that bad it really isn’t it’s pretty fast we’ve been here three hours wait, three hours really? I don’t know, I’m making stuff up at this point [music] [music] all right, got our paint see if it works
    out with the chair and look at that perfect I don’t like this at all you don’t? what? no that was not what I was expecting I love all three of the colors but I don’t like them in that way we can do it with section by section though color that gray or yellow purple, yellow, gray? yeah okay let’s do it [music] I think the blocking looks super cool I just think it looks awesome it actually is a gradients in itself a little bit because it’s got the light here and then it goes to this really bright yellow and
    then the darker down in the smaller it’s cool I love that [music] Bryson is starting on the ceiling
    down there we used laminate flooring in my room the first boards of goodness we can use laminate flooring for Shae’s room the first boards of boardish goodness and the insulation the way we do this is just putting the floor in but reverse on the ceiling and it’s kind of weird but
    it’s basically the same thing as you put in a laminate flooring [music] you just pop
    in the boards pop them up there except the only thing different, is we use a
    nail gun to nail it up we also put insulation up there for insulation we’re gonna be building the curb for the skylight that’s gonna be put up there eight pieces sixteen pieces actually to cut here for a curb it’s about three and
    a half inches tall [music] I’ll be using this flashing here to go around the edges to
    keep the water out, give ourselves a little more waterproofing in there and
    this is easy I need 8 of these the flashing here is gonna go down and eight pieces all the way around and then once we have it all down, we’ll pin down the
    corners and that’ll give us our flashing to keep water out gotta make three rings with it so make it last and then I have a double stack
    of two by sixes that’ll go here for three inches fixed for our curb [music] got Mr. Gizzy here and I’m attempting to
    remove the tape on his head thing are you okay Gizzy? you okay in there? just about free ooooohhhhhh dirt ooh feeda that was gross Giz oh you’re sitting waiting he’s waiting for his breakfast this glass, I picked up at a garage sale and the guy had like 50 of them that he
    had sold over the course of time and he said that the ones that had broken had
    stayed together all in one piece so we feel pretty confident that’s a nice
    piece of glass for up above and the glass is set right on top of the curb it’ll all be glued together get the hammer and bang a little bit [music] how you doing Shae? I’m thinking [music] this is the sketch [music] so you & dad were able to find the right
    stuff? I hope so Bryson let’s take a look set this up here very delicately dun da-dun da-dun da-dun dun oohhh same color so there is hope? yes [music] in this room here, we went with the R-30
    because we have 2×10 rafters that go down here on the flat roof over in this other area, though, we have a two by sixes and needed to go with the R-19 on this upper roof, we’re gonna use the burlap so we can see her cool roof
    design I got this burlap at a garage sale for free you know what, that’s gonna be wide
    enough for right there isn’t it? are they all strips like that? I can’t believe it the perfect size for this oh yeah nice okay so the plan is a work in progress things have been so crazy around here, we split up
    and did some different things Garen took on the interior stairs Shae! Hi ice cream for breakfast, yummy we build a little platform here and then do you want your stairs going down this side or that side? that side I think that’s some lightage there he’s
    focused he can’t respond betcha he can now but he’s choosing not to what? okay, there you go [music] something is wrong that is not going to work [music] too cute you’re too cute to be in here that’s what it is Garen doesn’t want you to steal his spotlight come on troublemakers, out you go come on [music] wow that thing is never falling I wanted to see the shape of
    the reciprocal roofing a way that we can do it, is – we’ve been taking burlap
    and stapling it up between all of the rafters so you can see all of the actual
    main rafters there to put the burlap up there, is we just cut out
    pieces, and they don’t have to be precise we just fold it under and put a staple
    in it and boom the insulation it held up there what do you think Shae? this looks so good [music] you’re a little too fat huh? no, you’re too muscular that’s what it is ut oh he made it through [music] that’s awesome [music] hey, Pug G [music] this L bracket it’s just from old bed
    frames we pick them up at garage sales whenever we see them because they’re so useful for building things nine times out of ten, I find that you can just go over to our hoop barn we got a lot of building materials that we’ve stored over time you can walk over there
    and find exactly what you need or something that’ll work and stuff always
    turns out a whole lot cooler just like this the staircase here we were going to
    go out and buy a bunch of two by twelves which would have looked nice too but we were
    able to go over there, find this nice oak plank this just – really turns out nice can I step on it? yep be the first test its creaking it’s going to stop as soon as we get the legs secure that was scary it’s moving because it’s not secured to anything yet but welds are gonna hold up look at that it’s all done that looks amazing is it gonna have any railing or no? no, it’s only a three foot drop so you’re
    just gonna break a hip or something if you fall [music] I put this trim on I’m not really a trim putter onner but you can see look how crooky it is it’s organic if you hold your head crooked, it looks perfect nice oh yeah love it then when you make your first step up a little high but not bad those are light fixtures? I mean whatever they are called outlet covers but look it’s tan and white because that is how cool we are shhhhh, don’t tell Shae what? [music] oh yeah, perfect why did you let the dog in? [laughing] he’s right in the way ooh, we are backing up [music] how much clay do we
    use? better to have too much than too little because it’s gonna be a real bummer
    to have to stop the soil cement is kind of brittle so as you walk on it, it’s all broken up you can see underneath, it’s hard we’re sweeping it down to the hard stuff so we can put the cob down and then that will be the finished floor this bottom came out nice we’ll clean it awwww it’s just dust noooooo we’ve got our staging areas all set up and gathered and now we
    are getting ready to begin the process of starting the floor so I have mixed
    the first batch and they’re just about ready, I think, to start laying it down let’s do this [music] I would dry mix everything you would wet
    mix everything and pour get the assembly line going I’m mixing it dry he’s mixing it wet we were inspired by
    Henry Ford’s assembly line in the making of our assembly line our dirt, mud, sand, cob and it worked really well got the expert Levellers in there getting the
    floor down [music] you’re doing great on the ratios they like it okay, perfect they are trying to keep up with these guys in here and you guys are the expert levelers Bree and Bryson have this thing where they
    always think they can beat us and they really can’t in anything wouldn’t you like to skunk them? I would [music] I think our assembly line idea worked really well we got to a point where they couldn’t keep up we not only kept up with them, they had
    to tell us to stop several times are you happy with it Shae so far? I am very
    happy with it and I think that Pug G wants to go down and play with Garen ordinarily that job would have been the slower job you’d always be waiting on
    mud to come in so that was why we were very set on not only keeping up, but
    beating them and we’re beating you and we have the slower job the floor did look
    beautiful though they must of taken extra time on it because it really was
    beautiful Bree was amazing on how fast she was working lots of times she
    was done before I was even there she’s not doing the hard part now is she ah ooooohhhhh [laughter] I’m just teasing what? that is not true at all ah, you ruined the volcano we made making volcanos? yeah, cuz we got all this time on our hands we got slow poke partners am I waiting on them right now? am I seriously waiting on them? all that smack talk what did I say about shoddy work and then they think they can smack talk with us that was a bad decision again another mistake, they lost there too just tallying up the score here and right now we’re looking at 2-0 and we’ve been talking what? thirty Seconds get your bucket you guys need a bucket? Gizzy’s got a bucket for you [music] it makes it really fun when we are
    working to make things into a little bit of a rivalry, a competition time goes by
    faster when it’s a game because me and Bree win all the time pound it one crushed it us awesome we all get a participation trophy but the
    first-place trophy goes to me and Shae there’s actually another first-place
    trophy that comes before you two that’s called a second place trophy looks so good what do you think? it looks like a complete room in there doesn’t it? I’ve been far far away in a galaxy unknown to other people except for other
    people that live there and now it’s time to go take a look at the floor that everyone worked on while I was away [music] that looks awesome look at that so cool working on the location of my next one thinking it out? yeah we have two objectives for the patio railing we want
    it to be done quickly and inexpensive we start with the old faithful, the scrap
    pile, and lo and behold dad found something he could use for the stairway [music] starting down here at the base screw in
    at the bottom with some screws [music] what’s the hole right there for? a big hole it’s to put your finger in it it’s like a dike water comes splashing out of it hey, Gary I got a light bulb for you all right that’s so cute that’s epic Dad oh yeah [music] we got
    looking around in the animal area and we found a whole bunch of pool fencing it’s free and it’s here so we’re gonna give it a try might as well I like that height a lot you and your 3d glasses I think they’re fantastic eyewear it’s my eye protection we have to make a special cut in that one we could not figure out those cuts I don’t know what was wrong we couldn’t figure it out we start turning them around, we know we have to cut them at a angle so they come in we know the angles
    like 22 and 1/2 yeah where is that special cut? cuz it looks like it’s gonna
    fit to me no matter what we do, it’s wrong if Gary was here or Garen, they
    seem to be able to visualize that for some reason – we got the two people who don’t
    visualize too well that is the most painful thing I’ve ever seen in my life I don’t have the strength I just have to pin it and Bryson will save me okay one
    more screw left and the drill battery dies [giggles] we have all these gaps now so I’m going to
    have to go through and patch them all up why don’t we just cut the chunk out
    of the center 2.5 this way and then you flip it around go to that same
    measurement, 22.5 this way and it makes this V you cut that V out of the metal here’s the magic of these nice little slits here there’s our angle awesome you got this [music] [ harp music] it ties it all together so nicely going up and I think
    it looks good as a matter of fact, we like it so well we’re going to put it on Brysons which I’m excited for and it was quick quick and easy to put up I really like the security of that it doesn’t invade the space I’m surprised
    at how well I like the look of it looks very nice [music] and so it begins yep [music] I’m putting on the first coat isn’t it fun? yeah it is it uses the most – the
    first one, you’ll use like half that bucket all the coats after that take
    less and less shouldn’t you do that far end first? she’s gonna trap herself in she learned that from me how many coats
    did you get on it? three on that one this is the second coat put some more on tomorrow huh? yep yep yep Gizzy wants in but we have a trap to keep him out yes, we’re trapping you out cuz you’re a
    monkey hey what y’all up to? putting on the fifth coat I love the shoes these shoes are a new fashion
    statement for anyone working on Earth bags they’re all the trend you really have that fashion in the bag so do you see this table? of course you
    see this table this is all the things that we want to get done it’s right here this is all of our loose ends that we wish to – all done yes! [music] our $5 door frame didn’t come with
    weatherstripping? no it’s just wrong [music] it looks gorgeous of course I only do the most professional
    work oh you do? yeah that’s good to know I don’t get hired for a reason you’re hired no, he said I don’t get hired [laughter] I like it [music] that’s fancy is that going to go right there? probably hang down a little bit huh? yeah Mom, I love that little light you got it’s so cute [music] don’t these always just kind of look a little
    unfinished? we have an alternative entrance you know you’re a redneck when… [music] does this go right up here? yah [music] I really like the look of this maybe just do like a small out thing yeah like a big cement step or even a
    circle – a half circle [music] no! oh my, my, my [music] [music] it’s done it’s completed and finished dad peeping through the window behind us there and the little brown, beautiful
    window this is my room and we’ve been working for several months now to get
    this place done it has several really cool features like our bottle window
    which you can tell it’s a bottle only if you’re looking like this some artwork in
    the process still going, don’t look at that there’s lots of little features to this
    room that I really like like this space up here oh yeah, like a plant would
    work pretty good up there our center post I love this post [laughter] I’m a meme now these over the top so they can all close that is so cute [music] and up here is going to be my workspace so I want to put my art stuff in this section here my computer and desk all in
    that area we have some amazing stairs that Garen put together he worked on this
    really hard and then just came out beautiful so the lower circle is where
    my bed, dresser, shelves here I was thinking either books or who knows here, I’m gonna have a door oh wait, there is already a door what do you know I’m very happy with it, yes [music] two things that were special about this
    room the sunken in circle and this balcony deck type thing up here a few chairs up here to sit and watch the sunset I was thinking about putting a bed up here and then sleep out at night and be able to
    see the stars I absolutely love the wood, metal combo that
    we did on the steps here she just looks beautiful it’s fun to walk down it’s fun to touch and everything it’s all shiney shiney the first step we put in, is this cement
    piece here and then I wanted a little bit of a patio so we put in this little
    swirly – it’s just very fun fun little patio Gary I made a
    commitment to get these rooms done for the kids and I wanted to see it through
    all the way to the end I feel really good now because we’re done with that
    commitment and finishing the commitment was really important to me I actually
    feel a little sense of relief now this last one’s done oh yes there’s a
    sense of relief but there’s also that sense of – what’s next? [music] Gizzy is excited to get a new home our family moved from the city to the
    country thanks for taking part in our adventure behold evil caterpillar lurking just lurking look so innocent, you just want to pet him I have battle wounds completely peppered in blisters vicious, vicious caterpillars it’s been a month and the caterpillars have taken over the entire courtyard it’s not safe up there anymore I’m running out of provisions I think the best course of
    action, is to try and blend in I think they know it’s me they’re falling from the trees Oh gosh their beautiful, furry flesh burns there’s no escape here we go three times in a row we don’t even need cans you could just sit here shooting dirt things go go go go no, no, no, bad idea ready, here we go no way what have you got there? what is it? what is it? get it get it Diesel oh you got it off they’re everywhere it was worth the trip to go I’m going to go in for the double dip ewwww I wouldn’t even do that and it’s my own ear okay woo ewww I grossed myself out I got to go wash my hands moving in will be a big, big, big huge task that is a big job we had a name for our team it’s called B & B and then I joined and it was B & BS [laughter] let’s get close okay pretend like we like each other we do [music]