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    Why Roller Coaster Track is Filled with Sand
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    Why Roller Coaster Track is Filled with Sand

    January 17, 2020

    For the past century, theme parks all over
    the world have been battling one another to construct taller, faster, and more exhilarating
    thrill machines in order to outshine the competition and attract the largest crowds. Driving this battle forward are the engineers
    and roller coaster designers who have developed innovative ways to build these towering structures
    so that they are both safe and reliable. Over the years, each roller coaster design
    company has established their own signature design style with recognizable characteristics
    that set their coasters apart from the rest. A few examples include the I-beam design of
    Rocky Mountain Construction, or RMC, which consists of a continuous steel I-section with
    integrated rails; The truss design of Intamin, which consists
    of small steel tubes that are welded together to form a 3-dimensional truss;
    And the box beam design of Bolliger and Mabillard, or B&M, which consists of a continuous steel
    box section that supports two rails using fin plates. Although the various design styles are quite
    unique, they all accomplish the same task of supporting high-speed roller coaster trains
    as they hurtle through the air. If you have ever been to a major theme park,
    you may have noticed that in addition to having a unique visual appearance, each track design
    also produces a distinct sound as the trains speed over them. The sound produced by a given roller coaster
    is directly related to the design of the track, and of all the various track styles, the box
    beam design produces one of the loudest and most recognizable sounds. The box beam track design developed by B&M
    has a continuous steel spine that is formed by a hollow rectangular cross-section. Steel fin plates are welded to the top of
    the spine at regular intervals, and these fin plates support the two rails which are
    made from circular steel tubes. When trains travel along the rails at high
    speeds, vibrations are induced in the track which propagate throughout the entire cross-section. These vibrations generate sound that we can
    hear, and the large hollow box beams actually amplify the sound due to their size and geometry. Although the roar of a B&M roller coaster
    is iconic and downright intimidating, the noise can be a problem in certain situations,
    particularly when theme parks are located adjacent to residential areas. A prime example of this is Canada’s Wonderland,
    which is a theme park located in Ontario, Canada. The park first opened in the early 1980’s,
    and at that time it was surrounded only by farm land. However, that farm land was gradually overtaken
    by urban sprawl as the nearby city expanded, and a large residential area was eventually
    constructed adjacent to the park. Now perhaps you shouldn’t move into a house
    located across the street from a theme park if you don’t like the sound of roller coasters,
    but a lot people may have overlooked this issue at the time. In 2006, Canada’s Wonderland was purchased
    by the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, which invested millions of dollars into the park
    to build numerous world-class thrill rides. The biggest of them all came 2012, when Canada’s
    Wonderland introduced Leviathan; The tallest roller coaster that B&M had ever built to
    date, standing at 93 m tall and reaching speeds of nearly 150 km/hr. The giga coaster was constructed right at
    the front of the park, and it extended out into the parking lot just a few hundred meters
    away from the neighboring residential area. And was this coaster ever loud. Every time a train dived down the first drop,
    the sound could clearly be heard by the residents across the street, and this obviously led
    to numerous noise complaints. The park hired an acoustical consultant to
    perform an assessment of the sound produced by the ride, and it was determined that something
    had to be done to quiet down the Leviathan. In the end, it was decided that the best way
    to reduce the noise produced by the roller coaster would be to fill the track with sand. Since the first drop was the primary culprit
    of the noise problem, attention was focused only on this part of the ride. It was not possible to fill the rails with
    sand because this would require the rails to be cut open and welded closed, which would
    be detrimental to the smoothness of the ride, however they could cut open and fill the box
    beams. Once engineers determined that the structure
    and its foundations could support the additional weight, the park moved forward with their
    plan. First, a hole was cut into each box beam section
    of the first drop by workers on a large boom lift. Sand was then blown into each section using
    an aggregate blower, which used compressed air to deliver the sand to the required height
    through a long tube. Since each section of track is sealed at both
    ends where the individual pieces are bolted together, sand had to be blown into each track
    section individually rather than filling the entire box beam at once. After the entire drop was filled, the holes
    in the box beams were welded shut and the work was complete. This method of noise reduction was successful,
    and the noise produced by the roller coaster was greatly reduced. The sand inside the track works by damping
    the vibration of the steel which reduces the amplitude of the resulting sound waves. As the steel walls of the box beam vibrate
    against the sand, the walls push against the sand and move the individual particles, which
    transfers energy away from the steel. This loss of energy translates to a reduction
    in the amplitude of the vibrations, and the volume of the sound is therefore reduced. The same technique has been used for a number
    of other roller coasters as well, including Gatekeeper at Cedar Point in Ohio, and Yukon
    Striker at Canada’s Wonderland. However, for these two coasters, it was known
    in advance that noise could be a potential problem, and so the rails were filled with
    sand during track fabrication before the roller coasters were erected. It’s likely that the engineers decided to
    fill the rails and not the box beams in these two cases because a smaller volume of sand
    is required, and it would have been very difficult to transport and install the track pieces
    if they were completely filled with sand due to the huge increase in weight. Even though less sand is used, filling the
    rails alone is still an effective method for reducing the level of sound produced by a
    roller coaster. Filling roller coaster track with sand has
    been shown to be a good solution to the noisy roller coaster problem, and it can be used
    for both new roller coasters as well as existing roller coasters. It is a clever yet simple technique, and perhaps
    we will see it implemented more frequently in the future. Hey everyone, thank you for watching this
    video, I really hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to subscribe if you would like
    to see more videos from this channel, and please consider supporting me on Patreon using
    the link in the description so I can continue to improve my content and grow the channel. I also invite you to leave suggestions in
    the comments below for topics that you want to see in future videos. Again, thanks for watching, and I’ll see
    you in the next one.

    Semmering Railway – UNESCO World Heritage Site
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    Semmering Railway – UNESCO World Heritage Site

    December 4, 2019

    Hey everyone I’m Joel on the Road, and today
    my UNESCO World Heritage Journey is at the Semmering Railway in Austria. So today my World Heritage Journey is a little
    bit different. Because rather than looking at a World Heritage Site, we’re going to be
    using one. The Semmering Railway runs through mountainous terrain in eastern Austria. It’s
    about 41 kilometres, and it was an incredible feat of railway engineering when it was built in the 1850s. And it’s still in use today – it’s actually the train we’re going to use to go between
    Graz and Vienna, so let’s hop on board! So we’ve just entered the World Heritage Area
    here. The railway that we’re going to be checking out is about 40 kilometres long, there’s 16
    tunnels and 14 viaducts, and there’s over a hundred stone bridges as well, most of them
    curved which is really cool, so we should be seeing some pretty good stuff. So we’ve just gone through the halfway point
    at Semmering, which is one of the tourist towns that was erected along the railway.
    One of the things it did of course, was rather than just allow passage through the mountains,
    it allowed passage *to* the mountains, and that’s where a lot of Austrian ski fields started
    to develop. I did wonder before boarding the train, how
    difficult it would be to film the incredible works of engineering while on board the train.
    And as you can probably tell from the footage, the answer is: quite difficult. The windows
    were very dirty, and of course you just can’t see much of the bridges while you’re crossing
    them. Same with the tunnels – you can’t see them because it’s dark! Ah well, what can
    you do hey! Thanks very much for watching, don’t forget to Like and Subscribe. I’m Joel
    on the Road, and I’ll see you at the next World Heritage Site!

    * THE FLAM RAILWAY * | Trains For Kids | Things That Go TV!
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    * THE FLAM RAILWAY * | Trains For Kids | Things That Go TV!

    November 28, 2019

    Hi everyone.
    Today we are in the mountains. And what slides through the mountains like a snake? A Train does! And there is a train station, and look there
    is the train. And away it goes. A BIG GREEN train.
    Along the rail, and past a little village. The green train gently begins to climb the
    mountain. Looking out the window is fun. Now you can
    see the village way down in the valley below! The train winds through the mountains — higher and higher it goes! Where do you think it is off to? Over the river now and past a waterfall. There are LOTS of people on the train. All
    of them are looking out the window to see the beautiful countryside. Would you like
    to be on this train too? High up in the mountains there aren’t many
    buildings or cars – just the green train. Ahead is a tunnel! Is the train going to go
    into the tunnel? Yes in it goes. To the right, you can see out of the tunnel
    to the valley below. TOOT TOOT as the train is comes out of the Tunnel! There goes the conductor, checking the tickets.
    Looks like we have a quick stop, what’s this? What a pretty waterfall! The train is on the move again. Climbing high up in the mountains once more.
    It looks very small against the big mountain. I think we can see our destination.
    The green train pulls into the train station, high up on the mountain. Everyone unloads their gear; some of the people have bicycles. While others are getting on the train now, to catch it down to the bottom.
    Do you think they want to see the pretty countryside and waterfall too? The train is off once more. Bye bye train bye bye boys and girls.

    Top 5 Motocross Track Riding Etiquette Tips
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    Top 5 Motocross Track Riding Etiquette Tips

    November 23, 2019

    – Hello everyone, I am Chase
    here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and these are my top five
    etiquette tips for riding track. Alright, so, as you guys can see, we are out here to burn some
    laps at a local motocross track and I just want to share with you guys my top five etiquette tips. Whether you’ve been riding for years and you ride track a lot or maybe you’re just getting into track riding
    and you’re new to it. There’s certain etiquette that I think every dirt rider or
    dirt biker should follow when they’re at the track. So these are going to be my top five tips that are going to make you safer, help other people be safer and just make everyone happier at the track. So my first tip is really simple and it’s just ride
    within your skill level. You know, if you’re new to riding tracks. If you’re gonna go out for the first time, you’ve just got to understand
    what level you’re at. So if you’re riding an
    advanced track and there’s a lot of jumps on the
    track, you’re not able to do all the jumps but most of the riders are. If it’s a really busy day,
    you’ve just go to know that you want to be comfortable
    so it might not be the best day to ride on that track. You know, a lot of different
    tracks that I go to, they’ll have vet and beginner tracks, so make sure if they have those
    available, well start there. Those are gonna be
    easier, have easier jumps and then you’re gonna be
    riding with other people at your skill level. If you’re riding on and advanced track and you’re not able to do all the jumps and you’re uncomfortable,
    you can put yourself and you can put other riders at risk. And also, a lot of times
    when you go to a track, they’ll have timed practices. And what you want to do
    is, you want to sign up for the class that’s gonna
    be at your skill level. I see a lot of riders,
    yeah we all want to ride in a class with the faster
    guys and I understand that but if you’re a beginner
    rider, don’t feel like you need to sign up with the
    intermediates or even the pro class, because you
    want to say that you ride with those guys. It’s important, just know your skill level and ride there and once
    you get comfortable, you can work your way up. And I’m telling you that’s
    gonna make you safer. It’s gonna keep other
    riders safer as well. So that’s gonna be my first tip, is just ride within your skill level. So for my second tip, it’s
    gonna be don’t cross jump and hold your line. And this is probably one of
    the biggest reasons I see that riders are getting hurt
    at the track, is cross jumping. When you’re coming up to a jump, you want to make sure you’re
    jumping straight, okay. If you jump across a
    jump and there’s a rider right behind you and he goes off, well if you jump across,
    there a very good chance that that rider could land on you and that’s never a good thing. I’ve seen it happen way too often. So it’s really important
    that whenever you’re going off a jump, even if
    you’re rolling the jump, you want to make sure to
    go as straight as possible, don’t cross jump and
    because every rider that’s out there on the track, if
    they’re right next to you or they’re just behind you
    and they’re coming up off a jump too, they expect
    you to go straight. And if you don’t go straight,
    bad things can happen. And going along with that, the
    other part is hold your line. So if you’re riding, you’re
    coming to an inside corner and there’s a rider behind
    you, and even if you know he’s faster than you, okay,
    don’t feel pressure like you need to dart out of
    the way and move to the outside of the track. Or if you’re on the
    outside, don’t feel like you need to move to the inside. If he’s faster than you,
    he’ll get around you, okay? That’s what riders do. So, just make sure if
    you’re coming to a corner or anywhere on the track
    and you know there’s a rider behind you and you feel
    like he’s going to pass you, just stay where you’re at, okay? That rider’s expecting
    you to hold your line and go straight. So, if you’re on the inside of
    a corner, stay on the inside. If you’re on the outside,
    stay on the outside. That way, the rider can
    anticipate where you’re going and he can make the pass safely and you can just continue on your way. So that’s gonna be my second
    tip, is hold your line and make sure you don’t cross jump. So my third tip is gonna be entering and exiting the track in designated areas. Every track is going to
    have specific locations for you to enter and exit the track because they want you to do it safely. So it’s never a good idea, regardless of where you are on the
    track, even if you don’t feel like there’s any riders around you, when you enter the track,
    enter where you’re supposed to. Make sure you’re watching, you know. Enter at a good time, obviously,
    but exiting the track. This is where I see a
    lot of bad things happen because riders will exit the track early or maybe they’ll be on the
    far left side of the track and they want to exit, so
    they’ll move over to the right, but they’re not looking
    behind them to see if there’s a rider coming up. So it’s really important. Enter the track where it’s designated. Wait for a good time. Don’t floor it and just
    peel out and try to get ahead of a rider. Wait for them to pass. And then when you’re exiting
    the track, same thing. Make sure you’re exiting. You’re not riding all
    the way across a track when you’re doing that. And just exit in the designated spot and I’ll tell you, that’s gonna make you a whole lot safer, and again,
    you’ve got to be predictable. When riders are seeing you exit the track, they’ve got to know
    that’s what you’re doing. Same thing when you’re entering. Riders should know that,
    hey, there’s a rider that’s about to enter, and
    it’s your job to enter safely. So that’s gonna be my third tip, is enter and exit the track
    in a designated area. So for my fourth tip, it’s
    gonna be parking lot etiquette. And I honestly feel like
    I could do a top five just on parking lot etiquette. So nothing drive me more
    insane than when I’m at a track and there’s riders that
    feel like they need to practice doing starts
    and pulling hole shots in a parking lot. When you’re in a parking
    lot, you just slow down. You don’t need to go ripping
    through the parking lot, popping wheelies. It’s not necessary. You know, people are getting dressed up, they’re getting on their bikes. I’ve seen accidents
    happen in the parking lot. I watched a guy wheelie over
    one time and knock himself out. So just know that in the
    parking lot, go slow, especially in a dirt parking lot, when everyone’s parked and lined up. No one likes to get dusted out. So you don’t need to just
    floor it down the parking lot. Now the other part of
    parking lot etiquette that I have and some of you may or may not agree with this, is sound. When I’m in the parking lot, look, we all know your bike sounds good, you’ve got your exhaust on there. We all love to rev our bikes, I get it. But I want to keep my
    hearing as long as possible. So when I’m getting dressed up, I’m getting ready to go out and ride, I don’t need you to do sound testing like you’re getting ready
    for an AMA Supercross race. You don’t need to sit there
    and hit the rev limiter and just floor your bike. You can but for me, honestly,
    sometimes it gets obnoxious and it’s just really, really loud. I want to wait until I’m on the track to start hearing exhaust. If you have a two-stroke,
    I’ll make an exception. Two-strokes sound really good. They’re not as loud. But really, my opinion, you
    can let your bike warm up. You don’t need to sit there and just rev it the whole time. So that’s gonna be my fourth tip, is just having good etiquette in the parking lot. Alright, so for my fifth and
    final tip, it’s pretty simple. We are not here to win practice. When you’re at a track
    and you’re out riding. Everyone’s here just to have a good time. Everyone wants to be safe. And I see a lot of guys
    that get really competitive and it feels like they have to be the fastest guy on the track. So when you’re riding out there, if there’s a rider in front of you and yeah, he might not be as fast as you and you want to get around him,
    you don’t need to be going block passes on guys. If there’s an 85cc rider
    and he’s faster than you and you get mad. We’ve all been there. You don’t need to try and
    take out the 85 rider, but you know, just have a good time. You don’t need to win practice. You don’t have to be the
    fastest guy out there. If there’s a guy behind you and you know he’s faster than
    you, you don’t need to be a semi-truck and be as wide
    as you can and try and block the lines and keep
    him from passing you. Just hold your line, like
    we talked about earlier, and just let that rider go by. And also, if you’re passing the guy, one of my pet peeves
    is, if I let you by me, because I know you’re faster than me, I’m being courteous, I really
    don’t like getting roosted. Nobody does. That’s why I wear a chest guard. But however, if you’re passing
    a guy, just be conscious of where he’s at behind you. You know, you don’t
    need to just sit there, hold it wide open in second gear and then roost the guy behind you
    if it’s not necessary. If you’ve got to get
    on the gas to get over a jump around the corner,
    I understand that, but if you’ve got a long straightaway or there’s a section of the track where you just don’t have to just pin it and get it wide open. That’s gonna really help
    the rider out behind you because I’m sure we’ve
    all been in that situation where a rider goes past us,
    we start getting roosted, next thing you know we’re ducking our head and we’re just pretty
    much pulling off the track because it hurts so bad. So that’s my fifth and final tip. It’s just know when you
    show up to the track we’re all here to have a good time. Everyone wants to be safe. You don’t need to win practice. Alright guys so there they are. Those are my top five etiquette tips. Those are things that I feel
    that every rider should be doing at the track or
    shouldn’t be doing to say. So if you have suggestions
    or other things that you want to see riders doing more of, or maybe not so much of,
    make sure you comment below and share those with us. Now make sure you click,
    subscribe to us on YouTube. We have a lot of great how-to videos, product spotlights and gear guides. Also don’t forget, orders
    over $75 ship free. And on our website and We have a huge selection of
    parks apparel and accessories, so get over there and get yourself ready for your next ride. I’m Chase here at Rocky Mountain. We’ll see you on the trails.

    Paw Patrol ? 7 in 1 Roll Patrol MEGA Track Lookout Lighthouse Railway Mountain || Keith’s Toy Box
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    Paw Patrol ? 7 in 1 Roll Patrol MEGA Track Lookout Lighthouse Railway Mountain || Keith’s Toy Box

    November 20, 2019

    Wow! Look at that giant Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Track Set. There are actually seven different sets all combined into one big set. It’s like one big Adventure Bay. Let’s start playing! Hi everyone and welcome to Keith’s Toy Box! Today we’re going to combine all seven Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Track Sets into one big track layout. Our very own Adventure Bay. These seven sets are the Launch and Roll Lookout Tower Track Set, Skye and Zuma’s Lighthouse Rescue, The Adventure Bay Railway Track Set, Rocky’s Barn Rescue, Marshalls Pet Rescue, And the newest sets, Rubble’s Mountain Rescue, and Marshall’s Town Rescue. Let’s put them all together. First, we connected the Railway Track Set to the Launch and Roll Lookout Tower Track Set. Then we connected both of them to Skye and Zuma’s Lighthouse Rescue set. Nice! It’s getting so big already. Next, we’ll connect Rubble’s Mountain Rescue set. And Marshall’s Town Rescue Set. Then finally we connect Rocky’s Barn Rescue set. And Marshall’s Pet Rescue set There it is! Isn’t that awesome? It’s so big! We have all seven sets connected already. I can’t wait to try it out. This is going to be so much fun. Roll Patrol track sets are made just right for your Paw Patrol racers. So you can use your racers across different sets. Here’s the Railway Track Set. Watch the motorized train go to the platform. Then we can pull up Tracker’s racer up the ramp, and load him onto the cars. Watch them go! There’s even a railroad crossing. Oh no! Some rocks are blocking the way. Don’t worry! Rubble will save the day! Rubble on the double! Here comes Robo-Dog! He’s on his way to the Lookout. Paw Patrol! We’re on a roll! Marshall! Oh no! The bridge is broken! We need to rescue Marshall. Rubble, I need you and your digger to pull up Marshall. There you go! All done! No job is too big! No pup is too small! Paw Patrol! We’re on a roll! Rubble is on his way to the Mountain Rescue Set. There’s a baby polar bear that we need to rescue. Going up! And slide! Weee! This is so much fun! Hang in there, baby polar bear! Yay! That was fast! Good job, Rubble! Oh look, it’s Marshall. He’s on his way to the Town Rescue set because a building is on fire. Let’s collect some water from the water tower. There’s the burning building! Hurry! Yay! Marshall put out the fire! Oh look, it’s Skye and Zuma. Wallly’s trapped in the net! We need to rescue him. Let’s dive in. Awesome job, Zuma. Oh look, It’s farmer Al and Rocky. They’re on their way to the barn because Bettina escaped from her pen again. Green means go. Bettina’s safe and sound again. Oh, it’s Marshall again. He’s on his way to save Cali, who got stuck on top of Katie’s pet parlor. I’m fired up! Yay! Good job, Marshall So that’s all seven Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Track Sets combined into one big track layout Hit the thumbs up icon to see more videos like this or tell us what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching Keith’s Toy Box and remember to subscribe for more videos. Remember, always be kind to others and share what you have.


    Карпати. Україна з неба · Eкспедиція Ukraїner

    November 11, 2019

    Carpathians Ukraїner
    The Expedition Carpathian tram
    A narrow-gauge railway, which is actively used for tourism. Polonynas
    Highland pastures for cattle, which is moved from villages high into mountains for the summer period. Morshyn
    A famous Subcarpathian resort with mineral water, which originates in the mountains Khata-Maysternya/Workshop House
    A public initiative which renovated an old house in the mountains and transformed it into a modern space Carpathian ethnic groups
    These mountains are the homeland of three powerful Ukrainian ethnic groups: lemkos, boykos, and hutsuls Old-growth forests
    The biggest area of old-growth beech forests in the UNESCO World Heritage is located in Ukrainian Carpathians Cameramen Pavlo Pashko, Dmytro Bartosh
    Film Editing Mykola Nosok
    Music Marsbeing Ukraїner
    The Expedition


    Fun Ride – Testing The Alpine Coaster Of Hahnenklee

    October 23, 2019

    [Zip, Boom, Bang] [Heartbeat] Testing the alpine coaster of Hahnenklee – Visiting the Bocksberg
    [Music: UnderwaterBeats – Delete] The alpine coaster on the Bocksberg mountain at Hahnenklee … has been built in March 2012 at a cost of 1.5 Million Euro. It is 1250 meters long and has a total drop of about 290 meters.
    [Start signal] Production + Direction + Camera: XXLRay Musik (CC BY 3.0 License): UnderwaterBeats – Delete Software: avidemux, ffmpeg, gimp, Inkscape, hydrogen, LibreOffice, LMMS, openshot Tools: Nikon 1 J2, Blue Snowball Ice

    Storm & Light Rail Expansion & AZ Giving and Leading: Paper Clouds Apparel
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    Storm & Light Rail Expansion & AZ Giving and Leading: Paper Clouds Apparel

    October 15, 2019

    20:30:18:02>>>Coming up next on
    20:30:20:09 “Arizona Horizon,” a 20:30:21:11 monsoon update after
    20:30:22:12 damaging storms roll 20:30:23:11 through the valley.
    20:30:26:03>>>Also tonight, increasing 20:30:27:21 talk of major light rail
    20:30:28:20 expansion. 20:30:30:13>>>And the owner of a
    20:30:31:25 clothing company is giving 20:30:32:27 more than the shirt off his
    20:30:33:25 back to help those with 20:30:34:27 special needs.
    20:30:36:04>>>Those stories next on 20:30:36:26 “Arizona Horizon.”
    20:30:39:06>>”Arizona Horizon” is made 20:30:40:12 possible by contributions from
    20:30:41:22 the friends of eight, members 20:30:42:27 of your Arizona PBS station.
    20:30:44:23 Thank you. 20:30:48:21>>>Good evening and welcome
    20:30:49:22 to “Arizona Horizon.” 20:30:50:23 I’m Ted Simons.
    20:30:52:01 Heavy rains hit the valley 20:30:53:08 last night resulting in
    20:30:54:09 flooding, downed trees, and 20:30:56:00 over a dozen water rescues
    20:30:57:21 of stranded motorists. 20:30:58:28 Joining us now is Nancy
    20:31:00:00 selover, the state 20:31:01:08 climatologist, and a resident
    20:31:03:00 of an area near south mountain 20:31:04:25 that was hit especially hard.
    20:31:05:21 Good to have you here. 20:31:07:15 Thanks for joining us.
    20:31:08:17>>Thank you. 20:31:09:01>>What did you see�– you’re
    20:31:10:18 by south mountain, correct? 20:31:12:09>>Yes.
    20:31:12:22>>What did you see last night? 20:31:14:02>>We had an extreme rainfall
    20:31:16:15 event that was tropical 20:31:17:28 moisture.
    20:31:19:01 We had some dynamics, very 20:31:21:24 unstable atmosphere and
    20:31:25:02 everything came together to 20:31:26:00 squeeze that water out.
    20:31:26:27 We had 3.37 inches at my house 20:31:30:12 in 100 minutes.
    20:31:32:08>>What is 3.37�– 3�1/3 in a
    20:31:36:04 little over an hour and a half? 20:31:37:23>>Yes.
    20:31:38:06>>I was going to ask if this 20:31:39:12 is typical.
    20:31:40:13 That doesn’t sound typical. 20:31:41:28>>No, that is not typical.
    20:31:44:15>>What happened here? 20:31:46:15>>Incredible amount of
    20:31:47:12 moisture that had come up from 20:31:49:11 Mexico, tropical moisture.
    20:31:51:01 We saw low cloud levels, and it 20:31:53:12 didn’t take much to raise that
    20:31:54:15 up and get that�– get those 20:31:56:10 rain events to start happening.
    20:31:57:26 And it just sat over south 20:32:02:10 mountain for a period of time.
    20:32:06:02 Graphic lifting, surface 20:32:07:23 heating, some dynamics, what we
    20:32:09:22 call an inverted trough, low 20:32:12:05 pressure system and additional
    20:32:16:07 positive�– spinning. 20:32:20:03>>It seemed like it parked
    20:32:21:27 over south mountain. 20:32:22:26 It came from Mexico.
    20:32:23:27 Could you see it building? 20:32:25:03 Was it waxing and waning?
    20:32:27:11>>The weather service knew the 20:32:29:17 moisture was up there.
    20:32:30:10 The storms themselves, single 20:32:31:27 storm doesn’t form down in
    20:32:33:02 Mexico and typically continue 20:32:34:13 just as one storm.
    20:32:35:09 It is just a continual 20:32:37:16 reformation of a storm cell.
    20:32:39:23 One dies out and the next one 20:32:41:09 forms.
    20:32:42:04>>It forms in Mexico, moves up 20:32:43:22 here in various forms.
    20:32:44:19 This one parked over south 20:32:45:27 mountain and went nuts on your
    20:32:47:04 house in that area out there 20:32:49:05 where they stranded motorists
    20:32:51:22 and everything. 20:32:52:22 Where does a system like this
    20:32:54:05 go? 20:32:54:18 How far north does it go?
    20:32:56:03>>This one didn’t go too 20:32:57:17 terribly far past south
    20:32:58:29 mountain and kind of fell 20:33:00:16 apart.
    20:33:01:01 There was a little 20:33:02:09 redevelopment, later in the
    20:33:05:06 day, formation over the west 20:33:06:21 valley as it went north but it
    20:33:08:20 dumped its load on south 20:33:10:15 mountain.
    20:33:10:25 There wasn’t enough moisture 20:33:12:13 left after that to really
    20:33:14:14 provide too much rainfall. 20:33:16:27>>Monsoon, storms in general,
    20:33:19:02 it seems like they bounce off 20:33:20:27 the rim and come back.
    20:33:22:15 Or go straight up. 20:33:23:12 They don’t go to Canada.
    20:33:24:27 How far north do they go? 20:33:26:17>>Monsoon moisture typically
    20:33:27:28 goes into northern Arizona. 20:33:30:00 If we get a storm or a system
    20:33:33:16 that moves up the Colorado 20:33:35:00 river, lower Colorado river
    20:33:36:20 valley, it will go up through 20:33:38:05 into Las Vegas and it will dump
    20:33:39:26 a bunch of precipitation on 20:33:41:15 them up there and it doesn’t
    20:33:42:27 usually�– moisture doesn’t 20:33:44:05 usually go much further north
    20:33:45:11 than that. 20:33:46:00>>So, obviously, this was�–
    20:33:47:23 you said�– what happened on 20:33:49:00 south mountain could
    20:33:51:06 legitimately be described as a 20:33:52:20 once in a thousand year event.
    20:33:54:12>>Yes, based on the annual 20:33:55:26 return interval from the NOAA
    20:33:58:19 atLAS 14 precipitation 20:34:03:01 frequency tables, yes.
    20:34:04:12>>The fact that it parked on 20:34:05:27 the mountain, not necessarily
    20:34:07:18 the amount of moisture in the 20:34:08:22 storm but that it stopped there
    20:34:10:02 and dumped. 20:34:11:06>>Tables calculated based on
    20:34:12:20 how long a time it rains and 20:34:14:01 how much rain falls in that
    20:34:16:00 time. 20:34:16:08 If you had two inches in 10
    20:34:18:12 minutes, that would be a very, 20:34:20:01 very significant event.
    20:34:21:15 Something that you would not 20:34:22:24 anticipate happening
    20:34:23:21 frequently. 20:34:24:21 In this case, we had a 200-year
    20:34:27:16 event, if I looked at 10 minute 20:34:30:06 precipitation, highest 10
    20:34:31:14 minute value. 20:34:32:12 Highest 50 minute value, and
    20:34:33:28 the highest 90 minute or two 20:34:36:03 hour value, we were at a
    20:34:37:18 thousand year event. 20:34:39:03>>Looking at washes, I think
    20:34:40:10 these were around your house 20:34:41:13 and the washes, something like
    20:34:43:00 this, will change the nature of 20:34:44:14 the landscape, won’t it?
    20:34:46:15>>It absolutely will. 20:34:47:24 When you get that�– very steep
    20:34:49:23 terrain up there. 20:34:50:12 When you get that water that
    20:34:51:21 falls that quickly, it doesn’t 20:34:53:12 infiltrate.
    20:34:53:21 It just runs off the surface 20:34:55:12 and as it moves, it gains power
    20:34:57:11 and steam and more and more 20:34:59:11 water comes down and it picks
    20:35:01:06 up and carries larger and 20:35:02:26 larger particles, and pretty
    20:35:05:02 soon gravel and rocks and then 20:35:06:11 it is ripping trees out and
    20:35:08:11 carrying limbs and bushes down. 20:35:09:29 When it gets to the end of the
    20:35:11:06 wash, for example, in our 20:35:13:02 neighborhood, we have culverts
    20:35:15:00 that go under the street to 20:35:16:19 drain the wash.
    20:35:17:24 Culverts about 3�1/2 foot in 20:35:19:18 diameter with a grading on
    20:35:20:18 them. 20:35:20:27 The bottom part of the culvert
    20:35:22:21 got filled with mud and sand. 20:35:24:06 But then the top part was
    20:35:26:10 blocked when all of the bushes 20:35:27:26 and branches and things came
    20:35:29:10 down. 20:35:29:19 The water came up over the
    20:35:30:20 wash, out of the wash, over the 20:35:32:03 street, down on the other side
    20:35:33:09 of the street and started to 20:35:34:15 scour out the dirt over there.
    20:35:36:15>>So, the concept of cleaning 20:35:38:00 up after the storm, yeah, you
    20:35:39:13 have to clean up. 20:35:40:07 You also have to look at what
    20:35:41:20 has changed and start preparing 20:35:43:14 for the next storm.
    20:35:44:15>>Sure, sure. 20:35:45:04 We have to clean out the washes
    20:35:46:14 and get those things unblocked 20:35:47:27 so that the water stays where
    20:35:49:02 it is supposed to stay. 20:35:50:08>>The monsoon so far, other
    20:35:52:23 than this obviously, other than 20:35:54:21 that, Mrs.�Lincoln, how did
    you 20:35:58:15 like the play?
    20:35:59:24 Other than that, pretty 20:36:01:29 typical.
    20:36:02:20>>So far normal�– sky harbor, 20:36:04:26 this year, donut hole�– Tucson
    20:36:07:25 airport last year�– a lot of 20:36:09:14 rain in Tucson but not at the
    20:36:11:10 airport. 20:36:11:21 This year, the airport here has
    20:36:14:10 not yet had its rainfall. 20:36:16:23 I think it still will.
    20:36:19:00>>You think the monsoon has 20:36:21:03 some punch left in it.
    20:36:23:05>>Another four weeks. 20:36:24:02>>And that would be not so
    20:36:25:11 unusual. 20:36:25:26>>No.
    20:36:27:10>>Does it seem like in the old 20:36:29:14 days, east side, east valley,
    20:36:31:20 eastern parts would always get 20:36:32:24 the rain and you would feel
    20:36:34:00 sorry for the folks, almost 20:36:35:04 like in the west valley, they
    20:36:36:17 wouldn’t get the storms. 20:36:37:15 They wouldn’t get the rain.
    20:36:38:17 It seems like they’re getting a
    20:36:40:06 lot of storms these days. 20:36:42:28 Is that just me?
    20:36:43:24 What’s going on here? 20:36:45:08>>Partly depends on where that
    20:36:47:04 moisture and where the core of 20:36:48:15 the monsoon sets up in Mexico.
    20:36:50:13 If sometimes it is over to the 20:36:52:03 east side, so the southeastern
    20:36:54:03 part of Arizona gets that or 20:36:55:13 the storms go up through
    20:36:57:15 western Mexico, and some years 20:36:59:29 the central path is up the
    20:37:03:22 lower Colorado river. 20:37:05:10 And then sometimes just up
    20:37:06:24 through central Arizona. 20:37:07:28 So, where in Phoenix that
    20:37:12:00 splits, east valley, west 20:37:13:27 valley, it’s always hard to
    20:37:15:28 say. 20:37:16:05 It is not a pattern.
    20:37:17:06 It is not just creeping in one 20:37:18:16 direction.
    20:37:18:29>>We are not seeing 20:37:20:18 necessarily�–
    20:37:20:27>>A trend�– 20:37:21:21>>More people out there, and
    20:37:22:28 more people saying it is 20:37:24:04 raining out there.
    20:37:24:29>>They’re noticing it. 20:37:26:02>>EL Nino�– what is going
    on 20:37:31:20 this winter
    20:37:32:09>>Coming and going and on 20:37:34:03 again and off again.
    20:37:34:29 At the moment, it looks like it 20:37:36:25 will have something.
    20:37:37:18 Looking like it might be 20:37:38:26 moderate to weak, not
    20:37:40:07 necessarily strong, although 20:37:42:04 that keeps changing.
    20:37:43:06 It is hard to say. 20:37:44:08 If it is a moderate EL Nino,
    20:37:46:16 then we typically would get a 20:37:48:10 little more precipitation in
    20:37:49:14 the winter than we usually get. 20:37:51:08 And the past three winters have
    20:37:53:20 been consecutively dry. 20:37:56:15 We’re happy for anything.
    20:37:57:24>>Moderate EL Nino is a good 20:37:59:24 thing.
    20:37:59:27 What does that mean for the 20:38:02:11 mountains in Colorado?
    20:38:03:15>>It doesn’t make so much 20:38:05:04 difference.
    20:38:05:26 Colorado�– EL Nino, southern 20:38:08:13 tier states that provide us
    20:38:09:23 with more moisture than normal. 20:38:11:24 Colorado, northern California,
    20:38:12:27 they don’t usually get a huge 20:38:16:08 impact.
    20:38:16:23>>The Colorado river water, 20:38:18:11 the mountains, hard to tell
    20:38:19:27 though. 20:38:20:09>>The good news for us, last
    20:38:21:17 year it was our third 20:38:23:07 consecutive dry year in the
    20:38:24:09 state, but Colorado, Rockies 20:38:26:21 got a lot of precipitation,
    20:38:28:12 they had a lot of snow pack and 20:38:30:01 that helped bring�– up a
    20:38:33:20 little bit. 20:38:34:16 Not huge.
    20:38:35:07>>That is still a major 20:38:36:09 concern.
    20:38:39:01 Good to have you here. 20:38:40:06>>Thank you.
    20:38:47:09 MM 20:39:47:27>>>The city of Phoenix wants
    20:39:48:24 to triple light rail over the 20:39:49:24 next 30 years.
    20:39:50:27 The city has formed a 20:39:51:25 committee to look into light
    20:39:52:24 rail expansion along with 20:39:53:25 street and bus service
    20:39:54:28 improvements. 20:39:56:03 Here with more on the plans
    20:39:57:18 is Phoenix city councilwoman 20:39:58:17 Thelda Williams.
    20:39:59:09 Good to have you here. 20:40:00:09 Thanks for joining us.
    20:40:01:05>>Thank you, Tim. 20:40:02:17>>Citizens committee formed,
    20:40:03:21 again, the focus is on 20:40:05:18 expansion, light rail, bus
    20:40:06:28 service, street, how much 20:40:08:14 expansion are we talking here?
    20:40:10:11>>We’re hoping a lot. 20:40:12:17 Everywhere�– we’re hoping we
    20:40:14:23 come up with maybe a 30-year 20:40:16:10 plan that we could actually get
    20:40:17:17 the light rail not only to 20:40:19:03 Metro center in the north, west
    20:40:25:19 camel back, down central, and 20:40:29:04 ideally economy improves, we
    20:40:31:18 could get to paradise valley 20:40:33:20 mall.
    20:40:34:04>>I want to get some of the 20:40:35:06 lines in particular in a
    20:40:36:00 second. 20:40:36:12 Are those lines approved by
    20:40:37:25 anything or anyone or are those 20:40:39:20 just plans that have been�–
    20:40:42:04 somewhat in concrete? 20:40:43:14>>Well, actually, the Metro
    20:40:46:10 design is underway. 20:40:50:01 Camelback, going out around the
    20:40:52:07 capital, out camelback, that 20:40:54:24 one is on the books, ready to
    20:40:56:24 go. 20:40:57:12>>Okay.
    20:40:57:23 And south of down central is 20:41:00:17 just in the preliminary stages.
    20:41:03:08>>Let’s go to these. 20:41:04:16 We will start with the one
    20:41:05:18 going from Christown to Metro 20:41:09:16 center.
    20:41:10:00 There is the map there. 20:41:10:28 This would start in 2016 and
    20:41:12:16 end, what, in 2026, something 20:41:14:15 like that?
    20:41:15:09>>Well, that’s what it is on 20:41:17:13 the books for.
    20:41:18:09 I’m optimistic that it would be 20:41:20:12 much quicker than that.
    20:41:21:17>>Yeah, although I read 20:41:22:29 somewhere this may not start
    20:41:24:12 until 2023 until some of the 20:41:26:09 money starts to come in.
    20:41:27:06>>It depends on the funding, 20:41:29:00 and the fed funding.
    20:41:30:09>>Another one from downtown, 20:41:31:19 west out to the capital and
    20:41:33:17 then along I-10. 20:41:36:11 How far along�–
    20:41:37:08>>I think that is the 20:41:39:02 longer�–
    20:41:39:27>>It has changed already. 20:41:43:21>>I-10 didn’t work for many
    20:41:46:08 reasons. 20:41:46:18 It probably will go across
    20:41:48:10 camelback in some fashion. 20:41:49:26>>What we are looking at here
    20:41:51:08 may not be the end result. 20:41:52:18 How would it go straight north
    20:41:53:29 then? 20:41:54:12 How�– I don’t understand.
    20:41:55:17>>It kind of winds around to 20:41:57:09 get up north.
    20:41:58:15 That had so many problems, and 20:42:01:10 it was going to be so much more
    20:42:03:01 expensive that they had to 20:42:05:28 abandon that plan.
    20:42:06:24>>But it would still go out to 20:42:08:20 the capitol.
    20:42:09:12>>Around the capitol, north 20:42:10:17 and then west.
    20:42:11:12>>North of maybe 19th avenue 20:42:12:28 perhaps?
    20:42:14:24>>Yeah�– kind of winds. 20:42:16:22>>Okay.
    20:42:17:02 All right. 20:42:17:18 We will wait until it happens.
    20:42:18:29 Another one 19th avenue west to 20:42:20:19 maybe like Grand Canyon
    20:42:23:05 university and on out to 20:42:25:21 Glendale.
    20:42:26:09>>Right. 20:42:26:20>>That one has a good chance.
    20:42:28:01>>Oh, yes, absolutely. 20:42:29:27>>And another one would follow
    20:42:31:08 as you mention maybe state 20:42:32:26 route 51 up to paradise valley
    20:42:35:15 mall? 20:42:36:04>>Well, that’s a possibility.
    20:42:38:01 That alignment hasn’t been 20:42:39:21 studied yet.
    20:42:40:16 I’m very optimistic�– Dunlap 20:42:43:27 has�– go not only west to�–
    20:42:47:10>>I see. 20:42:48:13>>West Metro, but could go
    20:42:49:23 east�– 20:42:51:07>>Indeed.
    20:42:52:07>>And there is�– right of way
    20:42:53:25 there, we could get there. 20:42:55:19>>And last one you mentioned
    20:42:57:15 was downtown, south along 20:42:58:27 central to baseline.
    20:43:00:05 What is the deal with that one? 20:43:01:29>>That one is just beginning,
    20:43:04:19 under study. 20:43:05:13 It takes�– we have to go
    20:43:07:15 through all of the different 20:43:08:26 studies, environmental, set the
    20:43:10:13 routes and do all of the 20:43:11:25 analysis, and then cost figures
    20:43:13:17 before we can get approved. 20:43:16:08>>Let’s talk about some of the
    20:43:17:10 cost figures. 20:43:18:05 How much funding needed?
    20:43:19:08 Give us a ballpark figure here. 20:43:21:15>>We’re probably talking a
    20:43:22:18 billion. 20:43:23:01>>A billion.
    20:43:24:05>>We’ve spent $1.4 billion on 20:43:27:01 the 20 miles that we have
    20:43:28:27 constructed right now. 20:43:29:24>>And this would be�–
    20:43:31:08>>And this is more than that. 20:43:32:27>>Yeah.
    20:43:33:16 Where would the money come 20:43:34:23 from?
    20:43:35:15>>It’s�– hopefully we are 20:43:37:12 going to have to go out and get
    20:43:39:20 the tax renewed, optimistic 20:43:46:02 that the voters will approve
    20:43:47:12 that and we can use that money 20:43:48:27 and begin construction.
    20:43:50:14 But I think�– if we have 20:43:55:25 5-10th or 6-10th of a cent, we
    20:43:59:27 are able to not only do that�– 20:44:02:21 we can address the bus�– we
    20:44:06:05 have poor bus service, let’s 20:44:08:21 face it.
    20:44:09:09 We could provide resurfacing of 20:44:11:09 a lot of streets.
    20:44:12:16>>Current voter approved sales 20:44:14:02 tax ends in 2020.
    20:44:15:06 That is 4-10th of a percent on 20:44:17:06 the dollar.
    20:44:17:28 You are thinking maybe go to 20:44:19:25 the voters next year with 5 or
    20:44:21:21 6-10th of a percent? 20:44:24:19>>That’s what I’m hoping.
    20:44:26:12 What happened to us, the 20:44:27:25 economy, when it tanked,
    20:44:29:27 revenue didn’t come in. 20:44:30:25 And so what we expected to have
    20:44:32:13 built didn’t happen because of 20:44:34:00 that.
    20:44:34:15>>What if the voters say no? 20:44:36:14 Is there a plan B, C, D, or E?
    20:44:40:11>>Well, not yet. 20:44:43:29 The state transportation tax
    20:44:47:06 expires shortly after ours. 20:44:49:23 That would probably give us
    20:44:53:08 money to operate the current 20:44:54:29 system, but it couldn’t be�–
    20:44:56:10 we couldn’t be expanding. 20:44:58:18>>From what I saw, it sounds
    20:45:00:03 like only five miles could be 20:45:02:18 built in the next six years,
    20:45:04:12 before that�– the existing 20:45:06:18 tax�– five miles, that is not
    20:45:08:10 a heck of a lot. 20:45:09:12>>Nothing.
    20:45:09:27>>And good luck with bus and 20:45:11:01 street service.
    20:45:12:00>>Oh, absolutely. 20:45:13:00>>And there is a public�–
    20:45:15:24 $130 million shortfall, is that 20:45:18:17 what it is, public transit
    20:45:20:12 system program? 20:45:21:18>>Transit system�– transit
    20:45:23:13 doesn’t pay for itself. 20:45:25:06>>Yeah.
    20:45:25:21>>Cash-wise, it never will. 20:45:28:22 Was not designed to.
    20:45:30:10 The infrastructure is very 20:45:32:15 expensive.
    20:45:33:06 Operation is expensive. 20:45:34:15 But we have so many discounts
    20:45:36:23 on tickets, veterans, schools, 20:45:40:21 companies, different
    20:45:42:20 corporations buy at a different 20:45:44:11 rate.
    20:45:44:20 We discount so many tickets 20:45:46:27 because we want the ridership.
    20:45:49:06 EPA requires we keep the air 20:45:52:09 clean, keeps traffic off the
    20:45:53:28 street, and it makes a lot of 20:45:55:13 people in my district happy
    20:45:56:29 when you get the cars outs of 20:45:58:15 the way coming downtown.
    20:46:01:01 Advantages that we pay for when 20:46:02:05 we subsidize it.
    20:46:03:15>>And you do need to get some 20:46:05:00 committed funds, I think it is
    20:46:07:02 operating costs in order to get 20:46:08:09 the federal dollars.
    20:46:09:25 Federal money is not going to 20:46:11:02 come unless there is a plan in
    20:46:12:09 place. 20:46:13:06>>Exactly.
    20:46:13:23 Unless we have it in place 20:46:15:16 early.
    20:46:15:27 We can’t wait until 2018, 2019. 20:46:20:10 It’s too late.
    20:46:21:04 Because they program out their 20:46:22:24 funds.
    20:46:23:07 And we all know they have less 20:46:24:24 funds, more competitive.
    20:46:26:09 So, we have to have our package 20:46:28:10 ready.
    20:46:28:18 We have to get in there early 20:46:30:07 to be a legitimate candidate to
    20:46:33:15 receive federal money. 20:46:34:23>>And that is what this
    20:46:35:27 committee is designed to do. 20:46:37:07 Who is on this committee,
    20:46:38:23 anyway? 20:46:39:17>>We’re lucky it is�– we have
    20:46:43:00 former secretary of 20:46:48:14 transportation, and�– the
    20:46:53:12 cochairs, and then we have 20:46:54:28 people who are interested.
    20:46:56:08 We have transportation people 20:46:57:18 from other areas, and citizens
    20:47:00:12 from our districts. 20:47:01:28>>I was going to ask about a
    20:47:03:13 resident input. 20:47:04:06 What do you need there and how
    20:47:05:18 can folks just say, here, I 20:47:07:11 have an idea?
    20:47:08:10 A pothole in front of the 20:47:09:21 street.
    20:47:10:05 Let’s get it fixed. 20:47:11:11>>We get lots of calls every
    20:47:12:28 day. 20:47:13:11>>I bet you do.
    20:47:14:16>>Well, we are setting up a 20:47:16:01 web page.
    20:47:16:29 I think it is 20:47:17:19, if I
    20:47:21:12 recall right. 20:47:22:06>>I think it might be dot ORG.
    20:47:25:10>>Yeah�– and once we have a
    20:47:28:02 couple of meetings, going out 20:47:30:21 to the community for input and
    20:47:32:06 we welcome it. 20:47:35:01>>Want people involved.
    20:47:36:09>>I know when people do get 20:47:37:13 involved, you are going to hear
    20:47:38:26 a lot about bus service and you 20:47:40:15 are going to hear a lot about
    20:47:41:29 street improvement. 20:47:42:22 Is there anything in general
    20:47:44:00 that you are looking at right 20:47:46:21 now�– we hear a lot about
    20:47:48:10 light rail, but what about the 20:47:49:27 bus service and what about
    20:47:51:16 improving the streets? 20:47:52:25>>They’re essential.
    20:47:53:24 There are already recognized 20:47:55:19 over $500 million of street
    20:47:58:15 repairs we need. 20:47:59:15 $500 million.
    20:48:00:18 That’s a lot of money that we 20:48:02:01 don’t have.
    20:48:02:25 It is only going to get worse. 20:48:04:23 Everything from your
    20:48:05:24 residential streets, but when 20:48:07:09 you stop and think it’s not
    20:48:10:04 just the arterials, the main 20:48:12:00 streets, but all of them and we
    20:48:13:16 have over 5,000 miles of 20:48:15:05 streets in the city of Phoenix
    20:48:16:25 that should be on a 20-year 20:48:18:27 maintenance schedule that are
    20:48:21:00 40 some maintenance schedule. 20:48:22:27 No wonder they’re falling
    20:48:24:10 apart. 20:48:24:27>>We will see what the
    20:48:25:22 committee comes up with and the 20:48:27:13 input you get from residents.
    20:48:28:29 Good to have you here. 20:48:29:26 Thank you so much.
    20:48:31:06>>Thank you for having me. 20:48:40:07>>>Tonight’s edition of
    20:48:41:09 Arizona giving and leading 20:48:42:10 looks at a Phoenix man who’s
    20:48:43:12 found a unique way to raise 20:48:44:13 money for special needs
    20:48:45:21 organizations. 20:48:49:03 Shanna FISCHER introduces us
    20:48:54:16 to�– 20:48:54:25>>With every T-shirt printed,
    20:48:57:24 paper clouds apparel is 20:48:59:23 changing lives.
    20:49:01:05>>Artwork individual with 20:49:02:12 special needs created, transfer
    20:49:03:27 that to the shirts, hats, bags, 20:49:05:15 and we team up with different
    20:49:07:01 special needs cause every two 20:49:08:11 weeks and we sell their artwork
    20:49:11:27 on the web site. 20:49:12:22 For two weeks, 50% of the
    20:49:14:28 proceeds go back to that 20:49:15:28 special needs, school, cause,
    20:49:17:13 organization. 20:49:18:17>>Robert Thornton started
    20:49:20:09 paper clouds apparel after a 20:49:21:16 visit to his parents’ house.
    20:49:23:25 Robert noticed a drawing on the 20:49:26:15 refrigerator.
    20:49:27:15 His mom is a school bus driver 20:49:29:02 for children with special
    20:49:30:03 needs. 20:49:30:12 The drawing was made by a
    20:49:31:14 little girl on the bus. 20:49:32:21>>I spent the entire night
    20:49:37:19 mesmerized by this drawing. 20:49:38:28 It was different, but different
    20:49:40:04 in a cool way. 20:49:40:29 I spent the entire night
    20:49:42:23 staring at it. 20:49:44:10 The next morning I woke up, I
    20:49:46:10 thought, man, that would look 20:49:47:29 cool on a T-shirt.
    20:49:49:15>>Before long, he had the idea 20:49:50:26 for paper clouds apparel.
    20:49:52:06 He chose to focus on people 20:49:53:13 with special needs because
    20:49:54:14 they’re often overlooked by 20:49:56:06 society.
    20:49:56:21>>You know, for too long, 20:49:58:02 people have treated those with
    20:49:59:17 special needs like they kind 20:50:01:02 of�– they want to put them
    in 20:50:02:13 the corner, don’t have to deal
    20:50:03:24 with them, I want to be like 20:50:05:09 no, I want to put you on a
    20:50:08:00 pedestal and show you that you 20:50:09:07 are talented, that you can
    20:50:11:08 contribute to society. 20:50:12:20 You have skills and you need to
    20:50:15:03 be appreciated. 20:50:15:21>>Paper clouds apparel has
    20:50:17:05 raised money for dozens of 20:50:18:19 organizations across the
    20:50:19:13 country. 20:50:19:23 Not only does Robert showcase
    20:50:22:28 drawings made by kids with 20:50:24:09 special needs, he employs
    20:50:26:10 adults with special needs in 20:50:27:06 the packaging department.
    20:50:28:16>>80 to 93% of adults with 20:50:31:06 special needs aren’t employed.
    20:50:33:28 That’s ridiculous. 20:50:34:28 If more businesses focused on
    20:50:36:20 helping people instead of just 20:50:37:23 the bottom line, bottom line,
    20:50:39:18 bottom line, like this world 20:50:40:21 would be a much better place.
    20:50:42:14>>Robert is determined to make 20:50:43:15 the world a better place one
    20:50:45:09 T-shirt at a time. 20:50:47:04>>I just feel that I’m doing
    20:50:48:19 what I was brought here to do. 20:50:50:21 You can change the world.
    20:50:51:27 You know, you just have to 20:50:53:08 believe in it.
    20:50:53:22 It is not going to be easy, you 20:50:55:10 know, but if you�– if you’re
    20:50:56:29 doing the right thing and you 20:50:58:17 work hard at it, you can do
    20:51:00:19 whatever you want to do. 20:51:03:17>>Paper clouds apparel is
    20:51:04:19 always looking for new designs. 20:51:06:07 If you know someone who would
    20:51:07:29 like to contribute a design, 20:51:09:22 visit their web site,
    20:51:10:27 20:51:14:00>>>Thursday on “Arizona
    20:51:15:03 Horizon,” self-driving car 20:51:16:24 developed by students at the U
    20:51:18:25 of A and around the country. 20:51:20:15 How new online privacy rules in
    20:51:22:03 the European Union could affect 20:51:24:00 you.
    20:51:24:25 That’s Thursday evening at 5:30 20:51:27:03 right here on “Arizona
    20:51:28:27 Horizon.” 20:51:29:12 That is it for now.
    20:51:30:27 I’m Ted Simons. 20:51:31:22 Thank you so much for joining
    20:51:32:25 us. 20:51:33:11 You have a great evening.
    20:51:52:00>>>”Arizona Horizon” is made 20:51:53:12 possible by contributions from
    20:51:54:28 the friends of eight, members 20:51:57:23 of your Arizona PBS station.
    20:51:59:09 Thank you. 20:52:00:24>>>Virginia G. Piper
    20:52:03:04 charitable trust, committed to 20:52:04:29 changing lives and
    20:52:07:02 strengthening community through 20:52:08:14 investments in nonprofits and
    20:52:10:19 strategic initiatives. 20:52:11:29 More information at
    20:52:13:02 20:52:18:01>>>Welcome, I’m Jason Myers,
    20:52:22:07 along with Deborah�– there 20:52:25:11 really isn’t a program like
    20:52:27:03 “Arizona Horizon” anywhere on 20:52:28:01 the Arizona media scene.
    20:52:29:05>>There is not. 20:52:30:03 For you to be able to see the
    20:52:31:10 in-depth interviews, like this, 20:52:33:17 like the ones that Ted Simons
    20:52:36:07 delivers to you every time on 20:52:37:19 “Arizona Horizon,” that is not
    20:52:38:19 something that you are going to 20:52:39:18 get on any other program.
    20:52:41:04>>It’s true. 20:52:41:18 What I love about “Arizona
    20:52:42:28 Horizon” is the people that Ted 20:52:44:25 has on.
    20:52:45:12 He has really got his finger on 20:52:47:16 the pulse of Arizona politics
    20:52:49:29 and issues, from the governor, 20:52:51:18 to the sheriff, to all of the
    20:52:53:06 local figures here in Arizona. 20:52:54:21 Even some of the figures that
    20:52:55:28 aren’t as well known. 20:52:57:04>>That’s right.
    20:52:57:17 During the challenging times 20:52:58:27 like we face now, a show like
    20:53:00:27 horizon tackles the issues that 20:53:03:02 are important to all of us.
    20:53:04:17 Call one of the numbers on the 20:53:06:01 screen right now to show your
    20:53:07:17 support. 20:53:08:10 Because tonight we have a new
    20:53:10:04 and exciting way for you to 20:53:11:17 support the station.
    20:53:12:19 Right now, we want to encourage 20:53:14:15 you to become a sustaining
    20:53:16:11 monthly donor to eight. 20:53:18:04 Becoming a sustaining monthly
    20:53:19:19 donor is simple. 20:53:21:03 Just try it right now.
    20:53:22:22>>That’s right. 20:53:23:11 A sustaining monthly donation
    20:53:25:10 is one that once you set it up, 20:53:27:01 you determine the amount of
    20:53:28:00 your monthly donation. 20:53:29:14 Let’s just say it’s $5 per
    20:53:31:07 month and it is deducted every 20:53:33:06 month from your credit or debit
    20:53:35:21 card or checking account. 20:57:38:19 things up and take you to
    20:57:40:05 another great program here on

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