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    Perfect Cornering Posture for the Street and Track Riding | Motorcycle Riding Techniques
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    Perfect Cornering Posture for the Street and Track Riding | Motorcycle Riding Techniques

    January 5, 2020

    How we sit on a motorcycle can make
    dramatic changes to how the bike behaves. So stick around, because we’re going to
    be talking about how to have great cornering posture for the street and the
    track. Hi I’m Dave with Canyon Chasers dot net. Today, we’re going to be talking
    about one of my favorite subjects; posture. How we sit on a motorcycle can
    really enhance how we interact with that motorcycle, and don’t worry the
    fundamentals of what we’re going to be talking about today work no matter what
    kind of bike you’re on. From a cruiser, to a tour bike, to a scooter. But first a key
    point. The more a motorcycle leans, the more traction is being used for
    cornering. So one of the great things we can do with our bodies, is use our weight
    to reduce how much that bike is leaning, thereby reducing risk. Why do racers hang
    so far off the bike? Well, the reason you hear most often is so that they can
    reduce lean angle and go faster. But there is another reason that is rarely
    brought up. One of the key reasons why professional riders sit on the
    motorcycle the way they do, is not only to reduce lean angle, but to also enhance
    how well they can see through a corner. And we would argue that, for us mere
    mortalsm enhancing our visibility through a corner is more important than reducing
    lean angle. For the street, or for the track. For a cruiser or a super bike, the
    fundamentals are effectively the same. But on the street, we travel at lower
    speeds, and since we don’t necessarily want to draw undue attention to
    ourselves on a Sunday street ride, street posture is less extreme. But since most
    of us start riding on the street before we go to the track, we’re gonna’ cover
    street posture first. Because correct street posture will translate directly
    to correct track posture. so how do we make this happen?
    Well, you’ve most likely heard, or you had your buddy tell you, that you need to get
    your butt out of the seat. And that’s true… to a point. The problem with this
    advice is that it focuses our attention on the wrong part of the body, and if
    it’s done incorrectly, it can actually compromise how well we can see through the corner. Let me explain. If one of the key things
    we’re trying to do with posture is to enhance our ability to see through a
    corner, then we want to think with our chest and shoulders. Slightly rotating our shoulders, or pointing our zipper
    through the corner, can really enhance our ability to see where we’re going. Now
    if we go back to the butt and we just slide our butt off the seat, like a lot
    of riders tend to do, it actually takes our shoulders and points them away from
    where we’re trying to go. It actually makes it harder for us to look through
    the turn. And then finally, our bum is actually really close to center mass on
    the motorcycle. Where we put our bum actually has very little impact on
    reducing lean angle of the motorcycle, compared to where we put our head and
    our shoulders. The average human head weighs about five kilos. The average
    motorcycle helmet weighs just under two kilos. So, let’s use a four kilo bowling
    ball as an illustration, with the basic understanding, that your head and helmet
    weighs just a bit less than double what our bowling ball weighs. Everyone meet
    William. -Look at the size of that boy’s heed – When we hold William close to our
    center mass, he doesn’t have much of an effect. he’s pretty easy to manage. – I’m not kidding that’s like an orange on a toothpick – But if we hold William out
    and away the farther away he gets from center of mass the harder he is to
    manage and the bigger impact he actually has. – You’re give the boy a complex.
    – Well that’s a huge noggin. – How that relates to our posture is that while yes, where we put our bum on
    the motorcycle does make a difference, where we put our head and chest and
    shoulders makes a far bigger difference relative to the rest of the motorcycle. – William! Move your head! – When we see riders that are focused on where their butt is, they’ll slide
    their butt out of the seat, but in order to stay connected to the bike, they’ll
    tend to hold onto the handlebars tighter. Which causes their head and chest to
    stay on top of the bike. Twisted away from the direction of travel. Most will
    even start counter weighting the bike, which causes the bike to actually lean
    more. That’s a lot of work for a negative impact. We want to reduce lean angle, as
    well as enhance our ability to see through the corner. So if we focus on
    where we place our head and chest, less effort will result in more gains. – Head! Move! – For Street riding it’s unnecessary to
    hang way off the bike, but little adjustments can make a big difference.
    So, when you’re riding along, start by sliding back in the seat, to leave a
    little bit of room between your pelvis and the gas tank. Slide your inside foot
    back, so that the ball of your foot is on the foot peg, or imagine you’re holding
    onto the foot peg with your toes. Slide your outside foot forward, until the heel
    of your boot catches on the peg. This helps rotate our hips towards, or
    into the turn. It also connects our outside leg to the bike, making it easier
    to hang on with our legs. Also, our inside foot is less likely to drag, and we can
    put more weight on that inside foot peg to help the bike turn. Now,
    simply put all of your weight on your inside sit bone. The easiest way to get
    all of our weight on that inside sit bone is to lean our head and chest to
    the inside of the bike. Plus, if we’ve allowed our hips to rotate, it makes it
    much easier to point the zipper through the corner enhancing our visibility through
    the turn. How much you move your upper body depends on how much you want to
    reduce lean angle, and how much you want to enhance your visibility. A lot of this
    depends on your speed, and the radius of the corner. The quicker you’re going, the
    more you should be moving your body. So, if you need to move more, drop your
    inside shoulder. Straighten your outside arm. Open your chest to the corner, and
    lean towards where you want to go. Remember to keep your head and eyes up.
    You are going to be leaning so you’ll need to look up even more to keep your
    eyes up and out. Because we are focused on our head and chest, even a little bit
    of movement can make a big improvement, to not only reduce lean angle, but also
    enhance our ability to see through the corner. You can get a sense if you’re
    doing this correctly if you start to see chicken strips on your tire again. But
    don’t think of these as chicken strips so much as your “margin for error” because,
    remember, the objective here is to reduce the bikes lean angle. It’s the exact same
    technique as the street, only we need to do more of it. Because we’re going really
    fast, we need to really get off the bik,e to really reduce lean angle. Again, slide
    back in the seat to make room, but you may need to slide back more than you do
    on the street. Slide your inside foot back; toes on the peg.
    And your outside foot goes forward. You’ll notice that your knee really gets
    locked into those scallops on the tank, really enhancing your security on the
    bike. There’s a lot of ways to think about what needs to happen next. We’re
    gonna mention the ones that we’ve found seemed to help riders the most. Make that
    upper or outer arm a straight line. Drape your upper outer arm across the tank.
    Make a straight line through the lower clip-on to your elbow. Point your inside
    elbow at the ground. Put your chin above your wrist. Kiss your inside mirror (or
    where it would be). Put your upper ribs on the lower side of the gas tank. Find one
    of these that works for you, one that helps you find a physical reference that
    you can return to and be consistent. Now, you’re likely going to notice that in
    order to do this, your bum has to be moving around on the seat. If you’re
    doing it correctly, you’re gonna find one cheek out of the seat and one cheek
    still in the seat. We still want to avoid taking our entire butt out of the seat
    because that disconnects us from the motorcycle, and we still want to maintain
    that connection. Particularly if we encounter a bump mid corner. You’ll also
    notice that your inside leg, your knee, has come out and away from the bike to
    help support the weight of your upper body, and is now in the correct position
    to potentially drag your knee. But what about your hands? Instead of holding on
    to the inside grip like this. Hold on to it like this; the way you would turn a
    doorknob. All you have to do is rotate your wrist. Less effort and more
    precision. Plus, with all that weight on your inside leg, and your outside leg
    locked into the tank, it should be a lot easier to be light on your hands. Try to
    let go with your hands and maintain the same position. This helps us stay light
    on the controls. Still holding on too tight? think about engaging your core or
    pressing down on the foot pegs with your feet. If you do it right you should
    notice the weight on your arms and hands just melting away.
    In either case for the street or the track we want to keep our spine straight.
    Not twisted or curved. If you’re struggling keeping your spine straight,
    you probably just need to slide back in the seat a little further, to make more
    room. If you’re doing everything right, when you get those track day photographs,
    you’re gonna feel just like Valentino Rossi, or Andrea Dovizioso, or Jorge
    Lorenzo… Look at that outside foot. Their spine is straight, leading with their
    head. Small changes can make a big difference. Good posture will help you stay light on the controls, help you see better through
    a corner, help the motorcycle change direction, and help reduce lean angle. All
    of which works to reduce risk. For me, personally, I really enjoy working on
    posture, and it’s something I find myself playing with almost every time I ride my
    motorcycle. We’ve added a link in the description to some great resources,
    including “Sport Riding Techniques.” This wonderful resource covers these tips and
    many others in great detail. We’ve also provided links to some credible riding
    schools where you can work on these skills with a qualified riding coach. If
    you have anything you’d like to add, or you have any questions, be sure to leave
    a comment below. We read every comment and try to respond to as many as we can.
    Be sure to click like and subscribe and click on that little bell if you’d like
    to be notified whenever we upload a new video. Be sure to check out CanyonChasers
    dot net or our YouTube channel for more great content. Thanks so much for
    watching and ride well. – Head! Move!

    We Say Goodbye To Cali Track Days
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    We Say Goodbye To Cali Track Days

    November 21, 2019

    hey everyone I’m bill and I’m bogna and
    we’re with Cali Moto TV and we’re also with Cali trot days and today we’re at
    our season finale for Cali trackdays and well we’re here by ourselves today and
    so we wanted to give you guys a little update of what’s going on with Cali
    track days and and why today ended up kind of getting canceled and and in
    plans and a little bit about the backstory of Cali track days like that
    so you know let’s start with the backstory because I think that’s it’s
    it’s kind of a fun story this is a fun story so ma’am bargain I actually met
    here at the track and I was running organization for
    multiple years as far as you know doing the marketing and well operations
    everything and I mean bargain we just got to a point where we we decided we’re
    gonna leave that organization and we traveled around and you know whole bunch
    whole bunch I mean we wrote every single track actually Auto Speedway is the only
    one we haven’t been to but every track in California we’ve been to yeah yeah so
    we don’t the whole idea when Cali trackdays came about we were actually
    coming back from a track day and you know as as kind of marketing people we
    always every time you go into business we figure out what we can do better for
    the business and what’s cool about the business we always talk about it and so
    we’re coming back from an organization then and writing the track and we’re
    like God you know what how could we piece together like the ultimate track
    the organs the most efficient one I hope the most efficient but also with the
    cheapest pricing and not necessarily the cheapest pricing the goal wasn’t to out
    price other organizations the goal was to be able to provide a cheap street
    riding environment track-day organization and so from the get-go that
    was the whole idea is that we wanted to be people off the street and somehow get
    them hooked get their first hit forum you know in her bucks 500 bucks get him
    into tracking so he did them off and yeah and I did I did the math and I
    thought you know the number ended up coming out to be about a hundred dollars
    and we can limit our art groups to 135 total people 45 per group which was less
    than other organizations and still get the track paid for it was never an
    intention for me or vogner or yeah all right it’s on our website it’s a passion
    project right so we so Cali try things came out of bargains mouth on the trip
    home and we went we got home and went straight to work and in a few weeks we
    we had secured a couple days here at Thunderhill and we launched the website
    and we sold out these two days in like two or three weeks like almost
    immediately and I think that you know when we when we sold out these original
    days I think you know a lot of people they didn’t know what to expect so of
    course we don’t do anything half-ass no and so you know we ordered canapes we
    had we had a beautiful shown if you’ve written with cally trackdays you know
    the show that we put on it’s very very nice so a lot of people were very yep
    not a lot of people thought that a lot of people when they got here they
    thought $100 what do they expect right so so we we had a few bumps on our first
    ones but you know ending with three crashes per day three crashes in a track
    day is almost unheard of you know at the other relations if we had ten crashes in
    a day it was it was an amazing day and so so we we cleared out a 2018 and and
    ended it with four events and we booked any event ten total events today is our
    tenth event by the way and we booked out ten events and and we had we had a good
    start now so how come today is just us so today today even though you know it’s
    it’s it’s it’s rough to kind of explain how today kind of came about back last year at the end of last year
    there was a lot of people that didn’t like how we ran the organization didn’t
    like how we want it to have it safe they didn’t like that there’s rules and
    they’re enforced yep and they really like is really it was really I mean we
    even have like some of the guys some guys commented on some of our window of
    the videos how there’s people popping off to bill in the videos when he like
    schools I’m like you can’t do XY and Z and we actually had a lot of that and I
    think what people don’t understand is we have 135 customers out here and we want
    them set just you it really came to the point where we I think we’re kind of
    dreading that one person to ruin the thing and it just you know it’s a
    passion project there’s no money in it for us and then having like all that
    drama it’s like what is lose I would rather come out of here and do me so the
    back drama and not to get into it too much but you know a lot of people had
    had a lot of opinions about the organization and about pricing and
    they’ve never even been to us a lot of people had a lot of negative things to
    say about Bill Shaffer and and it was it was funny but yet you know disheartening
    to me to see some of these people that I had I had no idea who have these people
    even are and the things that they had to say bad about me and so a lot of people
    that know me can say look I’m cutthroat and and and and I’m I’ll say no to
    people and I’ll just be straight blunt to you I’m not gonna beat around the
    bush and I’m not gonna sugarcoat things and it’s because you know like we’re
    doing 160 miles an hour they know is now and this is this this became you know
    this is again this is a passion project for me this isn’t making my money and
    for me to put my neck on the line to put my name on the door to to risk potential
    issues with liability this is a very very highly liable business and any
    attracting organization every trafficking organization should really
    step back and and remember that that we’re all about
    liability because there talk to organizations that have had that have
    left the industry in the recent years because of liability issues – so for
    names there’s a lot of stuff that you guys don’t know that goes on but but at
    the end of the day it that affected us to the point where we are where we are
    today and we love this year we we had a good year we started to kind of grain
    gained the traction on the street by people who they like we have there’s so
    many people that like I recognized you know like I do registration so I
    recognize a lot of the names and like I see those same people coming up and they
    they have fun and they love what we do and you guys that supported us thank you
    so much right it’s a just like the last event there was a girl that was helping
    and it’s it’s the best thing to be out there and helping you guys and I love
    doing this part and I love you know I love I love seeing people get better
    it’s like it’s the coolest thing when you see that Seger’s go out in the
    morning and they’re just like 35 ducklings that don’t know 40 ducklings
    that have no idea what they’re doing and then at the end of the end of the day
    there’s nothing better to see that and that’s and that’s why we that’s why we
    love it but we can’t pay for the tracker just ducklings but that’s exactly that’s
    exactly where we we came to and they’ll in the end of this year we we nailed it
    we nailed it I can say that not that I didn’t want racers at my organization
    because we had some racers at the but they’re like but the but the the number
    plates diminished through the years and through the year and it was and it was
    just you ducklings it was just you Street guys and that’s what we loved
    because we that’s what we were all about the problem with the motorcycle industry
    is that we’re kind of in a dying dying market right now where are you ducklings
    and we couldn’t get enough ducklings to pay for the track and priced at a
    hundred dollars we had to be able to pay for the truck and
    that was the whole goal that was the whole thing and so today today we had to
    cancel today because I had already taken such a financial hit with the business
    that I couldn’t risk taking a larger hit especially was the like gloomy right I
    mean the weather is great now today would have been crapshoot today would
    invent an amazing day and for you dedicated writers and for you people
    that wanted to come out so I’m sorry I really really I love it and I love you
    guys but we had the opportunity with Underhill to move today to kind of a
    private test day and so me and Bogner some R&R so she got a little R&R and it
    basically you know somewhat of a dream come true
    I never imagined in my life that I would have a whole track to myself basically
    for the day so and in real quick my instructors I’ve got to give you guys
    biggest love the biggest love that I have for all of my instructors and I
    really really thank you guys so very much from the body of my heart because
    all of my instructors have become my friends and they become my family and a
    lot of people don’t understand or don’t know that these instructors they’re out
    here for free they’re for free right they volunteer their time and you’re
    coming from the other organization to this organization and the people that we
    had at this organization the smile that it had on my face to see people riding
    all day long with their vest on working with people all day long and like every
    time sometimes it was hard to get off track because the instructors were just
    like block the way with ducklings and coaching people and talking all day all
    day and like whenever I pulled off track I would see someone talking to someone
    with a track map going through the track it was it was it was amazing and you
    guys it’s huge so thank you guys thank you instructors all of my instructors a
    huge special shout out not that anyone deserves a bigger shout out
    or any particular person from the organization but my Cabot thank you my
    cabbage so much for everything you did first is here because you really stepped
    into the operation of where some of the problems were with me and you help me
    with that so Abbott thank you so what’s so you know like we really noticed that
    there’s not a lot of ducklings and people don’t really write as much and we
    really want to get back to the streets right yeah we really you know like life
    has been pretty busy for us and it’s been really hard to balance all the life
    stuff that comes with to Kylie track days that we didn’t really expect to run
    into just because how people are and we really wanted and we didn’t when we
    started college practice we also didn’t have kamamoto TV yet so I was just gonna
    say so wait you know so Cali moto TV came in to in distorts with really us
    for Cali trackdays it was really that it was supposed to push College they were
    supposed to push Cali attract these and and we thought you know hey let’s do
    certain things let’s do you know let’s let’s do bike reviews and let’s let’s
    capture multiple audiences because we love the streets we love street bikes we
    loved you know we loved the track we love there’s so much that we love and
    there’s so much in our lifes that I wanted to share with you guys so Cali
    moto TV took started like a California wildfire because it was um it was not
    very if you guys are early Watchers you guys know that it didn’t start out this
    way and where we are today and what we do today we love it and we’re gonna
    continue with Cali moto TV because we love it and I think us not having Cali
    trackdays frees up that time to be able to continue to bring you guys this
    amazing content in this this amazing life is awesome and like there are not
    those killing machines and yeah you know like and we want
    we kind of want to get more into adventure writing I kind of want to
    explore you know like what college practice we’ve been so busy that we
    didn’t get to travel too much and I don’t want to do all that so we’re gonna
    get ahead back out on the street and we hope that some of the street guys that
    have come from Cali trackdays that you guys will come out and hopefully we’ll
    be able to ojos them maybe some street rides but at the end of the day today
    November 4th we say goodbye to Cali to our peace
    yeah and but we grew a huge family and thank you guys thank you so thank you hi mom I don’t know what else to say so
    the end of the day we just bought an adventure bike so we always do crazy
    things so you never know with us but I I think I’m excited I’m excited for 2020
    I’m excited what’s gonna be and you know I you know thank you for all the guys
    that supported us and I hope we can do some stuff still and see you guys you
    know me to SoCal people I see some of the SoCal people in that so amazing so
    we’re in SoCal but um look thank you guys again if you guys are new to the
    channel you know hopefully yes browse to browse through some of the past videos
    and and hopefully we’re gonna be able to hook you guys on certain things we’ve
    got a huge following on our NIT I think the adventure bike we’re gonna
    get a good following on the reviews we get good following on the track people
    and just everybody so thank you guys so much for staying tuned and if you guys
    made it to this part of the video please give us a like comment down below tell
    us share us a story listen comment down below with the story
    of your experience with Cali trackdays and how amazing it was and and thank you
    guys so make sure you smash that like button
    and hit that subscribe button but we got an empty truck that we need to get back
    out we got some tires not tik-tok ins so thank you guys until next video we’ll
    see you then bye bye


    Transform your bicycle into a motorcycle!

    November 10, 2019

    There once was a little
    boy with a big idea. He attached a card
    to his bike to make it sound like a motorbike. The idea spanned generations
    ’til it eventually sparked an even better idea. [BELL DING] Introducing the re-imagining
    of a classic, TurboSpoke. A far cry from the pitter
    patter of playing cards and clothespins, TurboSpoke
    transforms any bike to look and sound
    like a motorbike. Running entirely on pedal power,
    it doesn’t need batteries. And the faster you
    go, to louder it gets. TurboSpoke fits on 95%
    of bikes and installs in under five minutes. Just snap the clamp
    onto the bike’s frame and tighten the two bolts
    with the included hex key. Slip the exhaust pipe and one of
    the three unique sounding motor cards into the clamp,
    then secure them with the yellow
    tab, and you’re off. The ultra durable
    waterproof cards range from the sounds
    of an off-road dirt bike with the blue, to the deep
    growling snarl of a muscle bike with the red, and the yellow
    sitting somewhere nicely in between. The exhaust pipe takes the
    vibrations of the motor cards and projects the thunderous
    roar like a horn. Though it looks like metal,
    it’s actually flexible plastic, making it lightweight
    and very tough. You can customize
    your TurboSpoke with the 15 included stickers. So if you’re not exactly
    impressing anyone with your so-called
    tricks, at least your bike will look and sound
    good while you try. So save the cards
    and clothespins and transform your
    bike with TurboSpoke. Buy it now at [SINGING] [DIRT BIKE SOUND]

    Tramway Museum and Garden Island
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    Tramway Museum and Garden Island

    September 11, 2019

    It was a short ride today, because we’re still jet lagged We rode to the Tramway Museum and to Garden Island, to see dolphis A totally urban ride Now I’m leaving the car port As you can see, it’s a narrow passage “Tight as a young sheila”, as they say in Southern Brazil I had already moved Patricia’s bike Now it’s time for mine And off we go We’re recording the departure for the 1st time This is our “car port lane” From there we go to the other suburb streets Nearly all brand new until we leave it There’s already a lot of cars parked on the streets And nearly all houses are finished We are about to enter Hampstead Rd, one of the main roads in Adelaide An athlete has just passed us Later we’ll see him fiercely pushing his bike along with the traffic Almost all roads have a bycicle lane This makes it easier for one to ride push bikes here Now we’re entering Pt Wakefield Rd At the corner, a place for kart racing and laser skirmishes Soon after this, a lot of cars will appear This is a fruits and veggs market, open every Sunday A of people come to buy stuff here We’re now approaching our 1st target, the Tramway Museum That is, the road leading to it, St Kilda Rd; we are about to enter it then we’ll stay there for a while We’re approaching the Tramway Museum entrance. The entrance has a little gravel Ride on gravel… Patricia doesn’t like it But she was ok, no problems at all… She’s getting used to it Now we park the bikes to enjoy the historical trams This is the tram ride; it goes from the Museum to a park An adventure playgroung… It goes there and back over the same track It’s nice! One has unlimited rides on these old trams when one enters the Museum It’s a pleasant ride, good for relaxation We’re now approaching Garden Island, our 2nd destination I knew they offered kayak tours to see dolphins and sea lions What I didn’t know is that the dolphins were so close to the shore We saw a lot of them, as you’ll see in the following “mini movies” Awesome… They seem to be doing this on purpose… Awesome! Look at this! There must be 2 or 3 There are lots of them Look at this! So close! I’m just rolling the tape to see what happens Look! One’s just jumped There are at least 2 or 3 of them I’ve caught many of them That little girls is going crazy… I wish they came close to me… But I don’t think they’ll do ‘looks as if they are coming here…

    Qu’est-ce que je vois? : Le tramway
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    Qu’est-ce que je vois? : Le tramway

    September 7, 2019

    (musique joyeuse) ♪ Qu’est-ce que je vois ou je ne vois pas Peux-tu deviner c’est quoi ♪ (bruit mécanique) – Est-ce que tu vois ce que je vois? (cloche) Oui! C’est un tramway! Bravo! Sous-titrage: CNST, Montréal