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    Economic Development with METRO
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    Economic Development with METRO

    November 12, 2019

    Hi, I’m Monica Russo, and as a media
    specialist with Houston METRO, talking transit is what I do.But I’m also a
    rider, taking the Red Line into work almost every day today. I’m here in Midtown
    Houston, where there’s been a recent construction boom. It’s not just
    buildings– Parks and other green spaces have
    sprouted up and trains might signal some of the reasons why.>The Metro light rail offered us an opportunity to provide a lifestyle offering that is not vehicle-centric.>Sounds of the city, the rhythm of life, people on the move with Metro. But
    out the window, can you see what’s happening? New stores, restaurants,
    hangouts and homes going up all along the rail lines –Red, Green, Purple — property values now totaling more than 76 billion dollars within a one-mile radius. Developers are delivering more options with mobility in mind in north east
    south east to Midtown downtown the visible signs of changing times are
    everywhere. The Downtown Management District says the population of the city
    center has doubled in just five years. 65,000 people live less than two miles
    from downtown and young professionals aren’t the only ones drawn to the heart
    of Houston. Families, empty nesters, and reverse-commuters are all moving in. The
    whole Houston region could be home to 10 million people in the next 20 years
    making transit matter more than ever.


    Tomorrow’s Sydney

    November 10, 2019

    Sydney, home to over 4 million people who enjoy a great lifestyle and Australia’s fastest growing economy. There are more Sydneysiders than ever, more business people, more home owners and more families. Within 10 years another million people will call Sydney home. We’re racing ahead but our infrastructure has been left behind. So we’re building a Sydney that’s better for all. With new roads linking the M1 and M2 and the M4 and M5. A new metro train system…new light rail in Sydney’s West, the CBD and South East. It won’t be easy and there will be disruptions but we’re building Tomorrow’s Sydney. Get the big picture, visit

    What’s Next with METRONext?
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    What’s Next with METRONext?

    November 8, 2019

    Our story starts here, where the rubber
    meets the road. Where METRO invests 3.2 billion for roads, bike lanes, sidewalks,
    and more throughout the Houston region. METRO is your award-winning
    transportation company for outstanding service and spending taxpayer money wisely. We’re providing innovative solutions to improve daily travel and to keep our region moving. Learn more at METRONext org.

    Link is Expanding from downtown to Tacoma Hilltop
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    Link is Expanding from downtown to Tacoma Hilltop

    November 4, 2019

    Good news, Tacoma! Link is expanding from
    downtown Tacoma to Hilltop. Including two new stations
    in the Stadium District. And four new stations along
    Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Our new service will serve more people and connect you to more great places
    in Tacoma. So get involved! Stay in the know as Link heads to
    Stadium and Hilltop.

    Go bus. Go train. Go ferry. Go Metro
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    Go bus. Go train. Go ferry. Go Metro

    November 4, 2019

    We’re now connecting more of Auckland than ever… With more frequent services. Better links between bus, train and ferry time tables… More night buses… More convenience… More savings… More destinations… adventures… and unforgettable memories… In fact, more Aucklanders are discovering more reasons why the new AT Metro Network’s the way to go So what are you waiting for? Go Metro.

    Health benefits of light rail
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    Health benefits of light rail

    October 23, 2019

    When you’re taking a metro, you’re walking
    to and from so you’re interacting more with the environment around you, with other people,
    and so on. You’re getting more exercise so I think a really big social benefit is the fact
    that you, by necessity, are getting out and walking a bit more. I’ve seen some statistics,
    If you look at European cities that have good urban transit systems, rail, bus, ferry, wherever
    it is, they walk on average ten times more than people who are in motor car cities, say
    in the U.S. and Australia. Their obesity problems are much less. In fact, you can actually
    track it all the way back to fewer health problems, less demand on the health system.
    That’s another point I wanted to make, is that by having a good transit system, it helps
    to make a city more compact. It reduces health problems, takes pressure off the surrounding
    natural areas, because there’s less pressure to put suburbs out much further and more attractiveness
    of living near the transit corridors and living near the transit nodes. So there are a lot of
    indirect benefits, and I think we probably need to do a better job of quantifying those
    economically, because they also have economic benefits.

    New Look for Light Rail Link
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    New Look for Light Rail Link

    October 14, 2019

    (gentle upbeat music) – We’re here, take a ride
    on the light rail train. Really excited to get on
    one of these new vehicles. I’m here with Vern
    Hartsock, our Chief Engineer at M.MTA, who’s been part
    of the lead in this project. And Vern, tell us a bit about the vehicle. – These vehicles are essentially
    almost a brand new vehicle, about 85% of all of the train is removed and replaced with state
    of the art, new technology that’s energy efficient. It’s more comfortable,
    smoother performance, more environmentally friendly. (gentle upbeat music) – Ride’s going really smooth. We’re on our way to
    Penn Station right now. Real smooth ride, real
    clean, pretty quiet today, and excited to get there. – It’s nice, everything
    that’s on here is so new, and much more exciting, and much more succinct. – [Vern] It’s just an overall improvement to the light rail system, it’s fantastic.

    I’m Checking In But It’s A Piano Dub
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    I’m Checking In But It’s A Piano Dub

    October 13, 2019

    How do you find the defendant? # He’s guilty of mayhem, exposure indecent # Freaked-out behaviour, both chronic and recent # Drinking and driving, narcotics posession # And that’s just page one of his ten-page confession # I should put you away where you can’t kill or maim us # But this is LA, and you’re rich and famous! # I’m checkin’ in! # He’s checkin’ in! # I’m checkin’ in! # Checkin’, checkin’ in # No more pills or alcohol # No more pot or demerol # No more stinkin’ fun at all! # I’m checkin’ in # He’s checkin’ in! # He’s checkin’ in! # No more looking pale and thin # No more bugs beneath your skin # Hey, that’s just my aspirin! # Chuck it out # You’re checkin’ in! #