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    Review Attractiepark Slagharen [ENGLISH VERSION]
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    Review Attractiepark Slagharen [ENGLISH VERSION]

    October 11, 2019

    Hello everybody! Welcome to Slagharen, the funfair cemetery of The Netherlands. Let’s see what we can find here. Themepark Slagharen was founded in the year 1963. A man called Henk Bemboom built a few houses accompanied by a pony ride through the park. Pony rides were very unique in that time, which resulted in a success for this park. The first name of this park was Pony Park Slagharen. The founder added extra houses and built a playground for day people. Only since 2008, the park changed it’s name to Themepark Slagharen. The current owner nowadays is Parques Reunidos which became owner in 2011. This Spanish company also owns Movie Park Germany and Bobbejaanland. The first attractions of this park were the Enterprise in 1977, the Ski lift in 1976, funhouse mirrors, the swimmingpool, Apollo and the water organ. Slagharen is actually a funfair cemetery. However, the last few years Slagharen spend much more money in theming. It used to be in a funfair style, but nowadays they have added lots of decoration in the Wild Western style, which is the main style at the moment. The park also acquired a few parades, for example a lights parade and a parade hosted by a national television station. All in all a worthy themepark! This is the playground of today! The Minetrain replaced the old Beetle rollercoaster which was shaped in an eight. The Minetrain is a Vekoma Junior Coaster in a Western theme. The track is 13 meters high, 335 meters long and reaches a top speed of 46 km/h. I’d say it’s closed now, don’t you? A Minetrain coaster with a bell in the front train which drives you nuts. But here we go! This is the location of the old Beetle coaster which got replaced. And the brakes. That’s it! The Ripsaw waterfall was opened in 1992. It used to be very bland, but they added more decoration later resulting in a more Western themed Logflume I usually visit the park on calmer days, but it’s way too crowded now! You can really see the effect of the crisis here. There used to be 1 and 2 Euro coins in here, but now you can only find cents. The whole attraction is powered by one big pump. The water starts here, going all the way to the station. Passing through the small waterfall and ending below the big lifthill. You can buy your onride photo here. Funny thing here is that the water flows below the photostall. So here we go, the Logflume! With two boys that love eachother tenderly… Sailing, sailing, over the sea! I normally don’t feel like getting wet, but with this nice weather I think otherwise! Nice! That’s awesome. The lifthill is very noisy, but Slagharen doesn’t have any noise restrictions so they can do what they want. There’s no water at this curve, only wheels on the track. Unlike Mack Rides, who does add water here. Here we go for the big drop! 3..2..1..Go! Water! Yay, that’s nice! Could’ve been more wet for me, due to the warm weather. Too bad that there aren’t any extra effects here, it’s a pity. There are in fact some extra effects, but they are turned off. The Enterprise is an attraction that was ready to be destroyed for a long time, but fans became angry and thus it’s still here. Which is a good thing because it’s here since 1977 and they have no idea how special this one is. There are countless HUSS Enterprises, but this one from Schwarzkopf is unique. What’s so special about this model is that you must sit instead of laying down. Also the roofs of the gondolas can be moved in order to get in and out. A nice system. Well that’s an awkward round. This is Schwarzkopf quality guys! The best attraction builder in the world! Just to think about that they want to demolish this ride. Are they out of their minds? There used to be a Caterpillar ride here, but they transformed it into a playground for young and old. There used to be the Ocean of Darkness, a Neptune Darkride/Haunted House here, but they replaced it with a Mini-Cars. It’s set up way too big. It’s actually a traffic park. Looks like traffic park Assen. It’s green man, drive! Oh look, the police woman also wants to play. The Babyflug that has been restyled well into a Jules Verne theme. Also this is new, Magic Bikes that were introduced by Plopsaland. Now you can find them in many parks. Not all new rides are done yet, like this new boat ride. What really catches the eye here is that the Traumboot got removed here. Another new ride is the Expedition Nautilus featuring some old parts form the Ocean of Darkness, like this bowl. Same goes for these things, the old gondolas who now protect you from the water. This is the first Mack ride built here, and you’re getting soaked! It’s a kind of Splash Battle, but then as a flatride. A nice ride for warmer days, but I’m going to keep some distance if you don’t mind. The people at the side can defend themselves with their own water pistols. It’s an honest battle. Slagharen is putting more effort in theming obviously, since the personnel is getting dressed now. The Polyp is a Monster II by Schwarzkopf. Schwarzkopf has built many series of Monsters. Everybody knows the Monster III on the funfairs like the German rides Octopussy, Die Krake and Big Monster. Before that, Schwarzkopf released the Monster II. Those were Monsters like this one. Before that type, Schwarzkopf came with the Monster or Monster I. The Monster II is a nice polyp that moves smoothly and gets you spinning in no time as I will demonstrate. Well now we’re moving in the gondola that you can spin very well as long as you go forwards and backwards. Here we go. this is fun! You can keep this up all day like this This is how you change a symple Polyp into an Xtreme ride! This Monster II is much easier to spin than the III because that one is straight. These ones are under an angle which makes it spin faster. Feeling sick? No, not really! I don’t get sick that fast 😉 The Freefall Tower is 40 meters high and is built by Fabbri Group. It can take 12 people up to the top and it let’s you fall down once. It’s a complete freefall and no up-down effect like the Power Tower. It’s ”click” and you’re loose. This Fabbri Tower also travelled on the Dutch funfair like the Mega Drop and Space Fall, but they both left at around 2001-2002 Here we go, the Freefall. Up to 40 meters. Enjoy the view! In a few moments it will pop and we’re loose. First it’s going to build up some excitement… Just kidding here… 3..2..1..Now. No..? Well, it takes a while.. How about now? Still not? Here we go, and we’re already at the ground. That’s the freefall. Well?
    – Fucking nice! The brakes start at 10 meters from the ground already, So you’re actually falling around 20 meters. The other meters are extra space. Now this is a unique thing. There used to be only 2 of these types but not as a swing. These were transportable attractions for the funfair, but I believe that there has never actually been one on it. You had to sit in a capsule in the original version. The capsule lifted you up at one of the poles where you rotated like in a Ferris Wheel. The capsules rotated, just like this swing, around the Apollo. It was comparable with the Heksentanz but with less speed and force. First there was only 1 Apollo in this park, but they added a second one which was converted into a giant swing. In 1979 there were two of these in the park. A few years later, 1 of the two spheres was sold to a themepark in England. I’m not sure if it’s still in use or not. This is one of the very few Schwarzkopf products that didn’t sell too well. Here you can see the Zeppelin with the two Apollo’s. You can see the capsules hanging here. There is a Skilift going over the Main Street with 62 chairs. It’s normally used in the mountains, but this one is here since 1976. The lift is 11.5 meters high. I’d say it’s an odd choice for a ride in a themepark. The gondolas are hanging loose on the cable, so if you’d swing you might just fall off. Watch out! Spitting is prohibited because it leads to agression. They can better say that it will get you expelled from the park! there is no other themepark that has a skilift. Only Plopsa Co has one, but that one is only used to get up the mountain, which was there before the park itself was. It’s surely a unique thing for The Netherlands. It’s a better system than walking. It’s a long walk between the two parksides since there are no attractions in between. Except for the Ferris wheel and the Skytower, but that’s nothing much. We are now entering the far side of the park which is the closest to the town Slagharen, where the park lies nearby. This is where the cable from the lift gets stretched by concrete blocks. Looks like they needed some extra weights, since they added extra stones. These are also gondolas. No idea where they are for.. Maybe something for the artists? “Randy & Rosie live here. Leave a message in their mailbox, and maybe you will get a reaction!” I’ve never actually been here. This mill stands here since 1859, let’s take a look Randy & Rosie live here. How amazing. You can look inside. Looks like they ain’t home We just saw them on the truck in the park The Thunder Loop, former name Looping Star, came from the funfair and was built here in 1979. It’s a beatiful track which is 24 meters high and 592 meters long. The maximum speed is 77 km/h. This track is, compared to the rest, the most nostalgic one. This track used to travel over the German fun fairs. England still has one. It’s a shame that the name changed to Thunder Loop, resulting in a different train than the original one. Let’s go for a ride. Strange is that the junior coasters have full queues, but this one has not. I guess it has something to do with this park attracting families instead of youth. It has an odd lifthill, which starts in the station. And the train hooks onto these things which then gets dragged up to the top. It keeps running like this until the train has reached the drop, which is right now. The safety bars are a speciality, since they only have a “lap-bar”, as it’s called. Even though you’re going through a looping. But apparently it’s enough. Welcome aboard on the Schwarzkopf Looping Star! A funfair classic that was built here years ago. It only has a single looping but such Schwarzkopf has excellent curves, so we’re in for a treat. We’re going upside down! It’s riding marvelous even though it has a mine train. What a classic this is! Schwarzkopf quality! And we’re breaking! Even though they fucked up with the appearance, the ride itself is good. This is the switch. But no second train. They removed that years ago. This coaster has it’s brakes at the sides instead of below the track The Pirate is an original HUSS rocking ship which is located here since 1997. It’s comparable with the boat at Drievliet, which is also a HUSS boat. A water playground. The Tomahawk is a HUSS Troika which is part of this park for a very long time. It used to be in fun fair style, but it changed more and more into the current state over time. It looks a lot like the Condor. It’s exactly the same structure, except for the gondolas, which are different. Well, how bland would you like your Troika? Leave that to Slagharen… There’s absolutely nothing attached! Welcome in the Troika. Lovely machine to ride. It’s nice to have your face in the wind like this. the ridelengths in this park are pretty nice. They are long, but not too long, nor too short like in other parks. Next to the Sky Tower is a Ferris wheel, but here’s one aswell. How they came up with that, no idea… There’s a chapel in the middle of the park. Goddamnit it’s nice here, guys! The Wild West Adventure, which is currently the only darkride in this park. There used to be the Ocean of Darkness, but that was more like a haunted house with an underwater theme. It’s a pretty special darkride because you’re sitting in round boats. It’s built by Mack Rides. The dolls are made by Heimo and the length of the track is unknown, but it’s a fairly long ride. The Wild West Adventure, the only darkride in this park. Here’s the entrance. Here we go! It looks like a Rapids, well, kind of… I’ve got two monkeys on board, like team retard… The story behind this remains completely unclear to me… There’s a bear over here… There’s also a dead body… Well, only bones. Normally there’s waterfall here which turns off at the last moment, but it’s not working at the moment. That’s a decent flame! I’m surprised that this is allowed in The Netherlands! Not that I mind of course… but safety is made very important in this country. Look, it’s a pretty big gasflame coming from it! There’s a nice Rapids effect with two waterfalls that makes you pretty wet. “I beg you” Yes, you’re begging. “I beg you for mercy on my people!” Yeah, yeah, of course. No idea what he exactly means by that. But now we’re running into some Indians. It’s literally a dark ride since it’s pretty dark in here A bison with some Indians. With an ugly chief. And more Indians And at the end a cavilry that shoots all Indians There’s some water coming up, but very minimal, they could have added more. I have the idea that this hasn’t always been a darkride. It’s pretty big. The Goldmine. You can search for gold here with a sieve. That’s the gold. And you have to send in a full basked to win?
    – Yeah, you can get a medal! More parks have this, but I’ve never done this before. The Eagle is a HUSS Condor. It’s actually a Calypso that floats at 20 meters high. Also this attraction comes from the fun fair. It’s unfortunatly not rendable for the fun fair. There are plenty cables and wires on this thing. And we’re going up! Beautiful machines to ride. Let’s enjoy the view. We have safely landed and we can go towards the next attraction! White Water is a slide by Van Egdom with a length of 22 meters, featuring a few waves. It’s a very wet track which you cannot compare with the slides in Drievliet or Toverland. The slides in Toverland are very dry compared to this wet slide in Slagharen. The White Water is very wet. Van Egdom toys, a slide. It’s like you’re ordering Chinese. Everything passes through the hatch. Not only do they have old funfair attractions, but also old funfair games. The Mountain Pool is the swimming pool at Slagharen. With a small slide and a 25 meter pool. When you think of Slagharen, then you think about only 2 things: The Apollo and the Traumboot. (And of course the Looping Star) The Traumboot was first in the park in 1984, but it was moved in 2013 towards the old location of the Zwunka. The ship has been on the same location for about 30 years, but because of the new owners, things change. It always stood at the front of the park, but now it’s at the location of the Zwunka at the other side. Also it’s now called “The Flying Cloud” instead of Traumboot. It’s a Weber ride and not a HUSS. Many people think that it’s copied from HUSS Ranger. This is not true however. Weber was first with the Traumboot and HUSS came later with the Ranger. That is because Weber was taken over by HUSS. That’s why these ships were also built by HUSS. However, HUSS had way more success with the Ranger than Weber with the Traumboot. There it goes, the love boat! Looks like I wasn’t allowed to make an onride video… There used to be a giant sail on the arm, it was really beautiful, but it’s been removed for years. This is how it used to look like. Amazing sails. Germany has had two of these ships. Maier and Kaiser had one which travelled over the German funfairs for a few seasons, but they were then sold to Mexico. These ships still function in those themeparks. “Picture show, from Ponypark to Themepark, the fairytale of Slagharen” Old pictures from the park Looping Star back in the days, when it still looked good. This is how the park used to look like Haunted House, Troika, The Enterprise, completely in funfair style. This used to be the old Zierer track, the double eight. The swimming pool back then, plus a small wheel. What’s special is that the back of the park has nothing, only the mill. But the Sklift already went that way. A small piece of history from Slagharen. They also still have a water organ. It looks perfectly maintained. There are actually people here, unbelievable. The rest of the park isn’t maintained that well, but the water organ looks very neat. I even have the idea that it has been renewed. The Efteling spent a whole lot of money on this, but this is also a way! The Monorail is a Schwarzkopf Monorail just like in Phantasialand and Bobbejaanland. The Monorail has two stations, one at the Skilift station and one at the water organ, where the Skilift also stops. There’s no short coming when it comes up to transportation availability However, nothing stops at the middle of the park. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to build a station there aswell. Here’s the other train. There’s also one in the back. So this is also the maintenance building for the Monorail. Also some spare boats for the slide. Those were a few fairytails or something? The Skytower was the old Zeppelin, that used to travel over the Dutch funfairs. It’s 30 meters high and there used to fly zeppelins around it. The attraction was converted and placed here in 1999 against the Ferris wheel. A picture of the old Zeppelin as it used to travel over the fairs. Right now it’s the Sky Tower This is where they place the Sky Tower, and here’s the Ferris wheel. An odd choice. The park’s setup is quite chaotic. Attraction after attraction with some gardens between them. It’s not that it deserves an A+ The Ferris wheel is also a Schwarzkopf attraction, they have a lot of rides from this maker. The special thing about this wheel is that there aren’t many. It came here in 1979 and it’s been there ever since. The weather was nice for quite a while, but it’s finally raining now. It rains everytime I visit a themepark. I’ve never made a review of a themepark without rain. Gee, the Enterprise looks more like a washing machine in the rain. I’m soaked! Well it’s a shame that this day ended with rain. We’ve had a lot of fun here however. There are a couple of nice funfair rides here, it’s fun to ride them as a funfair fan. We’re off to the next park. Bye! Oh yeah! Please share and like the video. Thanks!