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    湘南モノレール ピンクリボン号デビュー! Shonan Monorail Pink Ribbon-Go Edition
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    湘南モノレール ピンクリボン号デビュー! Shonan Monorail Pink Ribbon-Go Edition

    September 10, 2019

    In the early hours of
    March 23 2016 The 7th train of all the new 5000 series (Pink Line) was delivered to Shonan Monorail HQ Workshop in Kamakura City from Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Mihara Plant in Hiroshima Prefecture. 3 cabins of suspended monorail were hoisted up in 6 hours Assembly, Safety Inspections, Driving Test, etc. were repeated in 2 months’ time Shonan Monorail came to a decision to name it as Pink Ribbon-Go in April 2016 in order to back up Pink Ribbon Kanagawa enlightening women about early diagnosis and early medical treatment against breast cancer. Pink Ribbon-Go was wrapped by pink ribbons of symbol mark of Pink Ribbon Kanagawa after the prayer for safety and shrine ritual on May 20 2016 and waiting for its debut. Pink Ribbon-Go Launching Ceremony
    May 28 2016 Early diagnosis and early medical treatment against breast cancer was called at the special booth of Pink Ribbon Kanagawa right in front of Shonan Monorail Ofuna Sta. Head marks put some thought of campaign against breast cancer into were handed to Shonan Monorail by Dr. Doi – Head of Pink Ribbon Kanagawa and Mayor of Kamakura Mr. Matsuo respectively. Pink Ribbon-Go became ready to run with the head mark. The operation of Pink Ribbon-Go was commenced being celebrated by many people Ofuna Kannon was lighted-up in pink color with some thought of campaign against breast cancer Pink Ribbon-Go runs
    to the eradication
    of breast cancer I will be happy if the number of women who go to the diagnosis could be increased riding Pink Ribbon-Go, and its consolation rate would be increased accordingly in Kamakura City, and then many life are to be saved with the aid of early detection.

    LEGO Haul #23 Bridge Parts, Monorail and City Square!
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    LEGO Haul #23 Bridge Parts, Monorail and City Square!

    September 10, 2019

    Hey Folks, welcome to this haul video. First
    off you can see I’ve built the second Horizon Express, so I’ll be doing an “Adding Power
    Functions” video to that soon. I’m starting to work frantically on getting stuff ready
    for the next big Train Track Setups and everything like that. First up for the haul I got the
    City Square, it comes with the tram and the LEGO truck and everything like that. I specifically
    got it for the tram really, you’ll see why in part of this haul hopefully. I’m going
    to work on that anyway. That’s the first one out the way, the second
    one, this is a Pick-a-Brick on-line order from LEGO Shop at Home. So, if I can grab
    this. This is basically just a ton of stuff for
    the new bridge, it’s lots of blue pins and just various supports. So I’ve broken down
    version 2 and I’ve worked on a proof of concept kind of bridge for the version 3 and that
    gave me an idea of what pieces I need so I ordered those to make the larger version.
    I’ll do a video of that this weekend and then you’ll be able to see version 3 going on and
    then after that I’ll just expand that. I’ll talk more about that in the bridge video. So we’ve done that and looked at the extra
    pieces for the bridge, the new bridge and the next one is this. I’m just going to move
    the camera for this one so we can have a decent look at it. This is going to be pretty cool,
    I hope you will agree. OK, so this was part of an eBay job lot and I honestly
    wasn’t really planning on buying this but I saw it and I was looking at it a while and
    I did all my sums and it kind of looked like a really, well it was a really good deal compared
    to putting something like this together out of all the different pieces. This is really well packed so I’ll speed this
    up a bit so we don’t have to wait around but, when things are really well packed it’s never
    a bad thing. Open it up here and, here we go, we have some
    6990 the monorail set, but it’s not just this it’s got extra track in it as well. So I’ll
    try and unpack it. These, the guy said that they were sticky , that’s not as gummed up
    as I thought they were but I’ve got some stuff that will help with that. Apparently it’s
    a common problem but they still work, a bit marked but hey, we can live with that. This
    of course also helps go with the monorail stuff that I got a while back. I’ll put that
    in the cards so you can see that. There’s more monorail stuff in here. What I think
    I’ll do is I’ll do a full video just unpacking this and we can have a full look at what’s
    inside. Apparently it came with two trains so it’s got two of the monorail trains and
    a stack load of extra track and stuff like that. So, like I say I’ll do a proper video unpacking
    this later but, let’s see what we’ve got in here. I want to try and be a little bit careful
    with what I’m doing with this. OK, so there’s one 9V monorail and there we
    go, there’s two 9V monorails, so we’ve got two monorail trains. Which it said and a stack
    load of extra track. Some of these are a bit grubby and they need quite a bit of a wash
    so I’ll need to do that and take all the pieces and give it a scrub and get it all nice and
    we’ll go through that video properly I think and we’ll spend a bit more time looking through
    it. So these monorail trains, I’m going to see if I can combine it with the tram just
    to get something running on a monorail, that’s sort of the main reason why I bought it. Of
    course it’s cool to have lots of monorail, but yeah, that was the main reason. So there you go, that’s the haul. We’ve got
    some monorail stuff, got some more bridge pieces for the next version of the bridge
    and I’ve got the City Square. So the bridge we’ll do a more detailed video, I need to
    build the bigger version of the bridge. At the moment I’ve got a small version that I
    made in order to give me a more accurate piece count of what I needed, what elements so I
    didn’t just spend loads of money on elements I didn’t need and I’ll be doing a more detailed
    video on the monorail. We’ll go through it all. It does look pretty grubby but, well
    I’ll show you the state before and then in a couple of weeks time I’ll show you the state
    afterwards once it’s all cleaned up and the City Square, parts of that will be used in
    the next Train Track Setup. It’s all going to go towards the Train Track Setups, all
    of these are and of course I’ve got the Power Functions video coming up for the whole of
    the Horizon Express. So, lots to look forward to. Click thumbs
    up if you’ve enjoyed this, subscribe if you haven’t all ready and yeah, see you in the
    next one.


    Drone Edition “Kamakura Enoshima Sky Trip 2” (Shonan Monorail) ドローン編 鎌倉・江の島スカイトリップ2 (湘南モノレール)

    September 9, 2019

    穿越鐮倉的高山和峽谷,湘南的海浮現在眼前,駛向江之島。 <法行寺>
    被稱作杜鵑寺,創建於1495年的古寺。 每年春天,笛田公園山麓院內全是杜鵑。特別是從本堂的後山看,院內能縱覽全部的杜鵑。 <雷亭>
    擁有鐮倉山中的5萬平米的周遊式庭園的蕎麥面宴席店。 滿載著石佛·石塔·五重塔和梅林·竹林·季節花草的庭園。也能縱覽富士山·箱根·天城連綿的群山·大島。 <鐮倉山天滿宮>(雷亭內)
    神的學者棺原道真被供奉,每月25日舉行祭神 <百佛崖>(雷亭內)
    很多無緣佛被安置,春分秋分時進行供養 <八角堂>(雷亭內)
    模仿法隆寺夢殿造的寺廟。使用了各種各樣的古代瓦 <樂米柳>

    Seattle Center Monorail – Alweg Monorail
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    Seattle Center Monorail – Alweg Monorail

    September 8, 2019

    Hi…Hi…We see again with Reiner and Kairo We like to go to Westlake center my friends This time we like to ride what we called Monorail Let’s go we to the Monorail Station This Seattle Center located exactly beside Space Needle And of course the first time we need to do is ? That’s right Reiner , let’s check out the ticket price Don’t forget to make a line , wait for your turn Wah…Reiner can’t wait to ride the Monorail This is the ticket price guys Adult price is $ 5 , kids 5 years up $ 2.5 and under 5 years old is free Those price is for round trip fares Wow…, this is the Monorail guys This Monorail capacity is 250 passenger guys That’s quite a lot Yuk…Let’s get ready Be patient Reiner, we’ll ride it in the moment Yay…, finally we ride it Be ready guys , the Monorail about to go Haha…, Reiner bit surprised when the Monorail start to go guys This is the Monorail look like inside This time the passenger is not a lot, so we have a lot empty seat The distance to Westlake Center is 1 mile or 1.6 km Not’s that far friends Travel time is only 2 minutes We get to destination friends To get down to Westlake Center ground we need to use elevator Let’s go we go there Yay… this is Westlake Center guys It’s busy This Westlake Center is office and shopping district in Seattle downtown People are getting off from work This time Reiner and Kairo want to play at the park cross the street At this street you will see a lot of food truck selling their product There is bike rental if you guys like to cruising downtown on bike Before go to the park, Daddy want to buy a coffee Okey…, Daddy get his coffee , let’s go to the park Before crossing street , pay attention to the traffic signal guys If you see this sign that’s mean you have to stop This sign means you may go cross the street We crossing street and go to the park Wow….artificial waterfall Amazing This chairs provided for people who like to spend theirs time in this park Beside that they also provide toys and playground for the kids Public library also provided , to bad already closed Let’s go we play at the playground This is it the playground guys A lot of store and restaurant in this surrounding area The park pretty crowded Looks like Reiner is getting tired friends To go back to Seattle Center, we like to ride Monorail again friends Let’s go follow our return trips Right on time The Monorails return every 10 minutes friends This time Reiner want to sit at front So he can get better view That’s the Monorail driver guys Wow…, Monorail is about to go Wah…, Super cool get the front seat We can see Space Needle, that’s means we about to get to our destination From this Monorail we have view Seattle area What about we pass is Museum Pop Of Culture Right below the track We get back here friends How is it ? Super cool right Okey…, Reiner want to go home now See you at the next video

    Why Wuppertal’s Suspended Monorail Wasn’t The Future Of Travel
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    Why Wuppertal’s Suspended Monorail Wasn’t The Future Of Travel

    September 6, 2019

    There’s a reason that the old, retro-futuristic
    dreams of monorail travel didn’t come true. Nowadays, monorails are mostly known as attractions
    in theme parks, or short systems around airports, or as impractical, expensive boondoggles. Sydney, Australia, actually demolished theirs
    a few years ago. Sure, monorails looked cool, but objectively, they’re a pretty terrible idea. But in some places in the world: they do work. This is Wuppertal, in Germany, where they don’t just have a monorail: they have a century-old suspended monorail
    that still carries about 80,000 people a day along miles and
    miles and miles of track. Never mind your 1980s dreams of World’s Fairs: construction on this started in the 19th century, and it’s been kept up to date ever since. It’s like something out of ‘Thunderbirds’. There’s a fantastic story about it once carrying
    an elephant — which panicked, fell out into the river, and
    — amazingly — survived. So why are monorails such a terrible idea? Well, compared to other options, they generally fail on cost and reliability. First, you need a constantly elevated track
    — the term is ‘grade-separated’ — along the
    whole route. Even in the rare case it’s down at ground
    level, you’ve got to put huge concrete blocks for
    it to run on rather than just some rails. And given all
    that cost, governments generally just build one track so if something breaks down, the whole system
    fails, and passengers have to be evacuated from a
    great height. You can solve exactly the same problems as
    a monorail with light rail that doesn’t always need an
    expensive elevated track. Or a tram, that can run along existing streets with just some rails laid down. Or you could just use the simplest option:
    a bus. Doesn’t look as cool, though. [Translating these subtitles? Add your name here!]


    Motorized LEGO Roller Coaster Train

    September 6, 2019

    Hey everyone, Jason here. Ever since LEGO released their new roller coaster track system I’ve been wanting to build a
    motorized train for it, and for this particular train I wanted to design it
    to be able to handle all of the possible features of the coaster system, so it can
    handle going up and down the steep slopes and all of the various grade
    changes that come along with that. And that imposed a few restrictions on the design, for example I couldn’t make the cars very long otherwise the front and
    back of the car would hit the track as it went through one of these dips. And
    those dips along with the really tight curves also requires that there be
    enough space between the cars so they don’t interfere with each other. You can
    see that the front and back car almost touched the motor when going through the
    dip, and similarly the sides almost touch when going through the curves. I also
    thought it’d be kind of cool to throwback to the old monorail system by
    putting the motor in this small central engine car, and this also has the added
    advantage of being able to easily run it in either direction. So let’s take a look
    at how it works. I have this standalone model of the
    engine car to show you what is going on and the drive system is pretty simple.
    There are two axles that drop down below the chassis of the engine car, on either
    side of the track, and each one of those axles drives a rubber tire alongside
    this lower sidewall of the track system. And it’s actually a really secure fit. I
    think you could even do some kind of suspended train this way as well. For
    tires I’m just using these basic small rubber tires which are pretty common, and
    normally they come on these little small wheel hubs, but they also happen to fit
    on these Technic half bushings which makes it really easy to drive them using
    a standard Technic axle. The spacing between the tracks is a little bit odd
    so on the chassis the axles have to be four and a half studs apart and so to
    achieve that I have one running through a standard Technic 1×2 brick with a
    single hole, and the other one is running through a
    Technic brick with two holes. As a result the engine car isn’t perfectly centered
    on the track it’s shifted about 1/4 of a stud off-center. And the connection to
    the motor which I’ve just removed here so you can more easily see what’s going
    on is through this central cross axle, which transfers power to each of the
    drive axles. For the other cars, I just have them mounted on the standard roller coaster car frames since they work really well with the coaster system, and
    to connect the cars together I’m using this small shaft with a ball joint on
    either end. Since the train is going through curves on the level and also
    going through grade changes you do need two degrees of freedom in that
    connection which is why I’m using the ball joints. And that is pretty much all
    there is to it. I have created building instructions for
    this basic train chassis which you can find, along with some other information about assembling your own train over at I’m actually looking forward to experimenting with some other train and engine designs, especially for just a flat track configuration. I think removing the steep hills will allow for some more flexibility in the train design and I’d love to design a longer El
    train that would look good running through a city display. I just need to
    get a couple more, well a lot more, of these straight tracks. These are the only
    two I have right now. If you want to see more original LEGO designs, be sure to
    subscribe. As usual thanks for watching, keep on building, and I’ll see you next