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    How Do Train Switches Work ?
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    How Do Train Switches Work ?

    October 10, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here your humble servant your railroad archaeologist today I’m gonna
    show you guys an instructional video so you can learn to read our railroad
    switches and sacks and the way that trains are coming and going okay so I
    just you have an idea where I’m at today I’m at North West 71st Street this is
    the warehouse district district here in Miami Florida that’s not not 171st Reval
    passing and this is our North West 36th corner here and this is an SEC
    industrial spirit what are you supposed oh okay now so here we have a single
    track right and suppose we were coming straight on this track over here how
    would you know right now being a conductor or engineer if the Train is
    gonna go straight or if it was going to go to the right
    okay I want you guys to write down below or comment what your initial thought was
    out to the answer right now okay so the answer is you always follow the
    gap in other words right here there’s a gap so this train that’s heading south
    that’s coming from that way this way would continue to go on the straight
    line here and not go onto the siding over there by the warehouse that is a
    hundred percent proof never-fail rule of thumb always follow the gap another way
    you could tell is when the cobbles we leave you know but no couple years since
    I worked at the railroad but the targets so you know how they have like a little
    white usually any color except red means you’re gonna go straight so the targets
    are like to go straight maybe yellow or green could also signify that you’re
    gonna keep going straight on this side right if if this switch they get the
    handle they move it up but I hope they unlock it well no this one’s not locked
    usually the ones on the mainland they’re always locks but these pearl ones are
    not so they would move up the handle and then that would bring this the switch
    point this way and then the train would go off to the side away very simple then you also want to Oh
    before that conductor does that he wants to make sure that there’s no obstruction
    between the rails and switches because I could break the switch and then just as
    important if the train was headed this way he wants to make sure the conductor
    wants to make sure that as he’s going this way he wants to get a bird’s-eye
    view and make sure that this if somebody came in after him that that switch was
    not aligned for the other track and his absence so if that train were to be
    coming this way and that would be that way over there
    would be this way he would run the switch and then he would break this and
    the switch would be out of commission until the maintenance crew gets out so
    yeah and then here we have another switch let me see if you guys are learn
    the lesson so for the second switch which way would he be going he’d be
    going straight because there’s a gap right there you always follow the gap
    always follow the gap this particular switch is no longer useful I should be maybe it is well the target
    good thing I don’t know if maybe it is jacket that seems to be really well
    maintained over there so how do I would assume it is let me give you guys a
    quick view of the problem everybody from this conference here a couple years ago
    somebody dumped the whole bunch of illegal dumping there and it looked very
    rosy I’ll include a link to that video below so you got disease because I said
    and I’ll also include a Google Maps into this location that’s probably safe to say that that
    real this rail here is not used at this concrete ice right over there
    obstructing it so that could be a cause for a derailment all righty guys thank
    you for watching this video please subscribe or like thank you very much
    for viewing take care

    Last Railroad Crossing CSX Lehigh Spur
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    Last Railroad Crossing CSX Lehigh Spur

    August 29, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen today I’m
    going to show you guys the last railroad crossing on the CSX Lehigh spur in Miami
    so this here’s Northwest 12 Street and North West 137th Avenue I’m gonna show
    you guys, I’m sorry I’m gonna include a Google Maps link to this location in
    the description of this video ok so let me start off with the first signal
    here, this is a safe tran signal base this should also be a safe train gate
    mechanism right see the broken light that we got, four safe tran lights we have an e bell up top and we got Rico
    lights on the crossing gate so you can see the E bell and here you see the broken light This here is track view East, see the nice
    little wooden trestle bridge here and then you guys know what all this
    this stuff over here is right? so that was the eastern side of the
    crossing I’m gonna take you to the western side of the crossing, this is like I
    said this is the last crossing and let this guy pass there you got the relay case track view West so this here is a Safe tran signal base as well safe tran gate mechanism safe tran lights all around, there’s no bell
    on this side. We got a broken crossing gate here and Rico lights well see oh we got another one another one on
    this side Gallo is the Spanish word for rooster so there you go! Track view West see here to focus in on so yeah guys this here is about maybe
    like less than a mile and it’s the end of the line and that’s then it goes like
    this is I think there’s a wye and he goes over there to load the rocks at the query so yeah guys I’m gonna leave you with
    the broken with the shot of the broken light here again oh and before that let
    me give you another shot of that broken gate you can see from this side right up
    top there and then here’s the broken light. Alright you guys
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    Abandoned Railroad & Crossing

    August 24, 2019

    all right ladies gentlemen RailROL82 again, we’re continuing our tour on the CSX downtown Miami spur, I’m not
    an expert on E bell so you guys could correct me if I’m wrong but I think this
    is a type one e bell like I said my Forte’s in mechanical bell so you guys have a
    car for sale there you have the relay case and then I remember in the 1980s I
    used to drive thru here as a kid this used to be a WRRS cantilever
    crossing with the small the cantilevers where like half of that like maybe up to
    here so this was replaced sometime in the 90s or 2000s there you have the
    emergency contact info foundation cracking many places Lincoln industries
    signal base safe tran gate mechanism safe tran lights are around
    Rico lights are now crossing gate these lights are also safe turn up top This is track view East towards downtown miami track view west toward hialeah and you can see this spur that came off and it ends ended right here, it’s a cross tie right
    there okay this is a pretty busy street let me see
    if I can give you the tour from this side okay yeah so here we have safe Tran lights up top I guess that would be another generation E bell as
    opposed to the one that’s above me save tran lights there wc hayes gate mechanism Rico lights on the crossing gate and as I said track view West previously there used to be some Spurs
    that went that they merged going that way I’m gonna show you them right now
    okay so you have a perspective that’s the crossing right and then this is
    Northwest 22nd a view and 22nd Street and this is where the Spurs that I just
    told you about went into these were taken off many years ago but they’re still
    visible at what used to be the grade crossing so I’m walking east on 22nd
    Street and then right here you can see railroad archaeology at its finest guys
    look at that so they went over there and to that warehouse and then you can see the loading docks
    right over there and then I’m gonna show you over here so
    again this there’s the rails and you can see the curvature it’s built at an angle
    to accommodate the railroad which was probably here first all right you guys
    so thank you for viewing Please subscribe or like take care
    over and out

    CSX Returning to Yard at Miami Railroad Crossing
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    CSX Returning to Yard at Miami Railroad Crossing

    August 23, 2019

    crossing activates quad gates at NW 71st Street train horn train horn train horn Downtown switcher ladies and gentlemen train horn 4306 train horn train horn No no no correction This is not the Downtown switcher, this is O721 returning from Kendall, Florida The Downtown Switcher is actually parked over here You could actually see the guy switching

    Unused Railroad Exploration
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    Unused Railroad Exploration

    August 21, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here. Your railroad archaeologist so I’m over here at the CSX Homestead
    subdivision on you I tell you Rico drive processing I did a tour of this crossing
    last year and today I’m gonna show you what this time looks like now that it’s
    officially out of service here we can see some girls on it so Moodle right
    there this thing was built this is facing
    south west facing north east the sign was built in 1927 looking for a real
    with the date on it 75 pound rail built by a Marilyn Marilyn steel I do not see
    a date though but yeah I know for a fact that was built in 1927 and you can see
    the old wooden ties and if I stand on this line okay it’s mostly gross just
    see what it feels like to have been on this line this is what it was what it
    would have felt like see a nice residential area next to here and
    agriculture it’s on my right I’m gonna include a little map into that crossing
    so you guys can know where I’m at and this is facing north east so you see
    over here we can find a date on the rails yep
    1926 right there 1926 built by the seaboard airline railroad design came
    from my Annie from 5-9 the International Airport and do you ignore that it came
    to haul away from from Central Florida to homestead homestead is a city that is
    about a few miles south of here just to put it into perspective on this
    Yurika drive here this crossing is 1 84th Street and this line ends at around
    320 something 330 something Street so this is our about 20 miles away or so
    from the end of the line you can see these rails pure rust that’s a shame because if these reels
    could talk I’m sure they’d have some very interesting stories to tell and yeah there we see the gateless
    crossing it’s really case on the other side so yeah guys that’s this crossing
    and I’m gonna continue further south to Seoul I thank you for coming along with
    me please subscribe for like dinking please comment over and out

    Railroad Crossing Tour
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    Railroad Crossing Tour

    August 21, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen time for
    another railroad crossing tour here in Hialeah Florida this one’s Lejeune Road at East 21st Street, this particular one has sentimental value to
    me because back in 1988 my great grandparents used to live in 19th street and after school they used to take care of me so they used to take me to see the Train right and I
    remember once in the fall of 1988 I came home, to their house and I saw that
    they were putting up this cantilever here, both cantilevers actually. There’s one back there but when the truck moves I’ll show you by the way
    he’s parked right in the middle of the tracks look at that so anyway so lets
    start off with the tour you can see that this WRRS crossing signal
    base is pretty old They don’t make that anymore That symbol there then this is front part Here you got a WC Hayes gate mechanism WC Hayes bracket WC Hayes LED lights with my favorite visors, back plates are in fairly good condition I don’t know what kind of lights those are, they’re not RECO lights. Here we got The do not stop on tracks signal track view West track view East that over there is Iris interlocking those signals, that’s where the CSX meets the FEC and then WC Hayes bracket WC Hayes gate mechanism this is probably an MI, oh no Premier Products cantilever with WC Hayes lights all around, see I think those
    might be incandescent yeah then the bracket is a premier products as
    well Lights are WC Hayes, emergency contact info You got the big aluminum crossing gate there I’m going to attempt to cross the street. This is a very busy street as you
    saw and then here we got the relay case this pedestrian crossing gate wasn’t
    installed prior to 1988 either and I know let me show you the mile post over here it’s a mile post three six six so the pedestrian crossing Gate is a WC Hayes That’s Tri Rail you hear in the background
    WC Hayes signal base, WC Hayes bracket, relay case WC Hayes gate mechanism WC Hayes lights all around track view East as I said oh you got a whistle post over here
    nice and then here you got the same deal,
    you got a WC Hayes bracket WC Hayes gate mechanism Premier Products oh you see the DOT tag right there WC Hayes gate mechanism right emergency contact info DOT tag WC Hayes lights These might be… I’ll tell you right now Look at how tidy it’s kept over here, yeah no those are LED lights and then two tracks mechanical bells right there and over there on that
    side and that’s why this is one of my favorite crosses mechanical bells so
    yeah guys let me end this video with the shot of the track again give you a
    close-up over here where the signals are right there, that’s iris interlocking. Oh look at that, we got a CSX O721 no no correction that’s a CSX local
    switchers the Y train Wow I’ve never caught that before Holy Moly! Wow! man all right so yeah please subscribe
    or like thank you very much for viewing over and out

    What Does This Railroad Crossing Look Like 64 Years After ?
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    What Does This Railroad Crossing Look Like 64 Years After ?

    August 20, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here your railroad archaeologist, so today’s time machine is gonna take us back to the year 1955 specifically Fort Lauderdale Florida
    1955 we’re gonna visit a seaboard crossing that was originally built in
    1926 and when this picture was taken it was 29 years after it was built so we’re
    gonna see some coconut trees we’re gonna see some the forest outhouses we’re
    gonna see traffic jam old cars this picture is gonna be very very nice I
    like it in fact I wish we could return to those times and then after the
    picture I’m gonna show you what it looks like nowadays I went to the location and
    took a video and you’re gonna compare the picture to the video one after the
    other and you’re gonna let me know what you think in the comments guys I
    personally like 1955 butter but yeah keep an eye on the original seaboard
    crossing with a placard ugh no stop on red signals the coconut trees yeah um if
    you haven’t subscribed to my channel please subscribe so you can see videos
    like this hit the notification bus you can get alerts too when I upload my
    videos and enjoy this video let me know what you think down below guys you and welcome to 2019 ladies and gentlemen
    this is what it looks like nowadays so you remember that lovely little road
    crossing that was there with the house on the other side looking east ok so
    right now that overpass here is an extension of Broward Boulevard going
    east on to i-95 notice that on the other side of the bushes there is 595 sorry
    i-95 there are the tracks right there and then that overpass right there is Broward
    Boulevard take a little bit closer so here we are this is where the crossing
    used to be that’s probable of art that’s facing east I’m gonna go up on top now
    and show you guys what it looks like from above okay ladies and gentlemen
    here you have it I’m gonna include the Google Maps inks
    in this location so you guys can follow along with me
    sorry I’m a bit winded I just finished climbing that right there it’s tougher
    than it looks okay so at this very spot is where those
    two little possible and the lights the original seat boy don’t cross it that’s a try real station you can see
    the sign right there by the light post says 5 94 95 south so yeah big big difference call me crazy but uh I’d
    rather have it as it was before but you guys please check out one of my
    other videos please subscribe if you haven’t that notification Bell thank you
    for viewing take care sayonara

    Hood Railroad Crossing
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    Hood Railroad Crossing

    August 19, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen RailROL82 here so today we’re gonna continue our tour on the CSX downtown
    Miami Spur, here we have a concrete foundation safe trans signal base safe
    Tran gate mechanism emergency contact info 4 safe tran lights all around
    with one it’s kind of like you got hit on this I think
    rico lights on the crossing gate safe tran bracket E bell and then here you
    have a switch 1967 modern industries signal base sorry
    relay case here you have the crossing on the sidewalk, voodoo track view west
    sorry East. Voodoo is messing me up okay and then here you have this
    building looks creepy like all that black paint looks like it got burned down you got the railing protecting the crossing here this is a premier products
    signal base WC Hayes gate mechanism emergency contact info safe tran lights Rico
    lights on the crossing gate cross buck and then here it’s track view west
    towards Hialeah just to give you guys an idea of how good this neighborhood is
    this is military style military grade barbed wire here yeah slice yourself up really nice on that then this is the sidewalk crossing over
    here from the looks of it this cell line gets a activity because it’s pretty
    polished guessing about maybe twice a week so yeah guys okay thank you for
    viewing please subscribe or like take care over and out

    Historic Railroad Crossing
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    Historic Railroad Crossing

    August 15, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen
    so this video you’re gonna see something I had already shown you but I’m gonna show you something else I hadn’t shown you on at the same location
    so on that side we have a US&S tear drop bell right I think it’s the only one left
    in Miami and I’m gonna get that so here we have a oh it’s the USNS and then here we
    see the rails protecting it so this is a USNS signal base old from 1941 you see
    the date there emergency contact info DOT tag safe tran lights all around and the
    pinnacle from the seaboard days up top here we have track view west towards Hialeah some voodoo right there in a garbage bag sidewalk crossing so let me show you from this side this
    is an original US&S tear drop bell safe tran lights all around
    the rails over here too because the protection point US&S signal based also from 1941 WRRS bracket and you can see that that mast is pretty rusty yet it probably has some
    interesting stories to tell so here are some well remove the ties and this is
    track view east towards downtown Miami here you have a MI relay case and let me give you a shot of the to
    drop bail from this side think that that might be the only one left in Miami
    possibly South Florida do you guys know of any other teardrop elves please
    comment below I’d love to know her or there’s another one because I really
    this is the only one I’ve seen so alright guys please comment on that and
    then thank you for viewing please subscribe or like take care over and out

    Old & Mixed Railroad Crossing
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    Old & Mixed Railroad Crossing

    August 15, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen we continue
    our tour today over here the CSX our downtown Miami spur so this is track
    view west towards Hialeah there you see the mile post 39 and then here
    we have the crossing this oh wow look WABCO wabco signal base and this one has the US&S back from the the seaboard days okay we have a safe train gate mechanism
    WC hayes lights WRRS bracket man this is like the Frankenstein of crossings here and an E bell, nice here we have the emergency contact info premier products cantilever see what
    kind of lights these are WC Hayes right WC Hayes lights with my favorite
    visors cross buck and WC hayes lights up top as well this is the western side of the
    crossing and I’m gonna see if I can cross this is a kind of a busy Avenue
    here Northwest 17th Ave yeah ok so then on this side we have a premier products cantilever emergency contact info another WABCO signal base, I’ve never
    seen one of these before safe tran gate mechanism WC hayes lights Oh look at that a Wabco Bracket, E bell and this crossing gate
    doesn’t go all the way up because it’s gonna interfere with the power line so
    then here we have the relay case and track view east towards downtown Miami, this is one of the loading docks here it’s kinda like a third-world country doesn’t
    it? so yeah all righty guys give you another track view
    here please subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing over and out