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    Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks – The Dark Side of Being Petty (ft. Hot Sauce Glover) | truTV
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    Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks – The Dark Side of Being Petty (ft. Hot Sauce Glover) | truTV

    February 12, 2020

    So shake it up right now
    for Brandon “Hot Sauce” Glover! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Yeah. Thank y’all, man. Oh, man! Thank y’all. What’s up, y’all? Oh, man, oh. Let me start this off real good. Fellas, please do not move in
    with women. You hear me? ‘Cause they can’t wait
    to put your ass out. You hear me?
    Okay? I live in Chicago. Do you know how cold it gets in Chicago, man? Negative a thousand —
    you hear me? And you can’t kick me out
    if it’s negative a thousand. [ Chuckles ] That ain’t no normal put-out. That’s attempted murder. You hear me? But I feel like this, man. In relationships, man,
    you need to know yourself, man. I know why women
    break up with me, man. ‘Cause I’m petty. For real, I am a petty man. You know what I’m saying?
    I am petty. I ain’t got no kids, so it’s hard for me
    to date women with kids ’cause I’ll take stuff out
    on the kids. For real. Can’t no woman tell me no real mature stuff like,
    “It’s over.” I’m gonna be like, “It’s over? Oh, it’s over? Okay, y’all.
    Unplug my game, man.” [ Laughter and applause ] “Yeah, unplug my game, dawg. Yo, where’s my other
    joystick at, man? No, where is
    ‘Madden’ at, man?” [ Chuckles ] She done got me into it
    with a whole 2-year-old, too. He was mad as that thing, too. [ Laughter ] He was like, “Man, I was
    on a whole nother level!” I’m like, “Uh, look, dude. Me and your mother was, too, till she pulled this bullcrap, man. I want my game.” For real, I am petty in a relationship. She told me she wanted
    to see other people, and I done bought all
    the light bulbs in the house. You hear me? Man, I went to unscrewing. I was like, “Oh, you ain’t gonna
    be 60-watt’ing off me!” [ Laughter and applause ] [ Chuckles ] “You gonna see him in the dark.”

    Hey Steve: Tracking Down The Boyfriend!
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    Hey Steve: Tracking Down The Boyfriend!

    January 14, 2020

    (audience applauding)
    – Hey Steve. I have four daughters. My oldest, 21, has been
    dating this guy for five years and she won’t let me meet him for the reasons that I’m
    intimidating and overprotective. Well she doesn’t have social media so I don’t know what he looks like and she’s doing a really
    good job, but (laughs). I guess my question to you is how do I convince her to let me meet him? My youngest even went as
    far as like riding them out one time and told me they’re at the mall. But by the time I popped up, he caught wind of me and
    took off before I even found. (Steve laughs)
    (audience cheers) It was quick, he was out. – That’s good. So you got a reputation? – [Man With Microphone]
    It looks that way, yes. – [Steve] ‘Cause you got four daughters. – I have four. This is my oldest, my
    other three won’t dare. (audience laughs) – See, this type of father I like. So you trying to find a way to get her to convince her to let you meet him. – Exactly. – See, we can find this boy. – [Man With Microphone]
    I like the way you think. – Aw yeah dog, I don’t have a
    lot of boys to hear it from me ’cause my reputation is stellar. – [Man With Microphone]
    Let’s see what you got. – If you come for my
    baby, I’ma check you out. If I don’t think you
    right, you got to get on. She did hid this boy for a long time. Somebody know him. First thing we gotta do
    is we got to get his name. We got to get a name. Does your daughter live with you? – No, she doesn’t. She lives with the mum. – Ah, okay. See, this how we do it. Stakeout. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) Get a car that ain’t yours, black out the windows. (audience laughs) Park up the street, not
    in front of the house, ’bout four cars down and
    just eyeball her house. (man with microphone laughs) Get you some coffee, get your thermos jug, get you some 5-hour. (audience laughs) He gonna come over there. The first boy you see go
    through that door that she blow, rang a doorbell, go up to the porch, go to the apartment, that’s him. Notice the car that he got out of. Get the license plate. You ain’t gotta confront him right now. (audience applauds) Get the tag, take a picture of the tag, take a picture of the car. Because look man, you gotta
    protect your daughter. It’s your baby girl. She 21, she don’t know everything. My 21 year old daughter now, sometime I can’t tell her nothing, man. I be going, “Come on now. “Baby, I got you.” “Dad, it’s not like that anymore.” No, it’s exactly like that. You know what? Ain’t nothing change in boy meets girl. That ain’t never changing. Y’all just got some technology now. The rest of it’s the
    same to the end of time. (audience applauds) Partner. Look, I got friends and, you know, if you get that license plate, the picture of that car, call me up dog. (audience cheers) Call me up, I got you. Where’s Levira? Hi Levira, what’s your question? (audience cheers)

    Big Shaq — Mans Not Hot Remix (Shaquille O’ Neal Diss Track)
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    Big Shaq — Mans Not Hot Remix (Shaquille O’ Neal Diss Track)

    November 19, 2019

    Man like Shaquille O’Neal, he thinks he’s bad He doesn’t want to link me I’m ready to link him now you understand what i’m saying I’ve dealt with man like him, its like David & Goliath You know what i’m saying? That Shaq is expired You understand? Your careers over, big man. You understand? There’s a new man in town Man come from the U.K mans squaddeded it up Squaded up You dun know Yeh yeh Yo! You dun know, it’s big shaq, boom I’m not even going to waste my time and rap, man’s just going to talk over this Yo! Alright, you don know, boom, let’s go Yeh, alright, yo! Shaquille O’Neal You think you’re bad? Cause your knees are made of steel But you’re not, you’re moist Man’s see your armpit drippin’ In the changing room Yeah, alright, cool Uh! They call you big Shaq But you’re not big Shaq And your teeth bare plaque Mine no plaque You’re just wack Cut some slack Look at your back It’s just black I’m fin I don’t sing Man heard you sing Ring a ding ding Phone goes ping I ling ling Yo! Shabado Look at your toenails They’re black Mouth is white, like crack You don’t want to see me In the lab Man hit your head Like slab You dun know Huh! Man don’t even waste my time I don’t send, you understand what I’m saying, man just got me in the booth Fresh off the dome, yo! The ting go skrr pa pa pa katakaka tun tun tuka tun tun When I see man Ku tu kun tun tun tun Casualty Kutukum tum tum yeh, yeh yeh yeh, aye Shaquille O’Neal I’m in New York City If you’re bad come link me, mans in a hotel But you’re not going to come You get me? Mans called big shaq But you can’t even roll by yourself, you need your body guards I’m in-im in-im in America big man! Come, COME LINK ME BRUV! Say notin, I’m here Hold tight drizzy, hold tight Busta Rhymes Hold tight Puff Daddy Hold tight DJ Khaled, my brudda, hold tight Cardi B You don know the ting, bang bang I’m gone

    Manet, The Railway
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    Manet, The Railway

    November 17, 2019

    (piano music) Man: We’re at the National
    Gallery in Washington, D.C. We’re looking at Edouard
    Manet’s The Railway, which is one of their great canvases. Woman: And one of my personal favorites. Man: It’s a very difficult
    painting to read in certain ways. Woman: Well that’s the idea I think. Man: I think you’re absolutely right. Woman: There were all these paintings
    that were easy to read at the academy. Man: It’s still pretty luscious
    to look at but it’s breaking a
    hell of a lot of conventions. Woman: It is. We can’t read it. Man: Presumably the main
    subject is facing away from us. Woman: We also don’t understand
    what their relationship is. Man: And spacial construction
    is very ambiguous. But let’s
    try to set this up a little bit. We’re in Paris and we’re just
    standing outside one of the
    main train stations in Paris and we’re at an iron gate looking
    down actually at the train yard. Woman: The train yard, right. And we’re on a very modern
    bridge in the middle of Paris
    that has recently been rebuilt. Man: We have this young
    woman and this child that have stopped to look
    and rest for a moment. The young woman looks up and out
    at us. There is a puppy in her lap. She is interrupted with
    her finger in a book and is folded up in her lap. Woman: She directly engages us. She has looked up and
    we’ve interrupted her and we’re so implicated. What are we in the
    middle of saying to her? Man: That’s right and she’s looking up, almost assessing us. Woman: We don’t know what
    our relationship is with her. Man: She has a reason to be there.
    The child has stopped to look. She has sat down to rest perhaps. It is about this interaction,
    which the city had made possible. The Grand Boulevards had opened up. The city became a place
    that you moved through as opposed to a series of
    sort of separate areas. Woman: And small neighborhoods. Man: That’s right, and so
    there are interactions between
    people between classes. Woman: Between strangers. Man: Between strangers
    that was intensely modern. Manet is capturing that beautifully here. But also with all of the ambiguity
    of the industrial culture that had made this
    possible with the railway. Look at the ambiguity that the
    railway constructs with its steam. With that cloud, that is in some ways
    really the subject of the painting. And really stark contrast between
    the luminosity of that cloud of steam and the dark
    bars of the iron fence. Woman: What I find amazing is the
    looseness with which everything is painted and how that also is a
    symbol of the modern world. Manet is rejecting all the finish. Man: But also the momentary
    because to clarify we need something that’s fixed
    and stable, that’s right. Woman: So for example the grapes on
    the ledge over to the right corner spill over but you don’t have a sense of
    that as a real ledge that exists in space that is foreshortened and
    comes out towards us and all
    that brown paint behind those black bars on the right side almost comes forward in front of the black bars, so that space collapses all of
    those rules about perspective and atmospheric perspective and
    constructing space and finish. This is a painting that’s meant
    in just about every way to signify the modern and the contemporary. Man: And it really does. Think about what it means to
    have the primary central figure
    turned away from us completely so we cannot see anything but the
    very edge of her face and her cheek. Woman: And look at how unfinished. Her arm is really lax
    modeling to define it. Nothing is framed.
    Nothing is in the center. It’s the way that we experience the city. It’s the way that our eye moves. Man: Where does he put his focus? For a moment it’s on the puppy. For a
    moment it’s on the young woman’s face, but it’s especially on her hat
    and the fashion of her hat. Woman: Yes, it’s very much about fashion
    and about reading people in the city based on what they’re
    wearing, reading their class. Man: You know we still do this.
    It’s an intensely modern painting. (piano music)

    Tramwaje i autobusy w Porto / Trams and buses in Porto
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    Tramwaje i autobusy w Porto / Trams and buses in Porto

    November 11, 2019

    Porto, apart from transport grid in the form of metro, still has a bus network supplementing rail transport, but also a small urban tram network. About its present significance, gas and electric drives of buses and atypical means of transport that allow to overcome dozens of meter height differences; we’ll talk in this episode. Let’s watch! Porto Almada and Lisbon High Speed Railway Heavy Metro Light Metro Trams Ferries and Buses Transport in Portugal Thanks for your fan $ support! Trams and buses in Porto Porto has a much longer streetcar tradition than light metro network launched at beginning of 21st century. First trams pulled by mules were already running here in 1872 and later also steam trams appeared. After more than 30 years, the network was fully electrified and at its peak in mid-twentieth century it reached length of 82 kilometers of tracks and then it was even longer than today’s metro network. At the time, over 190 trams were in service. At turn of the 1950s and 1960s a slow process of suppressing this mode of transport began in Porto, initially to change on trolleybuses and later mainly on buses. Today, the classic tram essentially has only historical and tourist meaning, and active network has just over 9 km of tracks and is served by 7 trams. Roots of tram network from the very beginning have remained to this day – it is the route no. 1 leading from Infante along the river Duero to Foz (today route ends at Passeio Alegre stop). However, this route was much longer and led via coast of Atlantic Ocean to known to us from the previous episode, the Matosinhos city, Remaining’s of this line have survived to this day and here and there fragments of tracks still appear in roadway. Today, two more lines operate – 18 and 22, penetrating downtown of Porto. Most sections of network are single track, part of routes are ridden only in one direction and on those used in both directions there are short double-track sections. It is quite surprising that tram network is only maintained for historic journeys. Each of the three lines runs every day with a frequency of 30 minutes. Departures on today’s network have touristic meaning and 7 trams are sufficient for servicing a small network. These are restored old wagons from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. An interesting operation here is change of direction at route end. Driver changes direction boards on tram, also switches power collector to reverse direction together with puller, while at the same time passengers switches bocks of the seats to the other side. After all, tram can start another course. Out of curiosity let’s check out, how many passengers are transported on this small network. Throughout 2017, trams carried 730,000 passengers, so 2,000 passengers use them on average every day. As for available number of connections and frequency of running, it seems to be quite a good result, although very distant from metro network in Porto with an annual number of 58 million passengers. I suspect that anyway number regarding the tram network include any journeys and occasional rentals. In addition to possibility of a tram ride for visitors, there is also a museum set up in old depot, where you can see even more wagons once used in Porto. Bus network in Porto is quite big today. Agglomeration network covers almost 500 kilometers of roads with 59 day and 11 night lines. Lines have an interesting numbering, because there are three-digit numbers and first digit is associated with municipality or part of the city, which line is servicing. Basic daily line network operates between 6:00 and 21:00, however two thirds of lines operates longer and ends 30 minutes after midnight. Later, only night lines can be found on streets of Porto. Network is operated by 420 buses, of which 49 are articulated, 15 double-decker, eight minibuses and remaining are standard length buses. Biggest distinguishing feature of bus fleet in Porto is its fuel – compressed natural gas. In coming years, urban rolling stock will be dominated by this type of drive. Today more than 65% of the fleet is made up of CNG buses and there will be even more of them. Currently are held further deliveries of a total of 173 new gas buses that will end in 2020. Eco-friendly drive in new vehicles meets Euro 6c combustion standard and buses are equipped with 6-cylinder engines with 310 horsepower. Latest buses produced for Porto have their Polish episode – their chassis are being built in MAN’s plant in Starachowice (Poland) and theirs body is built by Portuguese company Caetano Bus. In 2017, average age of bus in Porto was 15 years and these purchases will definitely improve this parameter. At the same time as purchase of CNG buses there is a project to implement 15 electric buses. These are Caetano vehicles of the e.City Gold model that take 72 passengers on board. Buses are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, they can be charged only thanks to plug-in connection and on a single charge they are able to travel a maximum of 200 kilometers. One electric bus with a charging station cost carrier approximately 460,000 euro, so it is a price level very similar to the Polish one. From the tourist perspective, most interesting bus line is 500, which runs from center of Porto along quay of Douro River and Atlantic Ocean coast to Matosinhos. There used to be trams on a similar route and today it is an alternative route to the metro line A. On “500” service run MAN double-decker buses. Dimensions of these city buses make a big impression, because three-axle vehicle is 13.7-meters-long and 4-meters-high. Of course, best views are provided from first row of seats on top deck of this bus. “Sightseeing Tour” bus network is very popular in Porto, with an offer especially aimed at tourists who want to quickly get to know city and its main attractions from deck of a double-decker bus. From central square in the city – Praça da Liberdade – buses of three companies dealing with this type of transport depart: Gray Line, City Sightseeing and Yellow Bus. Getting even more pleasure from ride allows an open roof on upper deck of buses of these networks. 5% of road network served by STCP bus transport has designated bus lanes. While on weekends these lanes are not necessary for efficient bus traffic, they are definitely helpful in weekdays in center of Porto. Car traffic in Portugal is generally increased and during rush hour there is a state of high traffic congestion. In Porto, however, this is not yet as shocking as in case of Lisbon, which we will discuss in next episodes. Porto is one of those cities where transport between different levels of altitude is also ensured. Near metro stop of D line at Ludwik I bridge, but on side of town of Vila Nova de Gaia there is a cable car that allows passengers to slide over city’s roofs to coastal promenade. In five minutes, differences of 57 meters are achieved and a distance of 560 meters. In total there are 14 gondolas on the move and each of them can accommodate 8 passengers. In effect, rail is not only a tourist attraction providing possibility of passing over city buildings, but also has practical applications in transport between this level differences. The other specific high-altitude means of transport in Porto is Funicular dos Guindais. It is also a means of transport mainly for tourists, allowing, among other things, for a change between tram line No. 22 moving in upper downtown of Porto, to line No. 1 going along coast of Duero river. Railway route is 281-meters-long and height differences of 61 meters are overcome. At the same time, one cabin on board can take up to 25 passengers and on route there are two cabins passing each other in the middle of route. Protoplast of metro in Porto is city tram network, although today its importance in city’s life is marginal and brought to tourist and historical attractions. Trams have been supplanted by buses that are struggling with heavy traffic conditions on streets of Porto and metropolis. However, their impact on environment is limited to a minimum, today bus fleet is largely made up of gas buses and there is also an experiment going on with electric drive. Buses also serve tourists and most popular are city and private connections serviced by double-deckers. Transport in Porto, moreover, works not only in the plan, but also vertically, where several dozen-meter height differences are overcome. As we have seen, tourist potential of second largest city in Portugal is tried to be used by as many transport means as possible. Meanwhile, thanks for your attention and see you next time. Bye!

    Respecting operators #metroref
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    Respecting operators #metroref

    November 7, 2019

    Welcome aboard.
    Come on man, you’re killing me! You’re totally behind schedule. You’re making me late for
    work! [WHISTLE]
    Oh look out, there’s a flag on the play. Personal foul. Unsportsman-like conduct. Take
    a deep breath. Repeat the ride. Well, you can’t behave like that, Bob. Operators
    are people too. Johnny, babe, you know I love you.
    I do? Of course you do. I’ll call you right back.
    But this whole verbal assault on the operator thing we got going on here is costing you
    and me big bucks. It is?
    I mean, do you want a shoe deal? Well, yeah?
    Forget about it. People who wear shoes don’t like guys going around berating someone just
    for doing their job. If this thing here gets out on the internet, nobody’s going to want
    you selling granola to their kids on TV. I’m sorry.
    Don’t tell me — tell him. …hey, Pat, glad I caught ya…
    I’m sorry, man. I’m just stressed because I’m late.
    No worries, man. Let’s just try to get you there on time, okay?
    Can I sell granola to your kids on TV? Not a chance, man.