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    Realistic Steam and Sound in this Model Train Video

    January 23, 2020

    Something fun has arrived in the mail…
    In a really big box! My Christmas present to myself. I think you’re gonna like this! If you’ve seen my model train videos,
    it’s not going to surprise you to see
    that these are red boxes from LGB. These two are kind of ordinary LGB. This one is very special.
    So special… That when you open up the cardboard box… There’s another box inside:
    A wooden box. Inside the wooden box:
    Something very special… And very rare! It’s a locomotive…
    And LGB only made
    399 of these for the entire world. And I have one!
    (Evil laugh) Here’s a little tip for you:
    When you’re dealing with model trains… If it comes in a wooden box,
    we’re talking about the good stuff. I know it’s probably hard to tell
    just from looking at it right now
    what’s so good about it… So, let’s fire it up…
    And I’m pretty sure you’re gonna see! Look at that!
    That is so cool! I love the way that the puffing of
    the smoke out the smokestack is… synchronized with the sound and
    the motion of the wheels and everything. And look at how there’s
    steam coming out down below, too…
    at track level. Well, let’s take this thing for a run around the layout
    so you can really see it in action.
    Here we go! A pretty nice Christmas present to myself!
    A limited-edition LGB steam train… Modeled after Switzerland’s Rhaetian railway. Mine was number 286
    of the 399 of these locomotives that LGB made. And they won’t be making any more! Other locomotives in my collection
    include the Santa Fe Super Chief… An Amtrak diesel… A little LGB Porter steam engine… Thomas the Tank Engine… His friend Percy…
    and many more. Nine locomotives in my collection right now. I guess I stop adding new ones
    when I run out of space to store them! I’m Jim Zim.
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    I Crashed My Lionel Polar Express Train Set!
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    I Crashed My Lionel Polar Express Train Set!

    January 17, 2020

    The UPS guy brought me something interesting today. It’s a very inexpensive G scale model train set.
    One of my YouTube viewers told me about it. Now, if you were to buy a G scale starter
    set from a company like LGB… That would typically set you back three or four
    hundred dollars, but this set was under a hundred. That’s so cheap, I figured what the heck!
    Let’s just order one I’ll make
    a video about it for YouTube. But there is, of course, a catch.
    In fact, there’s several catches! So, let’s just unbox it. We’ll take a look at it
    and see what kind of compromises that they had
    to make to get the price under $100. This is a Polar Express train set.
    You know, the classic Christmas story…
    started as a book in 1985… And then became an animated
    movie with Tom Hanks in 2004. Now I’m pretty sure that Lionel didn’t design
    this for a 60 year old guy like me to add to
    his collection of G scale model trains. I think the idea was more that a 60 year old guy like me
    would buy it for his four-year-old grandchild as a way
    to introduce them into model trains. I didn’t even know that Lionel made G-scale stuff at all.
    I thought they were just in to O and HO. But since they say that this is G scale,
    I’m hoping that I can get it to run on my big layout… That’s made up of LGB-brand metal track.
    Let’s see if it works! So, what comes in the box is the locomotive and
    a tender, and then two of these passenger cars… A remote control to operate it,
    and a whole bunch of this plastic track. Now this is one of the big compromises
    that they’ve made.
    It’s plastic. It doesn’t conduct electricity. This kind of locomotive doesn’t get
    electricity through the rails like a
    normal G scale train would get. This has a bunch of batteries inside of it.
    Six C cell batteries to run it… And then two more AA batteries in the
    remote control to operate that. So, it’s not getting power through the track
    like a regular G-scale locomotive would. Now, speaking of regular G-scale locomotives, OK… This may look good here by itself,
    but when you put it up against a
    real LGB-brand G-scale locomotive… You can see that we’re talking
    about a big difference in size. And I don’t know if it comes across on camera,
    but a huge difference in quality. As you would expect…
    This being a hundred dollar set,
    and this being about a $900 locomotive on its own. But this is like toy quality,
    and this is the genuine article right here. But the question that’s killing me…
    and especially more so now that I see
    the size difference between these two locomotives… They say that this is a G-scale set.
    I’m really wondering…
    Is this going to run on my LGB track?
    Let’s find out! Here’s the locomotive.
    Let me line it up with the track. Oh no!
    Oh, it looked good on this side
    when I lined this side up. But it is totally hanging off the side over here. This is not standard G scale width.
    This is wider than regular G-scale. It doesn’t fit on that track.
    So, I’m not going to be able to lay my…
    I’ve got hundreds of feet of LGB track… I’m not going to be able to
    run this on that.
    It’s… it’s just a different size. That is a big problem, because I was really hoping
    to be able to run this under battery power
    on all my existing track. So, now I’m going to have to
    put this plastic track together
    and run it as a whole separate thing… Independent from the rest of my G-scale stuff.
    That’s too bad, and that’s a disappointment. OK, I’ve got it all set up.
    We’re going to make it work. The true test for me of whether
    something is designed well… Is whether you can make it work without reading
    the owner’s manual and without any tools. And unfortunately, this failed on both counts.
    I needed a Phillips screwdriver… To be able to open the battery compartment on
    the locomotive and also to be able to open the
    battery compartment on the remote control. And the other thing was
    I couldn’t figure out how the batteries
    went into the locomotive. So, I did have to read the owner’s manual
    to figure that out. So, that was a fail there. But now it should be all set to go.
    So, we’re going to power it on. There’s a power switch on the locomotive itself,
    and also on the remote control. If you turn on the power switch on the locomotive,
    it beeps like that until you turn on
    the power switch on the remote control. Now, the fun part! OK, on the remote you’ve got some controls. (bell clangs) A bell. Nice sound effects! (steam whistle blows) A steam whistle.
    Another good sound effect! And check this out! (Conductor announcement)
    That’s fun. Now we can either turn it to forward or to reverse. And there’s not enough room on my kitchen table here
    to make a full loop… So, I hope it’s very responsive after I start it and
    then try to stop it before it runs off the end of the table. (Sound of steam train chugging) OH! (laughing)
    For a minute there, I thought it was going
    to go right off the end! When I turned it to off,
    it didn’t immediately stop.
    But it stopped in time. All right, here’s reverse. (sound of steam train chugging) Nice steam train sounds there.
    All right, so I like that. So, I guess the next step is we’ll set it up on the floor.
    I’ll use all the track that came with the set. It’s enough track to go around
    a Christmas tree at Christmas time.
    I’m pretty sure that’s what the whole point is. (Conductor announcement)
    THIS IS THE POLAR EXPRESS! (sound of steam train chugging and whistle blowing) Even though I’m disappointed that I can’t run
    this supposed G-scale train on my
    existing G-scale tracks… I have to admit that once I put the Lionel tracks
    down on my living room floor and started
    running the train, I had fun. For less than $100, it’s certainly a tremendous value. The working headlight on the front of
    the locomotive is a nice touch. The best part is the sound.
    The “all aboard” announcement is fun and
    the bell and whistle sound effects are even better. (Sound of a steam train whistle) Also, the chugging sound of the train in motion. Now you certainly get much better sound effects
    on a real G-scale setup,
    but at this price what you get really is impressive. One other feature I haven’t mentioned yet
    is that the locomotive can operate at
    your choice of three speeds. I’ve been running it at the low speed, so far. Here’s the medium speed. (Chugging sound is faster than before) And now here is the highest
    speed setting for the locomotive. (Chugging sound is even faster than before) Of course, you use the remote control to set the speed.
    Once you’ve picked the speed you want… You can set the remote control down and
    the train will just keep operating at that speed. I have no idea how long it would go
    on one set of batteries. I would definitely look into
    buying some rechargeables if I was you. One negative thing that jumps out at me
    is the way the train lurches to a start
    when you first start it moving. (Sound of a steam train whistle) That’s a very unrealistic start up.
    Too bad they couldn’t figure out a way to get it to
    gradually start moving from the stopped position. That’s a problem you wouldn’t have
    if you had spent three or four times the cost
    of this set to get a real G scale starter set. Now, because running this train around and around
    this oval over and over again
    gets a little boring after a while… Be aware that you can buy
    more of this plastic track and even switches. And it’s all pretty affordable
    since it’s all made from plastic.
    It seems pretty durable, too. (Sound of the train’s bell) You know that it’s just a matter of time
    before any kid you give this set to
    will stage a train crash on purpose! So, for my big finale…
    let’s do a train crash! I know…
    that wasn’t a very good train crash. Seemed like a funny idea.
    Maybe it would be funnier with music… (Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” plays and repeated
    train crashes are synchronized with the cannon sounds) 20 years of experience editing videos
    and I think I finally nailed one! Well, in the end, this inexpensive little
    toy train set did win me over . If you’ve got a budget of $100
    and want to give a really great gift
    to some four to ten year old kid… I think you’d be hard-pressed to do better than this. Now, I think it goes without saying…
    but I’ll say it anyway… Don’t buy this for an adult
    and don’t buy this for anyone that
    already owns some real G scale track. But if you’ve got a kid, or a grandkid,
    or a niece or a nephew in that
    four to ten year old age group… Or even if you don’t,
    but you like the idea of running
    a train around the Christmas tree… …without investing three to four hundred dollars
    or more in a real G scale setup… I think I really can recommend
    Lionel’s Polar Express train set to you. I just refuse to say that it’s G scale,
    because it really isn’t. Now if you want to buy
    one of these Polar Express train sets,
    just click on the link that should
    be on screen right now Or if you don’t see a link on the screen,
    look below in the description or the comments. Also, if you know someone that you think might be
    interested in one of these bargain-priced train sets… Click on the “share” button
    and share this video with them. The “share” button is the one that looks
    like an arrow with a goofy hook to it. Of course, I’ve got many more videos planned
    for the coming months, so subscribe to my channel
    if you want to make sure that you don’t miss any. I’ll continue to make videos about model trains… But I’ve also got some really interesting vacations coming up on cruise ships.
    So, there’ll be some new cruise videos coming this Fall. For now, I’ll leave you with
    four suggested videos to take a look at… Three about model trains, and one about an amazing vacation we took on a cruise ship earlier this year. I’m Jim Zim.
    Leave a comment in the video, if you’d like.
    I read them all! It’s always interesting to hear what
    people have to say about these videos.

    TRAIN PARK in Kalamata!
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    TRAIN PARK in Kalamata!

    January 15, 2020

    Me: This is the famous… frappé… cold coffee Enjoy! Kalamata has a number of green and open spaces… There’s the beach… which everyone knows… …the castle, 23rd of March, the Main Square… …various parks …and the orchards on the outskirts of the city One of the most unique is the Kalamata Municipal Railway Park It contains a number of old steam locomotives… …trains, and passenger carriages, right in the open I’m walking in the train park… …where they have… kept the old trains as a sort of monument Once an important way to connect Kalamata’s port to the rest of the Peloponnese… …these days the trains do not run Instead the park is about recreation… …with activities throughout the year… …a place for clubs to meet… …volleyball, basketball, and some fitness equipment It’s free, you don’t pay anything for it… …and I think it is very cool This is a stepper For children there is also a playground… …and for adults, the old station houses a café …where you can pick up a lovely ice cold frappé (among other things!) You enjoy the trains… and have your frappé It’s certainly nice to just wander around these beautiful old trains and relax in the shade #Steam train noises We are Birba, Annie & Me… …and we are creating videos of our home… …and treat-sized stories from friends all around the world! You can find more of our videos by subscribing on YouTube or Facebook… You can also join the adventure by supporting our work on Patreon… …for behind-the-scenes footage, and nice little rewards!


    Brazil Railways – Narrow gauge steam, Broad gauge freight

    January 14, 2020

    Brazil Railways – Sao Joao del Rei, August 2006
    Brasil Ferrovias – Sao Joao del Rei, Agosto 2006 São João del Rei a city in the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The colonial city is home to 18th-century churches like the São Francisco de Assis, my focus is on The Estrada de Ferro Oeste de Minas (EFOM) a 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) narrow-gauge railway. The tourist railway operates between São João del Rei and Tiradentes. Enjoy shots of doubled headed steam on two photo charters taking advantage of evening and morning light. A brief stop at Joaquim Murtinho, Minas Gerias to observe broad gauge freight action of MRS Logistica Trem da Vale Ouro Preto a 18km, metre gauge line from Ouro Preto to Mariana. The train is powered by a 2-10-2 built by Skoda in 1949.

    The Great Railfan Adventure McAdam Station Final  Part12
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    The Great Railfan Adventure McAdam Station Final Part12

    January 10, 2020

    Transfer papers on the other side Any areas that are off-limits like inside the buildings Okay Okay Reloading You’re not sure Yeah, that’s the car shop side this is locomotor side, okay Okay That would be a bunch of them over the leases they do they lease all this stuff song after so many after so long There’s a line I think that went to Greenville from here yeah mostly abandoned now Just want to go knock it it goes up the Brownville and then hits Pistol Signal 16-cylinder Sanding tower Yeah, you come back another year. So this all be changed all this will be gone really Yeah, this will be all knocked down a remodel new building built. Okay? Yeah, that’s good thing. We’re catching it when we are yeah, this is pretty historic stuff that That was the thing. We had to get the approval from the Historical Society just to take down what we’re taking down and they got the money to to Destroy what we can destroy some of it was already falling down but We got to clean it up, right a lotta Just that that floor there’s there’s nothing but asbestos there if all these buildings just have asbestos on yeah So it’s it’s a major hassle as far as cleanup. Mhm almost costs us more money. I mean just like that thing That’s the majority of the well, there’s some killer equipment in there Little tunnel motors TV 30 dive Larry struck an electric Told you there’s a lot of stuff here. We’re not gonna be able to fill it all in one day We should probably hit back sowed Hole Oh Plus you try to go around find us Bucks Just like the Wonder DanceSport, yep Okay, we’re on in the Wyatt Brownville Why do you want it now? Don’t so traffic To the bridge You It’s not Another oldie Especially me Oh, yeah He’s got the roof off in the car the door There’s a little track Oh S-s-san Gino’s Oh No It’s not the mattress Looks open It is open It’s awesome That’s a just give you little information the station is built in 1999 finished in 1901 And then in 1910 1911 added on both sides So they had done the dining room lunch counter and the expression of the baguette in Germany. I’ll show you guys are an eclectic Maxilla the architect for the building. His name was Edward Maxwell. There’s all sort of dedicated to him from her life And then the president anticipated Pacific rail at the time was away abandoned And so this row right here is the agents office and the last occasion to hear his name was Jim McCracken. He’s up there But it’s a huge area for communication between the states and making sure you know, there’s no Making sure everything ran smoothly. Yeah The checklist is here because they would actually play checkers when you know things about slow, but it was usually never slow Is there a 16 passenger trains daily? And then on top of that 30 freakin little booth and this is the junction. So these are all the roots Don’t would go over into What you lost passenger train furniture here no more that was the FSB area yeah 94, um Came cific. I’m pretty sure as an athlete 79 So this room is called the single ladies wait here the reason it’s called that is actually he was sort of forbidden for women to smoke in public That’s the station from 1900 1901 right there in 1910 1911 when they had gone to This is where just a before and after picture you guys hit And then we also do have a duel we actually have a deal here which I gonna show you guys So there’s just more like a little heavy sort of crimes around the railway station So it was like jumping on the train without pain you need to pay 10 cents or spend 30 days in jail So this is just a the name address and recharging their sentencing So, do you know what these That’s a hoop for orders We’re trained buffs Give me a harder question The floors look relatively new II yeah, this is all been restored in 2009-2010. Okay, this wool this actually started to the hotel lobby. So you come in here go to your room There’s 18 spots for the keys, but there’s actually only 17 rooms, so, do you know why? No number 13. Yeah. Yeah, I can’t stop Person this whole summer. I started here in the end of June. Mmm to get that order No one I had so many people think it’s like for booking Okay Are we able to see the upstairs is that open? Okay. I’d like to see that too. I Remember when the station was like the preservation was first starting they had a fundraising campaign to put a new roof on it was probably the Hotel After that So it wouldn’t have been a room like this one it was not when it was Owned by the railway No, okay So this is like something that you can rent out for local groups. I think there’s dinners that happen here In the dining room, we actually have like little weddings and stuff Yeah, it’s still very much. So I’ll wait for the museum to make some money. Yeah, exactly. That’s good Can we see the kitchen as well? Yeah, let’s go to this below This is is this original the floor is actually original. Okay, but not like the light fixtures But was this a dining room? Yes. Okay. I Used to have one of those clocks, yeah It’s all but yes, you are a probably no illusions like the dining there. This is more the upper Class In your face you Know Anyone like walking by that they knew or in fact, here’s a window. That was very fairly Hmm and I don’t know what that is any idea Yeah, yeah, so it looks like some kind of slicer Yes I’m leaning towards but this was for the common folk. Yeah, just the peasants My luncheon here anyway, so mmhmm yeah, so before this sort of Fifties style patter with the W shape. It actually used to be a high would encounter midnight with the stools There’s more of a horseshoe shape Then 1953 they changed it to this style. Okay So when would this have been closed? Lunch counter it was privately owned after the so the 1976 is when the dining room shut down where it was privately owned from 1976 on basically until the station was sort of shut down and then finally given to Historical Society Children’s work, right Then over there Patman over there there’s a bunch of broken dishes actually to face so there’s a lot of girls that work in the lunch counter here and They had a certain management her name was Miss Clint, he’s very strict So they had to clean every single dish before they could leave and so that was they wanted to go to a dance and Harvey one night and then So what they did with the dirty dishes it’s Daniel okay, and they like so they’re dancing and replaced it with Basically And then they are actually never caught two person training came here And stopped here and then the prisoners actually asked the guard to take a go for a swim And so very angry In France where they cut their feet legs That’s how they were discovered and that sums either But that was years after the dance I take it yeah So there’s 17 rooms, this is a five-star first-class hotel is all stars first class because each room So originally would there not have been like water They had the Clawfoot tub, so there’s an actual original one in the other room. Hmm. So wouldn’t you like those tubs and Because later on when the hotel was shut down the crew from the Train would actually stay up here So this this was the north’s crew me down this way South crew would be down that way but so yeah, that’s why some things are doing some things more a Shower Yeah, we’re still working on restoring something exactly yeah, well it’s a big project We’re just on our way back from the stakes we were down there looking at Yep, go ahead Do you think they’ll ever turn this back into a hotel Yeah, oh, that would be great Really have the whole station our store and then actually uses sort of as a hotels or you know, novelty stay. Yeah Way to generate some income He’s sleeping in here to me they tried to put two beds per side so they can have a little Closet in himself So this was staff quarters. Yes, okay The girls that worked in the last time. Mm-hmm It’s tiny is these little crawl spaces the girls have actually used to go over to the men’s dorm. It’s neat. Yeah They can go out there and walk on the ledge Or something. No, they just go right through the plate That’s well. I’m the walls like all the beams and Stronger all I see I see what you’re saying. Yeah through these pockets here Wow You don’t have the light there That’s crazy that would be the trick I guess to find out if the girls have gone through if they broke the bulb Come over and drink and smoke This is wrong, this is like The roots already host is dedicated to the red eared men. Let’s stay here and work here in town. So This wasn’t crew quarters originally that happened in later years Well, this this isn’t always like three quarters, oh, I mean the Train Chris oh Really stay like it is more the second floor, okay Well, I’ll tell you there’s there’s a cup a lot of training geeks out there like us First time I was here was I think it was 2009 So I think that the bathrooms had been Just renovated. Okay on the main level Yeah, my didn’t get to tour the whole place. So I don’t know what’s changed since then Just they’re beginning zoos actually just the waiting everybody tour. Mm-hmm, right you would like five minutes, okay Yes This used to be the library we’re now working on it so well It’s nice to see it a work in progress knew but she couldn’t even see the pizza Wouldn’t play it in Yeah So this was library for the people for the passengers and the page, okay, so You find anything in the walls like old Style, I haven’t found anything some someone else probably has but your hands and stuff Probably from the fifties or whatever Like that Yes of these washrooms, I guess we were in this area when I came up here There was an event for I think New Brunswick southern had gotten some funding for Improvements there was an event here at the station to launch that that was the other time. I was here Of course the time we Get off six years old All right, we’re going into jail The green is a Pretty standard color and in terms of like and inside the locomotives and whatnot as well Yeah, so I’m guessing they just this is our the chief paint base, right? Yeah, that was a post-war paint They used a different color before the war I forget what it was Going into the Express room It’s usually expression but I’m out sorry Fiona Tillery room. It’s like just for the auxilary Yeah, we know a guy who’s gonna pump her Yeah, he brings it up for the via family day in Halifax. Mm-hmm Painted mile marker Very good should probably teach me more than I’ve already been telling You no those are used for That was just a signal Good lanterns. Yeah, it’s a marker lamp I’ve worn it home like putting a nightlight in it with an extension course. I can turn it off. Oh It turned out really nice No one from surco today actually see the engineer jumping from the window, oh, yeah He wasn’t sticking around On collision CP whistle sign a Lot of people ask me about is a cool ballast ballast. Yeah the rock that goes around the tracks Yeah, that’s a that’s a tool that would go underneath the tie I think for probably Moving your ballast in and out to bring the level up or down or whatever How long you guys finished in the transom It’s probably locked Railfan and their journey To And almost Yep Anyway folks. I hope you guys enjoyed the great railfan adventure and We’re both tired. It’s been an interesting trip a lot of interesting things. We saw and Thanks for coming along with us. And we appreciate all the people we met the fun things we did big thank you goes out to all those who support us and Do you think I forgot that Anyway folks, this is a lord dragon. I’m maritime Ralph and good night be well and take care folks until next time

    Санкт-Петербург-Главный, поезд № 185 Санкт-Петербург – Волгоград
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    Санкт-Петербург-Главный, поезд № 185 Санкт-Петербург – Волгоград

    January 7, 2020

    Saint Petersburg. Vosstaniya Square. Moskovsky railway terminal ChS2T-1016 electric locomotive EP2K-238 electric locomotive is coupling to train № 34 Tallinn – Moscow High-speed train № 780 “Sapsan” Moscow – Saint Petersburg is arriving, Sapsan go to depot train № 185 Saint Petersburg – Volgograd with EP2K-333 electric locomotive TEM18V-011 diesel locomotive, which move trains to boarding “Moscovsky railway teerminal” Vosstaniya Square Nevsky Prospect (avenue)

    Railway Ties – Ep. 1 “Canada’s Freight Train” (Series Pilot)
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    Railway Ties – Ep. 1 “Canada’s Freight Train” (Series Pilot)

    January 3, 2020

    Everybody knows me, but nobody really knows who I am. I work from town to town and I never stay in one place too long. I earn my keep out on the iron road where my wheels are always turning. It’s a highway that stretches out like healthy veins and I am its lifeblood. I can’t feel, yet every day I touch the lives of countless people. I can’t see, but many have seen me. And although I can’t listen, everyone knows me when they hear my call. I am Canada’s freight train and I am one of the ties that bring our nation together. Before I get to stretch my legs out on the mainline, my journey starts at the railway yard. Down here I work day and night to build the trains that carry everything from your iPhone, to your car and the cereal that you eat for breakfast. No matter what the weather, I don’t stop working until these goods are delivered… But believe me when I say that my job here is never really done! You see I’ve been working all across this great land since long before she was born. People have a notion that I’m a romantic, and although I may have some charm, I’m all business. Life on the railroad never slows down. If you think your 9 to 5 is tough, try working 24-hours a day and 365-days a year! Each year I transport more than $280 billion worth of goods across a system that spans more than forty five thousand kilometers, from coast to coast to coast. more than 45,000 kilometers from coast to coast to coast From the tight confines of the city… To the back woods of the Canadian Shield, I see it all. And sometimes I almost blend right into the landscape. I see the side of the country where no cars or people can go. Out on the railroad, I travel til the steel and sky align. It’s a lot of responsibility and can be tough work, but somebody’s gotta keep the economy on track. I am Canada’s freight train. But you knew me all along didn’t you.