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    Young inventors in S. Korea make websites to track coronavirus cases
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    Young inventors in S. Korea make websites to track coronavirus cases

    February 13, 2020

    more people have been wanting to know
    where the confirmed patients here in Korea went to avoid going there and some
    college students put up a website to inform people of those locations our Kim
    bo-gyung tells us more two people in South Korea keeping track of where
    confirmed patients have been is important not only because they can
    check the locations they should avoid but also because they can quickly report
    to health authorities if they are showing any symptoms to ease people’s
    anxieties college students in South Korea came up with an idea to make a map
    showing the locations that confirmed patients have visited for students in
    their 20s learned programming together for a year and after the corona virus
    outbreak they developed a website called corona nearby although lots of
    information on corona virus was being provided we didn’t think it was in a
    nice format that people could look at so we thought we could make a map like
    version if you visit the website you first need to allow the computer or
    mobile device to know your location then based on the information where you are
    or where you would like to go you can find any nearby sites where confirmed
    patients have visited you can also see the nearby hospitals in case you show
    any symptoms another website called Corona map also shows the number of
    confirmed patients and a history of their whereabouts since contracting the
    virus I wanted to correct false information on
    platforms such as social media or YouTube so I made a map service based on
    the data from Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention young inventors
    of both websites say that they will update the information until the corona
    virus outbreak passes they also added that they will continue to work for
    public good we received lots of feedback from many people saying it was of great
    help we thought pride in what we did so if other issues come up in the future we
    will try our best to do something for society
    inventors hope they can close the websites down so that people don’t need
    to worry anymore Kim bo-gyung Arirang news

    How Satellites Track Your Exact Location
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    How Satellites Track Your Exact Location

    January 12, 2020

    GPS satellites are constantly bathing the
    world in their electromagnetic signally glow, but how EXACTLY do these satellites find you? Saying a satellite finds YOU is very Enemy
    of the State, very NBC TV government drama; but GPS satellites don’t actually track you,
    they’re simply broadcasting a signal that you pick up. What would be a more accurate
    way to look at it is, GPS doesn’t find you, but you find it. The Global Positioning System is network of
    around 30 satellites, a receiver, and a SUPER accurate clock; all pulled together with math.
    The system was created in the 1980s for the military, but they opened it up for civilian
    use, and it has since changed how we find directions, look for pizza, and connect with
    each other. But how it works, requires a TON of incredible science. Firstly, we have to know what time it is.
    I know that seems strange, but if you don’t have a SUPER ACCURATE measure of time, you
    can’t do GPS! The most accurate measure of time humans have, is the constant, predictable
    vibration of an atom. The U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., is the official United
    States time. They mark time, by measuring billionths of a second using 9,192,631,770
    electron vibrations of a Cesium-133 atom. This atomic clock is accurate to nanoseconds…
    which is super important. Secondly we have to have a satellite network
    which ALSO know the time. As of October 19, 2015, there were GPS 31 satellites with three
    atomic clocks on board, as well as transmitters to send microwave signals out at the planet
    below. The system is flying at 11,000 kilometers per hour, about 20000 kilometers above our
    heads (7000mph/12500mi) and is maintained by the U.S. Air Force. Those signals? Those
    are what are telling you where you are on the planet! Okay, so. GPS signals are sent at exact intervals.
    Say… every few seconds. Embedded in microwave signal is the ID of the satellite, the health
    of the satellite, the location of all the satellites in the system, and the precise
    date and time. VERY precise. Because Tens of thousands of kilometers away on the ground,
    the signals will be picked up by your smartphone once you click, let the pizza app know your
    location. Smartphones and GPS units have to have very
    precise time, because microwave signals travel at the speed of light, roughly 300,000 kilometers
    per second, so in a fraction of a second, the signal travels from each satellite to
    you! This is why we need atomic clocks, because 20-30 nanoseconds matter! But we’ll come back
    to this in a sec. The receiver can tell where each satellite is, by the difference in time
    lag. Using a mathematical process called trilateration the GPS unit can determine your exact location.
    Basically, a sphere is drawn indicating the time lag from each satellite and the overlapping
    point is your current location! After ALL THAT, the pizza app knows exactly where you
    are. Before you get confused, there’s NOT an atomic
    clock in your smartphone, but as long as the smartphone clock is pretty good, it can will
    regular updates from the Observatory clock and stay on track! The more satellites it
    can “see” the more accurate the location. If you pick up three satellites, your GPS
    can determine your 2D location (latitude and longitude), but with four it can tell your
    altitude too! As you move, the time lag from the satellite to the antenna of each signal
    will change, and by constantly updating the trilateration math, the location dot on your
    map moves. Even after all this work just to get a pizza
    delivered, there’s a ton more complications. Satellites need replacement, and only have
    an operational life of 7-15 years. So they have to keep launching new ones. We’re on
    our fifth generation now, and they’re getting a lot better, but they’re not perfect. The
    satellite signals can bounce off an ionized layer of the atmosphere called ionosphere
    — AM radio bounces off it from the ground too. It’s not friendly to signals going through
    it. But on top of THAT GPS satellites are traveling FAST and far away, meaning Einstein’s
    General & Special Relativity comes into play. Even if the atomic clocks are super accurate,
    the ones on the satellites are ticking faster than the Naval Observatory clock, because
    gravity is stronger on Earth and they’re moving so fast! SO! The GPS has to mathematically
    calculate and adjust for the roughly 45,000 nanoseconds per day of difference in time;
    since being off by 20-30 nanoseconds can make the system pretty much worthless. This a big
    deal. It’s frickin’ crazy. Thanks to the space program, Einstein’s relativistic
    physics, atomic clocks, and smart phones, you my friend, can get a pizza delivered to
    your exact location — give or take a few feet. What do you want? We’re not perfect.
    Yet. The next generation should get us within inches. And thank you also to the US Air Force for
    sponsoring this message, and making sure the pizza guy knows where to come. Every day American
    Airmen go above and beyond to break barriers both professionally and personally. The United
    States Air Force is powered by Airmen, fueled by innovation.
    Crazily enough, your BRAIN has GPS too, after a fashion. A set of cells creates a map of
    the stuff around you… No, no, I’ll let this super handsome guy with a great t-shirt collection
    explain it.

    How to track exact location of your family members by using Google maps
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    How to track exact location of your family members by using Google maps

    November 18, 2019

    Sir- I am unwell, I will not be able to come to office What’s wrong with him? Let me call him and find out? Sir – calling? Hello … Hoon… what happened? Sir – I am down with viral, i may not be able to come to office for 2-3 days Are you at home right now? No sir – I have come to hospital for checkup right…. ok sir Let me check his locaiton What is he doing in main market? He said he is in hospital?? Let me call him again oh!!! – sir is calling again Hello Where are you? in which hospital? Arrey – which hospital? Sir – I am in DDU hospital Look at your back sir – are you also in hospital I am in main market right now What are you doing here? You said you are in hospital I will talk about this when you come to office You may want to learn how i tracked this location? I am going to teach you how to do that? Just wait for few seconds, i will be back, till then do subscribe to Digital spot First thing to do is – Open Google play store, Tap on this menu then go to my game and apps You will see list of apps that are not updated Update the apps, in particular – google maps Do that first. After updating apps, enable the location from the top. This means enabling GPS, my phone location is enabled. Along with this also enable the data of your mobile Once you are done with these 3 things we will go to Google maps You will click on this menu in Google maps You need to scroll down and tap on settings option Once you tap there, go to Google location settings Check here, you will see this will be ON Plus location method should be set to high accuracy, many times its on phone only Scroll down, we need to go Google location history You will see the device that you are using here. check that it should be enabled. For some reason if it is not just enable it and go back Go to Google location settings again Here we will enable Google location sharing Use the plus sign to put email id of the person with whom we wish to share our location You may choose to share location for one hour or for more time – like untill you turn this off choose the person with whom you wish to share location For example – Let me share my location with my wife I can put here name or email id or phone number here I will put here name here, i can see here email id as pop up. Please note that the person with whom you are sharing location should have a Google account I will choose name here after selecting it, come to bottom and tap on share button. After doing this, my wife can see my location on real time basis. until i turn this off i can even turn this off, by clicking on this cross button. After performing this step, turn off Google maps and all apps from the bottom. close all apps Open maps again We will go to menu again You will notice a new option here, by the name share location tap on this. Now the steps that i have performed have already been performed by my wife i can click on her profile, location sharing is ongoing Once i click on her profile image, here location is visible here. If i reduce the zoom a bit, this is her Haridwar location because she has gone to Haridwar If i want to see my location right now. I will click on my own profile image, i can see my location here Let’s go back to wife’s location I can disable my location from here, then m wife will not be able to see my location I can use this menu to refresh and see real time location For some reason if there is a lag of one or two minutes you can refresh it. If you want- you can share your location with multiple users from here. share your real time location. You saw how easy it is to share your real time location with any one plus also see someone’s real time location live on your android device You saw how good and useful is this to track location of mobile phone. Finding out location in critical situation, tracking location of family members Girl friend and boyfriend can track each other. Most important, if you loose your phone, you can track that as well. One additional thing you will need to do for that. You will need to disable power button then you can track the location of phone using this process We have made another video that is about how to disable power button and further track location You can see the link of that video in description below If you have not subscribed to Digital spot till now.. then Just click on the red button below We have super interesting videos on this channel for you. That’s it for now, take care.

    Why the World’s Smallest Country Has a Railroad
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    Why the World’s Smallest Country Has a Railroad

    August 8, 2019

    This video was made possible by Brilliant. Start learning intuitively with Brilliant
    for 20% off by being of the first 424 people to
    sign up at So I hear you want to learn why the world’s
    smallest country has a railroad. Well, the Vatican has a railroad because the
    Roman Empire was awesome. There’s the answer. Now I know what you’re thinking—“you
    just gave me the answer why should I stick around for the rest of the video?” The Vatican, like Canada, is a pretty cool
    place. It has the world’s highest density of Popes,
    the world’s highest wine consumption per capita, and compared to me it’s pretty huge. Compared to other countries, though, it’s
    on the smaller side. It’s about 3,000 feet wide and 2,500 feet
    tall. If you took the tallest building in the world,
    the Burj Khalifa, and laid it on its side over the Vatican you would be responsible
    for the death of thousands. Despite its small size, the Vatican is a fully
    recognized and sovereign country with its own government, its own banks, own stamps,
    own passports, postal system, radio station, police officers, fire fighters, and, of course,
    railroad. Being smack dab in the middle of Rome, it’s
    not exactly hard to get to the Vatican. There are no border controls between it and
    Italy so anyone can pretty much stroll into the country without even realizing and there
    are also, of course, roads going in and out. Now, considering the runway of the nearby
    Rome Fiumicino Airport is more than twice as long as the Vatican is wide, there is no
    airport in the country. This isn’t all that unique. Four other countries don’t have airports—Andorra,
    Liechtenstein, Monaco, and San Marino. Now, it would’t be unreasonable to think
    that the Vatican, the smallest country in the world, also doesn’t have a railroad
    because plenty of countries don’t have railroads. Libya, the 16th largest country in the world,
    does not have a foot of functional railroad track but there are a lot of things Libya
    doesn’t have… like a functional government. Even some of the world’s most highly developed
    nations like Qatar and Iceland lack trains. I don’t know if it’s related but both
    countries have some interesting beliefs—Iceland believes in Elves and Qatar believes in wealth
    disparity. The Vatican though, has a railroad and quite
    fittingly, it’s the smallest national railroad in the world. But why? Now for the worst part of the video—the
    bit you actually learn stuff. So, back during the Roman Empire Italy looked
    like this—it was all together. But then the Roman Empire stopped existing
    which was a bummer unless you were Theoderic the Great who ruled a united Italy under the
    Ostrogothic Kingdom until that fell and they eventually became part of the Frankish empire,
    which frankly sucked, and so Italy fell apart faster than a Kickstarter funded startup into
    a bunch of city-states as it remained for the next 1000 years until people remembered
    how awesome the Roman Empire was and decided that Italy should be united once again. Everyone thought that was a great idea except
    the Pope who controlled this land—the Papal States. The new Kingdom of Italy disagreed with the
    Vatican’s obviously irrational desire to keep hold of the only territory they had so
    they took it and so the Pope wasn’t happy. For the next 60 years the different popes
    did not leave the presently unrecognized country of the Vatican at all as a way to protest
    Italy’s claim to Rome which is exactly the level of stubbornness I admire. That was until 1929 when the two parties signed
    the Lateran Treaty which said, “hey, we’re chill,” in exchange for money, a recognized
    sovereign state, and a free railroad. The Vatican rail line originates in Rome at
    a nearby rail station, curves off over a viaduct, then enters the state through a 35 ton iron
    gate that’s closed when there’s no traffic to keep Italy from invading by train which
    I guess was a concern? Immediately on the other side of the wall
    is the Vatican City train station. While this whole branch is run by the country,
    only about 200 feet of track are actually within the Vatican which definitively makes
    this the smallest national railroad in the world. You could walk from one end of the line to
    the other faster than you could walk to the moon. This railroad has been occasionally used by
    Popes to get to the Papal summer palace south-east of Rome, but nowadays its main purpose is
    to get food and supplies in and out of the country without having to drive trucks through
    the crowded streets of Rome. With the exception of a once-weekly train
    for tourists, there are no scheduled passenger trains to the station. If you become the next Pope and decide to
    extend the rail line to two or maybe even three stations there are a lot of things you’re
    going to need to learn like which bank angle to use so that trains can go around curves
    without derailing, how much to adjust timetables to account for slower running during repair
    work, and how to open the Vatican’s secret underworld housing the real Slim Shady. Luckily, you can learn two of those three
    things in’s classical mechanics course. This course, like all Brilliant courses, makes
    learning complex topics simple by first breaking concepts down into their intuitive principles
    then combining those to build up to the answer. It’s seriously the best way to learn. If classical mechanics isn’t your thing,
    they have loads of other courses on topics like probability, astronomy, machine learning,
    and my favorite, logic. Best of all, you can try Brilliant for free
    by going to and then the first 424 people to use that link will also
    get 20% off their annual premium subscription.