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    How to approach a Level Crossing.  What to look for
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    How to approach a Level Crossing. What to look for

    March 4, 2020

    So we are going to be doing level crossings,
    I am going to be in Fenny Stratford which is at the side of Bletchley and we are going
    to be crossing it. It’s going to have lights on it, it’s going to have a barrier on it.
    Thats the typical sort of thing I get in this area. Different area’s have slightly different
    things, hopefully you will see the difference. I am going to do the first bit in slow motion
    and then we will do it in real time with me talking about what is going on. Let’s go.
    So you see clearly on the left, the red triangle warning you of the gates for the level crossing,
    underneath that you have got the warning sign of the lights saying to you when they are
    on you have to stop at the white line and you can see the gates barrier are up at the
    moment and the lights are not on. As you approach it the solid white line on the ground you
    can see clearly it’s in front of you, also on the other side of the road for oncoming
    cars. So if you approach it at a slow.speed sensible speed you can easily stop if the
    lights change You wouldn’t try and beat the barriers because
    you are going to get caught and cause an accident. So we are going to approach a level crossings,
    now you have seen the slo mo video, so you know what sort of things are like, some are
    slightly different than others, this one in Fenny Stratford has got traffic lights on
    the approach, not traffic lights, lights on the approach, just warning you that the barriers
    are going to come down. So approach level crossings with caution, don’t approach them
    with speed. So as we go round the corner the barriers are up i can see it and there is
    a red triangle warning you of a gate system, so if the train is coming they are going to
    come down the barriers. I am just going to give-away to that white van and it’s telling
    you also below the red triangle that when the lights are showing you got to stop and
    there is a white stop line before it and on the other side as well. Just going to pull
    in a little bit here to let him get through, oh he’s letting me get through so I will give
    him a little wave but as I approach it I will keep an eye on the lights and you can see
    clearly the white stop line and its as easy as that. You wouldn’t go racing through it,
    and they are pretty bumpy once you go over them because they are rail crossings rail
    lines you are going to cross over. If you do chance it then obviously you are go risk
    your own life at that point, so I wouldn’t even bother, don’t think you can beat the
    lights, approach it at a safe speed and you will easily be able to stop.


    *Cancelled Closure* Bathley Lane Level Crossing (27/01/2020)

    February 2, 2020

    Right, time is 11:51hrs Monday 27th January 2020 That’s all I know, hang on, I’ve had to loop around the block Because the route to South Muskham is closed Right So this’ll be the 11:47 LNER service from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh Looks like it might be all Right the next Movement for Worksop is several minutes away which should be Set Bounds Green 21 Barriers should raise after this train Probably be here shortly anyway I’ll move over this side 131/224 Are they going up? Yes Okay, time is 11:57 This’ll be the 11:52 LNER service from London Kings Cross to Leeds Let’s leave it like that Everything might just be in single closures Even if they are like 85 years long Because these crossings are down forever for a calling train from Newark In this direction Looks like a 91 set coming up 82225? Couldn’t quite see the back Oh… What happened? Oh dear, let’s try that again Well I don’t know what that was about Times 12:03 This’ll be the 11:57 Service from Bounds Green to Worksop Down Yard And let’s leave it at that Let’s see what around that one Not far behind is 1D71 Right, Ok, so there’s actually 3 So 5Z91, Bounds Green – Worksop The 12:07 London to Bradford, and the 12:08 Leeds to London Now once it appears, this should be set Bounds Green 21 I forget what the DVT is Because we saw the other one last week 82227 Don’t know how many has gone, I think that’s number 10 Okay, second train appearing at Norwell now Another DVT And 1D71 has just passed the flat crossing Right, can I make out what this one is, even though it’ll be in the way of it’s self Couldn’t see it Let’s say we didn’t see it because it was in the way of it’s self Well done Right We could be unlucky, there could be another train after this one Who knows? The likelihood is probably, because That 66 we saw is going to sit in Carlton Loop for 20 minutes Where is he? Bullpit Lane Is the train after this next one Anyone for a slow 180? 180103 to Bradford Is that all? Yes Okay, we’ll get one more across the other side Okay, time is 12:10 This’ll be the 12:13 LNER service from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh 114/213 And that’s the lot So whilst we’ve got the chance, we’re going to leave Bring in new end screen

    By Rail to Wroxham
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    By Rail to Wroxham

    January 30, 2020

    The platforms at County School station
    sit in silent isolation in June 2017. However, up until 1952, this was a busy
    rural junction for passenger trains, including trains taking the East Norfolk railway branch towards Wroxham. Services from the station ran southwards
    towards Dereham, Wymondham and Norwich. Northwards towards Fakenham and Eells on the coast, and the branch trains for a Aylsham and Wroxham, which ran beside the Wells line as far as Broom Green. Today the track stops just outside
    the now derelict signal box. But, today, we’ll take a journey along the former route to Aylsham and Wroxham. The line approaches Aylsham on
    an embankment above several new housing estates. Drivers on the busy a 140 now rarely notice the former level crossing. Just
    another remnant a long-forgotten railway. However that eastern section of
    the branch is far from forgotten. Since 1990, Aylsham has been the headquarters of the 15 inch gauge Bure Valley Railway, who operates the nine miles of line
    towards Wroxham The tunnel replaces the level crossing over the A140. The Bure Valley Railway’s 15 inch rails
    run beside the Norwich to Cromer line, where the junction once sat, before reaching their own terminus station. This is overlooked by the
    original junction signal box which is currently being restored as a museum. The line’s visitors gain an impressive view of the Bure Valley Railway station, their
    turntable and passing trains on the main line. Hoveton and Wroham station is
    nearby, still advertises itself as an interchange for a line that had been declared obsolete over 60 years earlier. A Class 156, a more modern version of the Met-Cam diesel unit seen at the far junction 50 years before, pulls away towards the coast at Cromer … passing a branch line with a
    bright future.

    *Skipping Alarm* Coalville Level Crossing (28/01/2020)
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    *Skipping Alarm* Coalville Level Crossing (28/01/2020)

    January 29, 2020

    Okay, time is 11:55 Tuesday 28th January 2020 This’ll be the 12:06 GBRf service From Bardon Hill to Stapleford & SCCE New barriers due here in the next couple of months, after the railtour Which again is in a couple of months Right mess with the safety netting There’s also been an upgrade over at Bardon Hill Quarry I’d have got this train there, but there’s no chance of parking Only the bus stop, but I don’t want to get The same fine as Joe caught at Derby do I That’s just unfortunate Our next train along this line is the test train from Derby to Tyseley Which I may try and get over at Bardon Hill, before it’s Upgrade And it’s new barriers There’s not even really a signalling map for this line either There’s not many signals Right, this is heading through Moira West To Burton on Trent The more lesser used part of this line Through Moira and Swannington Oh, here we are 66781 To Stapleford

    Gosberton Level Crossing (11/09/2019)
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    Gosberton Level Crossing (11/09/2019)

    December 23, 2019

    Ok, the time is 13:05 This is the 13:10 East Midlands Railway service from Peterborough to Lincoln Central Strange layout here. You’ve got all long shades this side All short shades on the other

    Ranskill Level Crossing (30/06/2019)
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    Ranskill Level Crossing (30/06/2019)

    December 23, 2019

    This is Ranskill Level Crossing in Nottinghamshire The time is 14:11 Sunday 30th June 2019 This’ll be the slightly delayed 14:05 LNER Service from London Kings Cross to Leeds 43320/43277 Time one really stops quite high up Time is 14:18 This’ll be the 14:17 Grand Central service from Sunderland to London Kings Cross Ok, time is 14:29 This is 14:23 LNER Service from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh And maybe delayed 14:14 Hull Trains service from London Kings Cross to Hull Ok, time now 14:33 This’ll Be the 14:14 Hull Trains service From London Kings Cross to Hull So far today Hull Trains Has 33% of its trains running to time Yesterday, Grand Central only 41% So far today they’re on 33 LNER yesterday Had about 61% of on time services So far today it’s at 71% But there is a broken down train at Potters Bar We’ll also wait for 14:33 service From Whitemoor Yard to Leeds Balm Road I don’t know who it’s under as it’s running from a GBRF to Freightliner Depot So it might just be a swapping of units throughout companies