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    Driving Trains in “LEGO City Undercover”, Cydonia (Red Train), Emerald Night (Green), Courser (Blue)
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    Driving Trains in “LEGO City Undercover”, Cydonia (Red Train), Emerald Night (Green), Courser (Blue)

    September 13, 2019

    There she is – LEGO City! Hi! Brickette here, driving the trains
    in LEGO City: Undercover. Thanks to Ben Chadwick for
    requesting it! Here we are at the train station in Cherry Tree Hills, getting a train for fast travel as a passenger. This red train is called the Cydonia. If we want to drive the train, we can summon it the same way – just don’t pick a
    destination. I tried to select drive the train, but it wouldn’t let me. So I just selected “fast travel” and then canceled out.
    Or you can press Down on the D Pad. That gets the train to come right to you. Then I jumped into the engineers cab
    with the tag button. Now I just drive as I would any vehicle,
    with the right and left triggers. There’s a character token we can get later, or right now. If you wanted to stop the train, you could get out and get that character token. I’ll go halfway around the map with the Cydonia. Then I’ll show you when I got the last train station and unlocked the Emerald Night (the green train), which replaces the Cydonia. Then I’ll drive the Emerald Night
    around the other half of the map. Then I’ll show you
    the handcar, the wash wagon, and the blue tram called the Courser. Coming up on the right is a box for
    Rex Fury to open with a handcar inside. We can stop the train right here and open it. I got it a slightly different way, though. I came up from the side. I’ll come back to that after we get the Emerald Night. Fort Meadows was the last
    train station I unlocked because I needed to collect some
    super bricks in order to buy it. There’s the last time we’ll see the Cydonia. Once we get all the train stations activated, we get the Emerald Night, which replaces the Cydonia. Now I’m going to drive the Emerald Night. But first I want to switch to Train Driver Bob, just for fun. I go into one of these booths, select a civilian, go over to “service”, and go over to Train Driver Bob and then select it again. To summon a train quickly,
    we go to the train station, hit the right button, and select “fast travel”
    and then close that window. Then we go to the engineers cab. Ooh! I got nailed! But wait! There’s more! Then we jump into the engineers cab
    with the tag button. Now I’ll drive around the other half of the map and go to the same point
    where I stopped the Cydonia. Then I’ll show you the handcar. I’m going to stop the train and reverse
    it a little ways with the left trigger – because I can. Okay, now I’m going to keep going. Here’s the Auburn train station. And this is under the Auburn bridge. Here’s the Fort Meadows train station. There’s that castle on the right. Here’s the bridge at Bluebell National Park. And there’s the entrance to
    a special assignment. And just past this opening is where we left off with the Cydonia, which is where we can get the handcar with Rex Fury. We could just stop the train
    and jump out at this point, or climb up the side as I did. While I’m running around collecting
    studs and building this handcar, I didn’t notice that the train
    was coming down the track. I don’t know if you can get this hand car off the track. If not, then it’s gonna get smashed sooner or later. But if you wait to build it after the train goes by, you can at least ride it around until
    the train catches up with you again. I tried to find the handcar in my
    vehicle list, but couldn’t. So I looked for something else I could put on the tracks to see if the train will smash it with me in it. I found the wash wagon in the bikes category which was very strange to me
    because it has four wheels. I think it should be under worker or compact. So I jumped into it with the tag button and tried to get it straight on the tracks. Oh brother! I opened up the map to see how close the trains were. They’re way down there. Now they’re way up here. Hah! The magic of editing! He’s still alive, of course. Across from the train station in Cherry Tree Hills, is a blue tram that we can drive. I got in as a passenger at first by
    getting into the back compartment. It goes slower this way and you can’t control it. I’ll fast forward it up until we get to
    the other end of this which is pretty quick. It doesn’t go very far, and it doesn’t stop for anybody. So I went back to the train station
    to drive the tram this time. Wow! They keep running me over! So I thought I’d make it interesting and put a car on the tracks. here it comes So now we jump in the front this time and drive it with the trigger buttons. And we can back this one up too. It goes a little bit faster when you drive it, and you can stop it whenever you want. Nothing gets smashed this way, but wait ’til the return trip. Oh, man! They’re driving right into me! awesome Thank you so much for watching! If you like this video, please, make like a LEGO character and smash that like button, and subscribe to see when I upload new videos. See you next time!