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    Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Video for Kids | Charlie’s Knock-Knock Jokes | Sodor Storytime
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    Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Video for Kids | Charlie’s Knock-Knock Jokes | Sodor Storytime

    December 12, 2019

    Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Colin! Colin Who? Colin all enigines! Colin all engines! Be on the lookout out for knock-knock jokes! Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Percy! Percy who? Percy-vere and you’ll go far! Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Toby! Toby who? Toby or not Toby, that is the question! knock-knock Who’s there? Arthur! Arthur who? Arthur anymore knock knock jokes these are hilarious! Knock knock! Who’s there? Hank! Hank who? You’re welcome! Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Annie! Annie who? Annie more of these knock-knock jokes? I love them! Knock knock! Who’s there? Claire! Claire who? Claire the way I’m coming through! Hey Hugo, knock-knock! Who’s there? Hugo Hugo who? Hugo your way, and I’ll go mine Hey Sam, knock-knock? Who’s there? Sam! Sam Who? Sam guy that knocked on the door last time! Hey Rocky, knock-knock! Who’s there? Rocky! Rocky who? Rocky-bye baby on the treetop! Hey Dustin, knock knock! Who’s there? Dustin Dustin who? Dustin time for more knock-knock jokes! Hey Harvey, knock knock! Who’s there? Harvey! Harvey Who? Harvey just gonna stand around and tell jokes all day? Hey Neil, knock knock! Who’s there? Neil Neil who? Neil down to the king of the knock-knock jokes! Hey Philip, knock-knock! Who’s there? Philip! Phillip who? Philip on lots of diesel you have a long way to go today! Hey Iron ‘Arry knock knock! Who’s there? ‘Arry! ‘Arry who? ‘Arry up and tell us more knock-knock jokes! Knock-knock! Who’s there? Charlie Charlie who? Charlie horse! Knock-knock! Who’s there, Diesel? Diesel! Diesel who? Diesel teach you to tell knock-knock jokes! Hey Charlie, knock-knock! Who’s there? Oliver! Oliver who? Oliver troubles are over, help has arrived! Hey Diesel, knock knock! Who’s there? Duck! Duck who? Just Duck! Here come the Great Western Railway engines! Hey Mavis, knock knock! Who’s there Charlie? Mavis… Mavis who? Mavis be the last knock knock joke I tell for a loooong time!


    My First Thomas and Friends Railway Pals Destination Discovery Train Set w Percy || Keiths To

    December 11, 2019

    Percy: What a peaceful day on Sodor Percy: Let’s help farmer McColl deliver some milk! Percy: M is for mail! I need help delivering the mail! Percy: playing music Hi everyone! Welcome to Keith’s Toy Box! Get ready for a journey with Thomas and his friends with to this big surprise toy! It’s the My First Thomas and Friends Railway Pals Destination Discovery Track Set! Thanks to Fisher-Price for sending this to us! With over 40 track pieces, it comes with all the popular places at Sodor! Including Tidmouth Sheds, Knapford Station and McColl’s Farm It comes with a Percy train Percy: Oh my funnel! a cargo car and two cargo pieces It even comes with nine activation points where you can roll Percy over to hear over fifty sounds and phrases You can also connect it to other railway pals track sets to build multiple layouts! So, let’s open the box and check it out! There’s all the pieces and the instructions So, let’s start building! There it is! Isn’t it awesome?! There’s this cute coal chute, Tidmouth Sheds Cool! A nice cargo container A gate that you can open and close, Knapford Station and McColl’s Farm! And here are the nine activation points! Rolling the train over them lets you hear sounds and phrases Rolling over the activation points presses down on these buttons and different combinations Percy: Sodor is a big island! Let’s explore! Each with a different sound or phrase [ Percy speaking ] Percy: 1, 2, let’s go! Hihihi You can also press on the bumper in front of Percy or bump it in the gate to hear more sounds The back of the chain also has a connector so you can connect a cargo truck and pull cargo along There’s Tidmouth Sheds! It has all your favorite characters! Let’s put Percy on the track and roll him over the activation point Percy: 1, 2, let’s go! Percy: Let’s go! Hihihi! Let’s stop by the coal chute to pick up some coal Next stop, Knapford Station! Oh, there’s a little surprise right here! It’s Sir Topham Hatt! It even comes with a cool turntable Going up! Percy: Let’s help farmer McColl deliver some milk! That was McColl’s Farm! Percy: M is for mail! I need help delivering the mail! Open the gate! Choo choo! I’m a really useful engine! You can also connect it to other Railway Pals track sets to make bigger track layouts! It also works with other Railway Pals engines! This one is James! James: I know a lot! James: playing music James: Oh, Tidmouth Sheds James: My polished paintwork! James: playing music And here’s Harold! Percy: It’s called the trouble over water Going under the bridge! Percy: Is it time to deliver the mail now? Percy: playing music So, that’s the My First Thomas and Friends Railway Pals Destination Discovery Track Set! Thanks to Fisher-Price for sending this to us! Please like this video or tell us what you think in the comments below! Thanks for watching Keith’s Toy Box and remember to subscribe for more videos! Remember, always pack away your toys after you play!


    TOY TRAINS EZ Play Railway Train Crossing Toys Fisher-Price Toy Review for Kids Kinder Playtime

    December 4, 2019

    Kinder Playtime! (children laughing) (music begins to play) Jacob: Welcome back to Kinder Playtime friends! We have another train set! It’s the EZ Play railway! It’s from Fisher Price. It kind of looks like the trackmaster tracks. We will have to see if Thomas works. I’m excited! Let’s open it! This track is huge! We’re ready to roll! It comes with an orange engine and two cars! All aboard! Look how easy this is. What’s inside your cargo? There’s a stop and go button! Engine has lights and sounds. There we go! The gray track makes it easy to set up. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. There he goes! To catch the boulder. Let’s try Thomas! Nah, he doesn’t work very good on these tracks. Thomas does okay on these tracks, but not great. (train sounds) This train set is so cool! And it’s easy to set up! Thanks for watching, bye! Leave us a like, write us a comment, and “sumscribe.” Thanks for watching, bye!


    Little Girl Drops Racist DISS TRACK (She Roasted Me…)

    December 4, 2019

    stop watching this please just stop now stop watching this I found out I was i was dropped as a child, dropped so hard i think I’m black! this “Black Girl”( NOT BLACK) This spoiled rich girl who only has like 100K subs made a professional music video, (No about of auto tune could fix that voice of hers) about me. And my peasants supported me. The her singing was so bad people had to take the “music video” down. Anyways, I got to hear this shit of a music video and lets hope I still can hear after this. ***Why TF is her phone cracked*** White kid:WHA WHA WHA *Kill Me She Forced Me To Do This * Rice: that is by far the most cringiest acting i’ve ever seen Bruh I’m shitty at acting but, dam at least I’m better that. Bro that Was so painful to watch. Like you trynna diss me, at least put some effort into it. white kid dressed like a girl: HELP!!! HELP!!!! *MOAN* OK WHAT. Why are they moaning. THERES SO MANY QUESTIONS, I DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON, like you kids are underage. Why is this kids shirt bigger then your girl? You think with all the money she got she could get her friend a shit that fits. WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!? Boy change your girl looking ass shirt. where she was trynna pronounce things in her house. *noise* “NUT”!!!! (just a thought, WTF is with that face tho) IT”S TRUE THO HAVE U SEEN “NUT” LIKE DAM MAYBE THATS WHY SHES CALLED NUT. SHE KINDA LOOKS LIKE ONE. If you gonna dis me than you, best be sure your people don’t look like a nut and boy wearing a shirt way to big for him. Sorry, not sorry. Sure Everyone Watching This is probably Thinking Wtf is wrong with this girl. sorry nor sorry. WHAT THE FUGE IS THAT THINK VIKKI. IT LOOKS LIKE FREDDY KRUEGER’S SISTER. *FLASH BACK* Was That One guy that Was like chocolate chocolate and there Was that One grandma in the wheelchair all fucked up looking wanted chocolate. They LOOK SO alike. WTF did i just seen. Do i have to watch this whole video? HELP! I can’t see anymore of this! You Guys i really don’t wanna watch this. i literally replayed this 4x and still don’t know wtf she’s saying. Basically If you’re a Duck Viewer Stick=GUN?!! This Shit LOl>IM tired so if u want more caps from me comment down below Really tries to portray like She’s Like Gangster look at me i rap about guns i’m in the hood my Homies are locked Up Just Like in a gang or Whatever but Like The Cameraman pans over to like her squad her crew and it’s like What is this Your Whole Crew Just Looks like a Bunch of high schoolers That all Get Bad grades But They look like They have Good Parents That care about them and like These Kids in the music video on This video But Like If you’re Watching this you can change your life right Now What vicki is a Bad influence like all This gang Stuff is not Cool stay in school and don’t do drugs you know no gang Stuff or Just you know Drop Out of School and do YouTube Fails i Mean That’s the Way to go You Just Say erielle Made My asian Ass What are you Saying dude my mom made my asian Ass at first i didn’t know What She was telling i was like with area What are you Tom and i Check on her instagram she took a picture with baby area on for other Viewers that day Now like a Year ago i took the baby Aerial dish track and It Was One of my Early Meals That Kind of Started My Channel and It did so Good i got so much news about it in a day all my videos Get so much view so she didn’t make me how dare She even say They Know Just who she said that Let’s Play back That Baby Aerial dish People Said erielle dissident Roaster After This dish track Your career is over I’ma call You Shrek Because you look like an ogre Heard you got accepted for the next World as Joker There Good ol times man okay back to the video Cha-ching Cha-ching Cha-ching Cha-ching Cha-ching chime Believable Is This even Real Like no wonder the People got Taken down well this Girl’s Races that is literally her hung Ching Chong Ching Chong Ching Chong a Bitch and She’s Over here flexing all This Money Bitch Go fix your Phone streams but Actually Slow Down to the video and these were actually all twenties these are all $20 bills you Guys Heard My song god church you Guys Know how i feel about $20 bills Nice twenties i need blue on My Bills oh we were Halfway through The song right Now and i really don’t want to listen to the rest of It It is awful this is It Doesn’t get worse Than This Guys This is the worst mister never Change i change i change I’ll Get paid enough to do this and You can look deep did i Just Get Exposed you know that caught me soft but i was not Expecting that and like That line is one of Those Lines Whereas Like Like You Know the Elisa said you come fast like the furious Type of line i Mean we’re Just like Like Like It’s a Burn Lane i Mean Know about wait did summer She’s Saying That about me Because I’m Just Curious i Just want to know you know i’m Saying only did she say that oh I’m Just gonna text it i Mean I don’t want to come off Weird or anything I’M Just gonna text it did you talk to okay i Just Texted her i mean i’m Just curious What’s it She’s Already Typing back okay hold on We’re waiting right Now for the response oh? Yeah, no, she Doesn’t know what i’m talking about nothing don’t Worry about. It yeah so we’re chilling yeah we’re chilling Cha-ching Cha-ching Chime Bitch I’m done i’m Exit Now this is all Just Chicken Chong ching Chong She Just being Raised Just Basically Spinning in My face Right Now me my agent told me all my asian Viewers at home are Just like Man This Girl’s Wagon This was Really Whacked i Mean come Quick he made another video about you Um so i Just want to let you know if anyone took offense to my Rice gum video AnyWay in the ag community took offense It Was Only to rice gum so so if you took offense i Just wanna let you know Please don’t please don’t take a Piss and Thanks for Watching okay What i let me get this stretch This Baby Said yo Guys Guys you know i’m not being racist to agence guys Everyone That’s offended Stop it’s not about you Guys Guys I’m only being racist to one asian and One asian Only and That’s Rice Gum What about me man Felix Too But Yeah Guys it’s gonna wrap up for a day Man i was away from YouTube for a Bit and the day i Come back I’m gonna come back to this Type of Show like come on man but iF you’re Wondering if I’M gonna Drop a Diss Track back to vicki prime not Just cuz She’s Like Really Irrelevant i Mean You Wouldn’t do anything but like Just get her name out There more Just Because i’m talking about her whatever the little vacation IS done i’m back on YouTube Ground posted Tomorrow and Guys It’s everyday Now i’m telling us i’m back before you Guys click off i want to take Myself you Guys see this shirt that i’m Wearing is? This Flannel and Then The Shirt Basically My Homie Bakes My roommate Man You Guys Know him he’s basically starting Up a Clothing line and This Is one of The Pieces it’S free too if you guys Want To check Out all the Pieces Link in the description but Basically he’s Been a Pop-up shop in la Tomorrow? I’m gonna be there unless They’re gonna be there banks Is gonna be there basically you show up it’s a shot There’s a Lot of Closer if You See anything you like you can buy the clothes and if you do buy something You’d Go to the back and meet Me banks Alissa hang Out with us whatever Whatever Whatever and yeah It Should Be a fun time all the details? follow your daddy @crypserbx on twitter doe doe doe doe doe da doe doe doe do do da do do do do da do do do doe do do da doe doe doe do do

    Jenny on the Railway – Nursery Rhyme Full Song ( Fountain Kids )
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    Jenny on the Railway – Nursery Rhyme Full Song ( Fountain Kids )

    December 2, 2019

    Jenny on a railway, picking up stones Down came an engine, And broke Jenny bones “Ah!” said Jenny, “That’s not fair” “Oh!” said the engine driver, “I don’t care! Jenny on a railway, picking up stones. Down came an engine, And broke Jenny bones “Ah!” said Jenny, “That’s not fair” “Oh!” said the engine driver, “I don’t care!

    Animal Track Detective! | Science for Kids
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    Animal Track Detective! | Science for Kids

    December 1, 2019

    Hey Guys! Squeaks and I were just outside, playing in
    the mud! [Squeaks squeaks] It’s wet out there, and wet weather can
    make a lot of mud. Mud’s fun to play around in, but what I
    really like about it is that it’s great for spotting animal tracks! When it’s really muddy outside, I like to
    see how many tracks I can find, and try to guess which kind of animal made which track! We look at animal tracks for fun, but some
    people do it as part of their job! Checking out animal tracks is really important
    for scientists who study animals. That’s because tracks help scientists understand
    where an animal lives, when it travels from place to place, if it moves in groups or by
    itself, and a lot more. You might even say that these scientists are
    kind of like detectives, and the tracks are their clues! But you need special skills to tell one kind
    of animal print from another! You see, not all tracks are alike. Different animals leave behind different tracks. And you won’t just find tracks out in the
    woods — Animals live everywhere, even in big cities! So you might be surprised by how many different
    tracks you’ll find if you look hard enough! But where exactly should you be looking, when
    you’re searching for animal tracks? Well, one good place to start is … mud! Animal tracks show up really well on wet ground,
    so look for muddy spots near water, or after a good rain shower, or when snow has melted! Some tracks show up nicely in snow, too, or
    in dry dirt, but when scouting for animal tracks, remember—mud is your friend! Next, after you’ve found a track—or several
    tracks!—it’s time to start asking some questions. How many tracks are there? Which way are they going? What are they shaped like? And, maybe most fun of all, which animal might
    have left them behind? Let’s take a look at this track. If you see a track that’s paw-shaped and
    has four or five toes, it’s probably been left by a mammal! It could be a dog—like these—or a cat,
    like these. If you ever see a track in the mud that looks
    sort of like a dog or cat track, but is much smaller…say, hardly larger than a penny,
    then you’ve probably found a squirrel track, like these. But of course, mammals aren’t the only animals
    that leave tracks behind. One of the most common animal tracks you’ll
    see is this one: a deer track. Deer tracks don’t look like pawprints, do
    they? Do you see those two large, curvy marks? Those are the two halves of a deer’s foot,
    called a hoof. Each half leaves a mark that looks like a
    tiny horn, with a point and the top and a small spot at the bottom. Now, what if you find fork-shaped tracks,
    like these? Well, they’ve probably been left behind
    by a bird! Birds, deer, squirrels, dogs, and cats are
    some of the most common animal tracks you’ll find when you’re playing animal track detective. So, do you think we’re ready to play? Let’s test our track-naming skills! I’ll show you a track, and you guess what
    kind of animal might have made it, based on what we just learned, OK? OK! Here’s track number 1. What do you see? It looks like a paw, right, so it’s probably
    a mammal. Good! But it’s a really small track. Smaller than even a little house cat might
    leave. I’m going to guess “squirrel.” Yay! It is a squirrel track! Time for track number 2. Hmm. This is not paw-shaped. In fact, it’s kind of…fork-shaped. Definitely not a mammal. Do you remember what kind of animal makes
    fork-shaped tracks? A bird! I guess this is a bird track. It is! OK, last track. Ready? Not paw-shaped. But not fork-shaped, either. Sort of … horn-shaped? And it’s split into two halves. …a deer! These are deer tracks! Great job! Like I said, these are some of the more common
    tracks you might find in the mud, snow, or dirt, no matter where you live in the world. But there all kinds of animals in the world,
    and each leaves its own special kind of track. So, if you study them enough, one day, you
    might be able to tell the difference between two different kinds of birds, or two different
    kinds of cats — just like some scientists can! And we didn’t even get to cover reptile
    tracks or insect tracks. So maybe we’ll get to those another time
    — on the next muddy day! In the meantime, thanks for playing Animal
    Track Detective with us! And remember, if you have a question about
    tracks or anything for us here at the fort, let us know by leaving a comment or emailing
    us at [email protected] We’ll see you next time!

    Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Track Build
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    Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Track Build

    November 29, 2019

    Kids Toys Play! Hey Liam, what are you doing? remember
    our crazy cuckoo track we built a while back
    are you ready to build another one like we did last okay and let’s build off of
    this do you think we can use every single twisty turny switch that we have
    yeah do I try it okay let’s do it these are my favorite pieces day you
    like those axes you’re trying to use every single switch we have them to get
    our battery-operated trains on here that’s a good piece right there yeah
    Oh might not work I don’t know there I’m sure we can get a piece written there
    Liam is on the case how’s this figure in yours working yeah
    oh wow look at you you’re doing real good
    oh I thought I would connect this to here well we can okay we can put
    something in there how about this right here that’s our special road piece it’s
    got the road lines on it perfect we got two circles can you get a piece in there
    okay I think that’s too big in building a weirdo yak Yard
    weirdo okay well that works good too oh we made a triangle yeah I’ve got
    triangle we’ve got some circles yes you got that piece okay this is gonna work
    here I know it I know it I know it it works yes perfect it worked good we have
    going on over here this is awesome I wouldn’t know oh hey look at that okay you have a little bit of a Oh is it
    gonna work perfect that’s a nice curve oh look that’s
    perfect space right there this piece and is just a perfect piece
    right here yeah perfect it’s a speed bump on that piece yeah how
    am I gonna know perfect damn perfect you’re doing incredible over here look
    at this come on fit you fit yeah pop this piece
    out I’m gonna put this piece in okay you have that piece right there all right
    push okay and we just did a few other female and I think we have this in done pop that one in there ah
    what does Rebecca think of this crazy track oh my god peas share so many
    options where to go Rebecca Liam John check something out watch do
    you think that’s gonna work okay here comes our big test for Toby will Toby be
    able to matakohe again in this figure that out Oh Henrietta I don’t know if I
    can go over no problem for Toby and he keeps on going to telly bolt off and I think we did it William guys what do you
    think of this crazy cuckoo track it’s just the worst track you’ve ever seen
    Oh Toby narrowly escapes across Gordon keeps on keeping on hey who put near
    here she’s not battery-operated Gary Gordon Oh will he take out James it’s
    gonna happen Gordon James Wow rocket here’s Rosie and Gordon Oh Rosie
    wins the exchange Thomas hero back around again said Gordon and
    we’re back in the background what’s gonna happen here oh oh no lady is done
    but here comes salty oh no so Oh salty makes it through Oh
    what’s happening Oh Spencer look at this especially to do it again
    Oh No what’s happening Victor Gordon no games versus the biggest engine on Sodor
    Oh heroes helping what’s hopping Lady Hornets sister ha ha ha now it’s hopping
    Victor helping Gordon and hero against diesel and here goes Percy now Wow what
    do you Joe Spencer Spencer taking a model yeah yeah Percy survives but
    here’s Charlie now Oh Charlie hello-o joke telling you cuz it’s lady that
    weeds r it’s also Don Cawthon runs off nigga sidetracked and Kyle Gordon and
    James whoa want honest horris these will survive this one Gordon just
    falls off and Percy somehow ended up with James’s tender was Charlie to top
    Toby he’s gonna save Toby thanks charlie Oh Charlie long ladies lay oh no diesel
    how do people keep winning these exchanges I don’t like this oh look on
    Valentine’s Day it is lady and Thomas oh yes Toby wins I have no idea what
    Spencer’s doing he’s weird thanks for helping Rebecca hey I’m just
    even hopping


    Morgz – Clickbait (Official Music Video) *Diss Track*

    November 29, 2019

    Okay let’s make sure er is up. It’s loud and ready. (gasp) Oh my God, I’m ready to hear some straight fire right now! Oh my God guys here is. Okay guys, three..two…one Hello guys, welcome back to another video and today We’re making a song. Now you’re probably wondering Morgz Why the Hell, are you in a bathrobe and why hell have you got your hood up. Well I’m wearing the bathroom because it’s frickin comfy. But I’ve got my hood up because I’m trying to get into the mood isn’t that like what you do when you make rap songs like hood up and stuff? I think I’ll just take this down for now so yeah at the moment I’ve been getting so many comments, Morgz when you’re dropping the Diss-Track on Mum. Morgz are you even gonna drop a diss track and the truth is guys. I’m still making my mind up and I’m just not sure if you guys want me to diss my mum. Do you want to see my first ever diss track. Show me you want the track by leaving a like and also subscribe to my channels down below so you don’t miss any of the beef that’s happening at the moment now mum has been chatting a lot of Poo because we’re going to keep it family-Friendly PG Yeah, mom has been chatting a lot of poo over on her channel, and I’m not I’m not amused you know I’m not amused. She’s just causing more and more of a problem to me. She’s just she’s angering me I’m frustrated I gave her this channel I’ve made of this channel and all she use it for is to sabotage. My name to kill my name She uploads exposed videos of Morgz she’s tweeting about me, I made her channel and she disrespects my name she disrespects team Morgs And I ain’t having it but um I’m in the mood to make a discharge right now put it out – hey guys today Why thought I would do to vent out my anger towards mom is make a song however It ain’t gonna be anything you’ve seen before basically today. I’m gonna be doing the rap song Challenge I Tweeted out saying I’m gonna make a song and it’s going to be about one word and one word only and asked you guys you Know what word should it be I had loads of you saying mom I load the same ball at Lodi same team orgs, but looks booty ours with a bad one But there was one word that shone above every other word This is arguably my favorite word to ever exist And this is what we’re going to be making the song about today Ladies and gentlemen the song we’re going to be making today will be called clickbait to warm myself up and to learn a little bit more about disc drugs before I Possibly drop my own I’m going to be challenging someone else a random rapper from the internet And if you ask me for any details about the song I’m only allowed to say clickbait. It’s got to be about clickbait There’s nothing else no other details I’ve just got to tell him to make it about quickly Because there isn’t really any better way to get yourself in the district type of news well Let me make myself look like a rapper. Let me make myself like a rapper. Okay Gucci, ha now We’ve got a role with a headphones. Oh, man I’m feeling it my voice sounds very weird now, and then finally the finishing touch the horse. Do I look like a rapper yet? Well look at this do anyway what we’re going to do right now is move over to the internet and try and find someone who is going to make of the Clickbait song okay guys so the website I’m going to be using is fiverr Also known as the site which basically got Pewdiepie screwed over I mean, that’s basically all it’s known for but yeah, basically on this site You’ve got a bunch of people who will literally do whatever you want for money? Let’s see if any of them come rap okay, so I’m going to go into the fine searchers there it is recent search I’m going to put in rap. I will go stright an eightball rap verse for your idea That sounds like a good one however I do want the rapper to actually to actually wrap it because I don’t know if I were a rapper Yeah, I will outstanding rap for any occasion. I Will outstanding rap I will write a rap song for your loved one I mean you may be saying let’s use this guy for Mom But I don’t really love a mom anymore savage morgue is real. I will create a custom rap song for any occasion This is getting better guys I will record an eightball rap verse for hook started at 15 pound 40 I thought it was fiverr. Okay. Let’s see what this guy has got to offer oh my god, but he’s 30 pound Pound thirsty booty pound don’t like a meter money cpM. Low bro. C’mon man 30 pound for a wrap Oh actually 15 pound is for an 8 bar verse or 30 pounds for a 16-bar verse, I think I think you know we got to go with a 30 pound one I think this guy here is my guy let’s proceed to order 50 freakin pound. Let’s let’s do it Let’s see what we can do extra Fast One Day delivery 11 pound 55 I Thought y’all aside that you know I got to get my delivery fast burn order waiting around for this guy Okay proceed to payment. I don’t have a buddy clue. I’m even buying here, but I’m paying with Ivan telling him I want so this is probably not going to go very well, but hey we got to try the song needs to be about Click bait, that’s all I’m saying okay three two one start order. I’ve clicked it Oh my God, okay order starters whoo? Well guys, I guess all we gotta do now is wait. I’m waiting bro I’m waiting for my guy to get my orders on but guys the clickbait song with the official Clickbait song is on its way And I’m going to come back to you guys when the song is ready for us to listen to but guys I’m fired up I’m ready for this battle. I’m ready for the war with Mom I’m getting myself pumped guys call it teen moms 14 logs, but obviously you guys know it’s gotta be team logs It’s the strongest team on Youtube guys. I’ll see you in a day. Okay guys literally like a week later We’re here. I’m in a new location I’m on holiday as I’m sure you’re aware and let me tell you the beef between me and Mom has gone out of control Like completely out of control if you don’t already she’s been chatting Sherger over on her channel literally, just change sugar all day all night every video Just chatting sugar about me, and I’m just a minor my own business And it’s not to the point now where I’m actually making my own diss track And I’m going to tell you more about that in the next videos reveal the next days with guys right now It works perfectly I’ve got this district ready here because I need so in a way, I need to start teaching myself I need to learn more about the art of discharge ready for mom and the guys finished with the clickbait discharge So I’m going to listen to this right now here. Why saying anyway dude? Hey every did it good or not? I’m literally so excited. I’ve been waiting to do this for so long So I’ve just had other things to think about things being a big fat monster upstairs and being really really annoying on our own channel That’s mom by the way, well yeah, I’ve got my laptop down here He did email me the file, and I genuinely have no clue what to expect. I haven’t looked at this yet It could be a flop it could be really good It could be fire mean this guy plans to team up together because really good I’m just going to see I’m just going to see what it what he came up with but one thing I am really Really? excited because I need to study this track see if I can take anything from it and Use it in my track guys one more time if you’re new here remember to go down there and smash that subscribe button We’re on the rise we’re doing so good we grow in so strong ye me names mongoose and I like geeeeeese So if you could subscribe that’d be amazing and finally leave a like on this video right now put 10 years of good luck Yep And you probably won’t believe me, but you know if you don’t like it and it turns out I’m telling the truth who’s gonna be laughing then eh oh, I’ve got it. I have got it indeed all Your order is ready here. We go. Oh my goodness. I am so freaking hyped right now. Oh Okay, let’s make sure the speaker is all it loud. I’m ready. Oh My God, I’m ready tears and straight fire right now Oh my God guys here is okay guys three two one. Oh really cuz it’s my earphones Oh, oh, okay? Okay You know we beyond their clickbait, you know we think I’m gonna get the fumes up by any means necessary. Oh Yeah, I just need your attention everybody look this way oh Switch it rule. You know that I’ll tell me my big break clickbait You know that it really ain’t that new I’m gonna put a dope give each other penny other raise let the people Say that I’m lying you can say that up tripping, but I just need to click it I call it good business. You want to complete it I’ll make it very intriguing When I start my videos like you won’t believe is a keep on clicking cuz I know you want a few what happens People say they hate it, but I swear man. I ain’t happening really ain’t a crime I do it all the time my channel school equipment video thing today. Oh oh my God I’m never going to change we all like but I know you’ll be a fan now watch my new video. You’re wasted. Oh Hey Click break Holder Ding Wow, oh my God I always lose again mouth La Wanna come see this I make it very Intriguing oh my videos like to walk with me That’s what I asked. They did a tile you won’t believe this my fault. Haha This is just to stick with the tooth it really ain’t crap can’t do it Maybe you’ll think of the night Clickbait be ashamed of my pain keep both doing it. I’m never going to change Like me, but I know you’ll be a fan now watch my new video Waster and eBay Clickbank hold up yeah Hold on. It. Did somebody literally just say like straight fire hose not just me like Jack My oh my got a song about like wait. I literally like my dream like oh my goodness gracious oh yeah Guys that was absolutely fire right there I didn’t know if they’d understand like the reference like click mate and like do if it was going to be like I don’t know why he was just if You didn’t but like that was like straight fireman died that was gone. Oh shade It’s getting Frickin hein him and Jesus Christ Well guys that was the click bait song now. I’m not even sure I because I kind of want to recreate this right, maybe I rap for this song I do like this song and then do a music video for it or Should I just do the diss track on long because I’m not sure I want to do the district on Mamba what have we create? This song we do with fire. Tell me we’ll do in the comment section. Maybe I should do boo Maybe I’ll combine them – I don’t even know guys I’m just shocked because that was literally fire, but guys thank you all so much watching this video I’m now stood up because I’ve trust the freaking room because it was literally that fire guys, but yet Thank you all so much for watching this video. If you’re new here Go down there, and smash that subscribe or like show team mom that we are the strongest unit We go in a team will eventually go down and maybe going up right now what they’ll go down one to realize what? Hypocrite molds mum is I said it in third person there But yeah guys thank you all so much for watching Subscribe if you’re new if you would leave a thumbs up on this video that’ll be so much appreciated I’ll be honestly like I’d be really really cool guys Thanks also for watching and as always I’ve involved you guys been awesome, and I’ll see you in my next video crews out if your service Remember to subscribe to my channel And don’t forget to leave a like if you have a big penis Thanks for watching think the help

    4 HOT WHEELS CITY Tracks Combined Into 1 Mega Track Set || Keith’s Toy Box
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    4 HOT WHEELS CITY Tracks Combined Into 1 Mega Track Set || Keith’s Toy Box

    November 29, 2019

    Keith’s Toy Box! Hi everyone and welcome to Keith’s Toy Box! Today, we’re going to combine this set of new Hot Wheels City playsets! We have the Gator Garage Attack playset, the Cobra Crush playset, the Super Spin Tire Shop playset, and the Spider Park Attack playset. So let’s get started! There it is! Isn’t it awesome? We’ll start with the Cobra Crush playset. We’ll launch a car over the Cobra’s head and try to avoid his bite. But, if we get caught in his jaws, we’ll need to launch another car to set it free. Next, we’ll take a stroll in the park with the Spider Park Attack playset, but watch out for the jaws of the swinging spider. We’ll see if we can launch our car down the ramp and go fast enough to escape the spider or get caught in its grasp, but if we’re lucky, we’ll escape to freedom. Now, all that excitement has made us tired, so we’ll re-enter the tracks into the Gator Garage Attack playset for some repairs. Oh, but watch out for the alligator! Then, we’ll go into the super spin tire shop for a tune-up and get us a brand new set of wheels. Then, we’ll exit and re-enter the tracks for more adventures. So let’s get started! Let’s get some cars. First, let’s start with Gotta Go. Look at this strange car! It’s got a toilet seat that goes up and down! Oh no! Gotta Go got caught by the Cobra. We’ll need to rescue him. First, Hot Wheels police car. He’s going to launch and try to rescue Gotta Go. He failed! Next, Hi-Tech Missile is going to give it a shot. I hope he makes it this time. Yes, you made it! And Gotta Go is free! Now, Gotta Go can really go. Now, Hi-Tech Missile is going to the Super Spin Tire shop for a brand new set of wheels. Going up! Here’s where he can choose his tires. Then, moving forward, he can have some simple repairs and refill some gas. Now, he’s ready to go for a spin! Straight into the Gator Garage playset! Oh no! The Gator’s got him! Nom nom nom yum Next, we’ll go to the park with Bone Shaker! But watch out! He’ll need to be careful of the jaws of the spider. And he barely makes it, but he’s home free! Next, we have Rodger Dodger. He’s a 50th anniversary commemorative car. He’ll be going to the garage for some repairs. Oh, but be careful! Don’t touch the tail of the alligator or he’ll wake up. Now, he’s going down for a big job. Let’s see if he can make it. Oh no! He hit the camera! Next, 16 Angels is going in for some repairs, too So that’s the combined Hot Wheels City playsets! Thanks for watching! Hit the thumbs up icon and remember to subscribe. Bye!