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    UNBOXING! Super Fun BRIO Metro Railway Set! Off to work on the Train Lab!

    September 11, 2019

    – [Man] When’s the next
    metro train coming in? – [Eric] Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Yay! (baby babble) – [Man] Door’s opening! (train whistle blows) – Train Lab! – [Man] Hey guys! We’re
    gonna do another surprise for Eric and Cody since
    we love Brio so much! This is the Metro Rail Set, and this is the coolest! It’s part of the Brio world set… Eric, Cody! – [Eric] Yeah! – [Cody] Yay! – [Man] What is it? – [Eric] The Brio Metro Train! – [Man] Whoa! We’ve
    been looking at that one for awhile
    haven’t we? – [Eric] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Let’s open it! – [Man] Whoa! Where should we put it? Like right here? I think
    we’ve got a space for it – [Eric] Look what it comes with! It comes with all of this!
    So much! – [Man] Looks like 20 pieces, of like all the metro pieces… – [Eric] Yeah! – [Man] Is it battery operated too? – [Eric] No… – [Man] I think it is battery-operated. – [Eric] No it’s not – [Man] I think it is!
    It says on the outside of it. Oh! And there’s the beautiful brochure that really really likes Daddy’s wallet! (ringing) Look at that! There’s a
    couple of cool trains, oh we already have one
    of those tunnels too! And that’s the subway station? – [Eric] Where’s the Subway Station? – [Man] It’s in there! – [Eric] Is this the subway? – [Man] Yeah! It looks
    like the subway station – [Eric] I’ll get the subway out.. – [Man] Wow! That’s… – [Eric] Subway! – [Man] Wow I love that subway! – [Eric] Watch this! – [Man] Wow! The doors
    come open and closed too!? – [Eric] Yes!
    And look on the inside… – [Man] (awing) – [Eric] These little things… – [Man] Metro Maps… – [Eric] Ooh what is this? – [Man] – Couple of seats… – [Eric] What is this? – [Man] Looks like it’s the rail map. (high pitched) Ah! I’m going on holiday! – [Cody] And it comes with a suitcase! – [Man] Whoa! That’s so cool! He’s going on a trip! – [Eric] Does this drive? – [Man] It’s battery. – [Eric] The batteries
    are always for the lights – [Man] You think so? – [Eric] Yeah! – [Man] Huh- – [Eric] Because…
    you have to push it around – [Man] You do? – [Eric] Yes. – [Man] That’s sound and what? Sound and lights? – [Man 2] (affirmative) – [Man] Okay it’s sound and lights. What’s the sound? – [Eric] Well I don’t know! – [Man] Does it have some sound? – [Eric] No! – [Man] Hmm… it says it has sound. Let me see. Guess that’s
    where the battery goes. Ahh… (music plays) Where are we gonna put it? I think we’re gonna put
    it right in here huh? Put it right there? Oh! We even have a city
    bus in there! Look at that! So maybe we can put it
    right there and then, that would be a cool place… Can you join it in the tunnel, and then it goes straight out? – [Eric] Sure! – [Man] Oh that would be cool! – [Eric] But now we have two metros! – [Cody] That’s exciting! – [Man] Well this is just the tunnel, that will come into the Metro. – [Eric] Hey! – [Man] Oh that’s cool! – [Eric] Hey how’s about we put this, out this sign right here? – [Man] Whoa! Okay! Cool, so it’s got the metro ticket
    dispenser right there, and…
    metro rail map right there. – [Eric] And they can walk in, and we’ll- – [Cody] How about we put this right here? – [Eric] And wait for the metro. – [Man] When’s the next
    metro train comin in? – [Eric] Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Yay! – [Man] Doors opening! (whooing & laughter) – [Cody] We need a seat for our suitcase! – [Eric] Oh that goes front car. Need to put that in later. We put that in when the train backs up. First door closing! – [Man] (engine revving)
    Here comes the bus with more passengers! (brakes squeal) – [Cody] We don’t have
    a place for this one! – [Man] (high pitched) Wait for me! Wait for me! Wait for me! Oh! You’re filled up!
    Okay! I’ll go for the next one…
    Oh! You do have an extra train! – [Eric] (giggles) Yeah! – [Man] Yay! Come on in! – [Cody] We’re busy over here! – [Man] Oh! You have
    another one? Who can ride? The construction worker
    needs to get to work. Here he comes! – [Eric] The construction worker doesn’t need to come. – [Man] Yeah! Cause he needs to get to the Gantry crane area to drive his forklift. – [Eric] Wow! This is
    becoming a long train. – [Man] Whoa! It’s the morning rush hour. – [Eric] (mimics train chugging) – [Man] Boy! That’s a long
    early morning metro train – [Eric] Yes! – [Man] Wow! Everybody
    needs to get to work. – [Cody] Sir, get back here. – [Man] Uh oh… might be too long. – [Eric] It can’t. – [Man] Over to the ferry! Might have to take a couple at a time huh? (music playing) – [Eric] Might be… this person is actually too tall! – [Man] He is?
    Oh !I guess he is! Look at that. – [Eric] Oh that’s the end. Can’t hold any… – [Man] Okay go across the ferry. (ferry horn blows) – [Cody] We do it again? – [Man] Here we go! (boy mimics train) – [Eric] Oh the switch is wrong! We want to go this way!
    It sure is a long train! – [Man] Everybody is going to work… A bear who cares… A noob in a suit. – [Eric] Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Rolling into the station! – [Man] Look! We’ve got everybody waiting to get loaded up! (screeching) – Okay let the people get off… Stopped at the work site, hauling all that load for the day! Lots of customers with lots of loads! – [Eric] This guys riding the gentry, this guy getting the forklift. – [Man] Cool (engine whirring) – [Eric] This guys not driving – [Man] Okay! I’m ready for a load! Looks like the ships almost unloaded! There we go! See you later!
    Going for another load! (mimics boat horn) – [Eric] Hey there guys!
    Come on, hop in! – [Man] Is it lunch time already? – [Eric] Yes! – [Man] Oh! Okay! I’m off! Beep!
    I’m off! (engine whirring) – [Cody] (train sound effects) – [Eric] Well I’m heading
    back from the metro. Because the big long
    train is getting ready. And now the driver’s are gonna switch. – [Man] Okay – [Eric] Train ways – [Man] Did you have a
    good time with Brio today? – [Eric] Yes. – [Man] How about you Cody? – [Cody] Yes! – [Man] We love Brio! – [Eric] We love Brio! – [Man] We love Brio. – [Eric] Yeah! Too much! (laughter) – [Man] See you later!
    Everybody’s going home. (train whistle) – TrainLab!

    Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Track Build Island of Sodor
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    Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Track Build Island of Sodor

    September 10, 2019

    Kids Toys Play William are we doing a track build? yeah!
    what are you building up today? it’s the island of sodor at Vicarstown! I love how
    you’ve got the bridges going between the tables. do want this end to be Vicarstown,
    or what you want to do with it? warning, warning! we’re building tracks! I like
    this. you can catch a train, and get your mai.l and maybe a drink of water.
    you got knapford, and what’s this over here?
    Tidmouth sheds. notice everything on Sodor’s green? maybe there’s have too
    much green paint. hey that’s why Henry’s green. yeah! Oh, nice! double Knappford. well,
    you’ve really got this going on up here. are you building down here? – are you? the
    subway! going on, what other buildings do you want up here? do you want buildings
    down here as well? what’s this, it’s not a subway station. you think maybe this one?
    yes! we’re gonna leave it up top, you know. what, let’s just try to put as many
    buildings up here as possible. okay, well the doesn’t read on the farm.
    no we are definitely not going to put a farm.
    let’s put McCall’s farm right here. what you think? here is the farm. Are you
    gonna keep working on the subway? I’m gonna build McCall’s farm right here,
    right beside knapford station. there’s a farm. that’s a good place for a farm. okay
    you’ll put this, oh man. that’s not gonna work. that’s not gonna line up at all!
    come on, the subway they’re all done the subway!
    Boco! I always get those two mixed up. y-yeah you have that guy, that Brio train. is this one big
    circle route? I think you might need more stations down here. I don’t know. this is
    the soda or subway oh wow! do that again! I want you right up close.
    Oh! what is he? that in slow motion. for that slow motion! I see, what you’re doing
    there? you’re just building up a storm. here, hmm. that’s gonna be a tricky one.
    but what do you think? you’re just you just won’t stop building, will you? look
    at you go! You’re the man, buddy! mmm, that might work. I know, we’ll use that
    train Labs thing right there. maybe you think. what’s your really bad problem? Oh
    what happened there? oh, okay, you need to make it right like that, so we need to
    make that longer. new. you get it? awesome buddy! look at that! well, Billy’s bridge
    is going across. dad is still this frustrated with this! I have no idea what
    I’m doing here! what’s this scene? while racing Gordon.
    Madge has to come pick up Philip, and Butch is there.
    oh, here’s Madge, and fill up off to get repaired. that’s Elizabeth or that Isabela
    Isabel? and there’s Kelly. I really get back with the Jack and a pack ice or
    gave you pretty big here at season 23 well the good news is I finally got this
    track figured out the bad news is is there’s not much I can do with long
    maybe I wonder if I can oh that might actually work
    hmm okay this is like my final of time an that’s not gonna work oh we could fit
    that in there and then we can do you know we could actually make this work
    right here we have you got this track it’s a flying saucer has a darn sort of
    snake trap door brothers on the subway hold on
    so maybe it’s put a buffer you and your buffers no no close
    yeah well it’s fine on here no buffers oh yeah it will work
    right on oh that’s good yeah go on top at the BRIT hey you still like a trade
    no okay that will work that’s not the best fit but it will work we’re gonna
    keep the skeleton truck and maybe come up around here on more paw patrol to get
    the train back on Isis lovely Oh what happened paw patrols out first roll hmm now we just have to get back to
    there okay so this side is done you know what I can put some actual buildings in
    here can’t I hey you know what go good right there sure another station in here
    oh yeah that’ll work good and here we have Ted with Hulk to med ticket office
    and Tidmouth sheds this is looking pretty good on this side William heavily
    what do you want to do over here do you want to maybe put Steamworks and Sodor
    search and rescue center over here oh no I totally forgot about what goes after
    McColl’s farm well now we’re not making a mess of the rumor anything oh
    here’s Jeremy jet plane in the airport okay I thought we were gonna put maybe
    this steamer Xterra burger you put in the airport there instead I can’t
    remember the last time we used this piece what if we put another dredge here
    because we don’t have enough bridges crossing hi Veronica are you gonna help
    us build okay you got it doc oh is he stopping all engines gulping all engines
    stopping all engines I might put a connector in here where you guys think
    we get the opposite yeah something like that
    that’d work okay if we take this out put this in here are you guys already
    playing in here Wow look at all this look how busy this is getting Oh Tom
    it’s what happened Daisy’s going around and around what a busy island stop wait
    for Gordon he’s I think we are going to just put that
    right there okay and coming off this bridge we can
    now get in to Vicarstown Steamworks or shorter such a rescue 70 years now you
    guys what steel works let’s get building this team works then all this mad where
    did you come from go back to the airport we belong
    is he a taxi and like a sea without an air taxi what are you building look at
    you a you’re building up here holy what is this Sodor Steamworks is that a box
    of chocolate car and we’re gonna put that bone right there and now we are
    connected right through here we’ve got one two three four five bridges in here
    now from the store not here oh no yeah we got six seven bridges down here too
    he’s hard to derail there you go tada oh yeah we got this going on now though
    this bridge is in here so we have one two that’s gonna be pretty easy to put
    together and then three right here okay we’ll put this right here and then use
    this big Steamworks piece this is starting to look like a lot of
    Steamworks oh we still have more room look up with it that’s a really tight
    fit more steam look at one big Steamworks here
    oh and should we put a buffer right there oh you want to put the bubble
    machine there so you want yes you know this bubble machine is one of the most
    favourite pieces of our community they love this bubble maker I know they love
    it so much put this right here okay we’re gonna put this piece right here
    and this piece right here and we are done guys what do you think we just have
    to clean up all the spare parts because it’s not like my kids left out any spare
    parts or anything okay William are you ready to tell us about the Island of
    Sodor here show us about mash timoshev intimate yard where most time
    with this orange train destroyed its time tunnel went down here to Egypt oh
    this is Egypt this is tip no ticket booth and tidmouth Holt bridge over
    subway bubble maker oh that’s the most important part of the
    iron we’re gonna build that back to Brio and then over here we have oh no the
    bubbles and then underneath here’s the subway and we have a stop here we had
    two bridges right here and then we have another subway stop
    right here and obviously some form of train accident involving him that’s
    great oh no real train what what what’s going on with paw patrol why are you
    attacking our elbow hello on the subway oh haters that’s a subway please visit
    this blanket take you underground that’s an underground plane is it it can go
    above ground or underground robot that’s a very nice planet you go far under Oh
    crashes operating trains to Africa so and just when you blink and turn the
    camera off folks we have another accident what happened here intently
    we’re trained you guys want to use hey you know who already have oh the new
    ones hey you know what we got big red working again – didn’t we oh they’re also Wow looks like that this
    isn’t gonna be an interesting race are they going good wow they do good on this
    lady where do you come from is money come backwards here’s here Parker right
    there yeah look you go wrong oh wow he’s free now and he gets pushed
    over to my her brain in the bunker I can’t help you
    you ever had one just a position no crashes oh he’s backing up let’s hear
    you guys back it up I’ll be back because why would we make it fun for
    them there’s no sin Sylvain yeah let’s see if you can make it through B ym I’m
    gonna put them on there yeah so I’m back this way now you’re gonna run away from
    William hell are you going this way huh hey you guys get going just eyes here
    come on run away from William wait what are you doing hey Chris oh okay he’s
    gonna make it cheers come on go through bad yes
    bringing it back on track it on time this is one of hit oh come on you can
    climb Oh candy catsup this guy can pass
    helicopters what’s going on yeah yeah Pennsylvania torpedo folks nothing beats
    this guy there’s no way William can ever knock him down mighty rad coming to the
    rescue please coming to our talk not that won’t
    wants to strain that out there you go the top money right here comes to a
    liner now tear an mighty rad let’s see what so seems to do the same thing with
    their money rad good he pushes looks like he’s pushing on cozy oh hey there’s
    how he’s got the total to the camera caught that was buddy right
    hey minor mighty red they’re escaping now going back over to be Nafferton
    aside he dono dayliners he get a home you get derailed Pennsylvania’s revealed
    he seems to be the sauce is going backwards look at him go folks
    oh well get that lined up and we did it and he’s going on y’all with crash whoo
    Oh what’s gonna happen here folks it looks like there’s gonna be a
    malfunction at the junction yeah mighty red getting on you Thomas
    Oh Jeremy just late but you can see you later now look is a carnage my hair
    keeps on keepin on oh whoa
    climb in the walls fashion him now they’re going ahh
    Wow this Islands getting destroyed are they why Sir Topham Hatt is you think
    he’s part of the mail now yes hard eight hundred help what what what Jeremy what
    happened to you look at all this stuff and what’s going on in here
    oh man here’s our name train Li a and spells daddy okay I have a few
    challenges for you what are the challenges you for your audience son
    right sky marshal rocky and rubble they might be hiding somewhere in the subway
    too let’s see if we can find them anywhere
    in this picture okay if you’re watching at home remember to say found when if I
    if you find one of the paw patrol pups now look on the subway I think the next
    one might be on the subway I don’t know where the last one could be try to find
    two upside down trains in this scene – upside down
    trains okay – they have to be trains though that’s not true
    how are the sideways count what Sir Topham Hatt doing okay we’re still
    looking for really hmm that’s a pretty strong cow holding
    up a jet plane hey guys click here to watch another
    video and like here to subscribe to our Channel bye

    Epic Race! Chuggington Action Chugger and Shinkansen race for the fastest train in the world!
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    Epic Race! Chuggington Action Chugger and Shinkansen race for the fastest train in the world!

    September 6, 2019

    [Eric} Go! [Dad] oh! It’s head-to-head! TrainLab [Dad] Woah! What’s going on guys? [Eric] We’re having a race! [Dad] What kind of a race? [Eric] Do you see all the engines we have around? Those are the engines we’re going to be racing. And the Shinkansen! [Dad] And Action Chugger! Racing to see who really is the fastest train in the world. [Dad] And I’ve got Action Chugger ready to go over here. Okay ready, set… [Eric] GO! GO! Okay Action Chugger is off! [Dad] The Shinkansen? What’s going on with the Shinkansen? he’s paused. Oh,
    Action Chugger is catching up! He’s catching up! [Dad] Maybe Action Chugger is faster than Shinkansen… [Eric] The Shinkansen is still not being hit. [Dad] Yeah, but Action Chugger is going to catch him quick! Oh noooo! Ohhh! Action Chugger pushes the Shinkansen off the track. [Dad] And the first round goes to Action Chugger! [Dad] So, to even up the playing field, Shinkansen has a brand new set of batteries. He’s looking pretty fast… and Action Chugger is going to have his cars on. Oh look at that, Action Chugger is fairly slow now… But the Shinkansen is blazing fast! [Eric giggling] The Shinkansen has new batteries! [Dad] Look how fast that thing is! He’s definitely catching up! Oh my goodness, look at that he’s moving so quick! Oh he’s going to be right behind Action Chugger here! Oh! If he doesn’t… he almost derailed! Can he keep going? Oh no! He derailed! Quick! He needs to be fixed! Action Chugger is going to catch up. Quick! Quick! [Eric laughing] [Dad] Action Chugger is going to catch up! [Eric] Here! [Dad] Oh there we go! Whew! He’s back in action, and catching up! [Eric laughing!] Look at that! Shinkansen is looking like he’s having a bit of a malfunction. Oh! Oh! [Eric laughing!] He’s in his review lights! Oh he caught him! but can he be powerful enough to push Action Chugger? off the rail? I don’t know! [Eric] but he’s coming off the rail! [Dad] Yes he is coming off the rail… He’s fast but he’s light! That’s the problem… Oh! No! [Eric] Again! And Action Chugger wins the round. [Dad] Okay, looks like we have a modification to the track there… [Eric] That’s the finish line [Dad] Looks like we have a big long head-to-head track! Are you ready? [Eric] GO! oh no we have a malfunction at the start [Eric] Go! Look at that… look at that! The Shinkansen! [Eric] GO! Yes! The Shinkansen is the fastest train! [Eric] I wish Action Chugger was the fastest train. [Dad] Oh no! Let’s have another race, best out of three… Were you disappointed Action
    Chugger didn’t win? [Eric] so I’m going to make him go faster! How’s that? What are you gonna do? I’m going to make him go faster by putting new batteries [Dad] Ohhh… Even the score! Alright, let’s do it! [upbeat rock music] We’re going to have the full trains race head-to-head [Eric] Ready… Set… Go! It’s head-to-head! But the Shinkansen is moving ahead! And the Shinkansen wins! [Eric] And crashed! Crashed into the stop. [Dad] It’s the world champion… The Shinkansen train. Alright guys thanks for watching! [Eric] Thumbs up if you like this video! Don’t forget to subscribe! TrainLab

    Thomas the Train Totally Thomas Town Surprise Box
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    Thomas the Train Totally Thomas Town Surprise Box

    August 30, 2019

    Hey Liam what do we got here? Thomas mystery surprise box. there’s never
    anything ever fun in this box. what is it we got? an awesome package from
    totally Thomas town! Wow let’s leave it wrapped up. thanks for watching bye!
    yes look at Wow awesome what’s the first thing you see yes Hooray for Thomas and
    other adventures. DVD this is gonna be great. I can watch this when you kids go
    to bed. whoosh OH metallic Percy. I love how shiny he is.
    got some cool stickers yeah look at his beautiful orange packaging, what’s inside?
    what do you think we’re gonna find first? oh wow batteries ok this is
    totally worth it. I’m gonna own this now. now what package do you want to open up
    first? It’s Trackmaster take a guess who this
    gonna play the odds I can see it’s Thomas everyone at home guess who it is. Peter Sam we got Peter Sam from old
    Trackmaster he has the square funnel it looks like we just had some Trackmaster
    races Peter Sam new contender we got a lot of narrow-gauge guys still weak
    totally Thomas town included the batteries do you think he’s ready to go
    oh yeah Peter Sam he’s all actually pretty quiet for ol child any
    immediately so I know what I want paper which oh wow look at that one we think
    got a design master I think it’s all in railway piece is it
    oh let’s Rio awesome oh we gotta open this up right now oh yeah let’s see what
    we got what’s that oh look at that you can work
    on the engine looks like a tractor how cool oh look how cool this is the frame
    inside of a parking frame there’s a magnet right here that’s awesome
    this guy has the forklift oh okay yes oh look at that show me that show me
    that again show me that again so he’s got he’s got the metal right there let’s
    see what happens look at that that’s the coolest thing
    ever oh yes we can even lift up our dynamite this is gonna get played out in
    a lot of our episodes I think this thing oh hey that’s that nice okay William
    what’s the next thing Oh going right to the bottom there how
    do you think that’s moorwen railway stuff gary guesses of who it is you
    think it’s Thomas and Percy yeah look at this nice family
    welcome sadly Rosie you know what these are this is learning curves this was
    called the early engineer so these are slightly bigger than normal when railway
    there’s a normal wooden railway Nixon is really engineer so you know why I got
    these Sodor super station Speedway races I think that these are gonna do awesome
    we’re gonna have a team of early engineers we’re gonna see how they do
    racing okay let’s do a quick test run and see how these early engineers are
    gonna work are you ready who’s that first sadly welcomes Tommy
    well done Stanley Percy burger see oh yeah good jump in purse roses what was
    this red top nicely done and go to another classes
    and tell now nice okay I hope this is that very good
    for you wait look at that Veronica is there a piece in here that
    you would like to see are you gonna go underneath you okay who do you think it
    is what do you think it is pink you think it’s a Trackmaster engine I’m
    gonna guess Ashima okay let’s see who it is oh it wow we
    got Lady Trackmaster this is so cool Wow even the wheels are golden this is Wow
    are we ready to see if Lady works so Co lady lady number she’s gonna have a
    number that quick race are you ready Sat oh oh
    Peter Sam it’s slightly buggies off also one push it over four yo granny cleans
    up Wow carry em it’s your turn yeah oh that’s a big one do you think that’s do
    you think I’ve shot master we’re right that the last purple one was lady who do
    you think this one is Rosie oh yeah Pennsylvania torpedo this is a battery
    operated and wooden railway engine I may be giving big that might be another one
    yeah wait dad is that the day later real train yeah look at these so these are
    the Lionel wooden railway power engines they go forward and backwards they’re
    essentially the same engine except for the bodies ones daylight I want to
    Pennsylvania do you want to race these guys sad yeah although they got lights
    on them look at that they’re going at a pretty evenly matched ox wig but they
    got daylight look at those headlights on them
    Pennsylvania’s Frehley ahead you will go on to win but this is going
    to be some exciting races that we’re gonna have with you you guys cover it up
    and then you can go back where it’s Pennsylvania seems to be going the
    torpedo seems to go saucer oh the lights are on when they go backwards to look at
    this he knows the way they like goes to night time you having fun with the early
    engine hairs look at this we got James rosy Stanley and Percy what’s next in
    here in this totally Thomas town unboxing Oh what’s this it looks like oh
    wow oh good so much for guessing this is Tim a station oh wow this is the much
    fabled we’ve never seen this in real life
    Ted my station this is in great condition
    oh we’re in the backyard in mapa Sodor 2005 it says here but look at the bricks
    and then this piece goes on there but this is Tidmouth station and this time
    that can go through now Tim escape oh man look how much bigger these early
    engineers tenders are Wow here’s regular wooden remains bullying is early
    engineer’s tender here comes James into Tidmouth station oh wow looks like James
    kids cop this was really just short look at the size difference why did she go
    next out here guys is here – Veronica what are you gonna pick okay is there a
    track master everyone gets to it as a it’s godlike in you go blueish purple
    Gordon Veronica guess who it is Oh rosy can all
    guess promise or is it I think I know who that is
    Arthur blue yes we finally have an Arthur from Yale and ass wow look how
    big is this old truck maskers well let’s get some batteries in him this is Tommy
    Arthur are you ready to see if he will race William ready set and off you go Z
    loud and probably he’s definitely work and putting up a racer what do you think
    and the boat without couches on go they’re off it looks like neck and neck
    but others go ahead Wow look at him go what happen to you oh you got caught up
    there let’s have another fair race clothes are off it’ll secure job gets
    ahead a little bit Arthur will move ahead don’t go up and
    he will go over the bubble wrap even beat us down Wow Arthur definitely had
    control the farther he went the faster he went he’s going to do very well I
    think of the races what is it let’s see it what’s going so fast I don’t know
    what okay so we have the brick the wheels turn it around oh that’s kind of
    cool we have the real car we got some Freight
    we’re gonna put it in here we’re gonna close it and we’re gonna say the magic
    words what are the magic words abracadabra and we open it up in this
    what happened what happened weird it go abracadabra oh there it is come back to
    the boxcar this is great little Rio stuff was done
    Oh Freight Oh mr. Joey can’t chocolate that’s Sir Topham Hatt’s boxcar you
    better be careful about skipper dude and you can’t come down and lift up the back
    oh no he dropped it come over and pray for Annika what do you want
    what that one what color is it do you think it’s other choc master he wrote
    Sir Handel let me say Rosie oh it’s hoppity he’s going backwards oh that’s
    another tow man oh he’s got a funny funnel this is the UH is this the funnel
    you got with the bubble loader thing funny funnel Thomas we have another Tom
    mr. race huh let’s see if this guy is any fast hurry is bubble Thomas with the
    bubble blower and the bubble funnel is he going to bubble along the bubble
    here we go let’s go go Thomas is he on the sea magic truck yeah
    he is bubbling along and he will bubble onto these wooden hallways and he
    immediately gets started what’s gonna happen here let’s wrap oh here comes the
    Lionel dayliners what’s happening here look at these guys College Oh ready now
    kitchen do it Oh push in the loo and looks like we have a malfunction at the
    junction Oh through now just taking out the window
    away from behind a narrow gate away I think bubble Thomas will do very well on
    our little railway here on kids toys play but we have more to unwrap guys
    look at all this stuff we still have this lock let’s open it do you think a
    Sodor Trackmaster giving you guesses on who this one is gonna be she’s ready
    thinking it’s gonna be like – we even make a doorman over this what who’s this
    is this the coffeepot I’ve actually never seen this guy in
    real life this is grand Wow look at this that’s his boiler right there Wow look
    at all the old controls that he has mr. coffeepot Glen alright we’re gonna have
    a test race here with Glen vs. are thoroughly I’m Andy predictions on this
    race I think Arthur’s gonna do it are you
    ready that’s why Arthur is yellow math engine Wow good might be a coffee pot
    but I think you pulled decaf mr. coffee glad the original number one engine not
    very impressive but at least we got about this is gonna be great we’re gonna
    have good crashes with we’re off and here they go and here’s Peter Sam he’s
    rushing to have a Glen it’s just not tonight this is a wooden railway track
    but it looks like Glen is pushing just a little bit and he is pretty get the
    upper hand as all in he comes to the help Lynn and Arthur goes to help Peter
    set up the carnage folks back and forth through the back they go the coffee pots
    a narrow gauge Lutheran go away and they’re fighting back and
    forth through this wasting values at this point folks lots of you jog master
    so far this is gonna be very exciting to see these guys race in the future we
    just look at all this stuff we still have guys are you diving in there oh
    we’ve come out with what is that what color is that yellow you think yes Rosie
    moly let’s check it out let’s open it up
    who’s it gonna be what green salty green salty do you like green salty just six
    foots away from st. Patrick’s Day here is salty but he’s green yarr I’m a
    little green around the gills matey here it is green salty I think he’s
    gonna go fast what do you think William should we have him race against one of
    these other engines yourself green salty and Peter Sam are you ready Peter says
    Oh Sophie now Wow look at this what a great race doc turned out to be as you
    come the line okay lighter and the torpedo and they’re gonna go on Walter
    peels you see these guys cue looks like we have another racer with
    green salty this is going to be really good for shot master race oh he’s
    picking on me already getting pretty slim but there’s still some pickings
    here at the totally Thomas on unboxing BM you’re gonna pick this last one what
    color is this kind of green we just got a green salty any predictions on who
    that’s gonna be uh yes points craftsman thank you okay
    oh you wanted Porter its Porter hey Porter hey Porter did you tell me the
    time I love the detail that these older ones happen oh thanks she does it is
    that small looks small next to rusty I know that yeah you’re right that’s a
    small fee another square head I forgot about that Glenn
    poor Don green salty let’s see what happens here are you ready they’re all sad and kept going Wow we definitely
    have a racer here he had Peter Sam and Peter Sam was going the other direction
    he kept going boy that Bursaspor right set go well that’s how much
    competition and we managed to find the wooden railway counterparts for all
    these Trackmasters so far except for Glen because he doesn’t have wouldn’t
    know a counterpart I suppose we already open up these last few packages hey
    bells I think this will go with Glen with these – hey bells – our packages
    are we ready for this oh is it smooth soon as I knew chuck master – this looks
    really good maybe that’s going maybe they’re both twins who knows and what
    more do you think this is another trailer Oh Oh what’s this great Railway
    Express wow these are this is really neat
    interesting coach lionell okay so you’ve got this awesome tender from Lionel it
    clicks on like that and what is it do bullion shows what happened you just
    push the coal down train here is a wrap-up from totally Thomastown William
    let’s list off everything we got video training carpet I like this set early
    engineers this is great for my baby sister Joseph yeah this is great for
    Joseph II which one of these is your favorite real boxcar oh look we got
    chocolate in there yay too much ticket ship let’s juice about to see nope
    that’s a Thomas mini for taller person I’m with track master
    we have green salty I’m red from Thomas dear Sam our fur lady rusty what I mean
    Porter Liam what was your favorite thing that you got that we got from totally
    Thomas town in this unboxing yes you like you like yeah you really like
    this is this one orange engine don’t you cuz it opens up and you can work on it
    yeah it says lift on it I think my favorite was probably Porter to be
    honest with you I love Porter I’m really excited to see him race
    yeah his cool like yeah look oh you’re right look how low his coal is that’s
    very low guys get in the comments section let us know what your favorites
    are you demands for mystery Thomas town unboxing and we’re gonna have
    a link to totally Thomas out in our description guys we love totally Thomas
    town it is the best place that we find the rarest and coolest Thomas and
    Friends stuff take it totally Thomas town I think this is my favorite part of
    totally Thomas town and unboxings are just popping bubble did I help you oh
    yes he’s gonna pop some bubbles your real guy

    Thomas and Friends Duplo Train Mystery Wheel Races
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    Thomas and Friends Duplo Train Mystery Wheel Races

    August 30, 2019

    Mystery Wheel races! we’ve got our DUPLO
    trains out in here! with bubble makers! team white; Toby and Spencer. Team Blue;
    Gordon and me, Thomas. team red: yarr Salty and James. and team green;
    we have Percy and William who’s this guy? ah I have no idea? you don’t know who
    this is? whose face is it? whose name is it? whose
    crane is it? is this cranky the crane, except he’s a train? cranky the crane
    train. better not tell rocky and Harvey, this isn’t gonna go well. and we have the
    bubble cycle here! make us a bubble, buddy! what’s it gonna be? who’s it gonna be?
    what color? red! which engine you want? James? white! you pick Toby? Toby
    versus James, any predictions? Toby? you guys say Toby, I’m gonna pick James. I
    think he’s gonna be the winner. we’re operating the gazillion bubbles bubble
    cycle, look at these bubbles! the bubbles are everywhere! hey Liam, are you
    ready? oh who won that one? instant replay! and the replay shows James to
    be the winner! How you doin’ cranky? cranky the Train?
    thank you though I don’t think you’ll fall down at all.
    all blue, going Thomas? Thomas versus cranky, any predictions? cranky? I’m with
    you always. okay cause if you look at cranky, is leading and Thomas is
    following. yeah but he landed on his on his wheels. he’s like a cat. Bubble maker,
    we’re getting ready to race get all these bubbles! this is a gazillion
    bubbles. cranking Thomas are we ready set go!
    oh that was definitely thomas who won that one
    I wanted cranky to win two guys but it was Thomas I won that’s for certain
    Josie are you gonna spend Josephine pick pick an engine who are you gonna pick
    who are you gonna pick oh I think she’s picking salty greed is not going to do well that time
    we have salty and Percy any predictions on this race guys salty it’s a sea race
    so I think maybe salty might do good bubble bubble psycho here’s a good
    battle red and green are you ready well that was a good race but salty are
    actually does end up winning that one final race of the first round will show
    the classic battle Spencer and Gordon any predictions on this one guys you
    guys say Gordon Dodds going with Spencer because he’s sleek and strong gazillion
    bubbles bubble cycle ready set go guys I think I was Spencer too I think I was Spencer Gordon gets
    eliminated interesting lineup going into the second round Green has been
    eliminated we’ve got one blue with Thomas all of our red make it to the
    next round and then we have white and Yuma Spencer who’s gonna get the trophy did he break the trophy yeah would you
    do that you can’t eat it blow I wonder who she’s gonna pick folks Thomas so uh one who your choice is well done Thomas
    versus Spencer any predictions here guys I think Spencer’s gonna win – good luck
    Thomas Thomas and spats are ready Warren a
    great race that was but ultimately Thomas comes ahead of Spencer Thomas
    against everyone else’s predictions makes it onto the final good job for the
    number one Tank Engine this means the other semifinal match will be a red
    versus red as salty takes on James let’s get ready to race buh-buh-buh holes look at those bubbles
    wow that’s a gazillion bubbles are we ready team rad James Wang what do you get are you try
    to get salty over there that’s a very salty fish and in the final race it
    looks like James and Thomas will race for the Sodor cop we think that Sir
    Topham Hatt let’s see more bubbles look at those you show your bubble sustain
    game wow look at all these bubbles we’re celebrating the race is here today which
    gazillion bubbles bubble cycle okay for the final are we ready James we might
    have to go do that nice thing goes James – we might have to go to instant replay
    on this one and figure out who the winner is and today’s overall ultimate
    where is James at the Sodor cop and the crowd goes crazy making bubbles forum I
    love this game isn’t it awesome and look at all the bubbles on this cycle either
    makes motorcycle noises much braver love a boat on let’s see it
    oh maybe he’s going to Lake Sodor I’ll get him in the boat Oh
    horsey cranky raise some more he wants to cranky race to work all right why is
    there tophi in the bottom of Lake Sodor going into lakes order to find his old
    and Schulte that you love what’s lost okay good luck finding the golden trophy
    oh he found it all right let’s get up on some wheels and we have him race sir
    topham had in his boat versus cranky the crane train are you ready who’s going to
    find Sir Topham Hatt Oh cranky oh I think cranky why not cruising Thomas are
    you ready for the best friends battle oh I think Thomas won that one oh that so
    here’s a rematch of the tender benders whoa that was fast and furious Gordon coming apart at the seams here
    folks Toby and James are you ready whoa I think I was James had time and it’s
    the seaside battle let’s see how these guys do I am boy they set go oh nice
    supercar I think that boat actually won look it’s day two flow to any way into
    the trophy salty how you doing buddy hey guys click here to watch another video
    and like here to subscribe to our channel bye

    Lego Train Crashes and Hot Wheels Race Cars
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    Lego Train Crashes and Hot Wheels Race Cars

    August 29, 2019

    Lego trains and hot wheel cars! ah ah
    it’s gonna be a crash city today. we’ve got the heavy hauler.
    don’t be waiting auto Oh NO! the trains for these! These two are going at it, know what’s gonna
    happen? The train oh wow! Guess what’s gonna happen?
    Oh, but the heavy hauler train keeps going folks! What’s gonna happen here?
    Yeah I know that helicopters take it off! Yeah heavy hauler keeps on keepin on! This is
    dad’s train! Whoosh! You just stay right there and everything will be okay!
    Helicopter oh oh man! Barracudas waiting come on Veronica. this heavy hauler
    trainings like my favorite for crashes cuz it just keeps just going on all the
    time. That’s a real nice crash heavy hauler. Back on track and on time, we got a full
    load today. Whoosh. Look at this heavy hauler is going and
    we’re gonna get Barracuda. here we go! Oh oh ho nice William Wow barely who’s
    winning this race that’s my question not you Liam here comes Spencer or sleek
    and strong pulling a private car along do you think the Duke and Duchess around
    they’re watching the race whoosh and a wheesh that would have been bad Oh turbo
    diesel Spencer lost his tender Oh Spencer
    where’s your tender buddy Love Me Tender love me sweet whoa Veronica just stop so
    mama can go he’s actually racing here leanness is smashing time you having fun Josie are you controlling
    the train yeah you’re on the crazy train aren’t you nice Veronica I was so close
    Spencer’s still on no one’s knocking him off Spencer’s getting slower and slower
    I think he needs to change the batteries here come on Spence
    oh there goes the tender something from the Cars unreal badge on his own what’s
    gonna happen Spencer now shunting Oh but he goes again look at this oh come on
    Spencer look at this stopped no he’s still going Oh you’ve lost the truck
    he’s gonna stand up oh Barracuda there’s nothing oh he gets stuck on there look
    at this guy what are you doing Magoo oh no ramming there
    well these guys are going oh I got it off Spencer slow down now oh it’s lost
    it no man are you just waiting for this guy yeah oh that’s what you get turbo
    diesel white light passenger train are you guys ready whoosh this guy goes so
    fast you’re never gonna catch this guy oh wait passage in survives
    man that’s ghost Oh oh nice oh that was good back on track where passengers
    what’s going whoa whoa-oh triple D’s all derailed positive trade again you try
    and get him on watch we’re trying this tire titrate on the
    dough whoosh yeah that’s dad stop yeah I speak tray already let leaves one behind
    oh here we go whoosh best trade still going gonna
    happen row too fast before train goes oh here’s a nice passenger train are you
    stuck are you stuck I’ll move you there you go
    Oh turbo diesel Oh alright we’re back
    look at this big train whoosh good oh nice
    I got stuck nice Oh big derailment Oh we lose the car to keep going look at this drink go oh he is
    definitely off track nice got you we’ve got a new train
    Gordon we got Christmas tree spinning good oh nothing nothing
    Oh your car has a red light that’s why oh look at all this
    Oh Gordon’s going way too fast always think in the corners will he get the
    throne Oh sick oh man Oh scorns back nice that was a nice
    crash only the tender Tanner’s off that’s not
    good oh he cut back on on its own oh you took out the card looking and going out
    there looking a little bit lighter look at Christmas tree stand oh nice caboose is gone let her know oh
    oh I got a throat wheel top are you gonna finish him off of me
    oh he’s done on his own it was a good riding Gordon Oh diesel 10 is pushing
    the Christmas tree car but it doesn’t have the Christmas tree anymore it go
    diesel 10 oh I’m s oh well you crashed up Helia move was
    the name of that episode where diesel 10 stole the Christmas tree do you remember
    I think I think we did that episode we parodied it guys if you remember the
    name of that episode let us know in the comment section remind us what it is
    still on a Christmas tree Oh what happened
    barricade oh oh nice oh look I’m on the tracks now diesel Ted stole enough
    cattle who looks like a bull doesn’t it well that’s no good do those hands got
    the bull by the horns this time Oh got the bull Oh put hop in there
    oh nice trip on the pole – oh hey keep going
    oh man you broke the car hey guys click here to watch another
    menu and let here – six five four channels why

    EnterTRAINment Junction Highlights | Kids Toys Play
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    EnterTRAINment Junction Highlights | Kids Toys Play

    August 27, 2019

    Kids Toys Play! Hey Liam, where are we today? EnterTRAINment Junction! It’s milk delivery time! Beautiful! Hey William, do you think that they’re
    filling those milk cars full of sodor fuel? Yeah, maybe. TRUCKS! This might be my favourite train. He has Joby wood it looks like. Think that’s Ol’ Wheezy? That’s huge up there. How many trains are there? You think he’ll fall off?t This guy is trying to escape jail! They’re trying to hang a piano. We have Reg’s scrap yard. I can’t believe how fast this thing goes. Isn’t that
    a roundabout? Wow!
    This trolly says it’s time to go. look like you want to go on here. I like the
    Trolly’s. How about the ferris wheel? That’s nice. Really?
    Love this train! What’s the first thing you see? Tidmoth Shed? Hey look at this guy backing out on the
    turntable. I think he’s gonna get going. I love those Vanderbuilt tenders, it’s so
    beautiful. I’m not gonna get to a while he is going. Flora the tram.
    Two trains moving on the same track. Hey, do you think you can race this train?
    This train is gonna win. This is gonna win. Trains…, oh you’re
    winning now! Oh it’s this guy, I love this guy.
    is he gone that empty berth? I hope it crashes another train that we
    have to run out of here fast. he’s doing it. how many different trades are out here
    I got no idea like this is a green train here’s that brown one of the blue one blow their to me oh look a train for new this is absolutely huge William you name
    everything you can see I think your tree might become we think while I mean up
    top look we have two trains look at this three trains on once car racing let’s go okay wait Lily gets
    going it’s hi Coco quickly quickly quickly please it isn’t about to be betrayed
    he’s changed the story I’d love this place so much there’s so much detail and something going on inside
    every single one the night train and live you can see
    these guys working inside their offices late at night don’t hit the bottom whatever you do you
    immediately get messages and you stop the train hey did you
    operate the stream this is a huge train dip shop I can’t
    believe how huge this is man look at this all the model railways stuff for
    Thomas and Friends as well hey William I’ve never seen this before the battery
    charging station was Stafford that’s kind of cool it’s not fun so are you guys ready to go
    on this which which colors you’re gonna choose you want pink and you want purple?
    okay are you ready hey go on is that fun Ferrante’s yeah do that again hey guys click here to watch another
    video and like here to subscribe to our channel bye


    Thomas and Friends Motorized Wooden Railway Mystery Wheel Races

    August 23, 2019

    Kids Toys Play! Mystery Wheel races! Team green. Backwards, forwards Percy, Regular Percy, Old Percy, Toby. Team hero of the rails, Diesel, Gordon, Hiro and Spencer. Well that was
    quick. Should we call this team blue or team
    Thomas? Team boo. Team boo? Backwards forwards Thomas, new Thomas, old Thomas, snowy Thomas. Team red, Victor, Backwards forwards James, gray wheel James, new James. Team purpley pink; Lady, Rosie, Charlie and Salty. And team kids toys play!
    Metro liner, Big Red, Brio Freight Train and Jet Engine. Hey Liam, who do you think is gonna win
    out of all these? Make it prediction this time. Brio Metro? Metro guy? Let me go with
    Charlie. I don’t know why I just have a good feeling about Charlie this time. The
    engines are gonna be, oh that’s not good. Hero of the rails; Diesel. Oh kids toys
    play; Metroliner. Oh Green Team, mostly Percy nice.
    Backwards forwards James, new Percy Diesel Brio metroliner. Are we ready?
    Go! They’re off, and right off the bat it looks like James is coming up ahead, as
    he starts to go up the hill, but he’s struggling out the hill. It looks like
    Diesel’s taking the lead. Diesel not with Percy at second, Metroliner in third and
    backwards forwards James gets a little bit of a bump again, but he’s up and he
    gets a little bit of assistance, but here comes Oh! Metroliner takes a big lead
    with backwards/forwards / James Percy in the end and here are seeing our track
    looks like there’s no accidents as Percy and
    Wow James Wins, Metroliner comes in second, and the top two engines Brio
    metroliner in backwards Ford’s James will go on to the next round.
    Team Thomas, or team boo. Backwards Thomas. Whoosh! Scary! Ah kids toys play
    again. Keep it up yes! big Brio, nice! Yellow. Hero of the rails. Alright purple
    pink. I will choose anybody but Charlie Well this is gonna be an interesting
    race. Top two go on. Backwards forwards Thomas, Big Red I think he wants to race.
    Salty and here’s Gordon. This is gonna be a good race, and these engines are rip
    rare and ready to go. Are you ready? They’re off! And it looks like Big Red is
    slightly ahead now, it looks like Salty maybe or maybe it’s backwards forwards
    Thomas. He’s having a tough time going up the hill, needs a little help. There Salty
    though coming up in front of Gordon. Big Red now, Gordon needs a little bit of
    help; Oh No! Salty coming down definitely in the lead here. Looks like Gordon is in
    second. Oh come on that’s a little bit too much help, don’t you; Oh! So if he
    falls down and gets stuck up and this is enough time for big red and backwards
    forwards Thomas to win? Gordon comes in third, and Salty caused the derailment and came
    in last. An interesting races, backwards forwards Thomas and Big Red move on, while
    Gordon and Salty are eliminated. Ooh Kids Toys Play! Yes I was hoping you’d pick that
    one! Oh team green! Purple Pink. Oh Rosie. Past champion. Team red. The old Victor.
    Here’s a great lineup, Liam do you have any favorites here? Yes I think he’s
    gonna win too, I think. Backwards Forwards Percy, Rosie, Brio
    freight train and Victor. They’re off! It looks like Brio freight train is
    definitely doing great here. I knew he would win with
    backwards/forwards Percy coming in second. Looks like Rosie is in last place
    with Victor uh-oh it looks like Rosie will you negotiate the track and will Percy
    come in second it definitely looks that way is real goes on to win at forwards
    backwards Percy comes in second. victor will finish third and rosie is having a
    little bit of problem staying on track and on time. forwards backwards engines are
    doing really good with Percy and Brio freight train moving on, Rosie and Victor
    bye-bye purple pink. blue green Percy. ooh team boo. which scary blue engine do you
    want? snowy Thomas. looks like it’s a learning curve battle. all these guys are
    from learning curve. snowy Thomas, lady, Percy, he’s on a roll James .looks
    like Lady comes in first, she’s doing reloads. was she gonna get stuck? is she
    having problems coming up, as James now takes the lead.
    looks like Percy needs a little bit of help in fourth place, as James and Lady
    that connect are they having a tough time now. come on James. James is getting
    out there, and he comes down looks like Lady needs a bit of help, but she’s
    in second place, with Percy and snowy Thomas coming up in the rear. we’re in the crash
    zone, but you know James go over to help, that lady goes on won’t be enough.
    what’s gonna happen here? James comes right over the front of Percy and Thomas
    comes in fourth. that was a close race, but lady and James
    go on to the next round, as snow covered Thomas and Percy who almost won are
    eliminated. team red, I think I know who you’re gonna pick. Team mean and green.
    well we only have one of them left here. Luke it’s which play jet engine om team
    purple haha dad’s favorite. well I know who dad’s picking. Liam who do you thinks
    gonna win? jet engine? let’s see what happens.
    jet engine, Charlie, Toby brand-new James. ready? off it looks like jet engines way
    out in front. will you be able to climb it? looks like no. Toby and Charlie are
    though, and so is DJ. – Charlie slightly in the lead. looks like jet engine gets a
    little bit of help, but he has problems climbing, and Toby now. what Charlie needs is
    a little bit of help climbing. jet engine has definitely needs help climbing. but he
    will go on on the straightaways and win. it comes out – Toby and Charlie as James
    comes in last place. here what will hope in will Toby be able to take out Charlie
    and he does. well dad’s favorite is eliminated, along with new James. but good
    news for Toby and jet engine they’re moving on to the next round.
    and a final race of the first round, it looks like team boo has Brand new Thomas
    and learning curve Thomas and team hero the rails has Hiro and Spencer. which one
    do you think is gonna win here champ? you think Hiro is gonna go? I think new
    Thomas is gonna go. set looks like Joe and Spencer have the initial lead with
    the Thomas’s coming in second. Spencer now older Thomas as the old learning
    curve Thomas has a problem climbing not the new Thomas so it looks like hero
    needs a little bit of help now with Spencer taking over the lead Thomas
    coming at second Oh hero though jumps ahead into second place on the downhill
    and learning curve Thomas rounds it out as Spencer comes in first and he will
    finish first adds hero goes on to second and Thomas is off track and off time and
    learning curve Thomas is just kind of sitting there Thomas’s are eliminated
    and Hiro the rail goes on and how lauded was the first round every engine and
    team kids toys play goes on with only one representative of team boo and team
    purple Wow purple that’s gonna be Lady ooh Team Green yeah Toby hi James which
    James is gonna be aa hero the rails hero paint predictions here you choose hero
    I’m gonna go with Toby backwards for James
    lady of the rails Toby and hero of the rails the Thunder in the back up Liam
    are you ready ah it looks like Wow pretty close here but looks like fabric
    sports James is having trouble climbing as Hiro and lady are moving out there
    backwards for shade now back in the race and it looks like he’s having some
    clothes lady now with Toby in second and Hiro at first backwards for James takes
    the lead Owen comes in first he’s definitely going around here comes hero
    and Toby oh just a mess in there as James will go on to the next round
    looks like Lady has lost this hero comes in second Toby just short and lady is
    lost we might be racing in the rain here but
    lady and Toby eliminated Hiro and James next round
    ah Hiro the rails kids toys play green. Percy! team kids toys play. which
    one do you think is gonna win I think you said he was gonna lose make up your
    mind metroliner will do get to Spencer real
    Metroliner big rad and backwards Ford’s Percy Ready Set so oh no Percy gets
    taken out by the stick right off the bat as it starts to rain here at the raceway
    it looks like big red needs a little bit of help specs are coming in first with
    Percy coming in second Oh Percy now in the lead what’s going on here is
    Metroliner now comes in second here what’s going to happen is you’re going
    to be a malfunction up so what a weirdo wacko race master dates out that July
    looks like big red it’s good to go in and move on to the next round is Spencer
    and Metroliner on eliminated ok we’re back after a little bit of a rainstorm
    folks and we have our final race of this round real freight train jet engine
    great wheels James and backwards/forwards Thomas hey Liam any
    predictions here you think jet engine I’m gonna go with Brio. they’re off and
    it looks like jet engine of course going up very high alright it makes it up the
    first time as Brio keeps going up Thomas James are left behind
    Bri oh no getting stuck on that second owners or sorry jet engine riders Brio
    takes the lead but jet engine will go faster and he will go on oh no Brio. my
    factory will go is he going to pass Thomas and he goes on Thomas does a
    respectable third as great real James doesn’t know whether he’s coming or
    going these kids toys play engines go on to the next round again this is doing
    really good six engines remain in the third round three of them belong to kids
    toys play one from hero of the rails one from Team red and one from Team Green I
    think we’re only gonna race three engines now here are the rails okay Kuro who James kids toys play
    before a big race, only one will survive any predictions William big rat Flores
    backwards James big rad he rolled the rails off and it looks like James is in
    the lead hero and second okay Greg he had some problems getting off the first
    hill James totally with her at second big right coming to third as they go
    down the major hill and it looks like James is well on his way well we
    unpredicted that as big red by surprise combat goes on to the final round and in
    the second last semi final it’s gonna be jet engine Brio freight train and ford
    backwards Percy William do you have any predictions Jett legend get into the
    course off the top but he cannot go up that hill gets a little bit of a push up
    the hill just a little bit though I think he got a little bit too much as
    Brio goes on but it looks like jet engine will go down the next round real
    comfy psychic and horseback for Percy nice effort so in the final race Liam
    let’s do no pushing up the hills okay I will see who wins between jet engine and
    big red. any predictions I think big red will go out and proud ready
    jet engine goes fastest what happened so we went to do a test race and something
    happened to big red he just will not work he won’t go at all he won’t go
    backwards either I think maybe jet engines raise two different engines what
    you think so we’re gonna replace that Brio engine with Brio metroliner and
    briault freight train for the title against Thomas in the jet engine any
    predictions from these three William you think metroliner I think great line
    am i doing go there often takes up but yes big problems climbing up that hill
    he’s getting him just a tiny push freight train oh definitely comes out
    there oh and what was that jet engine got over on the second hill by himself.
    freight train comes in second, and metroliner surprisingly comes in last place.
    rather shocking results today but it looks like Thomas’s jet engine from
    Thomas the jet engine wins today’s Thomas and Friends motorized wooden
    railway races hey guys click here to watch another
    video and like here to subscribe to our Channel bye

    EnterTRAINment Junction | World’s Largest Model Railroad Display
    Articles, Blog

    EnterTRAINment Junction | World’s Largest Model Railroad Display

    August 11, 2019

    Hey Liam, where are we today? EnterTRAINment Junction! The world’s largest model railway! Oh look up
    there! More trains! And down here more trains!
    That’s awesome! Look at that guy up there! Hey, do you think this is what Tidmouth
    Sheds used to look like? Look at this, cuz there’s one shed and
    there’s one turntable. It’s gonna be a train crash!
    This guy’s gonna crash! Oh he stopped! There’s just a train parked here,
    waiting for the other train to go through, oh he started up again!
    This must be Vicarstown, because here’s Vicarstown Bridge! He’s going over! Look! Do you think he can
    jump it like Thomas? Hey this looks like Beau. Remember, from Big World, Big Adventure?
    Oh look he’s burning wood! It’s a wood train. That’s Cinderella. And there is trains
    everywhere. Look at, you know what? that looks like Ferdinand doesn’t it? Wow! This
    is the biggest indoor railway park! Look off at the distance guys. And what’s that
    up there? Unreal. You guys, you know what this is? This is this is like the Blue
    Mountain Quarry, and I think that’s a troublesome truck right there.
    Hold on. Hey! Look at this guy! What do you think of this place? Awesome! It’s like the best place?
    Yeah! William, come look at this logging loco. This is absolutely beautiful. This
    is like what Vicarstown used to look like.
    Stop and get some water. And look at these guys! These are quarry engines! What?
    they’re pulling quarry cars. This is the most beautiful model railway set I have ever
    seen. Hey Liam, what do we have here? These are
    special Thomas the Tank engines, but they’ve got our stickers on the back, and
    what’s our idea William? We’re gonna hide them all over entertrainment junction! This is a Thomasset, isn’t it? Wow Percy’s
    really going there! And who’s this, is this Bill or Ben? Ben Bill? on then go, and hey, is
    that iron ‘Arry or Bert? Why is he pulling milk? Boy who’s this
    guy down by the docks? Oh look we have another train here, it looks like some
    kind of dockside diesel. Salty? Oh here comes Iron ‘Arry. He says the ironworks need
    milk. And Percy getting pushed by some Troublesome Trucks. Wow, they really know
    their Sodor here. Percy is just rocket, look at him go! Oh Henrietta! I gotta
    deliver my milk! These guys have everything Thomas! Wow,
    okay that’s huge map of Sodor! Man I wonder where we are on this map? Do you
    know little Thomas? Did you find that Thomas play table
    already? We’ve got lots of Thomas play tables all over the place here. Hey Liam,
    Do you want to leave one of these kids toys play toys cars here? I’ll start playing with it, and
    maybe nobody’ll notice. Don’t let the entertrainment junction
    guys catch it, okay? Hey look who’s hiding in Tidmouth sheds!
    It’s Thomas Express coming through! Are you making this go buddy? You play with
    these trains, these guys are really going. look at that train fly! where the rules?
    should I leave using that helicopter fly you see this
    mural before doesn’t this sort of look like our surprise box
    we got another play table over here these people should leave another Thomas
    here sure sure play with Thomas don’t let anyone see a good play listen up
    you’re gonna leave them right there okay just leave them under the bridge what’s
    out here do you think you want to go on this kids Express yeah let’s check it
    out okay whatever you do don’t have fun okay well that’s just like shuffleboard
    wow he is way down there go go William William number six you want
    Thomas train you have an idea okay here’s another kids toys play Thomas
    shall follow you are you gonna play on this table the way anybody’s to do –
    Thomas come on okay can you put them underneath this coal
    hopper and it’s not that kids toys placement on the bat we got a ton of
    play tables here don’t have another crash look at this awesome train wow this
    place is huge at the playground whoa soon I’m gonna race um I’m gonna win
    well hey you come here you come here Thank You Firebaugh hurry hurry hurry
    hey it’s the orange blossom special keep shovelin this is what work it is is it
    the biggest do not make fun here what do you think of entertainment Junction
    daddy actually some kids play with our trains do you think the entertainment
    junction guy saw hey this is donkey to be a crash is it
    oh I’m so glad that wasn’t a crash Judy there’s the other one on the magnet go
    go go go yeah are we going to another railway let’s
    get going whoa this just goes on and on and on and
    on hey I wonder what that firehouse sounds
    like oh wow hey look it’s flora Liam look at the size of this guy’s not a big
    one it says do your excel Hey look at this
    guy New York Central I see that Bob will be over oh there’s the tram military
    techniques and diesel trains that’s an iron Arry and Bert I know it this is
    funny this is a diesel train pulling call look at the detail inside these
    buildings guys this is incredible dress up to one these mountain villages oh
    those Steamies can work with diesels that’s what everyone knows okay here’s
    the Woolworth when they got the city tram coming through you think
    whoa Union Station since you change the clip team now boarding on track number
    to look at Union Station it looks a lot like knapford station we have that in
    Lego look at that guy which train is your favorite that you see
    this place is huge hey do you see that big yellow crane there
    you know that he’s out of scrapyard that’s red this is like a huge amusement park look
    at this place this is insane I look at this now it’s nighttime and
    all the lights are coming out oh wow there’s the carousel just going on its
    own you know there says there’s a giant Ferris wheel the music park in the
    daylight this is absolutely wonderful look at this this is huge and here we
    were overlooking the city trains coming up over top of everything hey guys we
    going to the sheds look at that in the turntable really turns and what kind of
    train do you think is not on the turntable it’s a huge steamy with a
    Vanderbilt tender that looks like Sam The Virginian look at him go there’s a
    fueling station right there I think that’s the Dieselworks is this all just marbles let’s take a
    look look at the ceiling marbles isn’t this marvelous
    now that’s a shed look at the size of that this is a 20 stall round house this
    is huge sheds you can sit the entire steamteam in there except for why and
    that guy can go to the mainland look at this Express coming to Daddy I
    can control the trains beautiful display and we this huge
    marble maze you guys think you can figure this out whoa look at all these
    marbles those are all marbles which one is your favorite like all those marbles let’s go away my bar I love all the
    lights come on when it’s nighttime can you imagine the island of sodor if it
    look like this guys I love how everything’s open you can see
    everything guys what’s your favorite thing in this picture everything oh yeah
    there’s a police car and there’s this Wow only got the lights down and
    everything this is so well done look at this night scene absolutely beautiful you see that
    hot-air balloon hey guys come look at this train up here
    train up by the hot-air balloon yeah look at that train up there don’t
    walk underneath the train don’t walk underneath the train are you just happy
    to be here you’re so excited did you make this one go Veronica what do you
    think this change going should we follow it let’s follow it this is a huge yard that’s an organic train look at it wow
    these things are incredible are you operating that train how are you
    feeling let’s go hey did you find another play
    table oh wow hey this one has a Percy on it one where do those Thomas’s okay hold
    on okay your kids toys play Thomas Ince don’t tell anybody
    don’t get caught just playing with the trades playing with the Train are you
    hiding it in the mind I think anybody will find it there maybe wow they got a
    great selection of Thomas and Friends whoa
    they’ve got huge Thomas wood collection and Thomas wooden railway this is
    absolutely hey they have sewed our story collection wow they really know what
    they have here man they’ve got play tables they’ve got everything you need
    for one Railway here this is wonderful this is a huge Brio collection I can’t
    believe the size of this place yeah look at it it is all model railway Julia in
    the hobby shop aesthetically whether Thomas is right there see if anyone
    notices well looks like somebody was playing
    with these Thomas’s hey buddy we’re gonna leave these right here hey what is
    that it says playing card that’s our kids
    toys play car are you gonna leave one here and then when they come to
    entertrainment junction they can play with water toys it’s like playing with
    us I love it here this is the best place on earth