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    The Little Red Lost Engine! Brio Trains and Ferries on the Train Lab | Toys trains videos for kids
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    The Little Red Lost Engine! Brio Trains and Ferries on the Train Lab | Toys trains videos for kids

    February 15, 2020

    One day, in tidmouth sheds, every thing was great Diesel, which is remote controlled, went out, one day. to collect a special delivery. But he didn’t notice it was the wrong way He’s a slower engine. Until he came to a stop. and jumped aboard a boat. He did not realize he was in a boat. And he sailed across… back. …over here. and he says… what? And he was like… Hey which way this way or this way? This way or this way? And he thought it was this way… and so he went off. But what he did not realize is, the
    special cargo was here not this way! Definitely needs help on this. He can make the rest. And he stopped. And asked Cranky. “Cranky, is it is my special delivery here? no. So he went off. and leading them back to Tidmouth sheds. What? I went the wrong way! Great! So…he… So he got out again, in
    the points changed. So we went again. [upbeat music starts] And on his way home he’s gonna take
    a ferry. But so he stopped Because the gates were open because of the water was going through [Eric making water rushing sounds] [bridge sounds down] [Bridge sounds down] Here’s the collapsing bridge And the Thomas engine…. the other engine noticed the the bridge was collapsed. [Cody] Thomas is stuck. and then the engine fixed it. [Cody] And Thomas got in. And just kept on going. Through the track he was on. And turned his car around and couple up. [Cody] and Thomas is ahead. Cody always has is own stories to tell, right Dad? uhh, hmmm.. [Cody] Right Dad! So he went to the ferry, and Cody was too late. [Cody] And I was too late… to get on the ferry. and brought him back to Tidmouth Shed Special Delivery for Thomas! Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe for more! Train Lab.

    Training with Lightning McQueen on a Real Race Track! | Pixar Cars
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    Training with Lightning McQueen on a Real Race Track! | Pixar Cars

    February 12, 2020

    (upbeat rock music) – Hey guys. I’m Max, and
    today I’m with my friends Taj, Victoria, and Elisha. We’re at the Irwindale
    Speedway in sunny California. For this video, we wanted to show you this amazing space and all of our favorite toys to play with. OK, lets go find my friends. – [Kids] Irwindale Speedway! – Guys, there’s so many seats! – [Max] I know, right? 65 hundred! Can you believe the crowd at a real Lightning McQueen race? – Totally! Lightning McQueen always knows how to get the fans excited! – Yeah! – Hey guys! Can you
    imagine watching a race from the skybox? – [Kids] Whoa! – Can we go? Please? – I don’t see why not. Let’s go check it out! – [Kids] All right! Whoo! (upbeat country music) Whoa! – Whoa! What a view! – [Max] You can see
    everything from up here! – I bet you could see
    old radiator Springs. – This is definitely the
    place to watch a race. – [Kids] Yeah! – Well, let’s go back down to the track. – [Kids] Race you there! No! (fast-paced banjo music) (electronic squeaking) (fast-paced banjo music) – This is the ultimate race! – Tim Treadless against – [Taj] Lightning McQueen! Lightning McQueen versus Tim Treadless – The Bleachers cup is about to start! – [Taj And Max] Ready! Set! Go! (rock music) – [Kids] Ahh! Go, go, go, go, go! – Ah, Lightning McQueen! – Yay! Whoo! Whoo! – We had a crazy, fun time today, guys at the Irwindale Speedway. We even recorded a whole video of us playing with our cars,
    racing toys around the track. You can check that out
    if you want to see more. Until then, thanks for watching. (guitar music)

    Tomy Drag Racing on the Train Lab!  Percy, Streamlined Thomas, Rocket Stephen and Action Chugger!
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    Tomy Drag Racing on the Train Lab! Percy, Streamlined Thomas, Rocket Stephen and Action Chugger!

    February 3, 2020

    Go! And they’re off! Oh my gosh this is neck and neck! Oh no! TrainLab So what are we doing today? Another Race… It looks like
    you’re going to do some drag racing! straight down the middle the see who’s
    gonna be the fastest one? [Eric] uh hmm… An who we have lined up here already? Action Chugger… Yeah, and Action Chugger is going to defend his title, huh? And Racing Percy and Rocket and Streamlined Thomas. Oh! and guess what! What? And the reigning champion right now, the
    Shinkansen is over here in the crowd Alrighty folks, here we are and we are
    going to be racing all four engines at the same time. It’s going to be a
    spectacular shootout Are you ready TrackMaster? Ready… Setty… Go! And they’re off! And… Oh my gosh, Stephen… Stephen’s ahead…
    and Percy’s… Op! Stuck! Stephen wins, Percy second. Streamline Thomas to third and action
    chugger is stuck. And here we are, round two We just switched up the track a
    little bit Ready… Set… Go! And they’re off! Oh! oh my gosh this is neck and neck… oh no! Runaway Stephen is in the back and Action Chugger is first by a long shot coming in second is Streamline Thomas and Percy And of course Runaway Stephen came in last. And the crowd goes crazy here! Percy in lane one, Runaway Stephen in lane two Action Chugger three and Streamline Thomas on four Are we ready? oh Action Chugger is really ready to roll here…. They’re at the starting gate Ready… Set… Go! Oh they’re off and it’s neck-and-neck Action Chugger is inching forward followed by Runaway Stepen And Percy! It’s Action Chugger! And the Shinkansen comes out and the crowd is crazy for their most favorite, the Shinkansen and look at that sleek bullet train. Isn’t it beautiful! it’s just going to be so fast today… [music playing] And the first… And the first head-to-head is going to be… Rocket Runaway Stephen and the Shinkansen Are you ready engines? Ready… Setty… Go! Oh here they go! And the Shinkansen is off like a bullet and just and just smokes Runaway Stephen oh no! Crashes at the finish line but has some technical help. and Runaway Stephen also needs a little bit of help from the technical crew whew! and he finishes as a distant third… The Shinkansen… really smoked him that time, didn’t he? uh hmmm… The runner-up contender Action Chugger he’s going to retry his attempt to
    claiming the world championship title against the bullet train right here on
    TrainLab. uh hmmm. Ready? Set… Go! Oh! Here it is, neck and neck And the bullet is pulling forward! And the bullet train outraces Action Chugger again! For the World Championship Title Thanks everybody for coming to
    the train lab 500 today It’s a beautiful day. Thanks for watching just don’t forget to subscribe and thumbs up if you like this video yeah alright
    thanks again everybody! TrainLab


    SuperStation Sodor Storm Rescue! Chuggineers to the Rescue | Toy train videos for kids | Train Lab

    December 30, 2019

    [Dad] What’s happening? Harold is stuck in the Gondola string! TrainLab [Eric] From the island of sodor, there is a big storm coming. [Dad] It is raining cats and dogs Oh [Dad] That looks like it’s the early morning train that goes into superstation. Little do they know that the bridge is out! Here they come… [Dad] Oh no! The bridge is out! [Cody] Don’t go on the tracks! [Dad] They can’t get across to the Sodor Station… …to go into the SuperStation, so what are they gonna do Oh! What’s this? [Eric] A Zip line! What’s a zip line? [Eric] A zip line? Well… A zip line is something that takes you across from one place to another. Wow that’s so cool, so they can get across the bridge? [Eric] Yeah! Across to there… [Dad] Wow! [Eric] This came from the SuperStation Round House. [Eric] Climb in please! [Cody] I’m not climbing in… Eric:It’ll take you to the other side. Do you need to get to the SuperStation roundhouse!? [Cody] I’m backing up… Dad: Oh… Diesel’s gonna wait then… Dad:He’s going to wait for the bridge to be repaired. So meanwhile, maybe we need to take the gondola back so that all the trains over here And the superstation could get down to the docks. [Eric] Emily’s out! [Upbeat music] Dad: She looks a little scared swinging up there in the middle of the air… Is it going to work? [Eric] Emily’s pretty happy. Hurray! [upbeat music] [Eric] Here he goes! [helicopter sounds] [Dad] What’s happening!? [Dad] Harold’s caught in the gondola string! [Eric] Oh no! The SuperStation round house is tipping! [Boom!] [Boing!] [Eric] Ooooohhhh…. Quick! Sir Topham Hatt runs over to the crash scene. “Are you okay, Thomas?” [Eric] Yes… Oh! [Boing, squeak] But we need some trains to come and pick him up and put him back on the gondola [Eric] actually… [Dad] Maybe Harold can do it… Oh Harold can connect him. Hurray for Harold! [Dad] Sir Topham Hatt was coming up to look at the rope… Oh No! It got damaged. So we can’t use it. What are we gonna do? [Eric] What are we going to do? [Eric] I wonder how we can repair the damage, Dad? [Rock music starts] [Dad] Hmmm… Maybe the Chugganeers? [Dad] Oh! Hey it’s Wilson! [Dad] Oh! t’s the Chugganeers to the rescue! [Dad] Here they come… [Eric] Here comes Fletch! [Dad] Okay the Chugganeers are all gonna pull… Pull! [Dad] Look! It’s coming up! [Eric] And another engine! Look they’re pulling… the gondola’s coming up! [Dad] There it is! Sir Topham Hatt is excited! [Eric] I added another one. Hurray! The Chugganeers did it! [crowd cheering] [Eric singing] Skyler’s leading the way… [Dad] What’s the parade for? [Eric] It’s for… for fixing the gondola! [Eric humming. Crowd cheering] [Fireworks exploding, crowds cheering] [Eric] Thanks for watching! And don’t forget to subscribe! more and more… [Eric] Great stuff! [TrainLab]

    Jenny on the Railway – Nursery Rhyme Full Song ( Fountain Kids )
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    Jenny on the Railway – Nursery Rhyme Full Song ( Fountain Kids )

    December 2, 2019

    Jenny on a railway, picking up stones Down came an engine, And broke Jenny bones “Ah!” said Jenny, “That’s not fair” “Oh!” said the engine driver, “I don’t care! Jenny on a railway, picking up stones. Down came an engine, And broke Jenny bones “Ah!” said Jenny, “That’s not fair” “Oh!” said the engine driver, “I don’t care!