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    Japanese Train Bento (Traveling Tokyo to Nikko, Japan)

    September 19, 2019

    what better than eating delicious men to own the terrain nothing much [Music] hey guys so what exactly is an EQ Ben was basically a bento or box lunch so that the train stations and sometimes even inside the trains our trip today starts at Shinjuku Station will be rewarding an express train to Nicole one of the most beautiful places in Japan okay altering is departing soon let’s go buy some a Cuban we don’t want to miss our train [Music] the echo benda I got is called the autonomic you see bento Aki which means grown-up holiday autumn version this bento is kind of on the pricey side is 2,000 yen and it is pricey for a box lunch but there are many many ingredients here and they are carefully selected and carefully prepared for your enjoyment so this is what my bento looks like it comes in this beautiful beautiful package and it’s wrapped in this beautiful cloth so I’m going to take it off and as always there is a wet towel chopsticks and a toothpick and a special menu so you know what you’re eating [Music] this is the each module which means first box there are so many things in here I don’t know where to start these are gingko nuts and that is some kind of shellfish clam I think documen cannot remind me so much of Otto gingko nuts chestnuts things like this gingko nuts are actually simmered in a really light sweet soy sauce let’s try this clamp mmm oh yeah mmm the clam is not chewy which is really nice I hate chewy seafood I really like ski seasons as well so here we have a piece of fish that’s an egg omelet this is Amna masu which is vinegared vegetables daikon and carrots I’m gonna try it with this orange thing here hmm good num also what is that orange thing okay I just looked at the menu it is persimmons I think this is beef tongue you know I’m not like a huge fan of beef tongue but depending on how its prepared I can eat it hmm that’s actually nice hmm is it kind of a guitar charred grilled flavor the texture is not that chewy either like a lot of tongue is hmm this I like there’s a carrot this is mountain yam or Naga anymore in Japanese this is a yam that you make total with we did a video on mountain tackle where we eat Totoro soba and that’s what this is made of hmm hmm hmm kind of crunchy nice potato a flavor and a little bit slimy but not so slimy well I like this it also has a roasted flavor here we have some keep could I get and we got a shrimp here that is a sweet potato in the shape of a ginkgo leaf this is some kind of shrimp and something that’s a shiitake mushroom and this is a crab this is a piece of crap deep fried crab I’m gonna try this hmmm it’s a real crab hmm very happy never had real crab in a bento no wonder its mm yeah these are chestnuts here with some candied walnuts looks like a three bean salad so let’s go for that chestnut mmm knives are sweet oh my god this is a matsutake mushroom I never eat matsutake mushroom because it’s so expensive here in Japan no wonder this bento is so expensive it’s really intensely flavored I’m not used to matsutake it’s delicious it’s delicious what I pay $200 for it not really 2,000 yen okay let’s go on to my second box and this one has my rice and some sushi here and that’s my pickled vegetables that’s an pickled eggplant this one kind of meatball this is oh whoo which is some kind of gluten thing it’s a Japanese thing and here’s my simmered vegetables that’s my konyaku mountain yam with yuzu lotus root mini turnip like amaz Oh beautiful flavored vegetables but this one is very delicate and it doesn’t taste like soy sauce and all whatsoever I think these used soy sauce I’m sure that is salmon so I’m gonna go for this one I do like salmon but I like Saba better I think this is vinegared Saba I love this I love suppose Lucia the rice is seasoned with vinegar but the fish is also seasoned in vinegar this one is one of my favorite type of sushi so this is rice with kimchi tamago which is egg omelet and some salmon roll oh that is delicious this is actually regular rice not sushi rice because there’s no vinegar and that’s perfect because the hakuna the salmon roe is salty enough and gives it you know flavor we have two good vegetables here these artists kimono and this is daikon radish and this is an a mini eggplant now these I know a lot of people think it’s salad and they eat it these vegetables by themselves but these are to be eaten with the rice what you do is you eat some of this and then you eat a little bit of the rice hmm and when you combine the two it’s perfect mmm so she’s waiting patiently so I think I’m gonna let him eat now mine is unagi bento unagi means eel yeah machine is loved you but today I eat eel the regular bento is cold there is a strings put the strings the steam comes holiday look look look so let’s open Nagi bento yes here is chopsticks and otft wet towel and this is a color for year so it’s for year let’s open yay here here let’s pour some sauce this is Japanese paper corridor sancho it is necessarily for you it’s totally different from the regular paper turkey must not it is very soft tender nice no I can’t believe this is a Cuban and rice with this sauce it’s so good it’s sweet correct Sita sauce really good soy sauce the best that sweeter side it is a little bit concentrated it matches with rice I will eat eel and rice together this is a pickled vegetable maybe it’s not as get some kind of squash if you don’t use to eat nah that’s okay maybe the first time it is difficult to eat because its taste of it’s okay but eat twice or three times it becomes very good you know the other thing about Vento’s or Japanese food in general is that they use a lot of seasonal ingredients I think that’s what makes Japanese Vento’s really interesting now like I said before there’s nothing better than eating an achy bed or riding on a comfortable train with a beautiful view like this you [Music] okay guys we’ve arrived at our destination we’re here to check out the sights and of course to try out all the delicious food here thanks so much for watching guys let us know what you thought in the comments down below big thanks to our patrons for making this video possible take care guys bye bye [Music]

    Japanese Train FOOD REVIEW – Sushi and Bentos | Traveling Tokyo to Hakone, Japan!
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    Japanese Train FOOD REVIEW – Sushi and Bentos | Traveling Tokyo to Hakone, Japan!

    September 5, 2019

    Hey, everyone its Mark wiens in Tokyo Japan We got all the bags packed and we’re at Shinjuku station right now on our way to go to a place called Hakone which is it’s about an hour and 45 minutes away by train, and it’s a mountainous area It’s going to be beautiful. It’ll be my first time there, but I’m just going to vlog this train journey And I hope that we’re going to have an opportunity as soon as we find our Our train which might be a little bit of a task To eat some vending machine bentos on the train so it’s going to be a quick vlog ride. Huh Micah? Alright, let’s go. We’re looking for the oDakyu station. Oh Jessie lineless, oh yeah, I think we’re going up here. You know Doc you And by the way, we’re traveling with a lot more stuff than we normally travel with when you and I were just traveling us Too we could travel really really light and bring the bare minimum But ever since having a baby, and we got this entire backpack in this entire suitcase 98% of it is For Micah. All right at least at 11:30. Just past 11 right now and that cost Per person, so it was around 2050 or so yen, and now it’s time to look for a bento to take on the train How they have some vent hose over there Where do they have a vending machine though? I Wonder if they have a vending machine yeah We have some little bentos over here at small stall and then over their convenience store They’re also selling some bentos. I was I was kind of hoping for the vending machine bento Where you get it out of the vending machine and then you take it on the train? But I don’t think I don’t see any this is a I think this is the smaller smaller station you okay with that no Oh cool without that let’s type out of sweet. It’s portable fish I got the I got the one fish in one beef bento and Now see if we have any other snacks small little snack. They’re all some Katsu sandwiches you must have another snack And our train has just arrived. Oh here. It is right here this almost looks like a boat oh it’s going to be an hour and 41 minutes to Hakone and One thing you don’t want to do when you’re in Japan and get on a train a train like this with with too little food So we got a bunch of food, but just in case you don’t come with enough food I didn’t even know that they have a whole onboard menu But it looks to be like the same company that goes little bentos With the train so I think we got the same same food, but that’s that’s awesome You can order Japanese to extend hoods on the train just in case we eat everything indeed more There’s always back to back-up plan We’ve been on the train for at least two or three minutes. I think it’s time to start digging in okay I’m going to begin with that rice ball. This is from that convenience shop It looks like I think I might be some kind of katsu, deep fried cutlet in there And then how do you do that you open? Open here And oh, it’s already wrapped okay. It’s like a kiwi burger all there appears to be Maine. I think that’s mayonnaise in here There’s some lettuce a cutlet. There’s right Well, that’s that’s a heavy little handful right there Oh, yup, that is a kind of a soggy fried piece of meat or chicken Nice, Japanese, Gooey rice and then the seaweed not the freshest Thing that you’ll find, but that does taste pretty good, and there’s definitely quite a lot of like mayonaise dressing in there Looks like a burger Next up. I want to try to try one of these boxes. Which I think is the type of of sushi and The box is actually very cool. Look at that. Look at that colorful box Maybe some mackerel on the on the cover there, and it’s tied up with a rubber, band This looks very interesting and I this is kind of an impulse purchase extra bento a box that I that I bought just because I wanted to see what it was oh Cool. Oh Yeah, that is sushi. I think this is like a I don’t know I’ve never had sushi like this, but this looks wonderful and interesting I’ll just go in for one of these one of these pieces here Well, it’s kind of kind of jammed in there. I’ll go for this guy. Oh It just fell off alright Has a little more of a preserved taste to it the fish actually tastes like it’s like vinegar Probably almost like you can almost taste pickle very sour so it is very sour It’s good though. It’s like it’s like sushi that lasts and the fish is actually quite salty already, so But maybe it would be good with a little bit of extra soy sauce I will Open this Little Tube squeeze in some soy Sauce over here And next up though I want to try one of those those leaf wraps. I don’t know what that is That looks oh there’s rice underneath it in a leaf, and I’m not sure if that’s it I’ll dip a little bit in the soy sauce It has a similar taste to like a grape leaf again it tastes like a maybe I shoot oh there comes around the drink cart or A sesame leaf it has a kind of earthy sesame Slightly peppery taste to it and I’ll come back to the sushi later But I like the box of the box. It’s really cool as well, and I’m going to dig into these other bentos here gosh one bento that is fish and That photo appears to be very buttery and then one bento that is This is the beef bento Let’s open up that slide it out Oh, okay. It definitely looks a little better in the photo open this up There’s beef in here. There’s rice at the bottom. There’s a little egg. There’s this looks like some daikon All that looks like fish egg. I think that’s fish eggs. We’ve got the fish And there’s oh that one that one’s nice and colorful. There’s a good selection of vegetables. There’s rice on the bottom. There’s lotus there is Carrot mushroom egg, and then some other small salads over here, okay. I’ll start with that fish Could be butter fish That fish is almost the texture of chicken So firm and then there this may be a lotus stem. There’s sesame seeds on there, and then did some finely shaved omelet with rice oh That’s pretty good. I really like that sesame seeds has that nice toasted sesame seed flavor to it. The rice is nice and gooey I think the the only thing that could really make it better is if it was hot rather than cold it is kind of cold so that kind of Kind of makes it less less good than it could be but still For Takeaway, bento Japanese lunch box. It’s pretty good Let me try some of this I think these are so beans and I don’t know what type of beef it is. It looks kind of like it almost looks like slices of tongue No, maybe not maybe it’s just regular beef and I’m pretty sure this is just a whole fish egg sack I’ll save that after the beef. I’ll try some that beef first Let’s wrap it into some rice Oh yeah maybe it is tongue Anyway, that’s good. That salty it’s a Soy, sauce on that beef – beef is a little bit chewy The Rice is good Again, it’s cold But you know that going in that it’s going to be cold But I think that’s the only thing I could improve it as if it was nice and piping hot and now moving on to the stack of eggs Oh wow, that’s a really good. It’s really really salty And it actually it doesn’t even have that fishy of a taste to it Even just a little bit spicy. I think there’s some chili in there as well Just a little bit spicy and then you can really taste the, you can really feel the texture of that on your tongue You can feel all those little those little fish balls That’s delicious actually And that completes this meal on a train it was actually very enjoyable That sushi. Ah it really kind of grew on me Well the first bite was okay but I thought it would like it more and more you just can’t you can’t think of it as Fresh fish sushi you got to think of it differently. It’s more like rice ah paired with pickled preserved fish and it was delicious. I enjoyed that. It’s really cool that on the trains in Japan you can They they actually they actually They encourage eating bentos on trains It’s getting more and more beautiful the further we get out of tokyo and we’re getting into some really nice lush green mountains We’re passing by Rivers and streams beautiful And exactly on schedule we have arrived to hakone. I think this is the final station of the train but that was a very very comfortable and very enjoyable train ride and That was some some good lunch as well So thank you very much for watching this vlog Please remember to give it a thumbs up click like and also subscribe for lots more videos and I’ll see you on the next video