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    Hiking an Abandoned Railway Track in Osaka // 兵庫県で人気なハイキングコース
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    Hiking an Abandoned Railway Track in Osaka // 兵庫県で人気なハイキングコース

    December 11, 2019

    There’s a free foot bath Let’s go! Free! Are you scared? Really….I….sdgjhakdfad I’m sweating I’m sweating Nope! This is really…NOPE! [Ashi Yu]
    (Foot bath) [No lights in the tunnel] You can catch them with just a Pokeball You can catch them so easily! [Uzura]
    (Quail) Can you see? Can you see me? I can’t see. Impossible? Impossible. Really?! Mhmm How about this? Can you see? Um, I can see a little bit Scary! That was fast Hello!!!! [the echo] didn’t come back You ok? I’m ok. [Not-good-with-bugs Shinya] It’s there! I’m itchy now! Itchy, itchy I’m real itchy! Thank you! [mirror] Your leg is like a leg? Oh really… If someone comes from the other side, its over! Just a sec… I’m scared! Scary, scary. Scary! No! No, bad, bad, bad! Nope! NOPE!! Steph, NO, NO! SCARY! SCARY! I’M SCARED! NOPE!! BAD! Really? REALLY REALLY! We did it. It wasn’t scary Sorry! [Uzura Channel]

    The Longest Underwater Tunnel | China’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: Part 5
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    The Longest Underwater Tunnel | China’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: Part 5

    December 7, 2019

    Now for the most dangerous project on the
    agenda. The world’s longest underwater tunnel will connect the cities of Dalian and Yantai
    across the Bohai Sea, passing through two deadly earthquake fault zones. At 76 miles
    long it will be longer than the current first and second-ranked underwater tunnels combined,
    and at a cost of $42 billion, it will be extremely expensive. But the Chinese calculate that
    it will be worth it. For one, it will slash the eight hour drive
    between the two cities to under two hours. It will also connect China’s isolated northern
    rustbelt with its wealthy east coast, adding an additional $3.7 billion to the economy
    each year. The experience could also establish the Chinese
    as the preeminent submarine diggers in the world, and would be a serious practice run
    for far more ambitious potential future Mega-MEGA-projects like connecting China to South Korea, or even
    Russia to the United States across the Bering Strait–yes, that has actually been proposed. This isn’t the first underwater tunnel project
    for Chinese engineers, either, who already gained some experience by completing the 3.8
    mile-long Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel in 2011. But while the Bohai Sea is roughly the same depth
    as Jiaozhou Bay, the tunnel underneath it will be 20 times longer. When it comes to construction, if they’re
    lucky, the Chinese will encounter only soft seabed, allowing them to use Tunnel-Boring
    Machines the whole way. But if they run into harder rock, they’re going to have to use
    the “drill-and-blast” method embraced by the Japanese during construction of the
    Seikhan Tunnel. Using tons of dynamite hundreds of feet underwater is dangerous business,
    and it resulted in the unfortunate deaths of four workers over the course of that project,
    and maaaany accidental leaks. Reporter: “In 1976 the project hit its biggest
    crisis when 80 tons of seawater a minute began leaking in. 1.5 km of tunnel flooded. It took
    five months to get back on track.” Bryce: The Bohai Tunnel will also have to
    withstand magnitude 8.0 earthquakes. In 1976, the deadliest earthquake in modern history
    — a 7.8 — killed a record 650,000 people in Tangshan and surrounding areas. In 1969
    a quake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale shook the Bohai Bay itself. And there doesn’t
    seem to be much the engineers can even do about that threat besides simply reinforcing
    the strength of the tunnel walls. Of course, they could simply not bore a long hole under
    a deep bay through two fault zones, but that doesn’t really seem to be an option at this
    point. Because officials throughout China are under
    enormous pressure to hit GDP economic growth targets, and there aren’t many other options
    that could provide anywhere near as much economic benefit as the Bohai Tunnel, which should
    break ground sometime in 2016. For TDC, I’m Bryce Plank. Thanks for watching.

    Tokyu 5000 Series – Suitengumae to Mitsukoshimae (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line) 東急5000系
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    Tokyu 5000 Series – Suitengumae to Mitsukoshimae (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line) 東急5000系

    December 2, 2019

    Please be aware that the train may rock due to sharp curves ahead Next station, Mitsukoshimae Mitsukoshimae Transfer information: Interchange station for the Ginza Line and JR Sobu Rapid Line Dear passengers, If you are standing next to the priority seats, please switch off your mobile phone. For everyone else, please set your mobile phone to silent mode and refrain from making calls Thank you for your co-operation Please mind the gap Doors will open on the right. We will soon arrive at Mitsukoshimae

    Keirin: Speed Racers – Watch Japan’s Track Cycling Phenomenon
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    Keirin: Speed Racers – Watch Japan’s Track Cycling Phenomenon

    December 2, 2019

    In 1949 the Keirin started
    in Kokura, in the Kyushu island Now they have 47 tracks all over Japan Leaders are always leading
    and you could be leading until the goal It happens a lot One of the best tactics too
    also they don’t crash Leader don’t crash In Japan, those racing is organized
    by municipals the city and the prefecture government The reason is try to rebuild Japan
    after the war they have to find the money from somewhere That’s how they started This is not pure sports I think this very, very important thing
    for understanding the Japanese Keirin This event is for the, how do you say, big money We’re gamblers The sport is very easy,
    you know? The Olympic game They’re looking for
    who is the strongest rider? who is strongest rider? But we are not Gambling is different If the strong rider wins every time
    it’s not gambling I was riding fighting style drafting the best guy
    and fighting with other guys If you fail, you’re going to fall And you’re going to crash A lot of people want to be there It’s pretty hard to get in It took a long time for me
    but I made a pro at the third year and I love this It makes me so excited The Keirin is so deep. Many organizations got involved.
    So many people got involved. So many interested in each organization so many stakes The race itself is really deep Money betting in Keirin
    is over seven billion Yen alone per year If I help this guy, he will help me It sounds like cheating,
    but it’s not You can’t win a race by yourself so even the Tour de France
    is the same thing, right? Of course a strong rider
    yeah, he’s strong but two or three weak riders
    they make some groups and one rider try to, say, pushing and a strong rider
    will be very difficult to win So we would just permit
    that a little bit if legitimate, it means
    we are permit the fighting each other But we make the balance
    for the safety and gamble But this is a very difficult question.
    I think there is no answer

    Sam and Anthony Visit Japan
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    Sam and Anthony Visit Japan

    November 29, 2019

    OK, here we go. Spicy pollack roe and mayonnaise. Is that your selection? Is it this one? Uh, yeah. 3A and 3B. Please move to car number… 22. Oh shit! OK. Domo arigato gozaimasu. Excellent. Oh no! Cool. Let me think about what I want to say first. Well, it’s like one take! So I have to think about it for a second. What is this? I don’t know… There’s a machine at the front door. Holy crap! Was that why- was the taxi driver judging us? I- Yeah, I don’t- I think this is like a sex hotel. What is this? We got a… I mean, this place really isn’t bad. Yeah. There was no, like, reception area… But they had our name on a paper! Yeah, yeah. So, like… So, we have a key. There’s a pancake! I think this is a pancake. Oh, dude! A Super Nintendo?! Is this the bed controls? Some tissues, yeah… And yeah, suspicions confirmed. So we got some vibrators… Make it clear that we didn’t book here because we wanted to go to “Adult Only”! Yeah, this- To be clear… This is the only hotel available… Near the race track Yeah Anyway, so you can get some vibrators, you can get… like… Well, is like another taxi guy not gonna want to pick us up because it’s too weird here? I doubt it Yeah, there’s a lot of Valentino Rossi fans. We’re at Twin Ring Motegi. Uh, you can hear the Moto3 bikes in the distance. Well, he’s right- I wanna watch! Looks like cool fans. That’s awesome. Where are you from? Uh, California. Yeah. Do you know Moto3, Toba Kaito? Helmet… Oh, cool. Paintwork… Yeah, Nice. He painted Toba Kaito’s helmet. Oh really! Like his- like the helmet he wears? Yeah. Oh wow, that’s so cool! Yeah. My Facebook QR. Oh, sweet! Takaragihoncho… Correct? Yeah Hotel Mirano. Mirano. For the love- the love hotel?! Oh, yeah! Haha. We’re at the Honda museum. Okay, here’s our next spot: the Dormy Inn. And it’s pretty tiny, but I actually like- I like that it’s tiny. Uh, there’s Anthony for scale. It’s like the whole room. Yeah, Anthony… pretty much. Oh! Look where I can sit to do my makeup! Haha. That’s- that’s a chair? Yeah! You’re supposed to sit here, and the water goes in here. And you bathe, and you wash yourself like that. I’ll uh, I’ll use the shower. Of course you will! Ah, I forgot to bow. Aww, nice kitty! Japanese GoldenEye! This one’s supposed to be an animal… using… Oh, the urinal? a urinal. Oh, it’s a penguin… and it does come with a urinal. It comes with a baby too! Okay. That’s really cute! Really random. Yeah. Ha, what is this toy? Like, who- who designed this? Alright. That’s adorable. This is the 944 S2. Nice! That’s the best! Alright. This is something I’ve been waiting for – for the whole trip. It’s a weird vending machine alley, and I think we found it. Okay, I recognize this one. This was on Conan, actually. We have no idea what’s in this box. This is fascinating. It’s about a porno actor and it says he’s not good at what he does? Yeah, he can do only one time. Oh, he can only do it one time… What kind of box is this?! This is insanity! What is this? Cookies. Cookies?! COOKIES?! I can barely fit through here. Are we supposed to go in here? It’s really creepy in here, actually. What is this place?! Oh, thank you! Wow, cool! Cool! You’ve got gummy bears in there? Are they squishy or are they, like, hard? They’re, like, hard. Oh, okay… Just wanted to convey how hilariously small this bathroom is. Here’s the toilet, and here’s the door. And like, it’s actually difficult. May I have your attention please: we have made a stop because of heavy rain. Please use car 10, car 11, car 12. Taxis and buses are also stopped. Okay, so they let everyone back onto the train. And I feel like everyone has gotten on, but now it just started raining again pretty hard. Well, let’s get the fricken train going…. Yeah. So… Maybe they’ll evacuate us again. No! Okay, so we got kicked off the train again. We successfully made it to Narita Airport, and yeah we had a good trip. It was really fun. We’re definitely gonna come back Yes. Um, hopefully you enjoyed the video. And… smash that like button! Shut up…

    Beautiful MATSUSHIMA BAY: One of Japan’s Top 3 Scenic Views
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    Beautiful MATSUSHIMA BAY: One of Japan’s Top 3 Scenic Views

    November 29, 2019

    We’re in Matsushima It’s known as being
    one of the 3 most scenic places in Japan There’s a bay with over 260 tiny islands In the bay They’ve all got fir trees on It’s very picturesque I’ve been looking forward to editing this video It was one of my favorite places from the trip We’re going to have a look around
    Matsushima & take a boat trip around the bay But the best part’s actually
    coming up in next week’s video So subscribe if you want to catch it There’s new Japan videos every Thursday Matsushima’s about half an hour on the
    train from Sendai Which is only about an hour & 45 minutes from Tokyo On the bullet train It’s really quite accessible And easy to get to I’d really recommend it If you’re planning a trip It was famous because a Japanese
    poet called Basho wrote a poem about it That’s about all I know about
    Japanese poetry! I only know about this Because it was in my Japanese audio
    course For some reason Basho is a Japanese poet & master of haiku He’s said to have written a haiku that goes something like: Matsushima, Aah Matsushima,
    Matsushima Because he was so lost for words At how beautiful it is It’s kind of a silly haiku There’s some debate about whether he actually wrote it at all I think it was in the 1600s or the olden times It was designated one of these three most scenic places More recently they did a new 3 most scenic places And it wasn’t included in that one They switched them all up the other two of the three originals were Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima, which we went to There’s a video about it on my channel And Amanohashidate Which is a sand bar There’s a sort of bridge of sand With the ocean on either side The first place I mentioned Itsukushima shrine is in Miyajima which
    is near Hiroshima It really is beautiful I absolutely loved it there There’s a torii gate in the water When the tide’s out you can walk right up to it And there’s wild deer The 2nd of Japan’s scenic views Amanohashidate is in Kyoto prefecture The traditional way of viewing the sandbar Is to stand on a bench, bend over And look at it from between your legs! When you’re upside down It’s said to look like a dragon going up to the sky I’m going to try this Mont Blanc drink From the vending machine It’s a hot one This chestnut mont blanc drink Is really sweet It’s warm & tastes like caramelly… Like hot chocolate but caramel-y With nut flavour instead Very sweet! All the hot drinks from the vending
    machine Seem to be really sweet That red bridge over there Is the bridge to Fukuura Island That you can walk across This here is Godaido temple We were saying how strange it is There’s all these little islands You don’t see this sort of formation In many places We were wondering If they’re formed by erosion Or if they pushed up from the sea It’s just really unusual First we’re going to see the islands
    from the water On a boat trip around the bay We’re going on a boat cruise around
    the bay Where you can see nice views of all the islands Or 260 islands I don’t know if we go see all of them Because we’ve got lots of Yen left We’ve gone for First Class, upstairs Here’s where we’re going A round trip around the bay We’re going to see all these islands They also had one-way trips Going from Matsushima to Shiogama Which is the next major station
    along We#re doing the Matsushima to Matsushima round trip It was 1,500 yen each for a ticket It’s 50 minutes long It was an extra 600 yen to go upstairs to first class There was an announcement saying There’ve been cases where Seagulls have taken people’s mobile phones To call all their bird friends?! As we went along There was a commentary in Japanese
    and English Explaining the names of the main islands Aand what they’re supposed
    to look like We went out on deck For a better view It was pretty breezy out there This is February It’s only about 4 degrees centigrade Although it feels warmer to us Because we’ve just come from Hokkaido Where it was about minus 10 degrees C And absolutely freezing Some people live on these islands Most of these are too small to have anything on And we saw one a minute ago That had just one tree on it I don’t know if you can see There’s a lot of fishing nets in the water here Matsushima’s known for oysters So I don’t know if it’s that or some other seafood Some of the
    islands are really tiny I think like the inspiration for Pandora In Avatar The floating islands There’s some caves in this one Can you imagine Sailing into them in a little boat There’s a big mountain over there in the distance I find it really strange How you can often see mountains in the background in Japan It’s so different from at home The large island is Sabusawajima *Japanese* There’s just one tree on top of this one The island with the houses that you can see Is Nonoshima There’s an elementary and junior high
    school on the island Students commute to school by boat The large bamboo poles assembled into a scaffold shape Are farms for Matsushima’s famous oysters To set the mood on the way back They played a retro Japanese song about
    Matsushima Bay There’s a lot of the islands you can see
    from the boat That you can’t see from the land The whole thing covers a much larger area than I expected They said it’s about 12 or 14 km across It’s hard to get a good picture of the whole thing in one go They said there are 4 vantage points Where you can see a view of all 260 islands There’s the gorgeous view The beautiful view, the dynamic view and
    the mysterious view Depending where you’re looking at it from I didn’t go to any of these viewpoints But I think they’d give you a better overview of the whole bay Going between the islands on a boat You get some beautiful views But you don’t really feel like you’ve seen the whole thing Because it’s cold
    and windy We’ve come inside for ice cream I’ve got Zunda Which is a local thing around Sendai It’s edamame ice cream I was very tempted by the black sesame Because that’s my favorite But I thought I’d try the local specialty It tastes a bit nutty actually It’s kind of like vanilla But with the aftertaste of edamame And the greenness of edamame! This may look like a mini Japanese castle And it’s called Matsushima Castle But it’s actually an observation deck This building behind me is Godaido I think it’s a temple Inside, it’s got some statues that
    only come out every 33 years I think that’s the thing they have at some temples & shrines in Japan They have special things that they only bring out very very rarely So it’s highly unlikely they’ll be out at the moment But we could be lucky – who knows?! I heard about this idea In the book Lost Japan by Alex
    Kerr It’s a true story The author was staying at a temple When he arrived the monk said “Ooh you must come & see our Buddha statue” So we went to his room first to freshen up When he came back later that evening The monk said “How lucky you are to be here today To see the Buddha statue” He said well actually I was planning on seeing it in the morning I turns out, it’s only brought out for one day Every 500 years and he’d missed it So if you get the chance to see
    something like that in Japan Don’t pass it up good Godaido is a temple,
    originally built in the year 807 The current building’s from the 1600s There’s 3 red bridges going over to Godaido Looks like the river’s dried up there This bridge has gaps so you can see the
    water below Originally it was to increase your focus and concentration As you went into the temple It’s also called a matchmaking bridge Because people would hold hands as they went across You couldn’t fall in Or could you?? There’s a lovely view across here Across to the long red bridge That goes across to Fukuurajima The temple building was red But the paint’s all worn away now I think it looks good in this natural colour No statues today It’s not a big surprise Today isn’t once every 33 years They’ll next be displayed in the year 2039 So if this video & YouTube Are still around then Make sure you plan a visit While we were there The sun came out And the views start to look a lot more beautiful Just look at the sparkling water As you might know, Japan’s prone to natural disasters here a sign to the nearest tsunami
    evacuation area 1 km away In the great tsunami an earthquake in 2011 Matsushima did suffer some damage But ecause of all the islands in the bay It sort of protected it and broke the water as it came in I saw some pictures of the next town along The next major station at Shiogama And that did look quite bad there If you’re coming into Japan There’s always a possibility there could be an earthquake or a tsunami even But it’s not something you need to worry about overly Because they don’t happen that often People are prepared for it here Everyone around you will know what to do I’ve been here when there’s been very minor earthquakes And no one seemed to hardly bat an eyelid But they don’t happen all the time either Sso you don’t need to overly worry
    about it I hope you enjoyed this look around Matsushima The boat trip, Godaido Temple & edamame ice-cream As I said, the best is yet to come Next time we’ll be exploring Fukuurajima Island Which was my favorite part I really started to see Why this is one of Japan’s top 3 scenic views Or used to be I’ll see you next week on Thursday