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    Mid March 2020, Exploring Osaka Kansai International Airport and Rinku Premium Outlet #227
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    Mid March 2020, Exploring Osaka Kansai International Airport and Rinku Premium Outlet #227

    March 18, 2020

    hey guys my name is Rion Ishida I’m a
    local Japanese travel and the food guide full-time youtuber today I’m heading to
    Kansai International Airport and the Rinku Premium Outlet By motorbike so in
    this video three things that I want to show you first the beautiful sunset from
    the Rinku park located in right next to Kansai International Airport
    this place is really beautiful spot but many travelers miss this spot so I want
    to share how the place looks like and how you can visit there number two Rinku
    Premium Outlet located in right next to Kansai International Airport I
    will show you how it looks like and how to get there from JR station and number
    three how the Kansai Airport looks like now in Mid of March 2020 I’m riding on
    my motorbike because it’s much cheaper to get there if I use the train it would
    take around 2000 Japanese yen for round-trip from my house
    however if I use my motorbike it’s just 300 Japanese yen yes
    public transportation could be really expensive in Japan Finally I arrive, that’s a long trip anyway let me park my motorbike here and
    let’s go to check the sunset let’s go hey guys welcome to Rion’s
    TV, I am Rion “Seeeno gaaooo” you know what this place, it’s really cold so I am at the Rinkai park right now as you can
    see there is a beautiful sunset this place it’s right next to Kansai Airport
    so after showed you guys this beautiful sunset I’m gonna show you guys how the
    Rinku Premium Outlet looks like and the Kansai Airport looks like
    you know in the wintertime it’s really cold but the summertime this is the
    perfect place anyway so let’s watch the sunset that’s so beautiful you know this
    place could be really packed however really quiet and the peaceful
    okay so why don’t we go to check the that love signs, it’s closer to the
    ocean so let’s go yeah if it was February it would be freezing cold
    however it’s already March still cold though but I think it’s much better compared to
    last month it’s really beautiful right again this park is right next to Kansai
    Airport it’s only one station away so make sure if you visit Osaka visit this
    place too you’d love this place I think it’s a perfect timing you see
    the island over there yes that’s the Kansai Airport we have to go by that
    bridge but you know since my motorbike is 50 cc
    so I can’t use that bridge I need to ride on the train anyway it’s really
    cold beautiful well you know what, I wanted to
    check out the love sign over there but since the sunset is almost there so let me
    shoot the Sunset first, Alright so, that’s good enough let’s go to check the
    love sign over there by the way there is a huge Ferris wheel, well
    I’m afraid of the heights so I’m not gonna try it today but there is a
    Premium Outlet we’re getting there all right here we go so that’s love
    sign actually I was thinking of taking a photo here but,
    I think how it should be I’m here by myself so maybe next time speaking of
    this place there is a free rental cycle as well yeah I’m gonna post a detailed
    info under my description so please check that so next let’s go to check the
    Premium Outlet let’s go so speaking of the Rinku town Premium
    Outlet it’s a walking distance takes about five to ten minutes so if you’re
    visiting Premium Outlet make sure visit that park this is the road that you
    have to walk if you are coming from the station it’s a bit far but the way is
    really simple by the way this is the JR Rinku town
    station where you will arrive if you come by train so the way to get there is
    really simple as you see just you can keep straight toward the ocean then you
    will get to the ocean view and also if you want to go to the Premium Outlet
    yeah just keep this way so let’s keep walking all right so here we go yes this is how
    to get to the Rinku Premium Outlet well, unfortunately I have nothing to buy
    today neither money so I’m not gonna shop there however if you want to visit
    the outlet in Japan this is where you have to go it’s right next to Kansai
    Airport so it’s a convenient place to visit right this is Rinku outlet as you can see
    there are really less people now well it’s kind of sad to see not so
    many people here but I believe after the situation gets better
    this place will be full of people so hope the situation gets better all right so
    anyway let’s go to my ultimate destination Kansai Airport this is my
    last goal so let’s go so speaking of the way to get to Kansai
    Airport from this premium Rinku outlet there are two ways the one used a bus it
    takes more time however the price is cheaper and in the other one you need to
    use the Train which is a JR station well it’s much faster but the price is almost
    double so from now I’m gonna catch the pass and when I get back to this place
    I’m gonna use their train so that you guys can see it both ways
    all right you see the sign there today the shuttle bus so this is the place
    that you get to go in front of the shuttle there is a locker so you can use
    those and here is the bus it takes like 20 minutes to get to the Kansai Airport
    but it’s convenient so let’s get in so each 30 minutes there is a shuttle bus from Kansai Airport to Rinku Outlet
    well if you worry about using a bus don’t worry about it as you can see no
    customers so anyway let’s go to the Kansai Airport let’s go all right so here we go we already
    arrived to the Kansai Airport actually there was one passenger in front of me
    and it was only me so right now I arrived to the Kansai Airport terminal 1
    let’s see if there are people wow you know it’s only 7:16 p.m. however I feel
    like it’s already midnight as you can see still there are people walking
    around however definitely less people compared
    to usual so right now I’m at the International Terminal as you can see
    it’s still 7:16 however only few people here which I totally understand though
    well when I was in the college in the u.s. I used to use this Airport a lot
    usually it’s always packed however not today huh..
    there are many international flight has been canceled so definitely less people
    in this floor however still there are people and seems
    like they had the fun in Japan alright so the next let’s go to check the
    restaurant street it’s still open just downstairs so let’s go to check in the
    souvenir Street as you can see almost no people however still all the stores are
    open so get to the restaurant Street as you can see this giant steak restaurant
    there are still customers however you know really popular cafe “SanMaruku” as you
    can see really few customers you know it’s kind of sad to see few people here
    well but I guess it’s gonna be less and less well speaking of the bright side
    you don’t have to wait for the restaurant it’s a good thing right well
    the good news there are many customers in Kamukura yes still there are people
    okay so this is how the restaurant street looks like all right so let’s go
    to check the domestic terminal well as you can see actually there are
    so people in the domestic terminal area well so I guess it just because
    international flights are canceled however still people are traveling
    around Japan yep I thought there gonna be a less people oh you know what when I
    came to the second floor I feel like you know the regular airport right now many
    people here it’s a good time right so I’m starving let me grab something to
    eat since I was very hungry I came to McDonald so actually I went to
    restroom to wash my hands and a gurgle but I want to use this before I eat
    again because you know just make sure that it’s clean by the way I found this
    at the McDonald it’s a new menu Tonkatsu teriyaki tamago egg well the price
    was a bit expensive however imagine, tonkatsu with teriyaki
    sauce chef I have to try that and then also I ordered a cafe latte the ice cafe latte
    a small size it’s 150 Japanese yen by the way I usually make a also
    friend Tokyo travel guide and the food guide a video as well well so if you
    wanna check Japanese food more then please check my other videos as well
    so good, all right so let me try this Tonkatsu Teri Tama
    so let’s open there do you guys know the Tsukimi burger that I think
    Japan only menu, I can’t tell the difference much, if it’s Tsukimi
    burger however I guess its Tonkatsu here Wow it doesn’t look as good as a
    picture but you know it happens all the time so let’s check the taste, Itadakimasu! actually it’s pretty good it’s kind of crispy tonkatsu with teriyaki sauce and egg
    well it’s pretty good combination it’s pretty nice I’m happy with this so the last time I tried Gohan burger at the MacDonald’s I prefer this Tonkatsu Teritama oh this one tastes better alright so
    let’s take off I’m satisfied I need to go back to the Rinku towel because I
    parked my motorbike there so let me show you how to use the train from Kansai
    Airport so from the terminal you will see the sign like that it’s really
    simple right you just need to follow that so let’s go so it is really simple
    either nanka line or JR lines you just need to get out from the airport and keep straight! and here we go
    so you can buy the ticket from there and the gate is just in front of you it is
    really simple if you need to use that JR line that one and if you need
    to use that nanka line that one today I need to use the JRl line so I’m gonna
    use the JR, so let me show you how to buy the train ticket you can check the
    ticket price on the bullet board, also if you want to buy IC card pass you can buy
    it from here this time I buy the regular ticket so press here and insert money
    you see it is simple right after you get a ticket you just go inside the train
    station and go through the first level you can use either elevator or escalator
    and you can check the train name here don’t worry there are English
    translations as well when you wait for the Train
    make sure wait inside the yellow line for your safety that’s right it’s just a one station
    away but it’s 370 Japanese yeah yes it is really expensive only for this
    distance though well usually you don’t have to press the button, but since this
    place less people using it so you have to press the button to get out all right
    so now I have to go back to the Rinku park to find my motorbike so let’s go
    back so this is how you can get to Rinku Park where I saw the sunset today from
    JR station first you need to find exit number two well I thought there’s a sign
    so this one would opened it however actually so this automatic one will open
    it well as you can see the Ferris wheel light up is already turned off it’s
    almost 9:00 p.m. right now Rinku outlet is closed at 7:00 p.m. so
    that’s why yeah look at that still my motorbike is
    there alright so this video pretty much that’s it hope you enjoy the video and I
    hope you could see how the Osaka looks like right now there are many
    other Osaka and Tokyo travel guide videos so if you are thinking of traveling to
    Japan or you like Japan please check my other videos and please subscribe to my
    channel it really encouraged me to keep shooting videos alright so thank you so
    much for watching my videos Arigatoo! So see you in the next video bye bye


    How to use the Tokaido Shinkansen |

    March 18, 2020

    Known for speed, reliability, safety and comfort,
    the shinkansen is not only a convenient way to get around the country, but has also become
    a symbol of Japan. The first shinkansen line was opened in 1964
    between Tokyo and Osaka as the world’s first high speed railway line. It was named after the Tokaido, the main road
    that connected Tokyo with Kyoto during the feudal ages. Since then, the shinkansen network has grown
    steadily to reach most regions of Japan; however, the Tokaido Shinkansen remains Japan’s most
    important and most used shinkansen line, connecting the country’s three largest metropolitan
    centers of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. As convenient as the shinkansen may be, the
    finer details of using it may still be a little bit of a challenge to first-time visitors. So in this video we’re going to explain
    how to buy and use shinkansen tickets, and also the nuts and bolts of actually riding
    the shinkansen. So without further ado, here are our tips
    for “How to Use the Tokaido Shinkansen” Starting at Tokyo Station, the Tokaido Shinkansen
    goes all the way to Shin-Osaka. There are 3 categories of train operating
    on the Tokaido Shinkansen: -The fastest train category, known as the
    Nozomi, stops only at Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shin-Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto and Shin-Osaka and takes about
    2.5 hours to reach Shin-Osaka Station from Tokyo. Several Nozomi continue on beyond Shin-Osaka
    in the direction of Hakata. Do remember that the Nozomi is one of the
    few JR trains which cannot be used with the Japan Rail Pass. -The Hikari is the second fastest train category. It serves a few more stations than the Nozomi
    and requires around 3 hours to get from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka Station. Some Hikari run west beyond Shin-Osaka. -Finally, the Kodama is the slowest train
    category on the Tokaido Shinkansen. Stopping at every station along the way it
    takes around 4 hours to reach Shin-Osaka Station from Tokyo. Two different seat classes are offered along
    the Tokaido Shinkansen: ordinary class and business class, called green car. Whilst seat reservations are mandatory for
    green cars, ordinary class cars offer the option between non-reserved and reserved seats. In Nozomi trains, cars 1 to 3 are non-reserved,
    while in Hikari trains, cars 1 to 5 are non-reserved. Three green cars are located in the middle
    of the trains in cars 8, 9 and 10. The remaining cars carry reserved, ordinary
    seats. Now that we understand the network a little
    better, let’s talk about tickets. Shinkansen tickets are made up of the base
    fare and a limited express fee. Travelers in green cars additionally pay a
    Green Car fee. As a result, shinkansen passengers often receive
    two actual tickets: one for the base fare and one for the supplement fees, although
    sometimes, the two tickets are combined into a single one, and on more complex journeys
    you may receive more than two tickets. There are several ways to buy tickets for
    the bullet train. Option 1: Purchasing a ticket at a ticket
    counter. Shinkansen tickets can be bought from any
    ticket counter located in JR stations nationwide. When purchasing from the counter, you will
    need to provide the staff with following information; Number of travelers, Date of travel, Departure
    and arrival station, Ordinary or Green Car, Reserved or non-reserved seat. If you wish to make a seat reservation, you
    should additionally specify the train you wish to ride by providing the train’s departure
    time or train name and number, for example Hikari 513. Option 2: Purchasing a ticket at a ticket
    machine. You can purchase a shinkansen ticket from
    one of the various ticket machines located near the shinkansen gates. They have an English option and will guide
    you through the whole process of buying correct tickets. Option 3: Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen Online
    Booking Service This service allows travelers to purchase
    shinkansen ticket online and then either pick up the tickets at a ticket machine or use
    an IC card, such as Suica, Toica and Icoca, to tap through the ticket gates.: Access the website or install the app
    Register credit card and optionally an IC card
    Book a shinkansen Pick up the ticket at a machine or use your
    registered IC card to tap through the ticket gates Option 4: When using a Japan Rail Pass Last but not least, if you have a Japan Rail
    Pass, there is no need to get any additional ticket unless you wish to make a seat reservation. Seat reservations can be made with no additional
    fee. Oversized Baggage Travelers with oversized baggage are required
    to make a seat reservation for a seat in the last row of a car before boarding the shinkansen
    so they can store their baggage behind their seat. A baggage is considered oversized when its
    height, width and depth add up to more than 160cm. Reservations for an oversized baggage can
    be done either at the ticket counter, via the ticket machine or online through the Tokaido
    Sanyo Shinkansen Online Booking service . Passengers who board a shinkansen without a reservation
    for their oversized baggage will be asked by the train conductor to move their baggage
    to a space specified and will have to pay an extra fee of 1000 yen which is not covered
    by the Japan Rail Pass. Also, travelers with oversized baggage may
    not use non-reserved seats. How to use the Tokaido Shinkansen Before boarding Once you have your tickets, it’s time to
    board your train, but first you have to go through the shinkansen ticket gates. When using paper tickets, just put the tickets
    together and insert them inside the machine. Make sure not to forget to take them back
    when they reappear on the other side. Those who use an IC card with official online
    booking service, just tap through the ticket gates and pick up the ticket that comes out
    the other side. Throughout the train station you can find
    electronic sign boards displaying in Japanese and English the upcoming departures, including
    departure times, train names and numbers, destination station and the platform number
    from which the train departs Trains along the Tokaido Shinkansen are about
    400 meters long, so it is a good idea to find the location of your car before the train
    arrives. Signs on the platform indicate where each
    car and its doors will be located and where to form lines. Displays on the side of the train and inside
    the train will indicate the car number and whether the car is reserved, non-reserved
    or green. On board the train When the shinkansen arrives, make sure to
    let all passengers alight before boarding, Then, find your seat if you have a reservation. Seat number and letter are clearly indicated,
    in a similar way as on airplanes. Make sure to board quickly and not to block
    the aisle in order to ensure that everybody can board swiftly. If you are travelling with baggage, you can
    place it onto the overhead shelf over your seat. Oversized baggage should be placed behind
    your reserved seat in the last row of the train. Make sure not to place your baggage near the
    train doors or anywhere else where it would block the way. Amenities on-board include:
    Electric outlets, spacious and usually clean restrooms in every second car as well as a
    few smoking rooms. You can recline your seat, as well as rotate
    the row of seats if you are travelling as a group. When reclining your seat, do it with caution,
    in order to not bother the person behind you. Make sure to return your seat back to its
    original position before getting off, and to take all garbage with you. Unlike on local trains, eating and drinking
    on the shinkansen is perfectly acceptable. A food cart service offering drinks and snacks
    is available on Nozomi and Hikari trains. Finally, a good thing to know when riding
    the Tokaido Shinkansen is that on a clear day you can get a beautiful view of Mount
    Fuji. Seat E (or seat D in Green Class) are the
    seats with the best, unobstructed views of Japan’s iconic mountain. Riding around Japan by bullet train is a great
    way to see the country, and hopefully now you feel confident using the Tokaido Shinkansen. For more information or to watch another video,
    click the links on the screen now or head over to Japan Guide dot com, your comprehensive,
    up-to-date travel guide, first hand from Japan. Thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe and click the notification
    bell for more videos about Japan. Happy travels!

    Why Japanese Women Can’t Have Kids in Japan: Their opinions
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    Why Japanese Women Can’t Have Kids in Japan: Their opinions

    March 14, 2020

    Many have their hands-full with their own life and quit having kids rather than adding more responsibilities on their plate. If you wait, you can work longer and that’s why childbirth gets delayed Hi guys and girls on Ask Japanese. You guys asked us why is the birthrate in Japan so much rapidly declining compared to other countries. Japan right now has a super aging society and not that many kids. Schools are closing. We wanna find out how and why and gonna go and ask Japanese girls about it. Let’s hit the streets of Tokyo and ask Japanese girls In Japan there are less children, have you noticed? – Yes it’s now less than 9,000,000 The birth rate has dropped. It’s hard to raise kids in Japan Many waver now. What is so hard about having kids? – Making a living having enough money to raise one child and being able to raise the child and still make enough money to keep living. Can we really earn enough? Right now I think it’s tough in Japan. – The salary is lower and that’s why there isn’t enough cash to have kids? – True. If a woman get’s pregnant saying “it’s ok we have the money” is not an option for some. That makes it hard. – It’s not like it’s hard to marry. The housing isn’t horrendously high. But … recently I am job hunting you see I was surprised… all the years I spend in university have nothing to do with my job I mean anyone who can talk could do a job like that. There was a job like that. Training new recruits seems to be tough, and finding people that match a company takes time to get so they can flourish from that. Seeing that… That might lead to the issues she mentioned There isn’t enough money to spend on kids. I think the current society plays a role too. And then, being honest, individualism is a new trend in Japan. Many feel like they can’t get help with their issues from others. Society makes them feel like they have to do everything by themselves. And since they have their hands-full with their own life they quit having kids and adding more responsibilities. I think many think like that. Yet some people just blame it all “on the bad women who won’t have kids” I mean who do they think they are to judge that! – True The situation of the generations have changed so much in Japan Are you ok the bike noise isn’t too loud? Ok let’s go on. Now you personally, what do you think the country should do? – Paying the high birthing fees. That would be great. Is it quite expensive to give birth? What? – The surgery and similar giving birth costs a lot of money. I wish Japan would support mothers. Is it quite expensive? – Yeah… I heard that there is a “painless delivery” option now because it’s painless it’s not save though. I wish they could make things like that more safe and similar. – Japan right now struggles with caretakers for the elderly and kids. The generations before have to be supported by us. So many can’t also raise kids while caretaking And those numbers rise. So Japan should spend more money on having more facilities for care taking. If we had that things could go better. Don’t just spend money on the elderly but also on this generation that everyone looks at right now. We need more support. So if you needed to work to finance the kids, you can have a kindergarten. – Japan spends a lot on caretaking and kids get neglected. I think that’s the wrong choice. We need to change that. Of course our parents and the generation before also needs help but we all need extra help. If we could cover these areas better more families would think they have enough time and money for kids I think. – I heard that in Japan babysitters are not a common thing in Japan. Recently some Instagramers started recruiting babysitters. By talking about it they promote that it’s ok to have babysitters I hope that will lead to more kindergartens and the amount of babysitters. Not sure if people dare to use it. Small numbers for now. Maybe over the next years it will become popular. The population in my city shrunk from 50,000 to 40,000 That’s a lot. – In 2 years. – In only 2 years?! – When I visit my family I can only see old people. No kids are playing You can’t play ball games at parks anymore either. You don’t see kids playing anymore My neighborhood school closed. – What is the reason for this? – People marry too late and get kids too late What do you think? – The older you get the harder it is to have kids. So some can’t have kids. – Because they waited? I think so. Work is number one. – I think it’s all the work’s fault Some think if they wait, they can work longer and that’s why childbirth gets delayed. Do you want kids in the future or not at all or you’re thinking about it. – I want some – How many? Ideally 2 – Two – I don’t need any Why do you want or not want them? Because it’s harder to get a divorce if there are kids. I want to leave something behind. That things do not end with me. I want to leave my genetics behind and show gratitude to my parents. I am not sure if I could look after them properly and that’s why I think I will opt out. – Are you working? Do you think you could raise kids with your current salary? No – No – Not at all. Abroad single parents are common but not so much in Japan like having a single mother or father raise you. Like me. Have you seen a single mum in Japan? – My mum is! Hey! – Many of my friends have single parents My mum is a single mom too. – Hey right so in Japan I heard that is SUPER hard. How is it really? The kids medical fees won’t be charged to the mothers How about you? – I didn’t know the government helped us at all If one of your parents earns too much, you don’t get that support apparently. So my mum had to work harder to pass it. I also had grandparents to help out. What do you think Japan has to change for the better? In the working space… I know it’s possible now to take it, but maybe make it easier to take maternity leave. Create a society in which that’s ok right now it’s hard. I wish that would change. – Waiting lists for for kindergarten slots are too big. Why don’t they allow a longer maternity leave then? What to do with the kids and lost salary? I wish we had more help there. Now girls can work now, but they also HAVE to work is a thing I heard recently more and more. In the old days the guys were earing a little bit more and the boys were like “I want to support my family I want to be the sole breadwinner and support my family” but now they don’t earn quite enough to do that. The women can work now but they also have to work but since there is a little amount of kindergartens of babysitters and extra support to help the families, a lot of weight falls on that young couple and many are worried that they might not be able to make do with the extra costs. Many good schools here are privatized, and then the extra costs for the school money and uniforms. It’s a lot of money and many parents have to save up very early in order to make it able for their kids to go to university. A lot of money goes into play once you have kids in Japan because OMG the university fees here are very high. I mean I come from Germany, it’s for free but still… It’s a heavy burden on the girls and they said they are worried that they might not be able to make do. Interesting though that there are some single mothers this is the first time I heard anyone around me that there are single mothers who raising kids. Actually the 2nd time. The first time was one of my friends and I could see they were struggling to make do because there wasn’t the extra income and … it’s not easy in Japan. I know absolutely no one around me who is a single mother in Japan at this point in time. And all the people are know, also the Western girls I know say “I don’t think I can afford having a kid here right now, I don’t know where I would have enough money to raise child” That’s a big issue right now. Let us know what you’re thinking about this topic, Looking forward to seeing some interesting comment if you can. Don’t forget give us a like for doing a critical topic from time to time. Yeah we do that too. And tick the notification bell so you don’t miss the future video. Thanks for checking in and I see you soon for another video on Ask Japanese. Bye

    Tokyo Metro 1000 Series (Toshiba PMSM) – Omote-sando to Shibuya (Ginza Line) 東京メトロ1000系電車
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    Tokyo Metro 1000 Series (Toshiba PMSM) – Omote-sando to Shibuya (Ginza Line) 東京メトロ1000系電車

    March 12, 2020

    Next station, Shibuya Shibuya, the last stop Transfer information: Interchange station for the Fukutoshin Line, JR Lines, Tokyu Lines and Keio Lines We will be moving again. We will be moving again. Thank you for waiting Thank you for your patronage. We will soon arrive at Shibuya This train will not proceed any further Thank you for traveling with Tokyo Metro

    Articles, Blog


    March 12, 2020

    what is good guys and welcome to today’s
    video this is seriously epic like the most specialist video I think I’ve ever
    uploaded on the channel and that is because we are at a brand new circuit
    here in Japan and I am amongst the very first people to be allowed to drift on
    this circuit the first time ever oh it’s kind of snowing a little bit
    that’s insane anyways so I’m here today because of Okachan good morning we’re both pretty kinky but
    we’re also a little bit stressed because of the rainy today’s rainy lady
    Benja danger very danger so yeah we’re hoping for safe driving today no
    accidents or anything like that so hopefully everything goes according to
    plan but the course looks epic let me show you a printout so here is the
    course layout and I am so excited about it you can obviously drive in either
    direction I think the first session we’re going
    out in is this direction but I’m so excited about this because look at this
    huge straight coming into a big sweeping corner a lot of speed can be obtained
    here big angle massive entry coming in through to some kind of like I guess
    monkeys through to another deep corner with a lot of angle that you’ll be able
    to throw in there coming around a nice big sweeper again all the way back
    around and to the straight again this circuit is so cool I can’t wait to
    get out there so enough talking let’s get out there and give it a go and hope
    that I don’t come off tracking total my car because they still haven’t finished
    all like the safety run away zones and yeah obviously there’s some pretty
    gnarly drops out there in certain sections and if I was to gum off they’re
    probably gonna lose a sump so anyways that aside let’s get out there and have
    some fun we’re about to head out on the track to just do like a slow loop around
    and just try and like you know get the hang of the course layout this is so
    exciting here we go there’s also obviously no helmet because we’re just
    cruising around the moment we start drifting helmet and gloves I needed
    always this is so cool brand-new circuit the
    first to be drifting on this however is that Wow
    Man I’m so like nervous about drifting in the wet I’m really surprised at how much
    we got a jump up track for a bit Johnny’s to check out his car but this
    thing is it’s surprisingly really gripped up honestly
    so we now back on the track but in the opposite direction personally I think
    I’m gonna like the other direction more but let’s just get the hang of it and
    see what it’s like yo this is hard this direction is
    insanely fun I wasn’t expecting that a bunch of a wet like that waterfall now Wow Sokka John’s car doesn’t have
    any interior vent so we’re spraying on this anti fog stuff like after every run
    to try and stop it from fogging up we’re gonna go jump in the car with him now
    and he’s going to show me the best line to run for this particular layout
    because I’m kind of struggling in my car to get like a good layout and a good run
    with this layout but it’s still definitely really fun good oh yeah Michael
    Rowena it’s the boss all right so we’re waiting
    first in line to head out and we’re back to the original direction from when we
    first went out and the rain has stopped so I’m pretty pumped about that because
    that means we might be able to get a bit more grip and I could not feel
    comfortable going a bit faster if it’s super patching there’s a lot of wet
    spots and and whatnot then I’m probably gonna play it safe again but it looks
    pretty good right now it looks like it’s pretty gripped out so let’s just go out
    there have some fun relax and try to be smart and not crash that’d be great you
    know oh yeah we got this place to ourselves
    no one’s in line behind me haha let’s see oh it’s so gripped up now oh yes this thing is sorry gripped up now so let’s try like that Scandinavian
    flick my entry into this No oh yeah that’s funny ass alright so your
    Scandinavian flakes work will work really well for an entry that no God
    please no don’t want to try that again no no sofa
    cover third let’s give this shot No I know I just took off my whole front
    bumper I hope everything’s okay just limp it back well Murphy’s Law guys
    if something’s bad is gonna happen it’s gonna happen when you I guess the most
    prepared for it and when I say most prepared I mean I
    literally just finished making this car perfect
    Scott girl’s livery the whole thing and now BAM we crashed it I’m not even upset
    hey I’m actually like like finally we did like obviously it’s not it’s not
    like something I wanted to happen but it happened and it’s okay and honestly we
    got away very very lucky my radiator support seems to be like not even
    tweaked at all just looking over I don’t see any kinks or anything I think we got
    away with that super lucky unfortunately though the blue headlight I don’t know
    if that’s gonna be able to be fixed it’s a nice big cracking it’s all broken in
    there now so I think that’s done intercooler probably gonna need a good
    clean-out and it’s potentially broken um I don’t know though like this is
    definitely kinked up but there’s no holes in there so we should be able to
    get this thing home mainly though it just looks like it’s full of dirt and
    stuff it looks like we looked like it got pushed back in in but it didn’t do
    any damage we’re really really lucky honestly like best-case scenario for
    what just happen like super lucky we just seemed to rip off the whole front
    bar and mess everything up even like my oil cooler and stuff is totally fine
    even though it’s in a position that I really don’t want it in because that’s
    like danger zone just check it out how much dirt is any hang on come on Kevin
    you can show the people how much dirt is in here please
    oh my gosh come on there we go look how much dirt is in this thing it is just
    like man we can create a couple trees in there we plant some pineapple plants in
    there only the oh jeez know about that oh I forgot my GoPro is in here she’s
    still running that would be funny if it caught the crash but yeah we got away
    super super lucky I was expecting way more damage the way it felt from inside
    the car I’ll have a quick look under here yeah
    it looks like we completely didn’t do any damage down here either very lucky
    luckily it’s all soft from the rain I guess no hits or dents to the sump
    either man so lucky so yeah it looks like oh we’re gonna be in for is a new
    bumper because this is like cracked and split in so many different places but
    we’ll be able to zip tie that on and then just new headlight well we’ll
    probably do a pair because I did want to get rid of the blue but I was just
    finally happy with the blue because it matched the livery the best thing about
    it too is all I need to get reprinted for the livery are these side stick is
    and just the PS Tucker logo is in the front like you couldn’t be any luckier
    man seriously we’re you literally got out of this really lucky
    all right I’m ranting on about how amazed I am that we didn’t do any more
    damage but literally we’re just gonna need some more of these pieces like this
    is all like look that that literally broke off the bumper was bolted in sorry
    well the fiberglass told the metal look at that that’s great this side we might be able to bed back
    into shape but you might as well just replace them they’re super cheap they’re
    like twenty dollars from from Nissen so not a big deal
    so I could chance here now and I figured we’d ask him what is exactly does he
    think about me wrecking my Silvia saw that there I really screwed up I panicked because I thought the rear end
    of my car was gonna smash it to the bank so then I kind of like went to spin and
    because I thought I would had it in gear and yeah man mistakes happen but it’s
    okay so before we start fixing anything up one of the best things about this
    place is because it used to be an old rally track they have these high water
    pressure cleaner things here so we’re gonna be able to clean all the mud off
    and then we’ll be able to start zip tying things together and you just put
    like a couple hundred yen in there and then you got full access to a full
    proper high-pressure cleanup so let’s go do that clean this thing up bet I’m
    gonna go over the footage later when I get home and then I’ll film a clip then
    we’ll talk about it but I know I made a bunch of mistakes there and trying to
    recover that and I panicked because I was worried about the rear of my car
    hitting the wall hitting the embankment and then that’s what made me kind of
    like naturally spin even further and yeah is not a good time didn’t also help
    that I completely was in neutral and not in any gear and I was going to clutch
    dump it and just it bounced off a limit up for a little bit there these things
    happen so let’s clean this thing up get all the mud out of here and then we’ll
    zip tie things together and then we’re probably head home so I got the s15 karna back together you
    can see things are just not right there we got zip ties hanging out everywhere
    we’re just gonna run with it I’m not gonna even cut them off Yolo
    I assume that’s so much fun today even though we kind of been in the front of
    the Sylvia it’s still all good and I learned a valuable lesson every time I
    make a mistake you learn a lesson unfortunately I seem to be the type of
    person that always learns the hard way but honestly I’m fine with that because
    I have way more fun learning things the hard way
    and I think I feel better relationships like that as well anyways I’m gonna keep
    packing up and then we’ll continue the video ever man 4 on the top of the
    little Bay’s that they have here it’s kind of an epic view just to give you
    like a really good idea of just how big this circuit is hopefully the drone
    footage I got before it really shows it literally like this place is so cool I’m
    so pumped to come back here when it’s like properly dry and sunny and hot man
    so good and obviously not been it up in the corner out there like I did before you know at first I thought
    anti-clockwise I preferred that I think I prefer clockwise now I don’t know just
    from like driving the two today I think overall I enjoyed clockwise more than
    anti-clockwise I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see how it goes on like a nice hot
    sunny day if my car feels incredibly different today – it’s so much more
    grouped up it’s insane absolutely love it well it’s time to
    head home hopefully my zip tie repairs hold up although I’m sure they will
    because there are cars literally held together with zip ties such a fun day
    literally such a fun day quick PA stop for a snack and a coffee I got all cash on an American dog
    American dog it boys she can’t take the kid out of the oven so taking another
    little break at another PA because I forgot to put gas in my car
    luckily we’ve got the what are they called all I can think of as a Japanese
    where’s Kaioken Jerry can a little Jerry can a container of gas in the back 20
    liters so I’ll pop that in now but one thing about sunrise circuit and natsu is
    that it’s a little bit further than Nicko probably another 30 40 minutes or
    so so when I Drive from Yokohama it probably with no traffic I could
    probably get there in like two and a half hours which really isn’t that bad
    of a driver if I was to be honest because of all the PAS along the highway
    you get to stop at Starbucks and things like that it’s really not that bad
    anyways I’m gonna put some gas in the in the car but since we just said Starbucks
    I think it’s time we did an isomer coffee time because it’s been a while yeah
    went for a mountain emerald emerald man you know what I’m saying well you guys
    saw me buy it at the last BA I just forgot to drink it so good actually it’s
    still warm too actually I just wanted to say the phrase I’m gonna coffee time now
    that I’ve had my ice about a coffee time stopper this car to get some air some
    our coffee time so survey says guys let’s have a look how much did that 20
    liter Jerry can give me in gas gonna give me half a tank ya know
    tee’s we were pretty empty good it out there so I just got hired and I was
    looking over the in-car footage at the crash and it looks like I literally just
    kind of panicked and froze as well as just made some really bad mistakes in
    that moment which is fine I I still haven’t like had a lot of those
    experiences to try and stay calm and collected and really know what I did I
    didn’t put it into gear I left I put it into neutral instead of second gear and
    then when I went to clutch kick to try and like get the wheel spinning and keep
    me from going backwards I just bounced off limiter and then my steering I
    didn’t correct and to keep going back straight I kind of kept it held lock and
    then turned it a bit which encouraged the car once the weight shifted behind
    to then spin me around so yeah a bunch of mistakes but pretty normal I think
    for someone who’s only been driving as much as I have and still needs a lot
    more experience clearly in those situations so live and learn that is
    what it is and with that guys I think I’m gonna wrap up the video here I
    really hope you enjoyed it but before you go anywhere else there’s a link down
    in the description to our cajones youtube channel please go give him some
    love let him know I sent you and with all of that aside as well I do want to
    say a massive thank you to him the whole reason why I’m able to go to these kinds
    of events is because of him and his influence and friends and stuff like
    that so definitely go give him some love guys links down in the description I
    know a lot of these videos are in Japanese but subs do eventually come up
    in the first couple weeks or a couple days and stuff after they go up and I’m
    sure you guys gonna love the content regardless so go check them out and with
    that smash the like button leave us a comment and I’ll see you all in the next
    video peace out ja Matta you

    10 vinkkiä matkailijalle Japaniin
    Articles, Blog

    10 vinkkiä matkailijalle Japaniin

    March 8, 2020

    Very good day and welcome back to our channel Lanttimatkat! On this video we’ll go through 10 travel tips to Japan These are partly based on your questions So thank you again for very good questions But let’s jump into the video What’s the best time to travel to Japan? My personal favorite is mid or late May As long as it’s after Golden Week So Golden Week is the first week of May and that’s when the Japanese have a holiday So that’s when you shouldn’t go to Japan That’s when the hotels are sold out and it’s very expensive But go right after It’s early summer and the weather is usually very nice for a Finn, around +25 degrees Celsius Nice new bright green colors everywhere But it’s not high season So in my opinion it’s a great time to travel What should you avoid then? I’d say summer August is very hot June and July is the rainy season It depends on a year but June, July and August are generally hot and humid It might be unpleasant for a Finn Fall and the foliage is gorgeous October and November, maybe also December depending on year and which part of Japan you are It is a beautiful time of the year but there are many tourists so the prices might be high Also the cherry blossom season in late March and early April This is a gorgeous time of the year but again many tourists and high prices So you may want to consider these things when planning Then there’s December, January and February, especially January and February are quite cold But they might be a nice and quiet time to visit Japan and you may also get your accommodation cheap This is a time when you can enjoy the most popular sites without the huge crowds Japan also gets many typhoons during the year and some of them might be very strong Most of the typhoons happen in late summer and in autumn But they might happen early summer as well That’s something you also might need to consider when planning Of course you can’t know when the typhoon would hit but that’s still something to keep in mind Money in Japan Believe it or not but Japan uses quite a lot of cash still So you should always carry some cash with you Especially some small stalls or street food vendors may not accept card payment Your card also shouldn’t be a combination card with both credit and debit options They do not work everywhere You should have a card with only debit or credit option, it doesn’t really matter if it’s Visa or MasterCard they both work in Japan Some of the card readers don’t understand the card with both credit and debit options so that’s why it’s a bad choice for Japan You can also withdraw money in Japan The best option for a Finn is Seven Bank which is basically an ATM located inside Seven Eleven but sometimes you may also find them outside Another option is the post office ATM that also accepts a Finnish card It is usually cheaper to withdraw money in Japan than to exchange it already in your home country so you don’t need to bring cash with you from home Don’t get confused if your card doesn’t work at a bank ATM, they usually don’t accept foreign cards So remember: Seven Bank and The Post Office are places to withdraw money in Japan The Japanese language I encourage you you to learn a few words of Japanese before going to Japan so they work as an ice breaker So that you know how to say “hi” which is “konnichiwa” in Japanese That’s already a good start Or then you can learn “hai” which is “yes” But you need to use some consideration with this word as you may get something you didn’t actually want But it’s good to learn a few basic words like this The Japanese in general don’t know English that well Sure, in cities like Tokyo and Kyoto that get the most tourists, the people at tourist shops etc. know at least some basic English But if you visit places that are less known you may be surprised that not even basic English is known If you ask something in English you may get a reply in Japanese so it may not be that helpful But the Japanese are very friendly If you do use English in Japan it is good to use basic words and easy sentences to get understood I also suggest you on downloading Google Translate There’s this photo option that when you take a photo of a restaurant menu, for example, it will translate it for you I’ve tried it and it works surprisingly well If the menu is handwritten it may not work that well but if it’s clear Japanese it should work so do try that out Safety in Japan Japan is generally safe There is a low crime rate and pick-pocketing isn’t that common Compared to some major European cities, for example But I still suggest not keeping your wallet in your back pocket etc. in a place where it’s easy to get Even though Japan is generally and traditionally safe, it get’s so many tourists these days that it tempts criminals So use common sense I mentioned typhoons previously but besides them there are earthquakes in Japan If you stay in Tokyo for a week or two it is possible that you’ll experience at least one earthquake They occur weekly Usually they are quite small so you may not feel them if you’re walking around or so But when you’re just about to fell a sleep or waking up you may feel them or you may even wake up to them in the middle of the night I suggest you on downloading this app called “Yurekuru Call” This app will send you an alert just before the earhquake hits so you’ll know if it’s strong or not You can choose the alerts you want by choosing the earthquake levels and you can also set the area you’re staying at It’s very handy If the earthquake hits it’s good to know what to do I’m sure you’ll find great videos about it on YouTube so you can watch those But I want to note just few things Always check the emergency routes in your hotel room Because you can’t use the elevator if there should be an earthquake, you need to know how to find the staircase You’ll also find slippers in your room so those are good to keep besides your bed If the windows should break you can use the slippers when escaping You’ll also find a flashlight in your hotel room in Japan so make sure you know where that is as well Whan thing I also pay attention when going to sleep in Japan is that there’s nothing above my head In case of an earthquake it’s very important to check that there’s nothing above your head and also cover your head I don’t want to scare with the earthquakes but it’s still a good thing to note But it’s important to also note that Japan above any country is very well prepared for an earthquake Phone and internet Getting an internet connection has become easier in Japan during the past few years They didn’t really have data sim cards before but know you can get them for a decent price Today you can get 7 gigabytes of data for a bit more than 3000 yen which is roughly 30 euros The 7 gigs is usually enough for a three weeks trip at least in my case If you use wi-fi at the hotel; the hotels usually have a free wi-fi available The internet might be a bit slow though in the evening as many people use it at the same time Then there’s also something called “pocket wi-fi” It’s a small transmitter that you can use to share wi-fi to several devices It might be handy and a cheaper option if you’re traveling in a group I don’t usually buy this because it’s an extra thing to carry around and the power will run out at some point of the day And then you need to carry around a charger and/or a power bank so it makes your bag heavier So I like the sim card as it just slips into your phone They have different sizes available so I’m sure there’s one for your phone as well Besides the hotel you’ll find wi-fi at restaurants and cafes Almost all McDonald’s have a wi-fi and if you don’t want to eat there you can use it outside You can also find wi-fi at convenience stores like Lawson and Seven Eleven where they usually reach outside the store as well So there’s almost always internet available Google Maps works well in Japan It gives you the routes, timetables and prices It also tells you if the trains are running late so it’s very handy If you don’t have internet all the time you can leave the Google Maps open So if you just leave it on your screen without swiping it off it still works even without internet If you set a specific route from point A to point B it will keep showing it even though you don’t have internet So that’s a good travel tip in general If you want your own Japanese phone number it might be hard with only the tourist visa You’d usually need to rent a phone or a sim card that you need to return later on The best way to do this is at the airport But usually you don’t need the Japanese number Japanese travel card You should definitely get an IC card in Japan It’s a travel card you can charge monetary value on You can use it in subways, trains and buses You can also use it to pay at many vending machines You can also use it to pay at convenience stores like at Seven Eleven You can also use it at a taxi or even at some movie theaters There are quite a many places that accept this card nation wide It may not work outside of large cities These cards are named differently around each region For example there are Icoca, Suica, Pasmo, Hayakaken The all work the same way The basic cost for the card is 500 yen (roughly 4 euros) You’ll buy it at a train station or subway station at a ticketing machine You can choose how much money you want to insert on the card, you can put like 2000 yen (roughly 20 euros) first When you use this card to travel the trip will be a bit cheaper than if you’d buy individual tickets Besides that you don’t need to try and figure out which ticket to buy In Tokyo, for example, the price varies according to the journey And some stations only have the map in Japanese So it might be a bit difficult It’ll be a lot easier if you get this card Sure there are some daily tickets available so you may want to calculate the best option for you But at least on a longer journey it’s good to have this card There’s also something called “JR Pass” available for tourists It’s a card you can use to ride on JR trains as much as you want within a certain period of time I’ve made a whole video of JR Passes so go check it out Food and drinks The tap water is drinkable in Japan so you can fill in your water bottle in the hotel room and take it with you If you want something else to drink there are a lot of vending machines to be found in Japan These offer both hot and cold drinks The prices are shown on a red or blue label and that’s when you know if your drink is hot or cold Japan has high hygiene standards so you don’t have to be too worried about your stomach there With allergies you should pay attention It’s good to have your allergy translated so you can show a note at a restaurant Or you can show photos and show them what you can’t eat The allergies are taken very seriously in Japan They don’t want to have you accidentally eat something you might be allergic to Japanese cuisine uses quite little dairy products Sure you can find things like ice-cream in Japan But if we’re talking about traditional Japanese cuisine, it doesn’t use dairy They may use soy milk, for example, and they also make tofu out of soy milk and use that a lot This takes us to vegetarian cuisine You can find vegetarian food around Japan as they traditionally eat tofu and vegetables But they use quite a lot fish stock in Japan Even though your meal may look vegetarian, in some cases fish stock may have been used So if you can’t eat fish stock you need to make sure that they make you a fully vegan meal The tourists to Tokyo and Kyoto want to have more and more vegan food these days so you can find many vegan options in these cities with English menus So that won’t be a problem It may be a problem outside of larger cities But by asking you’ll find yourself something to eat If you’e gluten free you need to pay attention as even though your meal may look gluten free they may have used soy sauce Japanese soy sauce has gluten in it So if you’re very sensitive you should also make sure that it doesn’t have any soy sauce At a Japanese restaurant you don’t usually pay your bill at the table But you’ll pay at a vending machine before hand or after the meal at a cashier by the door Usually the bill has been left in your table when all of your orders have arrived Or then it’s brought when asked, but in both cases pay at the cashier Like we discussed in my previous video, you don’t need to tip in Japan But taxes are added to your bill and if you’re in a Japanese pub a seating fee may be added as well The Japanese toilet There are many free and clean toilets to be found all over Japan You may go to a department store and there are nice toilets in almost every floor The station toilets are also clean compared to many other countries Sometimes there might be a situation when you open the door to a toilet booth and there’s a squat toilet There are two types of toilets in Japan: the squat toilets and the high tech toilet with heated toilet ring, washing options and even a sound If we’re talking about the touristy areas in Tokyo and Kyoto there are usually both of these options available So if you open a toilet booth door and see a squat toilet, try another booth and you’ll find a Western toilet So don’t lose your hope Today you’ll find toilet paper at public toilets Previously that wasn’t always the case Japanese carry around napkins The napkins are usually handed out in the streets as an advertisement so it might be a good idea to grab one just in case If you’re outside the major tourist areas the toilets may not have toilet paper There may not also be napkins for your hands either They don’t have towels that are common in Finland Sometimes there may be blow driers The Japanese use a small towel that they carry around I always carry a small towel with me and you should as well Buy one in Japan, it’s around 500 yen so less than 5 euros Tattoos and clothing The older generation may be afraid of tattoos even today The tattoos are traditionally linked to yakuza or the Japanese mafia That’s why many public baths have signs saying “no tattoos” Usually that means “no yakuza” Like we talked in the previous video, you need to be naked in a public bath so of course your yakuza tattoo will show Even if you had a small butterfly tattoo it doesn’t matter you still can’t enter the public bath Sure if it’s a very small tattoo you may be able to cover it with a band-aid so it doesn’t bother anyone But if you have a larger tattoo you can’t enter a public bath in Japan There are some exceptions so you may want to Google tattoo friendly public baths or ask the bath house directly Japanese cloths are quite plain You can show your legs and especially young people do But you don’t usually show your cleavage or your bra straps So the shirt necks are quite tight If you buy shirts in Japan the sleeves may be very short As you can see with this shirt bought in Japan I guess this should be a long sleeved shirt but for me it isn’t Or if you buy trousers your behind may not fit in them So it may be a bit hard to find clothes that fit Shoes may also be hard to find There are no large sizes EU size 39 is usually the largest The sizes are a bit different in Japan so you should look into that The shoes may also be slender If you want sneakers you can find larger sizes on men’s section There are nice sneakers in the men’s section so go and check them out if you have larger feet Suitcase logistics I highly recommend you on sending your suitcase from hotel to another if you’re traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto, for example It is not nice to drag your suitcase in the public transportation In Tokyo you may hit the rush hour and you may not fit in the train yourself let alone bring the suitcase Then when you take the bullet train, you may not find a place to put your luggage The space is limited especially when there are others who want to bring their luggage on the train And then the same thing again in Kyoto Where you may need to use the bus as there are not that many subway lines Drag your suitcase in the full bus Drag your suitcase in the streets of Kyoto Do send your suitcase The service is called “Kuroneko Yamato” The service is around 2000 yen (roughly 20 euros) depending on where you’ll send your luggage to It will take around 24 hours for your luggage to reach your next hotel This is when you send it from Tokyo to Kyoto so it may vary So you need to pack some things in your day bag This will make your life so much easier So I can strongly recommend this service These were my 10 travel tips to Japan Do you have other tips or any questions that I didn’t answer yet? So let’s make more of these videos where we go through things that you’re interested to know more about Thank you for watching and I’ll see you again next time Bye! Subscribe and watch more

    Hankyu 7300 Series (Toyo Denki IGBT) – Ōgimachi to T. Rokuchōme (Sakaisuji Line)
    Articles, Blog

    Hankyu 7300 Series (Toyo Denki IGBT) – Ōgimachi to T. Rokuchōme (Sakaisuji Line)

    March 6, 2020

    Next station, Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme Interchange station for the Tanimachi Line This train terminates at Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme, the next stop Doors will open on the right Thank you for traveling on the Osaka Municipal Subway (now Osaka Metro) Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme, Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme, the last stop Interchange station for the Tanimachi Line Please remember to take your personal belongings with you Doors will open on the right Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme, last stop Interchange station for the Tanimachi Line This train terminates here. All change please. This train terminates here. All change please.

    GACHAPON ART PROMPTS?! – Japanese Coin Machine Toy Inspired Art
    Articles, Blog

    GACHAPON ART PROMPTS?! – Japanese Coin Machine Toy Inspired Art

    March 4, 2020

    In today’s video, we are going to be taking inspiration from random gachapon here in Japan and creating art from them. Kind of like prompts but in… random toy form? If you are unfamiliar with what gachapon are, they are little capsule dispensers for cheap toys you might find at your local grocery store in North America. But here in Japan they are literally everywhere and they have trinkets for literally everything. From Pokemon to food to… Washing machines? [Allyson]
    Truly a gacha for everyone. [Back to Kasey]
    Even the Gacha machines themselves have a miniature toy you can buy of them. Because I love art prompts so much I thought it would be a fun idea to grab a few toys and see what sort of inspiration we could take from them. So let’s get to gachaponing and get some toys! Our first capsule toy is this hilarious collection of high school girls. [Allyson]
    School girls getting into shenanigans. [Kasey]
    School girls getting into shenanigans. Wow. Wow, they sure are. The poses were just too funny to pass up so this is of course going to be our first toy. So, let’s see which unfortunate high school girl we got. Oh. It’s a DIY situation. Oh, oh My gosh. Okay. We got probably one of the best ones. It is the high school girl getting hit in the face with a baseball. So let’s put her together. Alright, so our first piece is her body and then we’ve got her legs. Just pop that in right there. And then she comes with a little clear stand. Our high school girl getting hit in the face with a baseball. What sort of inspiration came he grabbed from her and her hilarious pose? Let’s find out! [Music] unfortunately, I feel like this was probably the most uninspiring figure that we got in this set. But as a figure she is probably my favorite because she is hysterical. Because of the nature of what she is She’s obviously in a school setting she’s obviously playing baseball I feel like there’s not so much that we can really add to our inspiration or imagination. She is what she is. But I thought I would take her and just recreate her obviously more in my style. Make her more shapely, more chunky, shorter, more silly looking. And I thought I would throw her back too many many years ago before we had school uniforms, before we had shoes and turned her into a cave girl because why not? Maybe I just really wanted to draw dinosaurs. I don’t know. Either way, I basically just recreated our girl but made her a cave girl. We have a one-piece sort of caveman… outfit.
    She’s using a stick instead of an actual baseball bat and instead of a baseball hitting her face we have an orange because I can only assume cavemen didn’t have baseballs. In fact, I’m not really sure what a caveman would have used for a ball. I’m sure there’s a lot of around more sturdy things than fruit but I figure, I don’t know, maybe this is some sort of an Orange Festival where they bat oranges and everything smells good because Oranges are exploding and there’s juice everywhere. And then of course, we have our little dinosaur friends and before anyone comments that dinosaurs did not exist with humans. Yes, I know, but it’s so cute to make dinosaurs little pets of humans. So we have her little dinosaur buddies there watching her get hit in the face and they’re trying not to laugh Just looking at her like “Classic whatever her name is getting hit in the face and being dumb.” And overall this one was just really fun to make super bright super colorful.
    Although it is the same exact pose It is such a different vibe, I guess, they the original figure. She’s a schoolgirl. She’s in today’s age. But now we’ve got a cave girl. She’s got her dinosaur friends. I’ll be honest There’s not much to say about this first piece though I will go ahead and say that I am using paper that I am not used to. I brought my watercolor set but I didn’t bring paper and I forgot in Japan they don’t have a very thick watercolor paper and if you know that there is thick watercolor paper somewhere please let me know in the comments. But it seems like everything I find in stores is super super thin so it curls really easily and also takes so long to dry. I do like cold press watercolor paper. I do like how it takes a little longer to dry But this paper takes so long to dry. So I’m feeling a little bit out of my element, but we got it done. So there it is. There’s our first gachapon inspired piece. A cave girl playing early baseball with an orange! [Music] [Allyson]
    Yikes! [Kasey]
    Our next toy is canned goods rings? because- Why- why not? So let’s see which canned good we are going to get and Wow, I can’t wait to fashion me Like a meat- a meat can ring. Wow if I can open it up. Will I get corn?
    Will I get fruit? We have- We haveeee- Sea chicken. So… tuna. So it looks like we have the option of using it as a keyring, which honestly is pretty cute on its own and if my fat finger allows we can wear it as A ring which to be honest is kind of hysterical. Oh, can I get it off? The amount of detail in this tiny can of tuna. You can even see the nutritional label, a Barcode.
    Any information you find on actual can of tuna, You will find on this tiny capsule toy. I mean that is that is ridiculous. And I mean it’s just so… So fashionable too! I mean will I- Will I be wearing this on the regular? Uh, Yeah, absolutely. So I absolutely could not resist going out and getting more of these cans because I was out with my friends and we passed the same shop. So I took a chance and got a few more so that I could be decked out while I drew but holy cow. Ignoring the fact that yes my fingers are fat sausage fingers and I can barely wear them to begin with they were just so hard to wear and draw at the same time.
    There were just so many of them and my hand could barely curl up to hold the pencil, so I did have to take them off. Could I have worn them on my left hand? Yes, but then you wouldn’t really see it because my left hand it doesn’t go into frame a lot. But anyways, I did give it my all. Alright, so getting into this drawing I decided that I wanted to create creatures that were using these canned foods as shells or homes or whatever. I don’t know about you guys but I a huge list of things that I want to draw. Ideas that I come up with but I just never get around to drawing and one of those things is actually hermit crabs with different items.
    Whether it be a digital hermit crab coming out of a computer a trash inspired to hermit crab coming out of a trash can. So taking that similar idea I created creatures like I said with cans on their back instead of shells. On the left we have a small can of corn with a turtle coming out of it and corn pieces going all over the place and on the right we have some sort of crab lobster hermit thing inspired coming out of a can of Blueberries? I don’t know. I think originally I was going for just a can of mixed fruit but then I drew all round berries and then I made them all blue. So now they’re all blueberries, which is fine. I think the color coordination really works for these two creatures. We have yellow and green on the left and blue and red on the right. Overall, I really like the colors of these guys. I think they were really silly and fun to create and get inspiration from a can of tuna ring. Creating these two little guys just makes me want to revisit my huge list of drawings that I want to get around to and just tackle them. Oh, here’s something funny! Watching this footage back I realized as I decorated the cans for these creatures The left one is supposed to be a cane of corn. Obviously there is corn coming out of it but because our inspiration it came from a can of tuna when it came to cecorating the can I wrote tuna on it in Japanese and put some fish on it yet There is corn coming out of it. The fact that there’s already a turtle coming out of this can probably just adds to it so let’s just say there was a huge mix-up and infestation at the tuna factory and a corn turtle… I don’t know. There’s the drawing! [Music] Our next capsule toy is by far my favorite collection of toys. I’ve been obsessed with what are called ‘Office Ladies’ which are basically these adorable collection of girls who… decorate your cup. She hangs out on your cup as you drink, and she looks very unamused and just kind of over it and I absolutely love that about her. So, let’s see which one we get. Oh my gosh. This is why I love our office ladies. So let me get a quick cup and show you guys why she is like the way she is and how amazing she is. So what you do is you just take a regular standard cup and then you slipper on and there you go. You have your office lady hanging out on your cup ready to be hilarious as you drink and oh my gosh. I’m obsessed with her! I have probably over 20 office ladies because she’s hilarious and who doesn’t want a cup ornament. [Music] So unlike our baseball girl because with the baseball girl we knew she was playing baseball at school there wasn’t a whole lot of inspiration to take from her setting so when it came to our office lady, because she is just a cup ornament and that is what she is, I wanted to come up with a situation where she would be in this pose not on a cup. So what sort of situation is she getting into that she would be making this pose? This is quite an odd pose and With the uniform she’s wearing I feel like it can’t be something like gymnastics. Like she’s obviously not working out. So, where would she be out in public in her uniform making this pose? At first I was thinking maybe she’s on a crowded train, so to avoid being crammed into a crowd she is somehow on top of something doing the splits over everybody. But at the same time where were her hands, why were her hands like that? Like is she holding on to something? It just didn’t seem to be adding up right. So the idea I ended up going with was she’s jumping.
    What is she jumping over? Some dogs… Carrying a stick between them. So the situation that this office lady has gotten herself into is that She is just trying to take a nice lunch break in the park Enjoy some quiet time out of the office some fresh air She’s walking down the grass and suddenly someone yells “Look out behind you!” So she looks behind her to see two little dogs Barreling towards her with a giant stick in between them and she has a half a second to decide on what to do. Will she be tripped by these dogs carrying a stick or will she jump up and do the splits in the air? That is what we went with. Recreating this pose of my style was really fun but I will admit defeat on her her left leg our Right… Our right leg? The leg on the right side. I really struggled with perspective and I will admit I do not practise a whole lot of perspective in my art So yes, it is very much lacking in that but overall aside from that I think she turned out really cute. Drawing the office lady in my style was just so much fun because I’ve been admiring her for so long and it was just really silly to come up with what sort of situation she would find herself in in this position because it’s quite an interesting position. Also, this one just turned out really colorful and fun, which apparently I’m getting more into but don’t worry The earthy tones aren’t going anywhere. And there she is. [Music] [Allyson]
    The big boy. [Kasey]
    It’s a mystery. Next up we have the miniature furniture collection, because who doesn’t want a little figure of a tiny chair or whatever we might be getting. So, let’s see which one we get. All right. And we have… Aww. I was really hoping for a green colored chair because they had some very lovely SAP green that colored furniture But it looks like we just got the standard leather furniture, which is kind of lame, but I guess that’s the gamble ehen you- when you do a Gachapon. But there- there is our tiny chair. [Music] So this is definitely the weirdest one to take inspiration from. I guess I could have just drawn a character sitting in a chair, but I felt like that was really boring. That is definitely not creative enough for us. We have to do something a little crazy. So I was looking at the chair as I was getting it from different angles. How did I want to draw this chair? Was I just going to draw the chair? I didn’t want to just draw the chair. So I realized this chair- How many times have I said chair? Let me know in the comments. This chair would be really fun to turn into a creature, So it might not be exactly the chair redrawn, but we definitely took inspiration from this chair. Oh my gosh. I am so aware of how many times I have said chair chair chair. Originally, I was going to create a sort of giraffe like animal but then for whatever reason I started to go into a bird way. I did just want to give this bird two legs because birds only have two legs but then the chair had four legs and it just made more sense to go more into the chair. Every time I say chair, I realize how many times I’ve said chair, this is bad. So after I drew our original creature I decided to make a baby version. And the idea behind the baby version, I guess, is sort of like Pokemon. So the baby is more of a foot stool rest thing. It’s round. It’s not square. it’s only got two legs but evolves into a four-legged creature later on and then I also had to draw an egg because Why not? So overall we have our adult chair creature, our baby chair creature, and our original egg form. And this was a strange one But I think this is probably the one I had the most fun with because it was the most interesting and different from the actual figure even though I do feel like going into it I was quite stumped. Once I got an idea I had so much fun with it. Oh, and I guess there are speckles on the chair So I decided that I would give the baby little white speckles so that when it grows up the speckles are gone. Just like a deer or something. So there it is. There are our one last chair word. There are our chair creatures! [Music] And last but not least it would not be Japan without Ramen. So I had to take this capsule toy that combined Ramen with slime. Oh my gosh. So this just looks like a miniature bowl of ramen But I believe it is going to be slime which to be honest not looking forward to. But I really just wanted- oh my gosh.
    I wanted some ramen. So right away it- it looks like a bowl of ramen. We’ve got our noodles, our broth, a slice of meat, a fish cake, and some bamboo shoots. Let’s open up the top. Okay, so it looks like our Ingredients are separate from our slime Noodles, so I guess you mix them in. This is more of a DIY than I anticipated. And honestly, I am terrified. Okay, let’s just put our ramen down. So it looks like we’re actually supposed to put this in warm water for a minute because as of now it’s a little too thick to be slime and I guess you’re supposed to soften it up a bit, but for now can we just talk about how that just it looks like a tiny ramen? Okay. I’ll be right back. Okay, I am back with our now heated Ramen slime. Let’s- oh, wow. It is very much- Oh. Oh no. Ew. Oh, oh no, I’m scared. So it looks like the outside of it got quite liquidy But the inside is still quite solid so- Oh my gosh, this is… I don’t know how I feel about this. It’s kind of hilarious but also disgusting? Wow. Okay. So there you have it guys our, I don’t even know, this is so… this is so weird. It’s a little bowl of goopy Ramen. Oh my- so there you have it! Hmm. Okay. Let’s just create something shall we? Oh gosh. Why? why? Geez. It smells like gak from the 90s. Does anybody remember that? Is anyone old enough to…? [Music] Even though this is the figure that I was the least excited about owning because it’s just so slimy and disgusting and especially after I Had it in my hands and had an experience of just how slimy and disgusting it was this was the one I was the most excited about drawing because I already had an idea of what I was going to draw as soon as I saw this Gachapon machine. Slime girls Are fun to draw and I knew I had to make a slime girl ramen. Now I have already drawn a girl inspired by ramen many many years ago, But this was something that I definitely wanted to revisit Because my art style has changed my ideas have changed and I really just wanted to draw a ramen girl. So obviously there were a few ways to go about a ramen girl. Did I want her hair to be the noodles? Did I want to make her into some sort of octopus noodle mermaid thing? Did I want her clothes to be the food and then maybe just have her naked? What I ended up going with was creating a mermaid ramen girl, but the way that her Anatomy works doesn’t work, but at the same time we’re making a girl out of food. So, um, who cares? Basically, she is a normal human body But then her mermaid tail is where the ramen soup or broth is. So I don’t know how her body actually stays connected to her broth tail fin, but it looks cool So I’m not going to question it. That’s basically my motto in art. “Don’t question it. Just- just draw it.” I also have her eating a cat a piece of her hair. I just felt like the space over there needed something to fill it in, So why not draw a cute cat eating her hair? Again. Don’t- don’t question it. Obviously the most fun part about this illustration was layering the broth the brown. It just always comes together So nice when you do layering of watercolor and it’s just the most fun part. Aside from that it was just really fun to include bits of the ramen here and there. Her hair has the swirly fish cake, there’s an egg behind her, there’s a chunk of meat behind her. I’ll admit she’s not the most creative design when it comes to a ramen girl, But who cares? I had fun drawing her and I think probably the mermaid aspect of her is the most unique part about her So that was fun to draw but other than that there is our slime Ramen mermaid girl with a cat eating her hair. Here’s a question Does her hair grow back or when she takes a piece of ramen hair off Does it never grow back and it’s gone forever? Does it hurt to take her hair off? Is it a part of her body? Does she mold? Does she die? You know what? Like I said, don’t question it. There she is! [Music] And there are all five of our gachapon inspired illustrations. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one! Stay Golden! But first a huge thank you to all of my patrons for their support. You guys are the best. If you want early access to my videos, Coloring pages, and more, check out the link to my patreon in the description. Bye!