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    LEGO Ninjago Empire Dragon + Cole’s Speeder Car reviews! 71713 71706
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    LEGO Ninjago Empire Dragon + Cole’s Speeder Car reviews! 71713 71706

    January 12, 2020

    hello this is my first look at new stuff
    from lego ninjago season 12 over here most of the stuff you’re looking at on
    the screen is the empire dragon set hand over on the left is Cole’s speeder car
    which comes with just these two figures let’s look at the big thing first
    this season’s theme takes us kind of into a cyber verse where we’re going
    into a game world so everything is a little bit retro and very digital and
    supposed to look electronic a little bit on the cyberpunk side I would say with
    just slightly more modern flavors and themes with some of the specific things
    there are some new molds that have been introduced for this season such as these
    winged lit pieces which you can see from the underside are actually pretty decent
    in size and those can be used as very very large blades if you want this
    dragon has some Technic pieces on it a lot of just regular system pieces and a
    combination with some CC BS or a creature and character or character and
    creature building system parts that all go together it’s a little bit on the
    skeletal side but it is pretty sizable when you compare this to the size of
    just a regular plain boring minifigure you know it’s not even coming up to the
    knee and yeah this has knees but they’re not able to bend the articulation that
    you get here starting I guess from the tail since we’re looking at it is you
    know lots of ball joints in the tail itself so that’s able to move all over
    the place these are these ratcheted joints that have a lot of stiffness in
    them so that’s able to go in and out forward and back and then you have ball
    joints for the feet feet are done a little bit differently from things that
    I’ve seen before it’s not too many pieces but actually it looks kind of
    interesting and then for the front legs it’s a similar thing same type of joints
    are available there ball joint down here for the ankle everything is able to hold
    itself up pretty well the neck has a couple points of articulation you can
    bring it up and down here and then the head itself is on a ball joint and it
    just has some limitations won’t go down all the way but you know you can kind of
    rotate it around that is a printed piece underneath there it’s printed on both
    sides just like they’ve done for some other recent
    Dragons it’s a 2 by 2 brick printed on both sides you can open up the mouth
    like so you can close it up that greenish looking color is teal Lee
    recently resurrected color and then you have just kind of the the ears or horn
    things it’s really like ears you move those in and out just a little bit and
    maybe this is more more like a horn and that can be brought up and down this has
    a couple of shooters there are stud suitors here you can angle those
    independently they kind of look like pauldrons or shoulder armor but they are
    on ball joint so you can rotate them around one on either side
    this one’s moved out of the way a little bit this is supposed to be like a
    windscreen here and then the pilot stands or sits but in this case this one
    can only stand in the cockpit which has controls there that’s just a sticker and
    taking the figure out see just stands on some some studs and this is a little bit
    open so he’s a little bit hollow around some of these spots but that’s pretty
    much it for this dragon itself there’s the the whole thing and you know it’s
    it’s intended to be on four legs with the really really short rear legs it’s
    not intended to stand very well but you can get it to stand because it does have
    enough friction in those joints and there’s enough stable support especially
    with the help of the tail to get this to stand up and there’s what that looks
    like so again a bit skeletal a bit skinny but fairly long or done this way
    fairly tall this is Emperor una Gani who I’m assuming is the main bad guy so an
    important one to get he introduces brand-new molds for the hair the beard
    and also the pauldrons the hairpiece is dual molded so the
    white and red are two different plastics that is semi soft you know not super
    rubbery but a little bit soft so one brick will not break too easily and the
    printing goes around the back for the body that includes the torso as well as
    the leg robe kind of piece which is the exact height of a regular set of minifig
    legs so that all works pretty well and it has consistency to it
    to be sure and there’s what it looks like with everything removed and he does
    have an alternate face and this one to me looks a lot like Darth Maul but I’m
    assuming that they’re just doing though they’re kind of you know good and bad or
    normal and infected kind of thing so he’s got two modes and this is his most
    mean most evil and most dangerous mode here’s digi Lloyd and I had to zoom out
    a bit because of all the stuff that he has on including the flag or banner on
    his back which is showing a projection of his current life status so that’s his
    health bar that’s projected up above him back there and that’s just attached on
    to this new scabbard and pauldron piece that has an extra attachment for a bar
    at the back of it he gets to katanas in the bright spring green color and this
    is a new piece for the hilts for the weapon there it’s dual moulded with
    white and black to represent the look of a game controller but you just hold it
    this way and then you can attach things to it I will show you more pieces that
    are included in that kind of frosted trans neon greenish yellow color here’s
    the figure just by itself though and you can clearly see one arm is just that
    bright spring green color and you can see the rest of this version of his face
    and then he also has an alternate face which is just more normal one and
    there’s a pretty good print on the back of that torso as well here’s digi Chi
    who has almost an identical setup just the different colors for him and also a
    different blade that is attached to his hilt right now of course obviously the
    headgear pieces for this season are new again and also dual molded so you get
    the one primary color and then the white and then there’s additionally a print on
    top of that otherwise yeah this one’s pretty much set up the same so there’s
    nothing else dramatically different to see here and here’s what it looks like
    with everything removed the printing work again is pretty good the white even
    on the torso has decent opacity to it not so good on the legs I’d say and then
    here’s the alternate face which is probably not as generic not as useful in
    as many different scenarios because it’s it’s so
    expressive and has that one specific emotion the set includes this one weapon
    or powerup stand and it has within it one of this season’s collectibles that
    is called a katana it is a specialized weapon that also acts as a am assuming
    digital key for probably unencrypted it’s important to ultimately win the
    game and you will see this piece in multiple colors throughout different
    sets it can be held from the end as you can see there’s a bar shape at the end
    for sticking it into a slot to represent you know using it as a key or you can
    use it as an actual weapon as a blade and obviously this is dual moulded which
    is always nice to see now there are a ton of spare parts in this set because
    they include a full pack of the modern Ninjago weapon parts just molded into
    this transnih on greenish-yellow so they only use two of those pieces in the
    official set so all these are left over and very useful you also get a couple of
    spare bright spring green regular katanas with the square guards on them
    and this extra stuff now there’s not a lot to the Cole’s speeder car set
    because it’s just a little four Plus set with a total of 52 pieces and previously
    this would have been called a Ninjago juniors set so you get a car which is
    pretty basic because again it’s in the four plus line so the whole chassis is
    one piece and you just stick the wheels on there handful of decoration pieces
    that is a print that’s one of the great things about the four plus line and just
    the younger targeted stuff in general they give you these really nice printed
    pieces little suggestion of a Nintendo style there without getting into too
    much trouble hopefully and it just holds a single figure in there and there’s
    some basic details actually like the offset tires the stagger tires and this
    roll is just fine and everything so you know it just kind of does its job as a
    basic toy what I don’t like about this though is that these little pieces at
    the front and at the back can relatively easily get broken off if you’re just
    playing with it you know just grabbing the thing so probably a lot of
    kids after not much time will simply leave these off entirely the figure here
    is digi coal who does not have any of his head on armor pieces or anything he
    just has the new hood or head gear piece and none of the special stuff except for
    the katana there so they do include one color of katana and one of the
    collectibles is nice to get one of the collectibles in a particularly cheap set
    you know inexpensive set the print on this is not that great in my opinion
    it’s just well the the legs especially on this one that I got are not printed
    well the orange is particularly bad and just I think the design takes away a lot
    of the the brightness of the cold character you know he doesn’t have a
    different colored arm he doesn’t have too much of his more integer what used
    to be brown or whatever you know just he looks almost like he could be just a
    generic bad guy in my opinion and kind of like a oh just like a mystery kind of
    thing to me no he just looks like he could be generic the actual bad guy in
    this set though has plenty of visual flair on him and is interesting the
    primary color there is sand green and then it’s contrasted against flame
    yellowish orange oranges yellow color and then he has that special hilts the
    game controller hilt dual moulded in black and red
    that looks pretty cool the name of this character is Hausner he is a rat a
    digital rat after our thing okay I will see how that works had actually in the
    story but you can see it it’s a humanoid rat with some sort of visor on that I’m
    swimming is a set of VR goggles or something like that and he has just a
    single horn up on top there is no actual minifig head underneath there that is
    just a single dual molded piece within the horn piece attached to it and I just
    find this to be interesting at least it’s different I do kind of wish there
    was one additional color something to separate the torso from the head I’m
    assuming they’re there trying to say that the skin tone of the
    character is that sand green but it feels to me like he has a shirt on I
    mean you’re seeing musculature right there you’re seeing edges of ribs and
    everything but I just don’t quite feel that personally I mean he’s got armor on
    the back like an armor plate okay there’s just something that is missing
    about this design to me feel like it needs a little bit more distinct
    printing or some other color something on the arms something he rides on a
    hoverboard which is just a basic longboard piece or surfboard piece I
    think actually with a couple of neon transnih on greenish yellow parts
    underneath to represent energy and you know the fact that it’s supposed to be
    floating and then he has this kind of plasma chain I guess something like that
    electro chain something in the digital world that allows him to attach to
    things and he’s going to try to steal away the key Tana and you can attach
    this on to the car so that you know he’s kind of being dragged along by a door
    he’s trying to get himself to it and it’s just that kind of thing pretty
    straightforward but it works you know he can actually pull him along although he
    does want to fall forward there we go got it and that right there is the spare
    piece for the cold speeder car set that’s it the cold speeder car set is 10
    bucks for a car and a couple of figures and at least one of the figures is
    interesting to me has interesting parts and the car includes a very large base
    part and a nice exclusive and decently large printed piece as well so I think
    the value here is pretty good if you like what you see and I think that even
    some folks who are a little bit older than the target age range for this will
    be able to appreciate this because of its components especially Hausner and
    also that printed piece right there and the inclusion of the katana you know
    there’s good stuff for older fans of Ninjago season 12 in this small young
    oriented set the Empire Dragon is $30 u.s. for 286 pieces and night
    don’t think that is a coincidence I think whoever designed this specifically
    added one or two pieces removed to one or two pieces to get it to 286 to be a
    reference to the old IBM PC 286 DX 80 computer systems
    my parents had one of those back when I had an XT was just an 80 88 but anyway
    it’s the little historical digi universe computer kind of referenced there but I
    think the value for this is very good because it comes with three good figures
    with a full set of accessories and plenty of extra accessories even and the
    dragon itself is very respectable in its size for of that price yeah I think all
    of these figures are are good and well and well set up and you know they’re
    playing different options for how you can use them between the different the
    different expressions the different faces they have and all the accessories
    and everything there’s a lot that I think you can do with the set I think
    there’s a lot of value that you can get out of this set without changing it
    without adding anything to it again specifically what I like personally
    least about this dragon is this area right in here I don’t like the fact that
    they left it hollow around the I guess it’s kind of a ribcage kind of structure
    and to me the front third of the dragon just looks really good it looks very
    finished looks like it has a theme to it and it just makes sense to me the back
    third and and more of it also looks fine you know it’s a little bit smaller but
    that’s okay you know things can just taper off in general this is a little
    bit wonky here but it’s no big deal it’s just that center section right there I
    feel could have used a few more pieces to cover up the side right here and to
    thicken up kind of the waist area at the waist and stomach area of it but that’s
    I think is slightly nitpicking you know overall again the value is what
    this is all about and I think that’s where this does shine because you know
    30 bucks this is pretty sizeable and then you also get two well setup figures
    with plenty of accessories this guy is special as well even this is pretty cool
    so yeah good good they’re over all my Lego check out the
    combined build videos for these two sets I did the two together as pure builds
    and also as speed build so if you want to see either of those they are alive
    now and see them on my respective other channels thanks for watching and I’ll
    talk to you again right here very soon

    Work In Progress: New custom LEGO passenger train MOC
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    Work In Progress: New custom LEGO passenger train MOC

    October 18, 2019

    everybody this is a quick look at a very
    very very incomplete very new work-in-progress will custom passenger
    train that I started working on just because I randomly got inspiration that
    popped into my head to work on another passenger train I’ve been wanting to do
    something that looked a little bit slower than my others for some time
    possibly something flat-fronted but I didn’t want to get too boring and basic
    with it this is not based on anything that’s not intended to be a replica of
    anything I did not base this off any reference materials whatsoever I just
    went to my multiple drawers full of windscreen pieces and especially the
    larger ones both six wide and four wide and brought out as many of them as has
    appeared to be decent candidates for win screens for this for the front of the
    the canopy of a a passenger train and I went through all of them and this is the
    the best-looking one for me that I came up with for just my own personal
    interests so I’m using it for now but this is like I said just a work in
    progress I’ve only worked on this for two building sessions so far so
    absolutely everything is subject to change absolutely everything should be
    considered completely a temporary the next time you see it I’m sure there will
    be many things different but then maybe I’ll just be happy with my progress up
    to this point and won’t change too many things we’ll just have to see this is a
    two car DM you will be permanently coupled with a Jacobs bogie in between
    I’ve got to figure out something to do for the wheel pants back here because
    they just they need a lot of room to go through turns and especially inside
    turns like that I don’t think there’s enough space there to to let that
    actually work out so I’ll probably need to have even more of a gap unfortunately
    I’m really not looking forward to having a gap there possibly I can decrease the
    vertical gap a bit but that may actually look worse if if I do like half of a
    plate less vertical gap and then have to have a longer horizontal gap and I try
    to do something back here maybe you turn this
    in or turn it out or something to allow that room but it’s just it’s just
    difficult because of the scale of things and I don’t know I just I just don’t
    know it at this point but like I said it’s it’s a new project so maybe I’ll
    come up with something interesting maybe I won’t this used some tricky building
    techniques for some of the stuff at the front actually it’s been simplified down
    quite significantly since my first attempt at this at this front I had all
    sorts of headlight bricks attached rotated and 90 degrees on two axes and
    you know stuff moving all around in different directions and its really been
    simplified down quite a lot I don’t like this right here I might try to fill that
    in from the top or something but it’s not too bad I mean you know things look
    much worse on on camera up close in HD than they do in person when you’re
    looking at little stuff I’m going to have some form of humps on the on the
    roof not sure if they’re going to be shaped exactly like this that’s
    something I’m continuing to iterate on not sure about this little dip right
    here I’ve done a number of different attempts of different things with the
    edges of the doors and the doors themselves and might I would like to do
    something better for that but when you look at the the scale of it the doors
    actually go up to here you see I’m using that the one and a half wide plates up
    here to make up some of the space but scale wise yeah I’d like to have a
    little bit a little bit more height there but it does need to to come up to
    my station platforms which are at exactly this height for sake of
    compatibility with my other trains you know everything has to go together
    everything is interdependent so it’s not just as simple as making it look exactly
    how you think it it should if it was real life you know gotta compromise a
    little bit for the actual Lego stuff in the scale but that’s pretty much all
    there is to to show at this point is really not all that much going on with
    the whole thing a little bit of detail on the top kind of needs interior
    obvious we’ll have a operator Oh it’ll be double
    ended and mirrored so the other the other I recall that train plate at the
    back will be identical it’ll just be facing towards the rear completely
    identical I’ll probably even put a nine volt motor back there as well even
    though it it won’t need it at both ends just to have the consistency of the
    metal wheels which I think look really really good they they kind of look to me
    like the thing has disc brakes you know like like a real one would and I like
    that look so it might be a little bit of a waste of a 9-volt and in the sense of
    you know a 9-volt motor in the sense of how much power is required but I think
    it’s I think it’ll be worth it so yeah work in progress very incomplete just
    wanted to show what I’ve done up to this point after just two building sessions
    hopefully things will get much better from here and obviously it needs a lot
    more detail on the inside things need to be mirrored left to right I’m only
    showing you one side the other side is at a different stage you know as I go
    along I’ll make changes on one side and then
    I’m happy with something then I’ll copy them to the other and then maybe I’ll
    work from that side a little bit just to kind of change up my brain a little bit
    keep from getting locked into one one view you know looking at it from one
    side versus the other so yeah I go back and forth and then eventually try to get
    it all consistent and sometimes I miss something and that’s just how it is
    anyway just want to show that up to this point and I’ll show you more progress as
    more becomes available thanks for watching tactic in sir

    LEGO City 2018 Cargo Train review! 60198
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    LEGO City 2018 Cargo Train review! 60198

    October 16, 2019

    hello everyone this is a happy day for
    me because I get to show you the new Lego cargo train the set is called cargo
    train here’s the locomotive it’s a double ended or dual cab overhead an
    electrified Freight engine and I think it looks distinct it’s similar in some
    ways to one of the previous ones that they’ve done but also has its own
    features and its own building style this does feature the new power functions 2.0
    or powered up system this is remotely control actually has a working electric
    motor in it now show you how that works a little bit later on with a full
    demonstration of the complete train going around its own track or going
    around my own LEGO City this works exactly the same front to back and it
    has just an opening section at either end the cabs are pretty much identical
    they just give you one seat in each and that existing console piece for train
    control it’s a 1 by 4 printed tile that they’ve had around for a while yeah yeah
    like I said it’s just the same at either end they do not have real opening doors
    on the sides for your mini pink to get in and out the on/off button to power up
    the hub inside is just right here it’s a simple single click and gets it started
    you can see the light from the top and you can also see the light from the
    front if you get it from the right angle yeah there we go
    and that’ll change color depending upon what channel I selected again I’ll
    demonstrate that a little bit later on but that’s pretty much it for the
    locomotive itself I just think that it looks kind of nice oh yeah these are new
    pantograph pieces so that’s cool much more useful and usable I think than
    the previous ones that they’ve done in the past they’ve done a couple different
    variations of this and this just seems like it would be more useful for more
    different things for custom builders and expect to see that used in some other
    vehicles and builds in the future as well this was enjoyable to put together
    has a lot of studs on the side construction right here which is
    perfectly flush and I don’t know I like it some people won’t but I do
    by the way the switch I was showing you underneath the engine is included with
    this set this railroad crossing is also part of the track build included here
    and this gives you a pretty nice flush crossing for vehicles to go over I’m
    going to use this as the backdrop to show you this train car I’ve always
    liked train crane cars more so as models and toys than as the the real things I
    think this one is is done pretty well it actually works properly so you’ve got
    the the knob that you can turn from either side to raise and lower the hook
    and the hook has several ways that you can connect things to it because they
    have the the bar shaped ends on there and you can connect you know clips to
    that so this is a little bit more useful than usual and it looks good as well
    they have a knob on the back of this actually that the whole thing is on a
    turntable of course but this is hooked up to a worm gear box in there which
    just allows you to raise and lower the boom
    so with this zoomed out more I can show you how far that goes up I need to give
    it a little bit of slack on the line but yeah they’ll go up pretty far and you
    also have the ability to extend so again I need to give it a little more slack
    you can extend the boom a fair amount more than was possible on some other
    cranes that they’ve done I mean this will keep going let me see how far out I
    can get this to go that’s a limit right there so that’s actually pretty good you
    know pretty good reach and this has good strength now obviously you turn this
    side to side it kind of wants to tilt over you already saw that it’s wobbling
    a bit well they give you these outriggers look at that these outriggers
    just come right out and rotate down and provide additional support and they’ve
    got one on either side so if I move this past a little crossing there and we let
    it down that’s actually going to work because as long as you’re on a flat
    surface this will just touch the ground it’s
    just the perfect height and it’ll give you some stability for actually lifting
    up some cargo you’ll probably want to have the rest of the Train hooked up to
    this or at least the locomotive just for braking force
    go front to back on you but this is this is good this is something that can
    actually be played with and I think it looks pretty good as well they even
    included some slightly unnecessary details such as the cabinet area the
    kind of engineering cabinet you can actually open this and look at this
    we’ve got a panel inside of there that’s cool one on either side just identical
    builds either side just has a sticker on it but it’s it’s nice – oops
    I hit that that crossing signal again probably not the best choice of display
    piece here with the track but you get the idea so yeah it just helps with the
    you know the imaginative play of having to do work on this or to you know
    operate it and set it up and also of course you can open up the cab that
    whole section just comes off and then you can put a single figure in there and
    they have a couple more of those small modified tile pieces with the bars
    vertically on top so they can represent control sticks and that’s that the crane
    can be easily used in conjunction with this flatbed logging car it already has
    some chains hooked up so it’s very easy to just put a hook underneath here and
    you know lift these up one at a time you can also just kind of dump these things
    off to the side by moving the stakes down from the side and just gonna roll
    them off if you want and you can also just take those off and even take off
    the side stakes here complete me or leave them on it’s entirely up to you
    but just use this as a basic flatbed car you know it’s a very simple thing but
    one of the more useful types of rolling stock on any sort of model railroad
    layout that’s actually going to be used for play cause you can put just about
    anything on this including things that are not Lego compatible I’m including
    here or showing you here yet another section of track you think I have
    learned my lesson by now but I know I think this one’s actually gonna work
    without getting in the way this is just an end buffer you know stopping bumper
    build that they include for one of the straight portions of track and that
    works really well because you can you can really bang something into and it’s
    really gonna stop so that thing it it looks okay it
    doesn’t look great but it works really well and leggo usually doesn’t include
    anything like that and from what I’ve seen a lot of fans of all ages really
    appreciate this type of build the crane can also be used to load and unload this
    car which is intended to be kind of a spine car that’s set up as a container
    carrier so you have two short containers here and they already have the hoops on
    top so you can easily just hook into either of those and each of these is
    only attached to the base to the car by a single jumper single 2 by 2 jumper
    otherwise it’s just kind of slotted over some some tiles there so it’s very easy
    to remove each of these leaving behind just the basic car beneath and I mean
    there’s not a whole lot that you can do with this but if you you know take off
    the jumpers or even I guess you could just use them as they are but you could
    end up using this as a a flatbed car if you have any extra plate pieces you can
    extend the signs of this off to make it even more useful but I think these
    containers are pretty good it’s nice to get the corrugated steel style panel
    piece there in the red color here and this one has a a crate pallet there with
    a small snowmobile this will work right with the 2018 LEGO City Arctic sub-theme
    just a small snow machine that is also attached with only a single jumper makes
    it easy to get it off and the other one this is intended to be a a safe
    transporter so a money transporter and I’ve kind of a lock on it here and
    inside so you can open this one up from the sides inside is there’s another
    pallet and this one has gold bars and also some suggestion of just regular
    Lego money there and these pallets are intended to be were to be used with a
    forklift so pretty much any of Legos official forklift will be able to get
    right in there and pull these out now if you do not already have an official Lego
    for one will be provided for you in this set
    this thing looks pretty good to me I like it’s shaping it looks pretty
    modern it looks pretty complete and only thing I personally don’t like about it
    is totally a nitpick absolutely NIT big just that Center gray section that kind
    of acts as the seat is raised up just a little bit more than I would like but
    then again it does give good visibility for the the operator so a little bit of
    plus a little bit of minus there but I like the build of this it’s actually
    pretty simple but it’s pretty smart it looks good there’s just a little bit of
    forward rake to the roll cage which is good I think some of the forklifts
    they’ve done if raked it way way forward which is too much but then just leaving
    it completely level is a little bit boring it looks a little bit older I
    don’t know that’s that’s subjective but a little bit of a forward movement I
    think is good I think the ratio of tire sizes looks pretty good maybe the rears
    are a little bit wide but I do like the width of the front and this does use the
    white rubber band I mean Leah’s had that in circulation
    this whole lift section for a while and it is very strong so do be careful when
    you pick up something with this I mean it does work pretty well but just don’t
    let your finger slip off because this will propel your car go straight up in
    the air quite rapidly just watch out for that this also has the ability to to
    lean back so we’ve got a ratchet in there so it can lean back that’s a
    little bit farther than you want to go but it’s better than having nothing and
    it does still work just fine it’s perfectly stable to hold it just like
    this in real life you want to hold your your lone nice and low all the time but
    you know it’s just take that rubber band off if you want maybe you just a little
    bit of rubber cement in there or put a piece on the back here as a stopper so
    that when it goes down it’ll just stop and then you know it might give you a
    better look if you want to be able to to pose it like that instead this money
    transporter van or armored truck has pretty much the standard
    look of a light commercial vehicle you know that Lego has been using for some
    years now which i think is fine I think that front end looks pretty good it’s
    believable enough and yet it’s easy enough to build even by fairly young
    kids just following the instructions with no hassles along the way this has
    double doors on the back so of course this would be used with the palliative
    of money and gold ingots that we saw just a minute ago or less than a minute
    ago if we and there’s plenty of space for that pallet in there however you’re
    not gonna be able to load this up with the forklift I just showed you from the
    back you know things are just not oriented properly but they thought of
    that all of this swings open to give easy access for loading and offloading
    so the forklift would be able to come right up let’s go ahead and line it up
    now there’s plenty of space there’s a full set of space to spare on either
    side just go ahead and set that down get get down there get there yeah there we
    go just give a little nudge into the center perfect and then close this down
    there you go it works can’t really ask for much more than that play value is
    good the look of this I think is pretty good looks the same from either side and
    of course for for a driver I just have a single seat and a steering wheel in
    there and that’s just that I think this works fine it’s nothing too
    fancy but it’s really all you need for what it is the last build is a pretty
    sizable one it’s this yard control tower or signaling tower which i think is one
    of the better ones that Lego has ever made if not the best it has good access
    for the figures to get up there with the very nice ladder on this side just a
    good use of that extendable fire-engine ladder piece or ladder truck piece and
    this has the most basic of useful sensible action features you can change
    the signal from one side to the other just has a red knob on the back which i
    think works just fine with the color scheme of this so it doesn’t stand out
    unless Sara Lee and yeah it just does its job I
    like the look of this overall I think that a lot of kids would really enjoy
    having this it just feels like it adds a lot of legitimacy to a model layout
    makes it look and feel a little bit more real look at the inside they’ve got a
    coffee maker over there they have a couple of track maps showing you just
    the track that is included with this set with a default layout so you would
    assume that they would have switch control up here the door just opens
    inward for think of safety for a figure coming up the the chair can rotate
    around and over on the side there’s just a single keyboard so the screens are
    just you know the ones up above so it’s supposed to be digital you know flat
    screen monitors here are a couple of the figures and there is nothing really
    special about either of these and I think that’s perfectly fine I would
    happily use either both of these figures in my own layouts any day of the week
    they just fit with the theme perfectly with the prints that are used for the
    torsos I’m fine with they’re not being prints on the legs for these I think the
    faces are just fine even though you don’t get any alternate faces they just
    work for the scenario for the scene and for the theme also included are a couple
    of these olive green colored railway workers who might be like yard workers
    or something I’m working a slightly different branch of the railroad or
    possibly even a different company within it but these were I believe they they
    were originally introduced these color schemes were originally introduced with
    the blue cargo train from a handful of years ago again no alternate faces to be
    seen good hat there with the dual molded hair built into it no hairpiece by
    itself is included here but again I think that’s just fine and lastly on the
    left is the armored truck driver and on the right is a criminal who’s gonna have
    his eyes on that money and gold bullion that’s being transferred so he’s got his
    binoculars there and they suggest on the box that you put
    him on the train on the the logging car just kind of sneaking around back there
    and biding his time and looking for a good opportunity to strike and try to
    steal that or possibly to communicate back with the rest of his criminal
    friends somewhere else so this helps to integrate with other possible scenarios
    from LEGO City so here’s how the remote-control system works this has the
    new controller which is a Bluetooth low-energy base controller not infrared
    like the old one so you do not need to have direct line-of-sight with a
    receiver there’s no IR receiver onboard here and this will also work even
    outdoors or in a sunlit room unlike the infrared ones which were very finicky
    there it’s very easy to get this turned on you push the button on the top push
    the button here in the center wait for the two to pair up or to remember each
    other and then you just use the plus and minus controls to control your speed
    forward or back and the center red button is for stopping you can also
    interestingly rotate these around so if you happen to have the wrong orientation
    now this becomes the forward this becomes the back you know whichever
    obviously user this is a double-ended engine so it doesn’t matter quite as
    much but yeah this just works so simply yeah you can also do it like that so
    this is going to be useful for some different configurations in the future
    for different types of you know vehicles and possibly robots that can be hooked
    up with this system speaking of this system the power functions 2.0 or
    powered up system I’ll just give you the quick overview of the components so
    controller here hub here which is the battery box and the receiver and the
    speed controller all built into one so there’s no receiver speed controller
    unit that you have to wire up additionally and then here’s just the
    power funky new power functions motor which I believe is the same inside as
    the last one but just has a different controller on it or a different
    connector excuse me on it which is the we do 2.0 style
    connector which is also the same one that’s used for the boost system and you
    have two ports on the hub here and you hub in battery box so you can connect
    two things they are controlled two things at one time with this now this
    does have I believe it’s five channels within it so it can control up to five
    different hubs they haven’t released documentation on how to do that yet but
    the information is out there for controlling multiple trains from a
    single controller I’m not a super hacker of this stuff I’m not a subject matter
    expert on technic stuff and electronics there are plenty of people out there who
    are so if you want to get more into the the nitty-gritty details of how this
    works be sure to just do a little bit of
    searching and browsing and you will find a a wealth of information out there but
    the good news here is that it’s Bluetooth rather than infrared so it’ll
    work in the Sun and you don’t need direct line-of-sight and you don’t need
    that separate unit that the original power functions ones did the bad news is
    that these systems are not compatible at the very least because the connectors
    are not so we it will it will have to be seen in the future if Lego comes up with
    good adapters to connect the new to the old you can put the new trains on hold
    track and put the old trains on the new track that’s all completely compatible
    but it’s just the electrical connectors that are different you’re looking at the
    manufacturer’s suggested layout for the included track in just this one set so
    no additional track has been added here and it’s very generous it’s around five
    feet by more than two feet or if the exact dimensions are one hundred and
    forty seven centimeters by 70 centimeters it includes 16 straight
    tracks 16 turns and also the one left sided switch since power functions 2.0
    or powered up is a Bluetooth based system you can control it from
    compatible mobile devices phones and tablets using the Lego powered up app
    which is pretty simple it only allows you to control one train at a time and
    it just allows you to also do some sounds which come out of the speaker of
    your device not from the train itself like overall I feel like this is a very
    good train set for its target market of kids who want to play with toy trains
    and stuff related to them or Lego fans in general who want to experience the
    wonder of moving trains mixed in with their Lego stuff obviously more serious
    rail fans are just not gonna have any interest in this set because it is
    designed to be a play set for kids there is no photo realism in the builds and
    the designers definitely prioritized play value very strongly over aesthetics
    certainly the merits of the new powered up or power functions 2.0 system weren’t
    quite a bit of a debate and a lot of that debate has already been going on
    again I will defer to subject matter experts for you know the technical
    details and kind of the nitty-gritty pros and cons versus the previous system
    my personal experiences have been mixed I certainly very much welcome the move
    away from infrared control that was just annoying having to point at the Train
    especially if it’s behind a building or something then you have to kind of walk
    around or make sure that the the signal can bounce off a good surface on a wall
    or something so all that has been taken care of it’s also nice to be able to
    control this just from an app so you don’t need to have a controller with you
    if you’re just going to be doing one single train as most customers of Lego
    will you know will be experiencing but I am not sure about the system in terms of
    its expandability and and just how much you can do with it without hacking it
    and without getting aftermarket doodads to open it up a bit because you’re not
    able to even can it’s multiple things to a single port
    has it set up right now the connector system they have here doesn’t stack like
    the old one did so there may be some annoying limitations for more serious
    hobbyists there’s then of course the issue of price and many people will
    immediately balk when they see the total retail price of this and understandably
    so that’s it’s a lot of money to pay for a toy however I do have to encourage you
    to look at the prices the actual retail prices and the price to part ratios for
    this and the last two modern power functions based cargo train sets from
    Lego those last two costs a little bit less but came with a lot less in terms
    of number of parts and also amount of track this comes with so much more track
    it’s so much more viable as set to start with I think that’s just it just gives
    you a lot more value it gives a lot more value to get to want a train set those
    previous ones have just not included enough track in in my opinion for folks
    who really want to enjoy watching a train go around a layout this is a very
    respectable sized oval with a nice long siding you can do all sorts of stuff
    with that you can build a lot of stuff inside of that I feel like you get a
    very good value with this set relative to other train sets in recent memory
    from Lego so I personally don’t have a problem with it though I do absolutely
    acknowledge the fact that the retail price for this is a big number that’s it
    for my look at this set for now though please feel free to share your thoughts
    what you think about the train what you think are its pros and cons based on
    what you’ve seen here or anything else that you’ve learned separately and we’ll
    be reviewing the passenger train that came out at the same time as this just
    saw a little bit of footage of that in the running segments of this video and
    of course I have plenty of videos about the whole Lego city that I showed you in
    that running segment with many more to come morn to be built up there so stay
    tuned thank you very much for watching and I will talk to you again as soon as
    I can

    LEGO City 2018 Passenger Train set review! ? 60197
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    LEGO City 2018 Passenger Train set review! ? 60197

    October 15, 2019

    hello everyone this is the new 2018
    lego city passenger train it appears to be heavily inspired by one of the
    Eurostar train sets in real life with a locomotive that is ultimately derived
    from the somewhat famous German ICE 3 this is the track they include which is
    pretty standard fare and ultimately a little bit more than the minimum you
    need to actually run so there are enough curves to give you a complete circle
    plus a total of four straight tracks to here on either side just to extend it
    out a little bit and I’m showing you the range of speeds possible with the
    included remote control system it is an updated system power functions 2.0 or
    powered up they’re calling it on the box and in marketing it uses a motor that is
    at the base of the locomotive right now very similar to the existing or pre pre
    existing power functions 1.0 system and it has a battery box with a built in
    receiver and speed controller and gosh this thing can go pretty fast and it’s
    stable enough to not derail even in the most tight of turns so that’s actually
    pretty good and this is using Bluetooth to connect rather than the old infrared
    system so you don’t need to have direct line-of-sight and you don’t need a
    separate receiver and speed controller unit in the locomotive there’s actually
    a good chunk of this that is hollow and empty inside the locomotive here uses
    six triple-a sized batteries and I strongly recommend that you use
    rechargeables for this and then the controller uses four triple-a batteries
    actually recommend that you use alkaline for this to get just a little bit more
    voltage for a little bit more possible range and you don’t have to worry about
    the controller batteries running out too quickly because it is using Bluetooth
    Low Energy speaking of you can alternately use a compatible mobile
    device a tablet or phone with the Lego powered up app which is free
    and use that to control a train and you also get to take advantage of some
    internal sounds that we’ll play from the speakers of your device not from the
    train itself so again this is basically inspired by something that’s derived
    from the German IC e3 and I think it looks pretty nice with the graphics that
    they’ve used here these side stickers are absolutely huge there is definitely
    a noticeable difference in the white color between the sticker area here and
    the white line of plates down here and that’s just because of lack of opacity
    here but it’s it’s not too bad I like how round this is in the front but this
    is mostly one piece here at least they do have a common piece used for the
    glass that’s actually using the speed champions style one of these speed
    champions style windscreen pieces there and this outer canopy part was
    specifically designed to accommodate that but there is no accommodation here
    for any passengers in this part so this is just purely done as a locomotive and
    you just have seating for your your main engineer your driver there he gets just
    a little console facing towards the front and as I mentioned there’s a lot
    of empty space here it’s a little bit of a shame the empty space goes all the way
    back to right around here let me open up the top so the battery box is right
    there it’s the same size and shape as the old power function ones were but
    this gets the proprietary plugs put directly into it so it has all of the
    circuitry built into it so you don’t need that a separate receiver box
    whatsoever and you don’t need the extra two sets of cables this is using the
    same connector system as we do 2.0 the educational system and also lego boost
    so you may find that to be familiar if you’ve used either of those but yeah all
    this space in here is completely empty and all the space back here is empty you
    can certainly do some customization to take advantage of some of that space by
    moving the battery box all the way towards the front and maybe converting
    some of this into some usable passenger space but as it is right now
    one driver and that’s it the motor like with the previous generation of trains
    is just built into this unit here this truck so it’s all internal you just have
    to add the wheels and a little bit of exterior detail plating and also the
    buffer at the end and then it just has a cable that goes directly to the battery
    box here’s one of the two passenger cars that you are not identical though from
    the outside they look very similar at least no doors on this once again no
    door no door why why don’t they put at least a suggestion of doors on these a
    lot of people have asked for that but they haven’t gotten back around to it
    yet but to put figures into this you just need to remove the roof so inside
    you can find seating for four that’s that’s okay I think that’s a okay use of
    the space certainly you can see that there is enough room to put at least a
    couple more seats in there but yeah they don’t include anything for them just in
    the center there that’s a little spot to hold on to some luggage just a little
    bit of it this is one of the passenger cars the to look very wait a minute deja
    vu editing error no no these these are your two different ones the difference
    is the sticker so this is just a regular regular passenger car this is a diner
    card no there’s actually more to it than that from the outside that’s the only
    difference but inside this one is properly a diner car it has just a
    couple of stand up tables very simple small ones one on either side and
    they’ve got the little cafe at the back which just has a hotdog down in there on
    display I guess it’s under heat maps probably a couple of they’re not even
    full cupcakes they don’t have the bottom part 7
    around bits of fudge or maybe very large truffles and they also have a coffee
    maker over on the side so there’s enough room to put one service employee back
    here and then to have several people standing up in here
    you know having some food or waiting for service speaking of waiting the set has
    the most basic of train stops with just two seats there there is a nice sticker
    on the clear panel piece back there showing you a bit of the track map and
    they also have the most basic of two aspect signal lights over here which i
    think looks perfectly fine nice idea to put the white behind there to make the
    the lens elements look brighter you know if you don’t put anything behind there
    you just put that against the black it all just looks dark but yeah that’s
    that’s it for Mike trackside structures or anything there’s there’s just nothing
    else here are the two railway employee minifigures included in the set with the
    engineer driver slash conductor I guess on the left and on the right is the
    barista who would be working inside the dining car just the lunch car the snack
    car can’t really call it the dining car the only have even have any seats in
    there they have a very limited menu but she’s intended to work in there on the
    box they actually show her walking outside and acting like she works at a
    brick-and-mortar place where he can go up and order but it’s it’s just from
    inside the train and there’s no alternate face to be seen there which i
    think is perfectly fine these these figures are just fine to me I will be
    actually doing another video about one of these very soon because reasons
    you’ll see and then these two are the passengers of the set I don’t think I
    recognise anything new for the guy on the left unless I’m mistaken about that
    face but that’s a pretty new torso for the lady on the right and her piece of
    luggage is very new that’s new for 2018 has the little rollers on the base of it
    so this is intended for minifigs too to drag behind them obviously it’s too tall
    to use in this raishin but you know you would rotate
    the hand back like that and then they would drag along on the ground behind
    him and that is also able to open up that piece just like the the older ones
    could good torso print on the the back of the lady there as well
    alternate face so she can be enjoying a little bit of a nap on the train ride
    inside this it’s actually the other side that opens up nope it to this side I had
    to right the first time it opens up inside there is a Lego set that’s just
    on a little printed tile that’s that’s an existing one that we’ve gotten before
    but it’s nice to see and there’s the guys torso without the man purse strap
    obscuring the classic space face to me personally honestly I think this is a
    little bit of an underwhelming set although it doesn’t particularly do
    anything worse than either of the last two lego city passenger trains that have
    been released in the better part of the past decade you know it’s very
    compatible with those with its features overall I just feel like especially with
    the new system that is so much more compact they could have included some
    passenger space in the locomotive carriage you know and I think that could
    have added a lot of value taking us back a little bit to the way things were with
    the the old Metroliner set and I liked so much when they actually let you put
    you know some passengers into the into the locomotive P search just you know it
    gives you more space and let you do more with it there’s really nothing going on
    with the trackside stuff you know that little stop it is very basic but again
    it’s not particularly worse than anything they’ve done in recent memory
    just I don’t know I don’t feel excitement about this set I think it’s
    mostly the locomotive honestly that kind of dulls things down for me with that
    large front piece that isn’t particularly inspiring to look at it
    does rely very heavily upon those huge stickers on them on the sides I
    personally am a fan the specialized canopy pieces
    specialized nose pieces that Lego does for for trains I have collected those
    have used some in custom builds and I think they’re nice generally but this
    one in particular doesn’t do anything for me especially with how limiting it
    is with the color scheme I did buy and build two copies of this train to be
    able to connect them and to end show you how that looked and it looks really good
    to me and I am happy with the overall design of each single train that allows
    this here to be done pretty easily you don’t have to modify their cars
    physically however from an electronics perspective the easiest way to make this
    work is to just do your own non-powered rear locomotive so take out the motor
    just leave electronics out of one of the locomotives altogether and just let one
    pull it you only need one motor for something of this length if you want to
    build them fully and use two motors it is a little bit tricky because you need
    to change the channel and the physical plug for one of them and switch that
    over to a different side so that you can run the two motors in opposite
    directions they don’t seem to give you any easy way to do that with the
    controller then you need to pair both receiver hubs battery box hubs to the
    same controller or you can use two controllers if you want and I found a
    video that was graciously posted on the historic Facebook page that explained
    how to pair one controller to multiple hubs and actually had three hubs running
    in this video with the freight train going also all off one controller so a
    little bit tricky but it is very doable and certainly looks great like this in
    least in my opinion in terms of value I can only speak from the perspective of
    the US dollar because I live here I know kind of what the US dollar is is worth
    in terms of value I can look at numbers for other countries and compare them but
    the u.s. is where I really understand you know currency and kind of incomes
    and such so based on US dollars it’s easy to look at the price of this
    relative to the price of the 2014 lego city passenger train be 2010 LEGO City
    passenger train and see that the price has gone up and gone up again and you
    don’t really get anything more here for that additional retail price however in
    order to make a fair comparison at all it is absolutely required that you
    adjust for inflation which takes into account just the change of the value of
    the money of the currency itself and when you do that you’ll see that value
    actually has been very consistent over the course of that almost 1:1 decade you
    don’t get anything more here but you don’t get anything less and you pay just
    about the same price as you have for previous ones so at least value from
    what I see has been very consistent for quite a while that’s quite a lot of
    years and they have the new system that you’re ultimately paying for in the
    price of this the development of it and everything and it it works fine for what
    it is that’s not to say that this is cheap or even a great value I personally
    feel that this like the last and like the one before that
    is inexpensive Train Set even for what you get I feel like the value for what
    you get here is not that great you know the amount of stuff that you get the
    amount of play value that you get with this is not that great what have been so
    much better if you could have had essentially three passenger cars but
    just a little diner section here and then you know have this be all seats
    and this being that say mostly seats maybe put a toilet at the at the end of
    one of them or something they could have done more with the space that’s here
    without adding many additional pieces just kind of changing the use of pieces
    and changing the use of space this is kind of disappointing to me
    it’s just so basic so overall yeah I am underwhelmed buying this set and that’s
    too bad cuz I love trains like some of the stuff that they’ve done here but
    overall it’s just okay it’s not that it’s definitely not bad
    it runs nicely and if you like the look of it then hey don’t listen to anything
    that I said go ahead and go get one of these if you can and enjoy it if you
    don’t like the look of it if you want to modify it and go ahead and do that
    you know don’t let me hold back anyone’s enjoyment but just for me personally
    this one’s not that great feel free to leave a comment if you disagree with
    that opinion or if you agree either way it’s always good to hear from more
    different people that have different perspectives thank you very much for
    watching the video though and I will talk to you in soon you

    LEGO light rail tram + Power Functions motor & RC installed 60097
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    LEGO light rail tram + Power Functions motor & RC installed 60097

    October 12, 2019

    everyone in response to my last video
    more than a few of you asked me to go ahead and show exactly what I had done
    to motorize this old 2015 official Lego tram little light rail thing and so
    that’s what I’m gonna do in this video I will take it to the studio and I will
    open it up and show you what it looks like inside and talk about exactly what
    I did but I do need to note in advance that this has probably been done a lot
    by a lot of people I’m certain of it I haven’t looked them up but I’m sure it’s
    it’s a common thing to do because a lot of people liked the look of this and
    it’s actually pretty easy to do with just the official lego power functions
    so if you want an optimal solution to actually follow for how to do this I
    recommend that you look around a bit see what some other folks have done with
    this thing because I did my little conversion very quickly it’s probably
    not optimized it was easy but you can probably do better than this so I’ll
    show you what I’ve done but if you want to do it yourself be sure to see what
    other people have done as well okay so let’s get into this
    first of all major components needed I am using the power functions one a
    series of stuff that’s available as of the time of the recording of this video
    if you’re watching this video in the middle of 2018 or later then power
    functions too will be available and I just can’t predict the future I don’t
    know what that stuff will be like but I’m using the most common stuff so the
    most recent updated version of the power functions train motor base which is
    compatible with the first revision of that as well the infrared controller
    which also has its the infrared receiver and speed controller and then just a
    triple a battery batt battery box or the rechargeable one the
    have the same size and shape I’m using the rechargeable one just because I have
    a bunch of those and they’re great they’re nice and lightweight and they
    last a long time give you a little extra power you don’t need that extra power
    though but the lightweight is is a good thing so those are the major components
    and just to start things out the motor has been placed at the front and it
    starts like this by putting the controller directly on top of that and
    then of course you know you have to have the axles and standard train wheels but
    this is the core of the system the electronic system here and then I just
    run one wire on one side and then the other wire just comes back so one of
    them gets connected to one of the channels and that gives you power right
    there as soon as you hook it up to a battery so I’m just gonna go ahead and
    finish kind of outlining how this is set up presently just basically does that so
    the battery is in the center car in this case so this is where everything is
    that’s how I’ve set up the battery it’s just standing on one hand with its top
    facing towards the front so let’s look at how that actually works in practice
    as I open this up there you can see the motor in place so I’ll just take these
    tiles out there you go very very clear the by default the front and back cars
    the main cars are built the same they’re identical so that lets me show you kind
    of a before-and-after although I did make one modification to this one I
    actually raised up the the seats just to be a little bit more even from front to
    back by default these slopes are not there so the seats are just one one
    brick lower to the ground but I take off these tiles now just to
    make it even you can see that I took a lot of stuff out so those wheels and
    axles have to go the little white that’s on there is just from a dry lubricant
    that I use to keep them from from squeak from squeaking too much they
    don’t worry about that but all the tan pieces the orange pieces under there all
    that stuff had to go in addition to one of these thick door frames up at the
    front so here I’ve actually used the infrared
    controller as part of the structure to hold up the ceiling so I’m using these
    two studs here on either side just put a couple of 1 by 2 by 2 bricks on top you
    do 1 by 2 by 1 just couple of them just stack it up just to bring things back up
    to the same height as what was there before I really tried to do this just as
    quickly as possible using as few special techniques as little problem-solving
    really as was required so I took out everything that I needed to until I was
    able to place basically these brackets at the same height as they were
    originally and they’re not even attached with any studs in in this case now you
    can you can change that you can fix that but they are not attached to any plates
    beneath they’re just hooked on to the ends where you have these clips that are
    able to hold on to pieces so it’s basically just slipped down in there and
    there’s actually a pretty good connection that’s made when you do that
    especially when you have other weight on top but take this off helps even more
    because I did take the seat out that was in this space previously but it’s just a
    lot of little stuff you know the little details are things that you can change
    around you can customize you can try different stuff for the little details
    including just creating a simple raised platform to still be able to put figures
    in that main car but I already showed you how the wires ultimately just get
    get run back one from the top just comes back to the motor just loops in and then
    one goes on out I just move off to the sides so there’s there’s really no worry
    about clearance there you get these down pretty flattened and they’re not taking
    up much space one wire goes out to the battery car
    which is this one and this did require a little bit more modification to get it
    to work because the battery by default would not fit in this orientation within
    the size of the original centre car there which is just floating there are
    no wheels on the top on the bottom of that
    so I actually lengthened this by two studs and that just came from adding an
    extra two stud wide plate in the center there just widened the whole thing out
    as viewed from here and then to keep there from being too much space between
    the cars and also to help with the the structure rather than using the old 2×2
    break this off at the at the opposite end to show you for the for the ball and
    pieces rather than using the old light gray 2×2 bases I’ve used the newer
    mixels style joints that had just have a 1 by 2 plate in there so it doesn’t go
    very deep and it allows you to have much better use of space so rather than
    coming into here and coming under here which would have kind of gotten in the
    way this just allows things to be a lot closer together and then there you can
    see how the battery is arranged and I just have the connection at the base I’m
    able to run a little bit wire in that space in between that extra space that I
    created and I just had to had to widen the top as well why didn’t the or
    lengthen rather the ceiling if you will which is just regular pieces and
    ultimately that just left me with gaps on either side so previously this stud
    worth of width was not there and then this stud worth of width was not there
    so I just put these hinged simple plates and tiles on there which are able to
    come down not too vertical on the sides there because the the battery box is
    actually in the way these can go vertical but it looks bad if you go all
    the way so I would recommend putting some Stoppers on the back
    just on the on the end here just lengthen that out so that this won’t go
    in all the way right now I just have to push it to where it looks roughly even
    but I can easily do that and it doesn’t look as good because you end up with
    that gap there but that’s really it anything else is just a matter of small
    details it is a little bit tricky to get this turned on because the main power
    button is on the the battery there so there are two things you can do to
    access that one use a long tile or a plate piece you know just open it up and
    then just push right there you can actually get a little bit of leverage
    off the side here off yeah I think that’s God I’m just toggling it back and
    forth or you could open up from the other side pull this up because of how
    low I have this right now you would actually need to remove this bracket but
    the whole battery can now slide out and gives you better access to it that’s
    also what you would need to do when it’s time to change your battery or to
    recharge it one last little detail here that was important was allowing the main
    power wire to get from the battery to the front car so I just left out a
    couple of these plates one by two black plates there that were used for spacing
    to create the studs on the side construction for these grey curved
    pieces I see I just left a couple of those out there this whole structure was
    there before and I just pulled it apart took out two plates and then put
    everything back together the way it was and that just left that little slot to
    allow the battery to go through so really all of the power and all of the
    function of this power functions conversion is all just within the front
    two cars and you don’t need to have all the the seating here if you don’t want
    to do that extra work I just figured there’s enough space so why not use it
    I’m not sure if there’s any way to get them to be lower you might be able to
    reconfigure the positions of the seats a little bit possibly use some some jump
    ring to create some 1/2 stud offsets to allow that to
    that whole platform to be a little bit lower but the major problem here is that
    you have this pivot which is always there on the motor and that sticks up
    quite a bit kind of gets in the way and there isn’t a an easy simple solution to
    bypass that if you use a technique plate it has a it has a row of holes in it
    it’s not able to go into a place that is compatible with building off to the ends
    because in order to get it to be flat it needs to go all the way down a technique
    plate needs to go all the way down and as far as as far down as it will go then
    it will be a compatible level with this end here or this spot here where you can
    ultimately attach things across but then you need to do something with the wire
    the wire doesn’t have enough space it’s a clear underneath a technique plate at
    that point so you know think about it yourself if you actually do this
    conversion consider making modifications and I said definitely check out what
    other people have done some other folks have probably and figured out all of
    these these issues and made it simple or maybe made it more complex and better
    looking you know just yeah get get different opinions consider different
    ways of doing it but ultimately I end up here with something that looks from the
    outside like the original because I used black
    tiles here it’s tough to even notice that the center car is longer also by
    using the shorter ball end pieces that stick out I believe it’s a half a stud
    less so that’s half stud there half stud there so one stud of total gap one width
    of a brick of gap between these two is removed so I add two in this car and
    then remove one in total from the gap so the whole thing is one stud longer than
    original which is very difficult to see especially with the black tiles they’re
    just all kind of just all kind of blends it isn’t really that noticeable and by
    keeping everything nice and low the original height thanks to these tiles I
    did have to why I didn’t have to but I did put this one plate in here just to
    give it a little extra support there it was just an easy way to do that since I
    don’t have these brackets I don’t have any of this any of this platform under
    here all that center section was removed not because it’s low and because of
    those tiles it looks fairly stealthy you know you just see the wheels sticking
    out that are just a little bit larger than the originals but it’s not too
    obvious the center car never had seats so that’s really not a major loss you
    know it was a place to put a bicycle or two but it’s not a major loss to do not
    have that that space-occupying ball and the sides of the battery box are the
    dark gray whether you use the recycle wool or see the rechargeable kind and I
    just need to put my hand in front of the camera here reattach these there we go
    rechargeable or not the dark grey on the side means that it just kind of looks
    extra tinted whereas if I had arranged that with this facing towards us what
    whichever way I go I mean here you get a dark grey but on one of the sides you
    wouldn’t so you know putting that in there may have allowed me to keep the
    original length but then there would be wires and there be other things I’ll be
    visible from one side so I think this is a good orientation for that battery even
    if my solution for dealing with the gap is not ideal but yeah from a distance
    practically don’t see it and the thing runs its infrared controlled so you can
    run it at any speed from a distance now the infrared receiver is kind of buried
    up in there but as long as you’re not trying to control it from directly above
    you know as long as your controller is within a reasonable arc of the side of
    the Train I didn’t have any problem getting it to actually work and and
    receive signals because the signals can bounce off pieces inside and then come
    around I think there’s also a little bit of transport transparent area in here
    where the signal can get through but that’s another thing that you could
    consider doing better than I did you know placing the controller somewhere
    that it would be easier to to get a signal to it the receiver section is
    just up here within this little dome area so if perhaps you could figure out
    a way to get that to stick out somewhere then you’d be able to control this from
    absolutely anywhere and from any angle you know if it’s protruding through the
    roof may require removing some of these some of these joint pieces you’re just
    leaving some out entirely I’m not sure maybe having a clear section on the top
    but this is what I’ve done how I got mine to work not absolutely optimal but
    I think it works fine and looks okay – so there you go thank you for thank you
    for your requests about this hope that I’ve shown you what I’ve done here check
    out what other people have done as well and I’ll talk to you in soon you

    LEGO City 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train reviewed! Summer 2014
    Articles, Blog

    LEGO City 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train reviewed! Summer 2014

    September 29, 2019

    hey folks it’s Jane hear from Jang
    bricks . com with a look at the 2014 lego city passenger train this is called officially high-speed
    passenger train and it comes with six hundred and ten pieces in the set here’s a look at the forward cab unit
    just by itself this is a remote-controlled train so it
    has the standard modern power functions bits in it so this is actually
    electrified back here this motor it’s got the battery box here it’s got
    the infrared receiver right here so this section here this car is not
    going to be able to hold any passengers but it is able to hold just the driver
    figure up in the front cap really aerodynamic set up here and compared to
    the last City passenger train this one goes back to what they had done quite a
    bit before with a single piece mold for this entire front section this is all
    all the white is all one piece of plastic sticker their sticker there and
    then you have a single piece when screen insert which gives you a little
    headlight kind of detail the front one screen and then the side windows there
    also some people really really hate that because it’s not brick-built but for the age range of
    this set and also just what it gives you in terms of that profile that really
    aerodynamic look I really think that they made the right decision there it’s
    just it looks really good you can’t make
    something that’s that smooth with Lego with that exact shape just using bricks
    and such so I personally am and pretty happy with that but what I’m not happy
    with is the fact that they didn’t even try to put indoors so how are the passenger is supposed to
    get in and out of this thing I mean I’m fine with there not being any
    functioning doors but at least make it look like they would be there up on the top they have once again use
    this kind of questionable technique and it works very nicely but i don’t think
    that it really fits into Legos whole legality their whole the whole design of
    trying to keep anything from ever having pressure on it and using things properly
    because this actually bends right here the power button right there actually
    bends the piece and you can see kind of kind of pulls up on one side to turn it
    on so I’ve got batteries in there now you see the green light is indicating
    that it’s on it’s very slick it looks very good it works pretty well
    but it’s it’s very odd to me that they would do that when they generally just
    don’t allow any pieces to be bent unless it’s like a flexible piece to begin with
    and you’ve got your IR receiver is pretty well hidden in their little
    simulated pantograph we open this up so you can see what’s inside this piece
    right here just has an inverted round tile underneath there which is going to
    be pushing on the button on top of the power button you see it it’s actually
    just hinges right here this back these two little spots here go right on
    top of that receptacle right there which is a power power wire and ultimately
    about the red is just pushing on this little green button right here and I did
    build this a little bit differently than they then they ask how did you really
    build it i guess i have arranged it so that the wire is actually go down in
    there so you can actually get a little bit of light coming through the windows otherwise you can see a most of the
    light is just blocked from the sides and there’s your infrared controller with
    its two outputs only one of which is used because it’s just a single channel
    thing go forward or stop or go in reverse at different speeds the middle
    car is a lot more playing pretty symmetrical overall just use a few
    stickers this one sticker indicates that you can bring bikes on there and
    actually do give you space inside to place the bike or two inside of this
    thing that’s good actually does come with one many things bike let’s open this up this entire roof
    section is pretty much one assembly so this comes off pretty easily to allow
    you to get in there and access the passenger compartment you see you’ve got
    some holes interestingly in the floor that’s kind of uncalled for i wish that
    that wasn’t like that but plenty of space along the side to put bikes you
    put one here put one over here closer to this table just doubled up little
    seating can also squeeze some back towards the back so some extra space but
    not particularly pretty in there again no kind of indication of where
    passengers would get in or out even though there are no electronics to
    get in the way the rear cab looks just like the front one from the outside and
    if you don’t look carefully probably wouldn’t notice just what the
    difference is but the main thing here is that you can actually see through all
    the windows because there are no electronics in there and then we open
    this up and see lots of space and again space for minifigures to sit at little
    tables and you kind of have the same amount of room to put bikes in here if
    you want to just a little bit less space up towards the front this little assembly doubles as an
    almost comically small passenger loading platform there with a couple of seats
    that are just right there on the ground I always liked these stickers that they
    place on these panels to give you an indication of the system map and then
    you also have a crossing here and now that’s a really good thing because the
    crossing sets have always been very popular in the old ones are super
    expensive so it’s nice they gave you some spots some space here for
    passengers to get across is also wide enough for any kind of standard LEGO
    City vehicle including large trucks to get across only one lane wide though they also give
    you some signals here so that’s really good for safety for many things they
    give us one railway system employee and then to regular passengers one female
    one male most of these components here have been seen in plenty of other
    minifigures except for this torso which I personally think I only one of theirs a look at them from the
    back and none of them have second faces on the heads and that is a bicycle and a
    by school is nothing but a bicycle moving on the track they include with
    this set is just enough to create a loop that’s a little over two feet by three
    feet unfortunately it’s so small that you
    cannot fit the platform on the outside because the train will hit the thing has
    it’s going around the corner so you need either more straight away or just to put
    the platform on the inside of blew the power functions remote control unit
    allows you to go at seven different speeds by using one of these dials use
    one dial / train so you can have two trains being controlled at the same time
    you also get four different channels which will allow you to multiply that
    out and ultimately control eight different things from a single
    controller the very first time I power this thing up and started going around
    my layout everything was good at slow speed then when i reached a medium speed
    it derailed that unveiled a really serious problem with the design the
    inboard truck or pair of axles on the one power rear cab section get stuck it doesn’t want to rotate when you go
    into a turn most of the time the problem is the orange one by three
    tiles on the top there just the right size to try to fit into this square hole
    its intended to be for an extra set of wires to come through if you’re going to
    be powering this unit this is a newbie mistake i encountered
    this issue my very first time I tried to make an RC lego train the solution is exceptionally simple
    replace those two 1 by three rectangular tiles with a single round two by two this removes the square edges so nothing
    is going to get caught and this goes around turns perfectly fine in this
    footage the train is moving at speed five out of seven this is not top speed
    but i don’t recommend that you go top speed through turns because it is still
    possible to fall over summing things up I think this is a
    pretty nice looking train it definitely goes together easily but
    it has a lot more flaws and I expect from a Lego set not being able to
    put the passenger platform on the outside of the loop not being able to go through turns at
    speed without modifying the thing with your own piece big holes in the floors
    in the passenger cars and no doors if you really like the look of this thing
    and you want it go ahead and get it just make that one
    small modification that i recommend it but personally I really feel like Lego
    could have done and should have done much better those are just my thoughts though feel
    free to share your own thoughts in the comment section I definitely welcome
    feedback including feedback that does not agree with my own opinion please hit the thumbs down on the video
    if you didn’t like the video or thumbs up if you did like it I’m going to go build some more stuff
    hopefully it will turn out a little bit better than this one and I’ll bring you
    more videos very soon so stay tuned I’ll talk to you then yeah