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    December 15, 2019

    Hey guys it’s me and I’m just wondering, why
    do people keep testing me? There is this other YouTuber out there that has been talking smack
    about me and my friends and I am not going to put up with that crap. So I was laying
    in bed last night trying to get some sleep cuz I gotta get up early for school but my
    phone starts blowing up. It’s a DM from my buddy Felix, “Hey you can’t be taking this
    from this guy!” I’m like “huh?” So I ignored it. Then another DM from my buddy Jacob “Hey man
    there’s this guy making fun of our musicallys. Only you can stop him”. And he sends me a
    link and I click into it. It’s this guy named RiceGum. So OK guys , I gotta warn you guys, and I’m
    sorry I have to do this to you but this next clip I show you might scar you for life. And
    if you’re part of the CWC clan you’re gonna get pissed: Man, I know if you guys heard. This fucker
    just said I’ll be drunk texting you. I did some research. This fool is 13. He’ll be drunk
    texting. I didn’t even text at the age of 13, let alone drunk text. Yeah, look at you dude! I mean when you were
    13 cell phones weren’t even invented yet man! I mean you’re so old, I mean me and my buddy
    here, we’re like 13 years old and you’re probably a fricken senior in high school already. Yo miss me with that gay shit WTF”. Yo, everyone
    that is watching right now is probably pissed as fuck cuz like you didn’t dodge it you literally
    just got kissed by this guy. Like mean I dodged it, you didn’t. Dude! Why you gotta be hating on gays? I mean
    don’t get me wrong, I’m not gay, but if I blow you kiss, you better catch that kiss
    on the lips son. No homo Kids now a days man. That was honestly, discussing. Disgusting? I mean if my parents ever caught me making
    these types of videos… Do you know how hard I worked on that? I put
    my blood sweat and tears into that…for like a whole 5 minutes! Chad! RiceGum is talking smack about you again! What did he say now? Here listen! Like that literally just pissed me off. Like
    I want to fight this guy now”. He said he wants to fight you! That’s what I thought that cracker said. It’s
    on! Anytime I’m in a situation where I need to
    totally destroy someone, I do hella crazy research. So I start hacking, but this guy’s
    security is so good. I mean on his videos he’s putting this as his instagram, so I go
    look and bam! that’s not even his instagram! Then he’s saying his twitter is ricexgum so
    I type it in and BAM! Some poor sap saying I can’t take this shit, I am not Rice Gum.
    So this dude is throwing out fake names just to throw me off course but I’m ain’t giving
    up! After a few hours of research I stumble upon his actual instagram page and you’ll
    never guess what I learned. #1, he has a hella fine sister. So for the next 5 minutes I “studied”
    that pic. I got so hot I had to take me an aspirin. But then I kept studying, I saw this
    picture of his family. Did you notice anything strange? No way is that his family! He totally
    photoshopped himself in there. Look how fricken tall he is! No way is he related to them.
    Fake! You’re not going to be happy with this! What
    happened? He just released a diss track about you. Let’s hear it. What does he mean we’re both asians? Yeah, I don’t get that part. Man, that dude wants to be asian so fricken
    bad! Ummm..what? Come here, I’ll show it to you. So, In this video clip here he’s walking
    up behind his mom see and his mom is watching a korean drama with viet subtitles and what
    does he do? He cuts her headphones because he’s jealous! He’s like Mom! I wish I was
    a super awesome asian like you! And not only is he lying about being asian,
    but he’s lying about being a tough street rapper. So like, to be a good rapper you gotta
    be from the streets, you gotta be poor and stuff. Look where this guy lives! He’s walking
    around there’s fricken arches back there! Look at that! Yeah! And look at all these mattresses. This guys
    just constantly showing off, Look at all my mattresses that I got laying all over my house
    we’re so rich we got mattresses everywhere. I bet they’re like Serta too! Yeah probably! I mean this guy does not know what it’s like
    to be poor, let’s show him. Alright. Let me show you what rough living is like.
    So, I got my pool table room of course like everybody has but dude I’m so fricking poor
    I only got 3 pool cues. You want to play 4 players? Too bad, too poor! And even worse? Come look at this, look at
    this. Look at this, my fricking swimming pool not
    even olympic size! How am I suppose to make it to the olympics! Gosh! Alright guys, so not only is he lying about
    being asian and being from the streets, but he’s lying to his viewers! He’s always saying
    how I read all my comments well this video here has 89,000 comments. Let’s say take 30
    seconds to read each comment. 30 X 89,000 is at least a couple hundred light years!
    There is no way he’s reading all those comments. Because he’d be dead. He also promised way more videos over on his
    second channel. Oh yeah guys, one more thing I made a second
    channel if you guys want more Rice action. So let’s go check out that second channel.
    What do you know, zero videos. Another broken promise. OK guys, I just found the cherry on top here.
    If you have sensitivity to bright whites you might need to turn away I just found his musically. Ok that was pretty good but he made the biggest
    rookie mistake. Never nip slip before lick lick. Always lick lick B4 nip slip. Everyone
    knows that man. Man, I’ve finally figured it out! He didn’t
    know the lick lick b4 nip slip rule, so your musically career failed, so he started dissing
    on me, dissing on my friends!, dissing on my viewers! And I ain’t putting up with that
    crap. Time to throw down. Alright Vy, drop me a beat! Yeah! Afro Clay give me some music. Yo I got you my brother! Yeah! You’re making fun of my friends, you’re making
    fun of me, welcome to your number 1 enemy Rice Gum You’re pulling out the nip slip, before the
    lick lick, such a total nub at musically, So dumb Photoshopping your face to change your race
    cuz your jeleous of your mom and me cuz we are asian You’re super old, are you even teenage son? The internet is for kids, silly cacaision Hot damn your sister’s looking beautifully I bet she loves me on musically Sending her some snap chat pics so hot she’s gonna need an aspirin oh man your sister’s so beautiful it’s too bad that I’m a juvenile cuz she’ll go to jail after this we made sweet love on all your mattresses!
    Yeah! Alright! How’d that sound, Vy? I don’t know man. That was not looking too
    good. It’s pretty lame. What do you mean? Let me come and see. (mumbling) Yeah, sounded a lot better in my head I guess. But yeah, that’s gonna conclude the video.
    Thank you so much if you made it all the way to the end and thank you so much for slapping
    a like on this video right now. If you liked this let me know down below who I should diss
    on next or if anyone if anyone is dissing on me, you better let me know cuz then they
    got it coming to em, so. I will see you this Thursday with a new crap.


    Jacob Sartorius Roasted ME AGAIN (DISS TRACK)

    November 26, 2019

    Hey guys Hey guys, it’s me again, and if you guys didn’t know you know me and Jacob You know we’ve been you know kind of going at it for a while, and I know I would say some stuff about him He would say some stuff about me You know I would roast him he would roast me just back and forth the end no nothing too serious And we actually you know put it to an end like I [faced] tighten them the other day Yo, I just wanted to say what’s up rice gum? your videos are absolutely legit hillarious Thanks for that [for] [that] like I come [the] room I peed my pants laughing at the video of you roasting me cuz it’s kind of true So I don’t hate you in yeah, that’s why I say so And I thought we were cool like you know if you said you like my videos I said keep doing you and I would you know consider us You know friends or whatever you know we were cool and then randomly like a week ago He uploads this on his snapchat if you zoom into the bottom right it says this is right so basically some fangirl Okay, so basically he does this thing where he like travels the world and you know he meets his fans or whatever and they bring posters and T-shirts and they write his name on their faces like they’re literally like humongous fan of him and Let me tell you he gets a lot of these Posters like he gets a ton of these posters and out of all the posters He could have posted on his snapchat he decided to put this one on us now. Joe anyway once again It wasn’t like crazy because it was like lilterally So tiny maybe he did a see like the little bottom right I don’t know right so I’m gonna let this one slide, and then a couple of days ago He uploads this video all right on his snapchat Right show me can you show me the books right? Oh? So now it’s pretty clear that. He doesn’t like me now some girls like exed out my name and you like uhghg Just going crazy, so it’s pretty obvious. He still doesn’t like me, but then again. It was just that chat It’s only two strikes right now right only two things has happened three strikes Maybe I’ll roast up, but two strikes or whatever but then yesterday. He goes live. You know. He’s like live streaming live broadcasting and you know to all of his viewers are watching and tell me why he has the nerve the guts to Impersonate me to mock me all right Just watch this clip all right, so this is I something Bro, these kids are like 12. What are they doing? Bro these kids must be stopped Dang my parents would never let me do that that’s just Yo, he said I need some milk Why is he sitting in a trash bag? Oh my gosh? lemme just go he tries to be all good with his part said I needed milk This is not okay. All right. No one is gonna get away with mocking. They’re not even I can mock myself Jacob you messed up right now. I stop slideshows were so last week anyway. I did some digging I found out that Jacob used to make music (singing all of me) So that’s why he makes lip-syncing videos now, but anyways if [Jacob] can make music so can I boy You have no supporters Boy, you legit look like a burnt sweet potato with your little crocodile hair What is that? It looks like it got like dented by like Mercury or something Yo Yo, man, this kid keeps talking shit, man turn my mic up now. I’m really mad come on Man thought we were cool, but I guess not rice gum ,now I’m really mad Let’s get it I really went to the studio and recorded a diss track, anyways if you guys enjoyed the video make sure you guys drop a like that means a lot and then comment your opinions I read every comment if I yeah And then just want the in the future if I don’t upload in like 4 or 3 days it means I’m working on something I’m trying to upload as much as possible. I just want to be as high Quality over quantity I so keep that in [mind] If I don’t look be patient with me Subscribe to channel like my videos watch my other stuff and tweet me if Jacob ever drops a diss track back at me So I can drop another diss track. You know I’m saying anyways comment subscribe all that stuff check out my other videos and Be ready for my next one because it’s going to be as good, but anyways thank you so much for watching it I’ll see you guys next time