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    NEFFEX – Soldier 🔥 [Copyright Free]
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    NEFFEX – Soldier 🔥 [Copyright Free]

    October 18, 2019

    YEAH. i spit raps like a heart attack. fast fatal heart impact Past painful scars in fact, I blast tasteful bars in packs I back up my actions, fact, don’t ask, grab reactions, jacked Attack with every word then act with class, as they hear me snap I got nothing to lose, ’cause I fought and felt the bruise Now I’m not the one confused, call the shots and they produce I ain’t lost I’m finally loose, pick a noose over excuse I need the views to boost me to a new abuse of being used Everybody wants a piece now, y’all can rest in peace now Your dead to me so peace out, remember your discrete doubt Get ready for defeat now, I’m gon’ make you bleed out Listen on repeat now and weed out all the weak now Get up and make a change, don’t remember yesterday If you got something to say, speak your mind before your grave ’cause your life is yours to save, ain’t nobody gonna change Everybody stays the same, so be different, make a name, huh? And just like a soldier I keep on moving forward Always getting closer I march until it’s over And just like a soldier I keep on moving forward Always getting closer I march until it’s over And just like a soldier I keep on moving forward Always getting closer I march until it’s over And just like a soldier I keep on moving forward Always getting closer I march until it’s over It’s ridiculous, I’m spitting this meticulous and limitless While others out there spitting shit, got hits up on the charts that sit I see why other artists quit: ’cause people don’t reward good shit They love to hate but hate to live, society you swing and miss And honestly, I get it, promise me you won’t regret it Wasting energy, forget it, don’t look back, go on get it Bite the bullet just a bit, bite your tongue and don’t say shit Make your actions hard to miss, be a legend not a myth It’s obnoxious that I’m conscious, rapping honest As promised, try to harness, as an artist Stay modest, it’s a long quest, I will not quit ’til ten thousand people going off when I drop this I gotta make it now, swear to god I’m breaking out Swear to god I’ll take a bow, center stage with a crowd ’cause I got it figured out, I’m just honest and I’m loud Staying modest but I’m proud, no, I never had doubt, yea And just like a soldier I keep on moving forward Always getting closer march until it’s over And just like a soldier I keep on moving forward Always getting closer I march until it’s over And just like a soldier I keep on moving forward Always getting closer I march until it’s over And just like a soldier I keep on moving forward Always getting closer I march until it’s over And just like a soldier I keep on moving forward Always getting closer I march until it’s over And just like a soldier I keep on moving forward Always getting closer I march until it’s over

    Paisley Beer and Food Festival – Highlights 3
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    Paisley Beer and Food Festival – Highlights 3

    October 18, 2019

    It’s the first time we’ve been here actually and it’s really great. Showcasing the best of Scotland. It’s really enjoyable and it’s been a really good atmosphere. Lovely. I’ve had everything. Where’s Paolo Nutini? We’ve had heaps of customers coming back so that’s got to be a good thing. It’s been magnificent. The food is absolutely great. All the different types that are here. There’s loads of people out supporting Paisley. It’s been absolutely amazing, yeah. There’s loads of people here actually, like loads and loads of people. It’s great to see. Totally great to see. Everyone smiles. All of Paisley brightens up and lightens up. There’s a lot of colour around.

    First Sydney Metro train arrives (with audio description)
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    First Sydney Metro train arrives (with audio description)

    October 18, 2019

    Audio description narrator: At an industrial
    dock, huge cranes unload a massive bundle from a freight liner. It’s the size and shape
    of a train carriage, and it’s wrapped in white plastic sheeting. It’s one of three on board
    the freight liner, and they’re unloaded one by one and lowered onto the back of three
    successive flat-bed semitrailers, which drive them away from the dock. At night, one of the semitrailers drives across
    a bridge with its long, plastic-wrapped load. Its trailer is marked with a warning sign
    which reads ‘Oversized’. It arrives at a depot, where in morning light the semitrailer’s load
    is rolled off the trailer on tracks. Wheels are exposed beneath the plastic wrapping,
    and it’s these that grip the tracks and roll it into the depot. Inside, workers unwrap a shiny new train carriage
    from the protective plastic covering. It has dark glass windows, white sides and teal trim
    on either side of the front and rear ends. Rows of seating along the walls of the carriage
    interiors have dark-blue upholstery flecked with lighter shades of blue and green. Pairs
    of sliding doors are dotted along the length of the carriage. With all its carriages joined together, the
    newly assembled train gleams in the light of the depot. It’s raised up on elevated tracks
    and the workers can access it from either side and from catwalks above. A worker
    on a stepladder polishes the teal trim at one end of the train.


    The First The High-Speed Train From China To Hong Kong

    October 18, 2019

    right now it’s about 7:00 in the morning
    I’m at Shenzhen North Station and I’m about to take the first ever bullet
    train to Hong Kong from mainland China to Hong Kong actually to be honest this is the second
    train it’s not the first one the first one was sold out super quickly so I had
    to book the second train The second ever train to do
    Shenzhen Hong Kong and this is kind of a historical moment because in 97, after being the UK colony for 99 years Hong Kong returned to China. now there’s
    supposed to be a 50-year transition period where Hong Kong remains kind of
    independent economically and politically somewhat… and China is kind of trying to
    accelerate or shorten this transition period and this today is a
    big step forward in that way because it closes the gap between mainland China
    and Hong Kong by allowing people to travel from one to the other very
    quickly and very easily in my opinion this is kind of a step to
    get closer to that goal of making Hong Kong fully Chinese as soon as possible so this train trip going from Shenzhen North Station to Kowloon Hong Kong is
    about 40 kilometers in total And it takes only 19 minutes to complete it’s actually the second part of a longer trip. So basically the line starts in Guangzhou and goes all the way down to Kowloon Hong Kong.
    In total Ithink it’s a hundred and fifty kilometers if I’m not mistaken
    and if you leave from Guangzhou The total traveling time is 59 minutes the maximum speed of this ride is about 200 km/h it’s quite fast but it’s not the
    fastest speed train in China now if you take other speed train doing longer
    distance across different cities in China you can find trains that will go
    up to 400 kilometers per hour but maybe this one is slower because of the short
    distance or maybe also because of the fact that the whole way through is
    actually underground so you can’t really enjoy the landscape or anything like
    that it’s just a dark tunnel the whole way through Now from Shenzhen North
    Station it costs 75 Yuan It’s a little bit more expensive than if you’re going by
    subway but in the end I think it’s worth it because by subway you have to pay
    maybe 5 to 7 Yuan within Shenzhen depending where you’re leaving from and
    then once you cross to hong kong you take another subway and that’s another
    50 Hong Kong dollars to go from the border to Tsim Sha Tsui for example In the end, you’re probably saving 20 Yuan if you take the subway but it takes you 3 hours instead of 19 minutes so I mean if your time is valuable it’s definitely worth it so now I can go all the way to Hong Kong just to have Dim sum it’s pretty cool, right? I love Dim sum! so that’s the plan today alright, let’s take a look around a bit knowing how China likes to do things
    I was really expecting this train to look very futuristic and maybe with some
    technological gadgets and colorful LED lights but it’s actually quite simple
    and minimalistic I mean it’s not ugly
    but it’s nothing impressive either it’s a pretty short right so I’d be
    surprised if there’s actually a restaurant in this train but let’s see if we can find one it would be funny to find a restaurant in the train that
    goes for a 20-minute ride but at the same time it’s supposed to go all the
    way to Guangzhou so maybe there is one yeah, as I thought, there’s no restaurant in this train
    they don’t serve food, snacks, drinks or anything like that the only thing there is it’s kind of a
    public water fountain I think there’s both cold
    and hot water available alright so let’s see what’s
    the toilet situation like Helloooo! alright so the toilet is not bad an actual real toilet bowl some paper towel and everything
    it’s not mind blowing but it’s much better than the toilet in the slow train!
    yeah you can click right here to check out My 37 hour trip in the slow train in China
    it’s a little bit different And here’s what the first class wagon looks like slightly more comfortable Damn! That was
    super quick I just had enough time to talk a little bit about the ride and
    look around the train quickly and we’re already there **Dope Music** alright I just crossed this little
    line that says that I’m on the Hong Kong side but I will really be in Hong Kong
    once I cross this one last custom **More Dope Music** Now I’m officially in Hong Kong
    I went through the customs I’m out of the train station and I’m in Hong Kong
    and rightnow what time is it? it’s 8:17 so the whole process from the
    moment I got in the train station to now it took just a little
    bit over one hour which is something that usually takes about three hours
    taking the subway like the whole commuting and custom process
    so I just saved two hours and paid 20 Yuan more not bad now where the dim sum at?
    I’m hungry!! maybe not the best dim sum in Hong Kong
    but on a budget this place rocks looks delicious, right?
    and there’s more to come I don’t know about this jelly though alright F**k it!
    I’m going for the spoon

    MOSCOW TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: The Most Beautiful Metro Stations
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    MOSCOW TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: The Most Beautiful Metro Stations

    October 17, 2019

    Few metropolises can boast that their Metro is an important tourist attraction. Moscow does it and rightly so. The Moscow Metro has more than 40 stations that have all been declared Cultural Heritage of Russia. We have selected 7 of the most beautiful and curious stations of the Moscow Metro. Come with us to explore it. Oh, don’t forget to visit when you are looking for more practical information for your trip. Prospekt Mira station. Circle line. The station of the Peace Avenue, in Russian Prospekt Mira. We have chosen it as the beginning of our tour because of the majesty of both its entrance and its hallways, with thick marble-covered columns. It was opened to the public in 1952. Dostoevskaya station. Light green line. Dostoyevsky station is located near the Apartment Museum of this great universal writer, born in Moscow. The great murals of this station represent scenes from some of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s most popular novels: “Crime and Punishment”, “Demons”, “The Brothers Karamazov” and “The Idiot”. Opened in 2010, it is the youngest station of our selection. Novoslobodskaya station. Circle line. The New Village station, in Russian, Novoslobódskaya, opened in 1952, was designed by Alexander Strelkov and Alexey Dushkin. Six of its many stained glass windows show medallions with different university professions. It has a large mural mosaic, by Pavel Korin, entitled “Peace Throughout the World”. Initially, Stalin also appeared in that mural, but his image was suppressed in the process of eliminating Stalin’s personality cult, which began after his death. Komsomolskaya station. Circle line. Its name refers to the square under which is located, the Komsomol Square, that is, the name of the former youth organization of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The Moscow Metro is sometimes called the “People’s Palace” for stations like this, with its palatial hallways, with its ceiling decorated by 8 large mosaics whose artistic theme is the struggle of the Russian people for their independence throughout history, from the thirteenth century to the World War II, or as we the Russians say, the Great Patriotic War. Ploshchad Relolyutsii station. Dark blue line. The station gives access to the Red Square. Its name translated into English is “Revolution Square”. Its artistic decoration shows different stages of the creation of “Land of the Soviets”, with 76 bronze statues, arranged chronologically from the events of October 1917 until the year of its opening 1938. It is another of the stations designed by the famous architect Dushkin, although the idea of ​​installing full-size sculptures was by the sculptor Manizer and did not match the initial project. Notice how they are embedded in the limited vaulted volume of the arches. Mayakovskaya station. Green line. Mayakovskaya is named after the famous Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. Designed also by the architect Alexey Dushkin, it was opened in 1938. The Mayakovskaya station is an excellent example of the Art Deco style in Russia, its columns and arches have an aerodynamic appearance, it has 34 zenith mosaics. Kiyevskaya station. Circle line. Opened in 1954, its name, Kiyevskaya, refers to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, both for its proximity to the Moscow railway station to Kiev, and for the theme of its decoration, which marks the third centenary of the Russian-Ukrainian unification, after the Russian-Polish war in which the Tsardom of Russia allied with the Ukrainian Cossacks, submitted at that time to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Kiyevskaya station. Dark blue line. The Kiyevskaya station corresponding to the dark blue line was opened in 1953, that is one year before its homonymous station of the circular line. As we have seen, the Moscow Metro is not only a very efficient public transport system, but also a means of propaganda of Soviet power that conceived it and, Why not? a place of artistic enjoyment. The Moscow Metro has much more to offer, if you are interested in getting to know it better, visit Cicerone Plus .com

    号外 Breaking News: Japan bullet train ‘self-immolation’ fire kills two
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    号外 Breaking News: Japan bullet train ‘self-immolation’ fire kills two

    October 17, 2019

    Hey, guys. It’s Victor, Gimmeabreakman, and this is a breaking news JNEWS straight from the Chunichi Building. Behind me you see a sign, a headline… It’s called 号外 gou gai, it’s a special edition newspaper that they put out when something big happens. 号外 gou gai=extra edition And one of our students sent it to us today. We just had class together. So Tomoko and I are are going to do a quick “Breaking News/JNEWS” for you. It’s a sad event. She’ll…she’ll… well, I’ll tell you the story real quick and then she’ll give us a Japanese lesson. So a crazy person got on the 新幹線SHINKANSEN, the bullet train …poured some kind of oil substance on their body… …set themselves on fire… He died. I guess it’s a man. …and woman also died of smoke inhalation. (Actually cardiac arrest.) …And now Tomoko is going to give us a Japanese version of that. We’ll try to learn a little bit. And I will put the Japanese in the description so, for those of you who are studying Japanese, can learn. OK, please. 東海道新幹線で男性が油をまいて二人が死亡しました。=Toukaidou shinkansen de dansei ga abura wo maite futari ga shibou shimashita. So a man on the TOUKAIDOU bullet train. There are many SHINKANSENs (this is) the one going to…from where to where? From Hakata to Tokyo. From Hakata to Tokyo, poured some kind of oil substance. OIL, 油を撒いて ABURA WO MAITE 油を撒く abura wo maku=to splash/scatter oil 身体に撒いて KARADA NI MAITE 体に油をかぶって KARADA NI ABURA WO KABUTTE=Pour oil on body 火をつける HI WO TSUKERU=set on fire 二人が死亡しました。FUTARI GA SHIBOUSHIMASHITA.=Two people died. He of course died. T: そうですね。SOUDESUNE.=Yes, that’s right. …and she…an old woman…how old? Who died? 詳しく書いてないけれども…
    =Kuwashiku kaite nai keredomo…=It doesn’t say in detail. But… it happened in Odawara City in Kanagawa Prefecture. 新横浜と小田原市の間で新幹線が止まった。=Shinyokohama to Odawarashi no aida de shinkansen ga tomatta. The bullet train stopped between Shinyokohama and Odawara City. だから、そうするとみんな止まるね、新幹線は。Dakara, sousuruto minna tomarune. Shinkansen wa.
    =That means all the Shinkansei might stop. So, it’s pretty scary. Actually Tomoko’s daughter was stuck on the Shinkansen. When there was a hurricane. T: When the typhoon came. When a typhoon comes, sometimes they will stop the train if it’s really bad. And you’re basically stopped, trapped in…. T: Because it’s 密室 misshitsu=an enclosed space. 密室 misshitsu=an enclosed space. And the fire men came? 最初に消防員を呼んで
    =Saisho ni shoubouin wo yonde think I think having a woman at those
    who believe you know you want to go So they called the firemen — 消防員 SHOUBOUIN (or 消防車 SHOUBOUSHA). They called them. T: 着いた時にはもう火は消えていた。Tsuita toki niwa mou hi wa kiete ita.=When they arrived the fire was already out. But it must be terrifying. Can you imagine being stuck, trapped in a metal tube, like the SHINKANSEN. It’s basically like a small airplane..and someone sets themselves on fire? That must be really… T: 20数人が重軽傷. Nijuu suumei ga juukeishou.=It’s says over 20 people got injured. 重軽傷 JUU KEI SHOU=heavy & light casualties. How many?
    T: 20. V: 20 people? Let’s go over here. Nobody’s over here. We don’t want to get in the way of people reading… 20数人だから NI JUU SUU NIN DAKARA=over 20 people so… Where? 20数人 NI JUU SUU NIN. So right there. (Over) 20 people. 重軽傷 JUUKEISHOU=heavy and light injuries. This is…uh… let’s read the headlines. 1人死亡、1人心肺停止. Hitori shibou, hitori shinpai teishi=1 dead, 1 dead by cardiac arrest 小田原付近 Odawara fukin=Near Odawara 20数人重軽傷
    =Nijuu suumei juukeishou And we don’t want to get in the way of people reading this so… So a pretty horrible story. 新幹線であまりこういう事故はない=Shinkansen de amari kouiu jiko wa nai. This rarely ever happens in Japan, and we don’t know the reason why. And he’s dead. ひょっとしたら自殺か
    =Hyotto shitara jisatu ka
    =It could be suicide.. Maybe he was protesting something. The other time someone lit themselves on fire, they were protesting…the constitution…article 9. They don’t want article 9 to change. So we don’t yet, what, uh, why…the uh, the reasons. とりあえず記事はリンクします。Toriaezu kiji wa rinkuk shimasu.=Anyway we put links in the description. Keep your eyes on this news. We will put a link. And if this gets updated…we well update it again. OK? Anyway, thanks, Tomoko! And that’s your JNEWS, BREAKING NEWS for today. I’m going to upload this unedited. Just as is. Thanks for watching! By guys!

    Hakodate to Sapporo by Train in Japan – Super Hokuto Limited Express
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    Hakodate to Sapporo by Train in Japan – Super Hokuto Limited Express

    October 17, 2019

    Today we’re travelling across Hokkaido From Hakodate Which is at the end of the bullet train line To Sapporo For the Snow Festival It’s a 4 hour trip I’ll show you what it’s like Things we see along the way Snacks, and then at the end… We’re going out for ramen What could be better when it’s so cold & snowy? There’s new Japan videos every Thursday If you want to subscribe There’s lots coming up Including the Sapporo Snow Festival And my favourite: The Snow Light Path Festival in Otaru It was so magical So now we’re starting off in Hakodate This ramen restaurant In Hakodate Station Has a vegetable ramen It says it’s animal free I didn’t expect that This isn’t on Happy Cow! We’re taking the Super Hokuto Limited Express train I got a bit mixed up And went back to the shinkansen station That’s Shin-Hakodate, first But you can actually take it all the way from Hakodate Station To Sapporo You don’t need to change like we did So here we are at Shin-Hakodate Station We’re trying to work out what’s going on here! This snow plough Truck? Snow shoveller? Is taking the snow From over there And bringing it round in front of the shop here Where all these people are shovelling it But they seem to be taking it down from the top And compacting the snow at the sides We can’t work out what’s going on! There’s these mountains of piles of snow everywhere I guess here it doesn’t get warm enough For the snow to melt For a long time So it must just keep piling up One way to survive the cold weather Is hot drinks from the vending machines! Pretty much all the vending machines I’ve seen Have hot drinks as well as cold drinks They have hot chocolate Coffee in a can Some of them have soup Like sweetcorn soup One of them over there has tomato soup And I’ve seen honey and lemon drinks actually Sounds interesting! Here’s a hot chocolate from a vending machine It comes in a little bottle It’s pretty thin & watery This one wasn’t bad Wasn’t it? It’s a little thin and watery But it’s thicker than you get from, say, McDonalds Or something like that Where it is just brown water Aah! It’s not super thick And super delicious Like you might get from a decent coffee shop But it was really nice Just a little bit colder than you really want on a day like this You want it be about – at boiling point And it wasn’t quite there But I enjoyed that one It’s got a lot of sugar in though The one in the can was more watery wasn’t it? Yeah, I’d say this one- I don’t know if it was better Maybe I was just looking forward to it more But I’d definitely buy it again And I had my first coffee in a can I went for Boss Cafe au Lait That was very watery consistency Very thin It might be real coffee But there’s no way that could be real milk in there It would have to be thicker if it was real milk And it was really sugary It tasted like it had about 20 sugars in It is nice though Probably because of all the sugar! *train announcement* We’re back on the train! We’re on the train from Hakodate To Sapporo For the Snow Festival This one’s going to take just a little bit less than 4 hours If you’re here at Snow Festival time You really do need to make reservations Before you travel We just got the train from Hakodate to Shin-Hakodate Which is the shinkansen station And it was rammed! We didn’t have a reservation And there were 2 carriages with unreserved seats And they were so full up I didn’t think we were going to be able to get on the train to start with But then the conductor made everyone move down And we had to stand there like wall-to-wall people This train to Sapporo’s really busy as well But we’ve got seats reserved this time There’s a baggage area just as you get on But it was full up of suitcases So we’ve put our suitcases up there They don’t look like they’re going to fall down Phil’s going to be at the ready In case we go round a sharp corner Agh! Look how snowy it is outside We’re just going through Lake Onuma Which is quite early on in the trip It doesn’t take long to get here from Hakodate It’s a winter wonderland! Here this is a lake It’s Onuma Park Lake Onuma It’s all iced over & covered in snow I wonder how thick the ice is This train’s the Super Hokuto Express It’s not quite as spacious as the shinkansen There isn’t room to put your suitcases in front of you This is a mini, hand luggage-sized suitcase It fits this way round It’s not bad IT’s not as good as the shinkansen though In a few years time They will be turning this line into a shinkansen as well So you’ll be able to take the shinkansen All the way from Tokyo to Sapporo And that’ll be really good I think it’ll cut the journey time down a bit as well *train announcement* I wonder what happened here There’s a lot of trees fallen over And blown down This is my first visit to Hokkaido We went through lots of unfamiliar-sounding stations Oshamambe Toya Datemombetsu Noboribetsu It was snowy all the way along And you can really tell that Hokkaido has the lowest population density in Japan They just checked our tickets They stamped it with a little picture of the train That’s the train we’re on! Cute! So misty now! It’s hard to see anything When you’re on a long train journey You’ve gotta have snacks! I’ve got this wakame onigiri Rice ball Phil’s having a chocolate doughnut Is it very chocolatey? It would taste better microwaved No microwaves on the train! There’s some quite big mountains here We’ve just left Toya Station I like how all the houses are painted different colours Can you imaging If you lived somewhere like this In all the snow With the mountains in the background So different from home Snack time! I’ve got a strawberry cream bread It’s a bread roll like the soft bread rolls you get in the supermarket It’s filled with sweet strawberry cream Yum! *train announcement* We’re just coming into Sapporo Look how deep the snow is On peoples’ houses We’re almost at Sapporo So we’ve done almost 4 hours on the train It actually hasn’t been too painful Although it’s not as comfortable as the bullet train When we arrived in Sapporo We headed straight out to the snow festival I’ll show you more in a separate video First we went for something to eat And as it was -12 degrees C Nothing seemed better than a hot bowl of ramen We went to Susukino Always hard to say! Which is Sapporo’s nightlife district Here it is in the daytime That’s where the ice sculptures are The bigger, famous snow sculptures Are in a different area Ramen Alley is a small alleyway With lots of tiny ramen bars We went to Sapporo Ramen Kumakichi It’s easy to find with its yellow sign Kuma means bear Most of their ramen’s about 1000 yen or less They’ve got a few premium dishes too Now traditional Hokkaido ramen Is made of miso, like in miso soup Butter and sweetcorn It’s quite rich for the cold climate Phil went for roast pork And I had the vegetable ramen It’s quite unusual for ramen places in Japan To have a vegetarian option Here the broth is made of vegetable stock and puree So it’s quite thick And we also had a few drinks Now this wasn’t my favourite meal But it was good And really the best part of it was the experience Of going to a small ramen bar As a vegetarian I am a bit limited in the places I can go to in Japan Because not everywhere has a vegetarian option So I didn’t know if I’d be able to go to a small place like this There’s only about 8 seats along the counter And the chefs cook your meal right in front of you It’s not fancy But these small places Are the places I’m most interested in going to in Japan For a more authentic experience So I hope you enjoyed joining me on this trip across Hokkaido And starting our time in Sapporo In the best way possible Remember to have a look at my designs On And I’ll be back next week See you on Thursday!

    Growing up: The story of ION light rail in Waterloo Region | Trailer
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    Growing up: The story of ION light rail in Waterloo Region | Trailer

    October 17, 2019

    [Music plays throughout] People wonder what’s in the water here. Flip back through the pages and paragraphs of this community’s history and you can see why that’s a question asked with a straight face and a notebook in hand. This place its got a gift for peering
    beyond the horizon, for resilience in the face of adversity. Over the past century and a half,
    its attracted farmers, craftspeople, industrialists, academics, and
    tech startups to its streets and fields. And its rolled with the punches. [crowd cheering] Its dusted itself off following
    the decline of manufacturing and the automotive nosedive. Its redefined its image marrying
    new ideas with old buildings. Breathing life into abandoned spaces. [key opening in lock] Recently, like others, Waterloo Region
    began to push its urban limits towards the countryside. Sprawling across the
    rich fields that give us food, groundwater, and a special connection to
    a rural landscape. But unlike many others it sat up and took notice that a unique way of life was slowly eroding. In a community of three robust cities and
    four pastoral townships, maintaining a rural/urban balance is no easy feat, but that’s the tightrope this community walks every day. Waterloo Region had a decision to make. Allow the urban limits to push further
    into its farmland or contain that growth in the downtown cores. It would be a hard decision that would
    shape the community for generations to come and establish these past few years as a historic period in the ongoing story of Waterloo Region. [fireworks play throughout]

    24 HOURS On A TRAiN / JustJordan33
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    24 HOURS On A TRAiN / JustJordan33

    October 15, 2019

    (mellow guitar music) – Hi guys, it’s Jord and today I’m here at the train station, and I’m going to be spending
    24 hours on a train, which is gonna be super fun, and crazy because… I don’t even know, I haven’t
    been on a train in ages. Have I even been on a train? – You’ve only gone on train rides that go to pumpkin patches, North Pole, fun little train rides
    that might go for an hour. – And this is gonna be for 24 hours. So it’s gonna be a really long train ride, I hope I don’t get carsickness, that’s why I’m wearing
    my carsickness bands, they hit a pressure point and it helps, that way I don’t get carsickness. ‘Cause I get carsick pretty easily. So, this should be fun,
    let’s go on the train. – And voila, we are on the train, ta-da. So it was an adventure getting here, because it was so, so, so
    crowded in the train station, you guys don’t even know. – So crowded. – Very hotly… But we’re finally in the train, we have our seats, it reminds me a lot of an airplane, really I think it’s an
    airplane but it’s not. – There’s no seat belt! – There is no seat belt. We have a tiny bit more leg room, that’s the only difference
    between an airplane. – We don’t have a meal,
    it’s hot chocolate. – We don’t have a meal but
    we are spending 24 hours so, we brought some
    Harry Potter chocolate. And I have pistachios, and we have some more
    snacks in my mom’s bag. And I have a lot of water. – Oh, my ears. – You guys can’t see but we are moving, but you can’t really tell. – We’re in a tunnel, or
    underground or something. – Yeah, it’s crazy. – Where are we? – I don’t even know. But this train, it’s kind
    of not what you think of. You think of a train like
    on the Polar Express, like those trains where
    everybody is sitting on a table. – This is more of a subway with seats. – Yeah, except there are
    some seats that have tables. – It kind of looks like an airplane. – Oh my ears are popping, wow. Anyways, yeah we’re on the train, and so the 24 hours begins, dun dun dun. – Okay to prove you guys we are outside, here’s the window, got
    out of the weird tunnel. – Jordan’s eating a chocolate frog. – Mhmm, I’m kind of hungry already. Breaking out the chocolate frog. – From Harry Potter. – Yep, it’s really good. But… I feel like we’re going
    kind of slow for a train. I expected us to fly through space and be be like “ahh!” – Jord, we have like… 24 hours on here
    – I know. [Jord] I know, that’s true. So… I don’t know. This is very different, I’ve never been on a train like this. – And we’re facing the opposite way, and Jordan gets carsick. – And I feel like I’m going to get really train sick. Because we’re facing the opposite way. – Oh look, we’re back in the tunnel. Hello. – I feel like whenever
    we go in this tunnel, it just reminds me of Harry
    Potter and the Dementors, and I’m like, “Oh no, the
    Dementors are coming!” But I’m eating my chocolate frog, having a nice little snack. And this is not at all what I expected. Audrey’s eating some fudge flies now. – They’re the best ones. – So I’m eating these snacks, and she was like, “oh
    that’s good, I want some.” And we actually did a video of us trying all of these
    snacks, so if you wanna come see it, check it out! It’s us trying Harry Potter
    Treats on my channel. – Or you can check out my channel for fun at AllAroundAudrey. – Oh? I feel like we’re in Harry Potter. – Well they eat these snacks on a train, and now we are. – Basically we’re wizards! Right? Okay, guys, it’s been a while now, it’s around lunch time, and I’ve just been sitting here listening to my four songs that I have on iTunes, ’cause literally– – Did you finish them? – Yeah, I went through
    the cycle five times. Of my four songs, so I
    have them all memorized and it gets quite boring. – I’ve been practicing French, again. – Yeah, she’s just
    always practicing French, because we are going to Paris! But let’s check up on the boys and see what they’re doing, because they’re sitting
    right in front of me, and they’re really loud. Jacob! (mumbling) – What was that? Ah! [Jord] Hello! – Hello! [Jord] Let’s go around this way. We can talk to them. Hi, Tyton! – Hi! [Jord] Are you eating Doritos? – Maybe. They’re spicy! [Jord] They’re playing
    on the Nintendo Switch. So we are also currently
    in a tunnel right now. And I was reading it on the little TV that’s up there, Let me show you ’cause I
    keep mentioning the TV. We have a little TV up there, and it gives you tips and
    tricks about the train, and it even says right now that we’re 75 meters below sea level! Which means we’re under the ocean! – Under the Channel! – Yeah. It’s crazy. Oh yeah, I guess it’s not an ocean. – Yeah. – But we’re under the water right now. We’re swimming! Look, there’s a whale! – I wish, I wish the
    tunnel was see through! – New invention (mumbles) – That would be so cool. – Audrey, we need to come
    up with a train system run by the Aud and Jo Train Co., and we have see through tunnels where you can see all the wild life, and the ocean life. – I think that would be cool. – We need to do that. – We’re creating it.
    – Check Marked! – Train marked. – Train marked! Okay. Alright, let’s get
    onto the pistachio party. I’ve got my pistachio packet. Jake wants a pistachio Will you open up my pistachio? Please? Once upon a time… Audrey
    and I were playing Barbies, and we were really little… Because that was one of
    our favorite things to do. And it was- – (mubmles) – It was getting kind of
    boring in Barbie World because we were just doing
    the exact same things. Oh, let’s go to the market! Oh, let’s do this! And so Audrey was like,
    let’s add in a new character! And we had a big pistachio jar, like literally a jar full of pistachios. – Like a clear tub. – Who has a jar of pistachios! – We did.
    – Us, apparently. So we took the jar of pistachios, and we added it to the game, but we make it a creepy character– – No, I did- – Yeah, Audrey did, I did not want it to be a creepy character,
    I’m a scaredy cat. – Do pistachios have seeds? Do you see that, it looks like a little mini avocado! Yeah! – Pistachio jar would just go around and haunt the Barbies,
    and it was really weird, but I was genuinely scared
    of the pistachio jar. Like literally, I was really little, and I got spooked really easily. And then, also, after the pistachio jar, we decided- Audrey- decided to add in another creepy character
    which was the invisible tank. – That was because of the boys. – Yeah. So apparently, there was an invisible little army car, going around our Barbie
    village that I didn’t even see. But I was still terrified of. And I was like, “my Barbies!” And oh my gosh, it was a spooky time. And it wasn’t even around Halloween. – It’s because our brothers would always take their little army
    men and fight with us. – Yeah. Yep. Oh I got Audrey’s
    pistachio seed collection- or, shell collection. It’s pretty great! I say this was a
    successful pistachio party. – You didn’t even eat one. – I know I’m going to eat them when I turn the camera off. Ty is trying to take my pistachios, still. The boys really want
    some, maybe we’ll let them enjoy the pistachio party. Okay. We’ll come back after we eat lunch. Okay, guys, somehow we convinced the boys to give us the Nintendo Switch. I don’t know how, but we
    got the Nintendo Switch. So we are going to race each
    other in Mario Kart now! Alright, let’s set up the game. Okay, here are our characters, I am Princess Daisy, and Audrey is Toad. Alright. We’re gonna play. [Audrey] First race. [Jord] And this is gonna be so hard because I’m doing it one handed. [Audrey] Good luck, sister, I’m gonna win! [Jord] How do you go? I don’t… – You have to hold the top one. – What! What, I don’t…woah! (laughs) okay, I’m going now. This is so much harder. I am in 12th place because I am doing this one handed,
    and it’s extremely hard. – Yeah, you’re doing it the wrong way. – And Audrey’s in 3rd place… Audrey, do you think you’re gonna win? I’m definitely gonna loose, I can’t do this with my left hand. Oh come on, let’s go. (mumbles) Oh my gosh, ugh! I’m on my fourth lap, Audrey’s
    probably on her last one! – I don’t know how many laps I’ve done… I must have been going. – She just run, Forrest, run. – Run, Forrest, run! Yes! I finished in first place. – Good job! I still have not finished, I’m in 12th place- – You’re just sitting – (mumbles) it’s so hard with one hand. That was super fun, I can see why the boys did not want to give it up, and why they’ve been playing on this Nintendo Switch for hours. So we’re probably going
    to race a few more times, and… I don’t know! We’ll see what we’re going to do next. Alright, guys, its been a while, and I’m starting to get hungry, which means it’s probably dinner time. And… I don’t think a pistachio party’s gonna cut it again, because dinner: we have to have a good meal. That way we can go to bed, okay? – Okay. – So I also started
    reading my book, and… This is how far I am! TaDa! So that’s been fun… And I think on this train,
    I think there’s a cafe. – So let’s go get some food! – And I think we should
    go venture out of our part of the train into
    a new part of the train- – Our cabin? – To the cafe! And get food. This is going to be so fun. – Let me get my sandals on. – Okay, we’re gonna go! Let’s go. See when I said that we were right next to a trash bin, I meant it. (mumbles) I’m gonna fall. Oh no! Okay, we’re about to enter into the next area of the train, which is crazy. And we’ve got the Euros here, and look at how different the money looks than American money! [Audrey] That’s so cool. – It’s so colorful! So. Time to head off,
    and this is moving a lot, so I’m kind of worried, alright, let’s go. We did it! We did it! Yeah! [Audrey] We’re going lightning fast. – Okay, we are going really fast. (playful music) Okay, we made it through to the next car. Do they even have a cafe? [Audrey] I saw someone with food. – I think we need to keep going! Where…number 6…yeah
    this is car number 6. So I guess we’re going down further? Alright, let’s keep going. [Audrey] Look at those
    little rail hand-holds, or else I would fall on so many people – Same, it feels like
    you’re flying at some parts, you’re like, whoa. Okay, Oh my gosh, it never ends! Plus this one’s smaller! Where is the cafe! [Audrey] Alright, we’ll come
    back when we find the cafe. – We made it! I don’t even know, I think we had to go to the back of the train, but
    we’re here at the Cafe! Oh, the front of the train? Why did it count up? [Audrey] It’s moving this way. – Oh it is the front of the train! Wow… Here’s the cafe! Wow… this is really cool! [Audrey] What do you want to get? – I don’t know, let’s look. – What’s a good dinner meal? They have a chicken Caesar sandwich, sandwiches… Muffin… Brownie! Lots of different chocolates up there… I don’t know. Okay, guys, we are failures,
    because we got back from the cafe, and we
    came back and we sat down, and we got Pringles and
    a sandwich to split, and we split the sandwich and we ate it, but we didn’t film it! So I remembered we should film, and I have the Pringles here
    that we’re going to eat, and it’s so little! This has been a goodly dinner. Mmmm. – Oh, this is weird! – It’s like…more of
    like a chili flavor… Than the cheddar… – It’s like a mix. – It gets more spices. It’s good though! – Really good! So this was a great dinner… And a water bottle. Yes, we didn’t get any
    drinks from the cafe because we already have
    a lot of water, so… We were pretty good on that. I think we’re gonna head to bed now, soon. We’re probably gonna, I don’t know… Play games or something
    on our phones or something and then probably gonna go to bed, because it’s getting pretty late. Okay, guys, it’s like after dinner around night time, and I’m ready to got to bed. It’s even dark outside, look. You can’t even see because
    it’s our reflections. So I’m gonna go to sleep now and… Let’s try reclining! – It works! – Whoa, how do you get back up? How do you get back up? [Audrey] Well, you’re stuck like that. – Well. No I think
    there’s also something… I was watching on the TV up there There’s like secret tricks to this train. There’s something underneath
    your seat that you can move. I don’t know what I’m doing. Oh, I feel it, wait,
    how do you get it out? There’s a secret, like, lever thing and then it’ll extend your legs, that way your legs can be under the seat. Oh got it, I got it! It’s just a long extender! So my seat is extra long, so my legs really don’t fit. [Audrey] Oh, yay. – I mean, look. Oh, I’m gonna get my feet stuck. Alright, we’re going to
    go to bed now, goodnight. [Audrey] The lights don’t
    turn off in here, so… – Yeah. Goodnight! Ow,
    my foot is really stuck. Okay. [Jord] Audrey, wake up! Audrey… Audrey! Goochie goochie goo! Wake up! It’s early. It’s morning time on the train. – Are we in France? [Jord] We might be, I don’t really know. Just looks like land to me. But I can’t really tell. – When did you wake up? [Jord] I woke up 10 minutes ago. And I was like, let’s wake up Audrey! So good morning! – Oh. [Jord] Well. It’s 9
    o’clock in the morning, so it’s kind of, it’s kind of late. – Let me get situated. – I think we need to have breakfast. Mission: Breakfast. Let’s go. – What are we eating for breakfast? – Chocolate? Carmel corn! – Yeah… Where is it? – Carmel corn. Let me dig in my bag real fast. Okay, guys, I found the breakfast. Which is… gourmet popcorn. And, fun fact: I can’t lift up my chair… It’s stuck in the recline position. So…yeah. Okay. We’re gonna share this
    teeny bag of popcorn. [Audrey] Oh yay. Breakfast. – For breakfast. [Audrey] I haven’t tried this yet. – It’s good! Tastes like zebra popcorn,
    but without chocolate. [Audrey] So just caramel? – Yeah! Okay, 24 hours is coming to an end! The train is about to stop
    and we’re about to get off! – Yay, I’m so excited! [Jord] We’re in Paris! Okay, guys, so we are in our hotel room, we are off the train, 24
    hours has been completed, it’s actually the next day,
    that’s why I have a different hairstyle and am wearing
    different clothes. But, it was super fun, and actually, it was kind of difficult
    because we couldn’t really move around for 24 hours! I think the biggest adventure
    was going to the cafe, which was really fun. So thank you guys so much
    for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, give
    it a big thumbs up! And comment down below, where do you want me
    to spend 24 hours next? I’ll see you guys next time! Bye!

    What it’s Like Taking the Japanese Bullet Train to Work
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    What it’s Like Taking the Japanese Bullet Train to Work

    October 14, 2019

    Good morning from Tokyo Station. We definitely should not be awake and out in public yet but we are because Emma and I are off to Kyoto for a Tokyo Creative work trip. Yay! And we’re going to be taking the Shinkansen so, I thought I’d take you guys along for the adventure. We’ve got 45 minutes to find a bento and, you know, that might seem like a lot but, it’s not a lot because Tokyo station is a disaster. We both got lost this morning on the way here. It’s a maze. It’s a miracle we met each other at all, and now we’re off to find a bento before we have to be back here and to get on our train in 45 minutes. So, pray for us. Let’s go So, Emma’s a genuis, and she has discovered that there are soy milk, cream donuts in the station. They’re so good. I didn’t know that. My friend introduced them to me, they’re actually just over here Oh, I cannot wait to see them. Down here? Oh, this bakery right here! It’s right by the Shinkansen entrance, that’s convenient. They look so soft. Yeah, yeah, they’re super nice. They have soy chocolate milk here if you’re interested. No way! Should we get one each? Hell yeah! All deserty. Here’s your drink Ok The first part of our adventure was successful, we have 2 soy milk cream donuts, we have two chocolate soy milks and they were really cheap, the soy milks were 2 something, the donuts like were $1.60 I thought there was a grocery shop here That’s okay, let’s just wander into the area where you get onto the trains because I believe the shop that I’m looking for, it’s called Ekibenya, I think it’s over there but, I could be absolutely wrong. *chuckles* It’s okay, I think we still have like a good 35 minutes. Clock is ticking Ekibenya, it’s a chain that makes Ekiben Eki means station, ben, as in bento; lunchbox So, they’re like these specific type of lunchboxes that you buy when you take the Shinkansen. It’s like a ritual, if you take the Shinkansen, you have to buy one of these lunchboxes, just how it goes. I feel like it’s going to be one of these shops Oh, is that? No, that just says bento, but should we check that? Maybe they rebranded or something. The reason I’m looking for Ekibenya is because they have a vegan one. Ummmm…… I don’t think so Yeah, I know what it looks like, it’s like this round box Does not look like it My friend got one recently, do you want me to text her and ask? She’ll be awake, she wakes up at like 5am. Yeah, do you think she’ll remember? Okay We are not having any luck; did they get rid of these bento stores? Tokyo station is not fun, you guys. If you ever come here and you have something to do, and you’re not exactly sure how to do it, come very early. Give yourself lots of time Should we go that way? Yeah Alright Should we ask someone? Where’s this one? What does that even mean? I feel like this would be hard enough without any people than on top of the maze Oh, Ekibenya! Ekibenya, Ekibenya! We found it, we found it! Thank god I can read kanji. I’m going to have to show you guys the kanji because there’s no alphabet characters on it at all. This is the one I was thinking of Success, we did it! I was starting to loose hope a second ago, I’m not going to lie. In record time, I might add. Nice work, Emma. What do you want to get? I don’t know, there’s so many choices. There are. What’s in the vegetable bento? Is it like? I don’t know Maybe I should just get the veggie bento too. It looks pretty good It’s pretty cheap too, it’s like 930 yen. Did it. It was a struggle, somehow. Bye! *laughs* We’ve made it on the Shinkansen. We gotta be kind of quiet now, we don’t want to disturb people, but we are on the Nozomi Shinkansen, from Tokyo station to Kyoto station, and the ride should be 2 and a half hours. We had jiyuuseki tickets, which means like free seats, so the first 3 cars of the Shinkansen are available for people who have those tickets and you can just hop on, and fingers crossed you find a seat; sometimes they’re all full and you don’t get one but we were really luck so we can all sit together, so that’s cool. We are going to try out bento’s, or should we have donuts? What should we start with? We should start with the bentos and have donuts for dessert. Alright It’s cute. Smells good too. It does smell good. Smells like susumi. I like how they put an Edomame instead of an imeboshi on the right because I do not like the imeboshi. Really? Yeah I love it. Oh really? Yeah, I love it. I’ve never gotten this certain bento before and I’m really impressed with it. It’s got a really nice selection of dishes. There’s a whole bunch of steamed vegetables here. Some rice, a different type of rice, and it looks like it’s got some soy meat on top. Some pickles, and then a little, tofu hamburger right here, which I’m really happy about. I forgot the best part, deep fried tofu, which is always amazing. It’s my favourite part so far, it’s so good. I’m going to try the bamboo because that looks really good. I like the tofu hamburger. It looks yummy. I like the flavour of the bamboo. It’s like they cooked it in some kind of soup stock. It’s actually much more flavourfull than I was expecting. Sometimes when you get veggie stuff here, it’s a little plain. I actually think I prefer this to like meat bentos. I always feel kind of weird with the meat bentos because its so like cold. It just feels wrong. But, this is really good. I really like this like fake, meat, crumble thing they put on top of the rice, it kind of tastes like miso. I am so impressed with this. They’ve done a really good job. The deep fried tofu is heavenly. Ok, the mushrooms, they’re really good. They’re good? Where are the mushrooms? I think it’s underneath the hamburger. Oh, under the hamburger. I’m shook. Oh, it’s maitake, mushrooms. Oh my god, it’s so good. Wow. That’s impressively good. I could eat a bowl of that. I have to confess that I’ve never really liked these Ekibens. Everyone makes such a big deal out of them, they’re always like excited to get them when they go on the Shinkansen. But, often, they’re pretty gross. But this, the quality of it is so good. This is so yummy. I would rate this 10/10. If you’re looking for a veggie bento, find Ekibenya; hopefully you have an easier time than we did and get this one, I think you’ll really love it. Yeah, I’m definitely switching to this one from now on. Right? Another cool thing about the Shinkansen is that it has power outlets, so you can charge your phone, you can charge your computer; I like to bring my laptop with me since the ride is usually 2 or 2 and a half hours long, get some work done on the train on the train; it’s a very smooth train ride. It wavers a little bit but it’s not like the regular train you would take through the city. It’s a lot smoother and I find it really easy to get work done. We’ve decided we’re hungry again. It’s time for the soy donuts. This smells so good! Seriously my favourite thing to get from Tokyo Station. I haven’t had like a proper super unhealthy donut like this in so long. It’s so good. I missed all the cream. Haven’t gotten to the cream yet. But so far, like Just having a donut, yeah It’s so satisfying, so chewy, and Just tastes like a normal, jelly donut. It’s a little messy with all the powdered sugar. Oh, the cream is good Nice find, and $1.60 Is that a happy face? What is that? Or is that just a fluke? Am I going to have a lucky day now? Sometimes, if I’m feeling luxurious, I eat, I buy 2 of these. I can see that. Yeah. I think when I’m too lazy to venture all the way to the bento shop, I’ll just grab like 3 of these. I’d give it a solid 9, the only thing that could make it a 10 is if it wasn’t soy cream and it was jam filled because I love jam filled donuts and they just don’t exist here. I’d take soy cream and jam. That would be really good. That would be my 10. Rasberry strawberries. Yeah Make it happen, bakery. How’s the soy milk? It’s good, it is very like, I’ve never found a soy milk, like a flavour so much that it tastes like soy, so it is quite soyee, but it is really good. So, as long as you like soy flavour. Yeah Yeah, that’s good. But yeah, I see what you mean. Actually, if you want a soy chocolate milk that doesn’t really taste that much like soy milk, I suppose the one that keko man does, the cocoa one. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hope you guys really enjoyed watching out Shinkansen adventure from Tokyo to Kyoto. We will be in Kyoto for the next 3 days, and if you’re interested in seeing what we got up to here keep your eyes out for my next video and make sure to check out Emma’s channel if you’re not subscribed to her already. I will have her link down below. Thanks so much for watching guys and I will see you very soon. Bye!