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    It’s only a paper moon【sing along backing track】JAZZ KARAOKE for male singers – Nat king Cole
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    It’s only a paper moon【sing along backing track】JAZZ KARAOKE for male singers – Nat king Cole

    March 29, 2020

    Intro Say it’s only a paper moon.Hanging over a cardboard sea.
    But it wouldn’t be make believe if you believe in me Yes, it’s only a canvas sky. Hanging over a muslin tree.
    But it wouldn’t be make believe if you believe in me. Without your love, it’s a honky-tonk parade.
    Without your love, it’s a melody played on a penny arcade. It’s a Barnum and Bailey world
    Just as phony as it can be
    But it wouldn’t be make believe if you believe in me Say it’s only a paper moon.Hanging over a cardboard sea.
    But it wouldn’t be make believe if you believe in me Yes, it’s only a canvas sky. Hanging over a muslin tree.
    But it wouldn’t be make believe if you believe in me. Without your love, it’s a honky-tonk parade.
    Without your love, it’s a melody played on a penny arcade. It’s a Barnum and Bailey world
    Just as phony as it can be
    But it wouldn’t be make believe if you believe in me Thank you for watching this video!

    Japan Hour: Road Trip to Shizuoka (Part 1)
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    Japan Hour: Road Trip to Shizuoka (Part 1)

    March 24, 2020

    Local lines. Trains travelling through
    beautiful places of Japan that make us feel nostalgic. Season by season,
    we inquire local residents to find breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisine,
    and wonderful accommodations. It’s a journey to uncover recommendations
    only the locals know. All aboard to find
    the home in our hearts. This time, the journey takes place
    on Akechi Railway, Gifu Prefecture. It’s a local line with scenic views. Outside of the train windows
    spreads peaceful rural landscape. -I feel like I’m the operator.
    -Me too. Hidden spots with breathtaking views only reached by inquiring the locals. -That sounds nice.
    -They blew the horn for us! Our travellers devour local delicacy. Here it is. The noodles are transparent. They find exquisite yet
    healthy ramen noodles. Very smooth. Heartwarming interaction
    with people on the local line. It smells great. I used to do speed skating. -Did you?
    -Yes. -Were you fast?
    -Yeah, a little. -He’s an Olympic gold medallist.
    -What? Really? Our travellers are also amazed
    by the treasures they find. Geta skates? -What is it?
    -It’s something new. -You wear tabi socks with them.
    -What? However… I think I made a mistake. Are there any restaurants or anything? -There’s nothing around here.
    -No way! On top of that… What? A clipper? -They struggle for recommendations.
    -Really? Does this really have anything
    to do with our journey? An unpredictable two-day journey
    filled with excitement and surprises. And with a miraculous encounter! Let’s get started. All aboard our
    journey of inquiry and discovery! The journey begins in Ena City,
    in the southeast part of Gifu Prefecture. The city is surrounded
    by the Central Alps that are over 2,000 metres high
    in altitude. On Akechi Railway, the first station
    of the journey is Ena Station. Who are our travellers? -We’ve never met, right?
    -No. -Nice to meet you.
    -Nice to meet you. I feel like I’ve already met you before
    because I see you on TV a lot. You too. (Sumiko Nishioka
    Hiroyasu Shimizu) You’re a speed skating
    Olympic gold medallist. True, but… -Is this your first time in Ena?
    -Yes. And you? -I’ve come to Ena before.
    -Really? But I don’t know a lot about Ena. What did you come here for? There’s a skating rink here. (Gifu Prefecture
    Crystal Park Ena Skating Rink) I’ve come here for a race before. When was that? It’s been years.
    More than 10 years ago. It’s been nine years since I retired. The gold medallist of the 1998 Winter Olympics
    speed skating, Hiroyasu Shimizu. (Hiroyasu Shimizu,
    45 years old, from Hokkaido) This is Sumiko Nishioka,
    a TV personality. They were both born in 1974. (Sumiko Nishioka,
    44 years old, from Chiba) Akechi Railway runs through the southeast
    part of Gifu Prefecture. There are only 11 stations
    between Ena and Akechi, the first and last stations, respectively. It’s a short local line which has
    a total distance of 25.1 km. Their goal is to get recommendations
    from local residents and create an original travel guide
    with 10 recommendations. Which one is it? -I think this is it.
    -Here it is! Ena Station, Akechi Railway. Here it is. Our departure point. It’s tiny and cute. This is a station. I wonder where the timetable is. There it is! Right there. -We can get on at 10:15 am.
    -That’s right. -Let’s see what stations there are.
    -Sounds good. Here it is. What, really? -Is that it?
    -There aren’t many stations. Two, four, six, eight, ten.
    Ten stations? -So, 11 stations, including this one?
    -That’s right. We need to find 10 recommendations. So we’ll stop at almost every station? Sure. Depending on the time and recommendations
    we have in the second half, we’ll make adjustments accordingly. Let’s do that.
    We’ll get off at the first station. Yes, let’s get off at Higashino. The two have appeared on the show
    14 times in the past combined, so they have a lot of experience. They’re familiar with deciding
    which stations to get off. Can we have two passes, please? -Two passes.
    -Yes, please. Thank you very much. Look at this. Our duo buys a pass
    they can use for the entire day. This journey appears
    to be quite promising. They start to inquire people
    while they wait for the train. Excuse me,
    but are you from this area? No, I’m from Nagoya. Nagoya! Where are you going today? We’re going to Iwamura. -Iwamura?
    -Iwamura? What’s in Iwamura? There’s a ruin of a castle there. This area is quite stylish. I’ve never been there. There was a TV drama.
    What was it called? It’s where Hanbun, Aoi (Half Blue Sky)
    was shot. -The NHK show?
    -Yes, the show’s over now. The show was filmed in this town. -You’ll go sightseeing?
    -Yes, we are. -I’ve seen you before.
    -That’s right. -I’m Shimizu, the speed skater.
    -Oh, yeah! Now she’s excited. She suddenly turned around. -She finally looked my way!
    -Are you really? -I didn’t think I knew you.
    -He’s a gold medallist. Is there anything interesting
    to see in Higashino? I’m not sure. There’s nothing in Higashino. Really? Are you from here? -Are you a local resident?
    -Yes. They want recommendations. -The train is here.
    -Here it is. -Are we getting on it?
    -Let’s take this train. -Are you taking this?
    -Yes, one train per hour. -One train per hour?
    -That’s right. -It’s just a one-train car!
    -So cute. It’s so retro. I like it. The orientation of the seats
    is interesting. They’re facing each other. -Like something from the old times.
    -Yes. On Akechi Railway,
    our duo gets off at Higashino Station. There are only two people. -It’s important.
    -With a little child. So cute. -Hello.
    -Hello. Let’s go. Is this a station and a nursing facility? -What’s next to the station?
    -A nursing facility? Let’s just go over there. Excuse me. Hello. She’s expecting her second child. She’s so pretty! How old is your son? They’re asking how old you are. He’s two years old. How far are you? The baby will be born in about four days. -Amazing.
    -I wish you a healthy baby. Thank you. What’s the building by the station? The station is attached
    to a nursing home. A station and a nursing home? -That’s right.
    -I’ve never seen that before. Elderly people can go home
    as soon as they get to the station. In 2008, the nursing home
    was attached to the Higashino Station. No other stations
    had ever done that before. Aren’t you a business owner? -Yes, I own nursing homes.
    -Right? So, personally, I’m very interested. What do you think of this one? I think it’s great. It makes it easier
    for the elderly people to go out. That is, if they’re still quite mobile. Don’t you think so?
    Now you look like a business owner. We’d like to walk around.
    Is there anything you recommend? Something that’s interesting to see? Around here? I wonder what I can recommend. If you walk for a bit, there’s a temple. There’s a large temple there. Do you often go there? Yes, sometimes we go there
    on our walks. It’s about 10 minutes from here,
    so it’s perfect for a walk. -What is it called?
    -It’s called Sokyuji. -Sokyuji.
    -That sounds nice. I heard that temples are now popular
    among foreigners. There’s a big Kannon statue
    that brings happiness. I want to be happy! -Why so sudden?
    -I want to go. I’m not married. -Really?
    -Do you think it’ll bring me happiness? -I’m sure it will.
    -Really? -We should go.
    -Let’s go. Which way should we go? Cross the railway, and go into a small path on the right
    and continue walking straight. You’ll see it immediately. I’ll go receive some happiness. -Bye-bye.
    -Stay warm! -Bye-bye.
    -So cute. This way? I wish to find a husband. I wish for happiness. -You’re married, right?
    -Yes. -Do you have kids?
    -I do. -You’re already happy.
    -Well… The first recommendation
    in the guidebook, Sokyuji. A Kannon statue that
    brings happiness resides here. Our duo finds the first recommendation
    at Higashino Station. Next station is Iinuma as I guessed. -Iinuma.
    -Iinuma. -We should look for lunch there.
    -Sure. They head to Iinuma Station
    one stop away. Hopefully they will find
    a great place to eat. It’s orange! (11:24 am) Shimizu stares off into the scenery
    outside of the train windows. Then suddenly… I’ve a feeling there’s nothing
    much to see in Iinuma. Why would you say that? I mean it. Could we possibly get off at Agi instead? -That’s fine.
    -Are you sure? Are you sure? What should we do?
    Get off at Iinuma? There’s nothing there. Why would you suggest that
    right before arriving at Iinuma? What should we do? In nine minutes,
    the train arrives at Iinuma Station. What has our duo decided on? This is risky. We might have great encounters. Should we get off? No? We won’t get off? -Let’s get off.
    -What? -Let’s get off.
    -Are you sure? -Okay, let’s get off. Thank you.
    -Thank you very much. (11:33 am) -We’re getting off, okay?
    -Sure. Here we go. -It’s risky. There won’t be much here.
    -The station is smaller than Higashino. When’s the next train? The next train? It’s 11:40 am. right now. 11:40 am. What? To Akechi? We only have one at 2 pm. No way. No, really. I think we’ve made a mistake. Two o’clock.
    So we have 2 hours 20 minutes. -Let’s go.
    -To where? I don’t know where, but let’s just go. This isn’t good. I don’t see anyone. So many unmanned stations. -Can we ask you some questions?
    -Sure. Would you mind stopping the van? -Great.
    -Thank you. We’re looking for places
    that local people love. -Local people love?
    -Yes, scenery, for example. -We’re also very hungry.
    -I see. Are there any restaurants around here? Restaurants? -There’s nothing around here.
    -No way! Not even one? No, nothing. -Sorry to have stopped you.
    -Sorry. Thank you. They continue walking to look for people. Then… There’s a beauty salon. -Let’s go.
    -There must be people there. Worse case,
    can we get a haircut there? Wow, are you sure we’re still filming
    a journey about the local line? Right? -Nice. Thank you very much.
    -Thank you. (Before) You look nice. Very clean looking. -That’s it.
    -Thank you. I was… very nervous so I’m sweating a lot. So cute. I wish this could be a recommendation. -Right?
    -Yeah. Koume, a beauty salon in the mountain will not be in the guidebook,
    as it was not recommended. -Here’s your 112 yen back.
    -Thank you. -Thank you very much.
    -Thank you very much. -Let’s go to the place she recommended.
    -Sure. You look nice. Wow, I feel great. Mrs Koume takes our duo to a place
    with plum trees on a hill. Right there. -They’re in full bloom.
    -Here? It’s very pretty. -They look great with this scenery.
    -That’s right. Especially because this spot is
    in between mountains and is very sunny. -Right?
    -It must be a bit warmer here. So nice. The town looks great
    through these plum trees. Yes, between the mountains. We see the bottom of the mountains, too. So pretty. You’re lucky
    that you live in this beautiful town. It is very peaceful. Great place. I like the view from here, too. Very beautiful. It’s terraced fields. I love how clear the air is. -We can see all the way to the back.
    -Yeah. (Blooming Season: Early March) Mrs Koume comes here
    to see plum flowers every year. For her, that’s how she knows
    that spring has come. The second recommendation
    in the guidebook, plum trees in rural area
    recommended by Mrs Koume. -Agi?
    -Yes, Agi. No, let’s go to Iibama instead. -Iibama?
    -Yes. They have a sudden change of plan and decide to look for a place
    to eat at Iibama, the next stop. Let’s ask people who get off here. -Let’s ask them.
    -Yeah. Let’s get off. -Thank you, ma’am.
    -Thank you. -You’ve helped us a lot.
    -We can see from here. I see people waiting. In six minutes,
    they arrive at Iibama Station. It’s past two o’clock
    and they’re starving. Let’s hurry and look
    for a place to eat. Thank you very much. (2:10 pm) Thank you. Thank you. Excuse me. Are there any restaurants that
    you’d recommend around here? -I recommend Fukuryu.
    -Fukuryu. -Is it Chinese cuisine?
    -Yes, it’s a Chinese restaurant. We often party there. I also went there to eat
    when I played baseball. -You used to play baseball?
    -Yes. Is the restaurant open today? I’m not sure.
    You’ll have to go and check. What dish do you like to get? -The set menu with ramen and fried rice.
    -Nice. Do they have various kinds of ramen? They have quite a few kinds,
    including Taiwan ramen. How far is it to walk to there? It’s very close. It’d only take about 10 minutes
    to get there. The third recommendation
    in the guidebook, Fukuryu, an authentic Chinese restaurant
    in the countryside. Bye. Thank you very much. -Thank you very much.
    -Thank you very much. Our duo is back to the station. Where will they go next? Next station is Gokuraku. We know for sure that Iwamura
    has things to see. But I want to get off
    at Gokuraku Station. The station name means paradise. They decide to go to Gokuraku Station
    as the name is auspicious. It is the newest station
    of this entire line. There might not be many passengers
    considering what time it is. I see, maybe there’ll be fewer
    and fewer people. -Hi there.
    -Welcome. (3:31 pm) -We’re soon arriving at Gokuraku.
    -Already? -Gokuraku Station.
    -It’s that close? Some stations are far apart -and some are very close.
    -That’s right. In just two minutes,
    the train arrives at Gokuraku Station. There’s a beauty salon here. -Do I need to cut my hair again?
    -You’re fine now. No need to cut? -Should we get off?
    -Let’s get off. (Gokuraku Station) I see a Buddha statue. A Buddha statue? -Did you see one?
    -A Buddha statue. Thank you very much. (3:33 pm) Gokuraku Station. There’s a Jizo statue. Oh, yeah. Right. Happiness Jizo. Because it’s paradise? It says, “Have a great day tomorrow.” -That’s so cute.
    -Cute. I wonder if a local knitted this cap? The station was named after a temple they used to have here
    named Gokuraku-ji. They have a Gokuraku song. What’s that? Mr Haruo Minami. It says there’s a button we can press
    to hear the music. I want to hear it. Mr Haruo Minami? He’s famous. This is it. Can you press the button? -Here it goes.
    -Yeah. Here comes the music. (Gokuraku Ondo, Haruo Minami) This is their song? It’s coming out of that. From there? Look. A Kannon statue. “Okay Kannon”? What’s that? The song! It’s Mr Haruo Minami. Yes, I recognise his voice. Yeah. -The next train is…
    -Okay? at 4:41 pm. -So we have about an hour.
    -Right. -Let’s find something.
    -Yeah. There’s a beauty salon,
    so why don’t we ask them? -It looks stylish.
    -It does. Is this newly built? -Sorry to bother you.
    -Excuse me. -Is the camera on?
    -Yes. Really? -We’re asking the local people…
    -Yes? for some recommendations
    in this area. Any cool spots… -or places we should see?
    -The town. The townscape. Where? The townscape of Iwamura. During this season,
    they have Hina dolls on display. Iwamura has Hina dolls displayed? Yes, in their town. So, is that close to Iwamura Station? Yes, it’s close from the station. Anything that’s close to Gokuraku Station? There’s nothing around Gokuraku Station. -Is she your customer?
    -Yes. -We’re walking around this area
    -Yes? and looking for some recommendations. I don’t know. Thank you very much. Sorry for taking your time. They got useful information
    about Iwamura, the next station. They continue to inquire people. Over here? They come across a large stone masonry. Sorry to bother you while you’re working. We’re filming a journey
    of inquiry and discovery. -Sorry.
    -I’ve seen you before. I’m Shimizu, a former skater. -I knew it.
    -He’s a gold medallist. How long has this place
    been in business? One hundred years. One hundred years?
    So, one century? How many generations has it been? I’m the third generation. That’s amazing. It’s a masonry with a long history
    that was established in 1917. He must know a lot about this area. (Miyazawa Masonry) What are you doing? We’re on a journey on a local line
    and trying to find recommendations or favourite spots
    around Gokuraku Station. Around Gokuraku Station… It doesn’t have to be a facility or food. Sorry for asking too much. Any place that holds a good memory? You came so suddenly. -Yeah.
    -If I was informed in advance, I would have looked for some. We donated a Jizo statue to the station,
    so take a look at it. -At Gokuraku Station?
    -You made that? -That’s right.
    -What? Our duo inquires at the masonry
    near Gokuraku Station. It doesn’t have to be a facility or food. We donated a Jizo statue to the station,
    so take a look at it. -At the station?
    -Did you make that? (Happiness Jizo) -That’s right.
    -What? -The stone statue?
    -The Jizo statue? Yes. -Is that true?
    -Really? You’re the one who made it. Can I shake hands with you? Did you see it? -We touched it.
    -It’s cute. -Really?
    -It’s cute. Wow, that’s impressive. But as it was
    a self-recommendation, the Happiness Jizo statue
    cannot be in the guidebook. I’ll take another look
    at the Jizo statue. -Thank you very much.
    -Bye. They’re back to the station after
    not finding any recommendations. This is it. It was built by him. Doesn’t this look like him? That’s what I thought, too.
    He has a gentle expression. Let’s pray to it.
    Thank you for taking us to him. Thank you. -Thank you very much.
    -Thank you very much. -What’s next?
    -Iwamura, right? -Hina doll festival in Iwamura.
    -Yes. -That’s what she said.
    -Yes. It’s close to the station? I hope we will find that. We will surely find it
    by asking people where it is. Yeah, let’s find a recommendation
    and a hotel. Our duo heads to Iwamura, hoping to see
    the Hina dolls recommended in Gokuraku. They also need to find
    a place to stay tonight. The train is arriving. (4:41 pm) -We’re arriving at Iwamura.
    -We’re arriving. -So fast.
    -Indeed. The sun is setting now,
    and it’s hidden behind the clouds. Many people will get off at Iwamura. It looks like it. In four minutes, the train arrives at Iwamura Station,
    the next station. I wonder if they are
    all in high school? (Iwamura Station) (4:45 pm) -Thank you very much.
    -Wait. -We’ve seen you before?
    -Yes. That’s what I thought. Let’s go. Let’s wave
    at the high school students. Bye-bye. So cute. So cute. Bye-bye. Hi there. Can we talk to you a bit? -Hi.
    -You want to talk with us? We heard about Hina dolls here. Yes, they’re everywhere in town. Everywhere? That’s right. I mean both on the left and right sides. On both sides? -Hina dolls?
    -Which way should we go? Keep going this way. Follow these girls. -Really?
    -Sure. Why are there
    many Hina dolls displayed? They are old Hina dolls which were
    treated with a lot of care. Hina dolls from old times are now displayed in town
    so people who visit our town can see them. That’s why they are displayed in town. So they’re dolls from each family? -That’s right.
    -I’d love to see that. Do you have yours, too? No, because we no longer live
    in the shopping district. In a shopping district? That’s right. They keep the old ones there. Let’s go together. They will take our duo there,
    as it is on their way home. What’s your name? Yuki Sato. Yuki? How old are you, Yuki? -Seven.
    -Seven! She’s in first grade. She must be with other girls. Yuki’s sister wasn’t on the train. -I see.
    -Not yet. Can you go get your grandpa, Yuki? -Is this the house?
    -That’s right. -It’s so close.
    -Grandpa! Grandpa! -You’re the skater, aren’t you?
    -Right. -I’ve seen you skating.
    -Hi there. Thank you very much. Where should we go? Yuki’s grandpa used to work at the town hall
    and knows a lot about this town. He is going to show our duo the way
    instead of the grandma. This way? -Here?
    -Over there. What a great townscape. -I love it.
    -It’s amazing. -I feel like I travelled in time.
    -It’s a one-way street. Was this town
    where people stopped by to rest? -No, a castle town.
    -A castle town? I can tell that it has a long history. You guys have a wonderful town. Do people actually live in these houses
    besides the stores? Yes, they do. -I see.
    -Many of them are vacant, though. You take good care of these houses. Here in Iwamura Town
    stood Iwamura Castle… which was considered
    one of the best mountain castles. One of the owners of the castle was
    Otsuya no Kata, Nobunaga Oda’s aunt. This town was a castle town
    during the Edo period, and the town
    still preserve the historical elements from the time period. In 1998, the town became a national important
    preservation area of historic buildings. Last year, the town appeared
    in the NHK morning drama series Hanbun, Aoi
    which made the town well known. Here and there. Wow, look at that. -So many of them.
    -How impressive. Very historical. You’re right. It’s a rare type of kimono
    that they are wearing. I love how the colour
    is fading over time. The facial expressions are all different
    for each doll. Some also have long faces while others
    have round faces, in various sizes. -Over here, too.
    -There are many of them here. Wow, that one has seven tiers! -Did they come from each family?
    -That’s right. I’ve never seen this many Hina dolls
    displayed in one place. (Iwamura Castle Town Hina Doll Festival,
    March 1 to April 3) Hina dolls stored in each home are now displayed for people to see
    as part of a project which started 17 years ago. There are more than 3,500 Hina dolls
    in 110 different locations. (Kyoho Bina (Edo Period)) The oldest ones were created almost
    300 years ago during the Edo Period which are very rare now. Dolls from the period
    are called Kyoho Bina. There’s also a Hina doll decoration
    that’s attached to a fish tank. One can feel the transition of time
    from Edo to Heisei by looking at these Hina dolls. I’m a bit curious. You guys seems to have
    no interest in Hina dolls. You guys are walking very fast. Can you walk a little slower? I want to spend more time to look at them.
    You two are walking so fast. Look, they are all different. That’s true. I don’t quite get
    why people love these dolls. -You see.
    -Look at those rare kimono fabric! -That’s true.
    -Doesn’t this look impressive? Look! Incredible. They have so many layers.
    So gorgeous. They look like crepes. Crepes? -It’s kimono!
    -Milk crepe. No, these are not crepes. You don’t think so? You don’t appreciate
    the culture at all! -Look.
    -These are tiny. You know, we have these Hina dolls
    at home at my grandpa’s. Is that true? We bought them here. -I see.
    -You bought them here? Yuki, only you understand
    the beauty of Hina dolls. Those two men do nothing but smile. That’s so true. Did you just hear her? They could go inside of some shops to look at Hina dolls
    displayed inside for free. This is a long-established goods
    dyeing store opened in Edo period. (Tosaya, Dyer Business,
    Ena City Designated Cultural Property) -I see.
    -Let’s go in. Have you been here before? -Impressive.
    -So many Hina dolls here, too. How old are these Hina dolls? These are from 1950s. You can tell by the folding screen. -The old ones are from late Edo period.
    -What are these? -Oh, really?
    -Late Edo period? Let’s look at it. The garden looks beautiful here, too. The garden has a great atmosphere. That part used to be a well. You’re right. I love that the old townscape
    is still preserved. And there are also these Hina dolls. It’s an extraordinary experience. These are from Edo period? These look completely different
    from the other ones. (Hina dolls from the Edo Period) They don’t look fancy
    but rather sophisticated. They have a specific use of colour. Look how intricate these fingers are. You’re right. This embroidery is also very beautiful. Right? I didn’t think I would get this excited
    to see Hina dolls. I realised that I’m a girl, after all. -You realised it now?
    -That’s right. The fourth recommendation
    in the guidebook, the Hina dolls in the castle town, which is a spring tradition
    of the town. -Thank you very much.
    -It was incredible. Thank you very much. This town is really worth visiting. They continue walking around the town
    to find something. -They’re selling Goheimochi.
    -Hello. Oh, really? Hello. Sorry for the intrusion. (Daikokuya) -Can we come in? Thank you very much.
    -Sure. Goheimochi? -Can we have Goheimochi?
    -Sure. -We’d love to try.
    -Yeah. What’s Goheimochi, anyway? Goheimochi is… half-pounded rice cakes… -Half-pounded?
    -Do you get it? Maybe you don’t understand. -We pound the rice.
    -You pound it. Can we come in? Is it okay? Excuse me. Take this. This looks impressive. What is it? -What’s this?
    -Goheimochi sauce. What’s inside? Walnuts and… Walnuts, peanuts, -and sesame.
    -And sugar. Then we mix in miso, soy sauce,
    and sugar. Sorry, we’re a bit busy now. Do most of people use this sauce
    for Goheimochi in this area? Right. -I want to try.
    -Me too. -Are these all rice cakes?
    -Yes. We’re making some for tomorrow. In old times, when rice was harvested
    each year, they made these in celebration. So in October, -we make them with harvested rice.
    -Yes, harvested rice. In the old times, rice, miso, and sugar
    were all very valuable. That’s why they only made them
    once a year. -It was a special treat.
    -That’s right. Now it’s sold for 100 yen a piece. It’s one of the speciality foods
    from Gifu Prefecture. It smells incredible. -Thank you very much.
    -Here it comes. -It’s hot.
    -Lots of sauce. Lots of sauce. -Here I go. It must be good.
    -Careful, it’s hot. It’s very good. Good? I love the walnut flavour. It’s bitter and sweet. We put a lot of them. Great aroma. The outside of the rice is crunchy
    and the inside is chewy. It’s very good. It’s warming up my body. It’s very good. What do you think, Yuki? It’s good. We’ll place it here. -All right.
    -Give me a second. -It was delicious.
    -Yes, and we’re warm now. -Thank you very much.
    -Thank you. -Thank you very much.
    -Bye. Now it’s time to find
    a place to stay for tonight. Let’s go together. Before we go, do you have
    any recommendations? If possible, a place with a hot spring where we can have nice dinner. -Don’t be so picky.
    -One with a hot spring? Do you know any place? If not, anything is fine. There’s a place called Iwamura Sanso
    up there. Iwamura Sanso? What’s the place like? It looks a bit like a castle. -A castle?
    -That’s right. I want to see it.
    I’m already interested. It’s a bit far. How long does it take? Ten-minute walk. -It’s not bad at all.
    -It’s fine. Do you have their phone number? Phone number? Should I try calling? With the phone number they got, they’ll call
    and ask for their availability. This is Iwamura Sanso. Hello. Do you have rooms
    available for two people tonight? Please hold. I feel nervous now. -I want to stay there.
    -Sorry, you must be cold. What will they say? Thank you for waiting. Do you have rooms for two people
    available tonight? We’ve very sorry, but for tonight, we no longer have rooms available. -I see.
    – We’re sorry. -I understand.
    -Thank you for your understanding. Thank you very much. At the traffic light, -there’s a place called Tojiya.
    -Tojiya? Tojiya. Got it. -Can we stay there overnight?
    -Yes. Do we go straight on this street? It’s right by the traffic light. -It’s on the left side.
    -Let’s go. What’s the place like? It’s a guesthouse, so it’s just rooms. We’ll go check it out. -Thank you for everything.
    -Thank you very much. -You’ve helped us a lot.
    -Bye. Goodbye. -Thank you very much. Bye.
    -Thank you very much. -Bye-bye.
    -Get home safe. -Safe travel.
    -Thank you very much. They reached the intersection
    in just two minutes. (5:40 pm) Is the guesthouse this way? -Guesthouse.
    -Tojiya. -Where is Tojiya?
    -Here. This way? Here it is. What? It looks like it’s out of a film. Will they have rooms available? On the journey
    on the Akechi Railway, our duo heads to a guesthouse
    recommended at Iwamura Station. -Hello.
    -Hello. -You’re Mr Shimizu, aren’t you?
    -Yes. -Hi there.
    -Thank you. Tojiya. We’re looking for it. -Hello.
    -Can we shake hands? A granddaughter of Tojiya. Granddaughter? You work at Tojiya? The old lady from Tojiya isn’t here. -I’m her mother.
    -Yeah, you guys look alike. -Where’s your dad?
    -Where are you from? -Right here.
    -I see. -Shoe shop and tempura shop.
    -That’s right. The next one is Tojiya. Right here? -This looks wonderful.
    -Hi there. Is it okay to film your place? It’s for TV. -Hi there.
    -Hi. (Guesthouse Tojiya) -We’re looking for a place to stay.
    -I see. Would it be possible for the two of us
    to stay here tonight? -Two people?
    -Yes. Actually, my wife is not here right now. Is it okay if we wait here? -Sure.
    -So we can have her check the availability? It’s a great building. -Thank you.
    -How old is this building? Well, it’s about 200… -200?
    -220 years I think. -This building?
    -Yes. The guesthouse opened opened in 2015. The owners also owns a clock shop nearby. Hoping to revitalise the district, they bought a 200-year-old townhouse and spent two years renovating it. It’s a small guesthouse
    which doesn’t include any meals. Only three rooms are available. Will the two be able
    to stay here for tonight? -I think your wife is back.
    -Here she is. Hello. -Sorry for intruding.
    -No problem! We were wondering
    if we could stay here for tonight. -What do you think?
    -Tonight. We’re closed, but we’ll open for you. You mean it? -Mr Shimizu.
    -Yes, the skater. -Your hands are cold.
    -We were outside. My name is Sumiko Nishioka. -Nice to meet you.
    -Nice to meet you. We have to get ready now. Why don’t you go get something to eat? -I think that would be better.
    -I understand. What time will we be ready? -7:30 to 8:00 pm. Is that okay?
    -Around 8:00 pm? By the way, is there any restaurant
    that you recommend? Well… -Izakaya Tono.
    -Nice! A lot of people love it
    and go there quite often. What do you recommend from there? There was an old lady
    who told us that she had frog legs there. -Frog legs?
    -Do people eat frogs here? No, but this place has them. -Is this Maru? It’s Tojiya.
    -Maru? Good evening. Are you open today? They’d like to go inside
    and do some filming. -They said it’s fine.
    -Thank you very much. -You’ve helped us a lot.
    -Thank you. There’s a fence over here. Turn right here and
    you’ll see Izakaya Tono right there. -We’ll be back.
    -We’ll see you in a while. -I’m happy.
    -This is great. (6:10 pm) They walk around for seven minutes
    looking for the restaurant. Here it is. It’s so flashy! Super flashy! What happened
    to the historical atmosphere? It just popped out of nowhere. -So different from the others.
    -Isn’t this crazy? It’s a traditional Japanese house
    with Izakaya and ramen lanterns. There are also decoration lights,
    which make no sense. Those icicle lights. -That’s crazy.
    -It is. There’s even a rotating beacon. The light is on. They have different characters
    placed here. This is a bit too crazy. Good evening. (Izakaya Tono) -Hi there.
    -Hello. Good evening. -Welcome.
    -We called earlier. Thank you very much. -Thank you.
    -Look at all of these characters. -Good evening.
    -Come in. Thank you. -This is Ms Sumiko Nishioka.
    -Hi there. There are so many characters here. Impressive. They’re everywhere. Look at that! On the shelves, too. Many different things. Everywhere. -About these figurines…
    -Yes? How many do you have in total? -More than 200 of them.
    -More than 200? Why did you start collecting them? When I was a kid,
    I couldn’t afford these things. So I started collecting them as an adult. The couple opened this restaurant
    in 1997. They collect toys,
    and the number is increasing each year. What do you recommend? Onna Joshu. Onna Joshu? -Japanese sake?
    -Yes, Japanese sake. What is Onna Joshu? It’s from a sake brewery in Iwamura. -So it’s something local.
    -That’s right. -I’d love to try.
    -Let’s try. Iwamura Jozo is the one and only
    sake brewery in Iwamura. Since the Edo period,
    they’ve used local sake rice and water from Kiso River
    to produce Japanese sake. (Established in 1787) The popular sake our duo ordered
    was named after Otsuya no Kata, a lady lord who owned the castle. Here you go. These are placed according to the image. -All of them are here.
    -I see. There’s even some unrefined sake.
    Is it freshly made? -I mean, it’s just made in this season?
    -That’s right. (Onna Joshu Winter Tono Special
    800 Yen (Only until end of March)) The first extract
    from the new rice of the year. Unprocessed sake. And unrefined sake
    are served for comparison. It’s been a long day!
    Thank you for it. (The First Extract Sake) It’s delicious. Wow, this is great. It’s sharp and dry. This one has a great flavour
    and some roughness. I can really taste the unrefined sake. This will get us drunk quickly. -You think so?
    -I’m not strong. What do you recommend
    in terms of food? If you want to try something unique,
    frog or loach. -Frog?
    -Loach? -Yes, deep-fried.
    -Really? -Loach, too?
    -Yes. -Yes.
    -Is it common to eat them here? Yes. -Do you want to try them?
    -I’d love to. -You will try them?
    -Sure. -We’ll take the loach and frog.
    -Great. -Yes, I’d love to try the loach.
    -Thank you very much. -Can we order some other dishes?
    -Sure. -We’re hungry.
    -Yes, go ahead. What’s the local speciality? What is famous here? Deep-fried soybean curd from Iwamura. Deep-fried soybean curd? -They’re triangle.
    -How is it different from regular ones? It’s a bit different. They’re thicker. -I’d love to try that.
    -Sure. -Grilled triangle fried tofu?
    -Yes. -That sounds good.
    -We’ll take it. Thank you very much. For grilled triangle fried tofu, tofu from a long-established
    tofu shop in the area is used. The tofu is stuffed with green onions
    and grilled. Thank you for waiting. -Look at that.
    -That looks amazing. The portion is huge. (Grilled Triangle Fried Tofu
    400 yen) -Here you go.
    -What’s this again? -Deep-fried soybean curd?
    -Yes. -What’s inside?
    -Green onions and ginger. -Pour some soy sauce on it.
    -That looks good. -All over?
    -Yes. That looks amazing. This has got to be good. -It’s so good.
    -You look happy. It’s crunchy. It has a great flavour. -Here’s another one.
    -Here you go. What is it? -Frog.
    -Frog! It’s long. -Are these frog legs?
    -That’s right. (Deep-Fried Frog Legs 780 yen) What is it seasoned with? The same as the deep-fried chicken. Frog legs are coated with eggs,
    garlic, and salt and pepper. Then they are deep-fried until crunchy. It’s their popular unique menu. I’ve never tasted a frog before. Let’s try it. It’s tender. It’s light and sweet. I wouldn’t know it’s frog. -That’s true.
    -It doesn’t have any smell. You went for it. -It’s bouncy. Very muscular.
    -That’s right. You sound like an athlete. You eat deep-fried foods
    and talk about muscles. Very bouncy.
    They have good muscles. They have great muscles
    and can probably jump high. -Really? You can tell?

    Pike Fishing In Ireland | Angle(r)s – A Documentary (English Captions)
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    Pike Fishing In Ireland | Angle(r)s – A Documentary (English Captions)

    March 22, 2020

    Fishing Club Productions Present Angle(r)s With Arnaud Brière A film directed by Thomas Paulin Produced by David Vengerder I quickly fell in love with Ireland. It’s a super endearing country, the people here are adorable, courteous, smiling, and always in a good mood. It was immediately very pleasant and then the wildlife here is completely mind-blowing. We are in a region where there is neither agriculture nor industry, so it’s still very wild. The quality of water here is exceptional, something we don’t have much of in France, unfortunately. There is a great variety of landscapes and fishing spots. I immediately fell under the charm of the water network, as there are small lakes, big lakes, everything is connected, there are rivers everywhere, there’s fishing in every corner, there are miles and miles of reeds, hectares of water lilies, so it was really… I embraced it you know. Ireland is a country that deserves a little bit of credit Well, the weather here is insane, I must say. Not all the time though, there are also spells when the weather is beautiful but there’s air, water, sun, the weather changes all the time, the lights are magnificent… There you have it, lots of open spaces. I feel like I’m really alive here. Here they consider that if you want to eat a pike, you can keep a small pike to eat in the evening, but you have to put the spawners back in the water. Keeping in mind of course that at Club Esox it’s 100% No Kill. We put all the fish back in the water, if possible in a good condition. The club is not huge, but it’s still a pretty big organization. There are always 3 or 4 guides on site. There’s a big logistics operation. I love my job because first and foremost we’re on the water. Living on a boat, fishing all the time is what I love. It’s a very diverse and very rich job because there’s logistics, human contact, technique, commitment, and motivation: sometimes you have to know how to motivate the guys. Well, that’s what I always say, fishing is the emotional lift. There’s a guy who hasn’t caught anything in two days, and then all of a sudden he gets an incredible take and he catches the fish of his life, and he goes from the bottom of the pit to having a crazy adrenaline rush. The reverse is also true, there’s a guy who’s euphoric, who has the fish of his life on the end of the line, and later he drops it at the net, and then everything collapses. So there you go… these are incredible moments. “Good job guys” Once again, I will cite an example that I often give: I have people who come here to make their dream come true, because they’ve been dreaming of fishing in Ireland for over 20-30 years, to catch the big fish of their lives that gem, and it works out perfectly. Once they are here, the weather is good or bad, but then they catch that fish, and then the guy sits on the bench, he starts crying and falls into my arms because he’s just made his dream come true, and that’s part of what we do and I think it’s absolutely great. At the end of the day, it’s also a lot of human connections, with the clients, the guides, a lot of friends, people with whom we share the same passion, with whom we spend good times fishing and after fishing… or before. So it’s a complete package, it’s an exciting job, I’m lucky to be able to do it in several countries, we get to see lots of different habitats, we catch lots of fish, it’s really nice. The most difficult part of this job is being far away from my family for long spells. During expeditions my wife has to take care of the kids by herself. Sometimes I have to leave for about 3 weeks or a month. That’s really long. Emotionally it’s very tough: me and my kids not seeing each other for long periods is difficult. It’s not that I don’t see them grow up but time flies in a flash and they’re growing up and it makes me really sad. I would very much love to have both worlds but my life as a fishing guide is here. Meanwhile, I have an amazing and supportive wife who told me 20 years ago when I bought the club “Listen, I’d rather have you at home for a happy 6 months than a sad 12 months…so, go be you!” Ireland is a renowned country for pike fishing. For several generations, everyone has wanted, well, all the pike or trout fishermen have wanted to come and fish here because this is a country known for that in France. It’s true that there is a fabulous hydrographic network, there are many fish. Now it’s not an easy fishery, because in many places the fishing needs to be earned, you have to be persevering. Now there is a stock of pike which is, in my opinion, exceptional, there are many very beautiful fish. I have fished pike all over Europe, and this isn’t the place with the most pike, it isn’t the place with the biggest averages, but it’s the place where we catch very beautiful fish, very big fish. It’s a place where the fish are super-competitive, where they feed all year round. And above all, it’s a place where we fish in habitats that are very exciting for pike fishing. It’s not necessarily open water fishing, or deep water fishing, there are fishing spots everywhere. It’s often a problem, by the way, when the guys get on a stretch of water here, they don’t know where to fish because there are too many spots. They’re not lost because it’s huge, they’re lost because there are 10 km of reeds on the right, 2 km of reeds on the left, tufts of reeds in the middle, water lilies here, a waterfall there, a river entrance on the left, and so there are a multitude of spots, and that’s very enjoyable, I love it. It’s often fishing in shallow water, so you see a lot of direct attacks, there are beautiful fish… To repeat myself it’s very diverse, it’s really a place that I love. And then there’s also something important in Ireland; they have a very smart regulation policy, which is very much in line with sport fishing. In Ireland we do everything we can to ensure that the tourist angler, in quotation marks, the sport angler is comfortable and enjoys fishing here. So they do everything they can to make sure there are fish, they have banned gill netting, you’re not allowed to take fish over 50 cm, for example, and you can take only one fish a day, and it’s written everywhere if you can release everything it’s better. But on the other hand, there are no licenses, there are no legal fishing hours, there are no closures, so it’s a very simple piece of legislation that protects the fish, that is in line with sport fishing, and you can feel it helps every day because for all intents and purposes, there are some very nice fish here. And they are easy to access, so it’s very enjoyable.

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    March 21, 2020

    [Jansen] don’t look at the camera,
    don’t look at the camera [Jansen] you grab a table? [Paul] oh, they have tea [Jansen] they have coffee, too we are about to enjoy…breakfast hotel breakfast was pretty legit today big spread we ate a lot which is not too unexpected… I suppose we’re headed back up to the room to use the facilities [Paul] what facilities are we using, Jansen? I don’t know…Holl had to go running back first we’re never leaving this place this is an osmanthus tea osmanthus flower tree people actually dry this and make desserts, make tea they make all sorts of stuff with this beautiful flower, so pretty I think it’s the season [Jansen] yeah, I think it’s blooming right now yeah, cause there were bags and bags and people… [Jansen] and people were taking
    pictures of it everywhere the fish eats it, too [Paul] they were all fighting for it earlier good morning last day in Guilin how’s everyone feeling? [Holl] Paul’s dying [Jansen] yeah, we decided to walk from the hotel to the edge of the park we’re headed over to the Reed Flute Caves we have a little bit of time this morning to see one more natural wonder from this area so, we’re in Reed Flute Caves and, we’re in this giant cavern right now it’s pretty cool tour groups go in every 20 minutes but it’s in Chinese, so we just skipped it we’re just doing it ourselves Paul, what day you think of the caves? it’s nice [Jansen] alright, we’re doing a McDonald’s break a slight snack I got the chicken wings pretty good [Paul] really spicy though [Jansen] what do you have? [Holl] Sichuan Chicken Sandwich [Paul] double chicken burger [Jansen] what do you think? it’s good – it’s really good [Jansen] I got this grilled chicken sandwich [Jansen] doesn’t look so hot [Jansen] not gonna lie [Jansen] soggy! [Jansen] so much tartar sauce! [Jansen] oh my God [Jansen] I will, though [Jansen] eat this bad boy oh, these are good [Holl] uh, huh how much did it come to? 89 89 for lunch, snack-ish we’re on to the train station next so… alright, so we’re at the Guilin West Railway Station there’s multiple train stations in Guilin so make sure you’re at the right one but we are at the high-speed train one and, we just got dropped off and we’re now going to head into the station for our train to Hong Kong [Chinese spoken in the background] it’s a sh*t show we boarded, barely… it’s chaos it is chaos I lost my battery case he lost the drone we aren’t doing so well in Guilin I think it’s time to leave look at this shelf that Holl, Paul, has built welcome to the Kim’s Convenience Store what would you like? [Jansen] I would like to have one yogurt, please $10 US dollar, please where’s my $10 US dollar, b*tch [Jansen] there you go that’s nothing. my hand is empty, b*tch I have jujube yogurt and, it’s as yummy as it sounds it’s really good taste like date yogurt why’s he talking to himself? [Jansen] how’s is it? it’s good; I like it it’s not as ferment-y it’s more like a sweet rice drink it’s good; it’s what the Koreans drink, too Guangzhou stop almost there [Jansen] so, we just got through immigration and passport control at the West Kowloon Station it was a little bit more complicated than we thought there was passport, immigration, customs…make sure to keep your train ticket cause that’s the last thing they ask for to exit the system and now we’re headed to our hotel…subway we just bought our Octopus cards it’s $150 $50 are refundable credit so, we have $100 to spend on it but you can spend it in a lot of stores also so we just decided it would be easier it’s contactless, so lets see if it works so, we’re in Hong Kong our first night! [Paul] yes, we made it say hi everyone! -Hi
    -Hi! we just showered and we’re now going to go out and grab some food and check out the neighborhood of Wan Chai which is where our hotel is it’s hot it’s humid — it’s really nice; no shirt I’m very excited not to have a backpack for the first time internet is amazing [Paul] everybody’s wearing shorts here no VPN we’re out of China we’re out of China I got stopped on the Customs not Customs, Immigration coming in I got real scared I was like, what do I do? what do I do? what do I do? oh, my god, they’re going to arrest me I can’t leave here — and then what? and by luck, they said oh, it was a mistake – sorry xie xie wǒ ài nǐ, bàba [Jansen] what did you get? uh, that Char Sui was amazing Peter, you would have loved — if you love Char Sui, Peter this is mind-blowing, to the next level it was really good so, we ordered the goose dish a bbq pork and we got the lean one which is surprisingly not that lean but in a good way I thought it was going to be dry, but it was very moist [Paul] every time I have the lean one, it’s always…. dry this one had layers of fat should we have gotten the fatty one there was a small percentage of fat it wasn’t like pork belly it wasn’t anywhere close to that it was marbled but it was so good and we got some greens to round it off but the goose was the star of the show they also gave us… right amount of sweetness and they gave us a pitcher of gravy on the side to put on the rice which was… so far so good for our first bite in Hong Kong we never made it to second dinner the place we went to ran out of pineapple buns and egg tarts so, we decided not to go and we’re just headed out… it’s hot and humid we’re walking around and we’re going to go out to bars it’s Friday night we’re in Hong Kong, right? we’re done it’s Friday night; it’s 1 am almost we’ve been out there’s a lot of activity Hong Kong just make sure… [speaking French] he’s saying something in Chinese I’m wearing a new shirt tonight. did anybody notice? me, too are you? oh, look, and Holl’s wearing a new shirt I’m wearing a new shirt, too where’s my new shirt? how come you don’t shout to me? a simple black tee a simple black tee a simple black tee a simple black tee that works everywhere everywhere always make sure to pack a simple black tee for everywhere everywhere everywhere oh, my god how could you not put it right into my mouth?

    Mid March 2020, Exploring Osaka Kansai International Airport and Rinku Premium Outlet #227
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    Mid March 2020, Exploring Osaka Kansai International Airport and Rinku Premium Outlet #227

    March 18, 2020

    hey guys my name is Rion Ishida I’m a
    local Japanese travel and the food guide full-time youtuber today I’m heading to
    Kansai International Airport and the Rinku Premium Outlet By motorbike so in
    this video three things that I want to show you first the beautiful sunset from
    the Rinku park located in right next to Kansai International Airport
    this place is really beautiful spot but many travelers miss this spot so I want
    to share how the place looks like and how you can visit there number two Rinku
    Premium Outlet located in right next to Kansai International Airport I
    will show you how it looks like and how to get there from JR station and number
    three how the Kansai Airport looks like now in Mid of March 2020 I’m riding on
    my motorbike because it’s much cheaper to get there if I use the train it would
    take around 2000 Japanese yen for round-trip from my house
    however if I use my motorbike it’s just 300 Japanese yen yes
    public transportation could be really expensive in Japan Finally I arrive, that’s a long trip anyway let me park my motorbike here and
    let’s go to check the sunset let’s go hey guys welcome to Rion’s
    TV, I am Rion “Seeeno gaaooo” you know what this place, it’s really cold so I am at the Rinkai park right now as you can
    see there is a beautiful sunset this place it’s right next to Kansai Airport
    so after showed you guys this beautiful sunset I’m gonna show you guys how the
    Rinku Premium Outlet looks like and the Kansai Airport looks like
    you know in the wintertime it’s really cold but the summertime this is the
    perfect place anyway so let’s watch the sunset that’s so beautiful you know this
    place could be really packed however really quiet and the peaceful
    okay so why don’t we go to check the that love signs, it’s closer to the
    ocean so let’s go yeah if it was February it would be freezing cold
    however it’s already March still cold though but I think it’s much better compared to
    last month it’s really beautiful right again this park is right next to Kansai
    Airport it’s only one station away so make sure if you visit Osaka visit this
    place too you’d love this place I think it’s a perfect timing you see
    the island over there yes that’s the Kansai Airport we have to go by that
    bridge but you know since my motorbike is 50 cc
    so I can’t use that bridge I need to ride on the train anyway it’s really
    cold beautiful well you know what, I wanted to
    check out the love sign over there but since the sunset is almost there so let me
    shoot the Sunset first, Alright so, that’s good enough let’s go to check the
    love sign over there by the way there is a huge Ferris wheel, well
    I’m afraid of the heights so I’m not gonna try it today but there is a
    Premium Outlet we’re getting there all right here we go so that’s love
    sign actually I was thinking of taking a photo here but,
    I think how it should be I’m here by myself so maybe next time speaking of
    this place there is a free rental cycle as well yeah I’m gonna post a detailed
    info under my description so please check that so next let’s go to check the
    Premium Outlet let’s go so speaking of the Rinku town Premium
    Outlet it’s a walking distance takes about five to ten minutes so if you’re
    visiting Premium Outlet make sure visit that park this is the road that you
    have to walk if you are coming from the station it’s a bit far but the way is
    really simple by the way this is the JR Rinku town
    station where you will arrive if you come by train so the way to get there is
    really simple as you see just you can keep straight toward the ocean then you
    will get to the ocean view and also if you want to go to the Premium Outlet
    yeah just keep this way so let’s keep walking all right so here we go yes this is how
    to get to the Rinku Premium Outlet well, unfortunately I have nothing to buy
    today neither money so I’m not gonna shop there however if you want to visit
    the outlet in Japan this is where you have to go it’s right next to Kansai
    Airport so it’s a convenient place to visit right this is Rinku outlet as you can see
    there are really less people now well it’s kind of sad to see not so
    many people here but I believe after the situation gets better
    this place will be full of people so hope the situation gets better all right so
    anyway let’s go to my ultimate destination Kansai Airport this is my
    last goal so let’s go so speaking of the way to get to Kansai
    Airport from this premium Rinku outlet there are two ways the one used a bus it
    takes more time however the price is cheaper and in the other one you need to
    use the Train which is a JR station well it’s much faster but the price is almost
    double so from now I’m gonna catch the pass and when I get back to this place
    I’m gonna use their train so that you guys can see it both ways
    all right you see the sign there today the shuttle bus so this is the place
    that you get to go in front of the shuttle there is a locker so you can use
    those and here is the bus it takes like 20 minutes to get to the Kansai Airport
    but it’s convenient so let’s get in so each 30 minutes there is a shuttle bus from Kansai Airport to Rinku Outlet
    well if you worry about using a bus don’t worry about it as you can see no
    customers so anyway let’s go to the Kansai Airport let’s go all right so here we go we already
    arrived to the Kansai Airport actually there was one passenger in front of me
    and it was only me so right now I arrived to the Kansai Airport terminal 1
    let’s see if there are people wow you know it’s only 7:16 p.m. however I feel
    like it’s already midnight as you can see still there are people walking
    around however definitely less people compared
    to usual so right now I’m at the International Terminal as you can see
    it’s still 7:16 however only few people here which I totally understand though
    well when I was in the college in the u.s. I used to use this Airport a lot
    usually it’s always packed however not today huh..
    there are many international flight has been canceled so definitely less people
    in this floor however still there are people and seems
    like they had the fun in Japan alright so the next let’s go to check the
    restaurant street it’s still open just downstairs so let’s go to check in the
    souvenir Street as you can see almost no people however still all the stores are
    open so get to the restaurant Street as you can see this giant steak restaurant
    there are still customers however you know really popular cafe “SanMaruku” as you
    can see really few customers you know it’s kind of sad to see few people here
    well but I guess it’s gonna be less and less well speaking of the bright side
    you don’t have to wait for the restaurant it’s a good thing right well
    the good news there are many customers in Kamukura yes still there are people
    okay so this is how the restaurant street looks like all right so let’s go
    to check the domestic terminal well as you can see actually there are
    so people in the domestic terminal area well so I guess it just because
    international flights are canceled however still people are traveling
    around Japan yep I thought there gonna be a less people oh you know what when I
    came to the second floor I feel like you know the regular airport right now many
    people here it’s a good time right so I’m starving let me grab something to
    eat since I was very hungry I came to McDonald so actually I went to
    restroom to wash my hands and a gurgle but I want to use this before I eat
    again because you know just make sure that it’s clean by the way I found this
    at the McDonald it’s a new menu Tonkatsu teriyaki tamago egg well the price
    was a bit expensive however imagine, tonkatsu with teriyaki
    sauce chef I have to try that and then also I ordered a cafe latte the ice cafe latte
    a small size it’s 150 Japanese yen by the way I usually make a also
    friend Tokyo travel guide and the food guide a video as well well so if you
    wanna check Japanese food more then please check my other videos as well
    so good, all right so let me try this Tonkatsu Teri Tama
    so let’s open there do you guys know the Tsukimi burger that I think
    Japan only menu, I can’t tell the difference much, if it’s Tsukimi
    burger however I guess its Tonkatsu here Wow it doesn’t look as good as a
    picture but you know it happens all the time so let’s check the taste, Itadakimasu! actually it’s pretty good it’s kind of crispy tonkatsu with teriyaki sauce and egg
    well it’s pretty good combination it’s pretty nice I’m happy with this so the last time I tried Gohan burger at the MacDonald’s I prefer this Tonkatsu Teritama oh this one tastes better alright so
    let’s take off I’m satisfied I need to go back to the Rinku towel because I
    parked my motorbike there so let me show you how to use the train from Kansai
    Airport so from the terminal you will see the sign like that it’s really
    simple right you just need to follow that so let’s go so it is really simple
    either nanka line or JR lines you just need to get out from the airport and keep straight! and here we go
    so you can buy the ticket from there and the gate is just in front of you it is
    really simple if you need to use that JR line that one and if you need
    to use that nanka line that one today I need to use the JRl line so I’m gonna
    use the JR, so let me show you how to buy the train ticket you can check the
    ticket price on the bullet board, also if you want to buy IC card pass you can buy
    it from here this time I buy the regular ticket so press here and insert money
    you see it is simple right after you get a ticket you just go inside the train
    station and go through the first level you can use either elevator or escalator
    and you can check the train name here don’t worry there are English
    translations as well when you wait for the Train
    make sure wait inside the yellow line for your safety that’s right it’s just a one station
    away but it’s 370 Japanese yeah yes it is really expensive only for this
    distance though well usually you don’t have to press the button, but since this
    place less people using it so you have to press the button to get out all right
    so now I have to go back to the Rinku park to find my motorbike so let’s go
    back so this is how you can get to Rinku Park where I saw the sunset today from
    JR station first you need to find exit number two well I thought there’s a sign
    so this one would opened it however actually so this automatic one will open
    it well as you can see the Ferris wheel light up is already turned off it’s
    almost 9:00 p.m. right now Rinku outlet is closed at 7:00 p.m. so
    that’s why yeah look at that still my motorbike is
    there alright so this video pretty much that’s it hope you enjoy the video and I
    hope you could see how the Osaka looks like right now there are many
    other Osaka and Tokyo travel guide videos so if you are thinking of traveling to
    Japan or you like Japan please check my other videos and please subscribe to my
    channel it really encouraged me to keep shooting videos alright so thank you so
    much for watching my videos Arigatoo! So see you in the next video bye bye

    Seychelles Catamaran Sailing – La Digue, Felicite, Anse La Farine, Praslin ep. 2
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    Seychelles Catamaran Sailing – La Digue, Felicite, Anse La Farine, Praslin ep. 2

    March 12, 2020

    It has been our longtime dream to live
    on a sailboat and have the wind drive us to explore new places.
    A few months before this trip I registered for a training course and obtained a bare boat skipper
    license. A dream came true! We can now legally sail a boat throughout
    the world to create our own adventure. In the previous episode, we arrived in the
    Seychelles on Mahe Island, boarded the catamaran and enjoyed our first night
    and morning in the St. Anne Marine Park. Today we will do the 5 hour crossing
    from Mahe to La Digue. Explore the marine life there in crystal-clear waters and
    then continue on to Felicite to then anchor the night between Praslin and
    Île Ronde. The crossing from St Anne Marine Park to La Digue was 25 nautical miles and took us about five hours. okay So we just left the St. Anne Marine Park. Now sailing towards Praslin and La Digue. And because we’re sailing quite close hauled, we’re going to be heading towards La Digue. And probably stay there for the night, we’ll just have to choose a spot. And there’s unexpected wind, we have up to 17 knots actually. Going almost directly into wind so making no more than 6 knots boat speed, but it’s good! Amazing sailing already. On the first day… with the sail out!! He said he just got a fish.. But who knows, it could be something else too!! No salad right?? Farhat?? What if you just caught some grass or something?? Might be!
    – I’m taking a video! Ok! You can delete the video ha!
    – No no I’ll shame you with it!! See if you can have noodles with salad… or have fish for lunch!! – Yea!! Yea, it turned out to be salad! And moments later, we were unlucky again! Whoops…. escaped!! Huh? Or it was seaweed! Maybe. Maybe it was a fish.. and now it’s not… it’s gone.. So we are passing Anse Source D’ Argent, apparently. It’s amazing… it’s gorgeous! Now he’s taking in the sails. So tell me again the name of this place? Petite Anse La Digue. Petite Anse La Digue yes.
    Nice one, thank you! Looks good! Ok here we go!! A fish!!! You saw a fish?? Wowww!!!! Just need to rub my eye… Whenever we did our dishes, these batfish
    appeared very quickly. They seemed always very happy to see us! After lots of snorkeling, the kids really
    enjoyed playing a bit of double. And it was really relaxing sitting dry on deck, watching this rain shower pass by. Your reporter is here…. Yep.. So what’s cooking? What’s cooking? Chicken? Yes breaded chicken. Oh breaded even, look at that. Nice!! That’s awesome. Ok! Good luck!
    okay I’m excited. Should be fine… we’ll survive… Well.. probably more than that!! We just arrived in eh.. La Digue, on the
    south shore. There’s two beaches here and this is the
    petite. We haven’t been to the beach yet, because we came a bit later yesterday. We’ll go the the beach in the morning, see how it goes with the waves. We had a lot of rain overnight as well, but it ‘s cleared up now, so that’s awesome. It was a little rolly, so some people slept.. and some others got a bit sick. But we’re ready for another day. The water is unbelievable blue here, it’s amazing. What do you think, will it work to get to the beach? Yeah!!
    Yes we’re not scared of the waves right? It’s really beautiful right? – Yes! At the beach unfortunately our batteries turned out to be empty.. After having explored the south of La
    Digue, we sailed on to Felicite, and then on to Praslin, where we anchored near
    Île Ronde, Anse La Farine. We stopped at La Digue for a bit, and now moved on to Felicite. We’re just sailing past the coast, well motoring really, there’s not much wind. And it does look beautiful! Comfy? Beautiful right? And then it was time for a bit more fishing action! Lost it? Ayayay! At least you still have some good scenery with it.. No no it’s here!! It’s here, a big one, I can see it!! Yea it’s a big one!! Yea the thing is, this kind of big fish we have is very dangerous!! Dealing with the fish, you need to be a little bit far, because it can take you anywhere.. Let’s keep the knife ready, you have a knife no? This is Jobfish, it’s very nice ha!! Can you just fry it?? Haa whallaa you can just fry it.. yeah We’re just following the coastline of Felicite here.. Nice, maybe we can anchor somewhere.. And here we made it to Felicite, to
    like a private beach, owned by a resort. The Sixth Sense Resort. And yea it’s good, they are letting us on the beach which is very nice of them. It’s nice but a little rocky of course
    but it’s good, some nice snorkelling. So for sure the family is enjoying! I was hoping to kite as well, but there’s like 5 knots of wind so… I’ll need a couple more.. Maybe at the next island! There’s a crab!! – Wow really? Ooohh! Smile for the camera!! After enjoying the afternoon at Félécité
    it was time to point the catamaran to Praslin, to anchor for the night. oh yeah So let’s just repeat that for the video.. We are planning to anchor in Anse La Farine. Next to Praslin, and in between Round Island (Île Ronde). Next to those catamarans in the distance. Focused? – Yep, trying! Good morning again… Just woke up… We are anchored between Praslin and Ile Ronde.. And waiting for the sun to come up, enjoying the sunrise in silence.. And that was part two of our Seychelles
    Catamaran sailing adventure. Write us a comment to say hi! Give us a like, and be sure to subscribe for more! In the next episode we visit one tree island, and find what might.. ..the most beautiful beach in the world!

    My South Western Railway week of delays! (and no repays) #TightwadDad Vlog
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    My South Western Railway week of delays! (and no repays) #TightwadDad Vlog

    March 11, 2020

    [Music] So this is a good start. The train has 5 carriages. It’s half a train. It’s 5 carriage train, instead of a 10 carriage
    one. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] It looks pretty busy… and there’s no seats! Cos it’s half a train. On the upside, the company’s going to call
    itself “–Ern Railway” now. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] So this is my seat for the one hour journey. Gonna get myself comfortable, I think. [TANNOY:] Usual 10. I’ve just been informed this is due to a brake
    problem on the rear 5 coaches this morning in the depot. I do sincerely apologise for this. This service is half the size of a normal
    service of 5 car. I’ve been informed recently this is due to
    a brake fault on the rear 5 coaches which are in the depot. So we do apologise for the uncomfortable conditions
    up to Waterloo. They’re gonna remove the guards, and replace
    them with full-time apologisers. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [TANNOY:] For the cramped and uncomfortable
    conditions this morning. As most of you well know, this service is
    normally a 10 car. For the last couple of days it’s been a 5
    car. This is not a permanent change. This was just due to I’ve been informed brake
    problems on the rear 5, so I can only apologise. And hope for the rest of the week return to
    a 10 car. Hello South Western Railway. This is what it looks like when half a train
    runs. It’s nice and cosy. Okay so that wasn’t a great start to this
    week of filming this. I can’t move my legs! I’ve been standing for an hour. And holding this at an awkward angle because
    I don’t want to enrage the many people that I’m sharing this train with. Anyway I give this journey a half out of 10. Half for the half train that we got. Man that was ugly. 115 quid — oh and er it was a little bit
    late as well! [Music]
    [Music] What a difference 13 hours makes. Got a completely empty train. Life is good. For this evening. So… I’ll probably give this journey a 10 out of
    10. Solid 10. Knew it was too soon. The guard has just asked for police assistance
    over the tannoy. It’s gonna be okay. It’s all gonna be okay. Ah well. So I’ve now downgraded this score to… erm,
    the journey’s a 7, a gentle 7 out of 10 now. [Music]
    [Music] Okay so that didn’t go so well but you know
    there’s still the rest of the week to go [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    It’s Wednesday, it’s 5 past 7. And I know it’s gonna be a good day
    We’re gonna we’re gonna get solid tens today, I know it. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] So that was a nice journey. Got a seat. Ten minutes late so it’s ten minutes
    I give that journey I give it a 9 out of 10 even though it’s 10% late so there’s 10% off
    the mark. So I think that’s fair. I don’t know why it can’t just turn up on
    time, but… guess we’ll call it South Western Railway
    time [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    So it’s 10 hours later. And I’m after the 1845. Agh, knew it was to be true
    They’ve run the train short! Look! Instead of 12 carriages, it’s 8. I’m looking at the wrong camera again. It’s 8 carriages – we can’t get on! So it’s a short, short form train again
    I dunno if I can get on. [TANNOY:] If you do require Clapham, please
    return to the platform. Thank you. So I squeezed on. And er it looks like we’re gonna be leaving
    five minutes late So we’ve, there’s the camera, so we’ve left
    late. Again. Let’s see how this goes. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] That wasn’t such a great journey – I got my
    bag strap caught in the door, it was so crowded. I was standing for 45 minutes – it was a good
    job that I’ve got on it and nearly didn’t get on it because it was so crowded, but the
    train behind us the 1900, that got cancelled totally because of a train fault – as well
    as our one being short because of a train fault
    And the 1815 before it was short, because of a train fault so… I guess I should be lucky that we got a train
    at all So that’s a win. But I’m only gonna give this a score of 7. We’re late as well but not late enough to
    get any compensation so I’ll give that journey actually no I was standing I’ll give that
    journey 6 yeah [CRASH!] that train! Oh hello there it’s Thursday morning it’s
    7:15 and I’ve got a good feeling about today I think this might be the day where South
    Western Railway can show us it’s excellence! [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] So we’re nine minutes late. Late enough to have an impact – Not late enough
    to get any compensation. I think I’ll give that journey… a, a, it’s
    tricky – I’ll give it a nine with some indecision Yeah it’s a solid nine. [Music]
    [Music] So it’s Thursday night – there’s a camera! I keep missing it. It’s Thursday night – going for the 1745. Let’s see if all the carriages are here. Looks like most of them are here. Looks like it’ll also leave on time, so I
    don’t wanna jinx it, but this this could look good. (SINGS) It’s a proper length train! [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] Okay so this is going well. We’re on time and there’s a faster service
    that’s going to overtake us so I’ll be able to get on that and maybe get home a bit sooner
    I don’t know why I’m staring you like this. It’s like I’m looking down – I don’t – lift
    it higher that’s what I should do but I feel weird holding the phone this high. I think I’m getting better at this over the
    week, no? Okay I spoke too soon. It’s a third of a train – there’s only four
    carriages. Oh South Western Railway! You keep us hanging on! So this 12 carriage train is only 4 carriages. That’s a third of a train it’s– maybe I should
    shoot all my videos in here? I’m not sure. It’s not exactly soundproof. There’s no water. Oh! [Music]
    Hello it’s five to seven on Friday. Last day of the week yeah! I’ve got this new camera I don’t even know
    if you can see me let alone if I’m in focus I’ve got good hopes for today. I know South Western Railway can pull this
    out of the bag yeah! It’s funny I was thinking last night I’m worried
    that this video will come off as ungrateful or snarky when it absolutely comes from an
    opposite place I feel so grateful in this country that we
    have a rapid mass transit system that’s just there for us as a nation. But anyway let’s see what today brings
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    Okay so my train’s on time – yes! – but it’s another short formation
    It’s 8 carriages instead of twelve but on the upside it’s a Friday, so it’s usually
    a lot quieter on this route on a Friday, so fingers crossed. A lot of people like to not travel in by train. What’s not to like?! [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] That’s not the camera: The lights are off. It’s nice and intimate. I actually prefer it like this I think. [TANNOY]
    At Guildford, we were advertised differently. This lead to a couple of minutes extra. I do apologise for the inconvenience this
    will cause to your journeys this morning… So it’s not going quite so well on this journey. We’ve got a level crossing failure. The train was routed into the wrong platform,
    so we’re running about 12 minutes in delay. And, and there’s a third of the train missing. So… not quite there this morning. [Music]
    [Music] Okay, so this is interesting: we’re exactly
    14 minutes late. If we’re one minute later we get compensation,
    and if we don’t lose a minute, we don’t. So fingers crossed
    [Music] Okay so there’s a– there was a, we were routed…
    routed? We were routed into the wrong platform at
    Guildford – there’s a level crossing failure – a third of the train is missing, don’t know
    if you can see that in the background? I’m still looking at the screen instead of
    the camera and we’re sixteen minutes late which is great because that means we’ll get
    some compensation. I’ll put that on screen now, how much I’ll
    get. It takes a couple of weeks to go through
    So that’s gonna be a load, a load of money We’re 15– no 16 minutes late on a one-hour
    journey Ha. But it’s okay, because I now allow an hour
    and a half… [TANNOY ANNOUNCEMENT]
    I now allow an hour and a half extra on my journey time because I might not trust South
    Western Railway so much at the moment [Music]
    [Music] So we’re out seeing a show. We’re going to get very late train, at 2245
    and it looks like it’s gonna leave on time – it looks like all of the carriages are here. So very late on a Friday night… South Western Railway you’re looking good! [Music]
    Oh! It’s not that train! It’s the front of the–
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    So that was a good one. That was on time… all the carriages were
    on the train. Well done South Western Railway. So I think what I’ve learnt is, the time to
    travel on South Western Railway is at midnight on Friday… then we’re good. It’s Monday. It’s the last day of this experiment to just
    record a typical week travelling on South Western Railway. The company has cancelled two trains – the
    two trains I was going to get on. So I didn’t rush to the station for it. But just realized I won’t get any compensation
    for that because I don’t actually hold the ticket for the trains that were not going
    to leave. So… don’t know how I would claim for that. Ah well. So, I’ll go and get my ticket now
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    It’s a bit windy So the train straight after the cancellations
    are obviously late. So fingers crossed we can get on this one. [Music]
    Okay so this train’s a bit busy. But the next one’s in ten minutes, it’s delayed
    even more. So… there’s a seat. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [TANNOY: The next station is Guildford]
    [TANNOY:] This is your service up to London Waterloo, this is your Guard. Apologies, we’re now running 20 minutes behind
    schedule. We were delayed as we arrived into Guildford,
    we were delayed further as we were awaiting a second member of crew to head up to Waterloo. So I do apologise for the delay as we are
    running around 20 minutes behind schedule now. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] So two trains cancelled and the one next one
    in is 27 minutes late. That’s erm… I think I’ll give, give that – I don’t know
    if you can hear me? I’ll– all I can hear is just apologies on
    tannoys, it’s lovely. So I think I’ll give that journey a soft six
    out of ten It didn’t clonk over to the half hour extra
    compensation so I’m 27 minutes late, I’ll be paid the same as being sixteen minutes
    late, which… is unfortunate. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    So the last journey on the last day of this random
    week of travelling with South Western Railway. That last journey there, left at 1800 and
    I’ve got here on time — it might be in one minute late but basically it’s on time, so
    that’s a good one. That’s a good one to end on! Well done South Western Railway! I’ll give that– Oh, I had to stand! I had to stand for half an hour, but but look
    all the carriages were there! It was a twelve coach train with twelve coaches! And it left on time! So one journey – that’s fantastic – to end
    on on this journey high. So that was a random week of me travelling
    on South Western Railway Have you got any comments? What’s it like for you travelling on South
    Western Railway? Or maybe on the train company that serves
    your area – leave a comment below I’d love to hear your stories. And if you’ve reached this point in the video
    my goodness you you’ve come along a long journey with me. You’re awesome! Thank you. Why not express your awesomeness with a thumbs
    up 0 would be lovely to know that someone reached this point of the video. And if you’re feeling even kinder, why not
    hit the subscribe button? Every single subscription is treasured and
    takes us closer to the 1000 subscribers that we’re aiming for. We really appreciate that. I’ll see you on the next video thanks for
    watching! Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers
    just click on his face. Thanks bye! How’s that?

    Back to the Track ep.6 – BZ újra raliautóban!
    Articles, Blog

    Back to the Track ep.6 – BZ újra raliautóban!

    March 9, 2020

    You probably don’t know of it but there is a R3 rallycar version of this. It has a 6 speed sequential gearbox. It’s a rwd Toyota.. That’s the category I became the champion in twice. It’s a rwd R3 car with 240 hp. It’s pretty good on asphalt. The drivetrain has a disadvantage on dirt. Andrew said (Natalie’s husband).. He’s one of the teachers here. He’s a rally driver too. They don’t want to raise champions on dirt.. They whole program is for disabled people to try themselves on dirt and asphalt. They only need to attend. They only need a license. Andrew and the others decide if they’re okay to drive these cars. It’s completely free. It’s a great thing. It’s not about teaching them to race rather about giving them an experience. The rear tires are worn. The front tires are winter too. It grips at the front but not at the rear. It can slide while only being in 2nd or 3rd. We’ll learn the track on the first 5 laps. The second 5 laps are for getting a feel of the car. There will be a instructor sitting next to me. We have two types of cars. This one with Albert in it has a full rollcage with radio controlled driving system. The other one one has a rear rollcage and it can fit everyone, even me. That has a more simple driving system like mine. We’ll see if I fit. I’d like to try both. They said this whole day is for us to have fun. We can try both versions. Every pilot does 5+5 laps and then comes the next one. We’re on a airport which England has a lot of. We can hear planes too. But on the only runway there’s a old NSX being tested. They’re revving it hard. It’s a while pre-facelift NSX. Amazing.. The whole complex looks great. I could move here. Though I’d get tired of it pretty quick. These are pretty well made here in England. They live on a different level. Cars have a more imporant role here. We made episodes here before. We allways showed you and we will.. having a car in England means something different. They can do so much because of that. They have a lot of race weekends and stuff like this. Think about it! It’s a 5 million forint car.. Or even more.. two of them. They let us use it free. You only need to register. You can come here and try yourself. Not a lot of countries can afford this. We’ll try to ask Natalie about this whole idea. As I said before they do this on asphalt too, on the Silverstone racetrack. And this car is for that drit track. What should we know about the GT86? 2.0 NA, rwd and 200 hp. Do you remember how Vida drifted the whole Kakucsring.. it’s missing the 40 hp what a turbo could give. There are a lot of options from Japan or England to turbocharge it. The whole school, the Spilnal Track has this slogan: Everything is possible. RHD is not that fun for us. From this team, everyone is used to LHD.. Touching the cone wasn’t his fault.. We don’t really feel the lelft side of this car. How’s it when driving on the streets?
    Horrible. I mentioned Natalie McGloin who’s our boss at this FIA team. She’s the inventor of this. I wanted to ask her about it. Natalie, thank you for inviting us! How did Spinal Track start? How did you come up with the idea? We knew something like this had to be made just the moment I started racing. A lot of people was interesting in my racing career. There weren’t anything like this in England before. So we established this track. Now disabled people have an opportunity to go and drive on the Silverstone track for free. After a couple of years I wanted to do the same with rally cars. Now we have the Spinal Track Rally School! I’m very proud of it. We have two Toyota GT86. This whole program started only a month ago. First of all let’s talk about how many pilots you could invite here since? We ran about 15 trackdays on Silverstone this year. We’re going to those too. We can have three pilots at a day. So about 45 people can come in a year. When did you start the rally school? How many people could try this out? It’s a bit easier with the rally program. It’s our own track. We don’t have to adjust to any schedules. We had 10 pilots in just one month. Just a few words about your racing life.. Please tell us how you became a racing driver! When I met my husband he was a rally driver and also a rally school teacher. I became closer to motorsports. It was around 2015. I started liking it. I practiced with a Porche Cayman S PDK. That is a great car because it’s competitive while being almost stock. I became the first female in that series who had a license. I love all of it. We shouldn’t forget that you’re the president of the FIA’s Disability & Accessibility Comission. Yeah. Jean Todt invited me to the comission in 2017. This whole idea is about having a comission for leages specially made for disabled drivers. Our comission is under the Safety comission. We try to help drivers and show them they can reach amazing results in different motorsports. They can be spectators, drivers or even comission members. We also work on accessibility in regular life. We want to make everyday life easier for disabled people like us. It’s a hard work but we love it. Thank you! We decided I should start with the one with the smaller rollcage. Then I’ll try to get into the other version too. So this one has the same system as my regular car. You push it brakes, you pull it accelerates. The only disadvantage is the lack of left-foot braking.Or left-hand braking? In the other version you turn to accelerate. So you can use the throttle while braking. In the first version you eagther brake or accelerate. It won’t be a problem though. Let’s go! Are you worried? Not really. You know what.. Driving with one hand or even correcting.. I can only turn the wheel that much. If I need to correct more I have to lef off the gas. I wonder how it feels like when it slides andI try to correct. The first laps won’t be about it. I’ll learn the track first. We’ll see what no grip feels like. I’s not comfortable but.. Okay. Look at the system! It’s a bit different from mine because there’s a door where it’d be.. This is brake and gas. It’s pretty good. Close to the steering wheel. It’s the simple system. I leave the gloves on.. The steering is pretty good too. It’s better than the BMW’s.. It’s very small though. Not made for me. It’s gonna be good. Driving on dirt.. It’s funny.. with these tires it can go sideways while going 30-40.. You need to find the speed where it doesn’t. It’s fun to slide but it’s hard to correct. We’re trying.. I remember the track. I’ll try to go fast this time. But if you’re too hard it’s just like driving on ice. I got confused if the rear moves or it’s just understeering.. Of course it’s made so people won’t go too fast. It’s very fun and the steering is pretty precise. My shoulders didn’t get tired. I like it. We’re getting faster. We do 5 more laps. Yeah. It’s a great experience. The co-pilot was very proud of me. He said he was more relaxed than usual. He’s previous job was to teach a complete newcomer and the result was that he could go around the track. While I’m on a different level. I noticed something. The clock shows MPH. 28 and 35 mph is not really different. But the car’s movement changes. You can do the chichanes with 35 mph. You can have fun if you go faster though. I tried to slide only as little as possible. The instructor was downshifting for me. You drive like you’re on ice. They made it slippery on purpose. The grip will get better after we use the track for some time. It’s very fun. I’m getting tired now. It’s great that I know where to correct. The second 5 laps were pretty good. You shouldn’t expect anyting faster. It may look slow but it’s not. It’s really like going on ice. We’ll try to be faster. I really liked how well I could get around the hairpins. I slided just as much as needed. Is it possible to be precise with this hand driving system? No. But you saw that I was cms away from the cones. We touched one of them. I didn’t even notice it. But just one of them. I can be close to them but I’m not that brave. You’re sitting on the wrong side.
    Okay.. I forgot it while driving. It doesn’t matter. It happened with the gokart before too. When something doesn’t happen how you expect it to, correction is hard. Once I almost spun.. That’s the maximum I can turn the wheel.. Correcting mistakes is problematic. I’m driving so that the car only slides as much as I expect it to. The guy said he know’s I’m not trying to be mad. I wasn’t trying to go flat out. I tried to search for the border or grip. I was pretty good at it. But if you misjudde it, you can’t correct. I could correct those before the accident. This is a useful info. I didn’t even hope to get back into rally at least in my current state. No. That’s too complex. It’s awesome to have this opportunity to try this safely. But doing that for 20 kilometers.. I mean.. With rocks and no safezones.. Even with good tires.. I wanted to talk about the A/C but let’s just look at that NSX! It has a parachute for slowing down. They’re testing that. It looks fun. It has a plate though. It works here. So back to the track 🙂 If you follow Speedzone and Laptiming, you know that my biggest problem is not my disability but my damaged nerve system. I can’t sweat. In hot enviroment I just get a fever. A lot of disabled people have this problem. These cars have A/C. It’s great. It doesn’t really work but at least the air moves. Dust is also being pushed out by it. It’s a nice idea. They put the gearbox in M.. When the instructor feels like you need power, he puts it back a speed. I said to him he was really good at it. Nice job man! An old man was sitting in it. Well.. Why? That’s the ride for today. Yeah. He’s testing it for the race at the weekend. I metioned Albert Loveira before, who’s our biggest star in the comission. He’s been doing a lot of different motorsports. Albert.. Please tell us which is your favorite racecar? You used a lot.. Of course I love rally cars the most. Recently I started liking rallycross cars too. It only needs to be a racecar. The Dakar truck is cool too, and I like the buggys.. but rally cars are the best. Rally? You raced several times in rally championships, how was that? I’m lucky because in 2001 I could try myself in the WRC Junior Championship. Then in 2010-2011 I drove a S2000 car. This was the best. It was an amazing experience. You completed Dakar recently please tell us about that too! Dakar is more complicated for me.. I completed it 5 times. Once in Afrika and four times in South-America. I’m trying to go to the next one in Saud Arabia. Honestly I don’t like it that much. We do two Dakar races. The normal race and the race when you get out of the car. Showering.. sleeping.. Everything is uncomfortable. But it still gives a lot. It gives a lot for the spectators too. What are your plans for the future? It’s a difficult question. I find myself lucky.. I love it so much I don’t want to stop. I did rally.. rallycross.. Dakar.. and even ice racing which I loved. I just want to continue racing. We’re working together in FIA.. What do you you like the most in it? I find it important to have disabled pilots respected the same way as others. I want them to race wherever they want. We work together with Natalie, you and August to get things moving. It’s important to homologize hand driving systems which work for everyone. Today you tried this type of system. How was it? It’s different and interesting. It’s for seriously disabled drivers. Like Natalie or you. My hands are working properly so I can use other kind of systems too. Mine wouldn’t work for you. But if we want to compete in a race, I’m going to be the one adapting. It’s amazing these people can try themselves in rally. Of course it’s not a driver school. Thank you!

    Wuhan: How China’s city of 11 million affects the world’s economy | Just The FAQs
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    Wuhan: How China’s city of 11 million affects the world’s economy | Just The FAQs

    March 6, 2020

    Wuhan is the epicenter of the corona
    virus outbreak, but before its citizens went into hiding it was a busy city in
    the heartland of China. Wuhan is a second-tier city in the capital of
    central China’s Hubei Province, it’s comparable to the US cities of
    Pittsburgh or Chicago. Like Pittsburgh, Wuhan is a post-industrial former steel town that reinvented its economy with tech and medicine. Both cities are at the intersection of major rivers and attract a lot of college students. Like Chicago, Wuhan is
    a major transit hub. It has the largest inland port in China, handling
    1.5 million containers a year. The city is also connected to major cities like
    Shanghai and Beijing by the high-speed bullet train, but Wuhan’s population is way bigger
    than Chicago’s and Pittsburgh’s. The mega city has nearly 11 million people,
    about 36 times the number in Pittsburgh. Wuhan is even more populous than New York City. Before the corona virus outbreak,
    Wuhan’s economy thrived. Its GDP quadrupled from 2007 to 2017. Wuhan has long been one of China’s
    automotive hubs. Honda, Nissan, Peugeot, Citroen,
    and General Motors have major operations there. Wuhan is also known for producing many of the LCD and LED panels for flat-screen TVs and computers and for its advanced chip fabrication plants. Additionally, the city receives
    a lot of investment from France. It’s pretty clear that the economic impact of the corona virus epidemic will be felt in China and around the world.

    North Devon Ramblings 9
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    North Devon Ramblings 9

    March 4, 2020

    Well, this is Chapelton, the last station
    before Barnstaple, between Umberleigh and Barnstaple. It’s one of the least-used stations in the country. I think it sees around 160 passengers a year, which is considerably fewer than one a day. It has two trains in each direction, which are request stops. But it’s rather lovely. There’s the Station Master’s house, with what looks like an original running-in board, if not on its original frame. Two platforms, once a passing loop. I think this section was doubled. Evidence of the signal box with the tunnels beneath the platform surface. It’s very well kept up. It’s extraordinary, really, the effort that goes into these little places. Somebody’s made a lot of effort here and so few people see it. It’s almost as if it doesn’t matter that it’s a station – they’d do it anyway, like they would for a churchyard or a public open space. It’s nice to think that somebody’s taken ownership of it. London & South Western Railway, Chapelton. The little waiting shelter is far better than some that you find, for instance that one at Lidl’s bus stop outside Exeter the other day, a miserable affair, or that dreadful thing at Exton. This is, by contrast, really rather adequate. certainly for one passenger a day. I don’t suppose it’s possible to put a
    figure on the upkeep of a station like this. Well, perhaps it is. But the decision is taken that as it’s survived this long, it’s going to survive indefinitely. There obviously is a cost in keeping it. It is hard to believe this was once a two-platform station, with a Station Master, very close to Barnstaple – and now almost forgotten. There’s only so much the organizations can do to encourage usage of these stations the rambling leaflets – there’s no pub here, I think. The villages are quite widespread. But you can’t help but think of all the
    places in the country that don’t have anything, and then places like this have
    all this effort – which is lovely, it’s wonderful, but it’s, it’s just somehow
    desperately unfair that we in the Teign Valley get nothing. Most of the Teign Valley doesn’t want anything, or doesn’t know what it wants – other than cars and more cars and bigger cars and flashier cars and noiser cars and heavier cars, and
    cars for their kids and cars for their dogs, and cars for … puh! Any bloody excuse for a car. So, there it is: Chapelton. One stop now to Barnstaple.