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    Alfa Romeo 4C vs Porsche Cayman on track
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    Alfa Romeo 4C vs Porsche Cayman on track

    January 20, 2020

    Back on the throttle, flat out through the
    left over 100mph on the exit. Such a joy to drive this car but can it take on the Alfa
    for pure driving thrills. Alfa Romeo is one of the most evocative names in the world of
    motoring. But for the last few decades the firm hasn’t had a sports car that lives up
    to their illustrious sporting heritage but now they have – this car, the Alfa Romeo 4C.
    With a carbon fibre chassis, dual-clutch gearbox and a mid-engine layout the spec sheet reads
    like a super car, yet it costs less than 50K. But how does it compare to arguably the best
    mid-engined sports car in the world – Porsche’s Cayman. Well, in an Auto Express track battle,
    let’s find out. The stunningly beautiful 4C is a return to Alfa Romeo’s sports car past.
    With its carbon fibre chassis, it weights just 895kg while the 1.7-litre four-cylinder
    turbo engine produces 270bhp and 350Nm of torque. Now into its second generation the
    Porsche Cayman is famous for its perfect handling the 2.7-litre flat-six engine has 271bhp and
    290Nm of torque. But it weights 1,310kg so that’s 400kg heavier than the carbon-fibre
    Alfa Romeo. So we’ve got a very standard Cayman, it’s not a Cayman S just a standard Cayman.
    Hasn’t got an active damping system – it’s just a very standard Cayman. The Cayman’s
    lovely it works on so many layers it’s a fantastic road car, rides relatively nicely, quite comfortable
    on the road so it’s got that element. But the big question is, can it take on the Alfa
    for pure driving thrill? And, so many things about this car just feel perfect – the second
    you drive onto the circuit you just feel absolutely at the centre of the action. Everything’s
    beautifully balanced – you just feel like the car is pivoting around you so obviously
    mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive, just absolutely perfect balance in the chassis. There’s a
    little bit of roll in the car but nothing bad, you know it’s just such a wonderfully
    well-balanced car. It’s got a sports exhaust which is really good. Traction is amazing
    – it’s quite long gearing in the Cayman so, and the engine only really starts to sing
    above 4,500RPM so on the road you can sometimes feel like it’s a little bit out of its comfort
    zone but the track when you get it working it really sounds amazing so that’s the first
    lap done, little bit of heating to the tyres. It’s come round and you start a flying lap,
    so across the line, second gear, and again because that gearing is quite short down the
    second here, there’s so much feel through the steering that you just always know what
    the car is doing. Change of direction is amazing there, lots of grip as the car’s loaded up
    with that long long left-hander. Up to third gear, just over 100mph and 110 hard on the
    brakes down to second gear for the corner. Loads of feel through the brakes, ABS doesn’t
    come in too hard. Third gear, amazing traction on the exit of that tight corner. Again, into
    these higher-speed corners the control and the balance on the car is just – you really
    feel what’s going on, it’s such a joy to drive this car. It’s so beautifully balanced, sounds
    great and just communicates so well. Third gear, high speed change of direction here.
    You can feel the weight through here but, still, pretty amazing through there. Right
    up at the top of the revs in third, down to second, really good brakes. Into the apex,
    great traction into the last corner. Such a lovely car and across the line. So the Porsche
    was a joy to drive and lapped the circuit in 1 minute 12.7 seconds the question is,
    is the Alfa Romeo going to be faster? Starting a practice lap the first thing you notice
    about the car is that it doesn’t have power steering. Surely the reason for not having
    power steering is to save weight, but also to give you an uninterrupted purity of steering
    feel – unfortunately, the steering feel isn’t very good. The steering really squirms around
    and kicks back quite a lot. But you can’t really feel what the front end’s doing which
    is a shame because the one thing you’re going to want if you’ve got no power steering is
    good steering feel but it’s a shame. The engine’s quite coarse, it’s not a nice noise like the
    six-cylinder Porsche. It does make itself known in the cabin but the dual-clutch gearbox
    is pretty quick and perfectly suited to the job. The other disappointment you notice really
    is the fact that the brake pedal – it’s very strong and there’s plenty of stopping power,
    but there’s not a lot of feel to the brake pedal and it’s quite hard to brake progressively.
    The retardation is quite grabby and it gets into the ABS very quickly, but the body control
    around that high-speed corner is just amazing. There’s hardly any roll in this car it does
    feel like a really planted track car. So, let’s see if that gives it the advantage against
    the stopwatch. So, coming round now starting the lap – trying to get good traction out
    of it, which is pretty good. Much shorter gearing than the Porsche, so we’re a gear
    up in some of these corners, so change the gear into this first corner here – really
    good through there as it changes direction from left to right. A little bit of understeer
    as you get on the power – there is a little bit more understeer in this car than you probably
    would like and because of the fact with the Turbo power it’s quite hard to dial the understeer
    to oversteer because when you get back on the throttle you have the engines not on boost
    and then it suddenly comes into boost. It’s better now on the track when it’s dried off,
    when the track was damp that made the car quite edgy quite tricky. Now that it’s dried
    off it’s pretty good and through these high speed corners turning and the really stiff
    body control means that there’s lots of grip and it is really planted through here. But
    again just a little bit too much understeer, mighty through here though, little lift through
    the right. Back on the throttle flat out through the left over 100 on the exit hard on the
    brakes squirms a little bit again too much on the braking. Power through the gears, second
    gear, third gear around to the last corner coming up to the line now and across the line.
    Incredibly, given how different they are to drive this pair record an identical lap time
    around our test track. That’s the first time that’s every happened – so what’s going to
    win our track battle? Well the Alfa is beautiful, has loads of grip and fantastic body control
    but unfortunately it lacks the sublime chassis, communication and fingertip feel of the Porsche.
    The Cayman is also more practical, cheaper and better to live with day-to-day. So, while
    we love the look of the Alfa, the all-round abilities of the Cayman make it one of the
    best sports cars money can buy – and it wins this track battle.

    Planets Song
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    Planets Song

    January 19, 2020

    Mercury is the closest planet to the sun Venus comes next; it’s the hottest one Earth comes 3rd, the only life that we know Mars has the largest canyon and volcano The gassy planet Jupiter, the largest you will find Saturn has rings around the outside Uranus is funny ’cause it spins on its side Neptune looks blue, the coldest of its kind Okay, get ready. We’re gonna say all the planets really really really really fast. Can you keep up? We’re gonna say all the planets from the first to the last Mercury is the closest planet to the sun Venus comes next; it’s the hottest one Earth comes 3rd, the only life that we know Mars has the largest canyon and volcano The gassy planet Jupiter, the largest you will find Saturn has rings around the outside Uranus is funny ’cause it spins on its side Neptune looks blue, the coldest of its kind Okay, get ready. We’re gonna say all the planets really really really really fast. Can you keep up? We’re gonna say all the planets from the first to the last Subtitles by: MinecraftPro887Plays – English

    SUB)한국 지하철을 처음 이용해본 일본인 반응! How To Use Korean Subway [Incheon Metro] 韓国の電車駅で切符を買ってみよう!
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    SUB)한국 지하철을 처음 이용해본 일본인 반응! How To Use Korean Subway [Incheon Metro] 韓国の電車駅で切符を買ってみよう!

    January 16, 2020

    Son Heung-min!
    (Son Heung-min is Korean soccer player with the same hairstyle as hotzang.) I’m tired~ The physical strength of a soccer player… Why are you so tired? lol Where’s the power of today’s bone soup? Haha… Wait, what was the bone soup? You ate it this morning! Aah! Have you lost your strength already? It’s gone. Go to the Gassan station… Well, it’s my favorite place. SAMSAMINE SAMSAMINE? There’s a samgyeopsal restaurant [SAMSAMINE]. SAMSAM! What does Sam mean? It means the number three! 3! Three! Why is the name of the store “SAMSAM” It used to cost 3,300 won for one person. 3,300 won? 300 won? 300 won! The price of pork belly! It’s cheap, right? However, the price is not that cheap now, But it’s delicious! The meat is thick. It’s pork. after eating Rice? What can I say? Fried rice? They make it like fried rice.
    It’s really delicious! There is a denjangjjigae like miso-soup.
    It tastes better with that. Shall we go? LOL Cheer up a little. Shall we cheer up? Huh? Let’s cheer up. Wait a minute. I can’t stand up. Because I don’t have glasses. Will there be a place to sell glasses in Gaesan-dong? Yeah! I really want to buy glasses. I don’t feel strong. out of strength Oh no… Are you baby? LOL From now on What is it? This is an experience I’ve had every time. When the new member came to Korea for the first time,
    But it’s not your first time in Korea, right? To someone who’s never been on the subway. Experience to test whether you can buy a subway ticket yourself. You mean the ticket? I can! This station is… This is a station called the Art Center. From here to the Gaesan station! Kessa? Gaesan Gaesan Gaesan…
    We are going to the Gaesan station! Gaesan station! Yes! Please try to buy ticket! First try! That’s right! buy ticket I’m not going to tell you anything.
    -Yes. Yes, and… Is ticketing easy to use or difficult to use?
    Tell me what’s uncomfortable and what’s good for you! Do you have any touch? What is touch? Electronic Touch (Traffic Card) There is!
    There’s that. But you don’t have, right? Buy me… LOL I don’t like it! Laughter This time, we’re almost in the car.
    I didn’t buy it because you didn’t need it. My leg hurts! Already… Oh no… I can’t walk~
    Let’s move to the car. They’re selling this and that. Yes Do you want to buy glasses?
    -I want glasses. -I want glasses. Which glasses? The man walking on the street, the young friends, white glasses White? He was wearing white lens glasses. round You mean round glasses? Yes! round glasses I want it! They’re all using it! LOL That’s why I have to buy it, too!
    Same feeling? That’s right! If i don’t wearing those glasses! This is probably not acceptable in Korea! LOL By the way, are those glasses cool? You’re going to want to buy it! That’s right! So if i wear those glasses and go to the supermarket, I think I can make you eat more free food. Well, we’re at the station! Then, I’ll buy a ticket! Yes (Finding) ppp(machine sounds) (um…) No, no, no, no. No? Go back to the previous screen. Start over from the first screen. Please take a good look at the first screen! This? No, no, no. x2 well… Please buy it in Japanese. (hesitating…) a disposable transportation card Wasn’t what I did right? Well … I were also hit in Korean… Try it again. Uhehehehehe Please put one in each. Why are you putting two together at once? I can only put one in each? From the first screen… (a burst of laughter) It’s late! It’s late! Quick! x2
    (Quickly, quickly!) I’ll do it!
    Now i can buy it! Please wait a little longer!
    But… Put money in after you choose number of tickets. You have to choose your destination. Am i on my way back? Please select arrival station. (Finding arrival station) Or the information about the transportation card you want to buy.
    Put money in after you choose number of tickets. two! Two tickets? Yes It is refusing the money. Let’s get back inside! (We don’t have time!!!) (Oh no…) Wait a minute, please. Disposable transportation card has been released. I did it all after all! I bought it simply. You go first. P~~(machine sounds) I was just going to buy a ticket by myself. I couldn’t buy it. What was difficult? Hey, the station’s name is… It only comes in Korean. In Japanese, i have to choose a line. It was difficult… I don’t know. You mean it takes time? It takes time! The point is that it is difficult! So, buy a T-Money card.
    You’d better charge it. That’s good. I have no idea! If you have this card, You can use it in convenience stores and it is convenient. Okay.
    Lend me some! No (a burst of laughter) Because you’re wrong~ Actually, We got off at another station. So we are going back. I’m sorry. Why are we taking the subway now? There’s a lot of traffic in this town right now. You are trying to figure out why the subway is now. LOL (take the subway) How is it? It’s crowded. This… This is Incheon!
    It’s the Incheon subway. Incheon Metro We are going to this station! OK (Gaesan Station) Gaesan station! Yes 11 If We go by car, We can’t go because the traffic is really heavy. Yes, yes. We’d better take the subway. The characteristics of the Korean subway system, especially this Incheon.
    It’s a feature of the subway. What are you saying?
    Screen door? Spring? Screen door?
    What is it in Japanese? Ah, I saw the safety radar. OK Is it a feature of all the stations in Incheon? It’s characteristic. It’s cheap, right? Is this unlimited? It’s not unlimited. No? No LOL But it’s pretty cheap. I see, isn’t it an unlimited ride? It’s not an unlimited ride. No?
    -No. We just sat down. The chair is hard. Do you know why? for my posture? LOL There was a fire in the past. OK in the city of Daegu So, there’s a lot of smoke. To prevent smoke. Looks like they’ve made it light. Right. Isn’t it a little warm now?
    under a chair A little. Is it because someone was sitting there just now? No, no It gets warm. It’s not human warmth. No? at the warmth of the person who just sat down. In Korean subway trains, chairs get warm automatically in winter I learned it in the comments. Laughter I explained. Thank you. Do you remember? I memorized it. Please teach me. Please tell me the reason why in Incheon Metro chair is hard. The hard reason is, I…There was a fire. once upon a time Because it was a burning material. There was a lot of smoke. Because there was so much smoke? They made it hard. It’s hard.
    to prevent as much smoke as possible to burn difficultly! The chair was hard, but you slept well. I were sleepy because it’s warm. Are you okay? OK! Every trips are fun, but tired, right? I’m tired~ Gaesan! Gaesan! Gaesan Gaesan!! Gaesan! Gaesan!!! Eat pork belly! Show me the power of pork belly~! I’ll show you. Let me show you the power of pork belly!

    Vlog 033 Travel to China -VIENNA STOPOVER
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    Vlog 033 Travel to China -VIENNA STOPOVER

    January 10, 2020

    it’s everyone’s favorite episode – it’s the travel one another trip say hi everyone hiii heyyy hiii we landedday one we landed in Vienna. so we’re flying from New York to Vienna five-hour layover in Vienna and then
    heading from Vienna to Shanghai overnight so we just got off eight hours
    off the plane off Austrian Airlines and we’re nowour breakfast was terriblebut dinner was good it was goodwe were so excited for breakfast and then all of the sudden we get a 10-pound muffin the plan is to go into the city now actually we’re gonna do some check luggage and then? and then we’re gonna go eat oh, I’m full thoughI know I’m really not hungry. we have five hours to get into the city center and back – actually a little bit less. our flight boards at one see you guys soon it’s hot in hereare you hot? Jansen made us run all over theplace so we got dropped off taking the CAT -it’s the city train- oh there’s a supermarket wait. should we go the supermarket or not? arrived in the city center and now we’re
    walking over to Cafe Demel it’s early it’s only 8:20 in the morning we have three and a half hours here – I don’t know what that was but – three and a half hours of exploring Vienna on a Saturday morning -oh no Sunday morning isn’t it?No, it’s Saturday No, it’s Sunday.Sunday?yeah good job everyone way to rally I feel like this is probably famous and
    we have no idea oh, it’s good oh, it’s good double-smoked/smoked? mustard and cheese?yes, everything I got currywurst out of the bun piece of bread on the side I don’t know what this isthis is the regular Weiner, and I got double-smoked and yours is stuffed with cheese and mustard and other things? ketchup? this is my little piece oh, that’s tasty. the sauce is oh, that’s good oh, wow it’s very cheesy it’s filled with cheese, right?this one doesn’t have cheese this one is a double-smoked and that’s double-cheese I like with the cheese? you don’t like the cheeseit mean it’s good but it’s really rich you like this? so, we’re back at the airport. we spent about four hours here so far we went into the city and came back. we pretty much just ate as much as we could. we didn’t get the Wienerschnitzel but we got lots of other food plus we got some pastries for the ride so now we board a plane to Shanghai so about an eleven hour flight we are now boarding how’s everybody doingtired we’ve landed in Shanghaithat was the most miserable flightthat was pretty miserable I was fine I slept a lot. sunrise is 6:00 a.m. Monday we’re in Shanghai Airportyou’re starting already?too soon too soon look how slow we are goingpeople are walking faster than us The fachertorte has very defined layers of poppy seed, walnuts and apples… where did Paul go?I didn’t get the prune jam Why is Paul off camera? did somebody eat all the prune jam without me ’cause I didn’t get any prune jam yeah it was on the apple layer wait why are you going off camera?why you doing that now? ’cause your filming and I want to make sure I’m not shinyI hope you brought a lot three hundred

    Dünyanın En Hızlı Trenindeyim – Şangay Maglev Treni – ÇİN
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    Dünyanın En Hızlı Trenindeyim – Şangay Maglev Treni – ÇİN

    January 10, 2020

    I am in Shanghai, the largest city in China Here is the skyscraper district in Shanghai In a while I’ll take the world’s fastest train The world’s fastest high-speed train hits 431 km/hr Now 190 km/hr It’s written on that board Now 210 km/hr 227 km/hr I took a train last week which hit 350 km/hr This one will hit 430 km/hr It doesn’t touch the ground It is used magnetic levitation to move vehicles 290 km/hr 310 km/hr Half of the passengers, including me, take this train because of it’s the world’s fastest tarin Train goes to the airport 340 km/hr 360 km/hr Despite Japanese bullet train is setting speed records on test track Chinese high speed train holds the record on comercial use 400 km/hr 410 km/hr! Oh my God! It’s fast It’s also fun 420 km/hr 430 km/hr 431 km/hr The train has top operational speed of 430 km/hr It can go even faster Noone has a luggage, everbody is here for taking photos As I said, It’s normally used between city center and the airport Now 410 km/hr It’s like a roller coaster. So much fun Very extreme One way ticket is 50 Yuan which is 8 USD approximately It’s 45 km in total It’s getting slow down now 390 km/hr 330 km/hr The train leans into curves like plane It doesn’t go straight like normal trains When it is into curves, it leans like a roller coaster I shoot the video vertical so you can see The line is in total 30 km It’s taken 8 minutes to arrive When it hit 430 km/hr, It was so much fun

    Sydney Metro: Bella Vista Station community day
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    Sydney Metro: Bella Vista Station community day

    January 10, 2020

    [UPBEAT MUSIC] TOM GELLIBRAND, A/CEO SYDNEY METRO: We’ve gone from bare paddocks to tunnels and now people finally get to see it. And they go – ‘Oh wow you’re actually delivering the thing that we really want!’ It’s fantastic watching people’s reactions as they walk up and down the platform just going – ‘Wow this is a brand new railway line!’ And just seeing the thrill in their faces and the anticipation of the thing coming to life. It’s fantastic. I’ve been following the project since inception when the original project plans came out cause it was an absolutely fascinating study and its brilliant to finally see it come to fruition I’m really looking forward to having a ride on the train I think the new design looks really cool – not like the old designs Very impressed, very impressed. It looks great We live quite close by so if there’s public transport to here – yes we certainly will be using this I think its magnificent, the construction and the building of the Bella Vista Station Impressed. The station I guess takes railway stations to another level Makes a railway station for the new age. Basic but functional Working – yet has a certain amount of style about it I think it’s pretty good. I mean everything’s pretty cool and the colours are creative It is really just good design. It’s got everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t My girl she is going for selective school test next year and when she goes to high school I am actually thinking to send her to probably North Sydney Girls, so from here you can actually go to Chatswood very quick right and then she can go to her high school faster It’ll be easier because it comes every four minutes and they’re faster. You don’t get traffic lights so you can get there quicker than driving I think another fast option hopefully to get to the city or wherever we want to go It’s always good to have an option and the fact that the trains will run so frequently is really exciting I think it’ll mean there’ll be less cars on the road so it wouldn’t be as busy [MUSIC ENDS]

    Rakiura Track – Stewart Island, New Zealand (Great Walks Track Profile 9 of 9)
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    Rakiura Track – Stewart Island, New Zealand (Great Walks Track Profile 9 of 9)

    January 9, 2020

    We have done quite a few of the walks, and
    I’d have to say it’s right up there. It’s one of the best ones. It’s fabulous. I guess
    we’re lucky, look at this weather. It’s very clean, the people are very friendly.
    I think that’s the attraction of an island, you come with that sort of isolation aspect
    in mind. We’ll get beautiful calm days right through
    from November through to March, but even those shoulder seasons where it all stretched through,
    then come sneak in before March, October. It’s nice and quiet so you can walk the tracks
    and there’s not too many people there, and right through to April.
    The big beautiful rimu�s and rata, they’re just all around us. It’s up in the rimu�s,
    we’re getting basically another forest in itself. We’ve got all the epiphytes there
    clinging to the tree. You can see the broadleafs, the ferns and they just– there’s another
    forest up there just growing. On Stewart Island everybody talks about the
    mud, but on the Rakiura track that’s a fallacy, because what we’ve done is we’ve gone to a
    great extent to make the track hard and comfortable to walk.
    And what we’ve come across here is these old steam pullers, and these were used for pulling
    or lowering logs down through the bush. It was sort of on dusk, and Peter spotted
    these two kiwis, and it was just and awesome experience.
    We’ve done a lot of walks and we’ve never seen a kiwi in the wild. We’ve seen them in
    captivity but never in the wild. It’s something everybody wants to do. I mean, you go on a
    tramp in the hope that you’re going to see something quite unique, and you know, we scored
    on this occasion, so it was fantastic. And the fun was going out there just on darkness
    and were we going to see one or when we going to see one and then we did and it was awesome.

    Railway Empire – Review
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    Railway Empire – Review

    January 9, 2020

    Review: Railway Empire As a kid, I really wanted a LEGO train-set,
    but never got one, so now as an adult I’m compensating by spending far too much time
    playing railroad sims. Railway Empire is available on Steam and Playstation 4 + XBox and review keys were kindly provided by
    Kalypso Media and Gaming Minds Studios. The game was played on a Playstation 4. Every time a new party steps up to the table
    of all the original sim and tycoon games, parts of the gaming community holds their
    breath in anticipation: Is it someone trying to cash in, or are they bringing something
    new to the table? Gaming Minds Studios have made a bit of a name of themselves of stepping up, and bringing
    the genres forward bit-by-bit, and with Railway Empire, they continue this trend. Railroad sims, or “tycoons”, is all about
    building an empire by putting down railroad tracks, building stations, and having little
    trains drive around making monies for you. Upgrade things, research new and historically
    accurate trains, and speed up everything until there’s too much going on and you’re several
    days past your bedtime. Stylistically comparable to 2006’s Sid Meiers’
    Railroads, the most-recent entry in the Railroad Tycoon series, and using many of the same
    mechanics, the first thing you notice is that they basically moved the whole thing forward
    a generation, giving you a more modern game. Everything is bigger. Yes, a decade later
    we have more RAM and whatnut, and finally a decent sized map. That said, I hope there’s
    plans for even larger, more involved maps, just to let us play a single game for ages! The in-game research tree is also a nice addition, or re-introduction,
    with “Research Points” you can allocate towards different components, new trains or
    just social effects. A gatekeeping mechanism is there to keep you from using a bullet-train
    in 1870s America. Unfortunately, the research-elements seem mostly to be based around either extra
    locomotive power, or higher ticket/cargo fees, and more variation could have made this more
    interesting. The campaign and opponents are also a good
    step forward, telling the story of the railroads being built in the US in the 1800s, with a
    fair bit of history included, and little quips from the various characters. Not overly new,
    but polished and a nice addition for anyone either interested in history, or just not
    too well-versed in the particulars. Slight annoyance, though, when the various characters
    repeat the same sentence for the 10th time in a row. One final bullet point that sets it apart
    from the older games in its genre is the Ride-Along, where you get to, well, ride along on the
    train. It’s not ground breaking, in that this has been a part of non-tycoon’y train-sims,
    and while it’s a nice feature that I’ve spent far too much time with, the graphical
    quality of the PS4 version pulls it down a bit The game is out on Windows PC, Playstation, and XBox One and as mentioned earlier,
    I played it on the PS4. Similar to how Civilization Revolution on the previous generation of console
    went a more arcadey route, Empires sort-of do too. The visuals are cartoony, and the
    UI/UX elements are kept relatively simple for use with a controller, but depth is still
    there when setting up routes, warehouses, track-signalling etc. There are cases when
    this fails a bit, and I’ve still not quite figured out how to change what a given train
    should do at a given stop, in terms of prioritizing cargo and track. As a result, I’ve hauled
    far too much lumber and grains, and not enough coal, as well as having multiple trains all
    wait to use the same track, when there’s another, open track. The controls also feel sluggish, like there’s
    up-to a few 10ths of a second input-delay. Particularly around the Action Wheel (R2 on
    PS4), you have to hold down X a bit longer to actually activate an Action, which at times
    frustrated me to no ends and at least once simply resulted in me shutting down the console
    and walking away. Tooltips in the map also seems to be getting
    in the way of interacting with objects, but it’s not clear whether this is due to limitations
    in the console setup, or on purpose. Railway Empire covers a lot of the basics you’d expect, and makes an excellent single-player
    game, but it does come up short in certain areas One that’s perhaps not high up on
    most people’s list is multiplayer gaming – it’s very much a single-player experience,
    and according to the publisher there’s no plans for multiplayer. Another omission that’s quickly apparent,
    is how it focuses solely on America 1830 through 1930 There’s no Stephenson’s Rocket and
    railroads of Britain, nor mainland Europe with 1820s Belgium and into the rest of territory,
    or late 1800s India. There’s so much to the history of the railroads, that are frankly
    missing, that the game feels incomplete. Modding is supposedly a thing, though this
    will likely be a Windows-only feature, judging from other games’ attempts at this on consoles.
    Especially Sony Playstation’s people are somewhat opposed to this concept, so if you’re
    a peasant, don’t hold your breath Design Mechanically the game works, and works well,
    the visual style is cute but not overwhelmingly so, and the music fits the themes of the game.
    There are issues with UI/UX, e.g. trying to read city-names if you sit on a sofa a bit
    away from a TV. It feels as if the console version wasn’t tested in earnest. Challenges Oh, there’s challenges alright. At the time of reviewing this, no-one has successfully
    completed the 4th Campaign mission, though that might be because it’s about using pre-built
    rails to transport goods, instead of building your own. There’s an option to play on an easy level, with less routing headaches, making the game
    a bit more casual, which I think is good. Fun Are railroads …. Fun? It’s entertaining, if your into trains and logistics, and tinkering
    with layouts, reading historical tidbits, and learning about trains. So, yes. Its Fun! Longevity It’s easy to spend FAR too much time on this sort of game, but the omission of anything
    outside of historical USA does put a hard limit on things. Pausing is also punished
    in-game, so you end up not wanting to fiddle and analyse your rails too much. Price At about 49.99 GBP on PSN, or 49.99 Euro on Steam, the game is pretty much a full-priced game,
    but with only 1 territory, no multiplayer, less than optimal UI/UX (notably on console),
    graphics that doesn’t look AAA it’s hard to justify it to any but ardent fans
    of the genre. Overall Score: 7.4 out of 10 It’s a Good Game, but its not quite there yet [Music Playing]
    [Gameplay at x2 speed]

    Vlog 034 Shanghai I -STREETFOOD, YU GARDEN
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    Vlog 034 Shanghai I -STREETFOOD, YU GARDEN

    January 6, 2020

    Currently head to the Maglev which is China’s fastest high-speed train So, we are taking the Maglev train from Shanghai Airport to downtown Shanghai It cost 40 RMB for a same day ticket and we obviously just flew in otherwise would have been 15 each way we haven’t even gotten to the hotel yet it’s good. it has sausage I haven’t gotten to the eggwhat?it’s a salted duck eggoh, it’s a salty duck egg?The rice is so good Hmm…How much is this?Nine dollarsNine RMB It’s really salty but goodI knowWait, you got the same thing?Yeahit’s the second one of the exact same thing? Round two Alright, we just went to KFC get some breakfast for ourselvesyes first thing we’ll try today is the salty egg yolk rice rollOh Delicious. Glad we ordered this Jansen Yes we ordered everything on the
    computer screen ’cause they told us to and then you can only pay with WeChat or Alipay which we don’t have so we had to then we had to go back and do the entire order again at the register and she didn’t speak English so she had to get a menu board and we pointed to everything but we got the order right so the riceball is pretty much a burrito made with rice stuffed with salty egg yolk…there’s pork sung in here look like there’s crullers and cucumbers it’s KFC not bad it mean it’s KFC but not bad there’s a big piece of meat all this came to 31 RMB the wrapper is really kinds of like, eh it’s good I mean, the rice is really well prepared. the rice is perfectyeah, this is surprisingly good so there you have it breakfast at KFC oh, that’s a cute name we’ll probably take the subway now and head to the hotel but we’ll see if we don’t find something else so what is this magical place where we are right now where we’re eating like crazy now we didn’t leave after the KFC stop and went to another corner what we saw this guy making shao bing, so this is a
    pork bunit’s a doughit’s like a baked flatbread, shao bingyeah, it’s a shao bing butit’s got scallions and porkHoll just ordered dan dan mein I just saw somebody eating this and
    you know I love eating dan dan mean and we got spicyis this meatless?yeah, it’s a little bland. it’s not that flavorful. noodles are really good so, it was 10 for noodles and nine RMB, eight RMB, for this jing bing hopefully we’re not eating for nowfor now, but we’ll seewe’re doing a lot considering how early it is alright, time for a little 85-degree post breakfast pastries tasting I’m going too eat this custard tart then we move on to the croissant egg I want to point out how much black sesame is in that spread I think this is it for breakfast if you understood how little we’ve walked
    getting off the Maglevto cross the roadand the amount of foodthat was a pedestrian road to the metro train and we have not really crossed that road. well, we crossed the road and then zigzagged back and forth to go to all these different areas of food, you would appreciate how little traveling we done to eat this much understandembarrassing?welcome to the Andaz welcome to the bathroom Toto? An automatic Toto. We have all the controls over here oh the light changeswhat are doing? we are gonna go get some money because we have no cashwe had to beg to get on the
    subwayand it turns out it’s all cash it’s all cash not really credit cards
    accepted it was so nice, they gave us an extra room at the hotel to go take a shower yeah, so they have an empty room for us to shower and so we had a chance to clean up so we are at Yu GardensSo what do you think Holl?It’s good. I like that’s a scallion pancake with a fried overeasy egg with a ton of a white pepper It’s not crispy thoughIt is It’s our first night and we’re getting foot massages let’s see how it goes oh my god. it’s turning warm my feet are turning warmit was goodNo tip!we ordered Shanghai pork bellyyeah so we had their…that’s their specialty that was great it’s like pork belly that
    was actually really good ’cause the fat was still a little bit that had texture it was sweet and had a lot of star anise Paul didn’t love it as much as I did but I loved it we also had three cup chicken yeah, the three cup chicken was delicious string bean with pork then bok choy with rice they charged for napkins you don’t get napkins at all, they charge one yuan so we just stole some from the bathroomsah!I didn’t stop yousomeone’s gonna… Jimmy, I see you. Jimmy would have done the same. He would have been proud of us. Saved us three yuan oh we might find some dessert places, maybe we made one-stop we got Lillian’s egg custard oh my god, that’s really good. oh my god it looks likesuper custardy oh that’s good hmmm..that’s really goodreally good that might be the best egg custard tart I’ve ever had in my life all right now we’re gonna head home. I
    think we’re done. right guys? alright. time to go back. no more stops and everyone needs to use the bathroom too we have all of our bags and we haven’t even made it to the hotel yet so we’re…oh no! alright, so, we’re at Yu… Yu Gardens should we get some dumplings, too? we’re never leaving here we’re just going sit here and eat lunch, dinner and breakfast? Put it back in the…Jansen! Jansen!

    Trans Siberian Railway MUST SEE: Mongolia’s Gobi Desert Will Surprise You!!
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    Trans Siberian Railway MUST SEE: Mongolia’s Gobi Desert Will Surprise You!!

    January 5, 2020

    Vodka Time? Toktoi! Toktoi! Cheers! Good morning and welcome back to the
    Mongolian desert. We’re on top of one of the highest canyons in all of Mongolia and it’s where we slept. We’re in our tent. It’s getting hot in here. It’s really getting
    hot in here now. It’s 8:30 in the morning but the sun is shining and it’s really
    getting hot. Yesterday we hiked about eight or nine kilometres through the canyon
    and then we found a beautiful spot really on top of the canyon on one of the
    highest points to have dinner and to camp here. We’re doing wild camping with
    our group. All the other people have already gotten their tents up. We’re one of last ones together with together with guy. And all the other guys are
    already over there enjoying views waiting for breakfast. Come on let’s get
    this show on the road! We found a stray bottle of vodka
    outside the tent. We might have to finish it off today. It’s breakfast. If that was all that
    needed to fit in there it would fit like a glove, but no, there’s more, there’s more When we left the camp, our guide was like
    ‘You start walking that way while we clean up everything we get the vans in
    order and we drive over there and pick you guys up’. I think you’ve been walking
    for like easily half an hour now we came from all the way over there. It may not
    look that far but it’s really really far because our vans were behind the
    mountain. We have no idea where we are. We know we’re supposed to be headed that
    way with the van but there’s a cliff right there sort of blocking the way. So
    ye have no idea when they’ll pick us up just trying to kill time. They have like…
    I say we start eating the French! The French are way behind though they can’t
    hear us at the moment. We just need to eat them and it’s the only
    solution. There’s not a single house on the horizon it’s just endless steppe and
    mountains and clouds. It’s a christmas miracle! All right now a it’s shower time. We had to
    queue a bit because there aren’t that many showers. But to be quick cause we’re kind of a big
    group we’re sharing a shower together. I’s actually nice that they find a way
    to give everyone like a showers every few days. Because means the Gobi Desert
    it’s a desert it’s not known for its huge water supplies but we should be
    good so see you in a minute we’ll be super clean! All righty so we’re all
    washed up and ready for our lunch break. We just parked the two vans here
    somewhere in the middle of the desert they put up this sail between them. protecting us from
    the Sun which looks pretty good but it looks like we’re gonna have to hurry up
    just a little bit because and see clouds starting to roll in. We’re cooking
    lunch at the back of the van. To shelter themselves from the heat or the wind or
    something but looks pretty good so that’s promising
    we’re gonna have some Mongolian style Noodles Right so we just arrived to the White Cliffs after a pretty long drive. It was four or five hours and stopped for lunch a bit. But now we’re going to
    explore the White Cliffs. I don’t know what to expect there’s a couple of tourists here.
    A bit more tourists and we’ve seen a lot of the other places search of interesting
    Wow The view’s incredible just look at this trying to go down to the bottom of the
    canyon near the cliff see what looked like from down sight no click there’s a
    really beautiful colors there do bad son comes it’s coming bits from the wrong
    side but still looks very beautiful I sided like blue orange and even purple
    shades it’s really strange but these shapes are really incredible try not to
    fall here she’s reading maybe somebody’s Falls space really beautiful door it’s like
    really incredible like the size and the colors and the shapes really nice thing
    is the second most touristic place we’ve been to. It’s not that many
    people maybe like 40 or 50 but after traveling for one week here and one
    going almost one week six days on the Gobi Desert we almost didn’t meet anyone
    else like sometimes a group of four or five people now it’s like 30 40 other
    people we just feel strange but Wow she’s shows incredible. Time to
    get to the drone out! that’s very weird Oh Kim same car
    because she’s asking some problems with her eyes with the wind on the sand I
    guess it’s yeah how do you make a cat bark
    pour some gasoline on it, lighter woof so We’ve come to this beautiful campsite here
    in the middle of nowhere in the Rocky Mountains it looks like the rocky
    Madeline Fisher it’s not even a guy told us that this but it’s a Mongolian
    version of the Rocky Mountains give me for our last guys going to camp out in
    the tents and spend some families incredible group because you’ve been so
    lucky doesn’t that such great people here I think it’s best group I’ve ever
    had in one of these storerooms you don’t ever do these three of them that much I
    was a bit nervous about it because Miri spent eight days people eight days is a
    hell of a long time but I wouldn’t mind spending a bit more the group was just
    so much fun a lot of the tour consisted just sitting in a fair and I think like
    75 percent at least has been spent sitting in the van so we just had so
    much fun together like laughing making stupid jokes stupid jokes breaking fault
    guy in the van and then afterwards we’re going to head back to oh my gosh
    yep tomorrow drive all the way back which should be quite Drive
    yeah it’s about three on 50 glance which doesn’t cycle at much but I think at
    least 100 and they’re always a bit optimistic with this alert their
    estimates here so probably 150 unnatural Lords what they go feels like there’s no
    roots or just home there’s some tracks for some cars you were before the
    cars were there before it is like no actual roads it’s not even a dirt road
    it’s just like stumbling across there just seven days that we spend driving so
    far I think in the beginning maybe 100 or maybe is doing plumb to sweets bender
    as followed Road and then here in there 10 kilometers maybe 2 days 10 kilometers
    and that was it everything is you answer everything has
    been offroad not even dirt road this looks like that’s why we haven’t so much
    in the van I think that’s it for this video and
    this one you’ll see us I don’t know we’re hopping on to somewhere else and
    one Goldie I guess yeah we’re gonna spend a few days in it on my back it’s
    an interesting capital so so it’s an yeah it should be interesting at least
    make one video maybe we will make two videos so much weird stuff going on and
    then there’s gonna be more hiking beautiful nature so definitely tune in
    for next video if you like this one please leave a like if you liked vodka
    time leave a like if you have some more tips for where to go in Mongolia or
    China afterwards please leave a comment below and subscribe to follow the rest
    of the journey because you’re almost in Beijing we have 2000 kilometers left to
    Beijing afterwards heading to the rest of Southeast Asia so small next one all
    that yes your next one small s