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    Abandoned Railroad Industrial Spur Hollywood Florida
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    Abandoned Railroad Industrial Spur Hollywood Florida

    August 14, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen I’m over here on
    Dixie Highway just one block N of Taft and there’s an abandoned industrial
    spur here that i just found. Here you can see where it used to come off the
    main line. This is facing North. You can see the ties here and over here you can see the
    actual spur. there’s a rail to my right. It used to come this way South
    South bound see it wasn’t standard clearance I’m guessing it’s been abandoned for a
    while because I don’t even see faces of of the crossing gate or cross bucks
    anything no signal box so it goes there it goes south here
    across dixie highway and then i go it just goes into that Sidewalk they pick
    that they paved over it with the sidewalk in other words, they put the sidewalk
    over it yeah there’s no traces anywhere no pavement marking so been abandoned
    for a while alright guys i’m waiting for a train here give you a quick shot of
    the railroad crossing over here on taft and then they’re also going to be
    replacing those the rails here I see because a few blocks South, thiey bought some ties
    new concrete ties there and they removing some of the old wooden ties and I also
    see some some rails up right so yeah this is all a quick shot again of the
    spur walking north again alrighty guys well
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    Exploring Abandoned Railroad & Crossing
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    Exploring Abandoned Railroad & Crossing

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen so an
    update on an abandoned railroad crossing over here at Southwest 8th St. and SW 69th Ave so over here a few months ago I filmed this crossing where you can
    see the cantilevers are missing the light and gates, crossbucks. I came to see
    what else had been removed and at first glance it appears that they
    haven’t touched anything else this is walking westward and SW 8th ST Where that Walmart is, that was the sight of Everglades Lumber, until 2008 when it closed. So on that side, opposite side
    which would be the North side of the crossing you had the relay case and then here it
    this would be track view South. And here you have the cantilever and where the
    crossing gate once was. Notice the cut wires there and the four screws that held it
    up this was all a Harmon Cantilever yeah you can see the brackets for the lights there. Nothing else. Track view South This line actually ends four blocks
    South of here home at Southwest 12th ST have a video where I filmed the end of the line. It’s fenced off. yeah you can see this beyond that you
    can see the remnants of the rail bed but nothing else give you a quick
    glance here that there is Voodooo.
    There’s a dead chicken in there. Whoever dropped that off thought that this track
    will still active and that the train was going to take away the bad spirits but
    there’s no train or bad spirits so jokes on them right ha ha ha. Track view South. Give you a walk here… see concrete cross ties one and two
    among all the wooden cross ties. that house has probably been there as
    long as the railroad it’s about the late 1920s or maybe earlier than that. Wow!
    look at that building it’s totally covered in vines oh crap that’s amazing. Oh! Again I got all these guys sticking
    along with me. This here is a mango tree. Been picked clean. okay Mobile home park there. damn I hate when these go inside your shoe, pinch you all over the place makes it uncomfortable to walk Can you see a date on there? hey guys this is all the end of the line
    is about a hundred feet that way getting kind of cloudy and windy so I don’t want
    those oh well you just walk a few hundred feet here and show you the There’s a spur here. Man! Look at this. This is freaking torture. Cheese 2 so this is the FEC track that
    connected to the main along US one in Southwest 88th ST and then led into the
    Oversea Railway but look at this. It’s a Wheel stop by Hayes, old school. so yeah the end of the track is just like I said about a hundred or so feet over there
    where I have a video on so I’m going to head back before the rain guys- feel it
    in the wind now walking northbound and this way it
    went about maybe five or so miles then it went were the Miami International
    Airport is went around the airport into the Hialeah yard which still exists.
    Currently the Hialeah yard is the southernmost point for the FEC Railway now. Oh God! Another one. Those things are ruthless. I don’t know why I find this to be such a beautiful sight you think so? If you agree with me, comment below. I
    don’t know it’s just maybe the history and it’s the potential
    that that there is here or that there was here Or that nature is reclaiming what once belonged to man. take that in for a second look at how
    old that is all in all, this track isn’t in bad shape for something years old right? and here we go SW 8th ST. Our original filming spot. So now, we were facing West. Now we’re going to be facing East. Alright guys, I thank for your accompanying me on that tour. Please Subscribe or Like! Take care, over and out.

    Abandoned Railroad FEC Industrial Spur Commerce Park Miami, Florida
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    Abandoned Railroad FEC Industrial Spur Commerce Park Miami, Florida

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, another sad site over here in Miami, Florida. I’m a few miles away from the Miami International Airport and this is an abandoned FEC industrial spur. This one used to cross here and served some warehouses about a mile or so down. This would be North. and then Here you can still see the concrete ties That were used as sign posts. That said “FEC Railway Company private property no trespassing” You got 1 2 3 4 and there’s more on the other side. And then here you can see where the train used to load They would just pull up the railcars here. You can still see the rocks from the spur. That at one point came through here. Yeah guys, the rails were pulled. There’s no rails or ties anywhere to be seen on here. So you were just looking South, now you’re looking North again. And I’m going to see over there if I can see anything Oh look! Look what I found! Wow! I’m going to play the lottery today! Ha ha ha! So let me give you one last look at the piece of rail that’s still at the road here. Oh and I just saw some more evidence on the other side. That’s where the crossbucks used to be. What a shame. Alright guys Thank you for viewing. Please subscribe, like, or share and I’ll catch you next time. Bye bye.

    Abandoned Railroad CSX Industrial Spur Miami Gardens, FL.
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    Abandoned Railroad CSX Industrial Spur Miami Gardens, FL.

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I want to show you guys another abandoned CSX over here in North Miami. See the cross bucks here were lifted some time ago. There’s no evidence of where they used to be. and that side either. yeah This is facing North. and There used to be another rail coming out coming in through here. You can see that it’s paved. Right now I’m going to take you guys to the South side. Let these cars cross the road first. And look at this. Look at those crossties. Wooden crossties from the SCL days. Yeah I’m trying to look for a date… Oh! Wait! Wait! Wait! 1931! Wow! There it is. But yeah right on the other side of that shrub there is the CSX mainline the SFRTA And then over here, there are also some abandoned spurs. See, there’s a couple rails here. Yeah I’ll take you guys to the end. So, that’s facing North. That’s where I was over there. Where I began filming. and this is where it’s interrupted by all the shrubs. OK guys, I thank you very much for viewing and please subscribe, like, or share. Thank you very much, bye. bye.

    Abandoned Railroad Hollywood Florida
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    Abandoned Railroad Hollywood Florida

    August 12, 2019

    ladies and gentlemen I am over here next
    to the FEC main along Dixie Highway and I believe thats Taft over there Johnson
    so yeah I’m gonna include a Google map Link since you guys know exactly where I’m at
    but look at what I found today an abandoned industrial spur. Look the wheel
    stops and then we’re gonna walk along these tracks look at those rails They are rusted as rusted can be! wooden cross ties So right now I’m walking North bound, this would be facing south
    this would be facing north So yeah this is near the FEC mainline It looks like on the other side of that street which is McKinney Street it was cut off
    already damn look at this got some friends along for the ride on my shoe
    whatever its a small price to pay not every day you get to encounter 1 of
    these babies it appears that it abruptly comes to an end right here Yeah so as I said Damn look at this This is looking South then im on, just so you know oh wait a second look at what we got
    here he was hiding behind the stop sign little devil! It even has a DOT tag
    still nice alright you guys thank you nice Alright guys, thank you for viewing please subscribe or like
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    Abandoned Railroad Miami International Airport
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    Abandoned Railroad Miami International Airport

    August 11, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today I’m
    over here on Northwest 27th Street next to Lejeune Road just a block east of the
    Miami International Airport and I discovered an abandoned seaboard line an
    original seaboard line check this out so here is the warehouse right and then
    you can see the rail right there that rail is an original seaboard rail focusing on it so it goes into those shrubs over there notice the closed off for receiving
    doors so right now I’m walking east on this on the street and yeah things
    probably buried under all that yeah yeah you can’t you can’t tell but yeah look
    at the closed off receiving doors see if uh I’m optimistic that when this
    shrub ends over there we’ll be able to see some more of it so yeah guys if you
    go on historic you can see the aerial view in the
    70s when this track was active back then it was it would have been an SCL let me see hmm this is gonna be a tough
    one, its here somewhere oh that I see them over there yeah okay see them over there so basically they’re right underneath here
    you can see them that’s original Seaboard right there
    guys you imagine the last time a train came
    through here might have been 40 years ago ya think we are out of luck cause over there
    still it’s paved over actually no here you can see one yeah guys that’s the end of it there’s
    people over there so I don’t wanna intrude on their property so yeah I’ll include a link to this location. That’s the Tri Rail you can hear off in the
    distance alright guys thank you for coming along
    with me on this tour please subscribe or like thank you very much over and out

    The Railroad Crossing That Never Existed
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    The Railroad Crossing That Never Existed

    August 11, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen I’m over here
    at North West 80th Street in Medley Florida and I’m gonna show you guys a
    railroad crossing that was never built okay this is a warehouse complex over
    here was built like early to mid-90s and I remember driving by the Palmetto
    and seeing them built it and I also remember looking and seeing that these
    pavement markings, they paved these roads right and then they made the pavement
    markings RXR you can see here well as you can vaguely see here
    because of paint it’s been chipped away and faded after 20-something years rxr a
    so that’s this is facing west the nearest railroad is over here see I can give you a close-up on that this is a Seaboard Industries um so this railroad i’m certain never went
    past where these wheels are and you can see there’s a lot of
    activity going on here so yeah here is where the wheel stop are and that’s
    where the boxcars come to load right this is a FEC track by the way FEC
    spur so yeah then you see that the track stops right there right okay so NW 80th Street right there
    next to the fire hydrant is where the pavement marking is RXR and then Im going to show you the other pavement marking So I don’t know if like the
    they had an intention to build the spur all the way over here and they never did
    or if these, the person the traffic engineer or whoever it is responsible
    for these placed this in error so here you can see the there comes a
    seaboard marine truck and I don’t know if, here’s the other
    other pavement marking like I said I don’t know if these were placed in error or they just never built the spur out to where it needed to be built to originally planned to be built oh yeah
    and here you can see the address guys I’ll include a Google Maps link anyways
    please remember to follow me on instagram railrol82 and I
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    Abandoned Railroad Crossing
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    Abandoned Railroad Crossing

    August 10, 2019

    Ladies and gentlemen this is an officially
    abandoned railroad crossing here how can I tell check this out
    so here you have where it came up for the Maine over there right that’s right
    near i-95 in the Golden Glades Interchange I’ll include a map for this
    a Google Maps link below in the description so yeah so here you have the
    grade Look at that, just a cross book off in the distance here we see
    something, a cross tie right yeah few ties over there so yeah so then the track went
    into, the spur went into over here so I know the sign is ancient because I
    don’t think they have that look out of the car thing anymore. Somebody told me
    that there was, NRA passed something where they discontinued that sign a few
    years ago then it were not when it’s over here there’s a fence right on it so
    there’s no trains gonna come today and there you see that’s facing west I’m going to zoom in I just noticed the parking lot, the spur running thru right there You can see it coming across the parking lot right there And just so you have a good idea of where were at Sign is pretty old too funny enough they still got pavement markings here that guy was looking at me weird, he
    doesn’t know I’m RailROL82 apparently joke’s on him haha so yeah this was probably an old, well, there’s
    no emergency contact info but uh I wonder if seaboard was the last one to
    use this or if CSX once used it then right there you have the Main all righty guys think there’s nothing
    else for me to show you here so I will give you one last look at the crossing please subscribe or like click on that
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    Trucks Park on Railroad Crossing
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    Trucks Park on Railroad Crossing

    August 10, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to
    another ride along with railrol82 so right now we’re coming up on North East
    185th Street and North East fourth court we’re gonna be making a right here
    so we’re heading east now on North East 185th Street and I want to show you
    guys there’s some semi truck drivers here that park on the railroad crossing
    they park right on the tracks okay there you are right there coming up check this out look at look at this that
    guy right there is a main one so I see these are the tracks look at that going to give you a better vantage view this nobody here okay Look at that incredible alright guys please subscribe or like by clicking
    that and thank you very much for viewing over
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    Abandoned Railroad Urban Exploration
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    Abandoned Railroad Urban Exploration

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentleman as I
    disembark the RailROL82 mobile over here in North Miami, I’m going to show you
    guys an abandoned railroad spur here I’m also going to include a link to the
    Google Maps link a location on this place over here so this is facing south
    west north and east let me go ahead and start the tour okay see so you guys see
    that one and I have a feeling that there might be another one in there okay so
    here’s where this one starts yeah I knew it! Always go with your gut
    there it is that piece of a cross tie sometimes these nails have dates on them pretty
    on there so that tree looks about a few years old to say the least maybe ten
    years old and that rail over there is pretty old real that’s like the kind of
    really have on the CSX Homestead subdivision sometimes these nails have
    the dates on them let me see No not this one okay so now we’re facing east and
    let’s see if we find anything interesting along the ride here so it’ll be
    pretty difficult for train to come through here wouldn’t it and then there we got the one that’s
    covered with bushes actually we got three there’s a third
    one over there three and this one keeps going and I think we’re gonna be, that tree is
    gonna put an end to our filming yeah cuz I do not intend to go over there. Either way
    yeah that’s way covered in bushes that way so I will head back towards the
    RailROL82 mobile now and right now I’m walking west The rain so yeah guys, if you guys know when or if
    you ever saw the spur being serviced know of when it was abandoned, around what year or CSX or seaboard of the last one to use it. please comment below I’d love to know. Thank you very much for viewing, Please Subscribe and like over and out