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    Tejas express | Executive class | Crossing | Tunnels | Konkan Railway | Part 2
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    Tejas express | Executive class | Crossing | Tunnels | Konkan Railway | Part 2

    January 23, 2020

    Hello friends. In 1st episode We have traveled from Mumbai to Roha If you have not watched that episode, please get the link fro description Let us start our journey from Roha to Kudal Washrooms are clean. Thanks to cleaning staff and off coarse people too We halted at Veer for crossing Ratnagiri Dadar passenger It does not have official halt here. Many villagers were waiting for this train to go to Mumbai Long back ago I have traveled in this train. No a days Didn’t get chance to travel again we started moving again after crossing Just after this station, Enjoy Dasgaon tunnel and Savitri river Village is scenic. When you are on board, just have a look for sure As shown in 1st episode, This train has infotenment system You can watch movies, songs I have deliberately looking for Marathi movie. You can also enjoy I found one movie ‘ Sugar salt and prem’ People should watch Marathi movies which will act as feedback too for railway that we are watching Marathi movies. They can install new movies then People should watch Marathi movies which will act as feedback too for railway that we are watching Marathi movies. They can install new movies then We were passing Vinhere. Kashedi ghat tunnel starts here We enter into Ratnagiri district then. We reached khed. Train doesn’t have official halt here. We were waiting to cross Goa Samparka Kranti which passed from Opposite side There was a goods train in between who blocked my view. We reached Chiplun. I could see electric poles. Konkan raiilway is going to electric soon. Let us see when it happens We reached Ratnagiri I slept in between. We overtook Summer special. It was waiting from long time. People might have bored In center there were RORO. Mostly bound to Gujarat. We crossed Goa Rajdhani and overtook Goa bound Goa Samparka Kranti We reached 40 minutes late. May be due to single loco or due to low priority Concor goods train also started moving and Tejas express is also about to say Bye. We will be heading to Tarkarli If you have liked this video, Share with your friends. Like comment subscribe and stay tuned We reached Kudal and we are heading to Auto stand.

    Top 10 Largest Metro in India | Pakistani Reaction
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    Top 10 Largest Metro in India | Pakistani Reaction

    January 3, 2020

    Love is such a prison Love is such a prison Life ends, punishment does not end You will understand Friends we welcome back to you on our channel We had create a poll Here’s what we should watch next video We asked our viewers What should be the next video? We have received 640 votes till now When i’ll edit this video votes may be increased You can watch on your screen Indian trains gain 70% votes Indian Buses gain 4% Indian planes 6% and Indian cars 20% Total 640 votes till now, thanks for voting Mostly peoples said about Indian trains for next video Today we are going to watch Indian top 10 metros Let’s watch top 10 Indian metros Stay with us and watch video with us till end Pakistani viewers stay with us Indian viewers will watch definitely with us and other countries viewers too Pakistani peoples should know how India is progressing What type of trains are available in India I have seen top 13 biggest metro rails of India You can find that’s video link in description We got permission to watch “TOP VIDEOS” youtube channel contents We can make reactions on TOP VIDEOS channel This channel make excellent video so support them Let’s watch today’s video No. 10 metro is Gurugram, I have watch this city This is excellent city This train length is 11.7 KM and serves 11 stations This is excellent metro train Gurugram city is also very excellent I have seen before, you can find on our channel This is Nagpur This was started in 2019 It’s length is 13.5 KM and serves 11 stations Which is on No. 8? It’s Lucknow metro, started in 2017 This was started in 2017 This metro is also excellent Lucknow is also a famous city in India Maybe next video we’ll watch about Lucknow, voting process started 22.87 KM length and serves 22 stations please vote for the next video


    Indian Railways Explained.

    December 29, 2019

    Have you ever travelled in an Indian train
    and wondered why there are so many different classes on a train??? Indian railways is one of the world largest
    railway networks comprising a distance of 65436km. There are many classes. Let’s see them one by one. Unreserved/General Class This is the cheapest class and although entry into the compartment is guaranteed, a sitting seat is not guaranteed. Tickets issued are valid on any train on the
    same route, if boarded within 24 hours of buying the ticket. These coaches are usually very crowded and are usually positioned at front and back of
    the train. 2nd Class Seater This is a non-AC seater class available in short distance trains and can accommodate 108
    passengers in each coach. They are numbered D1,D2,etc. Sleeper class This is the most common coach and found in almost all trains and commonly known as the second class. It has berths for sleeping and accommodates 72 passengers. These are costlier than 2s.
    They are numbered S1,S2,etc Chair Car This is an air conditioned version of 2S, but with better seats and services. Some trains like shatabdi express provide bottled water,
    juice, coffee or tea, and meals relevant to time of day of the journey. The coaches are numbered C1,C2, etc. Garib Rath trains have chair cars numbered J1,J2,etc Executive class This class almost is like the chair car but with better services and is more spacious. The coaches are numbered E1,E2,etc Ac three tier economy This is an AC version of sleeper class, but less spacious and more crowded. They are only present in Garib Rath Trains. The passengers are not given bedding and is available for extra payment. Garib Rath trains have coaches numbered G1,G2,etc AC Three tier This is an AC version of sleeper class with 8 bays of
    8 passengers each totalling 64 passengers in each coach. The coaches are numbered B1,B2,etc AC Two Tier These ac coaches have ample leg spaces and
    curtains for privacy. They accomodate 46 passengers in a coach. They are numbered A1,A2,etc First class This is a non AC coach and it is priced between 1AC and 2AC. Since 2A is cheaper, bookings were low and hence manufacture of FC coach
    has been stopped and is now present in very few trains. It is numbered F1, F2, etc. Flrst class AC This is the most expensive class in Indian
    Railways with fares costlier than Airways for long distance trains. It carries only 18 passengers per coach. The coach is carpeted and passengers have very high privacy. It is numbered H1, H2, H3, etc. Now, you have learnt all the classes Of Indian Railways I hope there is no more confusion now. Please Subscribe, more videos are coming. Subtitles by the community