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    February 25, 2020

    Hello, welcome to the video, my father is carrying things in the back, my mother is carrying a suitcase in front. We are now leaving from Khajuraho, India. Why did I make this video? Because in this video we will take the train with mom and dad. Good bye. My father here Although he does not speak English and Hindi,
    made friends, we said goodbye to them Now we go to the train station. When i have been here for years
    I have always traveled by the same trains. Incoming groups, the groups that came to visit me
    I had the same train traveled. Now my mom and dad are famous
    I will get on the Indian trains. We have an 8 hour journey,
    I will show you these. I wish you a pleasant time. Thank you to the temples. Goodbye to the temples.
    -Vallahi, it was beautiful. -I agree. -What do you think about traffic? -Traffic curcuna, No such thing. Who gives these men a driver’s license? Really these guys license for driving like this they deserve it. It is not clear who came from where and where, there is nothing called traffic, no rule no rule! There are 5 different classes on trains in India. One you see behind this, this is an incredibly crowded class. This is referred to as 2nd grade, 5th grade. If you want to travel in this wagon, that only gives you the right to take the train
    you buy from ticket and if you can find a place you are sitting,
    If you can’t find, you are sitting on the ground. You can only travel with this train. Almost the same version of it,
    only bed numbers are determined, that nobody else usually rides but of course this is India,
    where people can travel but at least your bed number
    There is a class with beds. It is 4th level, that is, 4th class tickets. The windows are open for those in the 2nd and the sleeper class. As you can see, everyone is outside
    eats, drinks, throws, spits. Then the air-conditioned classes begin.
    The first 3 classes are also air conditioned. It is divided into 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade. Now let me go into grade 3. Now this is the class I’m in, the 3rd grade. We switch to air conditioning and pillows are given on the beds, duvet cover is provided and blanket is given. These are definitely not in the 4th and 5th grades. These classes
    the lowest of these air-conditioned 3 classes is AC3, this is AC3. One bed at the top, one bed in the middle and at the bottom there is a single bed. These beds are on this side of the corridor just like this. From a corridor and right and left double beds There are 6 beds here. When we look across the corridor, There are 2 beds here at the top and bottom at the bottom. These are called side corridors. That bed side aisle top,
    This bed side corridor bottom. My favorite on these trains, The bed that I like to travel the most is this bed. In wagons with this triple system, you can sit upright,
    this is the only bed where you can do anything you want. So this is my favorite bed. Now we travel I’ll show you a class 2 wagon szie. This is 2. Curtains are added in this 2nd class wagon. The beds on this side of the corridor are again 2,
    one at the bottom and one at the top. Side top, side bottom. On this side, the difference of the 2nd grade is that, there is one bed at the top and one bed at the bottom. Now you can sit more comfortably on these beds, because they eliminated the middle bed. The 1st class is left behind, I have never seen 1st grade until now,
    I was riding. It seems unnecessarily expensive to me. I am in 2nd grade, In my 3-year history of 9-month India trip I will travel in this class for the first time thanks to them. The class I travel to is always a 4th grade, Passing as a bed,
    your bed number is certain, even if someone wants to share your bed, this is my bed bro brother, i gave your money, please go i will sleep were the classes you might call. Opening the windows,
    These were the classes I traveled. Soon the ticket attendant will come,
    will check our tickets. Then our bed sheets and duvet covers will come. Our blankets are already here, on the beds. There’s 2 beside the pillows,
    there is this side. I don’t know if we sleep or not. -I can not sleep.
    Can’t you sleep? -It’s not possible.
    -Oh really. Good thing there is this phone,
    we go by playing as much as we can. We will look and stop, otherwise time will not pass. -Do not the conditions here bother you? -You sleep if you find a place to put your glasses on? – I will curl aside, if there are sheets, I’m not worth anywhere. -The tickets? 19, 20, 21. -Lights? -Anil, Cafer, Meral. How did you see?
    -I saw it, I was scared, son, wait a minute. -Let’s see. How will this 8 hours pass this way? Let’s have a good journey.
    Think about it. Something inexplicable, I was afraid I was afraid.
    Goodbye. What are you saying mom?
    You didn’t see the others, what is your opinion about this wagon? But since I know your previous videos, I can guess how it is. -You are right. How are we going to spend 8 hours? Even if I didn’t sleep for 2 days,
    If I had slept now, I’d sleep full. -8 hours, my god is not such a thing. -It goes down and walks. – Oh god. -You got the shoes off and you’re getting used to, huh? -Look at the seat or something,
    we sit like a lord of nine villages. -We accept majbur, not getting used to. You know you’re not that bad
    actually time passes. Of course you’re comparing some things. -I was afraid at first, when I came in, I thought we were going to sit in an armchair. -Bed train we will sleep, night ride. Normally this train arrives at 6 am in the morning. We will get off at a few previous stops,
    he is going to Delhi last. – Are they annoying here? – They don’t. -Daddy had 20 minutes waiting, what should we do? Let’s go next to my buddy.
    So let’s close the veil of the mother. -5th grade is your buddy? – Where I went now, my son is very interesting.
    Was it 5th grade? -5th grade. Come, let’s go to the other side
    come to my bros, come on walk – Now they’re waiting in line to ride, Dad, people are waiting in line to get settled and get on. -Thank you. -They love to take photos. They come wherever they see. My father is still shooting people as if he was shooting a documentary,
    sounds very interesting. These started to seem normal to me now, I have been on these trains more than 100 times
    I have traveled. I have traveled more than 100 times on these trains but my father sees something like this for the first time. so the bad situation in Türkiye
    probably not. So it sounds much more interesting to my dad, he is shooting his videos so as not to forget now, When he returned to Turkey in order to remember
    continues to shoot videos. -Shake, say hello. -Father, what do you think, these trains, the class we ride, about what you see? – Stop seeing my son, I’ve never heard of a train like this. But in a country with a population of 1.5 billion, There is probably more, there is no way to be a high speed train. Sounds like it. How interesting. People are something inexplicable. It has never been in Turkey?
    Have you ever seen such a train? -No I did not see, Are these people going to travel 7 hours or 8 hours? There are 8 who will do, There are 12 to do, 3 to 4 to do, varies. And most of them will be standing.
    -Subject. -Most of them will go by shaking the door, maybe for hours. – They couldn’t get in the bank, we just saw it. I’m in surprise, I am very surprised. Oh god, these people are hard work. I guess the managers here are saying, What we handle Turkey nice if our hands. 80 million population. -A man is surprised. – Surprised, huh?
    -Sure honey. – Come on, look at the toilet and the toilet,
    This is a sink, There is a staple, it will flow up if you lift it like this. There’s a toilet here,
    there is also a toilet here. Let’s take a look inside. -I’ll show it right now. It doesn’t open. Açılmıyor. Shall we make the bed? -Are you going to sleep?
    -I will not go to bed, son, I will not go to bed. -What do you say, son, who is in the world?
    oh let me take a breath like this -Really? -Vallahi on me, it’s too hot to get a blanket. We were surprised at first but we got used to it later. These are the benefits of being a peasant child. -Ofcourse.
    -You wouldn’t sleep? -I got used to informal, I got used to sleeping.
    Come on, good night. Goodnight. Ugh. Mother, will you continue to sit like that? What the hell is my son? Because I will leave from India
    I feel sorry for one thing. Where can I find such a colorful life? You go out on the street, have a boar, have a camel, have a cow, he has a dog, everything is intertwined. Nobody hurts anyone,
    so are people. It blah blah traffic in the country, though in Turkey sound the horn, two times behind it,
    play a little hard, Iniverir ‘What’s wrong? he says. ‘What are you shouting and calling?’ he says. Nobody here is getting angry with anyone. Even light touches in traffic
    the front or the back, he never says to me after that,
    he looks away and goes away. It doesn’t come down, even the side mirrors are closed,
    side mirrors. That’s why she always looks at something,
    The men looking in front of him. Did you turn your head and look left and right
    I swear to someone. Something incomprehensible, allah allah. Those horn sounds, Jove billahi at our wedding procession
    not so much horn. But before you live at work, unknown friends,
    very different. To those who died without seeing that India
    I am sorry now. – Thanks daddy, good night.
    Good night, son. -Mom, wake up when it comes to Agra. Okay? How many stops, Agra? – We should have arrived at 02.20. How are we going to spend 8 hours? -I can not sleep. Can’t you sleep?
    -It’s not possible. -Father, Did you sleep well? – My eye is closed, like awake, asleep. -Mother slept well? -Come on dear. I never slept.
    – Don’t do it now. -I just woke up. Wake up and dear. Nothing to do, accept this fact.
    You slept well on the Indian train, mom. From Hopelessness. Yes, we are prepared, we are getting off.
    The journey was good. They both slept,
    although they say we didn’t sleep, They sleep. We’re coming to the station, now we’re going down. We expect ready continents at the door. We got off the train, the train is going.
    It’s 02.40. We got off the train at this hour. We will go to the hotel, sleep and
    we will continue our trip. To watch other videos of the trip,
    To watch other videos with mom and dad, please subscribe to my channel. If you liked the video, leave a like below and what you want to say,
    if you have something to share, Let’s chat in the comments. See you in the next video.

    Indian Railways – 10 Indian Train Travel Tips for Foreigners – Train travel in India for beginners!!
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    Indian Railways – 10 Indian Train Travel Tips for Foreigners – Train travel in India for beginners!!

    February 23, 2020

    भारत में ट्रेन से यात्रा – १० टिप्स पानी की बोतल असली ही ख़रीदें और अधिकृत विक्रेता से ही ख़रीदें रेल अधिकारियों को रिश्वत न दें, ऐसा करने से आप मुसीबत में पड़ सकते हैं यदि आप सह-यात्रियों की पहचानते नहीं तो उनसे खाद्य पदार्थ न लें ट्रेन के दरवाज़े पर खड़े होकर या बैठ कर यात्रा न करें सभी ट्रेनों में सूचना पटल नहीं होते हैं जो आपको आने वाले स्टेशन की जानकारी दें। यदि आपके पास ज़्यादा समान है तो आप पहले से तैयारी रखें यदि आप ऑनलाइन टिकट्स बुक कर रहे हैं तो ई टिकट्स और आइ टिकट्स के बारे में पता कर लें भारत में पर्यटन सूचन केंद्र अभी सभी जगहों पर नहीं हैं। इसलिए कभी भी निकलने से पहले प्लान बना लें। भारतीय रेल की वेब्सायट पर आप रिज़र्वेशन से सम्बंधित सभी जानकरियाँ पा सकते हैं यदि आप किसी ख़ास डाइयट पर हैं तो अपना भोजन साथ ले कर चलें अपने साथ हाथों को धोने के लिए साबुन और सनिटैजर अवश्य रखें

    Mr. Yogi, the 1st Indian Politician in Japan. Why run for election? Right of foreigners to vote? etc
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    Mr. Yogi, the 1st Indian Politician in Japan. Why run for election? Right of foreigners to vote? etc

    February 23, 2020

    Hello! Welcome to my channel!
    My name is Mayo. Today, we have 2 guests! The first guest is from India and becomes the first politician in Japan. I will introduce him properly later. The second guest is standing next to me. Mr. Atre Please introduce yourself. Hello, my name is Shreyas Atre. I am from Pune, Maharashtra I also work for TV industry. I also work as a Tourism Ambassador for the Japanese Government. I’m happy that Ms. Mayo invited me to be in this interview. Thank you. So today, we are going to interview “that person”. Let’s get started! This is the Tokyo Edogawa City councilor, Mr. Yogi. Thank you very much for your time amongst your busy schedule. Thank you for coming here. It was a brilliant achievement for you to win the election as a first city councilor from India. Congratulations on winning the election. Thank you very much. Now, I would like to introduce him for people who don’t know about Mr. Yogi. Now, I would like to interview Mr. Yogi. First of all, please tell us why you decided to run for the position of Tokyo Edogawa City councilor, in spite of being from India? First, I’ve been in Japan for 20 years and lived in Edogawa city for 15 of those years. At first, I didn’t have much of a connection with the Japanese community, but when I moved to Edogawa in 2005 I decided to change that. I decided to get more involved with the Japanese community. So I went to volunteer my efforts at the local summer festival. When I moved to Edogawa, I lived in an area famous for having a lot of Indian nationals called Nishi-Kasai. Indian community had a strong presence in Nishi-Kasai. The Indian people were not always mindful of Japanese cultural norms and rules. This caused some tension between Japanese neighbors and the Indian nationals. The Indian nationals were not aware of the rules, otherwise, they would have followed them. So I decided to volunteer to help these kinds of issues that my community was facing. Around 2016 – 2017, I started wondering if my volunteering is having enough of an impact. I also realized that the people representing us didn’t fully understand issues regarding multicultural coexistence or multicultural symbiosis. The local government didn’t understand exactly how to provide better living conditions to foreigners. The local government brought up the idea of creating a multicultural area called “Little India” in Nishi Kasai and this made me think that they really don’t understand the life of foreigners. It was after that event that I seriously considered running. I started thinking about it in 2017. Two years later, you finally decided to run for the position of Tokyo Edogawa city councilor, right? Yes. In 2017, I created a LINE group with Japanese neighbors. One of the members changed the group’s name into “Yogi City councilor will be born”. That’s really interesting. Of course, it was your own will to decide to run for city councilor but there was also a Japanese neighbor’s support that pushed you to become a city councilor. Yes, there was. Almost all the voters are Japanese, so I asked Japanese people if they would vote for me if I run. They said it would be interesting if someone like me becomes a city councilor. You won the election with the help of Japanese people in the Nishi Kasai section in Edogawa where Japanese and Indians coexist. So in the present day Japan which has seen an increase of foreigners, this will be a model case. I hope my case can serve as a “good” model. But if I make a blunder or something… I won’t resign though… haha. Since you won the election, foreigners like myself may want to get involved in the administration. By all means, I want people like you to run for election. I hope more and more foreigners will run for future elections. I believe it is good for Japanese society. The number of foreigners in Japan is increasing. Foreigners must blend into Japanese society. We need to solve problems that both foreigners and the Japanese have from both sides. Some foreigners are not fluent in Japanese, so it is difficult for them to tell their problems to the local government. In such a case, people who understand English and have a foreign background like Mr. Yogi will be necessary to assist them. Yes and, in addition to that he is very kind and easy to get along with. yeah… yes… He says it himself but it’s true… I totally agree… I would like to ask a political question. I agree that more foreigners should participate in politics. However, I think the laws are somewhat exclusionary. The right to run and right to vote are limited to those who are naturalized citizens. Mr. Edano, the representative of The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan said “We should give foreigners the right to vote.” What is your opinion on this? In the UK, those who pay taxes are awarded the right to vote. I think foreigners should have the right to vote in Japan as well but a few steps need to be taken. First, Japan has a high language barrier. Second, it is difficult to understand Japanese politics. Third, the Japanese culture ”honne to tatemae” (true intentions and words) is hard to understand. In some cases, for example, politicians who I think are good have another side. Foreigners need to understand these things before having the right to vote. There are also multiple complex problems. The reason why I didn’t like about Nishikasai’s Little India is that when foreigners gather and live in one place, that becomes a distinctive community, The outside people look at the community differently. Such as “This is Chinatown”, “This is India town.” etc.. Some people believe that I won the election because 4,000 Indians living in Edogawa city voted for me” That is a misunderstanding. Most Indians do not have the right to vote. Just think about it. The threshold to win the city councilor position in Edogawa city is 3,500 votes. If the Indians had suffrage, the Indian community could arbitrarily represent themselves. If that happens, the community loses balance. The Indian community will start thinking that they are strong. That’s not good. Foreigners should get the right to vote without causing such a situation. First, we have to let foreigners live evenly in Japan. Foreigners should learn Japanese, and the Japanese should learn English so that both can communicate and get closer. We could, for example, give Japanese political news in English. I would like foreigners to take those steps and get the right to vote or run for election. I am very interested in the concept of “Little India” that you mentioned earlier. I come to Nishi Kasai when there are festivals for Holi and Diwali. I think Nishi Kasai has such unique characteristics that could be more featured to revitalize the city. However, you have the opinion that you are against the “Little India”. Isn’t there a possibility to revitalize the city or promote the Indian restaurants externally? I think there is. What I opposed was not the concept itself, but the goal of the concept. I did not disagree from the beginning. When the website of little India was completed and the goals were set, neither the Indian community nor the Japanese community wanted those goals. It’s really important to listen to the voices of the people in the community. In the case of Little India, we had to ask Indians that live in Nishi Kasai whether or not they want it. I insisted that it was necessary, but the local government didn’t go through with it. I like going to Chinatown and my wife is Chinese, so I really like China. But People only see the good side of Chinatown and Little India. I have been to Chinatown many times. Please visit Little India in the UK, Queens in New York and New Jersey. Only in those areas, garbage is freely dumped, sewers are overflowing, and water suppliy pipes are bursting. Only in those areas, Little India in the UK and Queens in New York are very dirty. No maintenance. The buildings are dirty. It is necessary to think about not only developing the city but also maintaining it for the next 10, 20, and 30 years. The city is not infrastructure. The city is people. Let’s say you have created about 50 Indian stores there. You make restaurants, general stores, clothing stores, yoga studios, massage stores, and so on. How much sales do you expect from those stores? I’m a bank person, so I think about the benefit first. The salary of a person working in an Indian restaurant is around 100,000 yen. Have you ever been to see how they live? No, haven’t. People who have never seen it have no right to say about making Little India. Before you make Little India, you need to take certain steps, just like voting rights. First Japanese and Indians should get to know each other better and form closer relationships. Now, our city holds cultural events such as Diwali and Holi and when it’s over, that’s it. Not many Japanese people join the Diwali festival in Nishi Kasai. Only Japanese who are into Indian culture join the events. Like me… The reason for this is that people do not acknowledge each other’s differences. People have to acknowledge each other, get closer to each other and go to each other’s festivals. Summer festivals are also held at places that are familiar to the whole community, but how many foreigners participate in this event? Only very few foreigners end up participating in it. Not only Japanese but also foreigners are not trying to interact. I see.. When both cultures begin to form closer relationships and people naturally start thinking “If we make Little India here, it would be interesting” then there’s a possibility of creating Little India. In the future, do you plan to go up one rank and become a member of the Diet member in the future? It is two ranks higher. One rank higher of city councilor is Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. Do you want to become a member of the Diet member in the future? Yes, I want to be Prime Minister…. Oh, that’s a bold statement. How many ranks more? My plan is to become a member of the Diet in eight years. In general, many people think that the Upper house is enough for foreigners. However, I want to be a member of the House of Representatives. As a step toward that, I plan to serve as city councilman for two terms (which is a total of 8 years). I am thinking it would be ok to skip the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. I was asked whether or not I would want to run in the next metropolitan assembly election. I’m still in my first year as a city councilor and I’m still learning, so I haven’t thought about the next metropolitan assembly election. However, in the long run, I should have a plan for the future. I want to aim for the Diet in 8 years. In other words, by the time I am around 50, I want to be a Diet member. By the time I am around 60, I want to aim for the minister position. I need to educate myself more before I get there. I should be good at gathering and sharing information. I want to become the true YOGI which means I need to be someone who thinks about everyone. I am not there yet, I am aware that I still have my likes and dislikes. I want to be able to accept everyone and think about everyone. In eight years, I want to be a Diet member, sixteen years after that I want to be a minister, and the rest is up to the people in Japan. There may be “Yoginomics(PM. Yogi)”. Lastly, would you like to say to the viewers? In conclusion, I don’t want to do politics like a politician. I can use my experience in IT and banking to think logically about “what’s beneficial for people”. Politics has emotions on top of logic. It’s not good to have too many emotions. I want to be a politician who thinks about not only my supporters but everyone. I want to be a politician like that. Secondly, I don’t want to think about things on a case by case basis. Each case is important, but it’s important to see the big picture. I want to process cases by considering all factors and looking at issues from a wide angle as well. Lastly, my key message is that I want to be a bridge between the Japanese community and the foreign community. However, sometimes people misunderstand my message and think that I speak only for foreigners. It’s not correct. Currently, people who vote for me are Japanese. At least now. It doesn’t matter who voted. I became a representative for the community. The community won’t be happy if only foreigners or if only Japanese people are happy. I want to think about how we can make everyone happy and give a voice to everyone. For example, when I talk about teaching both English and Japanese at a school in Edogawa city, I am not only speaking for foreigners. Now, there are many Japanese people who go abroad like Mayo. It shouldn’t be only because she went to Osaka University, school of foreign studies. We should educate children in schools to be global. I want to bring up children to be open-minded and confident, not to be nervous in front of foreigners and be able to squeeze out as much English as they can. I want to raise such children. So, if a public school teaches in English and Japanese then foreigners and Japanese people can study together, In the future, when people work with foreigners, they will be able to work better with the thoughts that people are all same regardless of different nationalities. Those are all the things I wanted to say before ending the interview. I’m looking forward to seeing how Edogawa city will change. I’m also looking forward to it. Thank you very much for today! How did you like the interview? I really enjoyed interviewing Yogi san. He is from India and he is trying really hard to make people’s lives better in Japan. He wants to bring Japanese, Indians and other foreigners closer. I really liked how he thinks. If possible, I would like to keep supporting him. How was the interview for you? From the interview, I thought he is really knowledgeable. I hope the relationship between Indians and Japanese will be even better because of Yogi san’s efforts. I totally agree! That’s all for today! If you like this video, Please like and subscribe to my channel! Thank you very much for watching my video! See you again soon!!!

    India’s one and only profit making interstate Bus Stations Bangalore
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    India’s one and only profit making interstate Bus Stations Bangalore

    February 18, 2020

    There are three main inter-state bus terminals that operate from Bengaluru to neighboring states. This bus station, known as Majestic Bus Station, is located opposite the Bangalore City Railway Station Kempegowda Bus Station opened in 1960 Ksrtc operates from Terminal 1 to AC / non ac buses to the North West and North East districts of Karnataka Majestic bus services to and from neighboring states of Maharashtra, Goa, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are also available from Majestic Bus Station. State owned buses such as MSRTC, Kadamaba, TSRTC, APSRTC and ksrtc are serviced by the interstate agreement And TICKET reservation counters of respective states Located on Mysore Road, this bus station was opened in 2005. Connectivity buses are available from Majestic to Satellite Bus Station, which is 5 KM from Majestic and 4.5 km from the market. Ksrtc buses to Mysore, Ramanagara, Chennappattana, Madhur, mandya, Mysore, etc start from Satellite Bus Station Apart from the express (3 + 2) buses (tnstc) of Tamil Nadu, Hosur is also connected to the rest of the state via Tamil Nadu and about 40 RTC’s Kerala services. This bus station is located on the K H Road or Double Road. All the services to Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, as well as Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Mantralaya, Tirupati and Fly Bus, are available from Shanti Nagar Bus Station. All services to Tamil Nadu from the Tamil Nadu Lexury Bus Service, SETC, start from here Kannur, kozhikod, payyanur, guruvayur, ponnani, The boarding point is available for all the services that pass through Salem

    Atari Last Railway Station on Indian Border, Amritsar, Punjab (Please turn on captions/subtitles)
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    Atari Last Railway Station on Indian Border, Amritsar, Punjab (Please turn on captions/subtitles)

    February 15, 2020

    28 km from Amritsar going to Atari Amritsar (28km) & Lahore (24KM) are equidistant from Atari 2km from International border The silent railway station of Attari village I feel as time stop here on 1947 August 70 year ago refugees anxiously wait here for trains 1946 to 1947 This station witnessed Trains full of dead bodies arriving from Muslim league controlled Lahore Train to Lahore go this way between Border fences of India and Pakistan Loneliness at Attari station Goods train ready for dispatch to Lahore (Jan 2019) British era signals on the railway towards Lahore The railway across Border fencing of India Pakistan From Border view of Railway towards Attari The Gateway to Lahore at Attari Indian Tricolour flying high in the sky Golden jubilee Gate of India at Attari-Wagah border Indians cheering the Border Security Force (BSF) Attari-Wagah Gate on International border Border Guards march forward for Retreat ceremony View of the small pavilion of Wagah made for Lahoris visiting border gate of Attari From the Indian side clicking image of Lahore side Golden Jubilee Gate of India 492 km from Delhi International Border Fencing. Pakistani post. Lahore district’s village beyond border fencing Border Fencing to stop Terrorist infiltration from Lahore – Muridke Lashkar bases Double fencings and road for continuous Patroling of BSF Border Security Force Sunset at West Pakistan Indians enjoying an evening at Border. Arrangements made for enjoying songs, food and games. At Attari you feel Proud to be an Indian