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    Sliding Closet Mirror Door Rollers & Tracks
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    Sliding Closet Mirror Door Rollers & Tracks

    March 28, 2020

    Today we’ll be displaying the two types of sliding mirror closet door rollers; convex and concave and the tracks that work with them. In this video, we’ll first show how convex roller assemblies work with the convex 23-242 sliding closet track. Then we’ll demonstrate how a concave roller assembly works with the concave 23-272 and 23-355 mirrored door tracks. Keep in mind that these tracks are available in a variety of lengths and color options and there are many styles of rollers to choose from. To determine the correct replacement track, First, compare the end profile and dimensions of your original track with the options in the online catalog at To see the difference between concave and convex rollers and how the rollers and tracks work together, we’ll show a few examples. First we’ll show how a convex wheel rolls on our 23-242 convex track and now we’ll demonstrate how the concave 23-028 and 23-064 rollers work with the 23-272 and the 23-355 concave tracks. For these parts and more visit us at


    How to use the Tokaido Shinkansen |

    March 18, 2020

    Known for speed, reliability, safety and comfort,
    the shinkansen is not only a convenient way to get around the country, but has also become
    a symbol of Japan. The first shinkansen line was opened in 1964
    between Tokyo and Osaka as the world’s first high speed railway line. It was named after the Tokaido, the main road
    that connected Tokyo with Kyoto during the feudal ages. Since then, the shinkansen network has grown
    steadily to reach most regions of Japan; however, the Tokaido Shinkansen remains Japan’s most
    important and most used shinkansen line, connecting the country’s three largest metropolitan
    centers of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. As convenient as the shinkansen may be, the
    finer details of using it may still be a little bit of a challenge to first-time visitors. So in this video we’re going to explain
    how to buy and use shinkansen tickets, and also the nuts and bolts of actually riding
    the shinkansen. So without further ado, here are our tips
    for “How to Use the Tokaido Shinkansen” Starting at Tokyo Station, the Tokaido Shinkansen
    goes all the way to Shin-Osaka. There are 3 categories of train operating
    on the Tokaido Shinkansen: -The fastest train category, known as the
    Nozomi, stops only at Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shin-Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto and Shin-Osaka and takes about
    2.5 hours to reach Shin-Osaka Station from Tokyo. Several Nozomi continue on beyond Shin-Osaka
    in the direction of Hakata. Do remember that the Nozomi is one of the
    few JR trains which cannot be used with the Japan Rail Pass. -The Hikari is the second fastest train category. It serves a few more stations than the Nozomi
    and requires around 3 hours to get from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka Station. Some Hikari run west beyond Shin-Osaka. -Finally, the Kodama is the slowest train
    category on the Tokaido Shinkansen. Stopping at every station along the way it
    takes around 4 hours to reach Shin-Osaka Station from Tokyo. Two different seat classes are offered along
    the Tokaido Shinkansen: ordinary class and business class, called green car. Whilst seat reservations are mandatory for
    green cars, ordinary class cars offer the option between non-reserved and reserved seats. In Nozomi trains, cars 1 to 3 are non-reserved,
    while in Hikari trains, cars 1 to 5 are non-reserved. Three green cars are located in the middle
    of the trains in cars 8, 9 and 10. The remaining cars carry reserved, ordinary
    seats. Now that we understand the network a little
    better, let’s talk about tickets. Shinkansen tickets are made up of the base
    fare and a limited express fee. Travelers in green cars additionally pay a
    Green Car fee. As a result, shinkansen passengers often receive
    two actual tickets: one for the base fare and one for the supplement fees, although
    sometimes, the two tickets are combined into a single one, and on more complex journeys
    you may receive more than two tickets. There are several ways to buy tickets for
    the bullet train. Option 1: Purchasing a ticket at a ticket
    counter. Shinkansen tickets can be bought from any
    ticket counter located in JR stations nationwide. When purchasing from the counter, you will
    need to provide the staff with following information; Number of travelers, Date of travel, Departure
    and arrival station, Ordinary or Green Car, Reserved or non-reserved seat. If you wish to make a seat reservation, you
    should additionally specify the train you wish to ride by providing the train’s departure
    time or train name and number, for example Hikari 513. Option 2: Purchasing a ticket at a ticket
    machine. You can purchase a shinkansen ticket from
    one of the various ticket machines located near the shinkansen gates. They have an English option and will guide
    you through the whole process of buying correct tickets. Option 3: Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen Online
    Booking Service This service allows travelers to purchase
    shinkansen ticket online and then either pick up the tickets at a ticket machine or use
    an IC card, such as Suica, Toica and Icoca, to tap through the ticket gates.: Access the website or install the app
    Register credit card and optionally an IC card
    Book a shinkansen Pick up the ticket at a machine or use your
    registered IC card to tap through the ticket gates Option 4: When using a Japan Rail Pass Last but not least, if you have a Japan Rail
    Pass, there is no need to get any additional ticket unless you wish to make a seat reservation. Seat reservations can be made with no additional
    fee. Oversized Baggage Travelers with oversized baggage are required
    to make a seat reservation for a seat in the last row of a car before boarding the shinkansen
    so they can store their baggage behind their seat. A baggage is considered oversized when its
    height, width and depth add up to more than 160cm. Reservations for an oversized baggage can
    be done either at the ticket counter, via the ticket machine or online through the Tokaido
    Sanyo Shinkansen Online Booking service . Passengers who board a shinkansen without a reservation
    for their oversized baggage will be asked by the train conductor to move their baggage
    to a space specified and will have to pay an extra fee of 1000 yen which is not covered
    by the Japan Rail Pass. Also, travelers with oversized baggage may
    not use non-reserved seats. How to use the Tokaido Shinkansen Before boarding Once you have your tickets, it’s time to
    board your train, but first you have to go through the shinkansen ticket gates. When using paper tickets, just put the tickets
    together and insert them inside the machine. Make sure not to forget to take them back
    when they reappear on the other side. Those who use an IC card with official online
    booking service, just tap through the ticket gates and pick up the ticket that comes out
    the other side. Throughout the train station you can find
    electronic sign boards displaying in Japanese and English the upcoming departures, including
    departure times, train names and numbers, destination station and the platform number
    from which the train departs Trains along the Tokaido Shinkansen are about
    400 meters long, so it is a good idea to find the location of your car before the train
    arrives. Signs on the platform indicate where each
    car and its doors will be located and where to form lines. Displays on the side of the train and inside
    the train will indicate the car number and whether the car is reserved, non-reserved
    or green. On board the train When the shinkansen arrives, make sure to
    let all passengers alight before boarding, Then, find your seat if you have a reservation. Seat number and letter are clearly indicated,
    in a similar way as on airplanes. Make sure to board quickly and not to block
    the aisle in order to ensure that everybody can board swiftly. If you are travelling with baggage, you can
    place it onto the overhead shelf over your seat. Oversized baggage should be placed behind
    your reserved seat in the last row of the train. Make sure not to place your baggage near the
    train doors or anywhere else where it would block the way. Amenities on-board include:
    Electric outlets, spacious and usually clean restrooms in every second car as well as a
    few smoking rooms. You can recline your seat, as well as rotate
    the row of seats if you are travelling as a group. When reclining your seat, do it with caution,
    in order to not bother the person behind you. Make sure to return your seat back to its
    original position before getting off, and to take all garbage with you. Unlike on local trains, eating and drinking
    on the shinkansen is perfectly acceptable. A food cart service offering drinks and snacks
    is available on Nozomi and Hikari trains. Finally, a good thing to know when riding
    the Tokaido Shinkansen is that on a clear day you can get a beautiful view of Mount
    Fuji. Seat E (or seat D in Green Class) are the
    seats with the best, unobstructed views of Japan’s iconic mountain. Riding around Japan by bullet train is a great
    way to see the country, and hopefully now you feel confident using the Tokaido Shinkansen. For more information or to watch another video,
    click the links on the screen now or head over to Japan Guide dot com, your comprehensive,
    up-to-date travel guide, first hand from Japan. Thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe and click the notification
    bell for more videos about Japan. Happy travels!

    Making a Giant Hamster Wheel for our Cat
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    Making a Giant Hamster Wheel for our Cat

    March 14, 2020

    (lighthearted piano music) (cat purring) (remote clicks) (whirring) Do you want to reach
    your full potential as an apex predator? SUPURRVISOR: Want. Do you want to catch
    that elusive red light that haunts your dreams? SUPURRVISOR: Want. Then you need the Catfaster9000 SUPURRVISOR: Want. (high intensity chanting music) KATELYN: This video is
    brought to you by Squarespace, the all-in-one platform
    for all your website needs. Hey guys, we’re
    Evan and Katelyn, and today we’re making
    a giant hamster wheel for our cat! KATELYN: No! (laughing) (beep) So if you guys have
    watched our channel you know that Joob,
    our supervisor, insert cat here. She works really hard
    to keep us on task. So we thought we would make
    something special for her. Even though we have no idea
    if she’ll use it or want it because she’s a cat. Looking at pre-made
    options you can just buy, they fell into one
    of two categories: One, they’re either
    really expensive because they’re a big, big item and
    shipping that is very expensive, or, they’re broken up into
    a whole bunch of small little pieces that you
    have to assemble yourself and since they’re
    assembled plastic pieces, they’re pretty flimsy. So this is a really great
    project to make yourself. KATELYN: So there are
    a couple DIY cat wheels online already, but the
    ones that we saw were either more complicated than
    we wanted to deal with or chunkier than we
    wanted to deal with. So we came up with
    our own design. Let us show you. (Cleaner spraying) For the wheel we’re
    going to have two circles of plywood, sandwiched
    around aluminum flashing which should be lightweight
    but really strong. We’re going to make an
    all wood, modern base and it is modern because
    we are tapering the legs. So let’s get started. Guys, guys, we got a new tool. We got a new circle jig,
    and a new plunge router. Bring it around town! This is exciting. (high pitched buzzing) Uh oh, we should turn it off. (laughing) The
    collet came undone. All right, that’s not
    the funniest thing. (uncomfortable laughter) Just tighten this a
    little bit more this time. (grunts) Here, I’ll help you out. (metal clinking) Now, Katelyn, we need to be
    able to get it off later. Hey, I’m just trying to prevent the same mistakes
    from recurring. (laughter) All right, let’s try this again. Hey, you know, we got
    like four inches cut before it all fell apart,
    so that’s progress. (machine buzzing) (energetic music) This is a dusty boy. I am just now realizing the scope of what
    we’re undertaking. Yeah, this is a giant thing. If she doesn’t use this, what
    are we going to do with this? It’s so big! I don’t know Now that we have two
    identical circles, we’re gonna cut
    the groove that our aluminum flashing is
    going to sit into. So how far in are we
    going to do the groove? Let me check my 3D model To the 3D model EVAN: We need it to be
    somewhat on the inside because if this is too far out, then you’re going
    to see the wheels. (upbeat jazzy music) We got our groove on,
    got our groove on. Sorry, I apologize everyone. It looks groovy. (upbeat jazzy music) But does it separate? It’s like a giant,
    non-functional hula hoop That’s all folks. Did you forget what
    your purpose is? What is my purpose? This is probably one
    of the biggest moments of truth, because these
    things that we made right here, they’re
    a little bit flimsy. A single sheet of this. Aluminum flashing. Is a little bit flimsy, but– Quite flimsy. My intuition is that
    all three combined properly are going to
    reinforce each other and everything is
    going to be good. Yes. I feel like that’s gonna like… Oh. (laughing) (metal scraping) We wanted white
    aluminum flashing, unfortunately this is
    only white on one side so we’re going to do two layers, which I think will
    actually be good. It’ll give it more rigidity. EVAN: Yeah, we’ll just
    figure it out as we go. Kind of go in two handed. Maybe we should switch
    because I can’t reach it. Let’s maybe recut this out here. What are you saying
    about my cut? (laughing) Yeah?
    Yeah! Now to try to coax
    it into bending opposite the way it was rolled. Okay, you got that end?
    Ish. (laughs) Hey! Hey!
    Cool! (gasps) (laughs) Cool! You might need more than
    that little two inch piece of blue tape No, no, no, no, oh
    yeah, this is good. Okay. (laughs) So, the epoxy. Epoxy is like the best
    thing to join wood to metal. So what I was thinking
    about doing is (metal pops) I told you that wouldn’t fit. If we can fill the
    groove with Thixo. And then press it down.
    And press down. Might need to grab a step stool to see into the groove. Oh no, you can probably see it I can see it Uh oh. Oh, jeez, oh jeez. Well, I’ll smooth
    that out later. How much workable time
    do we have on this? Ten minutes? Ten minutes. Okay, so a little
    bit faster pace. Yeah. (upbeat jazzy music) Okay, so now we just
    have to flip this over, fit it in the groove. Very carefully. Hope this doesn’t drip. It’s happening! We can’t turn back now. That’s the point right? Yeah, yeah, no, it’s
    good, it’s good, sorry. Was I not supposed
    to lower it yet? No, no, you’re
    good, you’re good! Okay. All right, is it not going in? Nothing to be alarmed of yet. Oh no, I feel like epoxy
    is just like, leaking down. It’s quite, like,
    not good over here. There you go, yeah. The last bit, come on, pop down. (grunts) (clicks) Oh, there’s a lot of
    epoxy leaking everywhere. I don’t know, it’s
    all going to be great. It’s all going to be great. We are rubbing epoxy everywhere. I should have double-gloved! Oh, it went over it. (clicking and struggling) Is this easier or more complex? Than what? I’m not sure. (laughing) We’ll clean it up,
    we’ll clean it up, we’ll clean it up. This looks bad. It’s already curing. It went down! It went down? (excited yelling) Yeah, that was it! Okay quick, clamps? Weights? Clamps. Clamps. Unless you just
    want to put a big plywood thing across this. We’ll wipe up this epoxy. It’s not like the best,
    but it’s not the worst. Okay, we’ll pause this. We’re going to let it cure and
    then we’ll do the other side. Bye. Hello, it’s been four hours. Wait, you got it? It’s a big boy! He’s a chonker. Best way to flip this? Let’s move the whole
    table this way. Forward okay. (clattering) What was that? It was the this. (Yelps) It feels… It’s pretty light, actually. Super light weight and really strong. Yeah, wow, that’s great, okay. That’s actually perfect. I don’t want to make
    any judgment calls, but that felt really good. Yeah that felt
    really good actually. Now we do it again! (upbeat jazzy music) This is looking so good! Look at our wheel! SUPURRVISOR: Hi nerds. Oh hello! Yes, we’re working
    on your project! Okay so our wheel is
    looking pretty nice, it feels very sturdy. It’s relatively light weight for how big it is,
    but you’ll notice that it is trying to escape
    on its own and this is not the type of wheel that
    we want to just have free reign for the
    Supurrvisor to just bulldoze things around the house. That would be so awesome if
    we just put the carpet in here and she was just like
    a little wrecking ball We’ll need a cat-sized
    hamster ball for that. Coming soon, out of resin. (laughing) So logically, the next step
    is to build our base for this. Montage mode? (bouncy bass music) (laughs) That would be great- Do I look cool? Yeah, you look really cool. (machine buzzes) (bouncy bass music) So this is what it would look
    like with the legs as is. It’s fine, but we’re
    going to turn them. We’re going to add tapers. We’re not going to
    turn them into tapers. We’re going to add tapers. Here you go. (bouncy bass music) It looks good, we’ll
    get our squeeze out Yay!
    Yay! (bouncy bass music) (purring) The Catfaster9000! Time for hair and make up
    for the next commercial Can I take this? (blowing) And, action! Have you ever had
    an idea so good you want to scream
    it from the rooftops? Cat hamster balls was superior the whole time, the answer
    was underneath our noses! The whole time! Well these days,
    that kind of behavior is frowned upon by society. Get your ideas
    out into the world in the most socially
    acceptable and effective way possible, by starting a
    website with Squarespace. You can sell unlimited products, have access to a full
    suite of eCommerce tools, and even schedule appointments. Best of all, they
    are a one-stop shop for all of your website needs. They have domains,
    they have hosting, they have beautiful
    templates that’ll get you up and running with a beautiful
    website before you know it. If you’ve been thinking
    about starting a website you can try it for
    free at and when you’re ready
    to pull the trigger, you can go to for 10% off your first purchase. (beeps) All right, so next up
    is give our Supurrvisor something to grip into
    while she’s running at high speed along the circle. We bought these
    carpet tiles thinking that’s like perfect
    thing, easy to apply. Unfortunately, I
    don’t think they are going to grip very well. EVAN: Ready? KATELYN: Yeah. They grip better than I thought. I don’t know, is
    that going to work? We touched the
    sticky beforehand, and we’re like oh that’s
    not adhesive at all, it’s just vaguely grippy,
    but that’s actually like… That’s like, on there. That might be be it! We thought we were going
    to have to use carpet tape! This is actually pretty good. Although, there is
    the issue actually. Will it stick to the ceiling? Yeah. Yeah! KATELYN: Wow, I’m impressed. Well this is going to be a
    lot easier than we thought. Yeah. KATELYN: Should we just
    time lapse through this? You guys don’t want to watch
    us place every single tile? (laughing) Yay! KATELYN: That’s awesome. (playful string music) All right, so the
    plan for today was to add the casters, do the
    finale, finish everything up. But I started
    setting up for today, getting the casters in place, just kind of mocking them
    up, making sure they’re high enough and that
    they can freely spin. Before we do the final assembly, I did a little bit of testing. Things aren’t really
    going as planned. So it is time to grab Katelyn
    and tell her the news. It’s a good news, bad
    news, good news situation. Good news first! Let me show you it assembled. Look at how
    beautiful that looks! It looks nice! It looks super nice! So high end. And classy cat furniture. It looks great, doesn’t it? Yes. Give it a spin, let
    me know what you think It’s a little wobbly, three out of five stars. So that’s the good
    news, bad news. Okay, what’s the last good news? (sighs) I have hope that
    we can salvage this. Because the casters
    aren’t locked in, everything is just kind
    of clamped in place, I still have a few
    more casters to add, and also right now,
    the center of gravity of the wheel is here. That’s really high up. But when there’s a cat in here, it’s gonna be more stable? I mean, I guess so. I thought you were going to say but I have a plan to
    fix it, guaranteed! I haven’t given up. Okay, that’s good because I don’t want to
    build another base! Okay, before we get
    caught in the speculation of what could be,
    let’s finish this, because this is just a mock up, let’s finish it and then
    let’s see how bad it is. Okay, finish it as
    in attach the wheels. Attach the wheels
    and everything. Okay, okay. Okay. (playful music) Uh oh. Today is off to a great start! EVAN: How are you
    going to film this? KATLYN: Yeah, I don’t know. How am I going to drill this? (drill buzzes) All right, we have our
    main wheels installed. They’re what’s going to
    take the weight and spin it. But my hopes for
    stabilizing everything rest on these two side wheels,
    because as you noticed, there was rocking
    left and right. So if I shim these
    precisely, right here, that should prevent the
    wobble this way, I hope. Yes. Please, please
    work, please work. The moment of truth. This is the final
    moment of truth. If this works… If this works, we’re
    good, we can test it. If it doesn’t work, I don’t
    really know what we can do aside from remaking the base. Is it all aligned? There’s just the tiniest
    bit of wiggle room. So I can add one
    more shim if we want, or we can just try it right now. We can try it and then
    see if we need more shims? (squeaking) It seems… It sounds a little rough. I’m going to add some
    lubricant in there. Okay okay. But it seems… oh my gosh! That’s better,
    that’s much better. Should we try more shims
    or you think that’s good? (rolling) Ha, am cat, am cat. Oh, that doesn’t sound good. What was that? It.. I don’t know. I don’t see anything rubbing, but it sounds like something is. Right? (clicking) Should I, ’cause
    there’s still — I think let’s add another shim. the tiniest bit of play in here. Let’s add another shim, I think. We don’t want this
    thing going rogue. Maybe just one more shim? Let’s see. Bonus shim. (creaking) Test two, now we have
    a total of three shims. I think this is
    going to be good. There’s a lot less wiggle room. It feels pretty solid, actually. It looks better. Go at high speed. (rolling) That’s pretty good. Is it time to test? With a cat? Yeah, I mean, with that shim, it’s not wobbling. This is very heavy,
    and weighted downwards. Oh my God, I thought we
    were going to have to cut the base in half, and
    splice something together. Oh my gosh. I’m so glad it works. I was like, these little wheels were a part of the
    plan the whole time I didn’t know how much of a
    difference they would make. I wasn’t aware about how
    crucial they would be. Oh my gosh. Okay, let’s see if she likes it. EVAN: All right guys,
    moment of truth. The wheel is in place. KATELYN: We came
    prepared, we have lasers. We have cat nip. And we have treats. I think that I want to
    spray the catnip on. Pre-spray it? We’re pulling out all the stops ’cause she’s probably going
    to be kind of hesitant. Oh you’re just going
    to sprinkle some? Ugh!
    (laughing) Sorry! (shaking treats) KATELYN: There she is. Hi. EVAN: Hi! KATELYN: She’s like
    “what’s going on?” Hey, hop on in! KATELYN: What do you
    think about this? EVAN: Checking out
    the workmanship. Yeah, what do you think
    about our workmanship? SUPURRVISOR: Do not trust. What is this, do you
    want to go inside? It’s all dirty looking
    because of the catnip. EVAN: Is it time
    to use the laser? SUPURRVISOR: Am done. EVAN: No, no. No, no, Joobie, no!
    Joobie. She half lifted a paw! Don’t leave, we
    made this for you! EVAN: Are you bored? KATELYN: Why are you such a cat? SUPURRVISOR: No. Wow, Oh no… She’s cleaning it. Look, she did it! KATELYN: She moved it! EVAN: She used it, she used it. I don’t think we can
    count that as a win. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. She like, literally doesn’t care This is so cool. What if we put her bed on it? Just got in her bed. And then we tried unsuccessfully for an additional 40
    minutes to try to get Joob to use her exercise
    wheel before we realized we need to change our approach. Okay, we’ve come back
    with reinforcements. We looked up some videos
    on how to train cats with wheels like this, and also, we upgraded what the
    treat is, turkey. We learned watching that video that you’re supposed to
    do this over the course of five days, and we
    have like five hours. Okay, also, this is a weird
    thing, we know we got turkey. We call it ham for her
    because she responds when we do this one
    particular call. (high pitched call) (mewing) Up, up good down? Good job! EVAN: We need to train
    Joob to get comfortable hopping on and off
    first, and then train her to move forward a
    little bit at a time. KATELYN: Joobie loves ham. EVAN: Oh yes. It was turkey. Do we think that’s ham? Should we have her
    go move forward? I mean, they say you’re
    supposed to take it slow. She’s doing really good on it. Good practice.
    It’s time to practice, yeah. We’ll let her have a
    break for a little bit, have some water, and then
    we’ll try again later. (playful piano music) EVAN: (laughs) Joobie’s
    already interested she’s heading your way. Okay, we didn’t want
    to deal with the whole package of ham and
    having to keep opening it so I just got a handful (laughs) Feels great! (high pitched call) EVAN: Yeah, that’s so good! So good. EVAN: Even with weird noises. I know, some
    questionable creaking. Let’s let her take a few steps, look at her, look
    at her, look at her! EVAN: That’s so good! That’s so good! Oh my gosh! She’s doing so
    good, I’m so proud. EVAN: So much progress. This is like her
    workout/ham wheel (laughing) What every girl wants! I mean, she’s not
    spooked by it spinning. She’s even like, look at her,
    she’s like walking before I, oh, oh, that was the best. That was so good. It’s recording right? Yes! Wow! Wow! Oh, you smell like ham. (celebrating) She’s doing so good! Okay, you know, I’m really happy with the progress we’ve
    made in a couple hours. Based on our research this
    could take up to a week to get her fully
    used to the wheel, and we have to publish
    this video in two days. We’ll keep you guys posted
    on how this continues to go on social media. And if you guys want
    to see more projects that we made for our cat,
    we’re going to have a playlist right up here. Yes, and if you want to
    see our gaming channel, where we have wholesome,
    fun gaming content on Evan and Katelyn Gaming, you can check out
    those videos here. Hi! Do you want more ham? And we’ll see you next time! Bye!
    Bye! (beep) Uh oh What (gasps) oh no. Oh, I told you
    not to, oh my God, it’s all the way on
    the second story! I’m coming back. (playful arcade style music)

    My South Western Railway week of delays! (and no repays) #TightwadDad Vlog
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    My South Western Railway week of delays! (and no repays) #TightwadDad Vlog

    March 11, 2020

    [Music] So this is a good start. The train has 5 carriages. It’s half a train. It’s 5 carriage train, instead of a 10 carriage
    one. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] It looks pretty busy… and there’s no seats! Cos it’s half a train. On the upside, the company’s going to call
    itself “–Ern Railway” now. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] So this is my seat for the one hour journey. Gonna get myself comfortable, I think. [TANNOY:] Usual 10. I’ve just been informed this is due to a brake
    problem on the rear 5 coaches this morning in the depot. I do sincerely apologise for this. This service is half the size of a normal
    service of 5 car. I’ve been informed recently this is due to
    a brake fault on the rear 5 coaches which are in the depot. So we do apologise for the uncomfortable conditions
    up to Waterloo. They’re gonna remove the guards, and replace
    them with full-time apologisers. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [TANNOY:] For the cramped and uncomfortable
    conditions this morning. As most of you well know, this service is
    normally a 10 car. For the last couple of days it’s been a 5
    car. This is not a permanent change. This was just due to I’ve been informed brake
    problems on the rear 5, so I can only apologise. And hope for the rest of the week return to
    a 10 car. Hello South Western Railway. This is what it looks like when half a train
    runs. It’s nice and cosy. Okay so that wasn’t a great start to this
    week of filming this. I can’t move my legs! I’ve been standing for an hour. And holding this at an awkward angle because
    I don’t want to enrage the many people that I’m sharing this train with. Anyway I give this journey a half out of 10. Half for the half train that we got. Man that was ugly. 115 quid — oh and er it was a little bit
    late as well! [Music]
    [Music] What a difference 13 hours makes. Got a completely empty train. Life is good. For this evening. So… I’ll probably give this journey a 10 out of
    10. Solid 10. Knew it was too soon. The guard has just asked for police assistance
    over the tannoy. It’s gonna be okay. It’s all gonna be okay. Ah well. So I’ve now downgraded this score to… erm,
    the journey’s a 7, a gentle 7 out of 10 now. [Music]
    [Music] Okay so that didn’t go so well but you know
    there’s still the rest of the week to go [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    It’s Wednesday, it’s 5 past 7. And I know it’s gonna be a good day
    We’re gonna we’re gonna get solid tens today, I know it. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] So that was a nice journey. Got a seat. Ten minutes late so it’s ten minutes
    I give that journey I give it a 9 out of 10 even though it’s 10% late so there’s 10% off
    the mark. So I think that’s fair. I don’t know why it can’t just turn up on
    time, but… guess we’ll call it South Western Railway
    time [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    So it’s 10 hours later. And I’m after the 1845. Agh, knew it was to be true
    They’ve run the train short! Look! Instead of 12 carriages, it’s 8. I’m looking at the wrong camera again. It’s 8 carriages – we can’t get on! So it’s a short, short form train again
    I dunno if I can get on. [TANNOY:] If you do require Clapham, please
    return to the platform. Thank you. So I squeezed on. And er it looks like we’re gonna be leaving
    five minutes late So we’ve, there’s the camera, so we’ve left
    late. Again. Let’s see how this goes. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] That wasn’t such a great journey – I got my
    bag strap caught in the door, it was so crowded. I was standing for 45 minutes – it was a good
    job that I’ve got on it and nearly didn’t get on it because it was so crowded, but the
    train behind us the 1900, that got cancelled totally because of a train fault – as well
    as our one being short because of a train fault
    And the 1815 before it was short, because of a train fault so… I guess I should be lucky that we got a train
    at all So that’s a win. But I’m only gonna give this a score of 7. We’re late as well but not late enough to
    get any compensation so I’ll give that journey actually no I was standing I’ll give that
    journey 6 yeah [CRASH!] that train! Oh hello there it’s Thursday morning it’s
    7:15 and I’ve got a good feeling about today I think this might be the day where South
    Western Railway can show us it’s excellence! [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] So we’re nine minutes late. Late enough to have an impact – Not late enough
    to get any compensation. I think I’ll give that journey… a, a, it’s
    tricky – I’ll give it a nine with some indecision Yeah it’s a solid nine. [Music]
    [Music] So it’s Thursday night – there’s a camera! I keep missing it. It’s Thursday night – going for the 1745. Let’s see if all the carriages are here. Looks like most of them are here. Looks like it’ll also leave on time, so I
    don’t wanna jinx it, but this this could look good. (SINGS) It’s a proper length train! [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] Okay so this is going well. We’re on time and there’s a faster service
    that’s going to overtake us so I’ll be able to get on that and maybe get home a bit sooner
    I don’t know why I’m staring you like this. It’s like I’m looking down – I don’t – lift
    it higher that’s what I should do but I feel weird holding the phone this high. I think I’m getting better at this over the
    week, no? Okay I spoke too soon. It’s a third of a train – there’s only four
    carriages. Oh South Western Railway! You keep us hanging on! So this 12 carriage train is only 4 carriages. That’s a third of a train it’s– maybe I should
    shoot all my videos in here? I’m not sure. It’s not exactly soundproof. There’s no water. Oh! [Music]
    Hello it’s five to seven on Friday. Last day of the week yeah! I’ve got this new camera I don’t even know
    if you can see me let alone if I’m in focus I’ve got good hopes for today. I know South Western Railway can pull this
    out of the bag yeah! It’s funny I was thinking last night I’m worried
    that this video will come off as ungrateful or snarky when it absolutely comes from an
    opposite place I feel so grateful in this country that we
    have a rapid mass transit system that’s just there for us as a nation. But anyway let’s see what today brings
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    Okay so my train’s on time – yes! – but it’s another short formation
    It’s 8 carriages instead of twelve but on the upside it’s a Friday, so it’s usually
    a lot quieter on this route on a Friday, so fingers crossed. A lot of people like to not travel in by train. What’s not to like?! [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] That’s not the camera: The lights are off. It’s nice and intimate. I actually prefer it like this I think. [TANNOY]
    At Guildford, we were advertised differently. This lead to a couple of minutes extra. I do apologise for the inconvenience this
    will cause to your journeys this morning… So it’s not going quite so well on this journey. We’ve got a level crossing failure. The train was routed into the wrong platform,
    so we’re running about 12 minutes in delay. And, and there’s a third of the train missing. So… not quite there this morning. [Music]
    [Music] Okay, so this is interesting: we’re exactly
    14 minutes late. If we’re one minute later we get compensation,
    and if we don’t lose a minute, we don’t. So fingers crossed
    [Music] Okay so there’s a– there was a, we were routed…
    routed? We were routed into the wrong platform at
    Guildford – there’s a level crossing failure – a third of the train is missing, don’t know
    if you can see that in the background? I’m still looking at the screen instead of
    the camera and we’re sixteen minutes late which is great because that means we’ll get
    some compensation. I’ll put that on screen now, how much I’ll
    get. It takes a couple of weeks to go through
    So that’s gonna be a load, a load of money We’re 15– no 16 minutes late on a one-hour
    journey Ha. But it’s okay, because I now allow an hour
    and a half… [TANNOY ANNOUNCEMENT]
    I now allow an hour and a half extra on my journey time because I might not trust South
    Western Railway so much at the moment [Music]
    [Music] So we’re out seeing a show. We’re going to get very late train, at 2245
    and it looks like it’s gonna leave on time – it looks like all of the carriages are here. So very late on a Friday night… South Western Railway you’re looking good! [Music]
    Oh! It’s not that train! It’s the front of the–
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    So that was a good one. That was on time… all the carriages were
    on the train. Well done South Western Railway. So I think what I’ve learnt is, the time to
    travel on South Western Railway is at midnight on Friday… then we’re good. It’s Monday. It’s the last day of this experiment to just
    record a typical week travelling on South Western Railway. The company has cancelled two trains – the
    two trains I was going to get on. So I didn’t rush to the station for it. But just realized I won’t get any compensation
    for that because I don’t actually hold the ticket for the trains that were not going
    to leave. So… don’t know how I would claim for that. Ah well. So, I’ll go and get my ticket now
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    It’s a bit windy So the train straight after the cancellations
    are obviously late. So fingers crossed we can get on this one. [Music]
    Okay so this train’s a bit busy. But the next one’s in ten minutes, it’s delayed
    even more. So… there’s a seat. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [TANNOY: The next station is Guildford]
    [TANNOY:] This is your service up to London Waterloo, this is your Guard. Apologies, we’re now running 20 minutes behind
    schedule. We were delayed as we arrived into Guildford,
    we were delayed further as we were awaiting a second member of crew to head up to Waterloo. So I do apologise for the delay as we are
    running around 20 minutes behind schedule now. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] So two trains cancelled and the one next one
    in is 27 minutes late. That’s erm… I think I’ll give, give that – I don’t know
    if you can hear me? I’ll– all I can hear is just apologies on
    tannoys, it’s lovely. So I think I’ll give that journey a soft six
    out of ten It didn’t clonk over to the half hour extra
    compensation so I’m 27 minutes late, I’ll be paid the same as being sixteen minutes
    late, which… is unfortunate. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    So the last journey on the last day of this random
    week of travelling with South Western Railway. That last journey there, left at 1800 and
    I’ve got here on time — it might be in one minute late but basically it’s on time, so
    that’s a good one. That’s a good one to end on! Well done South Western Railway! I’ll give that– Oh, I had to stand! I had to stand for half an hour, but but look
    all the carriages were there! It was a twelve coach train with twelve coaches! And it left on time! So one journey – that’s fantastic – to end
    on on this journey high. So that was a random week of me travelling
    on South Western Railway Have you got any comments? What’s it like for you travelling on South
    Western Railway? Or maybe on the train company that serves
    your area – leave a comment below I’d love to hear your stories. And if you’ve reached this point in the video
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    How NOT to claim South Western Railway Delay Repay | Class 442 smashed #TightwadDad VLOG
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    How NOT to claim South Western Railway Delay Repay | Class 442 smashed #TightwadDad VLOG

    March 10, 2020

    I know let’s get this train. [TRAIN WHOOSH]
    Oh. [MUSIC]
    So this train limping away — it’s Monday the 17th of February — got to the station,
    and things are running on time… even though there’s a storm
    And then I thought ‘oh, I’ll take a picture of myself with this nice old train from 1989,
    and er… oh look it’s going very slowly and…’ its front cab window was smashed. This seems to happen quite a bit on these
    old trains. I believe they’re called Class 442’s. [TANNOY] This service is unsafe for us to
    continue. This service will be terminating here. Would you all change please, all change. I do regret to inform you again that this
    service is being terminated here. This is due to unsafe conditions to carry
    on. Because the window was smashed by a tree,
    they’ve taken it out of service. Some of us punishers… punishers? Some of us passengers wonder how clever it
    is to introduce trains from 1989 through our line in 2020. So anyway good job I took a picture because
    I’ve had my my compensation refused a couple of times. So I’m gonna have to tweet this, which I don’t
    like doing. But erm… it’s the only way I can keep track
    of the trains being taken out of service all the time. So anyway this is delay we’re facing at the
    moment – I’ll screengrab it. I guess we see what time we get to London
    and on what train! That’s the broken train! The window looks better on this side – hey
    maybe we’ll get a shot of it as it goes past! [Music]
    [Music] So I got here at 7 o’clock it’s now just gone
    8 o’clock and the next train looks as if it’s coming into the station now
    [Music] [Music]
    [Music] Fingers crossed for this one. Will it be 12 carriages or will it be 8? It’s South Western Railway bingo… Yes! It’s 12 carriages. Oh that’s a result – this is a good start
    to a Monday… an hour after it started [Music]
    Ah, I’m freezing – I can’t feel my hands. [Music]
    [TANNOY:] Once again this service WILL now be calling at Guildford, Worplesdon and Woking
    only. Okay, we’ve just been told that this train’s
    being terminated at Woking. So we’ll see how long this takes. [Music]
    [Music] So this train – the first one through the
    blockage has been terminated early here at Woking. They’ve told us to go to Platform 1. I’ve got to record this, because the Delay
    Repay people – they’ll refuse the refund, when they see that there was a next train
    – even though we’ve got to get all the way from Platform 5 over to Platform 1 in I think
    under a minute, so let’s see how this goes… I’m gonna keep the camera running just to
    show you how quick it takes to be terminated and detrained and find another train
    [TANNOY: Please note the train will only be 6 carriages, so if you’re not able to board
    the next train on platform 2, please remain on the platform. The next available train will be the 0924…] Okay so the next train in is six carriages
    long, we’re 12 carriages, so Delay Repay – the people at Delay Repay will block that payment
    because even though we couldn’t get on the train. [TANNOY]
    “Please stand behind the yellow line please!” [INCOMPREHENSIBLE TANNOY]
    It’s exciting twelve carriages down to six carriage train, let’s see how this works out! Yeah that would be full when it arrives yeah. [TRAIN NOISES]
    [PLATFORM STAFF SHOUTING] Okay, it’s gonna be a bit tricky getting on
    the next train. [TANNOY]
    There’s 12 carriages of us trying to get on. [TANNOY NOISES]
    I know, let’s get this train! [TRAIN NOISE]
    Oh. [Music]
    Ooh, this looks good. [Music]
    [Music] [Music]
    So it’s 0957 which means I’m 1 hour 20 minutes late. They’ll blame it on the storm – but from here
    it looks like more to do with running a 32 year old train with curved windows not coping
    very well with a tree and terminating the next train through – the first train through
    that blockage – South Western Railway chose to terminate that that at Woking. So let’s see how the wonderful people at delay
    repay will reply with this one. I’m sure there’ll be an apology I’m sure there
    will be a good amount of compensation on my £118 ticket! Let’s see what they come up with! So I’ve put the claim in – hello by the way
    I’m Neil – thanks so much for seeing this through to the end… Will I get some compensation from South Western
    Railway? What do you think? Leave me a comment below tell me what you
    think – tell me what your experiences are and down there I’ve also got a link for–
    I’m just giving myself big shadows! In the link below I’ve put the link – that’s
    what it’s called – to the southwest and delay repay site you can try this out for yourself. But anyway I put the claim in – I think I’ve
    got that up on screen now and South Western Railway? Wailway? South Western Railway sent me a refund on
    my £118 pound ticket – I got a grand refund of £5.91 pence. Yes. EXCEPT… then I saw in the corner of the
    email – wait a minute! South Western Railway REDUCED my delay from
    1 hour 16 minutes down to under 59 minutes. South Western Railway just changed my delay! I filled in all the forms, I presented all
    the proof, and the company just went… “Nah. It’s between 30 and 59 minutes.” Completely made up a time to avoid paying
    the extra compensation you get on 60 minutes and over. So I click on the appeal button and I go through
    the appeal process where you have to fill in the form that you filled in the first place
    – from scratch – and I’ve recorded it for your viewing pleasure – you can watch along
    with me how good I am at doing this. I wanted to make sure that I had all my facts
    straight which meant that I was too slow because I kept looking back at my photos and my tweets
    and my screengrabs and my videos I’m sharing with you here right now
    But because I was doing that, this the appeal system just kept logging me out and every
    time you’re logged out – you’ve got to log back in again and start again from scratch. I don’t know why we’ve got a login! You’ve got to start from the beginning of
    your appeal – appeal – every single time you’re logged out. Uploading the tickets, and filling in the
    boxes, and then it hit me. I’ve spent all this time on the delay, and
    the claim for the delay repay, and now the appeal for the delay repay. I don’t think South Western Railway wants
    to give me this few extra quid. They’re going to fight this against me to
    the death. And my breath is taken away in admiration. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe South Western Railway will delight me
    with their response… “Unsuccessful”. So your compensation won’t be increased. If you still believe we make the wrong decision
    after spending what feels like hours of your life on us, please get in touch! Dear [email protected]
    How are you? Me? I thought my 32 year old train with its 1980s
    stylish curved windows, smashed by a tree, was meant to arrive in Waterloo at 0841. I thought you terminated our first train through
    the blockage, early, at Woking, with our full 12 carriages trying to get across three platforms
    to an already full 6 carriages. I thought the next train I could physically
    get on was the 0919 from Yeovil… that was delayed. And I thought that this train actually arrived
    at London Waterloo at 0957. So I thought my delay was 1 hour and 16 minutes. But actually I was wrong. And South Western Railway Delay Repay is teaching
    me a valuable lesson. South Western Railway is teaching me how to
    gain humility. How to nurture patience. And most of all… how to bend the laws of
    physics, space, time and dimension. And I want to learn. I want to learn good. You are the champions. You are WINNERS. And you have completely beaten me. I’m broken! And a little bit… rinsed. Or as your email nails it, “Unsuccessful”. Thanks again, it’s been a blast. Neil, kiss. PS hope the driver is okay. [Music]
    If you have watched to the end thanks so much for being there, I really appreciate it and
    if I can help at all, leave a comment. It’d be lovely to hear from you
    If you could give it a thumbs up it might help some other people to see it and if you
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    MPC Live Track View Vs MPC Live Track Mutes

    March 6, 2020

    what up thank you guys for joining in today
    I am BK back with another Benga today I’m not quite sure what the video is
    gonna be titled it’ll be titled what its title the time you’re seeing it but I
    wanted to help someone who is asking me to give them a comparison video based
    around the video that I did a while ago surrounding the playlist when you use
    the FL the playlist like as if it’s FL studio and you format your song or your
    beat they wanted a comparison video saying that the MPC the track view egg
    when you’re exporting it it’s easier then it would be for song mode I beg to
    differ because to each his own but for somos no matter how many sequences I
    have it is easier for me to format the song that way opposed to having to
    bounce now each track to audio then you know organize it into a song boat so I’m
    gonna do a quick little cook up to to showcase that and uh you know we’ll go
    from there so I got some drum I don’t know what imma do but I’m gonna do
    something just to uh just to keep us going
    you all right so I got these drums nothing
    crazy just something to keep the groove going what I’m gonna do is on my export
    explode the are the track I’m going to explode it
    then I’m going to uh clear this I don’t need it alright so
    now got this sample and I’m uh I’m a layer it on top of these drums next thing I’m gonna do is I’m going to
    add in mixed in key this rope way today
    mixing key all right so selling me g-minor i boom I
    got the sample so now I’ma go to MPC one-shots and key groups if y’all got
    MPC one-shots and key groups the link is in the description you go ahead and grab
    it up I saw protein piano blue lace from MPC
    one-shots and key groups and what I’m doing I’m playing and pad perform oh I
    have banging mix a little mixolydian 4 loaded up that’s him banging
    progressions value 1 also on BK bangers calm if you ain’t get
    it go ahead and grab it and basically I’m not sure of the scale from that
    sample what I’m positive though is the actual the key that is sin
    so I’m just playing along with the the sample to layer it with an additional
    sale I’m gonna record that to say piano blue
    lace owner on a separate track and I’m I’m a plays uh I’m a layer it with the
    arc do a check for wondergirl guitar I’m a
    layer it on top of what’s going on Road in the book of Isabel yes in
    NPC one-shots and key groups and I’m gonna play the harp in a higher octave
    just to stack it now loading uh 808 from Bangor Italy I’m
    just not sure which one to load in so I got the Daytona loaded in I might not
    keep this one but I’m a mess with it go back in the pack will form Oh go into notes photochromatic
    you I’m down a few octaves sometimes when you when you’re in path
    before mode and you got notes mode open and you’re in chromatic sometimes depending on the scale like
    right now I’m in mixolydian it don’t sound right right so but if you go into
    notes instead of chromatic you just gotta find your rhythm and once you find
    your rhythm you good now what you can do is if you’re using the progressions you
    could go into progressions and I’m sorry I don’t have an additional camera to
    actually show you guys this but if you pay attention to the pads are enlarging
    it so you can actually see on the pads itself is showing you the actual keys from the progression
    right so what you can do is if the first pad is a a flat minor you’d be like all
    right so let me go back to the notes and the first pad is a
    and pay attention to the ones that you actually play but was it you play out in
    your pattern and then when you go to notes you can easily just play along all
    right so at this point is like I pretty much got everything that I need I can
    add more but for demonstration purposes I’m just going to keep it short and
    simple I’m just gonna mix this 808 a little bit to taste I’m also gonna go
    back into the the drums and mix this a little bit to taste as well all right so the challenge becomes now
    do you go the sole mode opposed to do you use the playlist way to to sequence
    your song I’m gonna show you the song mode way first
    although I show it all the time I’m gonna show you the song mode then I’m
    going to show you the length of time that it’s gonna take with actually
    bouncing out each track all right so let’s go to song mode I only have one
    sequence well I have two sequences but I’m only gonna use one for this and I’m
    gonna extent I’m gonna uh I’m gonna just do like I’m gonna do five for the
    purposes of this I want to keep it as short as I can I’m gonna do five five
    repeats I’m gonna convert it to a new sequence which is sequence three it
    opens up the first blank sequence it do it uh and then go back to main go to the
    track go to that sequence go to track mute and I have 13 tracks open I’m gonna
    mute out the ones that I don’t want which will mainly be the drums I’m a
    star like this sloppy work nonetheless I’m just trying
    to drive the point home this is sloppy this is not how I would normally do this
    but for the sake of video and demonstration purposes I’m keeping it
    short of course this will be a longer oh you know you’d have to intro you have
    the hook you’d have the verses and keep in mind
    when I’m when I’m doing this and with so mote and track mutes I’m originally a
    rapper right before producing and all that so in my mind I’m hearing where the
    chorus will go the hook and in my mind I’m hearing where the verse will go
    right and the intro and all that and I’m dropping out particular sounds
    particular elements to give the artists the vibe right you know you know you
    drop out certain song certain sounds and that becomes the verse if you bring back
    in everything that becomes the chorus right so in my mind this is the easiest
    way for me right so you got this how many bars is this it’s 40 bars you have
    this this is this would pretty much be it you can then go back in do your
    mixing add your limiter boost it up and all that I’m not gonna do that in this
    particular video but then you would just uh I got I know the hotkeys and shift
    command II and you export it I export it or bounce it as a mix down I could do it
    as a two track or I could uh separate the UM this the explode the tracks right
    if I explode the tracks I get to stem the track out I’m not gonna do that
    right now I’m just showing you what your options
    are you can stem it out right you can then also per say you want to go and you
    want to organize it or you can go to main in sequence right let me just
    show you you can bounce to sample the sequence but that’s gonna be a to track
    right so I’m a bouncer to sample just to show you I’m gonna track view or
    playlist view Rissa track new if you notice all the
    tracks are muted out right what that gave me was interior was supposed to
    give me an audio track yeah alright so it bounces this sample I didn’t bounce
    to a new audio track so it gave me a it gave me a bounce of the entire the
    entire joint that’s not what I want right so I’m gonna undo that I wanted to
    show you was bounce new track to bounce a new audio track you it bounces it to a new audio track and
    it mutes out all the the elements I mean that’s cool but you you can’t separate
    anything so I’m gonna undo that as well I’m gonna go back to sequence to which is everything and I’m
    gonna show you the time that it takes for you to bounce everything down to a
    Shrek I’m gonna edit it but imma show you right go to track one where’s my
    phone I don’t even have a phone I don’t have a
    timer right now but I’m gonna belt just a new audio track that’s track 1 right it mutes track 1 I
    got it then go to track to bounce to new audio track go back to MIDI go to track
    3 or 4 bounce to new audio track and I really want to do this in real time but
    it’s gonna take so long go back to MIDI go to the next track
    bout 2 new audio track and depending on how many bars you have like this is this
    is 40 bars so it’s not taking as long but this is 40 bars times however many
    right now I’m on track 5 and I have up to track 13 ago so I’m gonna pause this
    bounce everything down and then bring our back into a few nice so now I’m on
    the last track which is the 808 I’m gonna bounce it to the new audio
    track so now I have all the tracks are bounce I’m gonna go to track view I’m gonna
    close out the MIDI so all I see is the audio I’m gonna lower this screen right
    here cuz I don’t need it right now I’m gonna close this out and this is 40
    track 40 bars in total right I want to extend it so our command well it doesn’t give me the command a
    option here cursor
    select all and then what is a command D to
    duplicate it just duplicated it but because I only
    have 40 bars oh no this is eight bars
    sorry for go up to 16 bars I now have everything there
    I can then just go here double the length I could double the length however many I
    want for this particular innocence I’m just gonna you know keep it short and
    brief I’m gonna use the mute tool opposed to
    using the eraser tool you can use the eraser tool if you want I’m gonna use
    the mute tool and I’m the mute out what I don’t want
    right in this way it just takes a little bit more time
    because you actually have to bounce out each individual element right right so once you have this and you have
    a set up however you want however it is that you want it to be set up you can
    then press shift command E or shift control if you want PC or you can go to
    uh to edit where’s that o file export as audio mix down and then you could choose
    the way that you wanna you want to explode it or export it if you if you’re
    gonna send out track outs to your artists or to engineer to to mix you’ll
    explode tracks or if you just want the two track
    you could uh you can export it that way you set you choose your file format you
    know WAV mp3 that’s what we all use and you know your bit ratio and your sample
    rate and that’s pretty much it man um to the gentleman who was accent about
    that I hope this clarified it for you for me
    I’m I’m with song I’m with song mode track mutes all day in the MPC this way
    right here I showed it to you guys as as an option for all of you deaths that are
    coming from life um FL studios and you’re using an MPC software this is a
    familiar territory for you to me this way takes too long like if I was in
    studio one with this the way that you bounce the audio – audio track is way
    less time way less effort I could command a select all and bounce all the
    track’s one time opposed to having to go through different tracks to bounce them
    like it takes too long but whatever floats your boat if this is your Fung
    Shui – hey you feel me any comments or concerns posted up in
    the comment section and I’ll get back to you and my most earliest convenience
    I am BK this was another banger thank you guys for joining in today please do
    stop by BK bengis comm pick up your copy of MPC one-shots and key groups I
    utilized it in this beat today also banging 808 value1 some people was
    asking me about 808 and I brought it to you also
    pick up your copy of bangin progressions Volume one I use that to play along with
    the sample today banging progressions borrowed chords is still free 99 on the
    site I see a lot of you guys are still downloading it and I thank you but
    gentlemen show some support on on you know I mean picking up these expansion
    packs because you know your boy is in the market for business you feel me
    that’s pretty much it male of a light till next time enjoy the rest of your
    day peace you

    How do I track my academic progress toward graduation?
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    How do I track my academic progress toward graduation?

    March 3, 2020

    We’ll go to to show you how to stay on top of your academic progress with a report called “My Progress”. Login with your student ID and password. Click login. On your My Gateway homepage, locate the web advisor and self-service menu. Click on Registration and Schedule and select Program Evaluation/My Progress. This is your My Progress report. It’s your key to making sure you’re meeting all program requirements as you work toward completion. On this My Progress screen, you can see your cumulative GPA. Click Program Notes to view important notes about your program and your program GPA. The catalog year, which is the curriculum year of your acceptance and the curriculum that populates in your My Progress reports. You can check your progress by looking at your total credits, total credits from Gateway and by looking at the course list below. Scroll down the page and you’ll see all the courses needed for your program, as well as your status for each of those courses. Different colors signify different things and they’re all defined right here in the status column. Early in your academic career, the status of many of the courses listed may be red. That’s normal and just means the courses have not yet been planned or completed. You can also see on this view whether you’re registered for a course which is not yet completed, wait-listed for a course or enrolled in a course that hasn’t started. Then as you complete courses, the listing will shrink and turn green and be marked completed. As always, if you have any questions about reading your My Progress report, reach out to your academic or faculty advisor at 1-800-247-7122.

    【Shinkansen】It Is EASY to Use Ticket Vending Machines for Japanese Bullet Trains【Ticketing】
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    【Shinkansen】It Is EASY to Use Ticket Vending Machines for Japanese Bullet Trains【Ticketing】

    March 1, 2020

    Hi, I am Japanese Train YouTuber Suit.”S U I T.” I am not a good student in English (I think he means he’s not good at English ¯_(ツ)_/¯) Especially in English Class But anyway, I know Japanese train network very well I think I’m number 1 Japanese train YouTuber As you know I have over 300,000 subscribers Today I’m gonna introduce how to use the Shinkansen. This is Shin-Yokohama Station Yokohama is a prefecture near Tokyo The easiest way to buy a shinkansen ticket is from the ticket office It’s usually a green or white colour However, look at this picture Quite a few people are waiting at this ticket office In this case, you will have to wait for 3 to 5 minutes On the other hand, the vending machine next to the ticket counter is not busy The ticket machine is fast and rapid and not stressful. I always buy a ticket from the vending machine But in some cases, it might be easier to buy a ticket from the vending machine So I recommend if your journey does not have any connections I recommend using the vending the machine. It’s very easy to buy a ticket Please be careful some vending machines only accept credit card. So cash is not accepted In this picture 1,2,3 only accept credit card. When you buy a ticket using a credit card. You will need your pin code. Some credit cards won’t be accepted. I think this depends on your nationality but I don’t know the details If you don’t know your pin code or if your credit card was rejected by the ticket machine. You will have to go to the ticket office Before you start, You will have to change the machine into English mode I think this time I don’t have to reserve a seat Because my journey will only take 20 minutes My boarding station is Shin Yokohama and I’m getting off at Tokyo Station. The final stop. Of course I can go to any other station Up to Kagoshima-Chūō in Southwestern Japan. Next is choosing how many people are travelling. You can choose up to 7 adults and 7 Children But this time, of course, I am a single passenger The next point is difficult What is a basic fare ticket? So many people especially foreign have asked me. What is a basic fare ticket? This is a very special point in the Japanese train system compared to other countries You have to pay for a ticket for distance and the speed/type of train The basic fare is for the distance You have to pay for the basic fare every time you take the train All trains in Japan require the basic fare Next, extra fee Limited express fee, first class fee and so on. Shinkansen is fast, so all Shinkansen require high speed fee, or limited express fee So,you have to buy 2 types of ticket Basic fare and limited express ticket It’s easy to buy a ticket for Tokyo Station Choose “Tokyo Station” (most foreigner use this station) and choose one way or round trip ticket But, most of the case there is no discount. (if you buy round trip) So,I recommend to buy one way ticket at last, please check if your order is right.And, push “Confirm” Insert your credit card and push your PIN code 3 paper are printed out But only one ticket is your ticket. Others are receipt I bought basic fare and limited express ticket however, I have only one ticket….. It’s OK! NO PROBLEM. 2 types of tickets are included in this 乗車券:basic fare 新幹線特定特急券:limited express ticket so, you can take Shinkansen by this one. If you need reservation, choose “Shinkansen(Reserved Seat)”, and your destination, date, time and train service name It’s easy to reserve your seat. But I don’t think it’s necessary to reserve when you travel short distance Let’s ride on Shinkansen by using this ticket Many train service names are shown on the sign board You can choose any train that has non-reserved coaches So I chose the Hikari train The train name is Hikari 528. Bound for Tokyo And the non-reserved cars are from Car number 1 to Car number 5 The Hikari 528 stops at Tokyo Station. So it’s no problem. The quantity of non-reserved cars varies and depends on the train name Kodama has quite a few non-reserved cars but Nozomi doesn’t have many non-reserved cars The way to enter the platform is very easy To reach the platforms. You have to insert this ticket through the ticket barrier. But it’s very easy In Japan, The shinkansen is very frequent throughout the day Look at this car number 7 That is Non-Reserved car This car number 13 or 12 of Nozomi is a reserved car Car number 11 is shown as reserved The next service Hikari 528 Non-Reserved car numbers is: 1 to 5 So I should go to car number 5 I think car number 1 – 2 is less crowded then car number 5 or 4 When the shinkansen arrives. First, wait for passengers to leave the train before boarding. After entering the car you can choose your favourite seat You can choose your favourite seat if your travelling Non-reserved seat There are 5 seats in 1 row (Basically 2 + 3 Seating) But I think it’s very comfortable Compared TGV or any train in the world I think this view is really great Around Shinagawa and Tokyo There are Odaiba and Haneda Airport around this area Now it’s rush hour in Tokyo You should experience Japanese rush hour, especially in Tokyo. Shinkansen also has a rush hour but in most cases you can avoid this with a reserved car The rush hour for Nozomi is during mornings, evenings and late evenings. Kodama rush hours are during early morning or evenings. But during rush hour you can avoid the risk of crowds by getting a reserved seat It’s cost from 500 yen The Tokaido shinkansen is operated by this type of train. N700 Type But this type is very rare. That is the N700 type 2007 But this normal N700 has been in service since 1999 However, not all the N700S have the same maximum speed. This train has a maximum speed of 270 km/h (168 mph) The train on the other platform has a top seed has a maximum speed of 285 km (177 mph) Before we finished look at this Hayabusa train. The Hayabusa train has only reserved seats You can’t use this train without a seat reservation. When you go through the ticket barrier you have to insert your ticket into the ticket barrier Your ticket will be collected by the gate machine But sometimes you will receive your ticket again from the ticket barrier When you go to the transfer gate you will receive your ticket again from the ticket barrier but don’t worry After the transfer gate is also still in the JR Gate So you should go to the exit gate and insert your ticket again