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    How to track time in JIRA
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    How to track time in JIRA

    November 19, 2019

    JIRA is an effective issue tracking software that supports
    agile project management – but it doesn’t have
    real-time time tracking. To be able to
    track time on JIRA cards, you can use Clockify, which is a
    free standalone time tracker that seamlessly integrates with JIRA. Clockify works across devices, and here’s how you can track
    how much time you spend on JIRA cards by using Clockify’s browser extension. First, sign up
    for a Clockify Web account. Then, depending on your preferred browser, go to the Chrome web store
    and download Clockify for Chrome. Or, go to Firefox Add-ons
    and download Clockify for Firefox. In both cases,
    once you download the extension, the Clockify extension button
    will appear in your preferred browser. The functionalities
    Clockify brings to JIRA are the same
    no matter the browser, so let’s see
    how you can track time on JIRA
    with Clockify’s extension for Chrome. First, go to your JIRA board and open a card – next to the project key and issue number, you’ll see
    the Clockify Time Tracker button. Once you click “Start Timer”, the extension
    will pick up the project key, the issue number,
    and the name of your card, to use as a description for your activity. You’ll also see
    the timer start ticking in the extension menu. As an alternative, you can select
    the name of your card, right click on it and select
    “Start timer with description…” By using this method,
    you can also track time on a comment – just select the name of the comment you want to use as a description, right click on it and select
    “Start timer with description…” once again. You can also track time with Clockify in the Backlog section
    of the Scrum Project Template, for an issue, or a sprint. In order to track time on
    a Backlog issue or sprint, click on it,
    to access the menu. Within it, you’ll see
    the Clockify Time Tracker button When you click on it,
    Clockify will pick up the project key, issue or sprint number, and its name, to serve as the description of your time entry. The extension also allows you to track time
    within the sub-task you create for an issue – when you create a sub-task and open its menu, you’ll notice
    another Clockify button, next to the project key
    and issue number of the sub-task. Once you click on it
    you’ll start tracking time on the issue’s sub-task. Whatever method of time tracking you choose, once you’re done with an activity, simply click the stop button. As an alternative,
    you can stop the timer from the Web version
    and your other Clockify apps. As soon as you click stop, the entry is added
    to your list of time entries across all Clockify apps that you use. To continue tracking time
    on an already added entry, you can click the play icon in the extension menu. You’ll also be able
    to add additional information to your entries, through your
    Clockify Web account. Once you open
    a Clockify account, you’ll be able to add clients, projects, tasks, define your tags, and set
    your hourly rates. As soon as you add this data, it will become available to you in the extension, and you’ll be able
    to select it when tracking time in JIRA, or any other integrated app. To add additional information to your JIRA entry, simply click on the running timer in the extension, and add your project, task, and tags. If you bill your work by the hour, you’ll also want
    to check the billability sign – this way,
    the time you spend on a JIRA activity
    will be multiplied by your hourly rate, and added to your earnings, which you can view
    in the header of a Report. Once your team is done with JIRA activities, you can go to
    your Clockify Web account and manage
    your time entries further: you can check the time you’ve tracked, delete entries, edit them, and view the project’s client. To generate
    a Report of the time you’ve spent
    on JIRA cards, select a Summary,
    Detailed, or Weekly Report, and filter by the project you worked on in JIRA. Once you do,
    you’ll get a breakdown of the hours
    you and your team clocked in for that project. Afterwards,
    you’ll also be able to export this Report, and analyze it further. Or, you can save it, and then send it as a link to your client
    or supervisor, so he or she can track
    the progress you make on JIRA issues in real time. Clockify is a free app
    for teams and freelancers, with extra functional features
    meant to help you streamline your time tracking data. JIRA is a straightforward agile project management and issue tracking tool. By using them together,
    you’ll get a powerful agile system with straightforward time tracking features.