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    Night Railroad Crossing & FEC Train 105
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    Night Railroad Crossing & FEC Train 105

    August 15, 2019

    crossing activated train horn Hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here We’re going to see Brightline Red testing at this RR crossing train horn train horn train horn train horn False alarm! Brightline is going to be testing. He should be the next one! He should be coming right behind him. crossing activation Please Subscribe or Like! Thank you very much for viewing Over and out

    Railroad Crossing Malfunction Ghost Train
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    Railroad Crossing Malfunction Ghost Train

    August 14, 2019

    Ladies and gentlemen what else is new?
    Another crossing gate malfunction here on the RTA this time we’re waiting for a
    ghost train see, that guy’s already starting to
    make a u-turn over there and then here you have this guy and
    there’s some goes back that way. I’m inside the car because outside it’s
    like 99 degrees you know how that Miami weather is. Okay let’s see if these there
    you go right down came up then came down? Yep, yet again. There you go! Come back down now. It was too good to last! gate runner right there If it keeps like this, somebody’s going to break it. like we saw that time remember over
    there in 20th Street? Yeah another ghost train coming through here This is incredible. This happens here it seems like
    everyday. I have three three cases of this happening already oh yeah three
    this is the fourth on the same line maintained by the SFRTA look at that. Wow! truly amazing North West 71st Street and
    they go back up and let’s see how long it is until they come back down again They’re behaving themselves! Wow, it appears the malfunction might
    be over. Give it a few more. the other guys stopping on the tracks
    right there yeah Yeah I think this one’s over guys so
    thank you for viewing please subscribe or like, take care over and out

    How to Read Railroad Signals
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    How to Read Railroad Signals

    August 14, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here. Your railroad archaeologist. Who today is going to show you how to read RR signals specifically on FEC line I’m going to show you, I used to be a certified freight conductor for the FEC I had to get 100% or anybody that wants to be a conductor has to get 100% on the signals test because it is a very important aspect of railroading so I’m going to show you the block signals the aspects, what they mean and what they cab signals are the cab signals are whats inside the locomotive that the conductor has to read aloud to the engineer as they come to let them know what is ahead so I’m going to show you also my credentials show you my employee id show you several pictures of me on the job so you know I’m not taking you for a ride that I’m indeed certified to teach you this so please like the video, give me a thumbs up, and leave a comment down below please subscribe enjoy and learn something. Thank you. Bongo Madness Most important: Stop! Restricting- Proceed at restricted speed Diverging Approach- Proceed through diverging route, observing prescribed speed at crossover, preparing to stop at next signal. Approach- Proceed, prepare to stop at next signal Diverging Clear- proceed through diverging route, observing prescribed speed through crossover Advance Approach- Proceed, prepared to stop at next signal *Cab Signal Only* Approach Diverging-proceed, approaching next signal to take diverging route Permissive- governed by Cab Signal Indication (Flashing Yellow Block Signal) clear- proceed

    Train Stops 5 Minutes at Railroad Crossing
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    Train Stops 5 Minutes at Railroad Crossing

    August 13, 2019

    Ok guys so I’m here facing Northbound on W 8th Ave in Hialeah, FL this is an FEC crossing right and this train’s been stopped here for a while I wanted to see how long it was going to be stopped for It’s already been stopped for a minute, prior to when I began filming I think one of the reasons might be that about a mile maybe about a mile and a half that way which is West is the Hialeah Yard so maybe since he entered the Hialeah Yard there was something like he got a red or they needed to switch or something like that and that might be one of the possible reasons Then this would be facing West, SORRY East on West 21st ST I think I see some tanker cars off in the distance there focus in on it This guy is getting weary. There was a few people that began to make U turns before I began filming You got this guy trying to be funny, cutting ahead of everybody Has this ever happened to you? Comment below I’d love to know if this is a frequent thing or if this is an isolated incident Look at these guys coming behind me I think those aren’t street legal last I checked ta- ta- ta- ta- ta See what these gentlemen are upto He’s going to replace a light bulb up there and then we still have our boy over here stopped right? Yes we do. hasn’t moved an inch since wow! You got this guy still changing a light bulb over here I think now is when it finally I think I see it moving So this crossing has still has mechanical bells all around which is an endangered species, because most crossings these days as we know are all E bells. which is an insult but thats just my opinion new fortress energy what that is whatever it is its flammable and we got the forklift on the street guy over here Those are also flammable, let me see if I could zoom in on the there you go, you see flammable ok so let me put the window down on my state of the art car over here so you can here the WC Hayes mechanical bells do their thing come on WC Alright guys, please subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing over and out track shot here bye bye

    Voodoo on CSX FEC Railroad Crossings in Miami & Hialeah, Florida
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    Voodoo on CSX FEC Railroad Crossings in Miami & Hialeah, Florida

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentleman. I come before you today as a concerned South Florida Railfan. For those of you who’ve had the honor and priviledge of rail fanning here in South Florida, You may have noticed one thing other than lack of that many trains. Ah yeah, I’m talking about the stench of dead chickens and voodoo. I’m going to show you exactly what I mean, guys. At any given corner, For example, right now I’m at the corner of Flagler Street and the CSX crossing… and right there we got, that’s 1 2 3 4 dead chickens. This one still has blood on the bag. I don’t know why people, I mean I’m not trying to knock anybody’s beliefs, but this barbaric practice of sacrificing animals and throwing the in public view has to stop! What is this? The Middle Ages? On this side we got, I counted 4 right? There’s actually, I just spotted 3 more. over there, there’s uh, you see the 3 blue bags? 1 2 3 3 more and the stench here is rancid! It’s It smells horrible! On the other side, I can see 3 more right off the bat. Let me see if I can cross… ok Ok yeah, here we go. There’s 7 on the other side. There’s 8 9 10 11 At 1 railroad crossing, there’s 11 dead chickens. So you can just 12! you can just imagine how beautifully it smells over here. I don’t know what can be done about this? But I’m sure it’s not going to stop anytime soon. I just wanted to bring it to your attention If anybody knows anyway we can put an end to this and somehow hold people accountable for doing things like this give me suggestions down below. Please comment. and we’ll see how we can try to elminate this problem. Thank you guys. Appreciate your view. Please subscribe, like, or share


    Abandoned Railroad Spur Part 2

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen RailROL82 here I’m standing next to the FEC tracks In Hialeah, Florida right this is going to be a continuation video. I’ve shot a video here it was one of my first videos right and There was an abandoned spur over here, right? And I’m gonna show you I found in the following block There’s more evidence of it so we start off by showing you the one over here okay, so as I said in the first video It came off through there And you can see that they’re still a rail over her Remember that thought it had crossing gates Right there and right there These the gates were removed. I think it was 1995 or 1996 Let me show you There’s a rail over here Right okay, so that came out of the main right there This is West 8th Avenue & West 21st Street I’m gonna go around the block over here, and show you, I’m also going to include the Google Maps link in the description Okay, so this is West 8th Avenue Ok so this is the next block over this is West 20th Street, so I’m gonna be turning East bound on to West 20th Street Okay now we got a walk a few more about 100 or something feet that way Okay, so we’re coming up on Where the tracks came out of, where the spur came out of, you can see that building with the curvature And that fence there also has a curvature. I’ll show you right now so That’s where the tracks came out of right there Man somebody is… So the only visible evidence of any trackage here is right here These things went right there right here they split they went straight over there that way and This one went this way but yeah, there’s That’s it everything else here was pulled and removed there’s Nothing else nothing at all It’s facing south So that was our beloved spur I Hear that there used to be like a scrap metal over here something else that they used to pick up Yeah guys, and then that’s the metro rail on top, that’s Passenger So yes, sir This might be the last time I see you so, oh by the way There used to be a cantilever over here with no gates somewhere around here All right guys, thank you for viewing, please subscribe or like over and out

    Huge Railroad Crossing & Long Train
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    Huge Railroad Crossing & Long Train

    August 12, 2019

    train horn train horn 806 LNG tender This is 121 coming in This train is headed Westbound by the way, into the Hialeah Yard. crossing activated That there is a WC Hayes mechanical bell guys. Give you an up close view of the crossing now. It’s a very busy street here Avenue in Hialeah, FL So yeah, this is a pretty big cantilever right Back in the day it was just There was no cantilever, it was just this one and the other one over there but as this city grew they decided to add the cantilever because of traffic This is a Lincoln industries signal base The train is stopped by the way WC Hayes gate mechanism and WC Hayes lights all around WC Hayes mechanical bell I believe those are Reco lights on the crossing so this is track view East and track view West And I am now on the South Side of the crossing I’m going to give you one last look Please subscribe or like guys, thank you very much over and out

    Abandoned Railroad From Seaboard Days
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    Abandoned Railroad From Seaboard Days

    August 12, 2019

    you hello ladies and gentlemen guys and gals
    RailROL82 here, your humble servants and your railroad archaeologist
    okay I’m gonna give you a bird’s-eye view right now of what I’m about to film
    this is an update video this is one of the first videos I filmed when I began
    my channel a couple of years ago that highway you see there is highway 112
    going West International Airport few blocks away so I’m a South East 14th
    Street and this is 10th Avenue or 10th court I’ll include the Google Maps in
    this location so you guys can follow along ok so what I’m standing on right
    now is what it used to be a team track back in the day this is where the real
    cars would back up to and then all these jacent warehouses would come and unload
    their merchandise over here now it’s turned into a somewhat of a I guess a
    waiting area for that trial station right there
    Travel is a local commuter train between Miami and West Palm Beach so let me go
    ahead and get the journey started ready this is a original seaboard airline
    railroad you can still see the old ties right there old wooden types coming up
    to the team truck this is officially the end of it
    oh look at that wait a second try to throw date you okay
    so I see some writing 1922 Oh 1925 it says right there one nine to five yeah
    you can’t see that I don’t you guys can see it on here but the shadow doesn’t
    you see very well okay and then I guess somebody thought it was uh amusing to
    bring no train on here has trained it well that’s an accurate picture I mean
    it’s a half accurate picture because I don’t know who Sierra Road is but the
    this was used by our team originally this 1925 to my knowledge there was no
    diesel back then so yeah you guys saw the ties original seaboard airline
    railroad when I was a kid in the 80s I remember seeing some action on this line
    like great-grandfather used to bring used to live around here and they used
    to bring me the CDs these trains up during the day
    hence my love for trains right now and then you see the palm trees which is
    very stereotypical of man the Royal Palms swinging in the wind there’s a
    missing one that’s probably victim to I hurricane or lightning let me see if I
    can take a seaboard a souvenir no way that things really aren’t you got that yeah hopefully yeah I don’t think
    they’re gonna pull these rails wheels are about to be 100 years old so
    right now there are 94 years old not bad right
    I wish I’d look that good when I was ready for then I’ll still be a relevant
    archaeologist and have many more subscribers okay so I’m walking north
    right now we’re coming up on South East and I think that sub is 12 what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go on
    historic aerials calm and see when you can see uh when was the last time action
    was on these tracks I’m guessing late 80s early 90s
    here you have the rails tripping right there I thought I was gonna be easier to
    chip it on that thing it’s on it south okay so this is the southeast tenth
    court in southeast 12 street pavement market interestingly enough this trial
    came into service 1989 so in 1989 they were still usage here that’s why there’s
    a paper wagon that says railroad crossing now if you guys had a question
    as to whether or not this track was abandoned this solves this answers your
    question there’s no way our trains coming through that there’s no way our
    train is coming to you okay this rail here probably came this
    way where that mound is right there between those trees go over there see
    the community yeah I’m see any pavement markings for
    that one that one’s off yeah no that’s all done it’s all routes and stuff over
    there okay so back to the task at hand a hill on the railroad sounds like a
    movie a hill on the railroad this are you go technic wow that thing
    is hot as hell oof like Nene degrees well the temperature is 88 degrees out
    that thing’s probably harder than 80 80 degrees by this year see port balance gotta love it and know
    it’s probably a switch down here somewhere somewhere I don’t see so I’m
    emotionally attached to this rule like I said because my great-grandfather’s
    written here so to me it’s like part of the family I grew up with it it’s still
    here I’d hate for it to be gone someday so that’s why I came to check up on it
    three so often you know coming make sure it’s still taking care of bringing some
    water some food okay there you have more poon even working right there but yeah
    it’s a whole lot of shrubbery did not come a quick huh yeah some serious shrubbery in there too we all please nearby so I’m not gonna go
    in there but we can but we can follow this one so this is another one Cheers there’s another one here – oh wow
    okay start off on this bus walk or go leave work early what got some vision acres along guys know what that is so this keeps
    going over here and I thought very much this track is in service and realizes
    these bosses wouldn’t be parked right let’s see if over there we can see some
    more remnants of it surely can Yeah right this aerial partner airplane noise but
    this area was driving back in the day with rail activity you could see how
    many Spurs was here the sports birds less than a block from each other that’s where that one ends right there
    you can see the cutoff and that used to be a loading dock for you
    and this one won’t start off right there criminal active you ask me okay now
    we’ll go back and see that Oh oh yeah we didn’t see this one the first
    time Wow it’s nuts all these rails sorry about that
    is real just in the camp Julia side side guys all the wasted
    potential all the history here gone I hate to see that at least they didn’t
    pull the rails and a mr. so here you can enjoy them so yeah like to give me a
    thumbs up comment below tell me anything or asking anything you’d like to know
    about it take care if you haven’t subscribed
    please do so have a good one you

    Abandoned Railroad Walk Along Tour
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    Abandoned Railroad Walk Along Tour

    August 11, 2019

    Northwest 79th Avenue, Medley, Florida guys right next to Miami Another abandoned railroad right here this used to be part of the FEC. Was a industrial spur and I’m going to walk give you a tour Let’s see up to where it leads. I think it was cut short, just short of the main line over there You could still see some rails here. underneath the We got some cross ties here see if I can find the date no way More cross ties. Ain’t she a beauty! So right now, I’m walking South guys. I’m gonna include a link or Google Maps link For this location, so you guys can follow along here Here’s a rail right there At this point it becomes very submerged in dirt. Yeah over here Do not see any traces of it over here. It’s really really all here. This is one Here you go! Right off, about a block or so away you can see the crossing right there If you access some old Old maps online like old maps online dot org or historic aerials you can probably see When and where this track connected to the main? There’s a bend a bend curve up ahead Towards the left That would be towards the east. I’m walking to South right now. And here they paved over it on this side There you can see was cut off some time ago that time that cut is rusted so And guessing maybe like in the 90s you can see a tie plate and a spike, that thing is nobody’s taking that out And then yeah here you still you can see the curvature of the building they build the building after the railroad so it went a East there. There’s no like here. Maybe the rail cars used to load over here. The box cars. But yeah, there is no Trace of any rails at this point here there’s the Medley branch and Let’s see in this little overgrown shrub area. We can spot a rail or two No, just some concrete cross ties here. Yeah, they pulled everything over here nothing So again that’s facing East. See a switch here, zoom in Then there’s a spur that goes into that. It’s a Sears Outlet I believe. Then West You got some lovely cloudy skies today All right guys. Please Subscribe or Like And I thank you for viewing over and out

    The Railroad Crossing That Never Existed
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    The Railroad Crossing That Never Existed

    August 11, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen I’m over here
    at North West 80th Street in Medley Florida and I’m gonna show you guys a
    railroad crossing that was never built okay this is a warehouse complex over
    here was built like early to mid-90s and I remember driving by the Palmetto
    and seeing them built it and I also remember looking and seeing that these
    pavement markings, they paved these roads right and then they made the pavement
    markings RXR you can see here well as you can vaguely see here
    because of paint it’s been chipped away and faded after 20-something years rxr a
    so that’s this is facing west the nearest railroad is over here see I can give you a close-up on that this is a Seaboard Industries um so this railroad i’m certain never went
    past where these wheels are and you can see there’s a lot of
    activity going on here so yeah here is where the wheel stop are and that’s
    where the boxcars come to load right this is a FEC track by the way FEC
    spur so yeah then you see that the track stops right there right okay so NW 80th Street right there
    next to the fire hydrant is where the pavement marking is RXR and then Im going to show you the other pavement marking So I don’t know if like the
    they had an intention to build the spur all the way over here and they never did
    or if these, the person the traffic engineer or whoever it is responsible
    for these placed this in error so here you can see the there comes a
    seaboard marine truck and I don’t know if, here’s the other
    other pavement marking like I said I don’t know if these were placed in error or they just never built the spur out to where it needed to be built to originally planned to be built oh yeah
    and here you can see the address guys I’ll include a Google Maps link anyways
    please remember to follow me on instagram railrol82 and I
    thank you very much viewing please subscribe like over and