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    Liberia Railroad Crossing

    August 27, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today I’m
    over here in Liberia. I’ve always been curious what it would be like to
    see a railroad crossing or a train in Africa right so given my fear of flying
    in that I’m probably never gonna get on an airplane to go there, closest I can
    get is Liberia here in Hollywood Florida I’ll include a Google map link so
    you guys can us see what this locations all about, if you google that
    you’ll find that there’s, a it’s a rough neighborhood now not very good things
    associated with this neighborhood so I’m gonna go ahead and give you guys a tour of the
    crossing here in Liberia so we have a fabricated metal signal base Louisville
    Kentucky, WC Hayes arm WC Hayes gate mechanism and WC Hayes lights for 8 WC
    Hayes lights and my favorite WC Hayes mechanical Bell up top endangered
    species and then those are all Reco lights on the crossing up top and here
    we see uh our first liquor store in Nigeria over here sorry nah Nigeria
    Liberia then this is track view South see See this crossing was recently done you can see at this rails from 2015 and this is track view North over here I didn’t even have to get my passport to come to Liberia today, my lucky day and then you can see that rusted WC
    Hayes mechanical bell up top over there we got kwik-e-mart over here already
    very good and then over here we have another fabricated metals signal base WC
    Hayes arm. Wait, back light is killing me over here. WC Hayes gate mechanism arm and WC Hayes lights WC Hayes mechanical bell and those
    lights I believe those are different, there not
    Rico there’s something else I can’t tell from this angle but yeah and here like in Liberia just
    like the United States you have trespassers look at this guy then they wonder why people end up dead maybe he’s from the FRA and he’s just
    doing undercover work Alright you guys, oh I forgot to give you a look at the emergency contact info this is an FEC line by the way, okay guys
    and that over there is the relay case and that’s what a crossing in Liberia
    looks like, alright guys thank you for viewing please subscribe or like over
    and out

    Abandoned Railroad in City turning into Forest
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    Abandoned Railroad in City turning into Forest

    August 26, 2019

    you hello ladies & gentlemen, RailROL82 here. Your RR archaeologist so it’s got time again I like to come back to
    this location once a year in follow-up videos we’re gonna see this isn’t an
    original abandoned seaport airlines burn we’re gonna see how its feared in the
    last year and so right now this is Northwest both
    I’ve anymore above Northwest 12th Avenue is the Metrorail
    that start above bub sorry elevated on rail service here ma’am commuter service
    and then this is where the spirit one is its I went into a produce market over
    there and as we can see here there are no coffees across bug some signals
    everything has been removed and yeah I’m gonna include the video that I took here
    last year the line was obviously a lot more visible and it is now a lot of our
    growth I’ve located in this line and they shut it off back there I think with
    the fence but uh let’s see what we got okay yeah it is getting really covered up
    previously I was able I think you were able to see the rails and I think one of
    the rails was like an original 19 20 20 something real I’ll refer to my video
    but yeah Mother Nature is definitely reclaiming this this is the sad part about being a
    railroad archaeologist the umbrella for thank you join me as well they they date what are you date okay I
    think I got something over here actually don’t fall smart here you go the railroad archaeologist
    1924 one nine two four says uh oh hi oh right there
    maybe it’s oh hi old steel so they guys let me look for the date on
    the nails sorry another girl spikes that one is a
    bit much Sharon biggest star going to here by the way this isn’t the best
    neighborhood in Miami sorry but land and there they were completely removed
    completely so yeah I’m gonna take a while Jesse and
    assume that when I come back next year see here you can barely already tells a
    rail so next year I’m probably gonna have to bring like a bulldozer don’t
    film this I do my update video on this julia side side guys
    I mean if I was the city I tell I offered to come a penis of myself just
    to preserve this nice stretch of original rail over here so the original seaboard tides – they
    were never replaced with all concrete would entice say a couple of prayers in the name of
    this fine served us spork over here oh he just kind of
    lizard damn what a savage get here buddy this began as a an abandoned railroad
    video and it turned into an Discovery Channel National Geographic video okay
    see if I can make my way over here and show you guys we’re winning oh it was actually teased yes we got the material coming up above
    us over there so I’m going to wait till I have a perfect yes you can see right here there’s one
    rail right over there and then we got these settings so there was two rails
    tooling in here at one point this is facing East right now
    that card is heading north facing south and that way is west
    already took one of these videos I think you’ll enjoy them please subscribe if
    you have it’s a notification ball so you can get our alerts as to when I draw our
    drop my videos on Sundays and Wednesday mornings give me a comment thank you bye

    Railroad Crossing signals homemade
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    Railroad Crossing signals homemade

    August 25, 2019

    hi folks Mitchelbourret7 here here we go i made something a couple days ago it is basicly a little railroad crossing signal! TADUM! now here is the bell! its a bike bell. (Me dinging bell) and here is the x sign (cross-bucks) and the pole is really metal! My favorate part: THE LIGHTS!! made with push LED lights ?????????????????????????????????????? thanks for watching! please like and subscribe!

    Wooden Bridge, Reagan, Berlin Wall & Railroad Precision
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    Wooden Bridge, Reagan, Berlin Wall & Railroad Precision

    August 24, 2019

    and a pleasant good morning to y’all
    guys back on the Lincoln Highway here check this out
    a wooden covered bridge a tall one 14:6 I should make this I should make this I
    don’t see a weight limit here so we’re gonna drive right on to this wooden
    covered bridge Wow I can already smell the wood like the
    old wood built through here that is actually pretty cool actually it fit
    just fine okay well mark that off my bucket list
    that I have driven through a wooden bridge in the RV let me pull off I want
    to look at this a little more I’m a big geek over this kind of stuff because it
    really intrigues me to see old wooden structures still working today
    and it kind of reminds me of the one that a campervan Kevin showed me there
    in Georgia except like I said you can drive an RV through this one so that is
    pretty cool along with the little walking trail we can see the river down
    there actually there’s no cars coming so let’s see what we got here
    even the concrete leading to the bridge is old and then here’s where the wood
    starts you can see the nails kinda that are constructed inside here Wow look at
    all the hay from all the hay trucks going through here a lot of history in
    this bridge right here oh there is a car coming and like I said we are back to
    Lincoln Highway officially here in the city of Morrison so just inside Illinois
    just where I left off from Iowa so uh have a good day whoa look at Main Street
    in Morrison what an interesting little town this
    this is a really cool Main Street Wow how about right here
    go past the fire hydrant there we go see not blocking the fire hydrant and the
    yellow stops right there we’re good I cannot begin to tell you how good it
    feels to be away from a big city once again I I like the calmer more laid-back
    back road feel small-town America that’s what I like I’m walking right through
    Lincoln Highway cuz I want to show you this cool little mural here with the old
    garage look and feel and everything okay they got a red light and I can show you
    better 24-hour service Lincoln highway garage gas pumps up the cool mural guys
    they do have the Morrison Heritage Museum and on here it says it’s free
    maps and brochures Lincoln Highway exhibit look at check it out nope only
    open Friday Saturday and Sunday today’s Wednesday mini park with trees and shade
    and cool city but let’s get back on the road I want to grab some grub east of
    here later I think the state of Illinois is most well known for the home of
    Lincoln it’s on their license plate land of Lincoln and stuff but there was
    another president who spent some time here in Illinois we are in Dixon
    Illinois and no it’s not President Nixon it’s a Ronald Reagan this is actually
    his boyhood home or one of his boyhood homes here in Dixon restored pretty much
    how it looked in 1920 they have a museum in there which I’m only going to skip
    because it says photography okay but no videography well videography is just a
    bunch of pictures that are all put together but I’m not gonna get into it
    and besides I kinda just don’t feel like going into a museum right now
    but what’s this a 1919 Model T Ford in the garage right there they do have a
    little statue here of Ronald Reagan outside one of the homes do you know
    what’s in his hand so in the Plateau below him it says that Illinois is
    famous for his production of agricultural products so it seems only
    appropriate for him to be in admiring the kernels of corn in this hand I think
    that’s pretty neat not gonna get into politics on my
    channel I am just sharing the boyhood physical home of President Ronald Reagan
    those of you that need to say nasty things about him or a voice an opinion
    why I’m not gonna get involved with it but I hey if you want to start a war in
    the comments below my video have at it just helps my channel actually I’m not
    gonna get involved man look how nasty the RB looks that bug shield just whoo
    look it’s awesome I want to repaint the windshield wipers
    too I’m gonna fix the black on there later next project oh that’s cool look
    at this little archway over here Dixon Dixon archway neat hey a hundred percent
    chance of rain today and I haven’t filmed or been outside in the rain once
    just keep missing it although look at those dark ominous clouds coming yeah
    there might possibly be something interesting to see over here I don’t
    know okay that’s different for whatever reason the city of Dixon has well
    recreated the Berlin Wall a section of it with I mean like fake graffiti that’s
    a lot of effort there actually it says that you seek peace if you seek
    prosperity for the Soviet Union and the Eastern Europe if you seek
    liberalization come here to this gate well that’s different
    I’ll give you that Jex man you have done really good today
    you’ve been a good little commuter kitty I’m proud of you man he looks and treats
    when we get barked okay I’m gonna give me a high five a low five okay thanks
    I kinda wish I could just boondock right here Sofia to be a nice place to spend
    an evening here it’s a a park reservoir up at there’s fish over there public
    there’s a lot of fishermen job ends so bad this is a presidents
    Park here and we have a different kind of Lincoln statue here that’s Lincoln
    right yes what says Lincoln mr. Lincoln for the first time in full uniform
    everybody look at that carrying his sword have not seen one I mean it’s kind
    of a casual uniform but still Lincoln 1832 and then I don’t know what we have
    here there’s nothing written on this building is that plaque to say anything
    nope it’s just empty okay but it’s obviously old can tell by the wood and
    the concrete plaster but what is it and who lived here we’ll never know it’s
    cool though you know it’s tempting with the Wendy’s
    and McDonald’s and Arby’s and all the fast food around here but now I’m gonna
    stick to my attempt to put money back into some of these local communities but
    I want to get on the road a little bit farther by the way this was really
    promising with the chef’s out front holding the big pizza there but that’s
    three o’clock on a Wednesday as it is starting to rain and they’re closed
    well doesn’t even say close all the doors are locked so I tried guys but I
    can only try so hard sometimes well I’m parked here in the back of
    McDonald’s right now I’m just gonna wait till the rain stops cuz it’s kind of hit
    and miss and then there’s one more thing I want to look at here in Rochelle
    Illinois so I’m gonna grab my lunch I want to watch some Netflix and hangout
    sounds good that’s yours alright train lovers this is the mother lode this is a
    famous intersection of rail tracks here in Rochelle Illinois they’ve actually
    built a little part construction so that you can look around at what’s going on
    but when I pulled in there was a sign that said no train horns on the part
    right there but actually they’re like the very next train Blue is whore in all
    kinds of ways so down here it looks normal it’s just two tracks but what
    ends up happening is down here at this end
    is the only quad intersection of railroad in the country where there are
    literally four different intersections built in one spot we’re gonna check that
    out right now say a three engine wants to play train horn war yeah that’s
    all hey that’s a double-decker yeah so see they clearly do blow their horns I
    don’t know when it wasn’t they didn’t but they do now look at that
    railroad stamps there’s a route 66 one there and of course one more little
    reminder that we are obviously on historic Lincoln Highway oh yeah oh and
    don’t forget no train yard would be complete without a little fire pit for
    the hobos a hobo train riders right next to the intersection – they
    got firewood available if you want to make a fire that’s awesome that’s pretty
    cool that’s probably the best part this entire day is seeing that quad
    intersection do you guys think I kind of want to know how they coordinate that
    because you potentially got eight different trains all meeting in one spot
    you count all eight tracks that’s crazy somebody up there is paying attention
    just like air air traffic control somebody is monitoring that intersection
    full-time I guarantee you and yeah thankfully the visitor center
    gift shop was open there and I was able to get a magnet
    from the railyards how sweet is that put that guy right up there oh yeah well
    guys I have decided I am going to boondock in camp in town there’s a
    Walmart here in Rochelle so this will give me a nice spot to overnight park
    and get a fresh start in the morning so you guys have a good day
    see you back on Lincoln Highway from Jackson I my guess and you know what I
    wonder if anyone has ever honked an airhorn in an old wooden country bridge
    oh yeah

    Out of Service Railroad Crossing
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    Out of Service Railroad Crossing

    August 23, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82
    here again your railroad archaeologist today I’m over here at the Redlands at
    this out of service or railroad crossing here I just noticed we have a gentleman
    sitting on the tracks but I’m guessing he knows they’re out of service yeah
    so me y’all get back to the crossing okay so this here is track view NorthEast right and then look at the grade crossing these wooden grade crossings
    are ancient the track itself was built in 1926 and then here all we got is this
    on dangling yield sign, cross bucks emergency contact info CSX transportation Crossing # 631139A Milepost there’s no customers left on this line
    so no no trains come down here and this is the East, sorry the Western side of
    crossing and then over here is the Eastern side of crossing so this is
    basically an agricultural area here as you can see it’s all nurseries and plants. I’m going to include a Google Maps link to this location so you guys can see I’m
    guessing this happened, you see that gap there? See the gap right there? that probably happened when Hurricane
    Irma came. Despite it having these holes here for the wind resistance,
    Hurricane Irma made it tilted. The yield sign and the cross bucks and I bet you guys know what that is if you’ve seen a lot of my videos, please comment below and I’ll tell you if you’re right
    or not so yeah Here you can see the date but I think, let me see oh yeah 1925 right there 1925 75 pound rail alright you guys, thank you very much for coming along with me on this tour. Please subscribe or like, over
    and out.

    Railroad Crossing Removed Before and After 1,000 Subscribers Special
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    Railroad Crossing Removed Before and After 1,000 Subscribers Special

    August 22, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen
    we’re here at South West 56th Street Miller Drive in Miami Florida
    right there is a South Miami senior high and here you can see that there’s no
    longer any pavement markings right so this was the site of the former
    railroad crossing on the FEC branch line that came from the Miami International
    Airport which is north and north is that way this would have been track view north
    right I’ll go over there in a second but let me show you what we got over here
    so this was the foundation for the cantilever right here which was where the
    screws were you got four over here this is a huge Cantilever and then here are the
    cut wires this was for the
    pedestrian crossing gate and then this was the power source the meter was and here was the relay case you know cut rebar right here and this
    tree grew right where the relay case was pretty tall tree right so this here was track view South this track was approximately put in around 1928 it’s currently a hiking trail here you can see it’s a 13 minute bike
    ride to University of Miami going east and it’s eight minute bike ride to the
    Bird Road Arts District going west which is left and then I’m
    gonna take you to the north side they’re crossing just show you the back side of
    the meter here oh wait before I go to the north side I found an old crossing
    gate and old rails you yeah remember I said in 1928 I know if you guys can see
    this says I era something in 1925 right here it says 1 nine-two-five 1925 and then the old crossing gate right
    here I should’ve crossed before we got
    everybody anf their mom coming so this here’s facing west make a quick run for it and this here’s facing East there’s a South Miami high and let me
    see on this side okay yeah here’s our ex cantilever foundation spot this
    side it’s much less visible than the other side, here you got one once we put
    off right there it’s a total of 8. 4 and 4 here
    oh here you got where the wires used to be right there the PVC crossing gate for the pedestrians over
    here I would normally wear sneakers if I go exploring but today since I’m just
    here street side sandals will do just fine and then this is like I said track
    view north I’ve seen some old images on historic and old maps that show that there was a connection
    between this line and the sa-l there let me correct that there appeared to have
    been a correct connection between the FEC and the SAL way back when You can look it up yourselves and make a determination. So here we see the no trespassing FEC Railway sign we see another crossing gate that the red and white
    had faded on it and then the concrete cross ties that act as a fence over
    here alrighty guys please subscribe or like thank you very much
    over and out

    Historic Abandoned Railroad That Went to Florida Keys
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    Historic Abandoned Railroad That Went to Florida Keys

    August 22, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen I’m going to be walking South today on the abandoned FEC tracks here, just south of the Flagler street crossing See these have been abandoned since around 2008 you can see Recording this for posterity so future generations you can see what once was here when this is removed concrete cross ties Track view North and track view South There used to be a spur along the That warehouse there you can see that’s where the boxcars used to load But I’m not going to venture in there in a tall grass Probably got snakes and who knows what in there? So North and South These are nice houses they have here I bet they loved it when the train used to come through here made a whole lot of noise And their houses vibrated Yeah, here. There is no visible remnants of the spur that went along the side of the warehouse So where you see those cars is SW 4th Street? They recently removed those crossing gates too few months ago. I have a video on that, so I’ll include the link to it as well as I walked I also, have a video on the other side I Walked from South West 4th street to Southwest 8th ST so I’ll include that link also in the bottom the description Actually wait. I just noticed there’s a rail right here on the side of the warehouse, it’s still visible Boom look at that On the other side too. Yeah hurry up and get out of here in case any snakes are eye balling me. I don’t know why bus drivers still stops There’s no gates here Tracks over grown But I guess rules are rules right so yeah, so this is Southwest 4th Street And like I said I have a video from from there on so I’ll include the link to it. So you guys can continue viewing it right now. I’m going to walk back One second, I have one of these beautiful guys on on my shoe here. take out the rest of them later okay, so I’m going to walk North now, so This is what it would’ve looked like If you were on a cab ride, Northbound. At a very slow pace Again, we see the houses off to our right now which would be East You can see some cross ties here, surprising after all that rock. Right? You can see the sweat glistening off me here it is Hot hot hot today. It’s like nine nine o’clock in the morning It’s probably like 92 degrees already But it’s never too hot for an abandoned railroad right? That’s what I say It’s like cross training over here. This would keep you in shape man, woof! Yeah So we’re coming up on the Flagler street crossing that is where I originally began filming Take the trail for now because I’m not going to go through all that Somebody’s living quarters over here nice right next to transportation can’t beat that. And then I make a run for it right up here right back where we started from Time for a drink of water guys, please subscribe like or share Thank you very much reviewing over and out

    Boomerang Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
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    Boomerang Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

    August 21, 2019

    This is the Cody trust shot. Yippee. Dude Perfect. What’s up, guys? We’re Dude Perfect. I’m Logan. World champion boomerang thrower. Let’s have some fun! Let’s turn the lights out. This one’s called the balloonerang. Very nice! Now over the years here, we’ve developed some targets with nice payoffs here at DP sugar glass being a staple. I like to think of it as a painting. Start out with primary colors. Yellow, red, blue. Logan, tell them what you’re gonna be doing. I’m gonna throw it out at bay door number two and it’s gonna come all the way around to bay door number four. Did you label those yourselves? I did. Okay, I was just gonna say I have no idea what numbers those are. The plan is to strike the bottle and see some colors. Just makes you feel like a kid again, throwing these things around. Keep your head on a swivel. Oh! Ow! Welcome to boomerang accuracy battle. One throw from each member, closest to the bullseye wins. Here we go. Purple Hoser, here. Going first. Cody, the tall guy here. Let’s see how she goes. My turn. Coby, by the way. Boomerangs are my thing! Wow! It’s time to light a candle, shall we? You know, what? I kind of thought about the Beauty and the Beast right here for some reason. Brought me back. Anyways, see you guys. Core Code, checking into the game. Sup guys, TyTo here. That’s what the guys always call me. Coby didn’t leave me a lot of room, but he left me enough. This is my trophy. Ladies and gentlemen, the man who wins the things that don’t matter at all. What if I told you there was a little white dog under that target the whole time? Would you give the video a like? Where did you come from? You’ve been under there the whole time? Did you feel my boomerang when it landed right on the dead center? That video is worth a like. Red shirts, red boom, red target. Time for some target practice. Let’s go. Look at this. Just a beautiful boomerang hole, right there. Here we go, high five. Roll that target, boys.
    You got it, Ty. I’m Ty, the boomerang guy, and this is the moving target sticker. I’m no Logan, but I’m pretty dadgum proud of that one, right there. You call yourself a boomerang guy?
    I did, I did. It’s a weekend thing, part time. I’d say at best you’re “a” boomerang guy. You could go either way. You know a boomerang guy.
    He’s much more like “the” boomerang guy. This is a blind wall gong smasher. My job for today, rebounding as always you know, they come back to you so… I call this one: around the world What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching, if you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here. So you don’t miss out on any new videos. if you want to see some more awesome stuff from Logan, click right here to follow him on Instagram. If you want to see the last video, click right here. Signing off for now, Pound it, Noggin. See Ya!

    New Railroad Crossing Installation
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    New Railroad Crossing Installation

    August 21, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen this here is
    what I call progress. Up until recently this crossing here in Moore Haven
    Florida which I’ll include a Google Maps link to was just a wood and cross buck and they are installing brand-new crossing gates here. Brand brand new They still got the covers on them. These are Progress signal base you can see
    the brand new our foundation for them with the rocks and then up top, well the lights are covered but I can’t see what kind of they are. Up here see we got a
    Safetran gate mechanism lights are covered and we have a mechanical
    Bell actually, WC Hayes mechanical Bell Next, okay this is a track view South. This
    is the SCFE line. South Florida South Central Florida Express. Mile post 40
    Moore Haven Florida then here is the east side of the crossing and the same
    thing brand new. You can see the
    caterpillar over there and they’ve been burning the midnight oil here. Progress
    signal base let’s see what kind of gate mechanism we got on this side Safe Tran covered lights WC Hayes mechanical bell awesome. Over there we
    got a swing bridge which is kind of hard to see because the parking is not good so this is track view North
    there we got the relay case and here we got the the brand new crossing gates
    right over there so yeah this is going to look pretty
    all righty guys so please subscribe like share thank you very much for viewing
    over and out

    The Railroad That Went into the Pacific Ocean
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    The Railroad That Went into the Pacific Ocean

    August 20, 2019

    you all right ladies & gentlemen, RailROL82 coming to you from the other side of the United States. I usually film in Florida
    but today I’m in San Francisco California and I’m gonna bring you an
    abandoned railroad over here at our Fisherman’s Wharf so you have the rails so here I’m trying to look for a date on
    the rails but so what still it’s so good that I cannot
    see and date any information I can tell that those rails are old because the
    modern ones have that neck on boy if I were to take the gas here again
    this is just me guessing I don’t have any facts to back this point I’m gonna
    guess this was a circa 1920 so there was probably a bridge tenders
    out here somewhere that activated yeah here you go
    somebody went in here and then in there were like the controls and the bridge
    tender supporters that manipulated the cables already yeah that knob is old
    school right now this from the turn of the century and look at the steel beams
    that held up the house oh yeah I wish I had a time machine so I
    can see what it must have looked like for a ship to come here not funny debris over here as long as we
    remove a suppressor on all right so I’m gonna take you back to
    the spot where I began filming that I see through will please subscribe
    or like thank you for you over and out you