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    Minecraft Village to Village High Speed Railway (Line 2)

    December 16, 2019

    Same map from last video This is a link go west and east, but the east extension is under construction. It will be going eastbound to Obneme Village. N No Now Now Now I Now I Now I go down the stairs and ready to take the trip. NO, I LIED Here is the Second Sand Station, I place a minecart here… Here Here we Here we go…… WAIT! I WANT TO LEAVE FIRST!! Here is the switch to skip one station or not. Press the button to skip Sand Station. So if you want to skip it, then press the button. But the lane for skipping a station is not a main link. Therefore, I will just go to this link. Ok here Ok here we Ok here we go!!! This link is pretty complex. Sand Villages Bridge is in front of you (me). Sand Station too much lag It is even complex here in Savannah Village. Savannah Village Station (Exit Terminal) If you exit here, you must go to the entrance terminal –>Savannah Village Station (Entrance Terminal) Here shows you to go to which destination (or bound for). And I am going to Obneme ^ Ocean Trap ^ Coordinate 0 Navigation Monument LAG?? What the… The rail next to me is for the construction of the east extension. it will soon be the main link. COMING SOON 2020 ^ ALMOST THERE!! Thanks for watching Love it and subscribe me ~Thanks for watching~ WHAT GIVE ME SLEEP LA ME SOOOOO TIRED PLEASE

    Routeburn Track – “Beautiful Beyond Words”
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    Routeburn Track – “Beautiful Beyond Words”

    December 14, 2019

    It surpasses the pamphlet but for quite a
    few people, the Routeburn is better than the pamphlet. The most beautiful part of New Zealand. One of the Great Walks, isn’t it! We’ve heard this is one of the best walks
    in the world, it’s in the top 10 apparently, so thought yep, we definitely want to come
    down and do it while we’re here. You should’ve been here when the fog lifted,
    we were “yehoo!” Oh that was fantastic. Fabulous Perfect. Yeah, couldn’t have asked for anything
    else. So its honestly like a postcard. We’ve been
    here a number of times. We were here just last year, in summer. We’re gonna bring everybody back here. My husband and I did the Milford Track last
    year, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so thought we’d try it again, and…here we are! We got a view right down there, and there. And then we ran down here, so we could see
    the glaciers. Yes. Top spot! I was always a bit critical, indeed, but the
    tracks stunning, – the condition is really good. The Routeburn is more demanding, physically…
    so people are really down to earth and everyone is smiley, friendly and helping one another The Routeburn has, more time above the bushline.
    Better alpine views. The Routeburn’s been beautiful. A really
    varied track, a friendly place, and a good setup. The actual tracks and the huts and the scenery
    is fantastic. The track quality is really good too, obviously
    really well maintained and a pleasure to walk on too really. We just took some amazing photos up there.
    It was just absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend doing it.

    We Built the Biggest Box Fort Ever and Put A Track Inside! | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels
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    We Built the Biggest Box Fort Ever and Put A Track Inside! | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

    December 11, 2019

    (upbeat electronic music) – [Andy] This is so cool. This is one of the biggest
    box forts I’ve ever seen. – [Tomas] You ready for this? – Absolutely. – [Both] In three, two, one, go! – [Narrator] A Hot
    Wheels production hosted by Andy Riesmeyer
    and Tomas Moreno-Johnson. – Hello, hello. Welcome back to Hot
    Wheels Unlimited. I’m your host, Andy. – I’m Tomas. I’m
    still Andy’s friend. Today, we’ve got
    unlimited track. – Yes, and we are
    going to put it in this awesome, epic
    box fort behind us. Let’s go check it out. – [Narrator] When Hot
    Wheels builds a box fort, you know it’s gonna be the
    coolest one you’ve ever seen. – Alright, here we are inside the living room of the box fort. This is so cool. This is honestly one of
    the biggest box forts I’ve ever seen. It’s one of the coolest
    box forts I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a
    lot of box forts. – Yeah, you’re the box fort guy. – Yeah. I’m kind of an
    expert at this point. Okay, so tell me about
    this living room. – [Tomas] Oh, got a
    nice couch set up here. – [Andy] Yes. – [Tomas] The TV, the
    beautiful fireplace. – [Andy] Because sometimes
    your box fort gets cold. – [Tomas] Always.
    – Need to warm it up. – Very poor insulation. – Yes. – [Tomas] All kinds of
    track in here as well. – [Andy] Yep. Alright, now come back this way. This is the kitchen. Gotta have your snacks. – [Tomas] Snacks,
    snacks, snacks. – Tomas’s snacks are over here. – Andy’s not allowed
    to touch that. – After all this track building and all this racing, though, you gotta sleep somewhere. Tomas, show us the bedroom. (hip hop music) Oh yeah. – [Tomas] You got the
    box boombox over here, the box bed. – [Andy] All my Hot Wheels cars. – [Tomas] I was gonna
    say your collection. – [Andy] Yes. Alright, this is the last room. Of course you cannot have
    a Hot Wheels box fort without a place to
    work on your car. We have a bunch of
    stunt boxes and kickers and flips and loops and stuff, and this is really cool too, so we thought, you know what? One level of track isn’t enough. We need two levels
    of track, baby! Do you like it? – I mean, it’s fantastic. – Yeah!
    – The track looks great. I just feel like we could
    add a few more moments. – Okay, I totally agree.
    – You know what I mean? Just spice it up
    ten percent more. – Let’s do it. We’ll start here
    in the living room. What do you think? – I think right here,
    we’ve got this table here, I’m thinking a jump. (upbeat rock music) – [Andy] Perfect. – Okay, so the car is gonna
    go through the booster here and it’s gonna go to
    the end of the table, jump off here, and pick back up on the
    track down here on the floor. – [Andy] That’s a
    great first jump. – [Tomas] Yeah, I think so. – Alright, let’s add another. – Cool. – Alright, we got a loop, and I think we’re
    gonna add it right here so that we can get
    some more speed. – Alright, you ready? – Yep.
    – Let’s go. – Woo! Very nice! So what do you got over here? – I got an idea for this one. You just wait, man. You’re gonna like this. Alright, here we go, Andy. – Yeah. – You ready for this? – Absolutely. Are you? – I am.
    – Okay, here we go. – [Both] In three, two, one, go! (upbeat electronic music) – [Andy] First up is
    the living room jump. Here we go. Come on. Nailed it! Alright, we made
    it to the garage. We gotta hit those boosters to climb into the
    top of the car. Getting closer. (epic electronic music) Alright, made it to the kitchen. Gotta get some snacks, baby! Uh, don’t fall off the counter. Oh, looking real good. Very nice. Yeah! Here we are going
    to the bedroom. Woo! Alright, alright, let’s go! Come on, come on, come on. That’s a lot of
    engineering to get the car over the bed and up the wall. Ooh, that flip was perfect! Coming up is Tomas’s surprise. I wonder what it’s gonna be. Whoa, we are in the
    walls of the box fort. Second level, here we are! Homestretch. Here we go! Almost there, almost there! Whoa, that was so awesome. – We did it. – Look at this little house. – [High Pitched Voice]
    How awesome was that? That’s the best box fort
    video I’ve ever seen. Hey, registered users,
    like and subscribe and comment below what you
    would do with this much track. I’m Andy Reismeyer. We’ll see you next time
    on Hot Wheels Unlimited! – [Narrator] A Hot
    Wheels production. (cheerful happy rock music)

    Osaka, Japan Travel | Dotonbori + Universal Studios (Osaka)
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    Osaka, Japan Travel | Dotonbori + Universal Studios (Osaka)

    December 1, 2019

    Hello Bye! So. We’re on the Shinkansen right now. Look at the speed! Travelling from Tokyo to Osaka only takes two and a half hours. So we have just arrived now. And, got Shirley lugging the luggage around. Erm, I told her. I’m gonna do it. But she actually wanted me to record instead. I’m a bit tired from carrying all the luggage because it’s actually pretty hard to push both of them at the same time. So basically, after the bullet train – we’re here in Osaka. So it’s actually my first time coming to Osaka. Oh, by the way. When we were walking. I saw like a big melon bun.. logo. We are gonna sus that out! Hello! I really wanna try Shabu Shabu So I bought him to a Shabu Shabu place. that we found on google. I’ve actually never had Shabu Shabu before in my life. It’s my first time Um, rated pretty high, think it was like a 4.1 out of 5. What we’re gonna do is that we have to put vegie into the pot And after a little while, you can cook the beef but then you don’t cook it for so long it’s about two, three seconds.. and then you gotta eat it! Alright guys, so what we have here is is the beef itself and you let it cook for a tiny bit.. Done!(Shirley) Like that (Andrew) Put it over here I’ve got it in here, here we go I actually rate it a 10/10 Now I haven’t had a haircut for such a long time So there’s this place, I think it’s called Brothers Haircut? We’ll be there shortly. So if you guys are travelling to Osaka And you’re wondering, where could I possibly go to get one, well Ima take you straight to the place! So it’s called, the Brothers’ Cut Club! So if you guys ever want to come here You guys can go get a fade right over here And there we have it guys, all done, here in Osaka! So me and Shirley stumbled across this awesome caricature shop here in Osaka where they do paintings of you cartoon versions We’re pretty excited, we’re actually getting drawn right now And, hopefully the result looks amazing So Shirley is going to now reveal it for us ONE SECOND!! I have trouble Does that look like us? I’m pretty sure this looks like me, I like it – but i’m not quite sure about you So we finally got seated here at the restaurant And the restaurant is called Dotombori Honten So it’s a famous crab restaurant here in Osaka Look at the crabs We were thinking of ordering the set menu instead of like the, ordering one by one And then look at this I like this one It’s basically holding your chopstick Let’s review that picture again Post in the comments what you guys think. Do I look like that caricature or not? It taste’s oooo I feel like it’s a bit like scallop but it’s softer than scallops Alright so we just got this, and it’s pretty much crab soup and I tasted it before and I thought it sort of tastes like shark fin soup so if you guys had shark fin soup before It taste’s pretty damn similar to that and it is so, tasty If you travel to Osaka this is one of the most iconic restaurants. You’ll see a lot of tourists here taking photos and it is often booked out. If you love crab, or want to try it out with amazing window views whilst you feast. Then this, is the place for you! What is going on guys?! So right now we are currently In Amerikamura. Murikamura (Shirley) which is in Osaka.So it’s more or less like an Americanized place here in Japan I reckon it looks pretty hipster and pretty cool so let’s have a look around here Alright I put 100 yen over here we probably going to get this one, because Andrew doesn’t want me to get this one This is going to finish in one go MMMM YUM YUM YUM YUM Wanna try?! Let’s go! (Chef) So we are following this guy around because he owns two restaurants here the first one closed down Thank you for coming (Chef) Alright so what we have here is some prime kobe beef, it’s this one over here the prime kobe beef and .. it’s a .. it’s a plant 10 out of 10 10/10 ?!(Shirley) We got 8 pieces from this big octopus over there this is probably the softest takoyaki that I have ever had in Osaka I think Osaka is pretty famous for the takoyaki sort of balls So if I walk across here, you can see people just cooking over here If you travel to Osaka, you are probably going to visit Dotonbori Which is the current area that we are walking through right now I would say Dotonbori makes you really feel like it is your home even if you’ve never been here before It’s kind of hard to explain but there is definitely something special about Dotonbori that makes you feel so warm cozy and welcomed When we were walking around Dotonbori Sometimes you’ve exposed to some of the many temples where the Japanese pray and wish for. Good luck other than that the lights and lanterns on the street of dotonbori made me feel like Osaka is a very authentic travelling destination that is full of Japanese culture Hey, so we are currently at Universal Studios here in Osaka So excited, I’ve never been here in my life How you feeling Shirley? We bought the express 7 Yep, remember if you’re gonna buy stuff online like the Ticket you have to order it like two weeks in advance *Andrew busts some moves* Whoa, okay, so I just came out of the Harry Potter ride with Shirley. She needs a bit of rest time at the moment Just chilling here by the back. It’s a bit dizzy towards the end So if you are prone to motion sickness just be weary of that But in the backdrop here you can see the Harry Potter castle, which is amazing It’s a Halloween theme tonight so you’re gonna see some crazy things going on We managed to complete most of the rides my favorite ride would be the Jurassic Park one What would yours be? My favorite one is the Hollywood dream? They allow you to pick one of four songs in your individual seats. How cool is that? Traveling to Osaka felt really homely Suburban yet had some great city characteristics – we found it quite different to Tokyo but in a very positive Unique way you definitely should travel to Osaka.Thank you so much for watching Subscribe for more content from us πŸ™‚

    Amtrak’s Coast Starlight –  Trip Report – Seattle to San Francisco
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    Amtrak’s Coast Starlight – Trip Report – Seattle to San Francisco

    November 20, 2019

    Here we are on the Coast Starlight, this time we’re going to San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf Let’s take a look, here’s my room, got my bags, there’s where I’ll be sitting And here we go, we are leaving
    Seattle bound for San Francisco Well, while all of you are at home or work, Im on the Train enjoying the scenery. And here we are at Portland Union Station on the Coast Starlight Train. There’s the station and we’ll go in there in a second. Let’s go in the station and see what the station looks like Here’s the ticket counter at Portland Union Station. Look at all those trains
    coming and going, this is a busy place So, I got back on the train and Portland
    even though we have a really long stop it’s pretty cold outside so I thought you
    know what I’m not gonna be cold I’m gonna go to my room where it’s nice and
    warm and not catch a cold on my trip. Here we go, leaving Portland and here we are in Eugene OR, making a stop, picking up passengers, letting people off as we continue on to California tonight. It’s sprinkling out here a little bit and that’s okay let’s get back on the train and continue
    our journey I had dinner in the Parlour Car tonight and it was very good. The Parlor Car is very different than the Dining Car. Looks like everybody is in bed right now. Ok, pushed the call button and pretty soon I’ll be going to bed Well, we’ve got the bed down and tonight we’ll continue on down the coast. There’s our train and next we’re going to board the bus and go to San Francisco. Fun times on the Coast Starlight. And here we go on the bus to San

    Review Lego High Speed Passenger train set 60051 and Lego train station set 60050 close captioned
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    Review Lego High Speed Passenger train set 60051 and Lego train station set 60050 close captioned

    November 17, 2019

    We are reviewing the Lego high-speed
    passenger train set 651 and the Lego train station set 650. Two sets that complement each
    other and are clearly made for each other. Here we have
    our nice railroad train station and we are gonna
    see the locomotive and its cars passing through overall very nice balanced looking
    locomotive. The front and back of the set look the same. One
    locomotive is powered, one is a “dummy” or unpowered locomotive. The train station comes with a
    taxicab four pieces of straight track and and an assortment of mini figures. taking a closer view here we can see the shiny glass reflecting back at us. There is lots of glass in this kit. Lots of nice details. There is garbage cans, train schedules overhead, old school security cameras, a clock, and we have
    two kiosks. We have a food kiosk commercial doors ,they look very
    commercial with big pieces of glass They (doors) open and close. There is a Lego store behind the minifig reading the newspaper. The support columns these gray pieces are very industrial
    looking and very unique to this kit give it a
    unique nice strong look. Here is a view of our food kiosk. You can notice the stickers
    on the menu are a little bit crooked. I had some trouble applying those, wish they were printed pieces. Here is our rear view of our train
    station zooming in here we can see the food kiosk a little more details coffee maker, salt and pepper
    shaker. Here is our Lego store, lots of Lego sets on display, ready to be sold. Gray structural pieces. A view of the roof profile, and down here we can see
    the little legs or supports to raise the level of the train station to make it equal in height to the railroad cars as they pull into the station. Here we have a ticket
    vending machine. There are some nice details; a light, a map and of course a computer screen. Here is our food kiosk. We have a chef in full regalia he has a hat, he is serving some sort of hot
    dog or sausage. Here we can see the Lego store. There is a computer terminal to complete the sales transactions Here is the Taxi cab really nice detail unfortunately it’s narrow, it’s only one minifig wide. If you want passenger they are going to have to ride in the back The doors do not open Here is a train station or a
    train outpost that came with the
    high-speed passenger train as well as this level crossing all the
    details the map, etc those are all stickers and putting this taxicab on here we can see that this is only one
    lane wide Of course it could accommodate a wider vehicle should
    that become necessary Here we the train leaving the station if
    you notice the nose cone on my train is completely white that’s because I did not put the stickers on. I was concerned that I may not put them on perfectly straight. I felt a white nose cone look better than it was called crooked sticker on it. Again I wish Lego would print
    this detail on by we’ve got we’ve got! Here we have the train parked at station
    showing a little more detail and how it all scales out. Make
    sure you lower the pantograph or it will strike the roof and of course be knocked off. In this view over here we see the massive
    amount of overhang the front of the locomotive has as goes around the curves and here’s a nice view showing two sets together everything looks pretty good
    they’re all quite scaled quite appropriately one thing I didn’t
    like the look at what’s called the trucks or wheel sets the unpowered versus the powered
    locomotive they look different. They really should look
    the same. The powered locomotive there’s a piece that goes over top of both wheels it’s what’s
    supposed to be an airbag the unpowered locomotive they just used
    regular Lego bricks with the studs showing why they did this I don’t know, maybe
    there’s a shortage of these pieces, maybe it was a cheaper option, but they should have included it and made both the same
    which would have given a more authentic feel I’m showing this a couple
    times over. Sometimes it’s hard to see the detail black-on-black
    I tried to light it as best I could and once again here is these two
    freight trucks or locomotive trucks side by side. You can appreciate
    the difference. The end of all the cars look the same. The middle unit has a red tile, that is our powered locomotive and that is actually for you
    to press. When you press on it, turns the locomotive on
    or off, depending what positions it is in Here we see no LED light, button is pressed green LED comes on, press it again light goes off That is our on-off switch Removing the nosecone, we can see there’s room for one minifig. We have the infrared decoder the black piece with the
    orange switch to change channels. Removing the roof off the coach car we can see that there is seating for four minifigs. There are some tables and course you could make that standing room as
    well. Interior of the unpowered locomotive
    is identical again four seats two tables standing
    room for bicycles etc. here we have a panning
    shot showing everything together you can see some of the other details
    in the background Lego does not mention (nor include) that you
    should get a jeweler’s screwdriver. You need to buy that because there are tiny
    little screws in battery box than a regular screwdriver
    cannot get into. You can get this mini screwdriver at most
    hardware stores office supply stores. You will use it to pry off the wire piece that connects to the battery
    box, should you need to do so, as well as to pry out the
    batteries for a swap If you like this video like it, and please subscribe thank- you for watching

    Minecraft Village to Village High Speed Railway (Line 1 Bypass)
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    Minecraft Village to Village High Speed Railway (Line 1 Bypass)

    November 16, 2019

    This is a fictional map This is Obneme Station, the terminus of the railway. So here is Line 1 Bypass Link (or call it Rapit Link) bound for Campfire Village (about 2000 chunks far away). So I place a minecart here… Here Here we Here we go! It is a bit mess because it is a place for railways. (Link 1) Otrensk is far away too, for about 1000 blocks And it has lag because it always happen T^T The first tunnel we go. In the Bypass Link, it crosses many tunnels and bridges. no need to care about the sign, it is a station in the past. It is now belong to Sightseeing Link of Line 1. The side of it is the Sightseeing Link, which less crosses tunnels. Do you really think we are going to this station? No, the train crossed it. Quite bored. So here is the Obneme Kingdom, This train is about to cross the friendly border. Welcome to Otrensk! I am about to arrive at Otrensk Station. Here is Otrensk Station. I are not going to Otrensk, I am going to Oimona! Farewell, Otrensk! The next 1000 blocks is to Oimona. The Rainbow Link (Oimona Highway) at the right side means we almost to Oimona Areas of the kingdom. This is Birch (not that swear word, it is a tree) Station. See the bridge on my left side? It is Oimona Bridge (or Prismarine Bridge). It is because their national symbol is Prismarine. Ok here we are in Oimona Station. The banner is the National Flag of Oimona. (the Prismarine Banner) It had not ended yet. I AM GOING TO SKIP THIS STATION Okay, this is the best part ever. YOU ARE IN THE OIMONA BRIDGE NOW!! Next is Excel Corridor. Finally here in Campfire Station, the northern terminus. Thanks for watching

    Switzerland Train Journey l Interlaken to Jungfraujoch
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    Switzerland Train Journey l Interlaken to Jungfraujoch

    November 6, 2019

    I have reached what is called the Heaven on Earth i.e. Switzerland. Today we will visit Junfraujoch mountain which is known as the ‘Top of Europe’ We will take a train and will enjoy the scenic beauty on our journey. Today I am going to show you the amazing train journey. Let’s go. We are boarding the train. We have set off for Jungfrau. The train has departed. First station would be Lauterbrunnen My pronunciation may not be accurate Never mind, you are going to find scenic beauty on both sides of this train. So, we will enjoy every bit of Switzerland through this train journey. Araina, Are you enjoying? I want to see snow We will find snow in Jungfraujoch Now our tickets will be checked I can see the gentleman there Here are our tickets to Jungfraujoch What a beautiful view! We are on our way to Lauterbrunnen. We will reach there in a shortwhile. One can sense the beauty right from the foothills I am sure its going to be more scenic at the top. We have reached Lauterbrunnen We will continue with our journey. And keep enjoying the scenic beauty. Our train has departed from Lauterbrunnen Now we will go to Kleine Scheidegg station The names here are difficult to pronounce, especially the German ones. I may not be accurate at times Swiss Alps are considered to be the most beautiful in the world We will enjoy the waterfalls and this beautiful nature I love these mountains Look at these. They are so beautiful. I can see a lot of snow We are about to reach Kleine Scheidegg From here we will go to Jungfrau. We really enjoyed the view. It’s crowded at Kleine Scheidegg station Everbody is waiting here to take a train to Jungfrau Trains depart at every 30 mins interval So one has to wait for a while. (Announcement) Now I am getting down at Eismeer station It is a five minute stop here. I have heard that we can get a beautiful view from here It’s only a five minute stop here at Eismeer The view from here is breathtaking. Let’s proceed now and enjoy..bye..bye Before we reach Jungfrau, we have to pass through a 9 km long train tunnel. We are in this tunnel right now. We have reached Jungfrau. Now I moving towards the top I hope I am going to get a breathtaking view. Let me climb up. Perhaps, all my life I have waited for this moment. I am on the top of Switzerland.i.e.Top of Europe I am on the top of Jungfrau mountain. Its snowing. I am enjoying every bit of it. I am feeling hungry now. Lets see if I can get some vegetarian food here. I can see some fruits here Its so interesting here. I can see menu display cards in Hindi. They are trying everything to attract customers. Masala Chai (Tea) costs 4.30 Swiss Francs which is approximately INR 300 Vegetable and Chicken sandwich costs 7 Swiss Francs which is about INR 500. You can find everthing here but you have to shell out bit more. We have got a vegetable sandwich, we have no other option so.. Counted? Yes. 20, 30, 5 and it’s 1 Swiss Franc. Won’t you get anything for me? Wait, You will also have something. It is yours as well. No I can see a lot of Indian tourists here. In fact both Indians and Chinese tourists. I can hear a lot of people speaking Hindi Come here Araina Why are you so unhappy? What do you want? You are at such a beautiful place. Why are so upset? I want Maggi. Lets go back through this lift after eating out and watching ice caves. Finally it’s time to leave Junfgrau. Now we will take a train again to Interlaken Let me tell you the cost of this trip now. The return fare from Interlaken to Jungfrau costs 235 Swiss Francs per person It is approximately Rs. 16000 (INR) per person For children below six years of age, it is free. We really enjoyed at Jungfrau, now its time to go back On our way back we have taken a different route. This way we have covered it from both sides. Let us end the the trip by enjoying some more scenic beauty. If you loved this video, please subscribe to our channel and like this video Please press bell notification to get information about our new video. Please share it and encourage us