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    TheGabbieShow Lied about Being Abused!!!(MY BEST DISS TRACK)
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    TheGabbieShow Lied about Being Abused!!!(MY BEST DISS TRACK)

    January 16, 2020

    there has been so many lies surrounding my name If you guys haven’t heard the Gabbie Show came out and said that I hit her And showed scratches and bruises as her evidence right? This resulted in the whole internet hating me, the most hate I ever gotten The internet really thinks I’m a women beater! Her story was she came up to me all innocent you know just making jokes Because of those jokes it made me mad and resulted in me smashing her phone and hitting her First off she left out a ton of important information and I did not hit her Basically i was at a youtubers bithday party where there were other youtubers there she came up to me so if she never came up to me none of this would have happened She walks up to me Hey Ricegum i just challenged you to a live battle on snapchat would you do it lets nahh live rap battle why wont you do it lets nah i dont want to live rap battle come on *look of aggravation* can you not post that alright so ricecum doesn’t have his goat rider(?) today but i think we can still battle come on rap battle me can you not post that we are just having fun its fine i dont want to be on that * slams iphone 6(maybe 7) like its only worth $1 rice gum didnt think that joke was very funny and he hit me in the middle of a party And if you still dont believe me this guy was at the party and hes friends with gabbie and me did i see him hit her. Definitely not. Did i see him twist her arm. Definitely not. Umm he wasn’t pinning her down he didn’t twist her arm Gabbie sits down put the camera in his face and hes like “hey can you not post that” And she just kept snapping you know doing more posts talking about the diss he asked her i think 2 or 3 more times like “hey can you not post that and he just jumped up and you know and went to reach for her phone and it was more like a tug of war them pulling the phone back and forth and the he snatched the phone out of her hand and smashed it on the floor everyone thinks i smashed her phone because i cant take a joke but that is definitely… I didn’t even know what she was saying to me i smashed her phone because my whole life im around the camera im doing vlogging im doing this snap chat Instagram, if I’m at the grocery store there is fans asking for pictures, I’m just… my whole life is just camera you know my everyday life camera camera camera which I’m not complaining you know that’s the life i chose But when I’m at a party that’s my time away from youtube that’s my time away from work So her coming up to me with a camera on me made me a little bit mad but i told her to stop and she wouldn’t And thats why i reacted the way i reacted i am so sorry. I payed her phone back instantly and fixed my mistake know im talking about what Gabbie did worng. She lied about me hitting her, twisting her arm, Pinning her down, Scratching her. also immediately after that incident she took a picture of her leg and it was on the bruise and everyone and everyone though i gave her that bruise like literally every was assuming that was because of me we later find out she already had those bruises so there’s no way possible for me to giver her those bruises if she already had them and now caught her in a lie shes switching up her story again shes saying that she took a snap chat trying to show off a scratch on her leg not the bruises I’m trying to show off the scratches on my leg how come you didn’t draw the arrow on the snapchat it would have took ten seconds you would have cleared up so much confusion nut how can bruises form a while ago look more server than a fresh scratch She does this for attention because i remember when i snatched her phone i just left one my way home i was in an uber she was already ranting on snap chat showing bruises, crying It didn’t even take 20 minutes after the incident, shes already making it public the next morning she posted a fifteen minute video crying showing fake scratches but I’m done talking about this I’m over it i haven’t dropped a diss track in 4 months Because making a full song just making fun of someone is kind of wrong but The Gabbie Show deserves this one She made up a lie ruining my image just for some attention (smh) but before i start my diss track let me clear up all the ghost rider allegations. People assume that thers this one guy who writes all my songs and i’m just taking all of his credit but look man i started rapping a year ago i fucking suck, no shit im gonna ask for some help, this guy is a friend of mine he raps i was like “yo can you help me rap better” he wrote some bars i wrote some bars he revised my stuff i revised his stuff and we combined it together to make a really good video so it was like a joint effort i wasnt just he just sent me all the lyrics i dont know why people make it seem it like that but i guess getting help is against the law now getting help to make a funny video is against the law so i did this one all by myself that’s why it took a little bit longer and i didn’t even have time to make a music video i just finished so i made a lyric video and tomorrow ill drop the music video fuck gabbie for tryna lie on me trying to ruin my reputation phone in my face now her screen cracked bitch really tried to make a move she playin’ games like 2k but i spent that on my sweater too wrist lookin’ like the 50 bands from that last diss i did on you now they mad im making better moves now they can afford to be up in my shoes jordan 12s and they OVO’s big nose tried to lie on me like pinocchio all of these fake accusations got me tied up like its 0 – 0 now im mad and i needed that ‘casue the diss tracks i was laying low had to come back like a season pass should be doin’ more like a season low made it seem like i beat her ass i ain’t lay a finger on that bitch at all i just called my lawyer up and he told me ho gon’ get it solved i thought she was high up but the thing she doin’ is really low this thot made a lie up so fuck her and her shitty show have fan bu you lied to em but i guess that’s what you really like doin’ saw my neck put some ice to it now im on a roll like im a bike moving Tana moneau tells fake stories and you are too like a gun shooting didn’t hit her but i threw her phone like im Odeli with the spike moves i remember i was sitting down when she walked up and started kidding round said get the phone out my face but she didn’t so i had to knock it out now she claiming that i scratched her up and beat her ass and i pinned her down all the lies year getting old like they been around guess that’s just hoe we getting down keep talking about a ghostwriter shoutout to my bot didd god but this time i had no writers ugh thsi is too much im done ps ily rice putting all this false light on me woo woo wooo woo

    보지 말아야 할 것을 본 강아지 다롱이.. l Dog Has PTSD After He Saw Something He Shouldn’t Have
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    보지 말아야 할 것을 본 강아지 다롱이.. l Dog Has PTSD After He Saw Something He Shouldn’t Have

    January 12, 2020

    Upon reaching out Our Darong convulses What a poor dog.. Let’s eat this, Darong, come here! Upon reaching out her hand to her Awww, uhhh Having seizures again.. Our Darong was born in our home and has lived with us so far We’ve been living together for 13 years She used to ride a piggyback, hug, and come to rub me 4 years ago, since one day Darong hasn’t allowed them to touch or get closer to him What’s wrong with her Though she has a problem in the brain or the cervical spine But the abnormal symptoms appear only when a certain stimulus is imposed It’s referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD).. Seems like mental damages have led to physical health issues Darong suffers from PTSD triggered by a traumatic event..? When people’s hands are raised above her head or she looks at people from below, she gives a signal that she’s in fear She might have experienced something she must not have, or saw something she shouldn’t have Maybe,, I think she saw her mom getting caught by someone else.. 4 years ago, that day Darong Watched her mom die in the most horrible way.. and she was left alone At that time, my husband was very sick So I wasn’t able to understand how she would feel I thought I was the only one who’s in pain. Didn’t realize she suffered a lot If I were taking good care of her and hugging her every day.. (she wouldn’t have turned bad like this) I turned my back on Darong who suffered, perhaps that’s why she shut me out “Sorry, Darong..” I was so indulged in my pain that I couldn’t understand your pain” Darong had no one else to rely on But you were having a tough time ’cause your husband was very sick at that time Don’t be so sorry for Darong All you have to do now is help her improve from now on It’s not too late now..★ The first step is to have her psychologically realize that humans’ hands are not a threat by using a mirror as an instrument Look at a mirror like this.. Slowly approach Darong, it’s okay Won’t hurt ya Saw it saw it Aww, so pretty (Exchange eye contact) Once more without a mirror this time! Darong, don’t worry. Won’t hurt you Time passes by.. Omg omg omg Omgah, what’s going on Perhaps she understood her sincerity Darong slowly opens up her mind Even wags her tail It’s my fault.. My fault Hears her crying in so long time.. I’ll hug her every day like I used to and keep trying until she gets better. Darong Thanks for giving me a chance again♥

    1년 째 위험한 기찻길을 달리는 누렁이 ㅣ Puppy Runs On A Dangerous Railroad For A Year
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    1년 째 위험한 기찻길을 달리는 누렁이 ㅣ Puppy Runs On A Dangerous Railroad For A Year

    January 3, 2020

    A dog running on the railroad track Choo Choo! How did the dog wind up On this dangerous site… Local : I don’t know. It’s been a while. Already Producer : How long has it been? Local : Since last fall? For over a year On this railroad track.. After discovering the dog, The locals would feed her Local : If she’s full… She’ll be less cold… Due to her wariness, Only once everyone leaves, She comes to satisfy her hunger Even while eating hurriedly, At the slight sense of someone’s presence She runs away… The lady who watched over the dog for a long time Not many people come here. So she must’ve been abandoned somewhere here… There’s nowhere to hide, so she hides over there.. A year ago, abandoned on the streets And hid amongst the railroad tracks to avoid people Everyday became a battle after that Noorung has been surviving Producer : Uh! A train’s coming! A train! W/ the unpredictable dangers That happen a dozen times a day, She risked her life to run away But there’s another hole..?! A path that leads to the expressway Chases after her Uh! She’s over there! Goes back inside to the railroad track.. A rescue is urgent But the door is locked for safety reasons Inquires at the office in charge Staff : Access to the railroad is not permitted. Producer : Then rescuing a dog there.. Staff : If that were the case, we would’ve kicked the dog out by now The way to rescue her Is to lure her outside of the railroad track… Experts gather for the rescue After setting up a trap Where she eats Blocks the other hole And waits.. She appears once it’s time to eat But smells something fishy And turns around She runs away after sensing the diff in mood She’s here! She’s here! Here! here! So close..yet so far.. The last chance Finally succeeds in a rescue! Squirms in surprise.. After calming down Noorung is sent to the hospital She shivers in the unfamiliar environment Vet/ Seeing how there’s hardly any molar abrasion, she’s 1~2 years old. Is she okay..? Vet/ Fortunately, she tested negative for heartworms. Vet/ This is not a common case. Thanks to the locals’ warm interest and care, She has no illnesses.. Fortunately, Noorung is healthy The locals who took care of her Came to see Noorung Noorung is gentle when held Local/ I hope she goes to a good home I hope she meets an owner who’ll love the dog, and lives well in a warm place. “I’ll meet a new guardian, and live healthily!”

    Ding Dong Bell | Junior Squad Nursery Rhymes Cartoons For Children by Kids Tv
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    Ding Dong Bell | Junior Squad Nursery Rhymes Cartoons For Children by Kids Tv

    December 2, 2019

    ♪ Ding dong bell ♪ ♪ Pussy’s in the well ♪ ♪ Who put her in ♪ ♪ Little Johnny green ♪ ♪ Who pulled her out ♪ ♪ Little Tommy Stout ♪ ♪ What a naughty boy was that ♪ ♪ To try to drown poor pussy cat ♪ ♪ Who never did him any harm ♪ ♪ But killed all the mice
    in the farmer’s barn ♪ ♪ Ding dong bell ♪ ♪ Pussy’s at the well ♪ Who took her there ♪ Little Johnny hair ♪ ♪ Who bring her in♪ ♪ Little Tommy thin ♪ ♪ What a jolly boy was that ♪ ♪ To get some milk for pussy cat ♪ ♪ Who never did him any harm ♪ ♪ But played with mice
    in his father barn ♪ (lively music)

    Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks – Talking to the Police ft. Neko White | truTV
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    Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks – Talking to the Police ft. Neko White | truTV

    November 30, 2019

    Speaking of white women,
    I’ll be honest with y’all. They all just moved
    into my neighborhood. And I’m a little bit jealous
    of them, and I’ll tell you why. I wish that I could be as
    comfortable around police officers
    as drunk white women. I wish. [ Applause ] Because drunk white women
    talk trash to the police in ways that black people
    can only dream about. In fact, I think black people
    who get killed by police — I think their spirits come back
    and possess drunk white women just so they can yell at cops
    from a safe area. [ Laughter ] I have a neighbor. Her name’s Elizabeth.
    Young white girl. One of those people that carries
    her dog in her purse. One of those jackasses, right? And I hate her dog.
    I hate him with a passion. ‘Cause his name is Biscuit,
    and he’s rich, and I hate him for it. He lives in a Gucci bag. You understand me? And whenever Biscuit sees me,
    he always looks at me like, “There’s a new sheriff in town. And I’m coming
    for your apartment.” So one day, I’m going home. I didn’t know Elizabeth
    was a drinker. So she got drunk and was pissing
    in between some cars — dog in purse,
    pissing between some cars. And Biscuit was so embarrassed. He was looking around like,
    “Hey, y’all. Sometimes it’s me pissing,
    sometimes it’s her pissing. It depends.” Now, as she’s peeing, there’s an officer
    four feet away from her. Now, you would think
    if you’re peeing in the street and there’s a cop
    four feet away from you that you would at least
    try to avoid eye contact. Elizabeth looks him
    right in his eyes. And he was so patient.
    He was like, “Ma’am. Ma’am. Ma’am. When you’re done urinating, collect your dog
    and be on about your way.” Elizabeth looked back at the cop
    and said, “Go to hell… you pig.” [ Laughter ] There’s a part of me watching her talk trash
    to a cop like that that’s getting turned on
    by the whole situation. You would’ve thought
    I was watching a porn. I was like, “Yeah.” [ Laughter ] “Go to hell.
    You pig.” You tell him, Elizabeth!” [ Laughter, applause ] Then Elizabeth did
    the most gangsta thing I’ve ever seen in my life. ‘Cause when white women
    get drunk and you’re wearing
    a nice hat, they want to wear it,
    and they want to wear it now. Elizabeth shook herself off. [ Laughter ] She secured her dog. She staggered over to the cop
    and said, “Hey, give me your hat.” And she reached up for the hat,
    and I pulled out my phone. I was like, “He about to shoot
    this white lady.” [ Laughter, applause ] Like, I’m not excited, but I’m
    about to catch a unicorn. A cop is gonna shoot…
    a white lady. Not only does she not get shot, she took the hat
    off of his head, put it on her dog’s head… …said, “He’s the officer now,”
    and walked away alive. [ Laughter ] I saw that. A single tear rolled down
    my cheek… …and I broke out
    in a round of applause. But the best part
    about this story was that her dog looked back
    at me with that cop hat on like, “I told you there was
    a new sheriff in town.”

    Top 5 Summer Walker | Strange Facts ( London On Da Track, Farting, Social Anxiety & more )
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    Top 5 Summer Walker | Strange Facts ( London On Da Track, Farting, Social Anxiety & more )

    November 25, 2019

    Summer Walker is a lady on the rise, she just
    took home Best New Artist at the 2019 Soul Train awards. She went viral with news reports about having
    social anxiety and having to cancel her tour. Her socials are blowing up and for a girl
    with anxiety she sure knows how to look and act to get people’s attention. Ya, that’s how Summer handles herself at the
    airport. I guess it’s a new form of meditation, yoga
    on the go or she’s next level when it comes to hiding from the paparazzi. Wether Summer Walker is a fan of her new found
    fame she’s about to explode and be known the world over so she’s got a lot to get used
    to. She even posted to Instagram. “I had my life all planned out, guess I
    just gotta go w the flow now.” Her rise to fame has been an extraordinary
    one, from running a cleaning business and working at a gentleman’s clubs to YouTube
    tutorials and shout outs from Drake. We will get into all the nitty gritty in this
    video. What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden back at with
    another Top 5 video – this time on Summer Walker. We’ve already made a Before They Were Famous
    on Summer and you guys had some comments that caught my attention. You also forgot to mention that Summer had
    a cleaning business on the side! My girl was a true huslter & Why didn’t he
    talk about her cleaning houses it was called summer so clean. At the time we filmed our video this information
    wasn’t public knowledge. Not to fret we got it all sorted out in todays
    video. If you guys know another artist that is about
    to pop be sure to let me know who in the comments or via my DM’s so we can get a video made
    on them for you ASAP. Aright, let’s get into this video. First up in the number 5 spot, we are gonna
    talk about her social anxiety. Talking about her social anxiety, something
    she sais she’s struggeled with since the age of 6 but her new found fame has obviously
    taken things to – a whole notha level! She captioned this post:
    I truly appreciate all the support and love. As you know, I have been very open about my
    struggle with social anxiety. I want to continue to be healthy and to make
    music for y’all, so I have decided to cut down some of the dates on the tour. I hope you all can understand. I’m grateful for every single one of you,
    and I hope that you understand that wellness/mental health is important. All cancelled dates will be refunded asap. To be fair, she did keep 9 dates on her schedule
    including a stop in Toronto next week. Summer has received a ton of backlash over
    her announcement with people calling her a fake and everything else under
    the sun but she’s stood her ground. I think it’s amazing for someone of this generation
    to be a spokesperson for it being okay to let ones work speak for themselves and not
    have to be on 24/7. Seriously, I think I got a little social anxiety
    of my own! Some kid ran up to me at Wonderland and I
    nearly shat my pants. True story! Next up at number 4, let’s did a little deeper
    into her past. Summer So Clean! If you haven’t seen Summer’s Before They Were
    Famous well let’s roll a short clip:
    We got 11 minutes of facts in that video BUT what we missed was that she attended the Art
    Institute of Atlanta. She was gaining a following on Vine and even
    back then she was up to her old tricks at the airport. She had her cleaning business Summer So Clean
    which had it’s own Instagram page, you gotta check this out: Gotta love a girl who isn’t afraid of a little
    hard work. After finding those, I’m gonna need to update
    her before they were famous. Of course this was her day job. At night… an experience she summed up with
    this meme. When you shy af but need the money. In the number 3 spot we gonna talk about her
    tattoos, hair, piercings and more. If you ain’t one of the 1.9 Million people
    following Summer over on the gram well that girl has a unique look. Right now her hair looks o’ natural but just
    this summer she had gone Tekashi rainbow, Joker green, pumpkin orange and recently Royal
    Blue. Her body is covered in Tattoos with some new
    additions to her neck and a teddy bear on her face. Sh’s also a fan of jewelry on her face…. and I’m guessing
    she’s been to a plastic surgeon but let’s keep this party moving…. Next up at number 2 we have her man, London
    On Da Track. A man who needs little introduction yet I
    still haven’t for some reason made a Before They Were Famous on this man. Anywho, the two have known each other for
    years but came out as a couple this year and teamed up for her debut album Over It which
    went to number 2 on the Billboard Charts. The two briefly broke up with her posting
    to IG that he was a chauvenist and her an alpha female but then he showed up at one
    of her shows with flowers and the two have patched things up. After her recent win at the soul train awards
    he posed to IG: Congratulations ? The music speaks for u
    The anxiety makes u hard to read But to the ones that try to understand
    Would kno yo heart is an open book I wouldn’t want u to b no other way
    The spirits value you I value you
    So proud of you and your journey Best new ARTIST ?¬タヘ? Queen Of R&B Everyone in the rap game seems to be coupling
    up. Megan The Stallion and MoneyBag. Quavo and Saweetie. Me and Kara. Joking, not joking! Finally in the number 1 spot, we gotta talk
    about her farting! In the interview with Billboard, revealed
    her rather unique backstage ritual… I don’t see what the big deal is… she’s
    still a super talented babe. Aright, it kinda kills the mood. London On Da Track you can enjoy all that. Aright, I’m wrapping up this video. Of course there are tons of other artists
    blowing up on the daily. Keep your suggestions coming in. Best way to get
    a hold of me is via my IG and Twitter ya dig.

    Odin Makes: Alien Queen at LA Comic Con
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    Odin Makes: Alien Queen at LA Comic Con

    November 16, 2019

    Hello, I’m Odin and this time I’m actually not gonna build anything, but I am gonna put something together that’s really big. How about a full-sized 30 year old alien queen replica? She’s 14 feet tall and probably pulled for the movie molds. So this kind of started at Silicon Valley Comic Con, when I saw a statue of the original Alien standing there at the Legion M booth. Well I got to talking to a friend and to the guys at Legion M and it turns out that they have a documentary called Memory: The Origins of Alien. It’s all about the making of the movie from H. R. Gigers point of view, it’s actually it’s a really good documentary. So for a fun way to promote it they decided that it would be great to set up something really big at this year’s LA Comic Con what they have is a full-sized Alien Queen it’s from the movie Aliens- Yeah, that’s not the one this movie Memory is about but come on it’s related. What they wanted my help with was that this Queen had just been sitting in storage in a condo and nobody knew how it was back together or even how she stood up. And you want me to put it together heck yeah I want to build the Alien Queen! The day before the con we go to the condo to break her free of her paper wrapped and cable tie bondage that she’s been sitting in for years. By the way the guy who was collecting this has all this alien stuff and he had some great items like a quarter scale Queen maquette, an engineer bust, a space jockey miniature an alien slot machine. I mean the place was just packed- the panels that she’s leaning on those are actual set pieces from Alien Resurrection. After the extraction, we load her up and haul the Queen to the LA Convention Center. I don’t have a lot of pictures of building here at the center because I completely misunderstood what my time frame was so I didn’t get any footage of the assembly at the con, but there were a few repairs that I did right away like fixing the tendon on her jaw, which was torn. And that was one of the few silicone parts that she had! she was made in the early 90s and is mostly foam latex on a steel tube skeleton. Now in her past someone had added some green blood to cover up some of her damaged areas. Which did help, but she had more than just skin deep problems. To fix her mouth quickly, I did two things. I glued the tendon in place with some silicone sealer and then stitched it to hold it there while it dried. Actually the stitches are still there cuz there’s no reason to remove them. I also patched her jaw because at some point her jaw was opened a little extra and it came loose on the side with a tenon broke. I’ve seen aliens plenty of times so it’s a little surreal to stand on a ladder and stick my hand down her throat trust me it’s interesting being an Alien dentist on a ladder. Then she spent the rest of the con weekend just hanging out with her kids, and taking pictures with lots of new friends. oh and I love this- one of the Légion M guys had a really good idea to bring stuff for people to hold while they got their picture taken with the Queen. A repainted Nerf like gun, a facehugger, a plush chest burster, and the Termite chainsaw from Mandy. Would you use a chainsaw against an alien with acid for blood? When I use my little chainsaw timmer at home I get wood chips all over me, down inside my shirt, in my shoes. I mean- the trees they’re just standing there, it’s not fighting an alien queen that doesn’t want to get hit with a chainsaw! Okay she’s actually rubber didn’t move either, but the idea is it’s an Alien Queen that doesn’t want to get hit with a chainsaw! Acid blood is gonna go everywhere! Yeah no- that’s not what I want to do at all. But seriously though the the toys that were brought to pose with they were a lot of fun. But the con ends, so now what she needs a new home. So we packed her up and drove for about two hours out to a warehouse where we put her back together. Basically she’s in big pieces: arms, legs, torso, tail, and her big ol head that’s about 6 feet long. She’s supposed to have back spikes too, hopefully they’re still buried in the condo somewhere. She has a steel tube skeleton that holds her up and at some point in the past two steel plates that were on her feet were removed. Because that’s what she’s supposed to stand on. So we had set up a speed rail field goal that she could hang from because she just can’t stand on her own. I attached the chains to her steel shoulders right where the arms mount, that’s the most solid connection that I could get. Basically we just hung her torso off the crossbar and this time when we secured the chains they were as short as we get them. Because on the con four we kept her lower so her face would be a better height for pictures with people and it just felt safer having her lower- but here we wanted her standing up full height. We tried putting her head on first, and then attach the legs and scoot the crossbar up to get her to stand… But the weight was just too much to do this by hand and just on ladders. So, off with her head. We get the torso up the rails as far as we can and then attach her arm, the chains have to come off so the steel rod in her left-est arm can fit in the tube. The alien queen has two sets of arms if you didn’t know. To get her head back on, we grabbed her foot and lifted it up to tilt her body lower so we’d get her neck lower and then her head can just drop in place. The rest of this is just so much easier. Cuz the tail was attached next, and then I put the left leg in place which is held in with a couple of screws. Then the right arm, which slips in. This one we don’t need to remove the chain to attach. Her two chest arms just pierce her like a big pin cushion, not the most regal of attachments- but it works. And when she’s done we bring in the rest of the family, her eggs, a facehugger this one’s the NECA toy, and that original Alien I saw at Silicon Valley comic-con he gets to hang out with her too. It was quite the adventure putting it together that weekend and watching the crowds of people interact with her and enjoy getting pictures taken with her. I just want to say thank you to Legion M for letting me come to your booth and build crazy stuff in the corner, and also thank you guys for Memory: The Origins of Alien because without that that documentary I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to play with the Alien Queen and that was- don’t get me wrong- it’s a giant rubber monster! Memory: Origins of Alien is actually out on blu-ray, and and this sounds like a sales pitch and it kind of is, but this isn’t a sponsored video at all. I mean I got to play with the Queen but that’s the end of it. There’s nothing else going on for me. However if you want to click the link that I got down here, my friend whose actually got the warehouse where the Queen is- he’s the one who’s gonna be fulfilling all the orders. And he’s got a special commemorative pin you can only get through his link. And he’ll ship those things out to you and it’s coming pretty much directly from her. Now for the rest of this video, let’s just look at more pictures of people enjoying the Queen at the con, thanks for watching! [Music]

    Once Bitten Twice Shy: How to Train a Dangerous, Dominant Horse
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    Once Bitten Twice Shy: How to Train a Dangerous, Dominant Horse

    November 15, 2019

    (country music) – [Clinton] Good day mate. Clinton Anderson here from
    Down Under Horsemanship. You know what, horses
    are a beautiful creature. They’re smart, they’re very
    graceful, they’re strong, they’re athletic. (horses running) But there are times they
    can also be very dangerous. (rock music) I don’t truly believe horses
    are dangerous by nature. But they don’t realize how big they are. They don’t realize how strong they are. They’re moving very, very, quickly. (upbeat music) When you can gain your
    horse’s respect, and learn how to control your horse,
    not only can you do it safely with your horse,
    but you can also get your horse to enjoy the time
    that he spends with you. (upbeat music) My job and my core purpose
    here at Down Under Horsemanship is to inspire the dreams of horseman. And I’m gonna show you by
    understanding, by moving the horse’s feet, forwards,
    backwards, left, and right, and gaining that horse’s
    respect, there isn’t anything that you can’t teach your horses. (upbeat music) All you have to do mate
    to get tremendous success with your horse is follow the Down Under Horsemanship method. So listen mate, sit back, relax
    because we’re gonna inspire you with the method. (music ends) – [ Leslie] She turned around, faced me, ears up, eyes zeroed in, and came at me. (suspenseful music) Knocked me down, hit
    me two or three times, she chewed me up a couple of places. I guess it was teeth that tore up my ear. Somehow when I got up, she
    turned and she kicked me. – [MacKenzie] I recognized
    the look in her eye. You know I could just see that evil, I’m gonna kill you look. I did have doubt, that is
    Clinton gonna be able to fix her? (country tune playing) – [Clinton] I’m Clinton
    Anderson, and I have a method for training horses. Getting horses to behave is simple. Its training people that’s the real trick. Join me as I tackle some
    of the most challenging situations with problem horses,
    and with trouble moments. (upbeat music) – So MacKenzie tell me
    about your horse mate. Why did you bring this horse here today? – Well ever since she
    attacked my mom, I just don’t feel safe around her. – [Leslie] She was warned when
    she bought the horse, that it was a kicker. I told her right there, uh
    uh, don’t buy the dang thing. Well you know, we don’t listen to mothers. (laughing) (rock music) – [MacKenzie] I love her, I’ve
    had her for you know since she was a yearling. – [Clinton] Yes. – [MacKenzie] And I just,
    I don’t feel safe doing anything with her. – Now has she ever tried to
    attack you or act aggressive toward you? – [MacKenzie] Since she attacked my mom. – [Clinton] Yes.
    – [MacKenzie] Yeah, she has. I’m afraid to be around her,
    you know she’s turned and has been aggressive towards me. – [Clinton] So you’ve
    really lost your confidence. – Definitely. – Yeah I don’t blame you for
    losing your confidence mate. Its a very dangerous situation. – I can’t do anything with her anymore. – Well I know that I can fix
    the horse using the Down Under Horsemanship Method. What I’m going to do with this
    dangerous aggressive mare, is I’ve got to gain her
    respect, by moving her feet forwards, backwards, left, and right. My first challenge though
    is actually just getting her to be caught to where
    I can take her to the round pen to start the method. With her being aggressive
    and dangerous the way that she is, I know I’m gonna have a hard time getting her caught. So my first thing is to stay
    safe for me first, keep her safe, get her caught,
    take her to the round pen so I can start the Down
    Under Horsemanship Method. When dealing with a horse
    like this, its very important to maintain your safety. They are 1000, 1200 pound animal. And if she attacks me
    I’m gonna come out in the wrong in the video. So safety first is the
    most important thing. Okay mate, lets go look at
    the horse, and I guarantee we can help you with the mare. (upbeat music) – I did have doubt. I mean I’ve never seen anything like that. I’ve never seen an extreme
    case like that before. And I did have doubt, that
    is Clinton gonna be able to fix her? – Let me go in a little
    bit first, okay, so that if something bad happens,
    I can kind of keep her out away from us. You know don’t be surprised
    MacKenzie when you come back in here again and you
    get close to her, that you know, your emotions start coming back. You know its very traumatic
    for somebody to be attacked by a horse. Because when they get back
    around the horse all that fear comes back to them again. – [MacKenzie] I could see the
    look in her eye that I saw. The fear came back to
    me, you know that feeling of stay back and I thought you know there’s just no way. – To be honest there was
    never a doubt in my mind that I could fix or train this horse. My only concern was how
    long was it gonna take. I’m gonna ask you to leave
    here right now, so that way if it does get really
    dangerous, I know you’re out of the way. Okay mate?
    – Okay. – So you just head on out. – See there’s she’s acting
    aggressive right there. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Step up
    your horsemanship with the Clinton Anderson Method. Now available in a complete set. Fundamentals starts you on your
    journey to ultimate control. As you learn to communicate
    with your horse, earn his trust and
    respect, and gain control of his body. Intermediate opens the door
    to ultimate performance. As you build on your
    knowledge to create a safe willing and supple
    partner, you control with a feather light touch. And now all new advanced
    delivers ultimate inspiration to fine tune your
    application of the method. And reach the highest
    level of horsemanship. Clinton Anderson offers
    you the ultimate collection of his wildly popular
    training method kits at a package price. (inspirational music) (country music) – [MacKenzie] I’ve had horses
    you know, I’ve been around them my entire life. And she was kind of my
    first little project I guess you could say. And for her to have gone to
    my, you know big accomplishment basically to acting this
    way, its pretty hard to take. Pretty disappointing. – [Clayton] Once I got in
    there, then I had to catch the horse but not, and catch the
    horse in a way that it wasn’t gonna bite me or attack me. I’m gonna drop my halter
    and lead ripe on the ground. And if she turns her butt
    to me, I’m gonna start applying pressure to her. Right there. When she turned,
    (clicking tongue) towards me, I took that pressure off. This horses wasn’t being
    threatening, and being aggressive because he felt insecure. He was being threatening
    and aggressive because he was dominating the human beings. See there she’s acting
    aggressive right there. (tongue clicking) There, that was better right then. There, I like that. See how I’m backing away from her? That’s a good girl. That’s good, that was
    a good one that time. – You think of a horse as
    being, you know this beautiful animal that’s just you
    know for fun and enjoyment. And you know but when they
    turn on you like that, its a totally different perspective. – Right there, ah that’s
    really good, see her trotting up here? That’s really good. That was the best one yet. So she’s learning her first
    lessons of respect here. Do not run away from a human
    being and do not attack them. So if I can get up to her, I will. What I would like to do- Right there. Horses are aggressive for
    two different reasons. Sometimes they’re aggressive
    because they’re threatened too much, and they feel
    like being aggressive is the only way to save themselves, okay? That’s one way a horse is aggressive. The other way is by a
    horse has been taught to dominate human beings, and that’s what this horse had learned. That mare knew that
    MacKenzie was fearful of her. So that just magnified
    that mare to take control. Right there, her kicking at me. That’s her saying get lost. That’s that aggressiveness
    coming back in her. – I’ve never seen a horse act like that. You know its, it just blows my mind. – I’m gonna reach my hand out here. There when she smells
    me, I’m gonna retreat. Oh I like that, I like how
    she followed me just then. I don’t take my eyes off
    her, I don’t trust her. She could turn and attack me, like she did MacKenzie’s mother. If I can just rub her on
    the neck here a little bit. Just find a starting point. Okay rub her on the face here. She’s gonna realize this,
    this is what I’m after. Now this is very, very important
    now that you rub on her. This is where you do a
    little loving on them. This is where you show them
    that doing the right thing is a payoff for it. I felt like the mare made
    a lot of good improvements once we got her in the round pen. By creating movement,
    getting the horse to run, you’re establishing that pecking order. Okay I’m trying to show
    the horse I’m number one you’re number two. I’m the leader, you’re the follower. I can only do that by
    creating movement in his feet and then redirecting that movement. I’m gonna point, cluck,
    and then spank the ground. Now see how she’s kind
    of shaking her head and switching her tail there? She’s kind of lazy isn’t she? See, she doesn’t like the fact
    that we’re moving her feet. That’s why she was attacking
    you and your mother, because she was trying
    to get your feet to move. – It was frightening. I was holding on, ’cause
    I, I was anticipating her, you know, kicking up and
    I could see her attitude. – [Clinton] So what I’m
    gonna ask her to do is change direction to the inside MacKenzie. So I’m gonna hold my finger
    up, and I’m gonna imagine I’m pulling on lead rope on that halter. And I’m gonna step out in
    front of her, and then run backwards and then hopefully
    get her to turn towards me and give me two eyes. The more you chase them
    forward MacKenzie the more they wanna look at you. Drive the hindquarters. So I’m gonna try her again to you, ready? Step in front, now back. Back, back, back. She turns in the fence,
    I’ll quickly cut her off. The reason why I wanna cut
    her off MacKenzie is I want her to realize that she’s
    done the wrong thing. And front, now back, back. Turn into the fence, make her move. Try it again. Step in front, now back. Ah, good girl. So even though she made a
    mistake, it was only one. – [MacKenzie] Right. – [Clinton] So we’re making progress. When she keeps two eyes
    on me, I want the horse to realize that she gets to have a rest. When she shows me her
    hindquarters and her butt, that’s a sign of a lack of respect,
    so that means that she loses way and she has
    to work a little harder. Does that make sense? – Yeah. – [Clinton] So I wanna catch
    her, but more importantly than that, I want the horse to catch me. Instead of me trying to catch
    her, I want her to catch me. When I can get the horse to
    think that the human being is the best deal possible,
    is that the most rewarding option for them, now you’re
    truly gonna start getting a relationship with your horse. (suspenseful music) (rock music) – [Clinton] Check out our latest catalog from Down Under Horsemanship. Its filled with beautiful
    imagery, and in depth information on all the
    products used in this show. Visit our website or call
    this number and we’ll send it to your door, free of charge. (suspenseful music) – Now that we’ve let her rest
    for a few minutes its time to go back and still continue
    with the round pen lesson. What I’d like to do is get
    this mare to actually hook onto me and follow me around. So I’m going to apply a
    little bit of pressure to her hindquarters here, okay. Now when she looks at me
    I take that pressure away. Now what I’m going to try
    to do is I wanna walk around towards her hindquarters
    and I want her to actually swing her hindquarters
    away from me and face me with two eyes. There’s a little bit right there. Not much, just a start. – [MacKenzie] She’s kind
    of fanning her ears. – Yeah. She’s not sure what to do here. – Yeah. – Catch her eye. Catch her eye. Pressure her, pressure her, pressure her. See her kicking at me? Okay see how she just-
    (clicking tongue) see how she was shaking her head now. I’m gonna go back and move her feet again. Okay. When she has that horrible
    attitude, what do we do? Move her feet. We started to get control of
    her feet, forwards, backwards, left, and right. She started using the
    thinking side of her brain. And she started to realize
    that if you wanna be aggressive and be a bad horse, life
    can be pretty uncomfortable. She got a little boot camp didn’t she? What I’d like her to do
    MacKenzie is follow me around. And that, when she finally does that, then she’ll be really submissive. (clicks tongue) Now the reason I chased
    her away then, is I’ll live with a little bit of that head tossing, but then I felt like she was
    just taking it too far there. – [MacKenzie] Yeah she kept it going. – [Clinton] You know what I mean? – [MacKenzie] Yeah. (clicks tongue) – [Clinton] Move those feet. There. This is the attitude
    we’re looking for now. Notice that she’s not
    shaking her head now. – [MacKenzie] Yeah. – She’s, you know her
    attitude’s a lot better. She’s not perfect MacKenzie,
    but she’s a lot better. – [MacKenzie] Yeah she
    still seems kind of unsure when you walk up to her. – [Clinton] Yeah she’s unsure. She’s unsure whether she
    should be submissive, or aggressive. – [MacKenzie] Yeah. – [Clinton] You know what I mean? But that’s just repetition. That’s just why its gonna take a few days of working with her, to
    get her to completely submit to us. Good girl. (country music) (suspenseful music) (rock music) (country music) – [Clinton] You know even
    though its important that I got this mare to move her
    feet and give us two eyes and respect us, what’s
    even more important is that you are able to do it MacKenzie. Because even if you left
    this mare with us to train for the next two or three weeks, we could get her behaving really well. But if we sent her back
    home to you and your mother, if you don’t change the
    way you interact with her, she’ll attack you again,
    its a matter of time. May not be for a month or two
    but eventually she will do it. So I need to teach you,
    how you can move her feet, gain her respect so she’ll
    never ever think about being aggressive again. You know when I asked MacKenzie
    to come back in the round pen, I could obviously
    tell she was nervous. But I could also tell that she
    saw hope in what I was doing. She saw how I did it. She knew that I was
    right there beside her. I wasn’t gonna let her get hurt. And I could tell that she
    trusted me but she was still a little, had
    lack of that confidence. That’s normal, once I
    showed her how to move the horse’s feet, she got
    confident very quickly though. Point, cluck. That’s it. Now see how she’s really
    shaking her head at you? Chase her, chase her. Run in there and spank her butt there. Do you notice that as
    soon as I put you back in she’s acting aggressive again isn’t she? – [MacKenzie] Right. – [Clinton] Run after
    her, point, cluck, spank, whack her on the butt. – [MacKenzie] It was kind
    of scary, you know the fear came across me again. ‘Cause she had that
    attitude, that spark again. – [Clinton] See that? Excellent. Ask her to change directions. Step in front, and straight back. Step, now straight backwards. Now send her the other way, point. Point, there you go. Make like an L Shape, out
    in front and straight back. – [MacKenzie] Okay. – [Clinton] Ask her to speed up. (clicks tongue) – [MacKenzie] The more
    I was messing with her, the more confident I was
    becoming in messing with her. ‘Cause I could see, you
    know, this is working. And why didn’t I do this a long time ago? – [Clinton] Now next time you
    ask her to step in towards you MacKenzie, as soon as
    she looks at you, I want you to walk away from her okay? So catch her eyes. Step out in front. Step out in front of her,
    walk away, walk away. Turn away, good girl. Excellent, just stand there. – [MacKenzie] The fear
    goes away, and its not something that’s difficult to do. You know its easy to do its
    just a matter of knowing what to do and when and how and what its, and keeping it up. – [Clinton] Fear comes from
    your brain saying I’m not in control of a situation. I try to show people how to
    get control of their horse. When they get control, they get confident. When they get confidence,
    they’re no longer fearful mate. In that order. Now walk more around towards
    her hindquarters, and lean forward, like you’re
    stalking her hindquarters. Lean your upper body
    forward, really forward. Hold your right finger up. And look at her butt, not her head. Look at her tail, look at her tail. There you go, excellent. Move your stick a little
    bit towards her butt. Cluck to her. Keep walking towards her. Keep walking down the fence,
    keep walking down the fence. Keep walking, keep walking,
    keep walking, good girl. See how she’s giving you two eyes? – [MacKenzie] Yeah.
    – [Clinton] Excellent. Now go in there and rub her now. Rub her, excellent. Walk away towards me in an arc. You ready? That’s it, walk. Good girl. I think this is a great place to quit her. She’s in the center with you. She’s got a nice look in her eye. Her eye looks very calm. Just very gentle, and very
    calm, and that’s a good sign. – Its like I have my horse
    back again, you know. I can continue enjoying her, and its like I got you know, what I started out with before. You know, I don’t have that evil, I wanna kill you horse anymore. (laughs)
    Its amazing. Its amazing, its, I love
    horses and I love being around them, and you
    know I have a tremendous amount of respect for
    somebody who has the talent that he has to do that. – I hope you’ve enjoyed the show mate. Next week we’re gonna
    be bringing you more of the Down Under Horsemanship
    straight to you, showing you how you can
    apply the method to your horses and achieve extraordinary results. Listen, MacKenzie lets get
    going mate, you’ve done an excellent job. If you’d like more information
    mate, on any of the products you’ve seen on
    today’s show, click on our website at Down Under and we’ll send you a free catalog mate. (rock music)

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