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    Zac Efron’s Baywatch Workout Explained by his Trainer | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health
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    Zac Efron’s Baywatch Workout Explained by his Trainer | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

    November 14, 2019

    (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Patrick Murphy, and I was hired to train Zac
    Efron for the movie Baywatch. I had to get him in the
    best shape of his life, and this program is one of
    the most dynamic programs I’ve put together in the last
    25 years I’ve been training. When I had to get Zac in
    the best shape of his life, I decided to introduce
    the supersetting workouts. What that entailed, was two exercises followed
    back to back without rest. This created an elevated heart rate which maxed calorie burning. This created muscle efficiency, high muscular endurance, and I created an unstoppable machine. Zac Efron was in the best shape I’ve ever seen anybody in the
    last 20 years of training. Okay guys, let’s start
    with a dynamic warmup. I’m gonna wake up Albert’s body with dynamic stretching, get some blood in his shoulder. Are you ready? Let’s do it. External rotations. Focus on the rotator cuff. Keep the shoulder down. Keep the abs in. There you go. Excellent. Very important to put
    blood in the shoulders start of workout. Leg swings. 15 each side. Curl the leg in super straight. Reach. Reach. Active stretching. Just wake up the muscle
    before performance. Two. Abs in. Good, feel that stretch up that leg. Put the weight through your right ankle. Abs in. Good. Excellent. Ready for the workout, let’s do this. Alright guys, let’s get into supersetting. Two exercises repeated back
    to back without any rest. We’re doing three rounds
    with all of these exercises. Three rounds, 15 to 20 reps. Here we go. Great stabilization for the ankle. Wonderful. Good. Four. There you go. Excellent. Perfect range. Boom. Here we go. Right over here. No shrug in the shoulders,
    pull at the elbows. Good. Focus behind you. Your hands are just hooks, pull from your elbows. Wonderful. That was superset number one. Let’s do superset number two. Abs in, drive through your ankles. Go to sit down. Excellent. Good. Posture’s perfect. Excellent. There we go, box jump. Controlled landing, soft landing. Use your arms, straight lines. Boom. Step down. Good. Beautiful. Perfect. Straight up. Good. Nice. Nice. No elevated shoulders, right? Abs in. Shoulder blades come together every time. And pop. Excellent. Two. Three. Four. And five. Drive back, through the
    right ankle, past the foot. Really focus on your left leg. This exercise is very important because we’re taking away the forces out of your knee joint as you step back versus crashing forward. Step up, alternating, and hop. Control. Soft landing. Good. Chest presses from the floor are so great for your shoulder joint. It stabilizes your whole body
    when we press from the ground. This is the best way
    to develop your chest. A floor press with dumbbells. Zero compression on your spine when you create an imaginary chair. Excellent row. And to get away from close grip rowing, this is a perfect position. Good. Pull from the elbow. The abs do one operation, they spinal flex. So, we taxed his abs
    with a lot of spinal flex and using different forms of resistance. Drive through. Good. Hip extensions, opposite
    of the seated position. Good. Strengthens everything behind you, your lower back, your hammies. Get the height. Good. Alright, that was the workout. If you want to find out more, go to and I believe in you. You can get this done and get in the best shape of your life. Go do it. Get it done. (upbeat music)

    Albuquerque: Advancing the Destination
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    Albuquerque: Advancing the Destination

    October 4, 2019

    There’s a lot going on in Albuquerque and
    it’s because we’re working together as a city we’re putting smart public
    sector investments in place and you as the private sector are putting
    smart private sector investments in place and all of this comes together to make
    Albuquerque a great place to visit a great place for tourism, a great place
    for our families at a great place to do business thanks for everything Thanks to film tourism people around the
    world now can spell Albuquerque We’re redeveloping Winrock Town Centre, an eighty-three acre site. We’ll have some high-end retailers new to
    the market. Hotel Andaluz is celebrating 75 years in business It opened as the original Albuquerque Hilton,
    June ninth nineteen thirty-nine York Times that we’re super excited
    about we’ve been featured in USA today um and — CNN yep — Travel Channel — yep and really our
    business just continues to grow. At convention services in the
    southwest I can definitely say that business has
    picked up and over the past year we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the amount a business that we’re doing
    locally, statewide and nationally but we’re seeing that
    Albuquerque is getting to be a lot busier and the conventional market is
    really picking up this city’s creating a lot of momentum
    right now with infrastructure projects from our convention center behind us to
    our new Fourth Street, bus rapid transit system that’s coming soon that’s going to tie all our amenities from Nob Hill all the way down to our biopark to the west side. I think what’s important is that
    academia is really stepping up to support the cultural tourism industry between CNM and UNM offering associates
    degrees and degrees in hospitality and tourism and arts
    management all of these are programs to
    professionalize and meet the needs of this industry At Golden Crown Panaderia this has been a
    very exciting ride for us We’ve been able to be on Food Network the magazine, Food
    Network Food Finds also got to be on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives Santa Ana Star Casino completed a
    two-year multi-million dollar property renovation that included completely retrofitting
    the casino air filtration system modernizing the casino floor in both
    design and technology and adding exciting new casino venues. We’re
    excited at the museum that our exhibit attendance is up 36 percent over two
    years ago with exhibits like Titanic and the staff
    led dinosaur century we’re bringing people to Albuquerque
    from all around the state in from outside New Mexico in the hotel Albuquerque we just opened
    a gorgeous outdoor patio at our Gardunos as well as a wonderful indoor bar with the state’s largest selection of
    tequila and then at Nativa Lodge we have these
    awesome artist rooms floor to ceiling large-scale mural
    installations you can sleep in a work of art New things that we have going on at a ABQ
    Food Trucks is on Tuesdays we have trucks at Civic Plaza Wednesdays at Talin market and now every
    first Friday of the month we’ll have trucks gathering in a parking lot on
    Central and First Sandia Peak will be celebrating
    its fiftieth anniversary in a couple years and in preparation for that we are renovating our upper tram terminal. The
    Balloon Museum has one of the foremost collections of ballooning artifacts in
    the world we just received funding from the state
    of New Mexico this year to enable us to receive
    accreditation from the american alliance of museums Hotel Parq Central has been open for
    four years and since day one we’ve consistently been rated one of the top hotels on TripAdvisor. In
    fact we’ve just received our a 2014 award of excellence with
    Trip Advisor Since we joined ACVB, we have gotten a
    lot of attention we’re in Better Homes and Gardens, New
    Mexico magazine We were even on French public television Go figure! we’re excited to be celebrating our five year
    anniversary all season long we have a brand new website a brand-new partner with heritage hotels and hotel
    Albuquerque at Old Town and we are launching a brand new
    Breaking Bad Tour called Bad Tour 2.0 Then we have the Sol
    Trolley which is our great new tour partnering up with the new soccer team ABQ Sol, taking people to the games. Things are amazing a Great Face and Body we’ve been selling tons of our spa meth — I
    mean Bathing Bad one bag at a time. And we’ve managed
    to grow our private label manufacturing business over 50 percent in the past few months so we have spa-related products in 300 businesses around the world and each one
    of those bottles that goes to those places have been made in Albuquerque. We
    have a 20-plus million renovation going on at the
    convention center, a lot of local excitement lot regional national
    excitement some changes going on downtown especially with civic plaza
    parking and leading really to a downtown
    Renaissance. it’s an exciting new chapter for flamenco here in Albuquerque at the
    national institute of flamenco in particular with Festival Flamenco which is the most comprehensive flamenco festival outside Spain our goal is to keep Albuquerque at the
    cutting edge of flamenco education and performance worldwide it’s now live, the Albuquerque public art
    iPhone ap and visitors and locals said that
    they would love to see more public art at the convention center so coming next spring more mosaic tile
    around the south side of the less complex. Well the last year
    we’ve spent really refining our field to fork dining
    experience food harvested that day ends up on the
    plate and a lot a discerning travelers and people that are very knowledgeable about food
    have been very surprised at the quality of food that we have to offer here in
    New Mexico the Rio Grande arts and crafts festivals
    just been ranked sixth in the nation and that puts us in the national spotlight, so we’re very proud of that the thing I’m most excited about is our
    convention center it’s about time for an upgrade at it
    is gonna be amazing it’s bringing the feel of New Mexico and
    it’s gonna be a wonderful property for large meetings I can’t wait to bring meetings to Mexico
    now I’m also very excited about the fact
    that Albuquerque has become one of the strongest brewing cities in the United
    States Art Bar is the first bar in the country
    dedicated to funding nonprofit arts organizations and every
    day we offer a variety of visual performing musical and literary arts events
    for the visitor and the local we actually started brewing our own beers
    in our nanobrewery in the back with some mega flavors and we’ve been helping over 30
    different organizations in the community it’s just been great. Things are looking
    really up for Rainbow Ryders We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary thanks
    a lot Albuquerque and the tourism community What the visitor to Albuquerque will see in the next five to 10 years… is a real climate of innovation and
    entrepreneurism a place where you can try out new ideas
    where you will see new things and things that are unique
    to Albuquerque that you won’t see anywhere else. In the future I hope
    visitors to Albuquerque really appreciate the
    cultural resource against this incredible backdrop the outdoors. I hope to see
    Albuquerque invested cultural assets I think these are the things that give
    Albuquerque a uniqueness It brings out our own local flavor and who
    we are as a city. the city that we’re going into is gonna
    be a vibrant downtown with a transportation system for
    bicyclists pedestrians and transit riders that can tie all of our core amenities together. I would love for visitors to Albuquerque to think about Albuquerque’s downtown having lots of public art, both
    permanent and temporary small and large. We’d like
    Albuquerque to be seen as a hip unique and trendy city. I’m excited about
    the tenacity in the collaboration of all the downtown stakeholders in making this Plaza convention center
    the center of attention for our community with all the dynamic plans
    that we have going on in the city we’re just gonna continue to surprise
    all the travelers and show them what makes New Mexico and
    Albuquerque a really unique place with all the improvements the city and
    private sector businesses like ours are making I’m very hopeful that our visitors and
    convention goers will be coming in droves in the near future I
    hope they define it as a sophisticated cultural destination
    where the amenities they seek are within walking distance of
    the convention center Albuquerque will be seen as a vibrant
    downtown area for guests that are coming to the city to enjoy plenty of restaurants and entertainment for everybody it’s so
    easy to get around great transportation it’s just a great place to be and come to visit. I’d like for people to see Albuquerque as the bicycle epicenter of the world. In the
    future albuquerque is going to be a must-visit destination and if you’re gonna come here for
    convention you’re gonna wanna bring your family a few years from now we can be one of
    the top destinations in the country an amazing Convention Center vibrant
    downtown great cultural institutions all
    surrounded by New Mexico’s natural beauty that’s what
    makes Albuquerque special albuquerque is evolving into a thriving metropolis that’s going to be
    art centered culture centered and it provides an experience for
    visitors like no place else in the world in five years albuquerque is going to be
    an even different places to be an even better place why? because we’re on trajectory now as a
    city to really move ourselves forward through entrepreneurship through tourism to downtown revitalization there’s a lot
    going on and in five years you’re going to see a difference I want people to leave with memories
    of beauty of culture of scenery of things to do places to
    see people to visit and wanna come back


    Newsom is right to scale back the bullet train, and its good politics too Los Angeles Times

    September 15, 2019

    Newsom is right to scale back the bullet train, and its good politics too Los Angeles Times If anyone thought that Gov. Gavin Newsoms administration would merely be an extension of fellow Democrat Jerry Browns, that notion has been completely obliterated. Browns and before him Arnold Schwarzeneggers humongous Los Angeles to San Francisco bullet train was always a pipedream. And in his first State of the State address Tuesday, Newsom . Lets level about the high speed rail, Newsom told a joint session of the Legislature. I have nothing but respect for Gov. Browns and Gov. Schwarzeneggers vision . But lets be real. The project as planned would cost too much and take too long. Theres been too little oversight and not enough transparency. Right now there simply isnt a path to get from Sacramento to San Diego, Newsom said of the original route promised voters, let alone from San Francisco to L.A. I wish there were. However, Newsom continued, we do have the capacity to complete a high speed rail link between Merced and Bakersfield. Now, I know that some critics will say this is a train to nowhere. But thats wrong and offensive. The people of the Central Valley endure the worst air pollution in America as well as some of the longest commutes in the state. And they have suffered too many years of neglect from policymakers here in Sacramento. They deserve better. … Merced, Fresno, Bakersfield and communities in between are more dynamic than people realize. Aside from the economic pragmatics of sidetracking an unaffordable dollar 77 billion project, its good politics for a liberal Democrat to reach out to a core Republican region where more than half the counties voted for President Trump in 2016. Newsom never seriously considered junking the whole project. Much has already been spent. If the state just walked away, it would owe the federal government dollar 3.5 billion in seed money. Might as well complete the route from Merced to Bakersfield and try to get something out of it, the new governor concluded. Otherwise, he explained to the lawmakers, We will have wasted billions of dollars with nothing but broken promises, unfulfilled commitments and lawsuits to show for it. President Trump tweeted Wednesday that Newsoms action means that California owes the feds dollar 3.5 billion and . But the presidents facts were wrong. As usual. Bullet train dreamers have always argued that California is the fifth largest economy in the world, so theres no reason it cant afford to build a high speed rail system. Smaller countries have. Thats rubbish. California is a state. It doesnt print money. It must balance its budget books annually. Those other bullet train builders are nations and they usually partner with private enterprise. No private investor is interested in Californias project. While campaigning for governor last year, Newsom said hed scale back Browns two big legacy infrastructure projects: the bullet train and monstrous twin water tunnels in the Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta. And thats what he did Tuesday. Newsom rejected the dollar 17 billion twin tunnels idea, but said as promised that he supports a compromise single tunnel. Theres a lesson here: Newsom might be worth listening to. At least on the train and tunnels, he wasnt just some politician blowing smoke. In October, the candidate told me he was optimistic thered be enough money to build the line from Merced to San Jose through the Pacheco Pass. People could live in the affordable San Joaquin Valley and commute to high paying tech jobs in the Silicon Valley. But there was no specific mention of a valley to valley line in Tuesdays speech. That was left open to speculation. Look, we will continue our regional projects north and south, he said. Well connect the revitalized Central Valley to other parts of the state and continue to push for more federal funding and private dollars. But lets just get something done once and for all. Legislators interpreted that differently. Republican Assemblyman Jim Patterson, a former Fresno mayor and longtime bullet train critic, said: Weve known for quite some time theres only enough money for a rump railroad between Bakersfield and Merced. The governor confirmed it. He sounded bitter. This experiment has essentially collapsed, he said. Weve lost thousands of acres that should be returned to agriculture folks. Weve got blight land nobody wants anymore, weve got squatters, got trash, junk. Its a mess. California owes Fresno what it takes to make us whole. But Sen. Cathleen Galgiani D Stockton , who originally authored the high speed rail legislation that was eventually approved by voters, saw a glass half full. In no way do I believe the governor was saying, Thats it, were done, Galgiani said, adding that she personally confirmed this with Newsom. Hes saying instead of focusing on six different segments at once, lets get this one done. When the dollar 15 billion Merced to Bakersfield route is completed, she added, the governor or his successor can take it another step. Anyway, Galgiani said, shes excited about the train coming to Merced. Because from there, riders will be able to connect with a commuter train to San Jose over the Altamont Pass into the East Bay. That commuter train currently only goes to Stockton. But as part of a gas tax backroom deal two years ago, Brown provided dollar 400 million to extend the rail line 61 miles to Merced. Bill Whalen, a research fellow at Stanfords Hoover Institution and a former speech writer for Republican Gov. Pete Wilson, said, Im going to give Newsom credit. He did something Jerry Brown was not capable of. And that is admitting the obvious about high speed rail. Newsoms message: Theres a new conductor in town.


    How To Train Your Dog To Wait Before Eating – Professional Dog Training Tips

    September 9, 2019

    – Teaching your dog to wait for their food isn’t just a great way to
    keep from getting dive bombed when you put their meal down, it’s actually a great way to build in some impulse control. I mean, personally, I
    hate waiting for things, but sometimes it’s really important. (microwave dinging)
    Yes! Ow, it’s like a buttery
    blast furnace in here. In this video, I’m gonna
    show you two methods to teach your dog to wait before they eat. The first one’s gonna be simple and fast, you’ve probably seen it before, but the second one I’m gonna teach you how to level up your training
    with your wait command so that you can use it anywhere. I’m Ken Steepe and welcome
    back to McCann Dogs. (gentle guitar chord) (dog barking) Now, you might recognize this little guy. This is Levi from our
    First Day Home with a Puppy video with instructor Kim, and I thought he’d be a
    great demonstration dog for this exercise. So what I’m gonna do is I’m
    gonna lower the food bowl down, and when Levi chooses
    to remain in position, I will reward him for that at a couple steps along the way. Now if he decides he wants to dive bomb in and take hold of that food, I’ll just lift the bowl up again. Oops. Yes, he saw that, what
    a great choice he made. He knew he really wanted the food. Oops, and there. Yes, good boy. Yes, good. Good boy. Yes, good. Good boy. Yes, good choice, pal. Good sit. Yes, good. Good boy. Yes, good choice. What a nice job. Good boy. And then we’ll end with our release word so he can get his dinner. Okay, get your dinner, okay. Okay, (claps) get your dinner. That’s a boy, good boy. Now this is the method that
    we’re gonna try to level up your wait training. So this is the kind of
    wait that you’re gonna use to keep your dog from
    barging through doors or maybe in the parking lot, you’re gonna ask your dog to wait before you let them out of a car, or, you know, at any point in your walk, you can ask your dog to wait
    while you pick up something. And this is what you’re
    about to learn next. I talked a little bit about
    the sit and start position in one of our earlier videos,
    and I’ll link that above. But for this exercise, you’re gonna start with your dog in at your side. And we really want to build this wait for, on a foundation of success. We want to, in the early stages, we want lots of successful repetitions. You want to make it easy for Funkee. So here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna tell her to wait, and then I’m just gonna wave my hand in front of her face. I’m gonna step in front
    of her, toe to toe, so that she can’t be wrong and she can’t go anywhere. And I’m gonna yes and
    reward her, good girl. Maybe I’ll even move back
    while I remind her to wait. Good girl, yes. And I can reward her again for not moving. Now what’s really important
    about using this wait is that your dog has a definitive ending, so when I’m done practicing my wait, after this first repetition,
    before Funkee decides to move, I’m gonna use her release
    word, which is okay. And that way Funkee knows
    when her job is over, and I want you to be using
    that every single time you’re working on this wait
    exercise with your dog. After you’ve practiced
    that a couple of times, you can make it a little bit
    more challenging for your dog. So with Funkee Monkee,
    maybe I’ll tell her to wait, and I’ll step out a little bit farther. I can praise her from here. Good girl, good wait. And then step in, yes, good girl. And reward her for a job well done. Other things you might be able to do, wait, is wiggle your leash, provide a little bit of distraction, yes, and then I can step
    back in and reward Funkee for remaining in that wait position. And then when we’re done,
    as I mentioned earlier, I’m just gonna tell her, okay, so that she knows she can move. So now we’ve got a few repetitions in where I’ve returned back to Funkee’s side and she knows how valuable it is to remain there in that waiting position. Now with our wait,
    using the McCann Method, we’ll use a stay if we want
    our dog to not move ever until we get back to them. But with our wait, we want to be able to release our dogs remotely. So I’ll ask Funkee in this case to wait, and then I’ll step away
    from her a little bit. And now, at any point, if
    she’s made a great choice, a tough distraction goes by, I can yes, step back in, and reward her. But ultimately, I want her to
    know that if I step out here, that I can release her
    at any point in time. Okay, and she comes to me, she gets very excited when
    she hears that release word. Now as we start to increase the challenges in the real world for our dogs, it’s really likely that
    they’re going to make mistakes. So this time, I’m gonna
    ask Funkee Monkee to wait, but then I’m secretly lure her
    out of that waiting position. What’s really important is
    that if she makes that mistake, I don’t pull food out right away and lure her back to
    where she was sitting. Remember, we’ve spent so
    much time teaching our dogs that them making the right
    choice gets them a food reward. So I’ll show you what happens when Funkee Monkee makes a mistake. Wait. Good girl, good. So I’ll just lure her out, ah ah. So I marked that moment with my voice, and I’m just gonna guide her
    back to exactly where she was. I’ll show her how to be right. What a good sit, good girl, wait. And the next time, I’m gonna
    make it a little bit easier. So I have a moment to
    reinforce that good behavior. Good wait, yes, good girl. And now I can step in and use my food. It’s really important, the two elements of that
    that you need to keep in mind are marking that moment with your voice, especially as you’re getting farther away, and that you show them how to be right. Rather than pulling out a piece of food and guiding them back to
    where you think they were, you show them exactly where to be, and then you can reward them after they’ve spent a couple
    of seconds in that position. Now at the top of the video, you saw us have the dogs lined up a few feet away from their food bowls, and they were all sitting in a wait, and maybe that’s a tough
    distraction for your dog, so we’re gonna set that up. And while you’re training
    all of these exercises, whatever you think is a
    tough challenge for your dog, make sure you hang onto the leash. The last thing we want to
    do is ask Funkee to wait, put a bowl of food down, and then she breaks the wait and then goes and gobbles
    down most of the food before we have a chance to
    interrupt that behavior. So let’s try this one. Wait, and I’ll go put the food down. I’ll try to make it as enticing as I can. Wait, good girl. Good, and again, I talked
    about that timing of our yes, good girl, and then I can step in. Remember, with those dogs who really, really love
    something like food or love to barge through the door, you want to reward them in
    that stationary position more often then you let them out. I’ll show you what I mean. Okay, Fun, can you sit? Wait, good girl. And at the beginning, you
    might even make it really easy. Yes, good girl. Just take one foot out the door. Good, wait. Yes, what a good girl, good job, buddy. But it’s really important
    that Funkee finds it just as valuable for her to remain, wait, on the inside of the doorway as it is when she comes out. Okay, good girl. Now I think the wait is one
    of the most functional skills that you can teach your dog. I use it probably every
    single day with our dogs. And I hope you find the
    same value in this exercise. Now, if this is your
    first time on the channel, make sure you hit that Subscribe button. We publish new videos every single week to help you to have a well-behaved four-legged family member. On that note, I’m Ken. This is Funkee Monkee. Happy training. (upbeat music)

    ON-OFF BAND Pt. 2
    Articles, Blog

    ON-OFF BAND Pt. 2

    August 27, 2019


    NEW RECORD!!! WELL OVER 150 RATS Caught by My Mink and Dogs!!!
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    NEW RECORD!!! WELL OVER 150 RATS Caught by My Mink and Dogs!!!

    August 13, 2019

    today was a record-breaking day like
    record shattering like blow it out of the water oh my gosh my name is Joseph
    Carter and I am the minke man when I was a senior in high school I started
    learning about the American mink I was told that mink were horrible vicious
    little animals who were impossible to tame challenge accepted
    I’ve been in love with me ever since I get mean from fur farms and give them a
    new life in this new life my mink live as naturally as possible even hunting
    for their dinner the way a wild mink would so come join me on my adventures
    as we learn more about this intense little predator amazing American mink
    now if you’re really wanting to dive into mink and learn the nitty-gritty
    details I would strongly recommend you read my book the new sport of mink
    Andrey if you would like to support us you can buy a shirt or hat or consider
    becoming one of my faithful patrons just go to the links in the description below people often ask me why I prefer to use
    greyhound mixes over terriers that is why I prefer to use greyhound mixes no
    matter how fast their short little legs run no terrier can quickly cover ground
    like a long-legged lurcher that fast black dog is my boss and he’s
    what’s called a bull lurcher he is one-quarter pit bull three-eighths
    greyhounds and three-eighths whipping any dog crossed with the greyhound er
    whippet is termed in lurcher the advantage of using a bowl archer like
    boss is the pit bull helps give him some of the toughness and drive of a terrier
    and also some of the speed of the greyhound this little white dog named Neela is a
    Jack Russell terrier owned by my buddy Matthew he has his own channel called
    Matthews mink Manor we keep Neal on the leash most of the time because she likes
    to dive under the cement when she sees a rat we don’t want to have an accident if
    the cement unexpectedly slipped off the tractor oh just get dogs good girl in the last
    good great there’s just one more that’s still alive back down good girl Neela drop it drop us bus bus the point of your brindle dog is my
    little puppy shurni she’s a Dutch Shepherd and she’s just here to watch
    the older dogs in action she’s only five months old in his far too young to be
    catching rats herself good girl yes yes good girl bucket yes good girl another
    one bucket yes bucket bucket yes good girl bucket bucket yes yes yes yes yes there’s a few
    I don’t know where to go good job Neela Connie was jumping through the air out
    drop out struck out girl good dog okay go ahead summer anything under their players once we
    tried to avoid the rats suffering whenever possible and put them down as
    quickly as we can contrary to what some people would think
    using mink and dogs for pest control is far more humane than the commonly used
    modern methods the squeaks of rats disturb some people but the same people
    take no thought whatsoever for the hours of torment suffered by a poisoned rat
    dying down in its burrow where nobody can see or hear good kupuna gosh oh there’s a bunch right there good job
    Neela good job boss good girl Neela good jobs Oh boss
    no come here come here good boy come here it’s good boy get down Warda cops
    it dogs you’re going under the hay down to the next one yeah your girl
    yes speaker oh please Ganguly okay pretty good start to today huh
    as we continue along moving sections of cement the escaping rats move on to the
    next section eventually congregating in large enough
    numbers that it’s helpful if we start using the mink along with the dogs yeah
    we need to start doing me oh my gosh in order to be as efficient and safe as
    possible we prop the cement up with a railroad
    tie so there’s no risk of it slipping off the tractor we then release the mink
    under the gap created the mink enters the gap and begins catching rats the
    rats who try to escape the mink run into the dogs waiting outside
    typically the mink flushes the rats in a slower and more orderly fashion than
    just lifting the cement with the tractor wood giving the dogs more time to catch
    the fleeing rats yeah good boy yeah good boy this make
    his name spot because he has a little white spot on his chin just like his
    father Rocky he’s a fearless hunter but I like his
    father he’s quite large and so has some obvious difficulty squeezing into tight
    little places good job I’m sorry a job spawn
    good boys get alcohol I ran a good boy we have a but Alfie okay move the
    cameras back good job good job
    there’s one good jobs new watch stop boy boss boy
    boss oh you didn’t bite me I just grabbed
    Kate alive oh my gosh how did I do that you may
    wonder why we lift the cement for their mink instead of just letting them
    squeeze down the rat holes a bunch of rats will sometimes bottle up in the
    dead enemy and the meat wat to sit down there killing them one by one
    which is quite time-consuming when dealing with large numbers of rats it’s
    quite helpful to use the much larger and more powerful buck minigame
    the buck creeks are so large that they typically can’t fit down the Brat
    burrows and so only dummies are embarrassed if we don’t want the cement got okay oh yeah yeah yeah fuck Neil Neil Neil I got one Oh give us good job Neela oh there’s so
    many oh these are all the lies look these are all alive smart leave any next bus bus business good job Neela yeah yeah yeah yeah here let me chase one over there here
    drop this was a really holy no bites none ever does like people
    often wonder about the disease risks involved with catching rats most of the
    diseases people worry about either aren’t typically found in my area or
    aren’t carried by rats at all hantavirus is only carried by a very small handful
    of specific rodent species the deer mouse being the only one in my area the
    plague is not typically carried by the brown rat but is instead carried by the
    black rat which doesn’t live here either rabies is almost never carried by any
    small to medium-sized rodent rats included girl nila leptospirosis or Wiley’s
    disease though very common in wet areas with mild winters is almost unheard of
    here in the high desert of Utah with that being said there’s always
    going to be some risk of disease so my animals and I stay up-to-date on all
    available vaccinations you may wonder what we do at the end of the day with
    over a hundred dead rats and the answer is we either turn it into mink food or
    if possible we sell them to people with pet snakes good job there heads not near
    big enough to be very good job spot back at home my mink are kept in much larger
    and more spacious enclosures they get all kinds of enrichment like branches to
    climb on and pools to swim in and this is just our little transportation method
    for transporting a whole bunch of mink at once good girl good girl this is real yep a real shoes are in
    case we need something I can squeeze in a lot of places yeah pop your bus hey Raven hey Johnny what they told me
    was nice car good job Neela yeah good girl any luck yeah here job Oh this yellow dog is a one-year-old
    Greyhound named Lily Lily is plenty old enough to start hunting but she hasn’t
    mentally matured enough to take any interest yet we brought her along hoping
    that watching the other dogs having fun would eventually make her want to give
    it a try glad I’m wearing gloves I’d like to get
    bitch scared a second there you go no she’s getting them up oh she’s she being sucked good job Mysterio
    did you visit oh the queue mystery oh she got it out good job oh my gosh just goes to show they can start outside
    doesn’t mean they’re gonna be so this is the supplement week out of the bunch good job me lush good look oh good girl the mingkun dogs work as a
    team to help eradicate the rat infestation the dogs understand that the
    mink are an important part of their pack and that they must respect them at all
    times unfortunately not all of the mink
    understand this and some of the more aggressive ones try and bite their dogs
    to do their best to avoid the teeth of their feisty little hunting
    Connecticut’s good girl hiki sky you did an excellent
    job I did one is still there baby okay Johnny here being such good moral
    support she’s the cheerleader are you to dodge Geneva Tierney’s do such a good job to use to
    get used to the retriever you do be cheaper can you reach each direction
    every picture so look at all these guys man there’s
    tons of there’s forty these little guys we’re gonna go see if we can find a
    foster mother see this one’s actually old enough it’s already can be waned
    he’s fine we’ll just give him soft food but like these little guys they’re
    borderline they need a mother to nurse on and it looks like this is a this one
    this one’s old enough to wean but these little guys in they need a mother oh my
    goodness today was a record-breaking day like
    record shattering like blow it out of the water I cannot believe the luck that
    we had today oh my goodness so happy so Dominque did awesome jobs man they were
    they were knocking him out mama doesn’t like Maggie because she’s helped me
    doctor her a couple times give her shots things like that so she thinks she’s
    about to get a shot so she’s right now she’s on edge and she’s ready to bite
    anyone that touches her anyway so if I get bit that’s why anyway so just
    happiest can be journey that was a great introduction to routing for her as a
    little puppy she did a good job for just a little innocent puppy not doing much
    but bringing rats putting them in the bucket and kind of disappointed in Lilly
    she’s a year old now we were really hoping she’d get started at least a
    little bit today but I don’t think she even knew what we were doing she’s just
    kind of hung out boss and good old Neela man they were they were doing an awesome
    job all-around amazing day so appreciate you guys joining us and just a reminder
    Matthew he wasn’t able to join us today but Matthews mink Manor take it check
    out his channel I’ll put it in the link below but man what a wonderful day and
    look at all these rats all these rats in the cages are ones we caught by hand
    do you believe we caught all of those rats by hand and I only got bit like
    three times it was awesome so anyway thanks for joining us and you
    guys have a great day hey hey getting a bit girl boy so the
    grand total from that ridiculously amazing day of ratting was a hundred and
    eighty eight rats forty of which four babies so the lucky number for those of
    you who are going for the contest for the Hat is a hundred and forty eight
    adult rats or I should say adult and some adult rats because some littles
    adult rats work totally adult so we actually had several people that had
    correct guesses so we’re also gonna have surprises for the runner-ups but the
    first person to guess the right answer of a hundred and forty eight adult and
    some adult rats was Ray Lucassen I’m not sure that’s his real name but that’s a
    screen name didn’t have a real name on there so ray Lacoste send you one
    the next runner-up was Christina followed by Vince or probably goes my
    video if you look at his screen name I’m guessing that’s what he goes by will
    Freeman following this ow Emily H and Paulina yes sorry sorry
    calling they’re not sure to pronounce that so those are the winners the the
    person first person who got it right the sramek Austin he’s gonna of course get
    you know the Hat like we promised and everyone else we’re gonna have some
    wristbands we’re gonna be sending out to you for for being runners-up so
    appreciate you guys with this little competition I’ve never done this before
    I hope you guys enjoyed it and yeah I hope more than that sure hope you
    enjoyed the video that was that was an amazing day so if you are a winner
    message us on Instagram your address so the mailing address you’d like the prize
    to go to and we’ll go ahead and get these prizes out to you so appreciate
    you guys