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    Morgz – THE END OF MUM (Diss Track) Official Music Video
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    Morgz – THE END OF MUM (Diss Track) Official Music Video

    January 22, 2020

    6PM tomorrow is the death of mum And I… and I know I’m appearing a little disrespectful right now Team Mum thinking they can take Team Morgz down it’s like a goldfish thinking they can take down a shark Shut up [laughter] Yo I ain’t a rapper but let’s face it I could literally eat thevthe mic and it would sound better then anything mum could do I made your channel (I made your channel) and you call yourself a queen (and you call yourself a queen) everyone knows that she just salty (knows that shes salty) coz I’m richer at sixteen (at sixteen) That’s all she’s getting Subscribe Right now For the second verse As always I’ve been morgz Peace out Subtitles By The Domino D.R.
    Reviewed by toon And you better freaking believe it!

    Guide to your first track day
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    Guide to your first track day

    January 21, 2020

    This time on Road and Race 10 secrets to getting
    a great first track day 1. Brakes.
    You don’t need to make any changes to your car for you first track day but I would strongly
    advise swapping out your brake pads for a more race orientated type. Normal street pads
    won’t be able to cope with the amount of heat that the constant heavy braking a track
    demands and you’ll find they’ll only last 2 to 3 laps before you have no brakes. This
    loss of braking can come quite suddenly so either stick to just a few laps and come in
    or swap out the pads. New race spec pads that also work well on
    the road should last for about 10 laps. For £80 you can buy new pads for all four corners
    and you can swap them out yourself with only simple hand tools. Click the Suggested banner
    to see my step by step guide. The pads I use is listed in the Description box. Probably goes without saying but if you only
    check one thing before your track day check your brakes. Click the suggested banner for
    my guide that steps you though how to check the essentials such as brake fluid and how
    worn your brake discs are. Also if your brake fluid needs changing I have a guide to doing
    that yourself too. 2. Arrival
    Bring your driving license and a crash helmet. Most venues rent helmets if you don’t own
    one. When you get there your car will be noise
    tested. A microphone will be used to measure the decibel level at your exhaust at 4000
    rpm. These vary from track to track but a 100 decibel limit is common. This shouldn’t
    be a problem with a normal street car unless you’ve changed your exhaust. Next is sign on, where you’ll need to complete
    the waiver forms, and then there’s the safety briefing. After that you can can line up to
    do the low speed sighting laps to get used to the circuit. 3. Choice of circuit
    If you are a beginner I’d advise choosing an air field based track day as they are generally
    easier to learn and generally have less things to potentially crash into. You’re also less
    likely to get professional race teams turning up and using it as a Test day. 4. Tuition and insurance
    Simply put book some tuition. You’ll get 20 mins for about £20 and, in my opinion,
    makes the difference between a good track day experience and a bad one. They’ll teach
    you how to drive the track, how to brake and how to handle your car properly at speed. Insurance wise, on the day there’s no come
    back if you crash or someone hits you so you can buy special track day insurance if you
    want for about 1% of the cost of the vehicle. I personally don’t bother as the risk is
    low and in 3 years I’ve never had or seen an incident. 5. Stuff
    No point carrying around stuff you don’t need in the car so take the spare wheel, toolkit
    and unnecessary items out of the car as we all know a lighter car is a better car. Also,
    clear out all the junk you have in the cabin out as it can become a projectile if you have
    an accident. Put it all in a bag out of the way.
    Also, fit the towing eye to the car so that if you need to be towed off the track for
    any reason the Marshalls can do it quickly and not hold everyone else up longer than
    needed. 6. Engine care
    Something that may be obvious but make sure the engine is up to temperature before setting
    out onto the track to avoid any damage. Something that might be less obvious is that it’s
    vital to do a cool down lap before coming off the track. The engine and exhaust can
    get extremely hot and if you just stop the car and get out all that heat will soak in
    and cause premature engine wear. This heat soak if one of the contributing factors to
    IMS failure in Porsche engines. As shown here some venues have dedicated cool down areas
    to avoid you going slow on the track itself. 7. Heat
    Not vital but a laser thermometer will tell you how hot your brakes are so you’ll know
    if they’ve cooled enough to go back out. Standard road discs may take longer to cool
    that more expensive race orientated discs so if you are waiting more than 30 mins for
    them to get below 40 degrees centigrade it might be worth investing in new discs. 8. Handbrake
    As shown the discs will get very hot so don’t put the handbrake on when you stopped or the
    parking shoe is likely to fuse to the disc. 9. Tyres
    Again not vital but tyre pressure will go up after a few laps on the track. You can
    test the pressures after and let some air out to maintain the recommended level and
    reduce uneven tyre wear. Don’t forget to pump them back up before you go home. I usually
    start by letting out 3 psi and go from there. Talking about tyre wear people always ask
    if you need to replace your tyres after a track day. The answer is no. You won’t be
    drifting your car around so wear will be minimal. I see about a quarter to half a milimeter
    of wear per track day. 10. Don’t be intimidated
    It’s your first time out so you’ll be slow there’s not getting round that and
    you’ll probably have cars behind you wanting to pass. The organisers of a well run day
    will stress this is a casual, fun day at the briefing so don’t let other drivers intimidate
    you – you’ve paid just as much money to be there as they have and they were beginners
    once too. Be courteous though and on a straight indicate
    right and let them past but don’t let idiots pressure you to let them by where it’s unsafe
    on other areas of the track.   If you’ve found this video useful please
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    TRAIN PARK in Kalamata!
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    TRAIN PARK in Kalamata!

    January 15, 2020

    Me: This is the famous… frappé… cold coffee Enjoy! Kalamata has a number of green and open spaces… There’s the beach… which everyone knows… …the castle, 23rd of March, the Main Square… …various parks …and the orchards on the outskirts of the city One of the most unique is the Kalamata Municipal Railway Park It contains a number of old steam locomotives… …trains, and passenger carriages, right in the open I’m walking in the train park… …where they have… kept the old trains as a sort of monument Once an important way to connect Kalamata’s port to the rest of the Peloponnese… …these days the trains do not run Instead the park is about recreation… …with activities throughout the year… …a place for clubs to meet… …volleyball, basketball, and some fitness equipment It’s free, you don’t pay anything for it… …and I think it is very cool This is a stepper For children there is also a playground… …and for adults, the old station houses a café …where you can pick up a lovely ice cold frappé (among other things!) You enjoy the trains… and have your frappé It’s certainly nice to just wander around these beautiful old trains and relax in the shade #Steam train noises We are Birba, Annie & Me… …and we are creating videos of our home… …and treat-sized stories from friends all around the world! You can find more of our videos by subscribing on YouTube or Facebook… You can also join the adventure by supporting our work on Patreon… …for behind-the-scenes footage, and nice little rewards!

    Unboxed! Lego City Train Station Series | TheRempongsHD
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    Unboxed! Lego City Train Station Series | TheRempongsHD

    January 5, 2020

    Hi Guys.. Hi Guys.. welcome back with me Owen.. and Ayya.. from theRempongsHD!!!! OK this time .. we would like to open and review LEGO CITY (Train Station) Series 6 0 0 5 0 Yuppp!! OK.. this is the LEGO box! This LEGO series recommended for 5-12 years old Let’s look at the back side Inside this box.. there’s a guy riding a bicycle Conductor.. a guy who sells bread (Baker) 😀 Toys Seller a Taxi and a Train Station Let’s see what’s on the side of the box There are 5 Minifigures The first one is… the Baker.. and the second one is the Conductor.. the third one is the girl.. with a bicycle and two other Minifigures.. and a Taxi car this is the actual size of the conductor.. 1:1 Let’s open it up broooo… Okaaaaay!

    $10,000 HOT WHEELS TRACK CHALLENGE! Hot Wheels Box Fort Obstacle Course
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    $10,000 HOT WHEELS TRACK CHALLENGE! Hot Wheels Box Fort Obstacle Course

    January 2, 2020

    hey guys this video was sponsored by Hot
    Wheels who helped me create it let’s go to Bob Jake BAM it’s Papa Jake here and
    we are back with a brand new video and today guys it is a very special day it
    is like Christmas day here at the Papa Jake household because when I woke up
    this morning I went outside and I looked on my porch and out there we had a
    massive shipment that just came in from all those guys check this out they sent
    us a ton and when I’m in Nutella I mean literally a spawn of Hot Wheels track
    builder sets there is a bunch of cars a bunch of tracks here and guys logos on
    here right now but today we actually decided that we would do a challenge
    with all of this for my side of the challenge I’m kind of keeping some of
    the Hot Wheels stuff on the side because I want to win this challenge so this is
    what I’m telling Logan came in the mail but this is what I actually came in the
    mail check this out guys Logan gets in here I’m gonna challenge him to a track
    build up he’s not gonna know what hit him when we break out this box guys
    today we receive an amazing massive shipment of hot wheels I’ve never seen
    so many hot wheels in my life a million loop-de-loops there is so many cars guys
    like race cars there’s big monster trucks here which is good it’s a big
    truck and these are all stuff we get to use for building our tracks now Logan I
    decided that if we have all this stuff here I think we do a little Papa Jake
    versus Logan challenge you know who could build the bigger the better
    Hot Wheels track I’ve been building Hot Wheels since I was like nine years old
    since I was we call it this Oh Logan I’m at like sixty loop-de-loops I’m gonna
    have a massive long stretch I might have a an up
    down and the zigzag it all around my home was tracks to be better and not
    only that but I’m also a better racer than so why don’t we start by dividing
    all the Hot Wheels stuff and then we go pick our cars okay guys we went ahead
    and divided all the Hot Wheels gear Logan’s got his over here I’ve got mine
    over here and you know Logan because I’m feeling so confident I decided you could
    have this bad boy here so I’ll let you have this cuz I’m gonna win this thing
    anyway very generous of you Jake but I wouldn’t get too confident there is a
    ton of awesome car sitting I’ve got to pick the best one that reflects
    ourselves so oh it’s a it’s a it’s hard to pick man there’s so many good ones
    but I think I’m gonna go with this one this little bit awesome dude check that
    out here we go guys I got my car here it’s blue it’s got like the Papa Jake
    blue and love it’s looking pretty fly just like me and it’s got like this is
    kind of like detail around the wheels here which looks sweet and I love like
    the red accent up top also by the way guys kind of cool fact if you actually
    look at the bottom here so you can see the Hot Wheels logo that’s how you know
    it’s a legitimate haul in this car so you know we know it’s legit we know it’s
    gonna go fast but yeah I think it’s gonna be mine looking what do you want I
    think I’m gonna go for this chrome one this one is by far my favorite it looks
    so cool this one also caught my eye guys a little airplane it’s so cool it’s
    gonna cute but I think it’s time Logan you go to your room I go to my room we
    start the timer and build our traps oh it’s on Jake okay guys I thought I
    mean like a lot more I kind of feel bad we gave Logan so little I did not think
    there was this much stuff in here there’s literally so many pieces of
    tracks so many different kids here any bunch of different add-ons I kind of
    feel bad taking all of this alright guys so I thought I’d build my track inside
    this room and to start off my track I thought I’d use this awesome rad launch
    wheel of the car and we give it one crank and just like
    that we ever started all right guys you check it out I’ve been working on the
    Hot Wheels track for a little while now and this thing is looking sweet guys
    this transforms into this check this out how cool is this guys so it actually
    transforms into this massive drops in here so I was thinking over here we have
    like a massive Canyon jump so you have to go from one table to another you have
    to make it from this table all the way across over to there and we still have a
    ton of Hot Wheels stuff that we can add to this but but without further ado guys
    I’m gonna show you guys how this works right now give it a little tank here Oh guys it just shoots my car out of there
    extreme that that thing was going like Lightspeed so some of the cars go a lot
    faster than others and getting the perfect speed to do this track is what’s
    important obviously we’re gonna be expanding the track a lot Oh the other side I think already this
    track is gonna be beaten Logan I still want to add some more loop two loops and
    obviously I’ve got the massive jump canyon over there but this thing is
    looking sweet alright guys so far I’ve built a decent
    amount of track but guys I have something on my sleeve I know about
    Jake’s secret box and all the extra track that he got but what he doesn’t
    know is Hot Wheels actually sent two of those massive boxes and I have one of my
    own so here’s my box full of Hot Wheels track so I was thinking of heading
    downstairs and making the world’s biggest and longest track because I know
    Jake’s gonna go for loop-de-loops and jobs and you know an intricate track but
    from my track I’m gonna go with distance Jake thinks this is all the track we
    have but he is gonna be very surprised when he sees my track so it is
    officially the next day and me and Logan have both been working on our Hot Wheels
    tracks almost all night man we were up pretty late there was a lot to do but
    guys it is finally time without further ado to show off both of our fault wheels
    tracks and to have the ultimate Hot Wheels challenge to see who is the
    master Hot Wheels racer well Jake just take a look down below oh I did not
    notice that when I went to bed last night all right guys so here’s my track
    okay all right you know what I’ll give you credit Logan where credit is due
    this looks pretty sweet now it doesn’t look like it has as many loop-de-loops
    is mine but uh Jake this track is not about loop-de-loops it is about distance
    so as you can see this track goes really really far oh it does it goes office
    jumped into the basketball mag I guess I’ll give you a quick tour so you start
    on top of this box you put the car there yeah just go sit go the whole thing it
    does go the whole way three two one so it comes around this corner through the
    tunnel and into the leap turn where’d you get these leaves uh-huh I went
    outside all right like it’s got a nice little fall or two it looks pretty good
    so it comes around the turn into a loop-de-loop and through a tunnel then
    once you go through the tunnel you come through the disco turn which leads leads
    you right into the loop-de-loop and I’m talking a little roller coaster up down
    up down straight to the hand-crank which gives you a massive speed boost off the
    job and into the basketball net dude this
    thing is sweet III got my car picked out I want to try it I wanna see if I can
    make it through the entire thing in three two the hand crank – is that track I think I might track
    might be yours oh you know give you credit I like how long this track is I
    like how everything works really well but I think you’re gonna be pleasantly
    surprised my tracks more of a stunt track so let’s head upstairs and check
    out my next because Logan I think it might give this a little run for its
    money so Logan thing was awesome but now it’s
    time to step up the game alright now it’s time to supercharge our Hot Wheels
    tracks welcome to Papa Jake’s Hot Wheels of
    Museum Park oh yeah guys check this out baby what oh yeah I’ve converted the
    entire room into a halt wheels playground we have multiple tracks set
    up different stunt levels different obstacles loop-d-loop here loop-d-loop
    there Luke do you loop everywhere okay I actually wasn’t expecting this this is
    pretty impressive you know I’ve been working on this for a long time and
    there is a ton of really cool stuff in here so basically what a great staff do
    that I’ve got a main track over here I’ve got the dual race track over here a
    epic jump son over there was honestly pretty cool and then a triple
    loop-de-loop I call the Papa J of loops over there whoa I’m happy now if it was
    a challenge come on one but anyway I think you won in the department of
    loop-de-loops and stuff but I definitely be you in the department of longest
    track I think we’ll start off on the main race here which is the primary
    track for my vehicle I’ve chosen this dude it’s a purple dude he’s looking
    pretty sweet ready in three two one knocked over the water bottle all right
    well it looks like it achieved the Papaji tract of Awesomeness I guess it’s
    your turn on this Logan I’m gonna use this massive truck what what wait what
    this massive truck Logan I don’t think that’s gonna that’s gonna do the
    loop-de-loops and then the stygians and boom booms are the judge this thing’s
    huge in three two one well my big truck
    didn’t really work out too well all right you going for the green guy come
    on got a duel race over here the loopty-loop or the jump which one do you
    want Logan I gotta try the loop-de-loop that looks really fun all right let’s
    try that guys the triple loop-de-loop down to another loop-de-loop down to
    another lu2 off a jump you got the purple green and blue so uh let’s see
    how this does on our triple loop-de-loop first stop is gonna be blue ID let’s see
    if you’ve got it any of three two one oh okay watch it in three two one dude actually out of all my cars I think
    purple is my favorite now I think we can have an actual challenge Logan because
    over here I’ve got the dual racer check this out No
    does that double loop de loop which is sweet but down here we got one of these
    hot wheels finish line so it actually tells you who wins
    so you set it up like that so for example if vlogging goes through and
    hits it number four is a winner and that means Logan wins these are the pusher
    systems and basically what’s gonna happen is me and Logan will load up our
    cars here and then you’re gonna want to hit it not too hard but not too slow and
    that’s gonna decide who wins the race so we’ll both go on the count of three like
    three two one blue car and I got my purple car are you set it up in here so
    let’s see who wins this race we got the camera set up on the other side and of
    course we’ll be able to tell by the number at the end like I’m number one
    you’re number four let’s start the race we’re doing best two out of three so
    whoever wins will of you win this then you win but if I wouldn’t we go to the
    final round three two one we go to the final round overtime in 3 2
    1 do we close match man that is sweet
    actual of this one and it’s a lot of fun to see each other race side by side but
    car it’s so good but okay Logan that’s not it we have one final section and
    this section I saved for last because it is my personal favorite it is the epic
    jump of glory you send it down here through the quadruple loop to loop out
    into the booster where it picks up a ton of speed and I mean it’s fun speed as
    things are super phat goes off the jump through our ladder obstacle course jump
    and then if you’re lucky and succeed you hit a bunch of these cups knock them
    over to win in three two one so close all right I think it needs a
    little bit more power but we almost be true this time I’m gonna use the green
    carcass a little bit heavier stuff knock the wall down guys that was sick
    but guys I think this is where we’re gonna wrap up this video for today and
    of course a huge shout out to Hot Wheels for sponsoring this video we had so much
    fun and will of course see all of you guys in the next video