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    Spider-Man 2 – Stopping the Train Scene (7/10) | Movieclips
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    Spider-Man 2 – Stopping the Train Scene (7/10) | Movieclips

    September 10, 2019

    – It’s Spider-Man.
    – Oh, my God, this is it! Tell everyone to hang on! Brace yourselves! *unintelligable* *thunking, unintelligable* WHOOAH! Argh… Any more bright ideas? I got a few, yeah! AAAAH! Whoa, watch out! We’re slowing down! Nice and easy. Put him down. Slower. Gently. Is he alive? He’s… …just a kid. No older than my son… It’s alright. We found something. We won’t tell nobody. It’s good to have you back, Spider-Man.

    The Big Lebowski – He Peed On My Rug Scene (2/12) | Movieclips
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    The Big Lebowski – He Peed On My Rug Scene (2/12) | Movieclips

    August 17, 2019

    You’re like a child Who wanders in
    in the middle of a movie– Walter, what’s
    the point, man? There’s no reason–
    here’s my point, dude– There’s no fucking reason– Yeah, walter,
    what’s your point? Huh? Walter, what
    is the point– Look, we all know
    who is at fault here. What the fuck are
    you talking about? Huh? No, what
    the fuck are you– I’m not– We’re talking about unchecked
    aggression here, dude. What the fuck is
    he talking about? My rug. Forget it, donny.
    You’re out of your element. Walter, the chinaman
    who peed on my rug, I can’t go
    give him a bill. So what the fuck
    are you talking about? What the fuck
    are you talking about? The chinaman is not
    the issue here, dude. I’m talking about drawing
    a line in the sand, dude. Across this line,
    you do not– Also, dude, chinaman is not
    the preferred nomenclature. Asian-american,
    please. Walter, this isn’t a guy
    who built the railroads here, This is a guy– What the fuck
    are you talking– Walter,
    he peed on my rug. He peed on
    the dude’s rug. Donny, you’re
    out of your element. Dude, the chinaman
    is not the issue here. So,
    who–who– Jeff lebowski. The other
    jeffrey lebowski, The millionaire. That’s fucking
    interesting, man. That’s fucking
    interesting. Plus, he has
    the wealth, obviously, And the resources, Uh, so that
    there’s no reason– There’s no
    fucking reason Why his wife
    should go out And owe money
    all over town, And then they come And they pee on
    your fucking rug! Am I wrong?
    No. Am I wrong? Yeah, but– Ok, then. Ahem. That rug really tied
    the room together, Did it not? Fuckin’ a! And this guy
    peed on it. Donny, please. You know, this
    is the fucking guy– I could find this
    fucking lebowski guy. His name is lebowski? That’s your name, dude. This is the guy Who should compensate me
    for the fucking rug. His wife goes out And owes money
    all over town, And they pee onmyrug? They pee on
    your fucking rug. They pee on
    my fucking rug. Walter:
    That’s right, dude. They peed on
    your fucking rug. This is the study. As you can see,
    the various commendations… “jeffrey lebowski.” Honorary degrees,
    etcetera. Hmm, very impressive. Oh, please feel free
    to inspect them. Hmm? Oh, no, I’m
    not really that– Oh, please, please. That is the key to
    the city of pasadena,

    SKY COURT | Episode 2 | Drama | ORIGINAL SERIES | english subtitles
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    SKY COURT | Episode 2 | Drama | ORIGINAL SERIES | english subtitles

    August 12, 2019

    Art Director NATALYA KOCHERGINA Make-up Artist ANNA ESMONT
    Composer ILYA SHIPILOV Camera Director
    SERGEY MACHILSKY R.G.C. Screenwriter and Director
    ALYONA ZVANTSOVA Executive Producers
    ALEXEY MOISEEV SECOND EPISODE The Peace Sector is over there. The Reflection Sector is over there. Each of the sides simply
    sends out a motorboat. So there are no demons or white-hot frying pans. So you are aiming to lose? That’s what I thought. I’m not aiming at anything. I just wanted you not to be afraid. On the other hand,
    who deserves the Peace Sector? Those who attained
    some sort of enlightenment in their mortal life. I don’t know… Mother Theresa, for example. Gandhi. I wonder what’s going on
    in the mind of a person who has to try a case? He irons his collar,
    polishes his shoes and casually, between
    breakfast and lunch, sends someone
    to hell or to heaven. — We don’t use these terms in our work.
    — And who are you? I wonder what was your last deed in life? First of all, we are conscripted
    into these positions. And it’s not for ever. And second of all, I’m helping
    a person to go in peace. So he would feel
    not like a pig, but like a person
    who’s done a lot of good. And the prosecutor’s position is the Reflection Sector itself. Because going through
    other people’s sins every day reminds you of your own. I think this hearing is trivial.
    Half an hour tops. So let’s go to a bar
    afterwards and drink a glass
    of something. A glass of what? Of nice Irish whiskey? Whiskey that doesn’t get you drunk? Just an illusion, the same as this knife, this wax, my hand. I prefer to think of myself
    as a special form of life. And I prefer to recognize
    that I don’t exist and stop playing. What are you doing?! Are you nuts?! What are you..? Underdeveloped Houdini! Excuse me, Sir Harry! What do you want to show? A finger disappearing
    into thin air? Or a new one growing? I do not enter
    into informal relations with trial participants. We do not create laws.
    We merely follow them. Is he here? Yes. Clean, groomed.
    You’ll get him in tip-top shape. Take this. And… …please put… …this on his neck. This. Oh! Sorry! — Thank you!
    — You’re welcome. This case could in fact have been comic and tragic
    at the same time. Think yourself. What could be more absurd than dying of waxing? Than a man dying of waxing? Than a 50-year-old man, a husband and a father, dying of leg waxing? The thing is
    my client has an allergy. He’s allergic to wax. He died in a second following him saying, “I’d like my legs to look nice.” But he lived
    a wonderful life. Together with his wife he raised
    three charming children and no doubt — no doubt! — he deserves a ticket
    to the Peace Sector if not for one terrible mistake. The defense is calling a witness. Antonio Amore! Antonio Amore who let it slip out
    in a bar a week ago that he missed his aim. We all know the activities
    of Amore family. Did I get caught
    or something? In this case
    it’s not about smuggling. Every single one of us
    in our mortal life got shot at least once by this wonderful family. A shot hits your heart
    and so a love is born. Which means passion, suffering, melancholy. Wait, did I get caught
    or something? So, March 23rd, this year. Antonio Amore missed. Bring in the weapon. This year, on March 23rd, Antonio Amore fired two guns with the aim of creating a mutual love. Who did you want to hit? Antonio Luigi Amore, you are warned against
    committing perjury as well as refusing to testify pursuant to Article 14 Chapter 72 of the Supreme Court Code. This chick… And a dude… This one? No, not this one. Here! Members of the jury, please notice that Antonio did hit
    the first victim. The first victim was a driving instructor who was then buying potatoes
    in a supermarket. But who else
    did you want to hit? Who should have been
    the second victim? She bent over. A terrible mistake took place. A woman, a folk dance teacher, bent over to pick up a grapefruit she dropped and in this moment… He happened to come
    in the line of fire. My client was shot in his heart. He didn’t have
    any other alternative except for, upon reaching the age of 52, desperately fall in love with a driving instructor. Stop-stop-stop! Objection! How come he didn’t have
    any other alternative? With all due respect to the powerful Amore family, I tend to doubt that a shot made by our so-called sniper could override everything that was a person’s life. Everything he held for normal, for right. Why? Because there are duties. There is integrity. What’s with the ‘so-called’? Eh, prosecutor? You said, ‘so-called sniper’? I hope you didn’t want
    to make fun of me. Else I will shoot. Do you want to suffer here, even after death? Eh? Prosecutor of the first degree? I want to suffer. I do. Puppy! What do you know about love? Except for shoot-and-run? You guys are so funny, by God! What love? What duties?! What integrity?! I’ll tell you one thing. Where would you all be if we could dual wield? But it’s only Don Sergio
    who can use two guns at once and yours truly. In all our love only one person
    is heart-wounded. The other one sells out for dough, for food, for water. — In 99.99% of the cases.
    — Actually, he’s right. Our band all members of which have died in the air crash of Flight
    Moscow to Magadan presents you
    this love song. He wanted to hurt you
    on purpose. Amores always bring pain,
    you know that. I know what you are thinking about. I understand it very well. But we can’t know that. There’s no need to. Were you and your wife
    shot with two guns..? Did you have it good? That’s it. That’s it? Yes. Let’s have a dance. Here. What’s this? Smuggled goods. Vodka was intercepted by a patrol. Beer is finished. But in fact, the similar effect is achieved
    with smuggled yogurt. My treat. Get burned or buried? What? You will get burned or buried. In 24 hours, earthly time. So what should I do now? Pee my pants? Aren’t you scared? Aren’t you? Of her forgetting you sooner than me? Rude. Actually, you got a regular yogurt. Mine is from out there and yours… …is locally produced. So it’s too early to be drunk. That’s the way we joke here. Want a body? What? You too? No! No-no-no-no!
    With all due respect — no! You are drunk! Have I ever broken anything? A finger on a ballet dancer. It was dislocated and fixed with tape. But still… I ask you..! Don’t! Don’t ask me for anything! As you wish. Looking where to put Nikitos? — Excuse me, and who might you be?
    — And you? The widow of that first one,
    under the juniper tree? Or of the second one that you will bury under some linden? Big-leaf linden? Excuse me, I don’t understand. You had a ceremony, you gave an oath to love till the dying day. It means till your dying day. Not just bury, stick a juniper in
    and off to the next one. Or maybe you didn’t love him? Your first husband? — Right from the start?
    — Let me go. You are hurting me. But hey! It was fun.
    And convenient. An apartment, a car…
    Right, darling? — Traveling, money, great sex.
    — Let me go. Or..? Sex wasn’t so good either? Andrey? I’m dreaming of you again, aren’t I? I knew it was you the moment you started
    talking about sex. Forgive me. This suit looks very nice on you. Oh, God! I miss you so much, Andrey! Tell me, why is the life so unfair? Just because some smart-ass in your… …Upstairs said
    that it has to be this way…? You were the best. The best, Andrey. Nikita was a kind and decent man. I don’t get it,
    why do you leave and I stay? Why? Prosecutor, what brings you
    to my humble abode? The shop is downstairs. it has a selection
    of artificial cheese, pizza, wine. I didn’t come for that. For smuggled goods? Oh dear! Is the world falling apart
    in front of my eyes or did Prosecutor come to ask help from Don Amore
    who can’t be put in prison yet should be kept
    at a distance? What do you want? For some Señor or Señorita
    down there on earth to start pining for you
    beyond any control? Or do you want to find out if at some point
    many years ago somebody made this kind of shot? Don Sergio, I… I’ve heard about the ways
    of this house. And before asking you
    for anything, — I…
    — Attorney of the first degree. …attorney of the first degree, will say the words
    that are usually said by those who ask. I’m an ordinary person, and I don’t always do
    the right thing. And? What were you doing
    in Amore’s house? It doesn’t matter. You are a prosecutor.
    You can’t rub elbows with him. Understand? You can’t! Or what? Amores always walk the line
    between good and evil. One wrong move — and that’s it. End of your powers. The Sector. What if I deserve the Sector no less — actually
    even more — than those who I send there? Venechka, I lived an empty life and died like a Ken doll in a make-believe gear on a make-believe battlefield. Don’t you think it’s too late to save me? The final session of the jury trial on the case of the deceased Lazarev, Nikita Mikhailovich is now open. I remind both parties that they should finish
    presenting arguments today and the jury members have to reach a verdict. Please, Prosecutor. Your Honor! Jury members! Let me remind you how this trial started several days ago. Lying. This exact word prompted the Counsel to make a cascade
    of knee-slapping jokes. Then it turned a regular telltale school student almost into a hero
    that saved a beauty,… We’ll lose. —…my widow…
    — Don’t die ahead of time. …if someone didn’t get it yet. So today I suggest to look the lie in the eye, to feel its heinous breath. Have a look at the screen. These events are almost
    twenty years old. The leftmost is our hero with a placid smile. And that’s a girl who was cruelly lied to and whose life was mangled like an old and boring toy. The prosecution would like
    to call its witness, Antonio Luigi Amore who made a single
    well-aimed shot twenty years ago. Antonio, tell us what happened on Zimny railroad stretch
    in Archangelsk Region twenty years ago? Antonio Luigi Amore, you are warned against
    committing perjury —…as well as refusing to…
    — Easy, man! I remember all that. Zimny railroad stretch, right? There was this construction brigade. A local girl. I didn’t dual wield
    at that time yet. Fired only one gun. From thirty meters away. Clean shot, right in the heart. Whose heart? The girl’s, of course. The eyes she had…
    The legs… Oh my! So twenty years ago
    with a well-aimed shot you planted love
    for the defendant —…in this girl’s heart?
    — Objection! Interfering with the witness. The witness didn’t state
    whom the victim came to love. Objection is sustained. Nah, nothing secret about that. This loser over here. I keep thinking… What you said last time was so touching. Duties, integrity… It’s all true. Why couldn’t he, say, accept her love, give her a dress as a farewell, and tell her, “Ciao, my love!
    I will always remember you”? So what did the defendant do? He said, “Meet every train
    from Moscow. I’ll come back to you soon.” I was drunk.
    I don’t remember her. Twenty years have passed. During these twenty years every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Anna Vladimirovna Borovskaya has been coming
    to meet Moscow trains. Anna Vladimirovna is 39 years old. At this time the prosecution rests. Counsel? Witness, you are excused. Your Honor, may I call
    the next witness? The prosecution has requested
    the testimony of a living person,
    realized through a dream. The living witness,
    hereinafter called Witness, will be called to this courtroom
    in his earthly sleep and questioned while perceiving it… I don’t remember her. All recollections
    of this dream-questioning will be erased at the moment of his awakening. The awakening on earth
    will occur fifteen minutes later according to the alarm set for going to work. Anna Vladimirovna Borovskaya. Anna Vladimirovna, do you remember this man? Yes or no? No. So at this day of the 39th year of your not so very cheerful life the face of this man
    doesn’t stir anything in you? Objection! Appealing
    to jury’s emotions. What exactly are you objecting? Do you think the witness lives a happy life? Let’s define the term ‘happiness’. Gentlemen, you are not allowed
    to speak at the same time. with the exception
    of cross-examination. Okay. Cross-examination it will be. If my colleague
    is fine with it, of course. Are you married? No. Do you have children? No. Do you have happy dreams? — Does she have happy dreams?
    — Yes. The witness occasionally
    has happy dreams of a) landscape, b) adventure, c) erotic nature. Happy dreams, that is the dreams causing
    a pleasant euphoria, accounts for 54% of the total number of dreams. How much time
    does a person spend sleeping? One third of his life. As a result
    of a simple calculation we see that during one sixth of her life Anna Vladimirovna is happy. How many married women, burdened with a family
    and a household, can boast with fifty four percent of happy scenic, adventure and… …erotic dreams? Let’s stay away
    from rhetorical questions and stick to the ‘yes or no’ pattern. Anna Vladimirovna, every Monday,
    Wednesday and Friday you go to meet the Moscow train
    arriving at 5:40 AM. — Is that right?
    — Yes. In any weather?
    Rainy, snowy, windy… Yes. Some compartments
    are still at sleep. Some have lights on. Passengers, still soft from the sleep,
    are drinking tea from the glasses. Objection!
    Irrelevant information. Sustained. The feeling you have
    when meeting the train… Can it be called hope? Yes. Is hope a nice feeling? Yes. So these twenty minutes a day, three times a week, on your way from home
    over the bridge can be added
    to the happy moments? The time is running out. Anna Vladimirovna,
    please concentrate. A person’s fate
    depends on your answer. If you could change your life, live it in another way, would you want
    to be waiting for the Moscow train three times a week, no matter rain, snow or wind? No. But tomorrow
    you will come to the station? Yes. And Friday,
    and next Monday? Yes. And in a month?
    And in a year? I was nineteen years old. I was a drunk and stupid asshole. I… I forgot. The jury will now retire
    to reach a verdict. The verdict. By voting 9—3 the jury has decided to find Lazarev, Nikita Mikhailovich not guilty on the Premise 1: Lying as humane concealing in the context of preventing
    smoking among teenagers; and guilty on the Premises 2 and 3: Lying as defamation of the deceased Rybakov, Denis Valeryevich; Lying as unfulfilled promises to the living Borovskaya, Anna Vladimirovna. Lazarev, Nikita Mikhailovich
    is sentenced to the return
    to the world of living for mandatory completion
    of unfinished business, namely meeting Borovskaya, Anna Vladimirovna and relieving her
    of false hope and responsibilities. What’s happening? Nikita Mikhailovich, you will be sent
    to the world of living in your own body. You will keep all the memories
    for eight hours. Exactly eight hours later you will forget everything
    that happened. The hearing on the case
    of Lazarev, Nikita Mikhailovich is now concluded. I will live a genuine
    and honorable life. It’s so stupid to waste it on idleness, parties… Acquisitiveness… I had one coming back like this about eighty years ago. He was so touching,
    “I will start a new life, free of envy, anger, acquisitiveness”… Took back his job
    in a bank in a week. One more month later he took a dump
    at a neighbor’s doorstep. Hello! What time is it? Midnight. Thank you. Take care. Anna Vladimirovna? Yes. I’m Nikita. To be honest,
    I don’t remember you. I’m Nikita. You don’t remember me? I’m that same Nikita
    who twenty years ago promised you to come back on this train. Aren’t you meeting the trains from Moscow? And waiting for Nikita? That is for me. I’m selling mirrors. The factory price is low, and folks from Moscow buy them. Here. So you are not waiting
    for anyone. And never were. You just sell mirrors. I don’t remember her. Quiet. Quiet.
    Or we’ll be done. Anna Borovskaya…
    Anna Borovskaya… Gentlemen… Cross-examination… Excuse me. Legs up higher, Antonio! You can do better! Uncle, the ladies don’t want
    to dance anymore. And you? Don’t you want
    to entertain your uncle who is covering
    for your perjury? Uncle, but you asked me yourself. Or was it a prosecutor? So show me your catalog. I strongly recommend the hotel. Can’t I appear
    to my own wife in a normal, regular setting? In a tank top and sweats? Men… No romance whatsoever. Are you in my dream again? Uh-huh. Second time in several days. Recently you came as a white-haired old lady. I will ask up there so you’d dream only
    of beautiful things. Ocean… Jungles… Guinea pigs… — I don’t want guinea pigs.
    — Why? I want you. These guinea pigs
    will be wonderful, with a long and silky fur. Andrey? Veronika, it’s me. I’m alive. I woke up
    in the morgue. Right in the coffin.
    They said it was a lethargy. The funeral is
    in an hour and a half. Don’t be scared. I’m really alive. Veronika? — I’m really alive.
    — Fine-fine. Stay there! Stay there! Morgue? Yeah. Yes-yes. I…. Stay there! Yes. Ran away… Stay there! Touch me. I’m warm. This isn’t a dream? I have weird dreams. He loves you very much. Loved you. How would you know? I don’t know. Just occurred to me. I love you very much. No regrets? And you? Me? I signed up
    for this because we should be facing
    the official investigation together. Oh, come on! The official investigation
    is launched against those who did something. And you mumbled
    just a couple of words during the cross-examination. — Oh yeah?
    — Uh-huh. And who was distracting the jury with the conversation
    about erotic dreams? So no regrets? You know that he would’ve been sent to the Reflection Sector. Nah! No way! I would’ve crushed you
    at the last session. Just because
    I really miss my wife. “I received a letter Zoyka wrote. Three words only in it — Miss me not!” Do you have a candy? Sure. One sec. Listen, what kind of presents
    do men give? Fur-coats, paintings, cars… And you! Got a man out of the morgue
    on the third day… This is so stupid. Nah. Pompous. Beautiful. Fresh! “Though we know there’s no train to come to our poor and godforsaken place…” We don’t use the term… “Aren’t you drawn by sorrow of my heart somewhere to the North and to the East? Zoyka?” Venya, look! This asshole left his socks
    right on the bedstand. What did you expect? He’s the master
    of the house now. Wait till he draws
    a mustache on your photo and fries the aquarium fish. Listen, what is it? Fingers are short. Knees are cracking. The nerve you have! Try wearing this,
    freaking esthete! You know that Avgust Karlovich
    made a complaint about you? How did he put it..? Using municipal bodies
    for non-official purposes and demoralization
    of the deceased. Wow! Happens.