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    What’s Inside? CRAZY BLACK HOLE TRACK IN SPACE PLANETARIUM | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels
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    What’s Inside? CRAZY BLACK HOLE TRACK IN SPACE PLANETARIUM | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

    February 13, 2020

    (Dramatic music) – [Narrator] A Hot Wheels
    production hosted by Andy Riesmeyer and Dan and
    Lincoln from What’s Inside. – Hey, welcome back to Hot
    Wheels Unlimited. I’m Andy. Today we’re joined by Dan and
    Lincoln from What’s Inside. (Metallic synthesizer music) – Oddly enough, we do have
    a metal core golf ball. – So you know how we
    have unlimited track and we’re putting it in all
    these really cool locations. (track whooshing) We thought you guys
    might be able to suggest where we should do
    our next big stunt. – Like, anywhere? – Anywhere. I have unlimited
    track, do anything with it. – Let’s go to space.
    (chuckling) We can do anything with it. – I guess we’re going to space. – Space! – Oh boy. (metallic whirring) (mysterious orchestra music) – Alright, so here we go. – Mission Control. – We’ve got all of our
    systems set up and ready. We’re going to just
    check and make sure everything is all right. Let’s go ahead and run down
    systems for a successful launch. Lincoln, are you a go? – I am go. – [Andy] Stand by for launch. – Standing by. – Begin countdown. It looks
    like we have two hero cars. – Was that there the whole time? – It’s fine, don’t
    worry about it. Alright, standby for ignition.
    T-Minus five, four, three… We have main engines start. (engines revving) Two, one… (low boom) and lift-off. Lift-off on the first
    Hot Wheels in space. (metallic rumbling) (high energy racy music) (engine revving
    and gears changing) (track rumbling) (fades to fast-paced
    mysterious music) – [Dan] Wait, what is that? – [Andy] It can’t
    be. A black hole. – What happens when
    we hit a black hole? (engine revving) (dramatic music slowing down) – What happens when
    we hit a black hole? (clock ticking)
    (indistinct voices) (dramatic music) – It looks like we
    have two hero cars. – [Dan] Was that
    there the whole time? – It’s fine, don’t
    worry about it. Alright, standby for ignition. (Engine revving) We did it. Look at that.
    We went to space and back. – I mean, that was pretty cool. – Yeah, it was cool.
    – That was pretty cool. – So, here’s the thing
    that’s really exciting about Hot Wheels Unlimited. We want to see what you would
    do with this much track. Let us know in the
    comment section below. Registered users can like
    and subscribe as always. Dan and Lincoln, thank
    you guys so much. – Yeah, thank you.
    – Awesome. Hey, high-fives all around. (loud groaning) See you guys later. Bye-bye. (engine revving) – [Narrator] A Hot
    Wheels Production. (engine revving fades
    to upbeat music)

    BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL!! 📦🚌 Gym Class, Dodgeball, Detention & More!
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    BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL!! 📦🚌 Gym Class, Dodgeball, Detention & More!

    February 10, 2020

    box for its past for the counter you
    learned everything you need to know about making boxes do you guys know how
    much of an average roll of duct tape can hold up oh well you’ll learn it here
    I probably xbox for Academy there you go Easy’s get into bed
    are you sleep tight now don’t want you guys waking up in this hour
    Pappa Jake’s pop jukebox we’re building services how may I help you school you
    say yeah I don’t know about that I’ve got a lot going on right now between the
    red Legion and zombies it’s not really something I’m 40 rolls of tape for the
    school I was just putting my easiest to sleep but I think I could swing it 40
    rolls of tape you have yourself a deal I’ll gather Logan and we will build you
    a school you’ve had my word all right guys looks like you’re not going to bed
    I’m putting you on we’ve got a box for to build Logan get in here we’re gonna
    work you what’s going on guys Poppa Jake your front teeth with me and we are back
    with a brand new video and today guys we’re doing something that all of you
    have been asking for for a very long time Logan we’re going to school school
    school Logan that’s right we’re building a box for school so we can learn just
    here looking what’s 2+2 4 there you go Logan’s got the math down we’ve got a
    lot more to learn guys and a lot of you guys have been asking us to make this
    video and I’ve been super excited to do a full on out box Ford school we’re
    gonna have everything we’re gonna have a gym classroom we’re gonna have a science
    room a math room we’re gonna have like halls with lockers in them it is gonna
    be a full-on box Ford school if you happen to be brand new to the channel
    make sure you hit that subscribe button so you can join the Poppa Jake family we
    are over 4 million subscribers strong thank you guys again so very much for
    helping us get there and if you do decide to subscribe make sure you hit
    the little bell button it’s right down there beside the subscribe button and
    click the fun so you never miss an awesome video but guys here is what
    we’re dealing with alright so as of right now we use structures built down
    we’ve got this kind of big house over here a big school looking building it
    doesn’t look like a school but I think this might be a classroom I’m not
    entirely sure yet what I’m thinking guys is that we make a hallway all the way
    over to this building you check this out guys so you might remember this it’s
    gone through a lot of renovations but this I think is gonna be the gym because
    it is massive it’s also two stories so you have enough room to stand up in here
    you know this where we can go and play dodgeball do all the gym class stuff
    that you normally do and guys we have a lot of really cool and awesome school
    related gear that we’re gonna show you guys but that we’re gonna save that for
    when we start decking out the box board I think the most important thing right
    now is to get into building and start making our school alright guys so first
    thing on the list is getting this gym in working order we need to make sure that
    all of the inside is removed and also preparing the ceiling and the wall it
    looks like a tornado went through here this thing is falling apart so we’re
    gonna repair this first and then we’re gonna get working on the hall we also
    have to make our lockers we’ve got to make everything that a regular school
    would have so so that stuff’s gonna require some extra box for engineering
    but I think we’ll be able to do it alright check it out the gym is Kuechly
    you got the whole thing lit up with LEDs we’ve got the spotlights in here so it
    actually looks like a gym and this thing looks sweet we also went ahead and put
    markers on the ground so we know exactly where to be when we’re playing games
    like dodgeball and all that fun stuff like I said at the start of the video we
    have a lot of cool things and one of those is gonna be a full on out
    dodgeball match between me and Logan so now what we have to do is we have to
    connect this gym to the next classroom through a school hall with an entrance
    and filled lockers we got a lot of stuff to do guys in fact we’ve got so much
    stuff that I was talking to Logan like this would be an awesome series to
    continue boxboard school have like different classrooms different teachers
    different things to do if you guys like this and think this is an awesome idea
    swipe the like button down below let’s try and crush 50,000 likes and we’ll
    continue the series but let’s go outside and see what Logan’s up to while Jake is
    lighting the inside of the gym I’m gonna work on building the hallway that
    connects the gym to the main classroom so now we’re inside the classroom and
    this is the part that we have to check out because where all of our classes are
    gonna be in so as you can see we’ve already got this really cool lens here
    which we can use to kind of sit on and have our desks on here and then down
    here is where the teacher will teach with this big wall here we’ve got to get
    all of our cool gear in here and start decking this place out to not only look
    like the classroom but also function like one and I need to light this place
    because right now it’s kind of dark so I’m gonna start working on that while
    Logan continues to work on the hall and then we’ll reconvene when we’re done alright guys so we just did a ton of
    upgrades to the school I want to show you guys of what it looks like inside
    because this place is awesome we didn’t just make like a regular school alright
    this is a full-on college campus we got a flag but you guys know any proper
    school needs a proper flag so you got a flag out front and we’ve got everything
    inside the real schoolhouse so let’s go check it out before we do
    any more and I want to show you guys around the high school we still have a
    name box for its password Academy where you learn everything you need to know
    about making boxes this is looking single take dimensions do you guys know
    how much an average roll of duct tape can hold up or how long an average roll
    duct tape is well you’ll learn it here a poppet Xbox for Academy but guys check
    this out alright this is the main hall as you guys can see we got posters all
    around here we got things like are you stuck practice with a growth mindset
    past that guys though we’ve got our very taken walk yeah so you open it up you
    got yourself a nice little Locker inside so you put like our bags in here or
    anything like that but let’s check out the main classroom you this is where
    we’re gonna be learning everything and having all of our classes welcome to Fox
    Ford Academy all right this is lecture class numero 1 this is where you’ll
    learn everything from sciences the arts to box ology everything you need to know
    to become a master box floor builder and you might be thinking Papaji where are
    you gonna sit this is future technology a box for an engineering
    this is a box desk simply open it like this oh wow yeah slide here Oh
    and reassemble that’s you guys so nice type take notes anything you need while
    the teacher is doing this lecture and you’re sitting up but anyway this is the
    classroom here so this is where we’re gonna be doing all of our studying but
    guys you know the classroom isn’t the only part of any school oh no we’ve got
    the gym so let’s go check out the finalized gym over here you gotta go all
    the way to the other side of the school and when I say the other side of the
    school I mean that it’s all you all the way down there so I guess this will be a
    time lapse we’ll go over to the gym alright guys so here’s the gym I
    actually completely forgot we never cut the door to the gym so we’ve got to open
    up our gym door here let me go inside but as you can see the hallway is nice
    and big but to do activities in the gym we needed a bigger space so check this
    out – Surrey gym or we can play games like dodgeball basketball for this video
    though we’re gonna play some dodgeball but this is it look how big it is man
    even got the lines on the grass you know where you are but there’s so many
    possibilities and guys I want to remind you guys if you think that we should
    keep this build and keep adding on to it maybe do a billionaires box for or I was
    even thinking like this would be a sweet space station let me know in the comment
    section down below and smack that like button let’s try and get 50,000 likes on
    this video but now that we have our gym ready we have one more thing to do
    before this is officially a box fort High School where you gotta get our
    dodge balls in here now I’ve got over Dodge balls here they’re not inflated
    yet so let’s get these things inflated so we can use them in our dodgeball
    match 3 – what sorry guys we gotta dodge balls ready we’ve got the gym ready I
    think this school is officially done and it’s time to turn it over to the
    principal because we got this thing completed alright looks like she’s done
    we built yourself an entire school in record time now just hand over the keys
    job here is done now I don’t know what this talk about
    finishing no boxboard is well my question is where do you boys think
    you’re going it’s time for school you’re about to be late five minutes till class
    – better deck wait wait wait cook go to class no no we
    we were the builders we’re not students here you don’t want to end up in
    detention now do me you boys weep we built this place we’re not students no
    way yeah we’re not students we’re far done with school then that nonsense with
    that I know first educators can be quite scary now you get inside now all right
    now get I’m watching you best be going to class discuss that’s pretty serious
    he’s saying work that got his attention Jake I don’t want to go to detention I
    don’t either maybe we just go okay yeah we’re good we’re getting to class sorry
    about that must have been a misunderstanding
    Jake what do we do look I don’t know but I do not want to go to detention
    maybe we just just do this day all right it can’t be that hard it’s high school
    and Logan I’m a little bit worried because these lockers have our names on
    them do you think they really messed up and put us as students I don’t know how
    do we even know what class to go to well let’s take a look inside our lockers do
    we have oh okay a notebook and pen what are you out I just have a light not the
    greatest first day class maybe it has some info on our schedule in here right
    here 9:00 a.m. our first class is science with mr. shmoo all students
    please head to your first class why does that name sound familiar
    I don’t know but look we got to get to class now or we’re gonna be late come on
    describe what you can we’ll go we’ll share each other’s notebooks come on all
    right this is our first class I’ll take my seat here welcome come on we made it
    just in time all right science class all right I’m gonna take
    some notes do you I don’t have any paper hello children and welcome to my class
    my name is professor smear you can call me the professor smooth that’s spelt s
    and E smear today I’ll be teaching you about science
    that’s spirit see no please please please be up we get
    it we get it science no no more we don’t need it spelled out
    if you think you’re smart enough to skip the introductions then I suppose we can
    do so I have prepared all of you a lab assignment for today Oh Abba Simon your
    objective is to complete it with a partner create a concoction and learn
    about science but if you fail you will be going to the e T shine the engine if
    will pass begins attention how is that even fair good luck I guess we’re
    partners on this do you know anything about science I don’t know anything
    about science but here I have two kin well let’s just make slime that’s a
    super easy science experiment there’s no way we can mess that up right now I’m
    happy the slime activator I’m gonna add some of these things I don’t really know
    why but I think I’ll make it look cool here goes nothing whoa whoa okay all right no self never
    do that again Oh my eyes closed what are you doing get
    out of my class right now okay well I think we’re late for gym class anyway
    welcome to Moscow right now or get detention
    all right ready for gym class Oh God but in gym class
    I’m gonna give teacher whoa it looks like very qualified gym teacher
    you guys know Avery good hands with JIT with gym class Bob kiss I pretend chin
    in this life so I think there’s an age first lesson you guys will play
    dodgeball I’m moving finish bag burritos other side I’ll come back in you know
    you get graded and stuff so yeah Jake let’s do what the man says okay I don’t
    want to go to detention all right well looks like we’re playing
    dodgeball you know I used to be sort of the dodgeball King back in the day you
    ready to take me on Logan Jake you’re going down all right three
    two one you’re going down – let’s see what you
    got buddy hey as what we see we ditch this class play a little bit of hooky I
    mean he’s gonna be out there for a while – yeah cut up for you but I’m tired of
    getting hit in the face with dodgeballs look I knew this class would be boring
    so I brought this from home what is it it’s an ultimate fidget pack let’s see
    what’s inside check it out please it’s a fizzy cube hey you kids
    what are you doing out of class hey mr. principal oh we were just on a bathroom
    break that bathroom great you two are going to detention
    oh no he’s sending us to detention

    Morgz – THE END OF MUM (Diss Track) Official Music Video
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    Morgz – THE END OF MUM (Diss Track) Official Music Video

    January 22, 2020

    6PM tomorrow is the death of mum And I… and I know I’m appearing a little disrespectful right now Team Mum thinking they can take Team Morgz down it’s like a goldfish thinking they can take down a shark Shut up [laughter] Yo I ain’t a rapper but let’s face it I could literally eat thevthe mic and it would sound better then anything mum could do I made your channel (I made your channel) and you call yourself a queen (and you call yourself a queen) everyone knows that she just salty (knows that shes salty) coz I’m richer at sixteen (at sixteen) That’s all she’s getting Subscribe Right now For the second verse As always I’ve been morgz Peace out Subtitles By The Domino D.R.
    Reviewed by toon And you better freaking believe it!

    Overnight Track Build Through Airplane Museum! | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels
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    Overnight Track Build Through Airplane Museum! | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

    January 10, 2020

    – [Andy] Tonight we’re
    gonna test the limits Let’s do it! We got twelve hours on the clock Three… And we’re gonna try to
    build an epic layout Two… And make a video
    before time runs out One… Can we do it? Go! Yes! Come on! (car revving) – [Narrator] A
    Hotwheels production – Hey welcome back to
    Hotwheels unlimited I’m your host Andy – And I’m Tomas, Andy’s friend – What are we doing
    tonight, Tomas? – Well, Andy, we are
    at an airplane museum – [Andy] Sweet – [Tomas] We’re gonna lay
    down some sweet, sweet track (engine roaring) – [Andy] Usually it takes
    us two days to build a track and make a video but, tonight
    we’re gonna test the limits and shake things up! Everybody’s done
    overnight challenges but, I don’t think
    anybody’s ever made a track video overnight. So, we got twelve
    hours on the clock. We have literally
    unlimited Hotwheels track and we’re gonna try
    build an epic layout and make a video
    before time runs out. Let’s go! (lively, techno music) – [Andy] It is around 8 p.m., we have locked ourselves in here with a ton of unlimited
    Hotwheels track. (whooshing) (energetic, lively music) – [Andy] What’s really
    awesome is that when a car goes through this track loop
    you’ll see the loop happen (whooshing) and then you’ll see from
    this perspective really low, all of the parachute jumpers. (whooshing) It’s about midnight here. We’re a little behind schedule we’ve got like a
    fifth of it done. (dramatic, lively music) Okay so here we are
    on top of the plane – Yeah – It’s really exciting! I actually had a
    dream about this (gentle harp glissando) Where we set up
    track on plane wings and went from one side
    all the way to the other (gentle tinkling) – [Narrator] Oh my (upbeat, lively music) (upbeat, lively music) (upbeat, lively music) (gentle harp glissando) And now we’re doing it! – Wow, dreams
    really do come true. – Yeah, I know it’s crazy. Okay, so here’s
    what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna come up over here
    on this side of the wing, we’re gonna go the entire
    length of the wing, – [Tomas] Sure. – [Andy] Do a couple
    loops here in the middle and then at the end, I’m not really sure
    what we’re gonna do yet. – What do you
    think about a jump? – Let’s do it! (whooshing) – [Andy] Around three
    in the morning here but, I’m committed to this and I’m gonna see it
    all the way through. Perfect! Down this way. (upbeat lively music) Miss another jump there. Got our models. (engine revving) Got this. Should we test it? – [Tomas] Yeah!
    – [Andy] Let’s do it! Alright, here we go. Test round one. In three…two…one. Come on baby! (energetic, pop music) Oh! I mean it was really good but, do you think maybe, it could go a little bit faster? – [Tomas] Yeah, definitely. More speed, I think
    give a little more power right around here. – I got you! (upbeat lively music) – Let’s try it out! Three, two, one. (lively, pop music) Come on! (upbeat, pop music) Yes! Very nice! I will be honest with
    you, I’m a little tired, I’m losing some stamina. Every Hotwheels
    unlimited epsidode has to start with something
    so, we’re using the Rev Launcher. You can really get
    it going super fast! Alright, you ready for this?
    – Whew – Here we go, you gotta
    crank up the Rev Launcher! – Alright, man, count me in. – Okay, in three… Two… One… Go! (upbeat, lively music) – Here it goes!
    – Oh! [Both] Yes! – [Andy] Yes! Come on! – [Tomas] Whoo! (whooshing) (upbeat, lively music) (upbeat, lively music) (upbeat, lively music) – Yes!
    – Yes! – My hero. Not you. The track. (upbeat, techno music) (upbeat, techno music) (upbeat, techno music) (upbeat, techno music) (whooshing) (upbeat, techno music) (upbeat, techno music) (upbeat, techno music) (upbeat, techno music) (whooshing) (dramatic, synth music) (dramatic, synth music) (dramatic, synth music) (dramatic, synth music) (dramatic, synth music) (dramatic, synth music) (dramatic, synth music) (whirring) (dramatic, synth music) (whooshing) (whooshing) (whooshing) (intense, synth music) (intense, synth music) (intense, synth music) (intense, synth music) (intense, synth music) (intense, synth music) (intense, synth music) (intense, synth music) (intense, synth music) (intense, synth music) (intense, synth music) (intense, synth music) (intense, synth music) (beeping) (beeping) (beeping) (crowd cheering) – [Andy] Whoo! Very nice! – Andy, we did it. – We did it! – Can you believe that? – I can’t. No. – Can you believe we
    stayed up that long to do this? – This is real
    dedication right here. – Whew! – It’s five forty
    five in the morning and we just finished the track and, look at that, that is
    the end of it right there. The sun is starting to come up. I need to go to sleep. – Yes, you do. – I’m very tired. – You look terrible. – Thanks. That’s what we did
    with unlimited track but, I wanna know
    what you would do! Registered users can
    like, comment below and let us know! My name is Andy. – Oh, I’m Tomas, Andy’s friend. – We’ll see you next time
    on Hotwheels Unlimited! Nice! – Oh. – You’ll leave me hanging there. – Never. Never. – I’m going home
    and taking a nap. – [Narrator] A
    Hotwheels production. (engine revving) (upbeat, rock music) (upbeat, rock music) (upbeat, rock music)

    Articles, Blog


    January 5, 2020

    (car zooming) – [Narrator] A Hot
    Wheels Production hosted by Andy Riesmeyer
    and Stephen Sharer. – Hey it’s Andy, welcome
    back to Hot Wheels Unlimited. So, we’ve been all
    over and done some really super cool tracks
    and done some big stunts. But finally, we’re
    gonna get ourselves a nice little theme song. So, we’ve enlisted the
    help of Stephen Sharer. He’s an awesome
    YouTuber and budding music producer apparently. I’ve gone in to a
    studio here in L.A. We’re ’bout to lay some tracks while we lay some tracks. – Are you ready to make
    the most epic song ever? – Yeah, you got some ideas? – I got some ideas,
    I’m gonna get mixin’, start playin’, let’s do this. – Alright. – You know what let’s
    try a country song. ♪ ‘Nother fine day on
    the orange highway ♪ ♪ The hottest of the wheels ♪ – Let’s hear some
    retro-German-electro-pop. ♪ I love wheels ♪ ♪ We are going to burn
    zee tiny rubber today ♪ – Okay guys, let’s do a beat
    that’s poppy and catchy. Alright, Carter hit it. ♪ I don’t wanna be
    in your pocket ♪ ♪ I just wanna be runnin’ free ♪ ♪ Send me out but now
    I’m never stoppin’ ♪ ♪ Lay tracks as
    far as I can see ♪ ♪ Lay track as
    long as it’s free ♪ ♪ You should let me
    outta the darkness ♪ ♪ I’m just a car
    that wants to drive ♪ ♪ I just wanna ride tonight ♪ ♪ Moonlight sonata ♪ ♪ Over jumps I’ll fly and land ♪ ♪ I’ve got light
    speed on demand ♪ ♪ Gravity is on my side ♪ ♪ It’s goin’ too slow it’s
    the drift before the run ♪ (car speeding over music) ♪ I don’t wanna be
    in your pocket ♪ ♪ I just wanna be runnin’ free ♪ ♪ Send me out, but now
    we’re never stoppin’ ♪ ♪ Lay a track as
    far as I can see ♪ ♪ Lay a track as
    long as its free ♪ – That was it. That was it. That was perfect. – Yeah. How awesome was that? We built a super awesome track around a music
    studio here in L.A. What would you do
    with unlimited track? We were super excited
    to know registered users can comment in the
    comment section below. I’m Andy, we’ll se ya next time on Hot Wheels Unlimited. – [Narrator] A Hot
    Wheels Production. (car zooming) (rock music)