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    Railroad Crossing & FEC Bridge
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    Railroad Crossing & FEC Bridge

    August 19, 2019

    hello ladies and gentleman guys are
    looking at the FEC railway bridge over the Okeechobee canal miami river miami
    canal whatever you want to call it there’s different names for it, but yeah this is the FEC
    railway bridge over it between hialeah and medley florida this bridge was
    rebuilt like in 2003 before it was just a one-track old rusted bridge and then
    when they made the tunnel and all okeechobee Road US 27 they modernized it
    and made it into 2 tracks and here you have the railroad crossing in Miami Springs
    see two tracks and then here you have the FEC canal 1967 bridge I hear a train in the distance. this is looking into the hialeah
    yard and then here you have the bridge itself sign says FEC no trespassing
    pretty nice right alright guys i’m off to catch 121 so i will check with
    you guys in a few take care, bye bye


    Abandoned Railroad Spur & Crossing

    August 18, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen row row 82 your railroad archaeologist once again Of the CSX downtown Miami spur drag police And then this was that spur that abandoned spur That I showed you in the last video and this is where it comes out to I kept on going that way and I’ll get to that in a few so Here we have a this is a webcoat WABCO signal bass Wcas gate mechanism Emergency contact info Safe translates Ebell up top Rico lights on the aluminum crossing gate and then This was that abandoned line I was telling you about I wonder how long it’s been abandoned for guessing a long time because those rails look pretty rusty Compared to these rails with your polish There’s the emergency right the really case And you we have the other signal Fabricated metals signal police WC haze gate mechanism Emergency contact info safe Tran lights all around for anything I think the gate is actually making – no it is it it almost makes contact with the light there when it goes up But it does it small gap And let me see what kind of bracket that is safe trend bracket ebo So, yeah, because the most interesting we had here was that abandoned spirit All righty guys, please subscribe for Lake thank you for sharing Thank you for viewing and please share Take care over and out

    Country Railroad Crossing & Former SCL Depot
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    Country Railroad Crossing & Former SCL Depot

    August 18, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentleman I’m over here at
    a country style railroad crossing in Palmdale, Florida. It’s just a wood and
    cross bucks over here. There we see this line over here that ends right
    there with the wheel stops this is looking north and then this here is the
    mainline this is looking North also looking West this is the other crossing
    here, just wood and cross bucks some cross ties here that were removed there used to be a station here back in
    the day I’ve seen old footage of Palmdale black and white there was a
    semaphore here too. See there’s a My truck! look at that abandoned house a railroad Shack the SCL Depot was located right off to
    my left right here and I remember in 1995 driving through here and seeing it. so this is facing South guys and then it’s my truck there, I didn’t want to leave it alone, it’s still running. next to the lykes ranch if you guys know
    when this train station was removed I’d sure love to know please comment below
    if you know more or less a date and I’m gonna include a Google Maps link to this
    location alright guys so yeah this is all right off of us 27 and Broadway
    Street in Palmdale Florida thank you very much for viewing please subscribe
    or like take care let me give you one last glance over and out

    FEC Abandoned Railroad Miami, Florida
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    FEC Abandoned Railroad Miami, Florida

    August 18, 2019

    FEC abandoned railroad, Miami, FL. live on the scene… Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is what an abandoned railroad looks like. This is the FEC line just a block North of Flagler Street. It hasn’t been used probably in a few years. Ever since they closed that lumber yard by SW 8th ST. There hasn’t been a train coming through here. This here is looking North. I just made a video on the bridge there. It’s a wooden trestle bridge, if you guys are interested you can look at it by clicking the top right. and then look at the actual track. It’s a shame. This track used to connect with the mainline back in the day prior to 1984 along US 1 which ran parallel to US 1 and eventually went Southward toward Homestead and and that used to be known as the Overseas Railroad that went to the Keys. Florida Keys That was before 1935 and the Labor Day Hurricane. and here’s the track. This track probably wont be used again. My guess is they’re going to remove the rails in the near future because they’re already removing the crossing gates. and the cantilevers over there. So yeah guys I thank you very much for viewing the video and and please subscribe, like, or share. Thank you very much. bye bye

    Closed Railroad Crossing Before and After
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    Closed Railroad Crossing Before and After

    August 18, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m over here in Miami, FL. Right next to the Tri Rail Miami Airport Station. on NW 28th ST. let me show you the NW 28th ST. And I’m going to show you a closed railroad crossing at NW 28th ST. which they still haven’t opened yet. They just recently built this road. And they recently built the crossing too. It still has the concrete barriers on it. And they haven’t yet opened this road to traffic. Look at the pavement marking. Everything here is brand new. You can see the spray. Look at the concrete barriers. 2 tracks. This is a WC Hayes signal base here. Siemens New Siemens gate mechanism. Here we got 2 tracks. This is track view North. And track view South. That’s the Tri Rail airport station. On that side, we have a cantilever and regular crossing gate on that side. WC Hayes signal base and the new Siemens gate mechanism. I’m going to assume they’re the same on that side. And, oh one thing I wanted to point out to you! Funny thing I think they’re going to have a bit of an issue because As you see, this is NW 28th St. here and the following crossing over there is also NW 28th St. so either they’re going to have 2 NW 28th St. crossings or one of them is going to get renamed. I’m going to go ahead and post the picture of the signal box at the next crossing so you can see that it also says NW 28th St. Please Subscribe, like, or share. And thank you very much for viewing guys. Over and out.

    FEC Train & Railroad Crossing Tour
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    FEC Train & Railroad Crossing Tour

    August 18, 2019

    Railroad Crossing Bell FEC train 202 guys NE 13th ST crossing in FT Lauderdale,FL track view North track view South there it comes over there Its led by engine 817 double stack intermodal We got auto racks in the back over there wow this train has a little bit of everything Give you guys a quick tour of the crossing E bell up top here WRRS signal base here Gate mechanism is also, a WC Hayes Got WC Hayes lights all around NEG lights on the crossing gate Then on this side See NE 13th ST Here we have an incandescent light on the right and LED on the left and here we have a WC Hayes a Progress signal base right there a WC Hayes arm DOT tag WC hayes gate mechanism WC Lights and here we have a modern industries cantilever my favorite visors on WC hayes lights So this is track view NE then it goes N this is a pretty busy road here think l can cross now see the gate swaying in the wind todays a very windy day you can see the palm trees over there the light is probably facing down because of Hurricane Irma a couple of weeks ago so then we got an MI cantilever here WC Hayes lights all around 2 tracks emergency contact info there’s the crossing #, FEC Railway at the bottom WC Hayes Progress signal base WC hayes gate mechanism now lets take a look at the pedestrain crossing gate on this side WC hayes signal base WC Hayes gate mechanism WC Hayes lights NEG lights on the crossing gate E Dinger up top See I just noticed that light on the cantilever over there it’s missing a visor most likely I say the culprit was Hurricane Irma And then this track view SW toward Miami alright guys please subscribe or like, thank you very much for viewing, over and out

    Railroad Crossing in Street Running Tracks Downtown Tampa
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    Railroad Crossing in Street Running Tracks Downtown Tampa

    August 18, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen I’m going to
    show you guys where CSX does some Street running here in downtown Tampa Florida
    so but over there we got the 102 year old drawbridge in the distance and then
    on this side there is a parking garage right then I’ll include a Google Maps
    link so you guys know know where I’m at the to follow along so yeah so here you
    got the signs that say to interstate 4 to interstate 275 here you have a
    pedestrian railroad crossing and then you can tell this crossing is old
    as you have the wood here and you have the wood the wooden cross ties.
    the rail itself says 1976 so yeah so at this point is where the
    tracks come on to would be Polk Street. see Polk Street and then it continues for a mile or two down that way funny because you you would think it
    would have some crossing gates right but they really don’t have crossing gates
    here is the crossing that there is the the E bell would be a Western Railroad
    supply and then you got a the lights over here. That’s a WRRS
    bracket. Emergency contact info and those are Harmon lights. So yeah that’s all we got no gates over here. and over here we have another set of lights. These are also Harmon lights and the street running continues this way It was smart to put those plastic
    dividers there because otherwise you’d have a lot of people possibly being in
    the trains way so this way you can kind of avoid it. right See if I can zoom in here and that’s where we originally began filming. Up that way. Then while I’m here let me just show you the lights on this side. I think it’s the same thing. actually they’re Safe Tran lights, oh these are LED lights. WRRS bracket and the same Western Railroads
    Supply E bell But over here you can actually see the RXR and the emergency contact
    info alright you guys are please subscribe or
    like thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Abandoned Railroad
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    Abandoned Railroad

    August 18, 2019

    Okay ladies and gentlemen, I have a video up
    to the bridge right now I’m going to continue walking northward
    this is the FEC Railway the abandoned portion and I’m going to continue
    walking northward now so let’s just see what this looks like over here this
    is North of the Flagler Street crossing. And this is totally totally abandoned here. this is the South and this is North there hasn’t been a train through here
    since 2008 Looking South again and looking North. You see nature is taking this back. I wonder what that sign held up maybe an
    end of the track or who knows maybe it was a whistle post but why would it be in the
    center of the track right and then starting to get a little bit dense over
    here signs of life here nature is definitely winning the battle
    to claim this. Look at this, these pine trees are going to be looking like that in a few years. yeah guys I think try walking a few more feet but over there it’s really
    dense yeah that’s the end of the trail here I
    don’t know I want to venture out because I don’t know if there’s anything yeah you can’t see that line anymore it’s
    all consumed by bushes it so we’ll just walk South again remember him? yeah well it’s pretty in there. I’m guessing it was put in there by the FEC and not by somebody. I wonder if that might’ve been a No because this was dark territory there was no signals here so it
    was nothing railroad related we’re going to use the East trail It’s a shame because other than shrubs and pine trees and grass seems like it
    could still be used Further down the line I saw rails that were made by our
    Maryland in 1928 so not bad for it being almost a hundred years old right ? Okay guys guys you guys are going to walk the bridge
    with me East that would be West I used to be a gymnast in my past life
    so let’s see I still remember how to do it! a little bit more tense than what you
    can see on the video you can see further about some cross ties are rotten like
    that one skip that one It was all busted up look at that walking on top of the
    steel beam there so I have reinforcement in the bottom North. South you got to be on top of your game here, this
    might have been essential to the crossing. You can see the wood there in the bottom Sweat is dripping down my arm! feels great though guys is a part of history
    all right guys also leave you know I thank you very much for accompanying me on this
    tour please subscribe or like over and out.

    Railroad Crossing Malfunction After Amtrak Silver Star
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    Railroad Crossing Malfunction After Amtrak Silver Star

    August 17, 2019

    Crossing Activates I seen your videos this happens when your celebrity people
    just recognize you This is Lakeland Florida Yeah everybody is else up but these are still the other one over there is you can see the cars passing for some
    reason this one still down smell that goes I don’t need to do
    trouble with the weight on that man that’s how you kill somebody to hit them
    in the head see if we can see them There he is at the station and this crossing here has MI lights that’s pretty old school you
    don’t see those many more these are incandescent lights these are incandescent yeah, they’re MI’s those over there LED these are incandescent E bell up top all right guys please subscribe or like
    thank you for viewing over and out

    Train at Pedestrian Railroad Crossing
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    Train at Pedestrian Railroad Crossing

    August 17, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m here in Fort lauderdale FL and that sound you’re hearing is an FEC freight train that is about to come thru this railroad crossing thats the FT lauderdale bridge there’s a drawbridge right, about 100 feet south of me right there is the drawbridge I already hear the crossing at Broward Blvd coming down this here is a pedestrian crossing so we’ll stay and see the train