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    Blocked Railroad Hurricane Irma
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    Blocked Railroad Hurricane Irma

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m here in
    Homestead Florida just north of the 296 street crossing here we can see that the
    city of Homestead is trying to clean up the debris left by a hurricane Irma, in
    its wake and we see that this portion of the unused CSX
    track has some trees on it some down branches even some entire trees this is
    mile post 65 there’s the relay case milepost 65
    Southwest 296 ST, I’ll include Google links Google Maps link then you
    can see the posture here you can see the tree right there either way it makes no difference
    because like I said there’s no trains there hasn’t been a train here for years
    and there’s there isn’t gonna be a train So this is facing North and this is facing South and this track
    was in case you don’t know guys it was built by the SAL in 1927 to promote
    tourism to Homestead. You can see the original wooden cross ties and the
    rusted rails when that would be a nice house to have
    right and then I’m looking here in the meter see
    I don’t think the meter has any… here comes the power truck so yeah the meter does, well it would
    have had power to it had there been electricity here as you can see in the
    distance you’re working to restore power in this area so yeah guys I’m
    gonna leave you with a shot of this the crossing. Please Subscribe or Like. thank you for viewing. over and out guys

    Abandoned Railroad Back to Life Update
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    Abandoned Railroad Back to Life Update

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here, your railroad archaeologist I’m going to show you guys sorry about that I’m going to show you guys an update here that I filmed a few months ago
    they’re restoring this abandoned railroad here and I’m going to show you
    guys I think I filmed it around May or June I’m going to include a link in the
    description to the old video to the video I shot at that time compared to
    how it is now so you guys can see the progress. Okay so basically I’m going to
    also include a link to where I’m at a Google Maps link so i’m at windsor
    avenue and service street here at near West Palm Beach Florida Windsor and
    then this facing South this is facing North right so here we
    see they recently did the pavement marking and there you see another northbound tri rail so it’s a quiet zone right you can see the no train horn sign and the rxr okay and then back when I came a few
    months ago This, there was no rail here I think they had removed the rail and they
    recently installed this one you can see the heavy equipment tracks here
    and then this is gonna be the connection for the new crossing gate see the
    ballasts over here the concrete ties but you can see when it was
    installed the new grade crossing this is facing North West
    this is facing South East okay so there’s a wye here, they’re probably
    going to remove this old crossing here because I just saw they have a
    foundation there for a new one which is right here There’s no wires in there yet then
    obviously that’s the old one so let me give you a zoom in here, here where
    you saw a trail that’s the CSX and it connects to the FEC over there right,
    way down there so there’s a wye, you got this one going that way and then you’re
    going to see the other part of the Y where I’m going to show you,
    so it’s about two blocks south of where I began filming as I said I’m
    gonna include a Google Google Maps link this location and the original video
    that I filmed about earlier this year so you guys can see the progress and here see another southbound tri rail look at that okay alrighty guys so us abandoned railroad
    fans rarely get to see happy news like this, here you
    can see that they’re installing the brand new crossing gates at this
    intersection Got a progress signal base, gate mechanism WC Hayes, WC Hayes bracket there’s no no lights or bells or anything yet
    same on this side We just got signal base, mechanism and the mast Progress signal base, WC Hayes gate mechanism, WC Hayes bracket we got that up top and then this is the old boss buck, that’s CSX
    s line mile post 96 7.85 crossing number and emergency contact info it’s
    maintained by the SFRTA so you got the old and the new right there and last but
    not least let I show you this one now I don’t know why well okay I get it
    they had the original lights here and they want to replace them but they’re gonna
    replace them with cross gates so I guess they expect a lot of rail traffic here
    and you see the new grade crossing WC Hayes gate mechanism, WC Hayes arm progress signal base
    well that should be k and then here you got the old one WC Hayes old-school signal base look at
    that, Safe tran lights think those might be incandescent you got no bell here, and
    the dot tag sorry emergency contact info, dot tag do
    not see a dot dot tag on here but I do see a safe trend bracket as
    well and then they got a porta potti relay case in the back there and the
    old in the new over here as well that one also has a WC Hayes signal base
    emergency contact info that’s old-school white ones safe tran lights and then you
    got the & the new all righty guys I hope you enjoyed this
    video please comment below give me a like and if you haven’t yet subscribed
    to please subscribe so you can see more Railroad archaeology videos like this, take
    care guys over and out

    Voodoo on CSX FEC Railroad Crossings in Miami & Hialeah, Florida
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    Voodoo on CSX FEC Railroad Crossings in Miami & Hialeah, Florida

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentleman. I come before you today as a concerned South Florida Railfan. For those of you who’ve had the honor and priviledge of rail fanning here in South Florida, You may have noticed one thing other than lack of that many trains. Ah yeah, I’m talking about the stench of dead chickens and voodoo. I’m going to show you exactly what I mean, guys. At any given corner, For example, right now I’m at the corner of Flagler Street and the CSX crossing… and right there we got, that’s 1 2 3 4 dead chickens. This one still has blood on the bag. I don’t know why people, I mean I’m not trying to knock anybody’s beliefs, but this barbaric practice of sacrificing animals and throwing the in public view has to stop! What is this? The Middle Ages? On this side we got, I counted 4 right? There’s actually, I just spotted 3 more. over there, there’s uh, you see the 3 blue bags? 1 2 3 3 more and the stench here is rancid! It’s It smells horrible! On the other side, I can see 3 more right off the bat. Let me see if I can cross… ok Ok yeah, here we go. There’s 7 on the other side. There’s 8 9 10 11 At 1 railroad crossing, there’s 11 dead chickens. So you can just 12! you can just imagine how beautifully it smells over here. I don’t know what can be done about this? But I’m sure it’s not going to stop anytime soon. I just wanted to bring it to your attention If anybody knows anyway we can put an end to this and somehow hold people accountable for doing things like this give me suggestions down below. Please comment. and we’ll see how we can try to elminate this problem. Thank you guys. Appreciate your view. Please subscribe, like, or share

    Damaged Railroad Crossing Hurricane Irma
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    Damaged Railroad Crossing Hurricane Irma

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today we’re
    here at South West 88th Street next to highway 874 we’re gonna be documenting
    some more damage caused by Hurricane Irma look at this car here crossing gate
    this is the median crossing on the CSX on homestead subdivision you see that the cross bucks are hanging and they’re upside down and the crossing gate cracked right there, look at that this one was made of fiberglass, look at the fibers right there yeah sorry about the Sun that’s sun’s backlight here is horrible yeah this is the aftermath of Hurricane Irma here and then other than that this crossing
    fared pretty well this is facing north west and this would be facing
    southeast there’s no more I hear that there’s no
    visible trees on the line here either but I think this sign might indicate
    some uh some danger let me see what this gas station is right next to it track
    they parked their cars right here but yeah I know this is the sign that I
    was referring to, lets see what this sign here says for anybody that knows what that means
    please comment below I’d sure love to know think it means might mean that
    there’s some hazardous conditions on the line further up ahead, please shed some light on that so yeah guys this here is the first crossing gate that I was
    showing you the damage that one’s fine and the other two are
    fine too all righty guys please subscribe or like
    thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Signals Removed @ Abandoned Railroad Crossing
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    Signals Removed @ Abandoned Railroad Crossing

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen this is an update videos few months ago, I was at this crossing while they were removing the gates, lights and I wanted to come back here a few months after and see what had
    taken place since then so it’s pretty much the same as I left it on the
    cantilevers are still there obviously – the lights and gates and cross bucks but I
    don’t think they’ve removed anything else yes, the concrete foundation for
    the cantilever which is still here. I guess at some point they had a larger
    cantilever or another one. You see the 4 screws over there. this is a track view North. This is Flagler Street in Miami Florida I’ll include the Google Maps link to it
    to this location and then there we see the relay case off to the left this is facing West on Flagler Street
    and I’m going to give you a shot at the cantilever right now, the sun’s in the way. this
    would be the South side of the crossing. You can see the cantilever they’re still
    there but the lights, gates, and cross bucks removed. You can see there’s a whistle
    post and a mile post right there. Let me see if I can give you track view South here. It’s a pretty busy street so bare with me guys. yeah that would have been track view South there. there used to be a signal right like a
    few feet South of that cantilever there, but not anymore This is the FEC track that went to US 1 and met up with the main and then went to the Oversea Railway. That was pre 1984
    when they installed the metro rail Up until 2008 this line was in use it
    serviced Everglades Lumber which was just near Southwest 8th ST and then
    when that closed, this line was pretty much isolated because it was nobody left
    on the line to service and looking North is over there where that overpass is the
    link was, the line was cut so this line here is just isolated. See the wooden
    cross ties. all righty guys please subscribe or like
    thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Railroad Crossing & Industries
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    Railroad Crossing & Industries

    August 12, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here continuing our tour on the CSX downtown Miami spur so here we have
    another class in the day there’s a lot of activity going on here there’s a
    switch and then crossing itself is all a WABCO
    this is a webco signal base safe train gate mechanism safe trend lights where
    to see contact info evil and Rico lights and lacrosse game then these are heavy detoxing
    nice so there you have some tankers well and
    this dead animal smells lovely now you have to stop dismount sign and the
    switch so if you look right now you got the military-style barbed wire Suites then on this side you have
    another another webco signal beso oh look at that modern industries meter and
    then your wife call signal peace safe trans signal us feed mechanism safe
    trend lights all around people up top which right there then damn this smell is horrible another
    stop this month I am the really case right thing and yeah then over there it starts to
    curve along North West 20th Street so yeah I’m gonna include the Google Maps
    into this location guys and that’s one of the miami-dade sewer water and sewer
    department saw made your plants it just FYI probably doesn’t smell as bad as the
    food was all right you guys be subscriber like take care thank you for

    Old Railroad Crossing from Seaboard Era
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    Old Railroad Crossing from Seaboard Era

    August 12, 2019

    ladies and gentlemen check out this old
    seaboard style crossing this is ancient this is over here on Miller Drive ill
    include a google link so you guys can see where I’m at
    check this out look at the signal base this is a US&S made in the USA, look at the rust on that then obviously on those visors are new so
    are the lights which is are safe fan yeah and then I can’t see if it there’s a pinnacle
    up top that’s from the Seaboard days okay see the lens here no left
    turn that’s a regular led right there so let me go ahead and give you a look at the rest of
    the crossing so over there you have the the median crossing and here you got a
    nice pine tree think that’s Australian pine so this is the CSX s line homestead
    subdivision here you see the pedestrian crossing think that’s a reco on the crossing
    gate up top then safe tran signal base and the gate mechanism is a safe tran as
    well, this would be track view Southwest there’s and there you have the relay
    case, this here is highway 874 You can hear the bad rail over there voodoo track view Southwest again and then let me
    show you what the crossing looks like so right now I’m facing the West this
    is Miller Dr this is what this crossing looks like
    from here so as you can see here’s the emergency contact info CSX s line homestead subdivision mile
    post 45.62 we got safe tran LED lights all
    around here and we got a WRRS bracket look at that patent is in 1937 wow okay
    cross buck and those are safe tran lights overhead too, okay lets see when is a good time to crossover,
    think now is, okay this is track view northeast and then this is a very basic over here
    we got a safe tran gate mechanism, safe tran signal base, safe tran lights. Reco
    lights on the aluminum crossing gate let me go ahead and make a run for it boom okay got it
    I know that’s where I was or I just filmed the cantilever and then over
    there is that old-school seaboard the 1st one ok facing east and then here we got this
    pedestrian crossing this is also a safe tran system signal base
    and a safe tran gate mechanism this one’s actually fiberglass and okay safe tran sorry Signal
    base safe Tran gate mechanism that’s an aluminum
    crossing gate with Reco lights on the crossing gate, safe tran lights over here then
    I was trying to see what kind of signal base this was but it doesn’t have any info on it maybe safe tran I already
    described the card that’s the CSX s line homestead subdivision and then give
    you a look at this crossing yeah it’s a very “high class” area of South
    Miami it’s right on the border of South Miami and Coral Gables, they have some very
    expensive houses here. Alright guys, please subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing, over and out

    Unused Railroad Crossing AFTER Hurricane Irma
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    Unused Railroad Crossing AFTER Hurricane Irma

    August 12, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen so I filmed
    this crossing right before Hurricane Irma you’ll remember this was the unused
    crossing over here at Southwest 280th Street and here you can see the damage
    it yanked it right off of the arm and then this one appears to be still
    intact but as you can see uh the track is
    impassable over there you can see off in the distance uh there’s trees covering
    the middle of it so either way it makes no difference because it’s not like a
    train was gonna come here this track has been unused for years this area, its the Friday after this
    area still has no power so they’re probably not gonna fix this anytime soon
    I’m guessing and this is actually one of the older all crossing gates this one’s
    made out of fiberglass you see the fibers there Reco lights poor guy Alright guys, thanks for viewing this video. Please Subscribe or like over and out

    LONG Train Knocks Down Signal
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    LONG Train Knocks Down Signal

    August 12, 2019

    Ladies and gentlemen today we’re going to see FEC heading East and there’s going to be a Tri Rail coming thru here sometime soon but l want to see them knock down the signal, as you can see the signals are in red. There’s the Tri Rail So he should get a green He’s a looks, appears to be fully loaded I think there might be another Tri Rail coming This guy must be pissed He’s over here waiting train horn yeah train horn okay so now they should turn green because had 2 trains there in the last minute and he’s just waiting right there He’s creeping up on the crossing East 10th Avenue guys I’m going to include a Google Maps link to this place But yeah, I came because I want to see him knock down the signal. He still has a freaking red, I wonder why We’re probably going to see another Tri rail train horn yeah crossing activates train horn and he still has a red train horn train horn still has a red LNG tender, that’s liquefied natural gas red E S 44 So this guy is just going to stop here because he hasn’t gotten a green yet. Wow, this is crazy! There you go! He finally got the green on top. Now he’s going to knock it down! screeching screeching Boom! He knocked it down! nice! Alright now let’s see what we got here. screeching He’s probably taking his time to speed up because he’s fully loaded. All these rock hoppers are full of rocks. screeching A long way to go You can see the traffic forming here already. It’s about a mile long It’s like 4 o’clock which is prime rush hour here Just sit back and enjoy the train as these people are stuck in traffic. Oh look, a dirtbike nice the rocks and right here we’re going to see brand new rock hoppers not that 1 We still got double stack intermodal that way Wow double stack intermodal kaboom! auto racks Man, this one has a little bit of everything! And you still can’t see the end! got tankers too wow oh okay the end is near as they say nice way to end it, center beam there you go, gate runner never fails crossing activates alright guys, MP366 railfanner Please subscribe or like, thank you very much for viewing guys. over and out Oh, that’s a fan right there. She recognized me. Yeah, I got groupies all over the place!


    Abandoned Railroad Spur Part 2

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen RailROL82 here I’m standing next to the FEC tracks In Hialeah, Florida right this is going to be a continuation video. I’ve shot a video here it was one of my first videos right and There was an abandoned spur over here, right? And I’m gonna show you I found in the following block There’s more evidence of it so we start off by showing you the one over here okay, so as I said in the first video It came off through there And you can see that they’re still a rail over her Remember that thought it had crossing gates Right there and right there These the gates were removed. I think it was 1995 or 1996 Let me show you There’s a rail over here Right okay, so that came out of the main right there This is West 8th Avenue & West 21st Street I’m gonna go around the block over here, and show you, I’m also going to include the Google Maps link in the description Okay, so this is West 8th Avenue Ok so this is the next block over this is West 20th Street, so I’m gonna be turning East bound on to West 20th Street Okay now we got a walk a few more about 100 or something feet that way Okay, so we’re coming up on Where the tracks came out of, where the spur came out of, you can see that building with the curvature And that fence there also has a curvature. I’ll show you right now so That’s where the tracks came out of right there Man somebody is… So the only visible evidence of any trackage here is right here These things went right there right here they split they went straight over there that way and This one went this way but yeah, there’s That’s it everything else here was pulled and removed there’s Nothing else nothing at all It’s facing south So that was our beloved spur I Hear that there used to be like a scrap metal over here something else that they used to pick up Yeah guys, and then that’s the metro rail on top, that’s Passenger So yes, sir This might be the last time I see you so, oh by the way There used to be a cantilever over here with no gates somewhere around here All right guys, thank you for viewing, please subscribe or like over and out