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    Abandoned Railroad Tour Miami Florida
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    Abandoned Railroad Tour Miami Florida

    August 26, 2019

    good morning ladies and gentlemen I’m
    over here at North West 75th Street Commerce Park in Miami Florida
    and I’m gonna show you guys on a former FEC industrial spur give me one second
    let these cars pass so this year is facing a southeast and that’s where it
    came through that opening there you can see, this were visible
    remnants are he’s kind of in the way right so it went
    into there. See, let me show you here yeah that’s private property so I’m not going in there
    right now I’m gonna show you where it lead to. you join me in a car ride buckle up for safety okay so yeah we said that’s facing
    southeast and that’s facing north west right. Aw man, all these freeking cars They don’t let anyone film in peace anymore
    what’s this world coming to okay so then there you have the track just
    goes into there and then so right now I’m headed south on Northwest
    75th Avenue right it came through there under, well
    this overpass was built recently but it that little grass grassy bridge
    right there, that used to be a railroad the spur that went over there were first
    showed you and then this here is North West 25th Street this is one of the main
    arteries in Miami. Actually in Doral, so I’m waiting for
    this light to turn green Ok green light now we’re gonna be heading east on
    North West 25th Street so there is that bridge I showed you and then it came
    into here you can see some of the ballast so then it curved over there
    behind those pine trees then curved eastward and it headed towards the main,
    UPS right there we’re coming up on North West 72nd Avenue you can see the sign North West 72nd Avenue probably too much backlight okay now we’re
    gonna be making a right on North West 72nd Avenue okay
    right on northwest of 72nd Avenue and then this is what that curve that I
    showed you so it came in through here I actually yeah I made a video here, a month
    or two ago so you can see the ballast and then here I’m gonna show you the
    tracks on that side so this is Northwest 22nd Street and I’m
    gonna make a u-turn and this is still, there’s still part of
    the track here well I think this part might be unused but nonetheless you can still see the rails see, right over there all right you guys please subscribe or
    like thank you very much for viewing over and out

    FEC & Railroad Crossing with Mechanical Bells
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    FEC & Railroad Crossing with Mechanical Bells

    August 25, 2019

    Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to see these crossing gates come down that horn is ugly don’t like it But this is my favorite crossing in Hialeah because it has crossing activates 4 mechanical WC Hayes bells look at that 1 2 3 4 train horn train horn train horn fully loaded with rocks oh they threw a curve ball Let’s hear Beethoven’s symphony now… crossing activates music to my ears alright you guys thank you very much for viewing Please Subscribe or Like take care over and out

    Abandoned Railroad Industrial Spur Hialeah, FL.
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    Abandoned Railroad Industrial Spur Hialeah, FL.

    August 24, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen I’m over here
    at West eighth Avenue in the FEC crossing in hialeah florida West eighth
    avenue and 21st ST to be precise i’m going to show you guys
    a former industrial spur which I used to see as a kid when I used to
    drive through here you can see here there’s one part of it see the rail
    right there and here’s the other part of it there’s the other one here this one
    right here that used to be the crossing gates one over here and one over there
    and then on this side you can see the other part of the rail me one second
    across the street okay there it is you can see the indent on the pavement there is
    rail that used to go in there and eventually down to like what 16 street
    south and east to W 4th Ave alrighty guys, please like subscribe
    and share and I thank you very much for viewing, bye bye

    Unused Railroad Crossing SW 216th ST Miami Florida
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    Unused Railroad Crossing SW 216th ST Miami Florida

    August 24, 2019

    okay ladies gentlemen today we have
    another unused railroad crossing here at Southwest 216th Street near cutler
    ridge homestead area South Dade okay so this is a CSX s line homestead
    extension subdivision and this is an ungated crossing here I’m gonna give
    you track view northeast you see there’s a tree blocking the way
    right there from Hurricane Irma this is This is a safetran signal base I believe
    yeah safetran signal base emergency contact info
    CSX s-line homestead subdivision milepost 59 point 26 and we got
    fungus filled safe tran lights all around e dinger up top cross bucks
    over here Street crossing is pretty good there’s no bumps or degradation and this is track view SouthWest this crossing is a little bit tilted maybe
    from the winds a hurricane Irma maybe from no upkeep but you can see the that those lights let me first give you
    the signal base, safe tran signal base emergency contact info and then you can see the back of those lights are
    in dire need of paint, safe tran all around and then over there we got the relay
    case which has no power to it give you that I’m gonna include a Google Maps link to
    this location so you guys can see exactly where I’m at
    follow it yourselves Oh actually yeah look at the crack on the the crack on the
    signal base here wow, nice all right you guys follow me on instagram at railrol82
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    over and out

    Abandoned Railroad Bridge FEC South Miami Florida
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    Abandoned Railroad Bridge FEC South Miami Florida

    August 24, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m here in Miami, FL right next to US1 in South Miami. This is an abandoned railroad bridge you’re looking at. It used to belong to the old Florida East Coast line that ran all the way to Homestead well, to the Keys, the Overseas Railroad. Then in around 1984 they took off the rails and the county replaced it with the metrorail which is the mass transportation system you see up top. Pardon the noise there’s a lot of cars behind me. So yeah, there hasn’t been any rails here since about the early 1980s. As you can see, the bridge is still pretty intact. I’m going to take you to the other side; hold on one second. Ok, this is what the other side looks like. Pretty nice place. They tell me this place is called Small Creek. And now this is what the top part would look like. see. As you can see, that’s where the rails used to run through that way. That’s facing South. Then this would be facing North. And as I said, that over there, is US1 This track ran all the way back to North Miami Florida East Coast all the way to St. Augustine at one point. Alright guys, Let me give you one last shot of the bridge again. Before I sign off. Alright. take care and bye bye

    Out of Service Railroad Crossing
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    Out of Service Railroad Crossing

    August 23, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82
    here again your railroad archaeologist today I’m over here at the Redlands at
    this out of service or railroad crossing here I just noticed we have a gentleman
    sitting on the tracks but I’m guessing he knows they’re out of service yeah
    so me y’all get back to the crossing okay so this here is track view NorthEast right and then look at the grade crossing these wooden grade crossings
    are ancient the track itself was built in 1926 and then here all we got is this
    on dangling yield sign, cross bucks emergency contact info CSX transportation Crossing # 631139A Milepost there’s no customers left on this line
    so no no trains come down here and this is the East, sorry the Western side of
    crossing and then over here is the Eastern side of crossing so this is
    basically an agricultural area here as you can see it’s all nurseries and plants. I’m going to include a Google Maps link to this location so you guys can see I’m
    guessing this happened, you see that gap there? See the gap right there? that probably happened when Hurricane
    Irma came. Despite it having these holes here for the wind resistance,
    Hurricane Irma made it tilted. The yield sign and the cross bucks and I bet you guys know what that is if you’ve seen a lot of my videos, please comment below and I’ll tell you if you’re right
    or not so yeah Here you can see the date but I think, let me see oh yeah 1925 right there 1925 75 pound rail alright you guys, thank you very much for coming along with me on this tour. Please subscribe or like, over
    and out.

    CSX Lehigh Spur Train
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    CSX Lehigh Spur Train

    August 23, 2019

    we’re headed eastbound on Northwest 12th
    ST right near the Turnpike by dolphin mall. this here is the Lehigh spur and I just
    saw the spur job from a distance when we were at the last crossing, there you go I see headlights right there try to get over here you go
    now those are empty rockhoppers he’s gonna go load some in the rock quarry
    come back and then take them up north – is a very dense bush area
    but you can kind of still see once in a while in the bushes, there’s a grade
    crossing coming up here and hopefully we’ll be able to catch him. Ah! He already passed. I just saw the crossing gates go up. my girlfriend is doing me the favor of
    driving and this would then crossing and there he is going West. You got a make a
    a u-turn, this is Florida Highway Patrol. please subscribe, like, or share, thank you for
    viewing guys.

    What if a Train Used These Bad Tracks ?
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    What if a Train Used These Bad Tracks ?

    August 22, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen RailROL82 here, the railroad archaeologist so we’re gonna continue today on the CSX
    Homestead subdivision and I already did a crossing a tour here so we’re gonna do
    an actual track tour today maybe the old grade of wood grade crossing from the
    seaboard days so I’ve done other videos where you can see the growth on the line
    so you can see the growth here I’ll show it to you guys so you got the old
    seaboard wood great cost down that way you can see well you can see Google here
    first and then you can see that in the distance the rails get lost because it’s
    consumed by grass but what I wanted to show you guys was besides this growth
    that over here there is an abandoned railroad bridge turn turn turn it’s funny cuz on my previous order you
    got the really case and my previous videos doing track views on this line
    you guys would notice that there’s a lot of growth like sugarcane and weeds and
    whatever growing on the line for some reason this part is really big I don’t
    know if to say the grass doesn’t grow here or I doubt CSX fumigate those weeds
    yuppies why would they come to this specific spot
    I mean well maybe because those week zoo look dried up and then those those are
    alive so so this track was built in 1926 by
    seaboard airline right trying to look for a date on the rail so rusted Mannix feel bad for it you see so here you have
    facing north towards Miami and facing south towards homestead that rail is
    rusted beyond the recognition and in my previous videos on this line you can see
    I’ve seen real rails from the 20s late 20s and I even saw one from 1967 and
    here we’re coming up on the bridge okay so this is facing south if you see
    the canal just off fish jump away so ski facing west poor bridge hasn’t seen a
    train in few years probably will never see one again so these are the swampy
    waters of Miami / South Florida but I see some toxic algae here some Gators
    along so yeah going that way which is south you can see about 200 feet down
    that way it just becomes a big shrub the rails get lost into it it’s like the
    railroads are nowhere the railroad that died and shrubs and then you see here I
    can get you a bit okay let’s look at the bridge so I just noticed our CEO sucks
    from here on from here in North Sea that the wooden ties begin right and I guess
    for the bridge purposes they made a concrete ones interesting so I will make
    my way back it’s noise but where I parked the car and this is what it would
    have looked like so right down on train on these tracks many many months ago
    when two or one passenger trains used to come to home set grow into a huge papaya
    tree so is that one okay guys I want to share this finding
    with you it’s an old railspike great date is gone you can’t no not even not
    even distinguishable at all at all at all so yeah and then we’re coming up on
    the crossing here again old oh here bad and sneaker game read a
    case and we got power here actually this is we got current here because the meter
    is reading shows a reading so there’s a because there’s power coming in here all
    right you guys thank you for coming along with me on this tour
    please subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing over and out

    FEC Train 335 Hialeah Railroad Crossing
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    FEC Train 335 Hialeah Railroad Crossing

    August 22, 2019

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen, we have FEC train number 335 over here in Hialeah, FL at the East 6th Ave crossing Right now it’s approaching Lejeune Road there you can hear it. and these crossing gates should be coming down at any moment now crossing activation and train horn. That’s my favorite 822 finito crossing bell activation okay guys, today I got lucky, I got 2 in 1 Train #121 passed about 30 minutes ago, you can check out that video and please remember to like subscribe or share. thank you very much for viewing. Bye bye