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    Historic Abandoned Railroad Bridge That Went to Overseas Railway
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    Historic Abandoned Railroad Bridge That Went to Overseas Railway

    October 19, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here. Your railroad archaeologist who is standing at the
    very same spot that the tracks to the overseas or railroad ran through this
    year to my left is us one from South Miami and then that above me is a
    material which replaced the fec tracks in Miami that ran into the keys that
    eventually became the overseas roller this overhead structure was installed in
    1984 so these tracks or on here from about the Turner turn of
    the 20th century up until 1984 this is okay you remember a few weeks ago maybe
    perhaps a few months ago I posted a video of the only remaining piece of
    rails left in the overseas well really this goes along with that video
    this bridge right here is next to those rails the only remaining tangible part
    of the overseas of railroad and Miami so give me some backstory Barolo came to Miami in 1896 Henry
    Flagler though then founder of FTC for the East Coast Railway brought the FTC
    some I am in 1896 and that along with it brought of urban sprawl and economic
    development everything and then Henry Flagler decided to take the railroad in
    an ambitious project out to the Florida Keys in the virtual Key West he began
    that in 1900 so it was completed in 1912 so this bridge was built sometime in the
    early 1900s and as I said it was an original part there you can see the ties see that they see if it’s not as there’s
    a quite an embankment here I was trying to get to the bottom of it but let me
    see if on the other side did it safely I want to take a dive in that gate
    infested canard other than Metrorail to the Google Maps ring to
    this location so this is the original lead slip oh that probably used to be some sort of
    all milepost I’m guessing or would suppose perhaps so this magnificent structure is a
    hundred see those blessings brought 1900 it’s a
    hundred and nineteen years old so right now we’re standing is where all
    the trains came to is a very historic part she’s a beauty you know how much sin she
    has nothing all probably they’re not going to remove it because these are as
    a walkie you know same unfortunate teaching that
    most rumbles out there eventually turned into real skills thing for this one
    in all respects for Henry Flagler for the overseas will this one here looks pretty solid simple right so right now here I’m at this
    level yeah it’s pretty up there’s a lot of
    glass here and stuffs doesn’t look very firm so I’m not there’s Gators I’m not
    gonna risk it yeah there you go you can see it
    everything all righty guys let me see oh that looks
    like it might be an interesting view there that canal that looks like the
    Amazon I think you guys might like that yeah so this is definitely not navigable and standing on this all ready ladies and gentlemen please
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    How Do Train Switches Work ?
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    How Do Train Switches Work ?

    October 10, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here your humble servant your railroad archaeologist today I’m gonna
    show you guys an instructional video so you can learn to read our railroad
    switches and sacks and the way that trains are coming and going okay so I
    just you have an idea where I’m at today I’m at North West 71st Street this is
    the warehouse district district here in Miami Florida that’s not not 171st Reval
    passing and this is our North West 36th corner here and this is an SEC
    industrial spirit what are you supposed oh okay now so here we have a single
    track right and suppose we were coming straight on this track over here how
    would you know right now being a conductor or engineer if the Train is
    gonna go straight or if it was going to go to the right
    okay I want you guys to write down below or comment what your initial thought was
    out to the answer right now okay so the answer is you always follow the
    gap in other words right here there’s a gap so this train that’s heading south
    that’s coming from that way this way would continue to go on the straight
    line here and not go onto the siding over there by the warehouse that is a
    hundred percent proof never-fail rule of thumb always follow the gap another way
    you could tell is when the cobbles we leave you know but no couple years since
    I worked at the railroad but the targets so you know how they have like a little
    white usually any color except red means you’re gonna go straight so the targets
    are like to go straight maybe yellow or green could also signify that you’re
    gonna keep going straight on this side right if if this switch they get the
    handle they move it up but I hope they unlock it well no this one’s not locked
    usually the ones on the mainland they’re always locks but these pearl ones are
    not so they would move up the handle and then that would bring this the switch
    point this way and then the train would go off to the side away very simple then you also want to Oh
    before that conductor does that he wants to make sure that there’s no obstruction
    between the rails and switches because I could break the switch and then just as
    important if the train was headed this way he wants to make sure the conductor
    wants to make sure that as he’s going this way he wants to get a bird’s-eye
    view and make sure that this if somebody came in after him that that switch was
    not aligned for the other track and his absence so if that train were to be
    coming this way and that would be that way over there
    would be this way he would run the switch and then he would break this and
    the switch would be out of commission until the maintenance crew gets out so
    yeah and then here we have another switch let me see if you guys are learn
    the lesson so for the second switch which way would he be going he’d be
    going straight because there’s a gap right there you always follow the gap
    always follow the gap this particular switch is no longer useful I should be maybe it is well the target
    good thing I don’t know if maybe it is jacket that seems to be really well
    maintained over there so how do I would assume it is let me give you guys a
    quick view of the problem everybody from this conference here a couple years ago
    somebody dumped the whole bunch of illegal dumping there and it looked very
    rosy I’ll include a link to that video below so you got disease because I said
    and I’ll also include a Google Maps into this location that’s probably safe to say that that
    real this rail here is not used at this concrete ice right over there
    obstructing it so that could be a cause for a derailment all righty guys thank
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    Abandoned Railroad Crossing CSX FEC Connector Track?
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    Abandoned Railroad Crossing CSX FEC Connector Track?

    September 2, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, here is an abandoned railroad crossing. This is emergency contact it says SXH which is The CSX S line Homestead Extension Mile Post 66.5 so this track Might or might not have connected to to the FEC Oversea Railway which is just a few blocks East of here. See? There was a switch right there. The railroad. And just over there where those palm trees are is US 1 The FEC Oversea Railway ran parallel to US 1 Some people say this track connected Some people say it didn’t. I have a railroad atlas That says it did, but That’s not here nor there right now. So anyway this is looking West. And this used to be part of the former SAL line. That was built in the 1920’s. I’m going to take you on a tour down this line. Ok guys so there it is There’s the railroad. And we’re going to see 3 or 4 more crossings See there are the rails. We just came from 2nd Ave. There’s a cross buck, cross buck rails right there. Another cross buck. This here is SW 4th Ave. And again we see another crossing over here. So I can see these rails haven’t been used in a LONG time. 5th Ave coming up here. And that’s where it came from. That would be, there’s a wye there. Which I have a video on. I’ll include a link to. And This is facing West. Like I said, this is the old SAL line. Make a quick U turn over here. And now we’re facing East again. Alright ladies and gentlemen, I thank you very much for viewing. Please subscribe, like, or share. Take care. Over and out. Bye. Bye.


    Liberia Railroad Crossing

    August 27, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today I’m
    over here in Liberia. I’ve always been curious what it would be like to
    see a railroad crossing or a train in Africa right so given my fear of flying
    in that I’m probably never gonna get on an airplane to go there, closest I can
    get is Liberia here in Hollywood Florida I’ll include a Google map link so
    you guys can us see what this locations all about, if you google that
    you’ll find that there’s, a it’s a rough neighborhood now not very good things
    associated with this neighborhood so I’m gonna go ahead and give you guys a tour of the
    crossing here in Liberia so we have a fabricated metal signal base Louisville
    Kentucky, WC Hayes arm WC Hayes gate mechanism and WC Hayes lights for 8 WC
    Hayes lights and my favorite WC Hayes mechanical Bell up top endangered
    species and then those are all Reco lights on the crossing up top and here
    we see uh our first liquor store in Nigeria over here sorry nah Nigeria
    Liberia then this is track view South see See this crossing was recently done you can see at this rails from 2015 and this is track view North over here I didn’t even have to get my passport to come to Liberia today, my lucky day and then you can see that rusted WC
    Hayes mechanical bell up top over there we got kwik-e-mart over here already
    very good and then over here we have another fabricated metals signal base WC
    Hayes arm. Wait, back light is killing me over here. WC Hayes gate mechanism arm and WC Hayes lights WC Hayes mechanical bell and those
    lights I believe those are different, there not
    Rico there’s something else I can’t tell from this angle but yeah and here like in Liberia just
    like the United States you have trespassers look at this guy then they wonder why people end up dead maybe he’s from the FRA and he’s just
    doing undercover work Alright you guys, oh I forgot to give you a look at the emergency contact info this is an FEC line by the way, okay guys
    and that over there is the relay case and that’s what a crossing in Liberia
    looks like, alright guys thank you for viewing please subscribe or like over
    and out

    3 Unused Railroad Crossing Drive Along Tour
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    3 Unused Railroad Crossing Drive Along Tour

    August 26, 2019

    Okay guys so I’m on Kings Highway and
    I’m going to give you a tour of the end of the CSX S line. This, here we’re coming up on the crossing. This is going to be Northwest 10th Ave and these are the tracks right here. This is an old SAL, old Seaboard
    line it is now CSX but CSX hasn’t ran a train
    through here for years and nor do they have any plans to send another one, so
    right now I’m headed southbound on 10th Avenue you can see in some parts
    it’s there’s litter all over it that dead chickens, branches we’re coming up on a milepost here
    that’s a milepost 66 it says, I think it says end Homestead block I couldn’t tell with all the graffiti behind it. Relay case This is another crossing I believe this is Campbell Dr so in there the track curves and then
    there’s the old abandoned SAL station. It goes between those shrubs
    there. You’re going to be able to see it you got to see there’s a spur coming up
    there to the left is abandoned Train station built in the 1920s and
    that’s where all the tourists used to disembark and then here is abandoned
    spur, let me show you the train station and there’s the spur I actually have a video on this crossing
    that I did a walkthrough this is where the spur this ends and then right
    there there’s a wye you can see the switch in the distance
    I’m going to make a left here as soon as this guy passes. You can see the
    switch next to the crossing there and floor it okay I’m going to include a link for the video
    that’s at the end of the track so you can see what it looks like the last
    crossing it’s actually the last crossing in the United States and the end of the
    CSX s line so please subscribe or like thank you for viewing guys over and out

    Gate runners and Long FEC train at Railroad Crossing
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    Gate runners and Long FEC train at Railroad Crossing

    August 26, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’ve always been curious to see what a train would look like in Africa so I’m over here in Libera today to see what this would look like This isn’t the Liberia in Africa, it’s the Liberia in Hollywood FL which is a rough neighborhood and there you go we got a gate runner here in Liberia, just like we do in the United States We got 2 gate runners, look at that nice train horn train horn train horn train horn train horn This is FEC train 202 heading North Okay so I think that’s it for the rocks now were going to see some double stack intermodal here Oh, there was a Family Line System covered hopper over there wow! Now we got the auto racks here Let’s hear them WC Hayes mechanical bells at work now hopefully WC Hayes mechanical bell Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Liberia Thank you very much for viewing, please subscribe or like over and out

    Abandoned Railroad Tour Miami Florida
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    Abandoned Railroad Tour Miami Florida

    August 26, 2019

    good morning ladies and gentlemen I’m
    over here at North West 75th Street Commerce Park in Miami Florida
    and I’m gonna show you guys on a former FEC industrial spur give me one second
    let these cars pass so this year is facing a southeast and that’s where it
    came through that opening there you can see, this were visible
    remnants are he’s kind of in the way right so it went
    into there. See, let me show you here yeah that’s private property so I’m not going in there
    right now I’m gonna show you where it lead to. you join me in a car ride buckle up for safety okay so yeah we said that’s facing
    southeast and that’s facing north west right. Aw man, all these freeking cars They don’t let anyone film in peace anymore
    what’s this world coming to okay so then there you have the track just
    goes into there and then so right now I’m headed south on Northwest
    75th Avenue right it came through there under, well
    this overpass was built recently but it that little grass grassy bridge
    right there, that used to be a railroad the spur that went over there were first
    showed you and then this here is North West 25th Street this is one of the main
    arteries in Miami. Actually in Doral, so I’m waiting for
    this light to turn green Ok green light now we’re gonna be heading east on
    North West 25th Street so there is that bridge I showed you and then it came
    into here you can see some of the ballast so then it curved over there
    behind those pine trees then curved eastward and it headed towards the main,
    UPS right there we’re coming up on North West 72nd Avenue you can see the sign North West 72nd Avenue probably too much backlight okay now we’re
    gonna be making a right on North West 72nd Avenue okay
    right on northwest of 72nd Avenue and then this is what that curve that I
    showed you so it came in through here I actually yeah I made a video here, a month
    or two ago so you can see the ballast and then here I’m gonna show you the
    tracks on that side so this is Northwest 22nd Street and I’m
    gonna make a u-turn and this is still, there’s still part of
    the track here well I think this part might be unused but nonetheless you can still see the rails see, right over there all right you guys please subscribe or
    like thank you very much for viewing over and out

    FEC & Railroad Crossing with Mechanical Bells
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    FEC & Railroad Crossing with Mechanical Bells

    August 25, 2019

    Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to see these crossing gates come down that horn is ugly don’t like it But this is my favorite crossing in Hialeah because it has crossing activates 4 mechanical WC Hayes bells look at that 1 2 3 4 train horn train horn train horn fully loaded with rocks oh they threw a curve ball Let’s hear Beethoven’s symphony now… crossing activates music to my ears alright you guys thank you very much for viewing Please Subscribe or Like take care over and out

    Abandoned Railroad Industrial Spur Hialeah, FL.
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    Abandoned Railroad Industrial Spur Hialeah, FL.

    August 24, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen I’m over here
    at West eighth Avenue in the FEC crossing in hialeah florida West eighth
    avenue and 21st ST to be precise i’m going to show you guys
    a former industrial spur which I used to see as a kid when I used to
    drive through here you can see here there’s one part of it see the rail
    right there and here’s the other part of it there’s the other one here this one
    right here that used to be the crossing gates one over here and one over there
    and then on this side you can see the other part of the rail me one second
    across the street okay there it is you can see the indent on the pavement there is
    rail that used to go in there and eventually down to like what 16 street
    south and east to W 4th Ave alrighty guys, please like subscribe
    and share and I thank you very much for viewing, bye bye