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    Berlin: How to use the Public Transport Network – How to get around? – visitBerlin
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    Berlin: How to use the Public Transport Network – How to get around? – visitBerlin

    November 14, 2019

    Hey there, need a helping hand finding
    your way? Here are the basics on how to use the public transportation system for the next
    time you visit Berlin. To get around, public transportation offers
    subways, Trams and a complex system with different kinds of busses. But don’t get too confused! Let’s concentrate on the S- and U-Bahn – that’s
    how you call the subway in Berlin – since most sights won’t take longer than a short
    walk from the next station. Take a brief look at the route map: It’s separated
    in three different fare zones A, B & C. Behold! Almost any sights and attractions
    are located within or around the circle line. So unless you have Potsdam or the Schönefeld Airport on your route, it’s totally sufficient buying an AB ticket! See that circle? Good! That’s the Ringbahn
    or let’s say line S41/42 – it spans the inner city and is your line of choice, if you wanna
    go from one of these districts to another Now before you start your daytrip: consider
    at least 30 minutes travel time or if you have appointments, maybe 45 minutes – just in
    case! Don’t worry though, you won’t get bored – – it’s this one place where bankers, punks
    and the granny from next door cross paths. Be ready to meet some eccentric characters! Oh and of course, don’t forget the ticket:
    You can buy it at any station. Find one of these yellow or grey ticket machines located on
    the platform. Choose between different tariffs depending on the length of your stay to be equipped for sightseeing, shopping tours and spontaneous ideas. No, bad idea! Stamp the ticket before u go on the train to make it valid! Wanna skip the daily ticket hunt? Check out the Berlin Welcome Card – click the infocard in the top right corner to get your one and only ticket needed for anywhere between 2 – 6 days. 200 discount coupons, a city map and a guide. Ready to explore Berlin – check! The major lines run on a 5 or 10 minute frequency during the day. Keep in mind that trains stop running around 0:40 a.m. during the week. If you should miss the last train – it will take you more time to get back, but don’t
    freak out – U-Bahn lines are replaced by night busses that go at least every 30 minutes. Watch out for these bus stops close to your
    station. The following lines do have a bus replacement overnight Night lines stop by
    the same stations as the railway does. If you come visit on a weekend or a public
    holiday, you don’t even have to worry about the system to stop at any time. Frequencies
    decrease overnight, but you will find home – no matter what. By The way: If you just flew in by plane,
    looking for the fastest way to downtown: Don’t waste your precious time: stay tuned for our
    tutorial linked in the endcard! If you have any further questions, please
    post them in the comments below. If you are all set now, leave a thumbs up and make sure to share it with more travellers! If you are trying to keep your budget in check,
    find out how to spend a nice day with zero cash or have your personal sightseeing bus
    tour with your regular public transport ticket. Make sure to subscribe to Berlin for now, and
    hopefully we will see you soon!

    KTM Vs Royal Enfield | The Conclusion #2 | Which Is Best ? | Bikers Funny Fight | Sillaakki Dumma
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    KTM Vs Royal Enfield | The Conclusion #2 | Which Is Best ? | Bikers Funny Fight | Sillaakki Dumma

    November 8, 2019

    Hey What does Sillakki Dumma Means? This is RE This is RC Remove Your Glasses In the first part you asked me what does RC means. RC is Race Competition. Hey! Race and competition are the same. What is new in this? You always speak well but don’t forget that you have lost in the race in the first part. Why have you come again to race? Hey.. She is looking at RC. Seat in your bike is a bit far while comparing with my bike. So, I will go romantically. Don’t judge it with your bike seat. Let her decide whether it is RE or RC! When did you get back at him? Bye!!!! Bye???? Oh! Is It a dream? Ha ha ha …. Bye!!! Hey Hey Dude! I need your bike urgently! Why do you need Royal Enfield, now? My girlfriend wants to have a ride in Royal Enfield, dude! One should have the dignity to go in Royal Enfield! Dude! Why do you plead him for a bike? Take my bike dude, you will have a romantic experience. KTM???? Yeah! Look at that! Oh No! I will walk with my girlfriend!I don’t need your bike! Wait! Wait Oh! Today is Sunday! A tall boy is coming on a bike! Let him come! Stop Stop!! Remove your glasses, first! Sir, new RC Sir! Please, Sir! What??? RC means what? I didn’t ask your RC Book. If it is a race bike, ride it on the track. Why are you riding it on the road? Licence… Insurance … RC Book… Road Tax … What? Is the vehicle new? Then take the bill! Don’t you have the bill? At least do you have the bill number? No???? Constable, arrest him! File all the cases against him! Sir, just file the code 69, Sir! Oh! Are you speaking law and order? You have got Rs. 2.5 lakh worth bike and also a gold chain! come here! Wow! Bullet! Bro… stop stop! Welcome, bro! How is your dad? My son is also asking for this bike and I am planning to get one. Sir, License…. RC… Roadtax No Need…. You will have everything perfect. You carry on your work! One second… constable do a water wash for the bike. Do you have petrol… ok ok … you carry on Bike! My son! This is the first time in your life, you have done an useful thing! Only now you look like a prince! Son, Will you take me with you in your bike? Come on, Mom! Let us Go! Hi Gomathy, This is my son’s new vehicle… Hey Kamala, my son’s new vehicle…. Hey Kanaka…. come home… This is my son’s new bike… Son, without thinking twice, I have told about your bike… Everyone’s eye will be on you. Come home, let us break the evil’s eye! Ok Mom! Let this break all the evil eye on you’ especially the guy who has got the ATM bike. Mom! It is not ATM… it is KTM Yes… the KTM bike fellow’s evil eye … Let this break all the evil eyes… spit in this … Bye my son! Ha ha !!! Mommy! This is my favorite bike… my dream bike… my bike is so hot… You will be surprised to see my bike… Mummy!!!! Nice, is it not! Oh My God! My 2 Lakh rupees has gone!!! Why did you buy a plastic bike? How will a mother sit in this bike? Hey Kanaka … my 2 lakh has gone…. Hey Gomathi, look at this plastic box…. What sound is this ????? Your son is like you! Get lost… Mummy…. Mummy…. Take Arati for my bike… Don’t you see the road properly! Stupid guy! Bro! Don’t you have petrol? May I help you? Thanks, Bro! The petrol station is nearby! I will manage! Bro! KTM! Why do you push the vehicle? Let me drop you! Thanks, Bro! The petrol station is nearby! I will manage! Bro, KTM… Shall I help you to push the vehicle? Bro, it’s okay bro! The petrol station is nearby! I will manage! Even the pedestrian comes to rescue you! You are a blessed one! Oh, God! I couldn’t push this bike, further! Could anyone help me? The petrol station is nearby… Please help me… At least give me your cycle! Kindly help me! TOW! If my vehicle damages, who will give me the money! I couldn’t push it further! We could lift a bike…. But not a bulldozer! Don’t speak about my bike… Go, brother! Really, it sounds like a plastic! Let it be! Hey dude! Hey, dude! Shall we go for a long drive? Long drive!!! 20 km? Don’t make fun! We are going to Pondicherry now, 300 km! Hey!!! I have to fill petrol for Rs. 4000! I will take care! Let us go and drink! Let me fulfil your wish! Oh No! Lorry… Without thinking, I have chosen a long drive… God, save me! I will give offerings to you, If I reach home, safely. RE!!!! Lovely! KTM! Sexy!!! Why are you groaning! You are just sitting on your bike. but I am just lying on it…. Oh! You are lying on it! It is just 3 Km now… you will lie down completely, soon Hey! Rc is the pride RE is the pride! Grrr… go RC is just like a lover. You don’t know when it will leg pull you! RE is just like the wife. Even if it mishaps, it will save us. Understand this! To drink a coffee, will you buy a coffee estate? Hey! Go away and play! What are you doing here? kids playing REand RC Whether it is RC or RE, our bike is our pride. When the time changes, the style and the mass of the vehicle changes. Buying a costly bike is not important. It is important how we ride it. So, no Rash Driving!

    China High-Speed Rail So Popular, It’s Hurting Airline Industry
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    China High-Speed Rail So Popular, It’s Hurting Airline Industry

    October 14, 2019

    China’s high-speed rail is so popular
    that it is actually having an effect on the airline industry china Southern Airlines is the latest
    Chinese airline to post less than ideal 2013 results net profit
    dropped 24 percent and operating profit fell seventy
    percent they join air China where net profit dropped 32 percent in 2013 and China Eastern Airlines work fell by
    25 percent I’ll of high oil prices are a factor but the
    other thing is that China’s massive growth in high-speed rail is definitely affecting the airlines
    there and I’ve told this story in the US so many times when I’ve outlined the long list the
    barriers to real high speed rail development in the
    US one of them is the airline industry and the perfect example was when we were based in western
    Massachusetts flying out of Hartford airport to Washington DC this was a
    50-minute flight with the slow trains that we have it’s
    about seven-and-a-half for eight hours to take the train to
    Washington DC right now because a the one-hour one hour and 15 hour and a half that you
    have to arrive at the airport before flying combined with a 45 minute drive to the
    airport combined with then taking the subway
    into the city from the airport in Washington DC it
    made sense even at an increased cost for the most
    part to fly into Washington DC if the trains ran not even at outrageous
    speed data 150 160 170 miles per hour I would not consider lying to Washington
    DC from western Massachusetts any longer I
    would definitely choose train more convenient certainly a simpler security situation and it
    leaves me right in downtown Washington DC so that
    that we see it very clearly Louis there is a reason where the airline lobbyist will oppose
    high-speed rail development of course and probably oppose alternative
    alternative energy to you and yeah I you name it right locally China already
    has that infrastructure is already setup
    course a lotta European countries japan it’s they’re all set in that department and
    biz really no way to reverse it at this point and I can be at now attend I i envy it significantly I had a
    opportunity a couple of weeks ago the travel on some other French trains
    and it is just amazing that we are so behind when it comes to rail

    New Australian Train: 500 Miles in 2 Hours
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    New Australian Train: 500 Miles in 2 Hours

    October 14, 2019

    there’s a really fast train being
    designed in australia that would go from sydney to melbourne which is about like
    going from portland maine to baltimore maryland i dont that even really gives
    people a better frame of reference but in any case in about but two hours at a
    speed of about two hundred and fifty miles per hour the train is really
    really cool we have this picture appear of the interior this really is putting american trains
    to shame i mean it’s embarrassing lewis we we’ve been put to shame a long time
    ago just with the between system in europe will run some of this video we
    don’t need the audio on this but will just run the video to give you a sense
    of what the trend looks like and what kind of talk about it eight million people regularly travel
    between sydney and melbourne and this could save ten to twelve hours on the
    road which is just incredible and um… this is a by speaking of which
    this isn’t even close to the speed of the t g v which has a high speed of
    three hundred and fifty seven miles per hour this is looking at about two fifty why can’t we get it together allot of it
    is lobbying and we know that politicians in the midwest of the united states just aren’t interested in putting money
    into train development also i’ve talked about before the auto mobile an airline lobbies don’t
    want faster trains perfect example is awesome grid hartford to pc which is kind of the flight i’d take when i go to
    d_c_ but a fifteen minute flight because of the slow trains i’m looking
    at seven-and-a-half hours via train if we speed up the train such that it’s
    only a four hour trip i’m not gonna spend forty minutes writing to the
    airport an hour and fifteen minutes getting there before the flight to
    check-in possible delays blah blah blah blah blah very clearly we have a correlation between and driving to train speed and we have to assume the
    train about manufacturers are working enough held out

    Happy Together – “Train to Entertainment” [ENG/2016.08.18]
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    Happy Together – “Train to Entertainment” [ENG/2016.08.18]

    October 14, 2019

    Happy to be together on Happy Together! – Hello. It’s good to see you again. / – Hello. Hyeongyeong. You remind me of Irene of Red Velvet. – I got my hair dyed like her. / – Right. Hyeongyeong dressed up according to the theme while Saeho’s dressed over the top. – ♪ Your eyes, nose and lips ♪ / – He dressed – ♪ The touch of ♪ / – like Taeyang. – ♪ your hand ♪ / – But he doesn’t look good. – ♪ I still remember all of them ♪ / – Excuse me. Wait. – Hodong. / – Pardon? Aren’t you Hodong? – No, I’m not. / – You’ll like today’s show. They’re the reason why I host variety shows. It’s because of these people. I see. Today, we’ll meet popular girl group members. Today’s theme is “Train to Entertainment”. Who could be today’s guests? Some weird people are on this train. (Some weird girls are on this train.) (There are 200 girl groups in Korea.) (The girl group members are here.) (Sunny of Girls’ Generation) (Solji of EXID, Sejeong of Gugudan) (Chahee of MelodyDay, Solbin of Laboum) (Yerin of GFriend) I’m here to let people know about me. (They struggle to be the best entertainers.) It’s better to cause trouble. I think we’ve already met. Did you really have to take it away? Salmon. Skate! Sole. You can’t become a star if you can’t do that. (Don’t give up even if it’s tough.) You need to do it now. It’s written right here. (Survive until the end. “Train to Entertainment”) As we are in the golden age of girl groups, we’ve invited the hottest rising stars of today from the six popular girl groups. – Is she a rising star, too? / – Of course. – Her dress is stunning. / – When she came in, I thought she was going to an awards ceremony. – It felt like it’s the year end. / – This dress is one of the simplest stage outfits. – Is this simple for you? / – While waiting, – I was worried about my outfit. / – Really? Yes. But when Saeho came to say hi to me, his outfit made me feel relieved. He dressed up like Zhu Bajie. – I chose this outfit for Sunny. / – You tried… – You took off your necklace. / – It’s really… – Yes, I did. / – It’s really… The audio director said it was too noisy. – Right. / – It’s not even real gold. – He said it makes too much noise. / – Throw it away. I felt confident when I saw that necklace. It’s made of plastic. – Did he go to say hi to you? / – Yes, he did. We’re close friends, so I always go to see her first. Is it true that you rarely answer your phone when Saeho calls you? – Actually, it’s fun to tease him. / – I see. – His reactions are funny. / – Right. I don’t answer his call purposely. – I didn’t know. / – Then, he calls me until I answer. He’s obsessive. He keeps calling until I answer the phone. – Why do you keep calling her? / – Let me explain. I met Sunny not long ago after recording this show. She asked me when I’d be done and I asked her to wait until I’m done. She said, “You can’t make a Girls’ Generation member wait.” So I went to see her after recording the show. Then, she said I didn’t have to come to see her. I know it was a joke, but did she really say that you can’t make her wait? She emphasizes that she’s a Girls’ Generation member. Sometimes, when we go to a restaurant, Sunny pays the bill without letting me know. When I say that I’m better off these days, she says, “I’m a Girls’ Generation member.” (I’m a Girls’ Generation member.) – She’s so cool. / – She’s cool, indeed. “I’m a Girls’ Generation member.” I say that I’m doing my best, and she says, “You still have a long way to go.” – “I’m Sunny of Girls’ Generation.” / – Saeho. – Saeho, save that money. / – She’s so cool. – She’s cool. / – I call her Chairman. – I call Sunny, Chairman. / – “Chairman Lee”. Isn’t EXID as successful as Girls’ Generation? – He said it as a word. / – He said EXID. You should say E-X-I-D. – You’re as successful as her, right? / – Me? – I think you do. / – Of course, I’m not. – She’s very popular. / – “I’m an EXID member.” – ♪ Up, down, up, down ♪ / – You’re so rude. How dare you try to pay the bill? The six of you represent your groups. Let’s start with Sejeong, please greet the viewers the way your group does. – Okay. May I begin? / – Yes. Standby and go. Hello, I’m a member of Gugudan. – She’s cute. / – That was good. – “Standby and go.” / – It looked like she slated. Standby and go. – I became famous as an I.O.I member. / – That’s right. I hope Gugudan will become as famous as I.O.I, – so I’m here to promote Gugudan. / – I see. – Gugudan is the talk of the town. / – Really? I didn’t know that. – I’m sorry. / – You just made a guess, right? I think he just said it without thinking. How do people like your group? – Our group name is very popular. / – Exactly. Your group is ranked high on the internet hit list. – Are you the leader of your group? / – No. – You’re not? / – One Times Table is the leader. Is that so? What is your nickname? – I’m Three Times Table. / – Oh, I see. That number refers to your nickname. That’s unique. – We have nine members. / – I see. – I’ve been a fan of hers. / – Since I.O.I? – Yes, since she was a member of I.O.I. / – Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sejeong, what do you think of Sunny? I watched her on a program called “Hero”. – I really enjoyed the show. / – “Hero”? It’s “Invincible Youth”. Oh, that’s right. – Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry. / – “Invincible Youth”. (She’s scared.) – Sejeong got so baffled. / – “Oh, that’s right.” “Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry.” – She sounded like a man. / – She spoke like my friend. – Where are you from? / – I’m from Jeolla Province. – I see. / – Me, too. – Really? / – Where in Jeolla Province? – I’m from Yeosu. / – What about you, Sejeong? – I’m from Gimje. / – Oh, Gimje? – Oh, she’s from Gimje. / – I see. – I’m from Gimje. / – I see. Up next is Yerin of GFriend. Since we had our debut, (She speaks in a dialect.) we don’t have our own way of saying hello. – So we just say hello like this. / – Okay. – Hello, I’m Yerin of GFriend. / – That’s just normal. How about, “I’m your girlfriend”? – That’s funny. / – That’s prosaic. – That’s silly. / – “I’m your girlfriend.” – That’s too predictable. / – Exactly. – That’s not good at all. / – “I’m your girlfriend.” – How about that? / – Oh, my goodness. It’s unique that they don’t have their own chant. – That’s right. / – Do you know the number of streams that “Me Gustas Tu” has now? – How many? / – It’s 100 million. – Wow. / – That’s amazing. 100 million streams… How much did they earn if it’s one cent per stream? You think about the money they earned. It’s one million dollars. – It’s a simple multiplication. / – It’s not difficult. – It’s easy to calculate. / – It’s one million dollars. Myungsoo embarrassed us. – You must be really happy. / – How do you feel? I feel really… – The script says… / – You feel like you’re flying? I really feel like I’m flying. (As her song gets one million streams,) (she feels like she’s flying.) You don’t always have to stick to the script. – She promoted her group’s new song. / – I know. What was that? I heard that you have a reason for coming today. – Now that my group is famous, / – Right. I want people to know more about me, too. – Aren’t you the host of a music show? / – Yes, I am. – Wow. / – I know that. – Wow. / – Wow. (They giggle.) (However, the hosts seem baffled.) It’s really awkward at the beginning. – I knew it. / – There’s nothing we can do. – That’s right. / – It’ll last for about 20 minutes. (It’s a feast of girlish reactions.) Let’s see how Laboum will greet the viewers. In three, two, one. You’re into me. You’re into me. Hello, I’m a member of Laboum. – Goodness. He loves it. / – Oh, my goodness. – It’s not that I loved it. / – He loves it. I felt embarrassed to see that. (She imitates Solbin.) – It was a little embarrassing. / – I like that. Could you show us again? In three, two, one. You’re into me. Hello. – “You’re into me.” / – Jaeseok, how about you try it? – Please? / – I don’t think I can do that. Solbin, you think people don’t know about Laboum. That’s right. When people hear our group name, they think of the movie “La Boum”. – The movie starring Sophie Marceau. / – Yes. (“La Boum” starring Sophie Marceau) – Welcome to “Music Bank”. / – “Music Bank”. – Hello, I’m Minhyuk. / – Hello, I’m Solbin. I sang the theme songs of about 20 dramas including “Master’s Sun”, “I Can Hear Your Voice”, “Reply 1988”, “Bridal Mask” and “Cantabile Tomorrow”. – Wow. / – Is that true? I’m called “Girls’ Generation for drama theme songs”. – You sang all of them? / – Her hairstyle is unique. I call this hairstyle “Little Mermaid Hair”. – It’s the color of grapefruit. / – Grapefruit… – You dyed your eyebrows, too. / – That’s right. She dyed her eyebrows, too. I met Hyeongyeong earlier today. – We met at a hair salon. / – I thought she copied me. Her hair color is… That’s good. She’s funny. I like her. She makes the show fun. I once dyed my hair pink like her. I remember that. The color came off, so I had to dye my hair every day. I’ve been doing the same. How do you maintain the hair color? I got a hair manicure this morning. My hair dye runs down my cheek while I’m rehearsing. You got a manicure? – It’s a hair manicure. / – It’s for nourishing hair and coating the color. How often do you need to get a hair manicure? I get a hair manicure once every four or five days. My goodness. I want to stop it – because it damages my hair, / – Seriously… but I can’t because people recognize me by my hair. – I see. / – I think you need to dye the roots. I need to bleach the roots three times. – It’s painful. / – That’s right. It hurts. – It must hurt. / – So I do it once every two weeks. – I tried all rainbow colors. / – That’s right. – It takes a lot of efforts as she said. / – Yes. I remember when you dyed your hair purple. Right. I dyed my hair purple once. I used to dye it by myself. – At home? / – Yes. Why? You could have done it at a hair salon. I had no time. We finished working late at night, and we went to the hair salon early in the morning. Sometimes, we go to the hair salon at midnight. It must be very hard to be an idol singer. I guess idol singers age quickly. You’re talking like an announcer again. (Park Myungsoo Talk Show) He keeps doing that today. Is it going to be the old version or the recent one? – Would you like the old one? / – Yes, please. Like you did when you debuted. (She laughs out of embarrassment.) – She’s not nervous. / – Show us the old version. You need to go back to the past. Could you please stand up and show us? Okay. I think it’d be better. I think it’d be better if you sit down. I’m sorry. What’s wrong with standing up? – She looks great. / – You look like – you’re about to go on stage. / – I look okay today. – Please show us. / – Which camera should I look at? – That one? / – She said, “I look okay.” – She looks good, but… / – She looks pretty. You should’ve said it first. Hello, I’m the energizer of Girls’ Generation. (She looks bubbly and cheery.) I’m Sunny. That’s good. That’s good. This is why she’s a legend. (This is why she’s a legend.) Girls’ Generation marks nine years since the debut. – That’s right. / – Wow, that’s amazing. Thank you. Girls’ Generation was ranked number one the most on music programs. They won 100 times on music programs. Since Girls’ Generation, 150 girl groups debuted. – Really? / – Five of them are here today. Did you dream of becoming a singer watching them? Sejeong, please tell us. There’s an essential step that trainees go through. I’m sure you all practiced these songs. “Into the New World” by Girls’ Generation and… (“Into the New World” is Girls’ Generation’s) (debut song released in 2007.) – Trainees practice the dance. / – That’s right. I grew up watching Girls’ Generation. The prettiest girls in my classroom formed a group – for a school talent show. / – Were you one of them? Yes, I was the leader of the group. – She keeps bragging. / – She was the prettiest girl. It feels like we’re shooting for “Immortal Songs”. It’s like “Sunny Special” on “Immortal Songs”. – It looks like… / – They’re singing Sunny’s songs. Sunny is sitting on the legendary singer’s seat, and they sing her songs. It looks like she says, “That’s good enough.” – “I’m not offended.” / – Sunny felt pressured – when she was invited to Happy Together. / – Why? I wish you had invited more experienced singers. But you invited newcomers – Right. / – and I’m the only experienced singer here. The other guests are – so young, pretty and refreshing. / – I see. It seems Solji is confused about her position. – She’s an experienced singer. / – That’s right. Sunny and Solji debuted before the others. They’re both experienced singers. – I debuted in 2012. / – I see. Although Solji debuted later than Sunny, – they’re the same age. / – How old are you? – I was born in 1989. / – Me, too. – You, too, right? / – You two are the same age? Have you two known each other? – I haven’t met her before. / – Really? – Goodness. / – Who said hello first? Did you two meet each other for the first time here? – I said hello first. / – I said hello when I saw her in front of the restroom. – Did you say hello to her first? / – In the restroom, – At the same time… / – we said hello to each other. – As soon as we saw each other. / – Didn’t you wait? No, I said hi as soon as I saw her – in the restroom. / – That’s right. I heard that Solji debuted earlier than Sunny. I heard that, too. – She was a member of 2NB. / – It was a duo. – It was a duo. / – Please stop talking about it. – You’re my senior, then. / – No. – You’re my senior. / – No. You’re my senior. – She debuted earlier. / – I didn’t know that. – Oh, my. / – Greet her properly. – Hello. / – Hello. Let’s join them. (They all bow to Solji.) – Hello. / – Solji. – Greet her properly. / – You’re like Uhm Junghwa. That’s ridiculous. I heard you debuted early in the 2000s. In 2006, I debuted as a member of 2NB, – a female duo. / – A duo? (Ten years ago,) (she debuted through her promotional video.) Hello, I’m Solji of 2NB, a female duo. I released my first solo song “Because I Hate You”. You released a lot of albums before EXID. – Yes, I did. / – Didn’t you release a dozen? – I released about 23 albums. / – 23? – Wow. / – Why haven’t we heard some before? Because all of her albums flopped. Please don’t say that. But it’s the truth. How could 23 albums flop? Don’t say such a mean thing. I was like a singing machine. – It’s true that her albums flopped. / – It’s true. – How else can I put it? / – I was surprised. – She achieved recognition. / – She’s amazing. – It means she’s a good singer. / – That’s right. I think Solji’s agency is amazing. Solji failed 23 times already, – but they gave her another chance. / – Please stop it. – Please. / – Some of them must’ve been against it – because she failed many times. / – In fact, EXID was about to give up as the song “Up and Down” wasn’t a hit at first. – But it became a hit later. / – That’s right. – Exactly. / – I heard – that was the last chance for you. / – That’s right. If the song had flopped, we would’ve broken up. – You would have? / – But they made it. – At first, it wasn’t successful. / – That’s right. – It wasn’t. / – We were thinking of what to do next. – The video clip came up. / – The clip of Hani came up, and the song was ranked first in the music charts. That’s amazing. Another song flopped and your group was about to break up. But then, you became popular. That’s right. I released 30 albums including EXID albums. That’s amazing. You said you and Sejeong have a lot in common. – You have a brother, right? / – Yes. – She said she’s close with her brother. / – I did. – I’m close with my brother, too. / – Really? We’re both lead vocalists. – How about personalities? / – She seems outgoing. – I’m outgoing. / – We have similar personalities. I thought they have a lot in common, but they don’t. They just have a few similarities. There must be about 150 people similar to her. – Many women have brothers. / – A lot of women do. – Don’t many singers have brothers? / – Listen to me. – I have a brother, too. / – I have a brother, too. Me, too. I have a brother, too. – Are you outgoing? / – Yes, I’m hairy, too. (She made a lame pun.) – What are you talking about? / – Why did you say that? That’s funny. Keep going like that. (Solbin shows potential as a good entertainer.) Popular girl groups perform a lot of gigs. You must have had a dozen gigs a day, right? We performed up to five gigs a day. A day? What was the most memorable event for you? There are different events. First, we perform at military camps. – Is that so? / – Soldiers always go crazy. Do you say hello differently? Yes, we speak in a higher pitch. How do you say hello at a military camp? We try to be cuter. – How? / – “Hello, we’re Girls’ Generation.” (That’s how to become popular among soldiers.) How about a local event? We greet like this. “Hello, we’re Girls’ Generation.” We greet cheerfully for the elderly people. – What else? / – There are corporate events. Oh, corporate events? Isn’t it hard to perform at a corporate event? – It must be hard to even greet. / – In those events – people eat formally. / – That’s right. – People don’t cheer at all. / – It’s awkward to greet. Although they don’t cheer, they enjoy the performance. I saw an executive tapping his foot with a solemn look while a girl group was performing. It’s actually because – He wanted to have fun. / – executives want to – have fun. / – Exactly. But they can’t. – They keep their faces. / – They have their reasons. They could be in trouble. They can’t just take off their ties and dance. (They can’t have fun like Myungsoo.) Chahee, does your group change your way of greeting? – No, we don’t do that. / – I see. What a shame. – She missed an opportunity. / – It was a good chance. – That’s a shame. / – I gave her a chance. I’m disappointed. I felt embarrassed as the host. I felt like my heart dropped. You can’t become a star if you go on like this. – I’m sorry. I think we have another version. / – What? – I think we have another version. / – What a shame. – It’s too late. / – You already missed the chance. Solji, how do soldiers cheer when EXID performs? As they have low pitched voices, it sounds like they’re shouting in a cave. Up and down. Up and down. They sound like this. You’ve seen them, right? Shall we show how it must sound? Up and down. Up and down. (Love EXID like you love your country.) (Salute to Solji!) (This is how soldiers cheer when EXID performs.) (They even dance in perfect sync.) – That’s right. / – What do middle-aged fans do? – What do they do? / – Yerin, please tell us. Middle-aged fans smile happily in the audience. They smile like this in the beginning. They shout really loudly instead of dancing. “Wow, they’re GFriend!” They shout really loudly. (They cheer in a low pitched voice.) They usually try to have a conversation. “Yerin, have you had a meal?” – That’s right. / – “Yerin, you look pretty today!” They say that a lot. They even ask, “Have you recovered from your cold?” What about Laboum? They always bring large cameras – with telephoto lens. / – I know. They are amazing. – One of our male fans is charismatic. / – I see. Yesterday, he came up to me before “Music Bank” began. He said he heard I’d appear on this show. I said, “That’s right.” – He said, “Don’t do anything weird.” / – My goodness. Like a father would say to his daughter. He said I should be funny without doing funny acts. – That’s really difficult. / – He’s quite objective. That’s really difficult to do. – It’s hard to be funny that way. / – Exactly. Chahee, this is your second chance. (She has another chance to talk.) Please tell us a funny story when you did a gig. – You have a story, right? / – Yes, I do. I have a very devoted fan… I’m so nervous. – Just relax. / – She’s cute. He follows wherever I go. You all have a fan like him. – Yes, we all do. / – Right. I wanted to say that I have one, too. (That’s the end of the story.) – Is that all? / – I’m going to make up a story for her. I’ll be quick. – Please do that. / – I can make up a story for her in no time. Chahee wanted to tell us that she has a fan. Among members of MelodyDay are the niece of Jang Donggun and daughter of Ahn Jihwan. – Really? / – That’s how I heard about the group. – Chahee, are you one of them? / – No, I am not. The second oldest member of MelodyDay, Yoomin is a niece of Jang Donggun. Yein is voice actor Ahn Jihwan’s daughter. I am a daughter of my mom and dad. Chahee, I heard that your agency encourages you to be involved in a scandal. That’s right. Since MelodyDay is not very famous, they told us it is better to cause a scandal. – That’s ridiculous. / – Is that the reason? I can’t believe they told you that. Do they let you go to clubs? We were told to go to clubs. – We were told to go / – The president said that? and enjoy ourselves. I sometimes go to clubs with my friends. – That’s nice. / – Other members are reserved. – They go to church on Sundays. / – They do? – They always read books in the dormitory. / – Oh my… – That’s how they are. / – How strange. They are preparing to become brides. – Is there an article you would like to see? / – Right. Which related search words would you like to see? I don’t know if I should be saying this, but I want to announce a relationship to the public. – Really? / – Other guests are shocked. (That’s incredible.) – That’s unimaginable. / – Really? Our agency lets us be free. I feel like everyone is too caged in. – We really are caged in. / – You are right. “We really are caged in.” She feels strongly about it. “We really are caged in.” It must be true. “We really are caged in.” Who do you want to date? – Who are you interested in? / – What about Hyunmoo? – Hyunmoo and Chahee. / – Are you serious? It’s not a bad idea. Cao Lu and Saeho became quite successful. – I want to do the same. / – It’s strictly business. She is not interested in him. Not even by this much. She is not interested in him. That’s not a real relationship. She will do anything to succeed. (Love and Ambition) Is there anyone who caught your eyes? There is someone who caught my eyes. It’s BewhY. BewhY and I have nothing in common. My ideal type is a man with a nice voice. I want him to wake me up every morning with a rap. (Do you want rap as a morning alarm?) (I can do that for you.) I have nothing to lose. You haven’t gained much either. It’s too soon to talk about what you will lose. – I apologize. / – You haven’t gained much. You shouldn’t talk about what you will lose. – You have a negative balance. / – That’s right. I will work hard today to make it positive. I am the only member in the group who has never made it on Most Popular Keywords. – Never? / – Everyone else in the room has. You should do something funny on the show. Do you have a special talent? Simply appearing on Happy Together may not be enough. I will show you the pen beat. – What is pen beat? / – It’s pen tapping. – I am really good at it. / – Please show us. – I will give it a go. / – It’s her special talent. – I can’t wait to see it. / – All right. Four beats. (She starts with four beats.) Eight beats. (Help me make it on Most Popular Keywords.) This is 16 beats. I have seen it on the internet. Let’s see 32 beats. – Can you do it? / – This is incredible. (She taps 32 beats.) She is good. (This is incredible.) Give us 64 beats. This is the most I can do. She should have shown us 64 beats. Can you pen tap while you sing? Would you do it with “Rough”? If you sing, I will pen tap. Let’s begin. (A sweet voice) (and pen beat meet.) (The tapping grows faster.) (Like a miracle) (One is joyous while the other is flustered.) You should sing to the recorded accompaniment. The pen beat serves no point. There’s no point of singing to the pen beat when they have a good recorded accompaniment. – I feel like I have to follow the beat. / – I know. Solbin, are you the funny member in your group? Yes, I am the funny member of Laboum. For example, – I like “dad jokes.” / – Dad jokes. Saeho, are you single? – Yes, I am. / – I am a beagle. (Her joke makes everyone freeze.) – My goodness. / – What was that? I have another one. What are the three most dangerous dishes? – The most dangerous dishes? / – Yes. Name three. There are three. – I don’t know. / – You don’t know, right? Chicken, sweet and sour pork and pizza. Chicken, sweet and sour pork and pizza. (She keeps a straight face.) Sunny, you should laugh. (She gives a reaction right away.) – Is there another one? / – I know one. What is it? Do you know where physical therapy gets its name from? – Physical therapy? / – Yes. It involves the body. It’s because it physically fights off an illness. (She is shy.) I see. (Solbin is impressed.) How old are you? – I am 21 years old. / – Don’t lie. – Sejeong, do you have one? / – I have a hard one. – You need to use your brain. / – Okay. We like such jokes. You are driving. A person comes out of nowhere and you honk. Can you retell the situation in three words? Let me try. (What will she say?) Let me try. Vroom. What? Bang! How did you know? Yes! She is good. (She is the master of dad jokes.) For goodness’ sake, Sejeong. You seemed like Park Yeonggyu for a second. For goodness’ sake. You are a young lady. I don’t know why I am touched by a joke. (It was a touching match.) Solji, I heard that you laugh in a funny way to get more screen time. There can be many guests on the show. – If there are many guests / – It happens. on a variety show, I need to show reactions. – It’s a survival skill. / – I pondered on the matter. If I react well, clap and laugh with my cheekbones, I will get more screen time. How do you laugh with your cheekbones? – Make her laugh. / – Go ahead, Saeho. (Are you ready to make her laugh?) – I will imitate Lee Daegeun. / – Okay. (He will imitate Lee Daegeun.) My goodness. (She begins to laugh right away.) What? (She is laughing very hard.) – Is it that funny? / – Seriously? She is in tears. This is the reaction you need to show. – My goodness. / – That was scary. How scary. – I thought your laugh was genuine. / – Wasn’t it? I laugh a lot, but I also purposefully give a bigger reaction. – He wasn’t that funny? / – No. I thought your laugh was genuine. – Imitate Wheesung. / – Wheesung? – She will react, right? / – Her reaction… Let’s guess if it is genuine or not. (He shows his special talent.) It’s totally fake. Yes, it is. This is humiliating. (This is genuine laughter.) That one was genuine. I feel like I am being used. – We apologize. / – My goodness. Sunny, can you show us your fake reaction? Show us, Sunny. – Can you do it? / – Of course I can. You should try to make her laugh. (It’s Hyunmoo’s turn.) Do a voice imitation. (If only I could run through time) (And become an adult) (She pauses for a moment and begins to laugh.) It’s so fake. For goodness’ sake. They are incredible. – I heard Sunny has something to say to me. / – Really? – What will she say? / – It will be a criticism. – I heard that it is. / – Is she annoying? Tell us. I feel like Hyeongyeong tries to do everything alone. – We should look after her. / – She should whine more. That’s what I wanted to tell her. She should whine more. I hope she will harmonize with the MCs. – Sunny is objective. / – Try whining. Help me out. – Come on. / – It’s hard to be nice to her. – Come on. / – It’s impossible. – Help me out. / – She tires us out. I feel tired all of a sudden. Come on. – What do you want? / – I feel tired. Help me out. What do you want? – Make me popular. / – I don’t know what she wants. Give my face more screen time. She said, “Give my face more screen time.” Give my face more screen time. (It’s a small gift from the production team.) (Here are Hyeongyeong’s faces.) You should do this more often. Whine more often. – That was great. / – It was a good idea. – It’s a nice character. / – I should do this often. – Is that what you wanted? / – I give her thumbs up. – Thumbs up. / – It was great. Let’s talk about the exaggerated ways Sunny acts cute. – The exaggerated ways. / – That’s right. Sunny usually winks. How else do you act cute? I use hand gestures more. Really? Which hand gestures do you use? (She uses hand gestures which follow the lyrics.) (Her hands tell the lyrics.) Her gestures… – Then I wink at the end. / – They follow the lyrics. I think I am unrivalled in this field. You are right. – My hand gestures are great. / – You are right. – I do this. / – The members of Girls’ Generation said that they don’t know how you manage to do so much in such little time. – I don’t even need to practice for this. / – Really? It has to be improvised on the spot. Our members are amazed by my skills. Did you do it for “Lion Heart” as well? (She begins to sing right away.) ♪ You’re a free soul, you’re still the same ♪ ♪ You stay true to your instincts ♪ ♪ Can’t you see me in front of you? ♪ (She always ends her part with a wink.) She is incredible. – That was scary. / – She blinked so fast. – My goodness. / – That was incredible. The time that is allotted to you as a member gives you a chance to shine. – It is important to do a good job. / – That’s right. I wanted to copy Sunny’s facial expressions. I tried winking but my agency forbade it. – Really? / – How did you wink? – Actually, you can see, / – This is embarrassing. Sunny wink in every performance. – She winks a lot. / – I would like to see it. – This is what I do. / – That’s right. While other members are singing, – I do this at the back. / – That’s right. (She winks behind the members.) She does that. That is cute. – I do it even when it’s not my part. / – That’s right. Cameramen get confused, so they zoom in on me. It’s how I steal other members’ parts. She steals other members’ parts. Why did the agency forbid you from winking? I was told that my face gets scrunched up when I wink. Show us how it’s like. I am terrible at winking. Please show us how you wink. – My goodness. / – That wasn’t a wink. They asked me if I had something in my eyes. (No wonder they forbade it.) – She is terrible at winking. / – That’s how uncles winked when we were little. That’s what she did. (Uncle’s wink) Winking is harder than you think. Sejeong. I can do it well. (It’s a piece of cake.) How cute! – Sunny, let’s see it. / – She can do it better. (She gives a double wink.) My goodness, she is incredible. – She is amazing. / – Sunny’s wink is better. I am sure all of you practice the special techniques to shine in your own parts. The thing is, I act like a middle-aged man most of the time. It is very difficult to act cute. Sejeong really acts like a middle-aged man. She will need a lot of practice. – It’s incredibly hard for me. / – I see. Not knowing how to act cute, I looked up videos. Watching the videos made me go, “How cute!” I realized why people like to see idols act cute. That’s why I began to practice. At that time, Sunny, the master… – The master? / – The master? – She looks like a master in that dress. / – Right. – Don’t say that. / – She is a senior singer. Mr. Kong, Sunny is here. That kind of acting cute should be prohibited. (It made him grab her by the collar.) I am too much like a middle-aged man. – Good luck. / – Give it a try. – Don’t worry and give it a go. / – We won’t watch. (Let’s see how she does it.) (She’s nervous.) – I can do this. / – It must be hard for her. Buy me a cheeseburger. (Her expression suddenly changes.) – My goodness. / – What was that? – I can’t do this. / – Did you see how she changed? I didn’t know she was like that. – You can’t do it. / – I can’t. My goodness. Watching her was hard for us, too. – It’s hard. / – If you can’t do it like Sunny, – it’s better to be boyish. / – I agree. – Chahee, what about you? / – I bet she can act cute. I am not very good at acting cute. – “Shy, shy, shy” is popular / – That’s right. these days, and my nickname is Cha Cha. I will use that to act cute. ♪ Meeting my friends make me Cha Cha Cha ♪ (Why does it seem lacking?) That’s what she can do. The dance should be longer. Is that all you can do? Yes. She is a bit awkward. Chahee is not showing us anything noteworthy. What she does needs to be two times better. (Master Sunny is frustrated.) – What is it? / – Are you frustrated? The master of variety shows is frustrated. (She takes some pills to feel better.) That was great. Chahee will get better some day. What Sunny showed us earlier – are tricks she uses for her part. / – Right. Maybe you have special techniques for your part. – I am good at those. / – All right. Please show us your tricks. You looked cute in the last part. ♪ Everything from head to toe ♪ Then I do this in the end. (She blows a kiss.) – That’s what you do. / – That was great. – That was great. / – She did a good job. I know. Can you do that, Chahee? – I do well in my part. / – Show us your part. I am sure you do well in your part. If that’s not the case, she should quit. Don’t be so mean. – I was only being honest. / – That was too harsh. ♪ With sweet words ♪ ♪ Make my heart move up and down ♪ – Sunny, can you fix that? / – I’m just… (She is frustrated again.) Give her a few suggestions. Let’s see. – Give her a consultation. / – She needs it. – How do the lyrics go? / – Please fix it. “With sweet words, make my heart move up and down.” When you say “With sweet words”, your hands need to do this. – Do this with “My heart”. / – It’s an improvement. “Move”. (Make my heart move) Those gestures need to be added. Add those gestures. What should she do for “Up and down”? “Up and down”. Go up and down. When you are done, wink. Try again. You got a consultation. ♪ With sweet words ♪ ♪ Make my heart move up and down ♪ – That was a lot better. / – It’s amazing. – Sunny is a great teacher. / – She’s an expert. Thank you so much. The gestures made a big improvement. – It is better. / – It is a lot better. The wink energized the part. ♪ With sweet words ♪ ♪ Make my heart move up and down ♪ That was great. The gestures made her part look livelier. You should open an academy. Does anyone else need help? Sunny will give you suggestions. There is something I am unsure about. I hit high notes in my part. This is how my part goes. ♪ Baby, I know, I know ♪ ♪ The more I think about you ♪ – ♪ The more I go crazy ♪ / – She is a good singer. ♪ Your ♪ – It’s hard to act cute. / – She is a good singer. It’s hard to act cute in my part. – I don’t think you need to act cute. / – Just a bit… Play up your sexiness with this part. – Sunny suggests you continue as you are. / – Really? Thank you. When you say “I go crazy”, this hand gesture is a cliche. So, do this for “I go crazy”. (Sunny has magical touches.) That’s a lot better. (That’s it, Solji.) – That’s a lot better. / – Calm down. Calm down. My ears are ringing. (My ears hurt.) (She screeched like a dolphin.) She is capable of hitting higher notes. She hurt my cochlea. She is the one who hits high notes in EXID. Yerin, do you need help with anything? Since GFriend does synchronized dance, I need to dance in sync with the others. I want to change – just my part. / – How does it go? ♪ My heart is fluttering ♪ ♪ Our voices convey the excitement ♪ That’s how it goes. Even though it is my part, I often find the camera focusing on other members. – You want to make your part shine. / – Yes. You want the attention. You shouldn’t disturb the group dance. It’s a promise between group members. In a way that won’t disturb the group dance, play with your cuteness. Do this. (Why don’t you play with your cuteness?) “My heart is fluttering.” Go ahead. – I only wink once. / – Wink multiple times. ♪ My heart ♪ She has magnesium deficiency. (She shows a broken wink.) – She has magnesium deficiency. / – It seems like it. – Eat bananas. / – Bananas. – She needs more magnesium. / – Get some sunlight. Yerin needs to take more magnesium. – Eat two bananas a day. / – Eat bananas, Yerin. – All right. / – I will do that. I noticed that Sunny winked three times. How does she do that? She overdosed on magnesium supplements. Try it. (She shows a broken wink.) – This is so hard. / – Take magnesium supplements. Take supplements. (Take supplements. Take them twice a day.) – What was that? / – She should take supplements. That was hilarious. (Happy Train to Entertainment) From Girls’ Generation to Gugudan, guests will share tips on surviving in a girl group. Hyunmoo prepared this segment. It’s Way to “Music Bank”. If the statement applies to you, press the button. The number of people who did will appear on the screen. – We only get the number. / – Two means two people. Don’t be nervous. The voting system is anonymous. Most shows reveal who voted in the end. – Come on. / – We won’t do that. That’s what shows did in the 90s. “Tray Karaoke” did that in early 2000s. Things have changed. That’s why “Tray Karaoke” doesn’t exist any more. Your vote will remain anonymous. Don’t worry. – You weren’t in “Tray Karaoke”. / – I wanted to be. – I wasn’t popular back then. / – That’s right. Your vote will remain anonymous. – Don’t worry and answer honestly. / – Okay. – Hyeongyeong, give us the first statement. / – Okay. “I have been in a secret relationship.” “I have been in a secret relationship.” – I am curious. / – We will give you time to think. Use this time to decide whether you are going to press the button or not. – Will it make a sound? / – I can see Sunny’s device. – Please hide it. / – Okay. Sunny is ready to vote openly. (She is not shy.) In three, two, one. Press the button. – Let’s see the result. / – Come on. I heard a click. The device does make a sound. – It does. / – How many people pressed the button? In three, two, one. Show us the result. (What will the result be?) (Have these shy girls) (been in a secret relationship?) Show us the result. (The result is revealed.) – Wow. / – No way. It’s four out of six people. – It’s four out of six people. / – Four out of six. – Is this confidential? / – The number is high. – Yes, it is. / – I’m so curious. Who could it be? – All right. / – She said, “Who could it be?” – Who could it be? Hold on. / – Is it you? I already have an idea. – Chahee? / – Yes? (Chahee is the first suspect.) – Chahee. / – You startled me. – I heard the click. / – I did, too. We catch on quickly. When were you in a secret relationship? We haven’t revealed the results, yet. No, we didn’t. It’s just a hunch. You like to make things official, right? To tell you the truth, I have dated secretly. (She tells the truth.) – What did I tell you? / – You were right. I had a hunch. It was thrilling and fun. (She’s unstoppable.) Hold on, Chahee. You’re not making this up, are you? – You’re not, right? / – I can’t lie. Hold on. You said it was thrilling and fun – so was it somebody in the same field? / – It must be. I can’t tell you more. You told us enough. – She said it was thrilling. / – Who was the guy? You guys should say it, too. (You need to come clean as well.) – You need to say it. / – We’ll finish this topic now. (Only her secret relationship was revealed.) – We have a lot to cover, / – We have many themes. so we don’t need to go through everybody. We’ve got one person, so we need to find three more. What about Solji? – Me? / – Yes. – You didn’t press the button, right? / – Didn’t you? – I didn’t. / – Are you being honest? You pressed it. We’re not told to date in secret. – I’m on the older side / – That’s right. so they say that I’m an exception. – So you’re not… / – You are allowed to date? You shouldn’t hold it in. Why don’t you just tell us? – Me? / – Yes. But I don’t have a boyfriend. – We made our debut in 2006, / – Right. so I’ve never had a boyfriend since then. – Really? / – In public. “In public”? – It’s only on the outside. / – What’s she implying? – What does that mean? / – She said it herself. When Jaeseok was filming “Infinite Challenge”, – he met his wife. / – Her nickname was Ma Bongchun. – That time… / – You dated her in secret, right? We didn’t really date secretly. It’s been ten years so… – You didn’t intend it. / – It was fun, right? Didn’t he tell the members of “Infinite Challenge”? I had no idea. There was a member who knew. – But it wasn’t Myungsoo? / – No, it wasn’t. I would’ve never told him. I never told him. – As soon as you tell him… / – It’s good he didn’t. – I’d rather / – I was relieved. make it official than tell him a secret. – He would even say it on Happy Together. / – No way. – I was relieved / – Right. that I didn’t do anything wrong to his wife back then. A member or two did a few things wrong, but I didn’t do anything wrong. Not even once. I could have been in trouble. – Seriously… Congratulations. / – Thank you. – Thank you for your compliment. / – Sure. There were some members of Girls’ Generation who made their dating official. – Us? / – Yes. You pressed the button, right? – Did I? / – Yes. One of your buttons is still pressed. – It’s still pressed. / – It’s so obvious. – You pressed it too hard. / – Yes, Sunny. Why is it still pressed? (The third suspect is caught.) You already admitted it, so how do you keep it hidden? Bring people who don’t arouse any suspicion when you’re dating. Was that what it was? – Oh, dear. / – The people reporters don’t care at all. From when are you allowed to go out with somebody? – Without hiding it from anybody? / – Yes. From the third year, – it gets lenient. / – It gets better. In the first year of debut, it’s hardcore. “It’s hardcore”? – You can’t use that language on KBS. / – I’m sorry. During the first year, it’s strict. It’s strict? The first part will be aired on television. We can do that, right? In the beginning, the agency is strict and from the second year, they get lazy. From the third year, you can date. You can date from the third year. – I heard about this tip, too. / – What is it? When you get asked about your ideal type, you elaborate on it. That’s true. When you’re single, you talk about it generally. – You would be more general / – That’s right. but at one point, you start describing their eyes. You picture the person while you say it. – You think about them while you say it. / – I agree. What do you say? Are there times when you could tell from the other members? Pardon? There’s nothing like that. Say it! We’re going to make you tell us before this show ends. We need at least one person to come clean. Let’s make a deal. We won’t try to find out who it is. – Just tell us how it’s like. / – That’s – the only way we can finish filming. / – That’s right. We’re all trying to make a living here. All three of you say that it’s you. – You’re four, five and six. / – That’s Hyeongyeong. Sorry, Hyeongyeong. – That’s Hyeongyeong. / – Should I say something? She’s one of us. I was confused because of her hairstyle. – There’s something going on, right? / – No. What’s Yuju’s ideal type of men? I don’t know whom our members like. – What about your ideal type? / – What about yourself? – Me? I like… / – You like… – You like… / – She thought about somebody. – She did. / – I have a hunch. She thought about him. I like men who are passionate about their work – That’s me. / – There he is. I work so hard. ♪ Your eyes, nose and lips ♪ – I can do anything. / – If you pull down his zipper, he’ll be pouring two liters of sweat. He’s so sweaty. – It’s his sweat. / – I zipped it up. – It’s like meat broth. / – Be careful. I love filming with Hodong. – He’s like him. / – I love having Hodong around. He’s so much fun. He’s so reliable. What’s your ideal type, Sejeong? For me, I think like an old person. – You’re a mature young adult? / – That’s right. That’s how I am so I’m not attracted to men who are immature. – You like older men, then. / – Right, so I like mature men who are witty. I like funny guys. How old is the oldest guy you’d date? I actually thought about it. You’re 21, right? He can be 12 years older at most. He’ll be the same zodiac sign as you. All men who heard this must be going, “Yes”! (Sejeong says it’s okay.) – Yes! / – I think what Sejeong said was very specific. You like mature men who are 12 years older than you and witty. – Would he be 33? / – No, I’m actually attracted to actors who are older than me. – I think they’re so handsome. / – Can you name them? – Ma Dongseok? / – I see. – He’s known for his cuteness. / – She does like him. I asked myself if I could date a man like him – and I think I can. / – Is he your ideal type? – I like men who are warm-hearted. / – That’s Saeho. Doesn’t he fall in the category? – She just laughed. / – What was that for? – What was that for? / – Don’t his looks qualify? – Just his looks. / – They’re similar. – He looks warm… / – He’s cute, too. – He’s also funny. / – Where’s this going? He’s like Baek Jongwon of the comedy industry. What did you say? – I don’t like men who resemble carbonara. / – What? – She doesn’t like men who look cheesy. / – I don’t. – Do I look cheesy? / – Is he? There’s something more to it. She just doesn’t like you. I have my opinion as well. I just wanted to know. Pick among Ma Dongseok, Lee Seojin and me. This is difficult. All right. One, two, three. – Oh, gosh. / – Let’s say we’re the same age. – I pick… / – We’ll say they’re the same age. – Let’s say they’re 12 years older. / – They’re all 33. Then, I pick Lee Seojin. (She picks Lee Seojin.) You care so much about the looks. – You care about the looks. / – I didn’t finish. – I had my hopes up. / – Seojin… Seojin isn’t that funny or witty. I thought she’d pick Ma Dongseok. Although Ma Dongseok did nothing, he’s probably getting so many text messages now. – It’s like he’s the loser. / – He could seem that way. People around him would say, “It’s okay, Dongseok.” Let’s move to the next question. “I have been jealous of a member” “who was more popular than me.” From their own members? You might have felt this way momentarily. – It doesn’t have to last. / – We’re all humans. Have you ever been jealous of someone, Jaeseok? Have you ever been jealous of Myungsoo? I haven’t. (He didn’t even hesitate for a second.) You’re so mean. – You’re so mean. / – I’ve never been jealous of you. – You could’ve said it in a nice way. / – I’m serious. I don’t think he’s been jealous of me either. – Why not? / – You have? He’s still jealous of you. I always hope that you don’t do better. You can’t be better than now. Only then, would I take your position. I’ll try my best to be jealous of Myungsoo. Just try a little bit and you’ll feel like me. – Try your best. / – I’ll try to be jealous. If you’re decided, please press the button. One, two, three. Press the button if you’re applied. Press it firmly. (It’s time to decide.) Let’s see the result. One, two, three. Let’s see! – You see? / – It’s two people. It’s Solji and… We’re the ones with bad minds. We reminded each other when we made the debut that popularity comes and goes like seasons do, so even if you’re more popular, let’s not be conceited. Our team’s career is more important than individual popularity. – That’s so mature. / – And when each of us gets popular, our group would be successful. That’s what we always talked about. I know somebody who’s always popular. – It doesn’t come and go. / – The person next to you? – Who is it? / – Him. You must be happy. He’s jealous right now. Well I can’t deny it. – It’s like spring for him every day. / – I’m happy. – I’m happy about it. / – That’s right. I have to – learn from you. / – How could I not be happy? – I’m grateful. / – That coffee must be bitter. It must be black coffee. Can you imitate any of your members, Sunny? – From Girls’ Generation, I mean. / – From my team? You must know their special characteristics. Tiffany smiles with her eyes. Turn your head. Do it again. (They’re like identical twins.) – Good one. / – You look exactly like her. That’s all I can do. – That was Tiffany’s smile. / – They look alike. – Hello, Tiffany. / – Hello. (She summons Tiffany.) (Tiffany was just here.) – Oh, dear. / – I can see it. What about you, Sejeong? Let’s flip the question. You had the attention from the beginning. – Others could have been jealous. / – What do you say? No, I don’t think so. I thought many would press it. – I’m one of the two people. / – I see. Each of our members is popular in different aspects. I keep on acting like old men. But I also want people to say that I’m adorable, but Mina is more adorable. – That’s right. / – And she’s not trying to act cute. She’s just cute when she dances. I wanted to be cute like her somehow, but I wasn’t jealous of her. It was more like, “I envy you, dude.” She called her dude. She said it like an old man. – That’s me talking to my friend. / – She’s very cute. Your tone of voice doesn’t suit a girl group member. – She sounds old and friendly. / – She does. She doesn’t even pronounce things properly. I agree. What about you, Solbin? I’m also one of the active members in our group who often appears on TV. I was an MC on “Music Bank” and I had photo shoots, but the members think the same way. They’re rooting for me. I was nervous about coming today. I even prepared 11 impersonations. (She has 11 impersonations to show us.) – We almost skipped you. / – I tried it with them. They told me what to do and what not to do. They told me to be confident. Wait. She prepared 11 impersonations for today. – You tried it in front of the members, right? / – Yes. – You can do it. / – We have to see it. It would last about ten minutes. (That’s a lot of time in front of the camera.) I’ll start with a dolphin. – A dolphin? / – All right. (She’ll mimic a dolphin sound.) (She tries her best.) (Hello, dolphins.) That sounds like a dolphin. I almost responded with a squeal. (They all give it a try.) – I can also do a siren. / – A siren? (She mimics a siren sound.) Isn’t that a dolphin? Okay, so that’s number two. – It sounds like that. / – That’s two. What’s next? – I can also do a boiling water sound. / – Okay. – They’re along the same pitch. / – They’re common. (Is she going for a high-pitched sound again?) That’s a dolphin. – All right. / – There’s more. Aren’t you just going between head and chest voice? (They’re all high-pitched sounds.) What’s next? I’ve also prepared an impersonation of Lena Park – at the last minute. / – At the last minute. (She’s absorbed in herself.) (I know it’s a dream) (But I don’t want) – That was funny. / – Did you lose your teeth? That was funny. Good job. – That was good. / – What’s next? I can imitate a fish’s face. A fish’s face? I can do a salmon, skate and sole, but they told me not to do it. – Let’s see a salmon. / – I’ll try it. It’s a salmon, a skate and a sole. Salmon. Skate! Sole. – That’s cute. / – Let’s see that again. Salmon. Skate! Sole. Let’s see the sole first. Sole. Skate! Salmon. – That’s cute. / – It’s a good one. – We like stuff like this. / – She likes it. It’s as good as “Chicken, pizza and sweet and sour pork”. – It’s good. / – I’m relieved. – My hands are sweaty. / – It’s good. – You can also imitate a coffee sound? / – Right. I’ll do americano, cappuccino, espresso and macchiato. – I’ll do it in that order. / – That sounds good. Americano! Cappu… Cappuccino. Espresso! Macchiato. – Let’s see that again. / – Macchiato. Americano! Cappu… Cappuccino. Espresso! Macchiato. Let’s go with the salmon. Salmon. Skate! Sole. – You said the member approved it, right? / – Yes. They were teaming up on you. – They were jealous of her. / – That’s right. – I’m certain. / – It’s funny, though. They’re jealous of her for hosting “Music Bank”. – She did 11 impersonations, / – My hands are sweaty. but Sejeong has something to show us as well. I had to film myself every weekend at my agency. You had to film one impersonation. – Same with us. / – You do it too, right? – You have to do it weekly. / – There’s such thing? You run out of idea as time goes by. I ran out of topics so I took the safe bet… I mean, I took the safe route. (She fails to sound girlish.) Did she say “safe bet”? (Sejeong sounds like an old person.) It’s coming out. – I can hear your Gimje dialect. / – Gimje… You sound very comfortable. Good one. I mean, I took the safe route and did what I’m good at. – I can copy the karaoke machine. / – Let’s see. The karaoke machine goes “Wow, you’re amazing! Go for a perfect score!” (This is Happy Together karaoke.) – You sound the same. / Can you do a sick chicken? Nayoung can actually do this, but I had nothing else to do so I asked her if I could do it. She told me to change it a bit and then do it. I wasn’t even close to her, so I saved it for later… – That was her accent. / – What did you say? (Don’t be surprised if you see her in Cheonan.) Excuse me, but did your grandma raise you? – How did you know? / – You sound like Yu Haejin. – Am I right? Your grandma must’ve… / – That’s right. – Let’s hear it. / – I don’t sound like it at all. Let’s hear it. (Let’s leave this one to Nayoung.) I guess Nayoung is good at this. Chahee, you can do something too, right? – It’s Chahee’s turn. / – This is your chance. We never give anybody these many chances. – Is that right? / – Yes. I’ll try impersonating Lee Jungjae. – Lee Jungjae? / – It’s Lee Jungjae. – You’re doing Lee Jungjae? / – Yes. Don’t get me stuff like this. You sound like Zhu Bajie. (That’s you.) – Do you have another line? / – Yes, I have one more. – What is it? / – Let’s hear it. Are we the only three who know this plan? (This is it.) “Are we the only three who know this plan?” (She has a thick voice.) Imitate Yu Haejin. (It’s Yu Haejin from “The Pirates”.) Wait a minute! Was it the right or the left? – Isn’t that Doraemon? / – That’s true. (Is this it?) Nobita! (They approve.) Solbin takes over. (She steals the thunder.) (Chahee fails again.) She’s much better at things she wasn’t told to do. – My team told me not to do this. / – See? – They’re jealous. / – They told me not to do this. – They told you not to do it? / – Let’s go, Solji! – What do you have for us, Solji? / – Me? – Can you copy Im Wonhee’s face? / – Should I do it? (Im Wonhee? Sure!) Let’s see you impersonate Im Wonhee. (She was putting it off this whole time,) (and now the room is heating up.) I don’t think we need to introduce ourselves. (She sounds like a cool guy.) (They must be siblings.) – You got it. / – You sounded like him. – You do sound like him. / – It’s funny. I’ve got that under my belt. I’ll do Hyun Sook next. (It’s Singer Hyun Sook.) (She looks like her, too.) ♪ Let’s dance the hula dance with the tambourine ♪ Hello, it’s Hyun Sook! (Solji is unstoppable.) – I approve. / – What about Pikachu? (She resembles Pikachu as well.) (Pikachu) – What about Im Wonhee? / – Do him again. I don’t think we need to introduce ourselves. (She’s a great entertainer.) (Thanks to her look-alike, she becomes the funniest.) Good job, Solji. (Is she determined?) I’ll try Yeo Jingoo. – Yeo Jingoo? / – Good choice! – She’ll do Yeo Jingoo. / – This is your chance. Our members do this, but I have to do it. – This is your sixth chance. / – All right. – I’m so scared. / – Please focus. Cue! (This is Yeo Jingoo from “Hwayi: A Monster Boy”.) Father, I can see monsters. (She checks their responses.) – She can see monsters? / – I’m sorry. No, it’s okay. You sound like Kim Raewon. You should have done his line from “Sunflower”. Try “Did you have to take everything?” as Yeo Jingoo. Did you have to do it? You have to stick your chin out. All right. We’re good to go. Did you… (She checks his reaction.) Did you have to take everything? That was close. For this, you have to open up your mouth and nostrils. Try it. (She summons him.) Did… Did you have to take everything? It’s a nasal voice. (She imitates him perfectly.) Chahee gets her spotlight stolen again. – I think I should go. / – No, no. When Chahee starts, all of you go for her. It’s like she got pushed over. – That’s right. / – Your manager walked out crying. – He did. / – Your manager walked out. Hyeongyeong, can you show an example to Chahee? Show her how it’s done. – She looks sad. / – You want me to show her? – She’s also your senior. / – Exactly. That’s before and after. (Slapping, inchworm dance, monkey,) (babies and excessive expression of refreshment) Look at her. It looks so refreshing. – It might be funny if you copy me. / – Okay. I can do a zombie dance and you can copy me. – What’s the zombie dance? / – What’s that? – The zombie dance? / – Yes, she can copy me. Here comes the train. You can play any music. (This is for the passengers of Train to Entertainment.) (This is for the passengers of Train to Entertainment.) (She loses herself.) – Oh, my. / – What is that? What’s that? Where did she learn that? The fans of “Train to Busan” would love it. Oh, dear. (This girl is a little scary.) – She’s got swag. / – She’s got swag. – Wow! / – Hey! – She’s got swag. / – Wow. (In order to survive on this train,) Brava, Hyeongyeong. (you shouldn’t be scared. Be scary instead.) Brava! You are the best. That was amazing. – I think the director would want to cast her. / – Yes. – It’s for a zombie movie. / – I want to do it. I can do a good job. How do you do the zombie dance? Your arms have to move separately. You do it like this. (That cracking sound wasn’t a sound effect.) She’s really good. – Like this. / – She’s really good. (Zombie Hyeongyeong) (infects the Train to Entertainment.) It’s a zombie! (These young zombie girls) (are full of energy.) She’s good. (She’s not sexy any more.) – She’s cute. / – I will bite you all! I will bite you all! – She did it again. / – It looks like – she’s always excited. / – Yerin, – It’s an homage to Taeyang. / – can you dance, too? – Yes, I can. / – Please dance for us. I really love – her dance. / – I don’t think she can be a zombie. (When the others were showing their talents,) (she was just smiling brightly.) (Yerin is a lovely girl from GFriend.) Let’s see. That’s it. She starts dancing. (What kind of zombie would she be?) Now you got bitten. (Zombie Yerin moves wildly.) That was nice! (She becomes normal again.) She’s charming. – I’m glad we made her dance. / – She got bitten. Sejeong, you became a singer because of your grandma? My grandma has hearing problems. When I was growing up, she always turned on trot music loudly. So I started singing along, and it inspired me to become a trot singer. Are you good at singing trot songs? I love Jang Yoonjeong’s songs. (She starts singing a trot song.) That’s it. This is how you sing. ♪ Just go without words ♪ – The point is to drop your voice. / – That’s it! – You dropped your voice. / – Right. Your voice went all the way down and came up. I practiced a lot. – Yes. / – Your grandma must’ve been happy. Recently, I’ve been too busy. I haven’t been able to visit my sick grandpa. His condition is getting worse. When I think about those things, it makes me sad and I sometimes regret becoming a celebrity. – But it was tough to get this far. / – Yes. Everything is turning out well now, but you’re worried that your popularity will fade. The reason why I’m feeling that is because this happened all too fast. I was just a trainee, and I suddenly debuted through that show. It didn’t make me just a bit popular but massively famous. So it was hard to accept it as a reality. I felt that if someone hits me, I’d wake up from this dream. Wait. I’m… I’m getting emotional. So… That happened. – What’s wrong with me? / – It’s okay. – It’s okay to cry. / – It’s okay. No. So, since it happened all too fast, I feel like… (She can’t calm down.) I’m afraid that I will wake up from this dream if I.O.I isn’t popular any more. I used to feel that way, but I realized that I can establish myself and make my place in this industry. I shouldn’t worry. – Right. / – Will your grandparents watch this? Elders watch KBS. Please send your grandma a message. She’s a good granddaughter. – She must miss her granddaughter. / – Yes. – I hope this will be aired. / – What? – The part I was handing her tissue. / – Probably not. Please send them a video message. Where do I look? Okay. Okay. (She’s overwhelmed.) – I feel like crying. / – It’s okay. (The word “family” makes everyone emotional.) Grandpa. Oh, no. I wasn’t going to cry. I said I’d go see my grandpa when I’d become a singer. I’m still a novice in this industry, so it’s hard for me to make time. I will make time soon and visit you. So don’t get sicker. Please hang on for a little more. I will visit you very soon. I’m on TV a lot, so please always watch KBS. I came out here today and did a lot of things. Please watch because I will appear on it frequently. And don’t get sick. I love you both, Grandma and Grandpa. (Jaeseok spots something.) – Oh, my. / – I’m proud of her. Hand some tissue to Solbin, too. – Why is she also crying? / – Pass it to her. – I’ll hand it to her. / – Everyone’s crying. – You can hand it to them. / – Thank you. Don’t use too much of it. – Saeho. / – What’s that? Get more only if you really need it. Chahee, you didn’t cry though. – Chahee. / – Why do you need tissue? – She… / – She’s using it to clean her face. – She’s taking out the eye dirt. / – Chahee. She’s not crying. You can’t poke your eyes to make yourself cry. – You can’t do that. / – She poked her eyes. – Chahee is trending online. / – For her fake tears. – She’s faking her tears. / – She is. She’s faking it. I know. (Train to Entertainment) Happy Together prepared a special event for the hard-working girl group members. This is the “Water Gun Dance Room”! (“Water Gun Dance Room”) First of all, watch the video we prepared. Then, you have to copy the dance routine. You have to succeed in ten tries. Okay? If you fail, we will shoot you – with water guns. / – They work well. Yes. (Hyunmoo squirts it at Jaeseok.) (It’s surprisingly scary.) (They demonstrate the water gun shooting.) Stop it. That was a good one. (It shoots water very well.) – Stop it! / – Be careful with the mic. – The mic. / – Be mindful of it. – Are you all right? / – I’m okay. She’s truly an actress. The dance you’re about to watch is like a textbook of a girl group dance. It’s Girls’ Generation’s “Gee”. (“Gee” has the legendary dance.) – Sunny, do you remember the dance? / – Of course. – Of course. / – We still do it for concerts. – I see. / – I see. I’m curious if any of you has tried doing this dance. – I have done it. / – You have? Yes. Right. That’s not the right dance. I’ve done the dance on another channel – with GFriend and Twice members. / – You’ve done it. – I practiced it alone. / – I haven’t done it. – I see. / – You’re unlucky. I’ve never danced to “Gee”. In that case, Sejeong and Chahee have to do well. Only when you two do a good job, you will succeed it in ten tries. No. I am sorry. – I am sorry. / – Hey. Cheer up, girls. Sunny might be too familiar with the routine, so we changed it up a little. Let’s watch the video first. (Solbin) (This move is for everyone.) – That’s easy. / – That’s hard. – That’s hard. / – I did it, too. (Yerin) – That’s for Yerin. / – You have to do that. Can you remember that? – How can they remember that? / – How can they? – They’re not familiar with the dance. / – Try it. (This move is for everyone.) That’s easy. This is easy. What? – Isn’t that too hard? / – That’s too hard. (It’s slightly different from the original dance.) (They clap each other’s hands.) – What? / – That’s too tricky. That’s hard. How can we do that? Will we manage it in a day? Come on. You’re a member of a girl group. – All right, everyone. / – It’s hard. I think it’s a little difficult. If it’s the same dance, I’d teach them. – However, they changed it. / – Right. They made tiny changes to every move. I might be the bad one today. We are flustered as well. It looks like we’d need too much water. I was watching you. You might make a lot of mistakes. – Let’s do this. / – Let’s go, girls! Let’s bring it up. – One, two, three. / – One, two, three. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! (Let’s survive this.) – Yes! / – Brava. This is their first attempt. Give us the music. (They observe sharply.) – Look at her. / – She’s good. – Solbin is good. / – She’s amazing. It’s a group move. (They fail.) (They missed the timing.) (Even Sunny got it wrong.) (They shoot water to the girls.) (They protect their faces first.) Please forgive me! – Please, stop! / – Please don’t do this. Enjoy the water. That’s nice. It’s nice here. It’s nice over here. – I’m sorry, / – I’m scared. but it was a group move. Your fans are watching. How can you fail? – They need time to discuss. / – You can discuss. (Umbrella Girls is disbanded because they can’t dance.) – Cheers! / – Are we doing it again? – Music, please. / – Let’s go. – I love that part. / – She’s too good. – Solbin is good. / – She is. – It’s the group part. / – It’s the group part. No. – It’s the group part. / – It’s the group part. (Solji’s legs are wrong.) Stop it. Stop it. (They suddenly become polite.) (We hope getting shot with water) (will cool you down.) (They get shower.) (If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it.) They look tired. – Solbin. / – What are you doing, Sejeong? Oh, gosh. – It hurts. / – Sejeong. – Your hair is flat. / – Protect your face. – It’s too late now. / – Yes. They didn’t practice the group part. I’m sorry, but you look like Kim Kyungho. (From behind, she looks like Kim Kyungho.) (She’s a mix of Im Wonhee and Kim Kyungho.) (I look like both Wonhee and Kyungho.) All right. Here we go. It’s the fifth try. Go! (Solbin does it perfectly every time.) She’s good. – They’re doing it together. / – That’s good. (They fail again.) – Why? Why? / – Why? Why? Why did we fail? – Sejeong made a mistake. / – I did? What did I do? – They’re good. / – They are. (Sejeong’s legs were in different direction.) I’m in trouble. I’m in trouble. – It’s okay. / – You can do it again. ♪ Gee, gee, gee, gee, baby, baby, baby ♪ – You should do this too. / – They will… Who are you? (It’s me, Sunny.) (Sejeong just laughs it off.) – I keep getting it wrong. / – Who is she? – Was her forehead that big? / – Yes! Your forehead is beautiful! (Sunny’s compliment makes her excited!) – It’s nice. / – Let’s do it. All right. Ready? This is the sixth try. Let’s go! What if they fail again? (Solbin could dance even with her eyes closed.) (Everyone dances in sync.) (Sejeong gets the legs wrong again.) Sejeong! (Oh, dear.) Sejeong! – Oh, no! / – Sejeong! – I am sorry! / – Sejeong! – I’m sorry. / – Group dance is not her forte. (Sunny disappears suddenly.) – I’m getting sick. / – Chahee hasn’t done anything. – Sunny. / – They will use up their chances. I’m getting sick. – Who came up with this idea? / – Take time to discuss. (Sunny’s tired.) Can you cut us some slack? Don’t be too hard on us. – Let’s watch it again. / – They did quite well. – Give them a chance. / – Let us watch it again. Sunny, then show us a zombie dance. – Sunny. / – She’s going to do it? (Are you really going to do it?) Let’s go. (Will she do the zombie dance for the girls?) (This is Sunny’s zombie dance.) (What?) Don’t smile. Don’t smile. – Oh, gosh. / – She’s sexy. (She’s a sexy zombie.) (The sexy zombie goes clubbing.) – She did it. / – Hurry up and show us. We’ll let you watch it again. How can you do that? (They have the last chance to watch the dance.) – Music! / – Let’s go, girls! – Let’s go, Sejeong. / – Let’s go! – Let’s go! / – Cue! Okay. (They have three more chances.) (Will they be able to finish it?) – ♪ Gee, gee, gee, gee ♪ / – ♪ Baby, baby, baby ♪ (The girls are used to solders’ loud cheers.) (The cheers give them energy!) – ♪ Gee, gee, gee, gee ♪ / – ♪ Baby, baby, baby ♪ (They shout like soldiers.) (It’s time for the second group part.) – Oh, dear. / – They did it. They did it. (The second group dance) (Success) (It’s Sunny’s part.) – They’re good. / – You’re doing well. (Sunny) (succeeds her part.) (This is by far the most successful try.) Good job. That’s good. – It’s dangerous. / – Let’s go! – Good job. / – Good job. – Go, girls. / – Come on. (When they manage this part,) Good job. (Sejeong’s and Chahee’s parts remain.) (Will they succeed or fail?) (It’s the third group part.) (They succeed.) (It’s Sejeong’s part.) (Oh, my gosh!) (Sunny gives a signal.) (But she doesn’t know what to do with her hands.) (This is the original move.) (Sejeong fails.) Gosh. You were so close. Gosh. Sejeong. (They cover her.) – You were so close. / – Gosh! I was glad we did the hard parts. And I wasn’t ready for my part. This is the eighth try. One. (The six girls are reborn as Girls’ Generation.) (Now Sejeong has to do her part.) It’s Sejeong’s part. (She’s always made mistakes.) (Will she succeed this time?) (Everyone pays attention.) (Please, Sejeong.) It’s Sejeong’s part. (She’s good.) That’s good. – Good job. / – Good job. – Nice! / – Go, Sejeong! ♪ Do I lack courage ♪ – You’re doing good. / – ♪ What should I do ♪ – Good job! / – They have to get through this part. They’re good. – Here we go again. / – They’re good. It’s the finale. (Long-awaited final part) (Will they succeed?) Awesome! Gather up, girls. (They succeed on the last part!) (They did it in eight tries.) Good job. (Cheering) – We did it! / – Good job! Good job, girls. Good job. Great job. We used up all the water. They’re Korea’s best girl groups. I’m worried that you will see me and think girl groups aren’t that talented. It’s just me, everybody. – The same goes for me. / – It’s just us. – The others are very talented. / – You did well. Don’t be mistaken. – You did well. / – We did well. – You’re amazing. / – That was good. Thank you. Thank you everyone for joining us today. We’ll be back next time with something better. – Thank you. / – Thank you. DinDin, Crush and Loco! (DinDin is a great entertainer and rapper.) (Loco is the leader of trendy hip hop.) (Crush is music chart king.) He’s amazing. (However,) (their true personalities are revealed.) (They argue.) I was always with you at clubs. – Let’s sue him. / – Are you middle schoolers? I went in a hostess bar. – It was a hotel room. / – Really? (Don’t miss the next episode.) (“Lip 2 Lip” by 9muses A)