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    Kolej na Kraków! / Railway for Cracow!
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    Kolej na Kraków! / Railway for Cracow!

    January 19, 2020

    Almost 250,000 cars enter Cracow every day (source: report of Municipal Administration Department in City Hall of Krakow), the city is most congested in Poland and vehicle traffic also contributes to formation of smog. However, ecological alternative in transportation is railway and soon it will be even more friendly to the city and its inhabitants thanks to modernization of main railway line running through Krakow. In this episode, we will take a closer look at this investment. Let’s watch! Time on railways for Cracow! E30 railway line is one of two Trans-European transport corridors crossing Poland from east to west. Route also passes diametrically through Kraków and on the almost 20-kilometers-long section between Krakow Main Cargo (Kraków Główny Towarowy) station and Rudzice is currently undergoing a huge modernization. Works will enable to obtain a railway system in the Krakow agglomeration that resembles the human circulatory system, where: – the heart, center of agglomeration passenger service and, above all, long-distance passenger, is Krakow Main Passenger (Kraków Główny Osobowy) station, – aorta, the largest artery, is a 4-track section between Main and Płaszów stations. A part of line will be created thanks to construction of 2 agglomeration tracks and modernization of 2 currently existing for long-distance traffic, which will allow independent servicing of both types of connections. Four-track section runs in dense building area of Krakow, crosses many streets, so it is led on flyovers and viaducts. Longest sequence of extended and renovated objects is 850-meters-long, and viaduct within Grzegórzecka street is over 150 years old! Works are therefore under watchful eye of conservator. Line crosses Vistula River in Krakow and previously existing bridge will be replaced by three parallel arched bridges. Their constructions will consist of 3 arches of different sizes and longest span will be 116-meters-long. New bridges on Vistula are the most spectacular objects of this investment. – remaining arteries of railway system are: three-track section between Płaszów and Bieżanów stations and two-track sections deriving traffic from Krakow. On route, stations and stops are being modernized. Two new stops will also be built in Krakow at Grzegórzecka street and in Złocień. There is no other such investment in Poland today in railway, which would take place on line crossing diametrically large city in half. Scale of the task is huge, it was a challenge to maintain railway traffic during investment and to set up additional tracks that will ensure running of a larger number of trains. For Krakow, this route may become a transport backbone, such as the metro in Capital City. Speed at which trains will move is also important – on engineering facilities in center even up to 100 km/h and on regular route up to 160 km/h. This will ensure a much shorter travel time. The modernized line will improve integration of railway with the city and, as a result, area of Krakow agglomeration – with new and modernized interchanges, adapted to serve people with mobility limitations. The value of the entire project exceeds 1 billion PLN, it is implemented as part of “Connecting Europe” instrument for 2014-2020. Meanwhile, thanks for your attention and see you next time. Bye!

    Санкт-Петербург-Главный, поезд № 185 Санкт-Петербург – Волгоград
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    Санкт-Петербург-Главный, поезд № 185 Санкт-Петербург – Волгоград

    January 7, 2020

    Saint Petersburg. Vosstaniya Square. Moskovsky railway terminal ChS2T-1016 electric locomotive EP2K-238 electric locomotive is coupling to train № 34 Tallinn – Moscow High-speed train № 780 “Sapsan” Moscow – Saint Petersburg is arriving, Sapsan go to depot train № 185 Saint Petersburg – Volgograd with EP2K-333 electric locomotive TEM18V-011 diesel locomotive, which move trains to boarding “Moscovsky railway teerminal” Vosstaniya Square Nevsky Prospect (avenue)


    Twelve-Bar Blues Backing Track for A Minor Pentatonic and More Scales

    December 31, 2019

    Backing track Blues style. For electric, acoustic or classical guitar. Ideal to improvise solos. You can also sing, or play different instruments on it. You can improvise by using a scale of A minor pentatonic, A minor, A major, A Blues and more. The track has always the same chords progression. CHords (no 3rd) A | A | D | A | E | D | A | E7 The record has electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, organ and drums. Add it to your playlist, subscribe, share, to help me continue making these tracks. Have fun!

    How do you power a modern railway?
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    How do you power a modern railway?

    November 28, 2019

    The first method of propelling railways was by horses. People like
    Richard Trevithick developed the steam engine and they used that to transport
    coal from the mines. Other forms of power have
    become available over the years such as diesel and electricity.
    The advantages of electrification are it’s cleaner,
    it’s more efficient,
    it’s quicker. You can get more
    passengers on a train. The trains can be made bigger than by
    using diesel or steam railways. Balfour Beatty is a world leader in railway
    electrification. In climatic conditions ranging from
    the heat of India to the arctic conditions of
    Canada, Norway and Finland. OLE or ‘Overhead Line
    Electrification’ is the collection of masts and gantries and wires and
    supports that hang above the railway. All of that is designed to deliver power to
    an electric train and ‘Rail Electrification Designer’ helps OLE
    designers and OLE engineers to be able to devise and develop and design those
    OLE components. We’ve developed this software in-house and we developed that using the expertise for OLE engineering that we’ve got here. It
    promotes right-first-time engineering. It allows the engineer and the draftsman to work together to get the design right on the screen, to visualize that in 3D and to
    understand exactly the interactions between the components they are
    designing and how it might interact with other structures that already exist on
    the railway. So once we receive the
    cross sections from
    the electrification team, we use this analysis
    program and then produce an output for the
    civil engineers to design the foundations. The input from both teams is then
    submitted to the client and then, once accepted, it goes to construction to be
    built on site. Here at Maidenhead we’re installing the overhead
    line design to provide an electric railway between Stockley and Maidenhead
    for the ‘West Outer’ electrification. It starts with the installation of the
    foundations which then have overhead line structures installed upon them and
    then the supporting and registration equipment. The final installation of the
    overhead line continuing contact wire is done by either road-rail or wiring
    trains. Subsequently, trains are able to run on it at speeds of up to a
    hundred and twenty-five miles an hour. The benefits to passengers of the new electric service will be faster, more frequent and more reliable electric,
    air-conditioned trains. Balfour Beatty’s OLE
    capability in this industry is better than ever. From
    the installation of foundations, steelwork wiring with modern technology, right
    through to commissioning. Our commitment is to build a modern day railway and leave a legacy that we can all be proud of.

    Railway line bypassing Ukraine, changes during 2017-2018
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    Railway line bypassing Ukraine, changes during 2017-2018

    November 19, 2019

    Railway line bypassing Ukraine construction.
    May, 2017. M4 «Don» — Malchevskaya road bridge.
    May, 2017. Kolodezi — Bochenkovo stretch construction.
    May, 2017. Two months later, picture from new bridge.
    August, 2017. A week before taking these pictures first service train run was officially announced.
    August, 2017 One year later — August 19, 2018 EP1M-546 electric locomotive with a
    train nr. 221 Arkhangelsk — Anapa. EP1M-683 electric locomotive with a
    train nr. 79 Arkhangelsk — Adler. VL80 electric locomotive with a freight train.
    Bochenkovo — Kolodezi stretch. New railway line was fully open
    at December 11, 2017.

    Pakistan Electric Railway journey 2019
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    Pakistan Electric Railway journey 2019

    November 17, 2019

    I’m traveling in Pakistan by train at last, I found active Mini Electric Locomotive, today Train journey on Pakistan’s last Narrow gauge electric railway line in Khewra salt mine. annually More than 200,000 Foreigner and local tourist visit Khewra Salt mine and many of them travel on it. PMDC extra charge 100 rupees for Train journey in Mine. Complete detail in my next video Khewra Salt Mine. Like, Share and Subscribe for More Videos. Tarar Support

    Ltd,Exp, Rapi:t/Nankai Electric Railway
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    Ltd,Exp, Rapi:t/Nankai Electric Railway

    November 17, 2019

    “Yokoso Osaka e!” Welcome to Osaka In order to come to downtown Osaka, the city with warm heart people and charming town,please ride Ltd,Exp,Rapi:t,Nankai Electric Railway. From Kansai International Airport to Namba Terminal, it takes about 40 minutes ride. Please start your wonderful trip by riding our Ltd,Exp,Rapi:t,Nankai Electric Railway.”O-machi shite imasu!”.