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    Kindergarten Educational Learning Videos | Nursery Rhymes For Children | Bob The Train – Kids TV
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    Kindergarten Educational Learning Videos | Nursery Rhymes For Children | Bob The Train – Kids TV

    November 7, 2019

    Do you know the animals ABC song Let’s sing it , With Bob the Train. ‘A’ ‘A’ ‘A’ ‘ALLIGATOR’ He’s so big and green. ‘B’ ‘B’ ‘B’ A ‘BUTTERFLY’ She’s pretty like a Queen. ‘C’ ‘C’ ‘C’ A ‘CATERPILLAR’ Oh how slow it crawls. ‘D’ ‘D’ ‘D’ A ‘DOG’ Look at him hop on his paws! ‘E’ ‘E’ ‘E’ An ‘ELEPHANT’ His trunk goes on and on. ‘F’ ‘F’ ‘F’ A ‘FROG’ His tongue sticks out so long. ‘G’ ‘G’ ‘G’ ‘GIRAFFE’ I can only see him, Halfway ‘H’ ‘H’ ‘H’ A ‘HIPPOPOTAMUS’ She can lie in the river all day. ‘I’ ‘I’ ‘I’ IGUANA It looks like a little Dinosaur! ‘J’ ‘J’ ‘J’ A ‘JAGUAR’ He’s got a thousand spots and more. ‘K’ ‘K’ ‘K’ A ‘KANGAROO’ Look at him hop around. ‘L’ ‘L’ ‘L’ A ‘LION’ King of the jungle he’s crowned. ‘M’ ‘M’ ‘M’ A ‘MONKEY’ Doesn’t he love the trees ‘N’ ‘N’ ‘N’ A ‘NEWT’ Careful she’s going to sneeze ‘O’ ‘O’ ‘O’ An ‘OCTOPUS’ She sure got a handful of arms. ‘P’ ‘P’ ‘P’ A ‘PENGUIN’ Isn’t it funny how he walks ‘Q’ ‘Q’ ‘Q’ A ‘QUAIL’ Those are eggs She’s sitting on. ‘R’ ‘R’ ‘R’ ‘RHINOCEROS’ We better be careful of that horn. ‘S’ ‘S’ ‘S’ A ‘STARFISH’ She can only be found in the sea. ‘T’ ‘T’ ‘T’ A ‘TIGER’ I think this one’s feeling sleepy. ‘U’ ‘U’ ‘U’ A ‘URIAL’ Its horns do catch your eyes ‘V’ ‘V’ ‘V’ A ‘VULTURE’ She can fly so high in the skies. ‘W’ ‘W’ A ‘WALRUS’ I wonder how its teeth, grew? ‘X’ ‘X’ ‘X’ An ‘X-RAY FISH’ You can almost see right through ‘Y’ ‘Y’ ‘Y’ A ‘YAK’ I think she feels very cold. ‘Z’ ‘Z’ ‘Z’ A ‘ZEBRA’ He looks like a striped horse. That was the Animals ABC song Wasn’t it fun, Then come back soon with Bob the Train!

    The Alphabet Adventure With Alice and Shawn the Train – FULL CARTOON – (Learn letters and words)
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    The Alphabet Adventure With Alice and Shawn the Train – FULL CARTOON – (Learn letters and words)

    November 6, 2019

    Hi. My name is Alice. I want to show you my alphabet book that helped me learn my letters. We are going to start with the letter A, the first letter of the alphabet. Oh, no! Something happened to all the letters! They are all gone! We need to find them, but how we are going to do that? Hi, Alice! My name is Shawn. I can help you find the missing letters. That sounds fantastic, Shawn! But I don’t know my ABCs. That’s OK. I’ll help you learn the letters. Thank you, Alice! All aboard! Let’s go find our letters! Wow, I cannot believe it! We are inside the alphabet book. Let’s go find our missing letters, Shawn. What is the first letter? The first letter we are going to find is the letter A. Look! I have the wagon for the letter A. Amazing! Let’s go find the letter A. Hmm. Which way should I go, Alice? Look! There is an airplane. Let’s ask the airplane where to go. Hey, airplane! We are looking for the letter A. Can you show us which way we should go? Thank you, airplane. The letter A is hiding behind one of the apples. Which apple, Alice? Hmmm… Let’s say the sound that the letter A makes so we can find it. Pause The A says [a] as in APPLE! Here it is! A is for APPLE. And A is for AIRPLANE. The next letter is B. Look at the funny ball bouncing up and down… and the letter B behind the ball! Let’s catch the letter B. Wait Shawn! I cannot stop! The letter B is on the other side of the river. Help us say the sound that the letter B makes so the bridge will appear. The B says [b] as in BRIDGE. We did it! B is for BALL. Let’s go find the letter C! I found the letter C. Correct! The letter C is trying to push a stuck car out of the mud. Do you see anything that can help the letter C? I see the crane! Cool! But the crane only works when it hears the sound [k] that the letter C makes. Let’s say it together to help our stuck car. The C says [k] as in CRANE! Thank you, CRANE! C is for CRANE. And C is for CAR. Our next letter is D. The letter D is behind one of the musical instruments. D makes the sound [d]. Do you see any instrument that starts with the letter D? The letter D is behind the drum! Well done! D is for DRUM. Now on to the letter E. Look! Here is the letter E sitting on top of the excavator. They are trying to move those big rocks that fell on the railroad tracks. Those rocks are too heavy. Let’s say the sound that the letter E makes so the excavator will get more energy. The E says [e] as in ENERGY. We did it! Now come with us. E is for EXCAVATOR. Let’s go find the letter F. The fire truck, Alice! And the letter F is on the fire truck. Let’s see where they are going so fast. We have to help Shawn go faster by saying the sound the letter F makes. The F says [f] as in FASTER! That was fast! Look! They are giving fading flowers some fresh water. F is for FLOWERS. And F is for FIRE TRUCK. The next letter is G. We are in the alphabet garden. Let’s go and find green fruit that starts with the letter G. G makes the sound [g]. That’s an apple. That’s a blueberry. Those are cantaloupes. G is for GRAPES! Great! And G is for the color GREEN like the grapes. Let’s go get the letter H. Our next letter H makes the sound [h] as in HAT. But where is the letter H hiding? I hear the sound. But I don’t see the letter H. Look, the letter H is high in the sky. You are right, Shawn. The letter H is holding the helicopter rope. Hello, letter H! Don’t forget the hat. H is for HAT. And H is for HELICOPTER. Let’s go find the letter I. Hey, Benny! An ice house! This is an igloo. The letter I makes the sound [i] as in IGLOO. Let’s see if the letter I is inside. It’s cold in here. Here is the letter I holding an ice-cream. You are right – I is also for ICE-CREAM. I am getting so cold. Let’s go find our next letter, J. I am stuck, Alice. Hmm. Looks like someone spilled jam on the railroad tracks. Just in time! Maybe the letter J and the jar can help us. Let’s put jam in the jar. Great idea, Shawn! The letter J makes the sound [j] as in JAR. J is for JAM. Jump in! Our next letter is K. We found K. But the letter K cannot open the gate without the key. It is on the other side. Who can help us get the KEY? The letter K says [k] as in KITE! Thank you, kite. K is for KITE. And K is for KEY. Let’s go find the letter L. Ghost lights! No, those are just lightning bugs. I have a light too, but how do I turn it on? Let’s say the sound that the letter L makes so we can turn Shawn’s light on. The L says [l] as in LIGHT! Look, here is the letter L. L is for LIGHT. And L is for LIGHTNING BUG. Let’s find the letter M. Look, Shawn. Your wagon for the letter M reminds me of a cow. I wonder what should we put in there. Milk. You are right! Here is the letter M. Can you help us find the way to get some milk? That looks like a map. Yes, it does. Let’s say the sound that the letter M makes so the map will show us the way. The M says [m] as in MAP! Now I know where to go! Hi, Donald! M is for MILK. And M is for MAP. Let’s move forward and find the letter N. Here is the letter N. The N says [n] as in … Is anyone coming with you, letter N? All right! A little nail is going with the letter N. N is for NAIL. Oh, no! That’s a lot of nails. We can only fit nine nails; the rest will have to wait for the next train. Can you help us count nine nails? ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5), SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9) N is for the NUMBER NINE. Nice job. Let’s go find the letter O. A blue orange? Oh no, something is not right.
    Look! Here is a rolling letter O. Hey, letter O; we can help your orange. Do you know what color the orange should be? I know. The orange should be orange. You are right! The ORANGE and the color ORANGE is the same word that starts with the letter O. Onto the letter P! Is this the letter P? Yes. But poor letter P has no pal to go with. We can help the letter P. Let’s paint a picture of a friend that can go with the letter P. To paint a picture we need some paint supplies. The letter P makes the sound [p] as in PAPER PENCIL PAINT PAINT BRUSH Perfect! Can you guess what it is? A pumpkin. Yes. P is for PUMPKIN. And P is also for PAPER, PENCIL, PAINT and PAINT BRUSH! Please, all aboard! We are going to find our next letter, Q. Look at this beautiful castle. Look, Shawn, there is Her Majesty, the letter Q. Q makes the sound [kw] as in queen! I have a question. Is the letter Q a queen? You are quite right, Mr. Shawn. Her Majesty Q is the queen that lives in this castle. Your Majesty, queen, it would be quite a pleasure if you could come with us. Our royal wagon with a beautiful quilt is ready for you. That was quick! Q is for QUEEN, and Q is for QUILT. The next letter is R. A robot! Yes. And here is the letter R standing by the robot. The R says [r] as in … RUST? Warning! Rust detected! Please rescue me! Warning! Rust detected! I think the robot needs some oil. I have some. Here is some oil for the robot, letter R. No rust detected! Thank you for rescuing me! R is for ROBOT. And R is for RUST that I don’t have anymore. Let’s rock and roll so we can find our letter S. Do you hear the sound? Sounds like our silly letter S is hiding. Come out, letter S. It is a snake! Stop! Stop! We are safe. This is a friendly snake. S makes the sound [s] as in SNAKE. And here is the letter S. The letter S is for SNAKE. And the letter S is also for SWAMP and SNAIL. Start the engine, Shawn. We are going to find our next letter T. A telephone! Yes, it is. The letter T makes the sound [t] as in TELEPHONE. Let’s see who is calling us. Hello. OK. See you shortly, letter T. The letter T is running late and wants us to wait for it. Here is the letter T. Hurry up, letter T! The train is leaving! T is for TELEPHONE. And T is for TRAIN, like me. That’s true. T is for TRAIN, too. Time to find the letter U. Uh-oh! Looks like it is going to rain. Look! The letter U is landing in the wagon with the umbrella. We need umbrellas like the letter U has so our letters won’t get wet. Let’s say the sound that the letter U makes so UMBRELLAS will appear. The U says [uh] as in UMBRELLA. We did it! The umbrellas helped our letters stay dry. Let’s go get the letter V. A van, Alice. V is for VAN! Very good! The letter V makes the sound [v] as in VAN. But the van’s wheel is bent. Let’s help the letter V fix the wheel. What is this letter? This is the letter W. The letter W comes after the letter V, and it makes the sound [w]. Does wheel start with W? You are right! W is for WHEEL. Letter W, can you help the van get a new wheel? Thank you, W. You are a wonderful friend. Great! We found two letters at the same time: the letter V… for VAN and the letter W… for WHEEL. We have three letters left to find. The next letter is X. Here is the letter X next to the xylophone. The XYLOPHONE starts with the letter X. Something is not right! Looks like the xylophone notes need colors to play. Let’s see if some of our letters can help the xylophone get its colors back. G is for …GREEN. GOOD! B is for …BLUE. BRAVO! V is for …VIOLET. VERY GOOD! R is for …RED. REALLY GOOD! O is for …ORANGE. OUTSTANDING! I think one color is missing. You are right; there should be one more color. Maybe the next letter, Y, will help us find the missing color. What was that yellow thing? That was the letter Y playing with the yo-yo. The Y makes the sound [y] as in YO-YO. Shawn, it looks like you mentioned the color that the xylophone was missing. Yellow. Yes! YELLOW like YO-YO. And now we found the last color for the xylophone. Well. Now it is time to find our last letter, Z, and we’ll have all the letters in our alphabet book. Shawn, do you know the name of a place where you can see a lot of different animals? The zoo! I see the ZOO sign. Right! It is the zoo. The letter Z makes the sound [z] as in ZOO. I think the letter Z is with one of the animals. The animal we are looking for has black and white stripes. This is a bear. B is for BEAR. This is a crocodile. C is for CROCODILE. This is an elephant. E is for ELEPHANT. This is a giraffe. G is for GIRAFFE. This is a lioness. L is for LIONESS. This is a monkey. M is for MONKEY. I see it. It is a zebra. Z is for ZEBRA. Correct! We finally found all the letters. Thank you, Shawn, for helping me find the missing letters. And thank you too! Let’s repeat all the letters we found.

    Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?
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    Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?

    November 6, 2019

    Over the past few months I’ve been working on this video as a follow-up to user comments on a previous video on if it’s possible to cast obsidian. This proved to be a major challenge that took six attempts, broke multiple crucibles and two different kilns. But I didn’t want to stop until I finally had success at casting obsidian. Previously I made obsidian blade by knapping, which is kind of a Stone Age technology. But a lot of people wanted to see me try and do actual casting with obsidian. Which is something that’s pretty difficult because actual obsidian doesn’t melt until over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit Which is something that’s very hard to achieve. So while looking for this I realized that you can actually cast glass using sand and a similar method that I used for the aluminum But because I can’t melt the actual obsidian, I need to grind it up into small little particles, mix it with the flux and then melt it. And hopefully then I can cast it into some form of knife Obsidian is largely made of silica like regular glass but also has an unknown mixture of other impurities in it as well. That can make its melting point difficult to work with. Melting straight obsidian is potentially possible But would likely result in a very thick viscous substance That’d be hard to work with especially to cast my early attempts at glass making also had a fair amount of impurities which made it really difficult to work with so The solution to this is flux Which is adding chemicals with lower melting points that make the entire solution melt easier and be fluid enough to cast so the thing with knapping is that when you fracture it you’re able to create potentially razor thin blades that are a Molecule thick you. Can’t quite reach the same sharpness by just sharpening glass itself But you should be able get something close and it’s also probably gonna be pretty Brittle as even this is brittle itself and it has wood reinforcing and holding it So let’s give it a shot. First up is grinding the obsidian, melting it down and see if this is even feasible I used a ball mill to grind it to a fine powder in a liquid solution, which I then need to boil off. One of the biggest pains is getting a crucible That’s just big enough to hold a large enough volume, but still fits inside the rather small kiln As it heats the Obsidian and flux tend to boil over some and unfortunately in these smaller crucibles nearly everything spilled out For this first test it looked like the Obsidian and flux may have separated, which means this might not be feasible Also enough spilled out and burned through the insulation until it broke the kiln’s coil making the kiln unusable Next I tried a larger batch using a more flexibly designed kiln that I could scale up to fit a larger crucible (whispered) I uh, suck at this It’s melted all the way through. For an initial small test knife I carved a model out of styrofoam and then packed it into the sand Once poured the hot glass will burn off the styrofoam and fill in its place Like regular glass, if my cast obsidian cools too rapidly it’ll fracture and shatter So I took a note from the compound we used when we made glass with Grant last year and picked up a bag of vermiculite. Which can act as an insulator to allow the glass to slowly cool Alright, lets give this a shot. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough and it still ended up shattering But the most interesting result was that the remelted obsidian turned out fairly transparent with just a slight amber color This is likely due to the flux which probably added to the transparency But this also might be related to how this glass is formed versus the original obsidian Which raises an interesting question on if this compound could even be considered obsidian anymore Regrinding this glass, I started a new batch, but this time, assuming it got more clear because of the flux I thought I’d attempt to counteract it by adding some new impurities back in specifically added in some metals that are often used in glass making to dye glass black: nickel and chromium Which gave it a nice dark color very similar to what it started with Now to cast it. (talking about fluffy cat) Usually she just lays in the grass and eats it. So I’m gonna try and cast this toy Roman sword in obsidian but I don’t want the handle to be obsidian So I’m gonna cut that off Unfortunately by the time it came to pour it, my crucible had cracked and the majority of the obsidian had leaked out While I reset again for another attempt I was curious to do another experiment to see what would happen If you try to melt just straight rocks of obsidian This resulted in a interesting formation of a foamy mess Likely caused by off-gassing of compounds like water that’d previously been trapped in the obsidian The semi molten obsidian adhered to the crucibles as well as the sides of the kiln which unfortunately caused this kiln to break as well But in the interim I had fixed the first kiln and gotten a better fitting crucible. So let’s keep going Collecting as much of the previous attempt as I could Plus adding some more crushed obsidian And some more flux I’m ready to go again This time with a very promising pour Alright, moment of truth to see if the sword is in one piece I’ve had mixed results so far with the vermiculite of Some things still shattering in it, some things not Let’s see what we got Dreams shattered dreams Refusing to give up I brought my setup to glassmaking studio FOCI Where I could throw my final result into their annealing chamber and not risk it shattering Okay, so got a weird reaction in the last attempt where it got really bubbly when we poured it not sure exactly why, there might’ve been some cracks that formed when I transferred the mold or There might have just been more humidity in the air that made it damp and caused a reaction I’d like to polish this, it’d probably break up if I try to grind it and shine it up. So We’re gonna go over there. Give a one more shot to do it the right way previously I added a little bit of a tang to attach a handle to it easier But that’s kind of flimsy so I’m a little worried how well that’ll hold up. So I think I’m just gonna do the whole thing obsidian, So I’m just super gluing the handle back on sand cast it once more I hopefully will finally have the obsidian sword Not very strong Working with FOCI, I learned how sand casting for glass is done a slightly different way Instead of packing the sand tightly around the mold you lightly place the mold into the sand and pack it only along the edge The idea is to allow the air to escape through the sand so it doesn’t bubble up through the glass like it did last time Then they also torch the sand to leave a fine layer of carbon on top. So the glass can better release from it So after six attempts, I finally managed to cast a full obsidian blade. Unfortunately in the annealing process it got a little cracked and Probably can’t polish it off and put a nice edge on it, unfortunately I took quite a bit of flux in order to make it cast-able which made it a bit difficult to actually temper It’s kind of messed up the whole annealing and made it a bit weaker, so it’s more ceremonial at this point. despite all the mythology around obsidian, it’s really fragile, just glass and uh… So put it through a whole different process than how the obsidian originally formed, which is evident when it became pretty transparent at one point and then I had to add the additional dyes in order to turn it back into black. So it’s kind of debatable if this is obsidian, but it’s definitely made from obsidian and uh, took a lot of attempts, though I finally made it So this took six attempts and broke two crucibles and two kilns. Just fixed this guy and last time this crucible cracked it leaked the obsidian all over it and Eroded and did a ton of damage Fortunately, it’s still working at this point But I don’t want to push my luck too much so as much as I enjoy making unprofitable videos and I’m gonna call it at this point say it’s complete So now that I’ve cast the glass next I’m gonna move on to a different mineral, actually try and do actual metals with some copper and make bronze So I’ll do that in uh… In a while If you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe and check out other content we have, covering a wide variety of topics Also, if you enjoyed these series consider supporting us on Patreon We are largely a fan funded channel and depend on the support of our viewers in order to keep our series going Thanks for watching


    Learn Numbers with Max the Train & Bill the Monster Truck โ€“ TOYS (Numbers and Toys)

    October 23, 2019

    Hi. My name is Blazin’ Bill, and I am a monster truck! I can jump very high. Look! I think Max the Train is counting the numbers. Let’s go see! Hi Max. Hi Blazin’ Bill. Ok Numbers! Let’s start counting to make sure everyone is here. Zero(0), one(1), two(2), three(3), four(4), five{5},six(6), seven(7), eight(8), nine(9)… Where is Number 10? I’m here. I’m stuck on the top shelf. Oh, no! What are we going to do? How can we help the Number 10? Max, I think I can help Number 10. Let’s build a ramp and I will jump on top of that shelf to rescue him. Great idea Bill! OK. Let’s go find some blocks to build the ramp. I haven’t found anything yet. That’s OK Zero. -Look, Max, I found one(1) block.
    -Great! The Number 2 found two(2) blocks. I see three(3) blocks! Look! Here are four(4) blocks by the paint. Over here! I found five(5) blocks. Look! Six(6) blocks are on the shelves. The Number 7 and I found seven(7) blocks! I see eight(8) blocks on the truck. We are almost finished! And I bumped into nine(9) blocks. Great! Let’s build the ramp! ONE(1) ONE(1), TWO(2) ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3) Let me try! ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4) ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5) ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5), SIX(6) ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5), SIX(6), SEVEN(7) ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5), SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8) We are almost done! ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5), SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9) [Max] Are you ready?
    [Bill] Yes! Oh no we don’t have enough ramp height. [Number 10] Look! I see ten more blocks we can use.
    [Max] Thank you Number 10. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9), TEN(10) OK Bill, let’s try again. Thank you, Bill. Now we have all the numbers. [MAX] It is getting late. Bill, can you do one more jump? [BILL] Yes! ZERO(0) ONE(1) TWO(2) THREE(3) FOUR(4) FIVE(5) SIX(6) SEVEN(7) EIGHT(8) NINE(9) TEN(10)

    The High Speed Rail Revolution | China’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: Part 4
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    The High Speed Rail Revolution | China’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: Part 4

    October 21, 2019

    The Chinese aren’t just flying in record
    numbers, they’re falling in love all over again with the preferred method of travel
    in the 20th century, as hundreds of millions of Chinese acquire middle class status and
    the extra income to afford cars. This is presenting a relatively new challenge: heavy congestion
    on their motorways. So to tackle this problem, China has set itself apart from the rest of
    the world by embracing high speed rail at a breakneck pace. It’s goal to build a system
    with more than 35,000 kilometers of track is now more than half complete, making it
    one of the most expensive megaprojects in history. The other reason behind this plan is to allow
    people to commute to work from much farther distances than they could than if they had
    to drive, making high speed rail the key to urbanization. And because China has as much
    high speed rail as every other country combined, it will have more and more of the world’s
    largest cities. In fact, of the top 10 urban areas on Earth
    with more than 20 million people, three of them are in China—and those cities are growing
    so fast that two of the three weren’t in the top 10 last year. The explosion in high speed rail in China
    is especially mind-blowing when you consider that it was first introduced there in 2007,
    that’s less than a decade ago. Since then, daily ridership has grown from 237,000 to
    over 2.5 million. To accommodate all those passengers, it’s
    Railway Ministry has swelled, and now has the same number of employees as there are
    civilians working for the entire United States government. China got to this point under the heavy-handed
    leadership of Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun, or “Great Leap Liu,” who pushed his patriotic
    workers in shifts around the clock to plan and build rail lines as fast as possible.
    He famously said, “to achieve a great leap, a generation must be sacrificed.” Liu meant
    his workers, but when a poorly designed signaling system caused a dramatic crash on a viaduct
    high above a valley in 2011, it was clear that some of the first generation of passengers
    would be sacrificed as well. News anchor: “China’s railway system has
    been plagued with problems including corruption and quality concerns. Authorities have come
    under fire for the way they’ve handled the accident, especially when they buried several
    carriages before carrying out an investigation.” Bryce: But, despite the 40 deaths – and more
    than 200 injuries – in the Wenzhou train collision, the attempts of the government to cover the
    disaster up, and Great Leap Liu’s subsequent fall from grace, the high speed rail boom
    in China has roared on and the system is now considered to be among the safest modes of
    transportation in the entire world. It also leads the globe in annual ridership,
    has the longest single service at 2,400 km from Harbin to Wuhan and has the fastest commercially
    operated train with peak speeds of 430 km/h. Now, having successfully linked up much of
    its own country with high speed rail, China aims to do the same for the rest of the world.
    It is building systems in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and South America, and is bidding on projects
    in Russia, Brazil, Myanmar, and the United States. Thank you very much for tuning in. Until next
    time, for The Daily Conversation, I’m Bryce Plank.


    Learn Letters With Max the Glow Train โ€“ TOYS (Letters and Toys)

    October 21, 2019

    Hi! I am Max the glow train. When it is dark you can see me glow! Look! Today we are going to learn the alphabet. Let’s go find the letters and take them to the zoo on top of that playground ship. Hi, letter A. Let’s go to the zoo! Hi, Max. Sounds great! I am landing the airplane. A is for AIRPLANE. Look! The letters B and C are fixing the bridge. Hi, Max! I am B and I operate the bulldozer. I am C and I operate the crane. Let’s go to the zoo. I am almost done. The bridge is complete. B is for BULLDOZER. C is for CRANE. Hi, D. Do you want to go with us? Sure. Let me get my dog. D is for DOG. Hi, Max. I am the letter E. Let’s go to the zoo, E. I am almost finished. E is for EXCAVATOR. Hi, F. Hi, Max. We are going to the zoo, do you want to go too? Just one second, let me help the shapes. OK, shapes. Circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, octagon. F is for FIRE TRUCK. Wait for me. I want to go to the zoo too. Hi, G. Let me dump this garbage and we will go. G is for GARBAGE TRUCK. Now which way should we go – left or right? I can help you, Max. We need to go right. Thank you, H. Let’s go to the zoo! H is for HELICOPTER. Who wants ice cream? I have yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green. And who wants jam? Hi, I. Hi, J. I want both ice cream and jam. Thank you I. And thank you J. I is for ICE CREAM. And J is for JAM. Hi, letters. Hi, Max. Let’s load the fruits and go to the zoo. K is for KIWI.
    L is for LEMON.
    M is for MANGO. N is for NECTARINE.
    O is for ORANGE. Pull over, Q. Look, the letter P in the police car pulled over the letter Q for going too fast. I am sorry, P. I won’t be going so fast anymore. I was late delivering the quilts. Please slow down next time. We are going to the zoo. Can you go with us? Yes, Max. P is for POLICE CAR and Q is for QUILT. Looks like the letter R is fixing the road. Hi, R. Do you want to go with us? Hi, Max. I am ready to go. R is for ROAD ROLLER. Hi, S. Are you going to the zoo? Sure. Let me finish sweeping. Oh, no! My sweeper broke down. I will help you, S. I drive a tow truck. Thank you, T. S is for SWEEPER and T is for TOW TRUCK. Hi, U. Have you seen V and W? Hi, Max. Let me see. Yes, I see V and W coming this way. U is for UMBRELLA. Look the letter V is in the van pulling the letter W in the wagon. Hi, V. Hi, W. Let’s go to the zoo! Thank you, Max. V is for VAN. And W is for WAGON. Hi, X. Nice music. Let’s go to the zoo. Thank you, Max. X is for XYLOPHONE. Nice yacht, letter Y! Thank you, Max. Let’s go to the zoo! Y is for YACHT. Hi, Z. Hi, Max. We are finally here and ready to see the animals in your zoo. OK, Max. Let me show them to you. Here we have bear, cow, duck, elephant, hedgehog, mouse, pig, giraffe, zebra. We found all the letters! Z is for ZEBRA. Run! It’s a tiger! Uh-oh! It is just a cat. We are safe. Thank you for telling us, C. It is getting late Let’s repeat the letters one more time. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z See you next time!

    Learn  Shapes and Carve Pumpkins with Shawn the Train! ๐ŸŽƒ
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    Learn Shapes and Carve Pumpkins with Shawn the Train! ๐ŸŽƒ

    October 14, 2019

    Hi, I am Shawn.
    I want to teach you different shapes. Then we can carve Halloween pumpkins with those shapes. Let’s see what shapes we have: SQUARE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE,
    RECTANGLE, OVAL, RHOMBUS, OCTAGON Now it’s time to carve pumpkins with those shapes. Let’s carve a robot pumpkin. We need two SQUARES for the eyes. One OCTAGON for the nose and one RECTANGLE for the mouth. Good job! Now let’s carve a cartoon pumpkin. We need two OVALS for the eyes. One CIRCLE for the nose. and a HALF-CIRCLE for the mouth. Well done! And now let’s carve a Halloween pumpkin. We need two TRIANGLES for the eyes. One RHOMBUS for the nose. A HALF-CIRCLE for the mouth. And three SQUARES for the teeth. Thank you! Now we are ready for Halloween! Ah! Oh!

    Learn Colors and Decorate the Tree with Shawn the Train
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    Learn Colors and Decorate the Tree with Shawn the Train

    October 14, 2019

    Hey! I know where there is a big tree we can decorate. Are you ready to decorate the Christmas tree?
    Look! All my ornaments are different colors. I have YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN. Ok. Now let’s go put them on the tree! Benny: “Excuse me, I’ve got to get to the North Pole!” Hey, Benny! Late with presents again this year? Help me put the ornaments back in my wagons. YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN Let’s decorate the tree. YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN Now! One, two, three! Let’s light up the tree! Oops! I forgot the lights! OK! Let’s try one more time. One, two, three! Let’s light up the tree! Great job! Thank you for helping me. Uh! Oh! I think Benny is coming back.