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    Travel Tips for Japan You Must Know!
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    Travel Tips for Japan You Must Know!

    November 15, 2019

    [Upbeat Instrumental Music] [Upbeat Instrumental Music] [Upbeat Instrumental Music] [Martina] So you booked your tickets to Japan you’re ready to come here But you know what it can be pretty overwhelming [Simon] We’re gonna give you our travel tips to Japan to make your trip a whole lot easier *Toilet Flushing* *Fart noise* [Simon] Ahhh… F*sheep noise*k Now what you’re gonna find in Japan is that public bathrooms are a little bit hard to find an easy way to find a public Bathroom if you really need to go is in convenience stores and convenience stores are everywhere you don’t even have to buy anything But you can leave something behind excuse me *toilet flushing* That actually wasn’t me flushing that was me just pushing the button that said flushing sounds Whew this seat’s warm. I have a question I want you to describe in the comment section below if you went into a bathroom in your convenience store in your home country What would it be like? would it have a warm toilet seat? Along with a bidet and flushing sounds? Would it be as clean as this? Please tell me I’d love to know. I’m sure it’s as clean as what we have here. God, I’m so comfortable, I don’t even wanna go. That’s it for this video I’m chilling in this bathroom [Simon] Now you might find if you’re using data roaming on your phone that it dies a lot mine certainly does [Martina] Yep [Simon] and if you’re looking for somewhere to charge your devices It’s not as common as what we’re used to in North America so the place you’re gonna need to go the charge your stuff is bear with me, McDonald’s *Pow* *Gunshot* *Gunshot* *Angry dog bark* [Martina] I know that sounds really weird But if you have a laptop and you’re traveling and you’re looking to like dump your memory card and stuff McDonald’s is actually kind of Like a workplace in Japan and it’s totally bumpin it’s always bumpin Also if you come to McDonald’s make sure you check out their bizarre specials because Japan is constantly doing like special edition things for example cheese bolognese fries Fries in McDonald’s are always dope. From what we’ve heard, they’re the only country that actually fries their fries in fat I don’t know if that’s real or just an urban legend, but they taste amazing I was supposed to have the first bite. Notice how I ordered it and it had like one fork… For me [Simon] Mmm my god
    [Martina] Mustachio Hmm that’s actually really good whoa Ketchup is so 1950. Ketchup, you’re out. That’s sweet and salty and cheesy damn So let’s talk about the internet in Japan when you land in the airport make sure you pick up either a Wi-Fi hot spot that you could bring with you everywhere you go Or if your phone is unlocked you can also get a SIM card at the airport It’s roughly around $10 today for unlimited internet access Definitely get that or if you decided not to get a hot spot or a SIM card you can go to any Starbucks in Japan For free Wi-Fi however it will make it difficult for you to use Google Maps outside of a Starbucks Google Maps is gonna Give you everything you need to navigate Japan bus schedules Subway schedules Walking locations to get you to the restaurants that you want to go to oh what’s that? I hear you plan on just leeching off the network for free while in Japan Hahahaha! Good luck with that And one last thing if you are in a Starbucks And you have a drink make sure you finish your drink and throw out your cup in the Starbucks Because if you leave the Starbucks with a cup, good luck finding a garbage can anywhere in Tokyo they just don’t exist Damn it One of the most overwhelming things about being in Japan is using the train system [Martina] You know those videos you see on line of people like smushed inside of trains like with their arms You might get pushed into a subway Yeah, that’s gonna happen So we’re gonna try to show you guys how to get on and off the train when you line up for the train line up on both sides of the line don’t line up in the middle here As soon as the train pulls in you step off to the side People will get off through the middle and then once they’re all gone, then it’s your turn to get onto the subway And then you go through the middle this way Sounds complicated for some people I know but just follow that rule and you won’t be a jerk [Simon] Uh, Toumorokoshi supu onegaishimasu (Corn soup, please) [Simon] Uh, Sumoru. Hai (Small. Yes) [Simon] Daijoubu desu. (It’s all right.) [Simon] Arigatou gozaimasu. (Thank you very much.) Before I get on the subway, I like to grab myself a high quality cup of warm corn soup right here on the subway platform sounds weird But it’s delicious it’s like corn on the cob in soup format And you don’t get all the stuff in your teeth and look embarrassing to your friends What are you saying getting a cup of soup by myself on the subway is embarrassing to my friends. It’s not like my friends watch this anyways it’s not like I have a lot of friends 🙁 Welcome to Tokyo Station Odds are you will be taking a Shinkansen or bullet train from this station if you’re heading out to Kyoto or Osaka or other parts of Japan And if you are going to be taking a bullet train from here I highly recommend that you come here an hour in advance at least because Tokyo Station is massive It’s just really massive, and it’s very busy as well There’s a very good chance you’re gonna get lost And don’t be embarrassed about getting lost like even local Japanese people get super lost at this station because it’s very confusing But why are we saying the importance of coming in hour in advance? The bullet trains leave ON. TIME. [Simon] On the second The second! TO THE SECOND! If your train leaves at 6:02 there’s a dude with like a watch He’s like. 58! 59! And then the doors shut and it leaves so do not ruin your trip by showing up late Getting lost and then missing your train be punctual ([Martina] Punctual) be responsible be an adults get your shit together I need you to get that shit together No? [Martina] Drake? I need- No?
    [Simon] It’s copy written [Martina] I don’t think anyone’s gonna-
    [Simon] That means demonitze [Simon] This video took a lot of time to make
    [Martina] I need you to- (hums) YouTube don’t listen to this song Just cover your mikes So that’s it for our video on travel tips to Japan and Tokyo Obviously we couldn’t cover everything there is to know so if you have any questions Please leave them in the comment section below We answer as many questions as we can or we might just make a video about it Oh, yeah, we can have like part two travel tips to Japan Also, if you guys are hitting up a Shinkansen, a bullet train, make sure you grab yourself an Ekiben before you leave Tokyo Station What’s an Ekiben ([Simon] Oh?) oh? This is an ekiben. And if you want to know what’s inside of this magical little box come with me click on Martina’s video and I’m gonna teach you all about that Look, I’ve got a better option for you Tokyo Station has a famous vegan ramen shop. I’m gonna have some ramen right now I think you want to see that instead. RAMEN or whatever the hell this is?
    [Martina] Look at all this magic. What is this? [Martina] Look at all this seafood
    [Simon] Pick me, obviously [Martina] Come with me choose your own adventure choose your adventure with Martina.
    [Simon] Pick me, choose the best adventure with Simon

    The Tower of Tuna Challenge!
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    The Tower of Tuna Challenge!

    November 12, 2019

    Guys you know how much we love food. Lately we’ve been traveling all over Japan to try to find some of the best places you can add to your food bucket list. So today we took a quick bullet train over to beautiful Shizuoka, where we’re gonna eat an absurd amount of tuna. And you might be asking why don’t we just go to Tsukiji fish market, except Shizuoka is the tuna capital of Japan. They are the number one exporter of tuna all around the country. So we decided to go to Kashino-Ichi fish market so that we can take on the infamous Maguro Mountain. Sashimi for days. We’re gonna die. I’ll out eat you? You’re gonna out eat me? Who’s gonna eat.. I don’t know. We already know the answer to this. – You think you’re gonna win? We already know the answer. – I mean I don’t know, you never know. – We already know. Oh ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2018 UFC maguro mountain showdown live from beautiful Shizuoka. We have the crowd favorite of the night Simon. Dothraki man warrior who is currently the heavyweight mandu champion. Of course, we can’t forget the underdog Martina bunnies are puffy Ella. She has been known to surprise at times when she out eats Dothraki man warrior and such instances is Coco curry and who can forget the spicy ribs of death. We’ll see if this match goes down in flames or goes up in smoke. So when we spoke to Shizuoka prefecture about this shoot, We asked them if they had any kind of cute hats or Shizuoka shirts that we could wear to show our excitement. And we’re a little bit surprised with the results. Ducky this is Amazing
    -Amazing I’m the pirate of Shizuoka
    -yarr Category is: Shizuoka realness. Oh wow, oh my god. Yes reel them in. Oh look at that. Yep She’s cutting the fish and she is serving it and eating it. Hmm true. I really love the way Mt. Fuji brings out her eyes It’s just a really unique piece. Look at that. That is definitely one of the fishiest Queens. Keeping it real while reeling it in. Oh yeah, I’d love to smack that hali-butt. Serving up raw fish and raw looks mm hm Simon and martina, your look was supposed to be under the sea, but it sunk like the Titanic I’m sorry my dears, but you’re up for elimination Hey guys, for real though, um we did not plan this and I am really surprised that they’re actually okay with this because we are gonna prance around wearing this for the rest of the video So I know it’s really difficult to take us seriously with these hats on but this place is a seafood lovers paradise. This is legit because they’re so close to actually getting the fish from the market. This place is like, it was just bustling for lunch, but not like crazy bustling, where you have to like get up at 5:00 a.m and like elbow people out of the way. If we lived in Shizuoka we would be eating here every day. This is… this is my dream place. I love sea food. They have tuna everything here. Tuna bowls. Tuna. Tuna. Tuna. Tuna games Tuna. Tuna. Tuna And even … tuna ice cream. Hmm. -Yeah -What?
    -it’s made from tuna, -but…
    -sucker, it’s vanilla. They have all these amazing challenge bowls. Like Dan had a gigantic tuna nigiri for lunch.
    -Like this big! We only watched because we’re saving our room. We’re about to like start eating soon *grunting* You going down!
    (inaudible gibberish) And now what
    -and now what
    We’re gonna be getting a mountain of tuna How much tuna are we actually getting?
    -400 grams -400 grams of Tuna -Each. This is gonna be my protein intake for the day We’re gonna have to go on one of those dance adventures again like Italy in order to not be super fat. We’re gonna have the fishiest farts Oh boy… I didn’t even know that was a thing.
    -oh my god -our cats gonna love us
    -he’s gonna totally love us ♪ suspenseful music ♪ Okay, okay, okay we have to stop at the same time, okay ready, huh? That’s crazy, that’s crazy! Whoohoo and match has begun. If you see here in the instant replay Simon’s eyes clearly indicate that he believes Martina will not be able to finish this amount. Oh my god. Are you still going? When are you gonna stop? This is madness.
    -Okay. Stop. This is gonna be my bowl here. Oh my this is not happening.
    -this feels like something I should be curling outside. Oh my god, Simon.
    -Okay. I think I made a terrible decision. I think you made a terrible decision. I’m only gonna do half of that. – girl no we’re here for a challenge We don’t come here for diet food. We didn’t come here for snickety snacks. We came here to eat tuna until we die. This is how we’re going out. Mom and dad, thank you for all that you’ve done. it’s time for me to go. alright
    – more more more more more more more MORE They’re the same?
    -Nonono more more MORE higher higher higher more more MORE Okay yes stop, stop Oh my god, this smells amazing The miso soup and the croquette. The fish doesn’t smell like anything, which is great because you don’t want your fish to smell. You’re don’t want you fish smelling fishy.
    -But the miso soup We’re gonna need these kind of flavors I think to break up as we keep eating -The monotony -Cause we’ll be like, there’s too much tuna. I gotta say I’m a little concerned right now because this all just looks like raw chicken -It really just looks like raw chicken. -Well, it’s not its been sauced. -It’s not, it’s tuna いただきます (itadakimasu: thanks or the food/let’s eat) I’m a little bit worried about what we just done -you should be, but this is gonna be… really… -Do you think you’re gonna like, dip yours with wasabi or pour it on top? -I’m gonna try it pure first Okay, I’m gonna see how this goes. -me too. Ready? –
    Go for first place -Let’s go for it. Oh yeah. -That’s great
    -it’s like nicely tangy. super soft. -Yep, there’s no like, chunky tendons. -Yeah -This is great -Wow. -Oh my god. We might actually able to finish this -What do you mean ‘actually’, of course we’re gonna finish -I don’t know ducky Lord. All right see with this hat on than I expected -My eyebrows keep moving around. -I think I should just go like the full speed ahead Hmm I’m not sure what the best strategies for something this you just eat quickly or chew slowly because I may have more room in your stomach All I know is, Simon’s falling behind. -Oh girl you shovelling -I’m eating like a businessman on my lunch break. I’m eating so fast, that I can’t even talk. -Mmm -Okay -I mean -Shovelling time -Simon is really falling behind me here Look at this I got this whole hole here Do you know what kind of fish we’re eating today? …Yeah So the fish we’re eating today; this is kihada tuna, which is a three kilogram tuna, and it’s a lot leaner a lot less fat than other tuna woah and let’s see that again You can see martina going in for the ‘dumps everything unceremoniously on top of her food’ to moisten it, helps it go down faster. -It’s a lot easier to eat -definitely, because this is like a poke bowl, and people love poke bowls. -Yes. -I feel like if we were eating a different kind of tuna that was like really really fatty. There’d be like a maximum capacity of how much you can eat. -Mmm Kind of like when you’re eating a really buttery beef. *static* -Hey Do you like soda? Do you like curry? Do you like shrimp? Well come on down to S-Pulse Dream Plaza in Shizuoka and try out our shrimp flavored soda Yeah, there’s the ebi at the end. Ooooh Whoa That’s special, that’s uh, that’s not my style. I’m gonna move on to a different beverage if I could, if you don’t mind right now S-Pulse Dream Plaza, where you can torture your friends by making them drink soda flavors that shouldn’t exist We’ve gotta see who’s gonna finish first. A race to see who’s gonna get sick first. My hands are starting to cramp How’s your hand doin’ girl? -Oh it’s cramped -Your hands cramped? -Right now, i’m stuck in this position I was holding the bowl so intently to try to finish this. Back to the eating position. -Back to eating. What happens if I warm up some of my tuna? -Well, that might be gross Simon. -It’s a terrible idea. Don’t ever do that again. Whoa -Whoah -Calm down girl -I think I’m winning. -I think you are too. -I’m definitely winning this -Cos you had less than me, that’s why. -No I did not -You definitely did. -Simon is like, ‘Oh I shouldn’t eat anything all day’, and I said you want to win an eating competition, you need to make sure that your stomach is big enough to eat that food And Simon was like, ‘Ooo, breakfast!’ How is he gonna possibly catch up to me at this point -Ah, I’m gonna catch up that’s -I’m even gonna go in for my croquette -That’s a great croquette, isn’t it? -this tastes like childhood hamburgers -Yes -Right? -Yes -Did it just hit you? -Yes, it definitely tastes like my parents kind of hamburger -Yes -they used to make -because they take mince meat and they mix it with like a panko or like a bread so it’s not like an, actual like, ‘100% American beef burger’ My parents would call this ‘cutlet cheeky’ -really? -and I just realized cutlet is a cutlet -and cheeky means chicken? -No cheeky cuz it’s cute Cutlet cheeky~!
    =oh god what is this=Here’s an interesting fact about tuna: maguro in Japanese is slang for starfish in English, if you know what I mean -and if you don’t you don’t, don’t look it up. -Holy *bleet* girl Holy shit, I’m being put to shame, gir! How are you doing this? -it’s the hat and the Shizuoka spirit, its come to me -this is a side of you that I’ve never seen -Grrr super saiyan Martina, hrrrghhh Pro tip: you could just lift up the rice and hide some tuna underneath it. Nobody will know. Oh my god you have so much more tuna. -I know I know girl -you are literally so far behind -I really want to know how, are you are you doing the Korean thing, which is just like throwing shots behind. Is there like, tuna all over the ground here that you’ve been dumping. -No, there’s a kitty inside my kimono -How have you been cheating -and i’m just going *cat meowing* -Oh gosh, I feel really In fact if you pat my back, I have a tiny little burp BOUUWGHHHH Now its gone. -Oh yes, a burp, I got room, second wind Sad, Simon, sad I don’t think you’re gonna catch up son. -I’m amazed. -What can I say, flick my Mt. Fuji hair. -Oh did you forget the rule? There’s a special rule that you can do 1 2 3 switch bowl. You remember that? Yeah that’s, Maguro fact: You can do 1 2 3 switch Bowl. I mean you can switch bowls. You can only do it once per challenge. Okay, so you do it once -Only once per challenge entirely -and then I go 1 2 3 switch bowls and then that’s it we both got our once per challenge -Dan is living for this Dan. is. living for this. Living for this look. -Gosh, I do feel full but I want more of that croquet I’m gonna beat you girl, you giving up Taking my croquet? This is gonna be -Don’t you throw-up Ricky Bobby -the biggest -fish cake *bleet* of my life Just a huge oden right out of the butthole, you know what that’s gonna be… Alright here I go. -No, you’re not going anywhere Okay Wait Ducky you can’t do this to me, my reputation. I need to prove to everyone Well, I’m trying my hardest to slow down, but I literally have one piece left here it goes Simon about to lose to his tiny tiny wife. I’m glad you won because that means I don’t have to do any more. I am stuffed and amazed? I’m so impressed with my wife Let’s go for ice cream! Wow Simon. I think everyone needs to see just how badly you lost. I can’t believe how well you did I was expecting you to give up. This is unbelievable girl this is a new side of you that I haven’t seen, because I whooped you in the dumpling challenge. No food competition ever tells people they can’t have water. I gave up because it was too salty. -all this ‘could’ve’, ‘would’ve’ business doesn’t matter Now you guys know the truth. -The whole point is -I whooped him. -This is a tie, one for Martina, one for me What?! How is this a tie?? One for Martina, one for me This is clearly not a tie -Nonono, overall in our food experiences -Not even close, I ate more rice than you I even finished your croquet Well, it’s official if you guys think you can come here and beat Simon or beat me I want you to make sure that you send us a picture either on Twitter -Yeah -or on Instagram, you better tag us so that I can find these and prove to Simon that he’s losing too many people around the world -No, look, 400 grams is an obscene amount But what did I just eat -an obscene amount -400 grams. Who do you think you ate 300 maybe 200? No, this is definitely three How, how dare you this is definitely 300 -Let’s ask, shouldn’t the chef know, shouldn’t the chef know how much this is? -The chef knows. Yeahh yeah yeah yeah I still ate more than Simon -So, I was given 450 grams, Martina was given 400. I left 70 grams behind for a total of 380, and Martina ate all of hers so she wins at 400 grams So I know I had more than you. I did have more -But it doesn’t matter if you have more than me. -You did eat more than me. -I ate more than you. I even ate more rice than you. So I am the undisputed maguro lightweight wait middleweight, maybe every weight after this, CHAMPIIIIOOOOOOOOOON Congratulations girl. Love, I am so impressed with how well you’ve done I know. -I know I’m being a hater but I’m really quite surprised I know -You did a great job -Don’t act like you’re not impressed because I know that you are impressed I’m the winner. -We had a great time here in Shizuoka. The clothing is awesome. The hats are great and the tuna is delicious Yup -If you want to experience this yourself, make sure you click on the description box below and learn more about beautiful Shizuoka Okay when you guys come here I want to make sure that you tag me on Instagram or on Twitter with a hashtag of like #eatyoursushi and maybe #Shizuoka and that way I can see how many of you beat Simon it can just be a collection of online tags of Simon being a loser SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER SIMON IS A LOSER Now if you’re still hankering for more fish because I know I am You should come with me to my bonus video because I’m gonna learn how to make nirigiri from scratch I’m literally gonna become a sushi chef Simon -But let’s be honest. You’ve had way too much fish for one video That was an obscene amount, come with me. I’m gonna show you some specialty ice cream that they have here. You can never go wrong with ice cream It’s ice cream, -but sweet or savory? -What you want? -Ice cream or sushi? -make the right decision