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    Railroad Crossing Under Metrorail
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    Railroad Crossing Under Metrorail

    August 28, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen RailROL82
    here so we’re coming up on the Northwest 12th Avenue crossing and the CSX
    downtown spur Miami downtown spur see the pavement markings and the sign okay so this is Northwest 22nd Street
    I’m gonna include a Google Maps into this location and just a few feet away
    from me we have the crossing that right there is the Metro Rail it’s an
    above ground light rail system passenger train and then here we have what we came to see so here’s the emergency contact info CSX S line sorry S line
    extension downtown milepost 442 and that’s the crossing number we have an MI cantilever, those are WC hayes lights e bell WC Hayes gate mechanism I think that’s a WC hayes base as well I’ve never seen this before here that
    sticker and then the lights are yeah WC hayes, you see those visors were cut off
    well they were cut off because of the gate the gate would interfere with them today
    as I said this was uh a my modern industries and then you got the lights
    over there my favorite visors and this is the spur
    itself it’s facing east towards Miami, see some
    voodoo right there I’m gonna try to cross over here what you hear there is the metro rail this is facing west and this side we
    also have mi lights they look to be incandescent, MI cantilever safe tran signal base WC Hayes gate mechanism electrocution hazard emergency contact info the lights two tracks cross bucks see the
    E bell in the background and the Rico lights on the crossing gate Also MI lights, see the metrorail all righty guys so yeah give you a track view again here track view west there’s the switch thank you for viewing, please subscribe or like. take care over and out

    Historic Railroad Crossing
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    Historic Railroad Crossing

    August 15, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen
    so this video you’re gonna see something I had already shown you but I’m gonna show you something else I hadn’t shown you on at the same location
    so on that side we have a US&S tear drop bell right I think it’s the only one left
    in Miami and I’m gonna get that so here we have a oh it’s the USNS and then here we
    see the rails protecting it so this is a USNS signal base old from 1941 you see
    the date there emergency contact info DOT tag safe tran lights all around and the
    pinnacle from the seaboard days up top here we have track view west towards Hialeah some voodoo right there in a garbage bag sidewalk crossing so let me show you from this side this
    is an original US&S tear drop bell safe tran lights all around
    the rails over here too because the protection point US&S signal based also from 1941 WRRS bracket and you can see that that mast is pretty rusty yet it probably has some
    interesting stories to tell so here are some well remove the ties and this is
    track view east towards downtown Miami here you have a MI relay case and let me give you a shot of the to
    drop bail from this side think that that might be the only one left in Miami
    possibly South Florida do you guys know of any other teardrop elves please
    comment below I’d love to know her or there’s another one because I really
    this is the only one I’ve seen so alright guys please comment on that and
    then thank you for viewing please subscribe or like take care over and out

    New 5 Track Railroad Crossing
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    New 5 Track Railroad Crossing

    August 9, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen today I’m
    going to show you guys something bittersweet here this crossing was an
    old cantilever crossing from probably like the 70s that I took the video on
    I’ll include the link in the bottom so you guys can see that before and after
    but yeah they turned it into a 5 track crossing now you can see the sign right
    there five tracks and then it’s all new equipment you got a progress signal
    base over here WC Hayes gate mechanism and bracket this cantilever is probably a well it’s brand new Green bull, don’t see oh progress okay then you see the emergency contact them for their across the number two seven three
    seven three four be and let me give you a shot of five tracks now see some voodoo here oh yeah and look at the rail right there
    says new alright so 1 2 is this track view East, three four and five so this
    track here is actually a brand new track there’s the relay case by the way this
    track is gonna connect the tri rail coming from the well from that track
    which used to be the old CSX that’s a SFRTA and it’s gonna come this way
    towards downtown Miami and link up over there you see those are those signals
    there and you as well okay and then here you got the same setup you got a
    pedestrian crossing gate with progress signal base WC Hayes gate mechanism
    WC Hayes lights leds there’s no bell on this side the bells
    on that side is an e bell that was replaced, it replaced a mechanical that was here before we cross when it’s safe and then on this side you got
    another relay case but another progress cantilever five tracks the WC Hayes LED
    lights up top as well e bell uptop crashed
    emergency contact info and then this is the brand new track the brand new track
    the they actually built this a few months ago. They cut into the business’s yard right there to build that track brand new they’re going to downtown on this one then that’s the iris interlock in there
    that’s where the CSX meets the FEC this is track view West still nice to see the wooden ties here that looks like it used to be a team
    team track back in the day this was abandoned yeah, it looks like it because it doesn’t go into anywhere this is never, this trick never crossed the crossing whoa look, this rail here is from 1949 Wow Carnegie, USA Carnegie 1949 Maybe Jesus Christ saw trains on this line oh yeah there’s some concrete ties. I want to show you guys the team track here this used to be a team track back in the day and a there’s a switch over here I wanted to show you guys too. that switch is automatic and manual at the same time, wow so yeah iris interlocking and then I’m going to be standing in a part of history right now this bet right now
    this is a team this used to be a team track and then this line with the 1949 rail just came up here. wow look at all this 2016 ties this track here is CSX this
    one’s FEC and then some more rails here these are gonna go to the big rail
    yard in the sky now all right you guys thank you for viewing please subscribe
    or like thank you very much over and out