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    The Fall of DeLorean – An Iconic Car Company
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    The Fall of DeLorean – An Iconic Car Company

    April 2, 2020

    in 1985 the film Back to the Future made
    this car an icon the DMC DeLorean being stainless steel with gullwing doors it
    was for perfect look for a time-traveling sci-fi movie when I first
    saw the movie as a kid I had no idea it was a real car produced by V DeLorean
    Motor Company but strangely that company went bankrupt three years before this it
    was the most incredible collapse of a car company the world has ever seen this
    is the story of that collapse the story of how a promising and calamus young
    startup was torn apart by bad luck incompetence and more than 200 pounds of
    cocaine our story begins with a man by the name
    of John DeLorean an engineer with charisma of at eclipsed turbos around
    him born and raised in Detroit Michigan it
    was natural for him to be drawn to the automobile industry by his mid 40s
    DeLorean had successfully developed many car models such as the Pontiac Firebird
    he had become the youngest-ever division head at General Motors and was making a
    small fortune every year but DeLorean wasn’t in this business for the money
    it’s hard to say why he was in the business at all he was known by
    colleagues for being rebellious and even turned down the opportunity to be the
    president of General Motors this was 1973 when America’s auto industry was
    monsterous becoming GM’s leader would have made two Lorien one of America’s
    most influential figures so for him to seemingly walk away from that is insane
    yes it was just the start of his story by this time DeLorean was famous well
    known as a maverick businessman who dated celebrities and did pretty much
    whatever he wanted this combined with his previous success put him in a
    perfect position to start his own company so he set about raising capital
    eventually securing 200 million dollars in funding 120 million of which came
    from the government of Northern Ireland in exchange for the first DeLorean
    factory being built there of the remaining 80 million some came from
    celebrity investors like Johnny Carson host of The Tonight Show but a lot came
    from car dealers hoping to sell V DeLorean all initial dealers were
    required to own stock and B DeLorean Motor Company Abbott I’m sectarian
    violence had scared most businesses away from Northern Ireland
    so for tellurium to base his entire operation here was a big deal by 1981
    the plan was up and running and in that first year DeLorean launched their first
    and last car model the DMC without a lick of paint this entirely stainless
    steel car was unlike any on the road many now call it the Tesla of its era
    and it’s easy to see why it’s going doors its rear styling were unique but
    like every new car company DeLorean made a lot of mistakes
    and the DMC just wasn’t good enough to compete with other cars in its price
    range initially each unit cost $25,000 in today’s money vats over 70,000 for
    that price few were willing to try out an unproven model especially as reviews
    of it were not exactly flattering in time gradual improvements were made to
    the DMC but with poor sales figures and no more funding from a British
    government they had to keep increasing the price in 1982 a DeLorean cost twenty
    nine thousand dollars and in 1983 it was 34,000 with a steadily increasing cost
    and a now terrible reputation engineering-wise things were not looking
    good in October 1982 v DeLorean Motor Company
    went out of business production shut down after John DeLorean
    was arrested by the FBI desperate for a cash injection to save his dying Empire
    he made a deal with his neighbor to smuggle 220 pounds of cocaine into the
    United States the buttery neighbour betrayed him tipping off the FBI who
    then caught DeLorean admitting to the plan on tape years later he would be
    found not guilty at trial it was ruled a case of entrapment seeing as it was of a
    neighbor who suggested the plan to DeLorean knowing he was desperate and
    would do anything to bail out of a company he was fully cleared but by then
    it was too late V DeLorean Motor Company was dead and
    his reputation had been destroyed the name DeLorean had become synonymous with
    poorly designed cars and incompetent drug dealing perhaps it would have
    remained that way if not for a totally factual documentary called Back to the
    Future released in 1985 it tells V totally legit story of a time
    a crazy scientist who for some reason befriends teenagers accidentally
    discovered time travel or at least I think so it’s been a while either way
    Back to the Future made V DeLorean an icon as a time-traveling car should be
    when you think about it it should be crazy and futuristic looking knowledge
    one of those weird Japanese box cars the DeLorean Motor Company being out of
    business only made calm or legendary they were scarce just
    9000 total DeLoreans were manufactured and today less than seven thousand are
    still around and so V DeLorean DMC a cast seemingly destined to fail and be
    forgotten as many other oddities of in 1980s were has outlived all expectations
    it really was a ridiculous series of events a barely believable series of
    events but they did happen and in a sense still are years after going out of
    business the DeLorean Motor Company was revived by a person from Liverpool the
    worst kind of person based in Texas his company refurbish and sell DeLoreans for
    around $60,000 each they also plan to start manufacturing new DeLoreans so
    maybe soon it will be back in a real way as for John DeLorean his career never
    recovered he spent years planning to launch new transportation companies all
    of which failed to materialize even after the collapse of DMC of illegal
    cases against him continued years of litigation pushed him into financial
    ruin eventually he was forced to appear in commercials for a terrible whiskey
    called cutty sark but not even whiskey could save him in
    his final years DeLorean went bankrupt and sold his home to Donald Trump who
    advertised seem to specialize in buying the homes of former millionaires that is
    the story of John DeLorean and his weird pointless company

    Baberi Top Most Dangerous Track of Kumrat Valley | Epiosde 3 : Kumrat Travelogue
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    Baberi Top Most Dangerous Track of Kumrat Valley | Epiosde 3 : Kumrat Travelogue

    March 29, 2020

    Senorita Blue Skies Moving Clouds Good Friends and a Pleasant Weather That’s all you need for a Trip To Remember For ages and I’m lucky that i got all of these on the very next morning in kalam while leaving for Kumrat Valley Welcome Back to the Channel Journey From Ustror to Baberi Top I never Thought it was that much of Dangerous Track For Me it was the 2nd Most Dangerous Track Jeep Track I did First Was Obviously Fairy Meadows After Travelling for 3 to 4 Km we didn’t find any sign of Kala Chashma So we decided to took some pictures than i tried to find my senorita in the mountains Kumrat Valley Senorita…… Senorita…… Before We Stopped on the waterfall Of Kumrat Valley On Our way back to the places of Hotel it started raining So Heavily That We Couldn’t Visit that waterfall and that rain didn’t allow us to explore more in kumrat Valley that DAY so that’s how we ended our that day in kumrat Valley see you in my Next Video till than take care Allah Hafiz


    Yugoslavia Joins the Axis Powers. and then they don’t – WW2 – 083 – March 28, 1941

    March 29, 2020

    So they’ve got no carriers? And just one battleship? Are you sure? Like really sure? Okay, I’m heading out. March 28, 1941 This week Yugoslavia joins the Axis Powers,
    but this is so unpopular with some people that also this week comes- a coup in Yugoslavia! I’m Indy Neidell; this is World War Two. Last week the Italian spring offensive against
    the Greeks ground to a halt. It had failed. A Japanese attack began in China, but had
    so far failed, Allied attacks in East Africa did not fail, and Yugoslavian Regent Prince
    Paul made it known that he will finally buckle to German pressure and join the Axis Powers. The reason for all the pressure to join is
    that Germany needs to use the Yugoslavian railway system for Operation Marita- the upcoming
    invasion of Greece. The Belgrade-Salonika rail link, well the
    Yugoslavian rail system in general, is vital for quick deployment. It’s the old AH imperial network, and connects
    with Austria, Greece, Hungary, and is a direct approach to where Hitler wants the fight to
    be. The 25th is the official ceremony in Vienna
    where Yugoslavia signs the Tripartite Pact, joining the Axis Powers. PM Dragisa Cvetkovic and FM Alexander Cincar-Markovic
    do the signing… then, on the night of the 26-27th, Serbian officers led by Air Force
    general Bora Mirkovic, denounce the signing and seize Belgrade, the capital. They force Paul to abdicate and then install
    17 year old Peter, the crown prince, as King Peter II. Thing is, Paul could likely rally Yugoslavia’s
    Croat population- which have a great deal of pro-Axis sympathizers among its politicians-
    to fight the coup, but he does not. He accepts it and goes into exile. A new Yugoslavian government is formed under
    Air Force CoS Dusan Simovic. Based on historical hindsight, I think this
    quote of John Keegan’s is especially accurate about these events: “The Mirkovic Coup still
    appears in retrospect as one of the most unrealistic, if romantic, acts of defiance in modern European
    history”. I mean, how can it not provoke the Germans
    to hostilities? And for toppling the legitimate government,
    those coup-makers can call on exactly zero foreign assistance. Who will help them? And why? And how? They are also nearly surrounded by places
    like Italy, Italian held Albania, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria who will all be actively
    hostile to the new regime, and with whom they’ve had endless fights over territory anyhow. Don’t get me wrong, it is a popular coup
    in large part. Crowds cheer for the allies in the streets,
    they fly British and French flags and all, but the new government can with good reason
    be denounced as illegitimate, and since the old one just signed the pact with Hitler a
    couple days earlier… Well, I will now quote Adolf Hitler, speaking
    to Göring, von Brauchitsch, and von Ribbentrop at the Chancellery and we can try and figure
    out the subtle nuances of his thinking concerning the coup: “I have decided to destroy Yugoslavia.” He already has contingency plans for an attack
    on Yugoslavia, of course. The guys who engineer the coup figure that
    they can keep Germany happy by refusing a British mission, and they also think that
    since the signature on the Tripartite Pact has not been ratified they are not actually
    rejecting their nation’s joining the pact, it just hasn’t happened. I don’t know which Germany they think they
    are dealing with, or if they’ve listened to any radio the past two years, but 1) it
    is Adolf Hitler’s Germany and the coup makes them instant enemies, and 2) in actually,
    under the treaty terms just the signature means ratification. Well, Adolf Hitler issues Führer Directive
    number 25: “The military revolt in Yugoslavia has changed the political position in the
    Balkans. Yugoslavia, even if it makes initial professions
    of loyalty, must be regarded as an enemy and beaten down as quickly as possible… Internal tensions in Yugoslavia will be encouraged
    by giving political assurances to the Croats… it is my intention to break into Yugoslavia
    and to deal an annihilating blow to the Yugoslav forces.” On the 27th, 600 German planes fly to Romanian
    and Bulgarian airfields, from as far as the Channel coast, Sicily, and Libya. He’s got the 2nd Army in Austria that can
    head for Belgrade, the 12th in Bulgaria can hit the south, the Italians could go for Zagreb…
    he’s got options. When enough planes have arrived and when the
    weather is good, “the ground installations of the Yugoslav air force and the city of
    Belgrade will be destroyed from the air by continual night and day attack.” If you’re wondering what that sort of attack
    might do, on the 28th comes the announcement that 28,859 British civilians have been killed
    in seven months of aerial bombardment, and 40,166 seriously injured. In just March, the number is 4,259 killed,
    598 under the age of 16. But an invasion of Yugoslavia means Hitler
    must postpone his planned invasion of the USSR from May to June. There is a German attack in the field this
    week, though, in North Africa. On the 23rd, Erwin Rommel advances to and
    takes El Agheila, at the western limit of Allied territory. The British are trying to hold Libya with
    the inexperienced and understrength 2nd and 9th Australian Divisions and an Indian Brigade,
    that’s it. The rest have been sent to Greece. Rommel, by the way, has been told he will
    get no extra forces and has been forbidden from making attacks. He ignores those instructions, obviously. He now has El Agheila’s excellent water
    supplies, a big plus in North Africa. But Allied forces are advancing in East Africa. On the 25th, the 5th Indian division renews
    its attack on Italian positions blocking the Keren Road. The 10th Indian infantry brigade manages to
    clear everything in front of them, even capturing Lieutenant-Colonel Fabiani, his staff, and
    most of his Bersaglieri. They are soon past the road block to the north. The 9th Indian Infantry Brigade comes down
    the west slopes of Dologorodoc- they took the fort up there last week and have been
    re-supplied by air drop- and clear the road block to the south. By the evening of the 26th, Luigi Frusci orders
    the Italian forces to withdraw. This battle has been the bloodiest of the
    fight for east Africa, and is very different in character from the long pursuit further
    south, this was measured by a few meters gained on vertical rock surfaces. The Indian divisions had lost somewhere between
    4 and 5,000 men. The Italian defenders withdrew eastward to
    hopefully make a new line. Further to the south, the Allies also advance. With the Nigerians approaching, Harar is declared
    an open town by the Italians, but the attackers, supported by the South African artillery,
    see heavy fighting 15 km short of the city at the Bisidimo River. Eventually the SA guns silence the Italian
    artillery, then comes the occupation of Harar, the second city of Abyssinia. In 30 days, the Nigerians have advanced 1,700
    km. It is now just over 500 km from Harar to Addis
    Ababa. The Italians, though, have been making offensive
    moves of their own this week, at sea. Well, trying to. After hearing claims that German planes have
    sunk two allied battleships in the Mediterranean, so they only had one left and no carriers
    in the sea, Italian Admiral Angelo Iachino takes the Italian fleet into the Aegean to
    disrupt British troop convoys to Greece. Thing is, at Bletchley Park, the Italian naval
    Enigma code has just been cracked for the first time. So Admiral Andrew Cunningham knows that Iachino
    is sailing with one battleship, six heavy cruisers, 2 light cruisers, and 13 destroyers. British Admiral Sir Henry Pridham-Wippell
    then has 4 light cruisers and 4 destroyers coming from the Piraeus, and Cunningham has
    3 battleships, one carrier- the Formidable, and 9 destroyers coming from Alexandria. Long range engagements the morning of the
    28th between Pridham-Wippell’s group and Italian ships are inconclusive, but that afternoon
    torpedo bombers from the Formidable hit the Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto and the
    cruiser Pole. VV can still sail, but at reduced speed. Pola, though, is stuck, so Iachino sends two
    cruisers and 4 destroyers to help it. The British have sent out pursuit ships hoping
    to find and finish off the Damaged VV, but that night they come upon the cruisers and
    destroyers, who do not have radar and and do not see the approach. The cruisers and two of the destroyers are
    blown apart before they can even fire back. The Pola is also sun that night. For the whole thing, the British lose three
    men killed and one torpedo bomber plane; the Italians have three heavy cruisers and two
    destroyers sunk in this Battle of Cape Matapan, a battleship and destroyer also badly damaged,
    over 2,300 men killed, and over another 1,000 taken prisoner. The British do lose a heavy cruiser of their
    own this week, the York, which is wrecked by Italian MTMs- explosive motorboats— at
    Suda Bay, Crete, but Italy loses a whole cruiser division in one night, Italian naval morale
    takes a serious hit, and the Italian navy is eliminated as a force in the Aegean and
    Adriatic. And far to the east, Japanese morale also
    takes a hit this week after the Battle of Shanggao resumes in China. On the 22nd, the Japanese direct an air strike
    onto Chinese lines, then send in armored units backed by infantry. The Chinese Nationalist forces destroy around
    half the tanks and force the Japanese to retreat. The Japanese then try a gas attack, which
    fails. On the 24th comes the largest assault, an
    all out attack to achieve total victory by destroying or capturing the Chinese 19th Army,
    but at the end of the day the Chinese lines are still in Chinese hands. Also, they do- as several sources write, manage
    to encircle substantial numbers of the attacking Japanese. The Japanese will decide that they cannot
    afford such heavy losses for an inconclusive battle over one of many Chinese HQ, and they
    will begin their withdrawal early next week, leaving behind a lot of equipment in their
    haste and giving Chiang Kai Shek and the Chinese Nationalist Army a decisive victory. The Japanese lose as many as 22,000 killed
    and wounded for the whole operation, though, and while Chinese losses have been not too
    far below the Japanese, they have savaged a better trained, better equipped, and better
    armored force. And the week comes to an end; a week of defeat
    for the Italians both in Africa and at sea, defeat for the Japanese, a small German victory,
    and a coup in Yugoslavia that immediately convinces Adolf Hitler to invade and invade
    soon, which changes his long term plans for the USSR a bit, but not his ones for invading
    Greece- an invasion planned to happen within the next couple of weeks. I will end today with a note actually, not
    an opinion or summary or rant, just a note from the world of science. Scientists Glenn Seaborg, Joseph Kennedy,
    and Emilio Segre, having spent the winter bombarding uranium with deuterons, have recently
    managed to identify a new element. They show this week on March 28th that the
    element- element 94- undergoes slow fission, which is needed to develop an atomic bomb. Now, back in 1879 an element had been named
    after Uranus, Uranium, and last month these guys witnessed the creation of a new element,
    which was named Neptunium after Neptune, so element 94 is named after Pluto- discovered
    just 11 years ago. The element is called Plutonium. If you’d like to learn more about how Italy
    got control of much of East Africa in the first place, check out our B2W episode about
    the Second Italo-Abyssinian War right here. Our TimeGhost Army member of the week is Spencer
    Burrows. The TimeGhost Army is what funds this show
    and our other chronological documentaries, so join us at or Don’t forget to subscribe, and ring that
    bell, see you next time.

    Champion Of The Track | S01 E01 WHEELIE  | Cycling Documentary
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    Champion Of The Track | S01 E01 WHEELIE | Cycling Documentary

    March 14, 2020

    Sup, good morning, we on the way to my
    bike shop we are a little bit late that’s why I’m having breakfast right
    now. Got it from that New York Museum of Art,
    tastes like 150 K. So the long story short – I got approached by a production
    company to make a documentary about myself and at first I was very skeptical
    about this idea but you know, my wife left me and she took exactly the half
    although the whole thing was not too much. But then they said how much money
    I’m gonna get and I was like oh we’re doing it right meow. Daddy loves money a
    lot. Also lately I came across the Travis Scott documentary and in the end I
    didn’t get if he is a professional jumper or a rapper and I bet I have the
    better story to tell. So you can see how life can treat you after you quit big
    sports it’s like being soldier after the Vietnam War,
    no no one really needs you who cares about you, but it’s not my case you know.
    You little car. So we agreed with the producer that I’m gonna share some
    cycling pro tips and secrets. And you know what they’re like thousands and
    thousands of these mothercycling boring videos in YouTube, which explain you how
    to change you settle or fix your bike. But I’m not one of those
    GCN lads. I’m gonna show you how to pimp up your bike in a way that even Xzibit
    would say: “You pimped up my ride” Well thats how I live, this is my shop let’s start. Today
    you’re gonna learn about three most important beginner mistakes, five ways to
    increase your average speed, or seven ways to enhance your endurance. Or six to
    nine ways of making your girlfriend happy. Let’s just go in and try to find
    something. This trick I learned on the streets on the streets of the Big Apple. And
    you know what everyone is they’re cool by default, it’s like no fear no pain no
    gain everyone has a messenger everyone is just like has a Cinelli frame and
    everything, so it’s pretty hard to stand out of the crowd. So this is going to be
    very anti mainstream lesson today, because you know I spent quite some time
    with a super cool fixie crew in New York. And we spur spending with nights in
    craft pop-up bars, thinking what is the next big thing how
    to get all the cycling credibility – and we found the way. Are you excited?
    Everyone is excited! Now you might be wondering that you will need a lot of
    tools and some skills. No no no. You will not need this thing, although it’s cool.
    Not this thing and nothing except of the tape actually. What is this recipe of
    coolness and how to get noticed on the streets The secret is the sound system!
    today we’re gonna mount this thing on your bike and be cool all round. Come. We
    will place the speaker in front of your bike, not in the back not in the middle,
    in front so that everyone can hear from afar that the top dawg is coming. closer
    perspective because we need some details. Technical, it’s very technical. So you
    take the tape and you start slowly slowly wrapping it around, until it’s
    stable. Then the second side, look it has to be straight. BAM look it’s stable it kinda matches
    the colors of your bike, the mood of your bike. Its yellow blue and big
    and black and metal. Plus it fits my shirt. That was all the technical stuff
    for the day let’s just go and have some fun and test it on the streets.
    I’m very excited actually the boys are waiting, we’re going to bring them some
    music. let’s go! And you know what I
    learned that in New York they are probably not the best cyclists,
    definitely not the fastest ones, but they know how to party. So since then I call
    myself a messenger. But like not not the typical one. I’m just bringing this whole
    pure culture of of Awesomeness do every city I go to.
    So basically you just need to invite your boys a couple of good-looking girls
    the Soundsystem, couple craft beers and then you’re ready to pop up wheelies. Oh
    we are almost there it’s gonna be bombastic! Those 2 girls want to see my new peloton trainer. I
    don’t know why they said like the ad was just crazy. Wo yeah that’s that’s it
    but in the end I just wanted to quote my grandfather: “Keep on watching and keep on
    rolling”. See ya peace out! Gesund meister production The days is ship everything is ship. I don’t know what we are doing here. 3, 2, go!

    Travel By Train Pakistan Quetta To Chaman Railroad Journey
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    Travel By Train Pakistan Quetta To Chaman Railroad Journey

    February 26, 2020

    I’m traveling Pakistan by Train Today’s journey from Quetta to Chaman in Balochistan Quetta Railway Station was opened for public in 1887. It is early in the morning Today 29th Jan 2020 Temperature is about 3 Degree Celsius 349 UP Chaman Mixed departs 08:30 AM Daily four trains arrive and departs Jaffar Express from Peshawar Bolan Express from Karachi and Akbar Express from Lahore Quetta to Chaman distance is about 132 Km The Ticket price is 250 PKR 01.6 USD Today only 7 Passengers are going to Chaman. One Coach for each Passenger Indian always comments about Pakistan Railways Infrastructure but they can’t imagine. traveling like Pakistani Citizens. Very difficult to find a seat in Indian Railways Trains. Chaman Mixed complete its journey in 4 hours and 30 Minutes. Main railway stations between Quetta and Chaman are Sheikh Mandah, Beleli, Kuchlak, Bostan Jn, Yaru Gulistan, Killa Abdullah, Shelabagh and Chaman. Now watch Rail Journey, I don’t want to interrupt you with my horrible English. Kindly feedback in Comments about my Video or English.

    ‘Why Did Our Sons Have to Die?’ (Short Documentary) | BBC Stories
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    ‘Why Did Our Sons Have to Die?’ (Short Documentary) | BBC Stories

    February 24, 2020

    He didn’t have to die that day if things were done properly he would still be here with us. There was a complete breakdown in the care of people in training. If they don’t start learning there’s going to be other deaths, and I don’t want other parents to go through this. I would rather have my son not being classed as a preventable death. The same accident happens again and again and again. That just has to stop. It cannot continue to happen like that. He loved being in the Army and he wanted to join the reserve SAS. It’s not what we wanted to hear but he was passionate and he said he wanted to be the best soldier that he could be and they were the best of the best. We were worried about what he could be asked to do if he was deployed but the thought of training didn’t occur to us at all. Two military personnel have died during a training exercise in the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. A third Army reserve soldier has died of his injuries. It’s understood the soldiers were taking part in a selection process for the territorial SAS on Saturday, the hottest day of the year so far. Margaret and Kelvin’s 24-year-old son Craig was one of the three men who died after collapsing in the heat that day. At 11:30 there was a knock on the door, and as soon as he said: “MoD”, I knew Craig was dead. He came in and explained how Craig was going up a hill, and he’d had a heart attack. We got the gist that there was more than Craig so we asked: “Was there more than Craig?” And they said: “Yes”. Edward Maher and James Dunsby also died. James prided himself on being a professional. He was a very clever young man, very well educated. If he’d been alive today and this had happened on his watch he couldn’t have understood it either. Three lots of parents lost their children and they’ll never come back again. They are prepared to put their lives on the line, the MoD let them down, it’s as simple as that. So how quickly can heat become a danger if you’re pushing yourself to the limit? Scientists at Loughborough University are putting it to the test. At the moment we’ve set up a neutral temperature and we’re using 15C and 50% relative humidity, and we don’t have any sunshine in there and a very low wind speed. He’s carrying 20kg on his back. Alex is fitter than most, but what happens when some subtle changes are made? We haven’t made it that hot just 22C but we’ve added the sunshine and a bit more humidity. So even in a cool environment he would get warm. We saw he got up to 38C in a cool environment but now he will struggle a bit more to release that heat, so the heat builds up more inside his body. If it gets very hot, as long as you slow down a lot you can cope with a big range of temperatures, but of course they couldn’t, because they were doing a selection exercise, so they had to keep pushing themselves, and that’s the big thing, as soon as you take away the ability for a person to self-regulate, in terms of workload and work-speed, that means you put them at risk and you have to monitor the environment to ensure they don’t go into these problem areas. Alex has been walking on an incline for an hour. Alright Alex I’m just bringing you down. How does that feel? Hot, very hot. My head’s throbbing, I’m sweating way more, it’s just a lot more difficult. How much longer do you think you could have gone on without the need to slow down or stop? I’d say about half an hour, 45 minutes. Over the years we’ve seen many accidents, many people suffering from heat illness, they feel that you can’t include these considerations of heat, and cold as well in the winter, because they just have to be tough and just do the job they are supposed to do. Every serviceman has got limits, we need to train them to those limits but they’ll push themselves to the point, as we saw in Brecon they’re the last people to recognise the signs of failure of their body, of dehydration, of them pushing themselves to a point where they’re going to become casualties. So that reinforces yet again the importance of supervision. It is shameful. An inquest in 2015 found the MoD made mistakes with its planning and equipment, and that neglect had contributed to the three men’s deaths. We will study the coroner’s conclusion very carefully, and make sure that everything possible is done to prevent a reoccurrence of an incident such as this. Welcome to Wales Today, tonight’s headlines: Corporal Joshua Hoole died after completing an eight mile fitness test in Brecon. Questions have been asked about whether the Army has learned from the deaths of three soldiers on the Beacons in 2013. It is my belief that the Ministry of Defence failed in its duty of care to implement any meaningful changes. Having served 24 years in the armed forces, this whole process has given me no pleasure. I’d rather have my son not being classed as a preventable death. The coroner at Josh Hoole’s inquest said she had grave concerns about what happened. The MoD apologised, again. The MoD acknowledges that aspects of the policy in place could have been better. We shall act upon the recommendations which have come from this inquest. These weren’t the only deaths in training where lessons could have been learned. An MoD report commissioned in 2002 after a series of diving deaths, called for substantial changes to equipment and training. But less than two years later Sergeant Bill McLellan died in just a few metres of water during an exercise in Germany. He was wearing the same kit that the Army was warned it should have replaced and training at the time was still lacking. It has immunity from prosecution under the Health and Safety Act. Yes they can be criticised but nothing with sanctions or teeth to it that can actually make them sit up and think: “Actually we do have to change, we have to change our systems and procedures, and we have to look after those people that serve with us”. We’ve discovered the MoD has breached health and safety laws 40 times in the last 20 years. In that time 148 servicemen and women have died, not in battle but in training. Unfortunately in my 30 years’ experience the only way the MoD are gonna learn a lesson is to have their immunity removed and sanctions imposed. The MoD says when the Health and Safety Executive identifies shortcomings it takes action. But is it enough? You can’t play with people’s lives. Every trainer must regard the people they’re training as their own family, their responsibility. How would they look after their brother or sister? That might sound emotional and whatever, but it’s not. Training is an emotional business, training is about people. When a child dies it’s bad enough, but when you find out that you have to go through all that pain, when it was totally avoidable, it just makes it so much worse. Because he didn’t have to die that day. If things were done properly he would still be here with us. I’ll never get over it. I can’t, it’s impossible. But I’ll miss him as long as I’ve got a breath left in my body, and no, you do not get over it, you do not get over it.

    Travel By Train Dangerous Mountain Khojak Pass Journey 2020
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    Travel By Train Dangerous Mountain Khojak Pass Journey 2020

    February 23, 2020

    I’m traveling Pakistan by train, In this video, Pakistan Railways Passenger train Chaman Mixed is passing through the snowy Khojak Pass Balochistan. The train stops at Shela Bagh Railway Station before entering 3.9 Km Long Khojak Railway Tunnel. My journey on Rohri Chaman Mainline 3. Its railway track was laid in the 19th century by the British, as a part of the Great Game. The Great Game was all about expanding powers in Central Asia by two forces the British and the Russians and controlling natural resources in the region. During the late 19th century, the British Raj in India had begun to worry about Russia expanding its power in Central Asia. Fearing that the Russians may enter the region from Afghanistan via Kandahar, the British decided to lay their railway tracks all the way to Kandahar so they could send their troops to counter Russian forces. In order to do so, the British had to pass the famous 2,290-metre high Khojak pass of Toba Kakar Mountain, which has been crossed for centuries by soldiers, merchants, and conquerors. The 3.9km tunnel was constructed from 1888 to 1891 under the Khojak Pass, and the tunnel was named after it, Khojak Tunnel. It is located 1,945 m (6,381 ft) above sea level. It remains one of the longest Railway tunnels in South Asia and the longest in Pakistan.