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    Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Collection 2019 Part 2
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    Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Collection 2019 Part 2

    January 21, 2020

    Kids Toys Play! sea-bound Thomas out of puff Thomas dirty Thomas flour-covered Thomas golddust Thomas paint splatter thomas thomas comes to breakfast mud splatters thomas sudsy thomas thomas
    and the bees thomas 1942 thomas 2015 happy birthday Thomas castle crest
    thomas celebration thomas celebrating 60 years limited-edition Thomas gold Thomas winter wonderland Thomas snow covered thomas santa’s little engine christmas
    thomas easter thomas out of puff edward 60th anniversary henry 2000 Henry introducing James James sorts it out team colors James James goes buzz buzz busy as a bee James fishy James 1994 James Thomas wood snowy James 2001 Percy lights and sounds Percy Coal Dust Percy chocolate-covered Percy all out of puff
    Percy muddy Percy sudsy Percy limited-edition
    60 years Percy racing Percy celebrating 60 years Percy snow covered Percy snow
    covered Percy Jack Frost Percy Percy with streamers talking toby royal crest toby hiro sticky spill Lost and found Hiro patch work Hiro surprised Spencer fix me up Stephen dusty Stephen magic railroad lady dirty Logan 1999 Flying Scotsman streamlined
    Emily 2002 bill 2001 ben black engine Derrick Christmas lights Sydney happy
    face diesel 10 snowy diesel dirty diesel bronze diesel diesel in disguise den in disguise dart in disguise seaside Sydney Goldust salty celebration salty green salty square funnel Peter Sam orange Reneahus Renehus
    new coat of paint Victor comes to Sodor shooting star Gordon oil covered
    salty custom engine William old-style Trevor old-style Kevin fiery Flynn BRio Thomas Brio Gordon BRio James Brio Toby Brio Sir Handel Brio d261 Brio Clarabel prototype Annie prototype Clarabel Annie Clarabel rocky
    red Hector troublesome brake van toad 1998 toad henrietta old slowcoach skiff
    old style scruffy new style scruffy Fred rickety goldmine rickety Blue Mountain
    quarry troublesome truck old style troublesome truck old troublesome truck
    old giggling troublesome truck new troublesome truck new style giggling
    troublesome truck bubble some trucks dairy car sweets cars Thomas woods
    sweets cars Thomas would Troublesome Trucks recycling cars Chinese dragon
    scrap monster deal with Thomas 2006 Dan with Thomas 2007 Dale with Thomas 2009
    2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 with removable Sir Topham Hatt
    forwards backwards battery-operated Thomas
    snow covered battery-operated thomas old style battery-operated thomas new style
    battery-operated thomas battery-operated gordon forwards backwards
    battery-operated James old-style battery-operated james new
    stove battery-operated james backwards/forwards Percy old-style
    battery-operated Percy news tell battery-operated Percy battery-operated
    toby battery-operated charlie battery-operated spencer
    battery-operated hero battery-operated Rosie battery-operated lady
    battery-operated diesel federally operated salty battery-operated Victor
    jet-engine kids toys play tanker kids toys play a boxcar
    so debate tag boat captain small Bulstrode big ball strode Carla and
    Chester from Theodore tugboat Jeremy jet plane magnet Herald Sodor search and
    rescue Harold Thomas would Harold Colin Marek cranky Deluxe cranky and Carly
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    Model Railway News | October 2019 | Breaking News!
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    Model Railway News | October 2019 | Breaking News!

    January 9, 2020

    Hello there everybody Sam’s trains here welcome back to the railway and welcome back to the model railway news this time Of course for October and this month there have actually been some brand new products announced which is very exciting So stay tuned for those first of all, though There are some nice updates on the latest edition of the home B engine shed first of all a bit of an update on the LMS and Ellis WR 20 and 24 ton brake vans which are due to be released in November We’ve actually got photos of the first few painted samples of those which are looking pretty excellent and the piece on the engine shed actually Goes into quite a lot of detail on the actual design process at those and it does make quite an interesting read So if you want to check that out head over to Humvees engine shed blog and read it for yourself There are also a few other samples to see on there including the Rustin which have not yet come out I think it’s Queen. Anne is one of them and there’s a second one I forget which one it is, but it’s nice to see that those are still on the radar I suppose there’s some nice photos of the bellmen Pullman train pack Which is coming along very nicely and there’s also the first photos of the latest class 87’s in the stephenson and royal Scott geysers Which are looking pretty excellent as well There’s quite a lot of new stock at home B as well, including their latest Christmas train set here It is pretty cool. This one actually, I really enjoyed and messing around with this one if you want to check it out I will include a link up there for you So you can look at it if you’d like to they also have more packets in stock And I do love the packet the before of course, this one’s mine They also have the ncb blue version and also a green one, which I think is the Associated Portland cement version So three packets free packet befores in total now and they all look excellent I’ve been really tempted to get some more actually But I’m trying to hold off because there’s some there’s quite a lot of new products about to come out on that I don’t want to have to miss them because I’ve spent all my money on packets or something like that Also the ruston 48 des hunters are now in stock or rather The rnh pale green one is the rest are apparently supposed to follow over the winter Which is good to hear and they all come with a as well, it’s worth mentioning not just for decoration purposes But the wagons actually helped to pick up as well. So you get really good reliability on the track I’m yet to try one of those so far But I’m hoping to get one of the later versions because I’ve heard great things and if you’ve got one Let me know down in the comments what they’re like I’ve heard that they’re really really good moving on from home We then and on to Hatton’s who very excitingly have announced a brand-new product or rather a brand-new range of product more Specifically a whole range of double-o gauged Genesis four and six wheel pre grouping coaches, which is suitable for a variety of different applications Including Great Western Ellen WR GN r SEC our LMS elleny R and s are based variants. The list goes on really Okay, so this is more or less exactly what modelers have been crying out for open to this point There’s been very very few pieces of rolling stock suitable for many of our pre grouping locos such as I don’t know the latest Terriers the peak classes the H classes you name it really if they were around in the pre grouping era? There’s a good chance these new coaches from Hatton’s are going to be suitable for them so there’s a great deal of variation in real life that is between coaches of this type and for Hatton’s As I understand it it would have been impractical to try and model each one individually So instead it sounds like they’re combining many known elements of these coaches the real-life ones, of course from the different areas in question Which results in a great? Approximation of what these coaches might have been like and of course it also allows so many of those different versions to be made rather than just sticking with SEC R and G n R which of course would be quite limiting for those of You who don’t model those particular railways and of course doing it this way results in a much more reasonable price as well So the pricings aren’t too bad actually they’re 30 pounds each or 36 pounds for lighting and I think that’s quite good value actually an extra six quid to have lighting pre fitted That doesn’t sound too bad for me Although there are packs of four that are going to be available for a hundred and ten pounds each which I think gives you about 10 quid off and the packs are for include a mixture of the four and six wheel Variants depending on which version you get, of course So looking at the prices there you can see they’re not dirt cheap I mean 30 quid for a relatively small coach isn’t the cheapest price in the world However, we can expect a great level of detail and quality for that price, which is exactly what you’d expect from Hatton So I’m really looking forward to seeing that also happens have revealed production samples of their latest intermodal wagons Which is supposed to be arriving before the end of the year So again, if you want to check any of this stuff out do check Hatton’s website. I’ll put a link in the description in fact and also there have been a brand new set of Bargain bundles released from Hatton’s you remember the Hatton’s bundles? If you don’t I will include a link up there, but I’m sure you’ve all seen one of the bundles I’ve looked at They’ve released a new range of slightly more upmarket bundles this time including day at the races Which is the cheapest one at 100 pounds it includes this the Caledonian Andrew Barclay. There you go Hopefully you can see that there which is a really lovely logo as you know Absolutely superb and as well as the Andrew Barclay you get a few pieces of rolling stock with that as well and they range up To about 140 pounds with let’s see wartime workhorse. For example Which also includes two war wagons as well as the loco so lots of cool stuff going on at Hatton’s Next up then an incredibly major product announcement, which only took place yesterday If you’re watching this on Wednesday basically rails of Sheffield in partnership with locomotion models of the nrm and with dapple have Announced a brand new double against team locomotive and it is this the Wainwright D class which as you can see is a beautiful Full 4’o pre grouping of course from the Secr They were introduced all the way back in 1901 and you can see just how gorgeous that loco looks. That’s the real one of course the preserve one at the nrm in York in Recent years pre grouping locos specifically Secr pre grouping locos hub, of course been really really popular we’ve seen loads of Fantastic models in the Secr Green livery and this promises to be the largest at the very least and probably the most beautiful as well Looking at it So on offer is going to be seven different versions of these all in different liveries, of course, including the sec are lined green Which is my personal favorite a very fetching wartime grade, which I very much liked as well there’s Southern Railways olive green and a couple of BR black variants among others as well and Dapple aren’t even at the beginning of the production either all of the cats and in fact all of the toolings have already been Pleated to the point where the first shots have been produced as you can see here how if I take a look at this? the model itself You can see that we are actually The caddies all complete totally the tooling is complete and What you can see here is not a 3d render. This is actually the first shots from the two. It’s not a first EP but it is an assembly of parts from So we’re not that far away from app succeed in terms of you Understand that that process is necessarily lengthy, but we’re pretty confident that we’re going to be seeing this So very exciting stuff to hear that the project has come so far already without us even knowing about it Just to clarify though. Those were indeed the first shots from the tooling So obviously there’s still some refinement yet to do and I think the ball that particular sample only arrived in the country on Thursday So it’s been assembled quite quickly. However, you can see just how fantastic it is looking so during the press release Andy from DePaul gave quite a good rundown of the model itself and some of its features so it’s going To feature a diecast chassis and boiler, which is excellent. We’re going to get a real weighty model It seemed with a fair bit of pulling power as well It is going to be sporting a five-fold motor, which is exactly what you need. Of course It’s going to have full tender pickups including quite an innovative way to connect to the loco and the tender together quite easily and quite Intuitively, in fact, you will just be able to push them the two together and they will be connected electrically There’s no messing around up Hopefully there’s no messing around with any annoying little plugs or anything like that, which is a huge thumbs up Of course, it’s going to feature a tool list DCC decoder and speaker installation system, which again looks really intuitive You literally pop off the smoke box door and pull out to the circuit board and you can fit everything on to there No screws required apparently which is Fantastic because of course when you’re faffing around trying to unscrew local bodies and taking the body off and finding out where the DCC decoder Goes that’s where damage can occur and there’s none of that with this which is fantastic It’s also going to have dapples trademark fire box glow feature, which is very good and a great deal of different variations Depending of course on which version you buy now the matter of price hasn’t really been discussed to greatly yet There isn’t a fixed price at the moment However, apparently there’s an unofficial promise that the model will come under 200 pounds Now there’s a lot of uncertainty there Especially with the financial climate in the UK at the moment that is subject to change But hopefully they say they are going to hope to bring this in under 200 pounds now, obviously Yeah, that is quite a lot compared with some of the models I normally review but of course do consider the size of the logo compared with previous SCC our locos and Consider the complexity of the Secr livery among the others that they’re doing of course and also Consider the massive number of features that I’ve just read to you as well as a lot more I mean take a look at this For example, we’ve got the full depiction of the valve gear underneath the boiler there So it’s going to be a really really impressive model The only problem is we’ve now got to wait for the thing to actually be released or perhaps before then to see a few painted samples and things but at the moment they are looking absolutely amazing how the Estimated release date. I think they said was q3 2020 so it’s not that long to wait around a year. Roughly speaking so if you want to find out more i’ve included a link in the description, and I also got quite a lot more footage from The press release so if you’d like to see some more of that, let me know in the bulb Would you like me to edit it together and if the answer is yes overwhelmingly I will edit that together and show it to you Next up then a little update from helghan who have shown some samples of their latest batch of double-o Gerrits Which are supposed to be coming out in q1? 2020 now what I’m gonna say next might divide a few people, but there is one. I’ll show you it now It’s called the workshop photographic gray version, and I absolutely love it I know some people won’t and that’s okay, but just great on a steam loco Especially such a monster of a steam loco looks absolutely superb to me Now obviously yet that is not really ideal for modelers wanting to depict I don’t know run of the mill Gerrits at work on real railways, but it just certainly looks very eye-catching. Doesn’t it? And I think if I am to get one I might actually go for that and just see how good it is to photograph basically I think they would just paint it into that livery so they could be photographed and so that they would look better on camera As I understand it. That’s the way it is If I’m wrong, please let me know. But yes, that was very very interesting to me now quite a lot of people have been asking me about these because some of the hell chance team logos I’ve talked about in the Past were quite disappointing and they were saying well, you know, should we should we even pay any attention to these? Well, frankly, I don’t know. I don’t know. I’ve heard good and bad things about the hell Jim Garrett’s of course. They look fantastic But the previous batches did have mechanical issues So many people say that, you know, there’s broke down or failed after an unreasonable amount of time however word is that they have had an upgrade on the chassis or Somebody told me that they’ve had a brand-new chassis altogether that might not be true though Because I can’t find anything about that online. But if that is true then chances are these will run a lot better But who knows if I get one to review it, then I’ll be able to find out for sure However, all I can say is that they look fantastic don’t they? Generally Elgin locos run. Okay, it’s not the performance. That is the problem. Normally so provided. Everything is OK. They should be a thumbs-up I’m looking forward to seeing those not too long to go if they really asked you to be released in q1 2020 So very exciting stuff next up then a little bit of an update from Backman because over the next month or so or who knows by the time this video goes out they might already be with us But the latest batch of oh three diesel shunters is due to be arriving now. These are priced at 124 pounds 95 which does seem quite expensive because as far as I can tell the body that those models use has been around for a long Time it’s the same one that we’re all used to However word is that they do now have a new DCC ready chassis on them, which is much better So it sounds as though they’ve done away with the old split chassis one Which is very good news whether or not that makes them worth 124 pounds 95 I’m not 100% sure, but you guys can let me know whether to try one cuz I do like the look of them So I’ll put a poll up there think very carefully though before you get me into something like that apparently though They do come pre fitted with a speaker whether or not you’re going to fit them with sound So the DCC ready versions come with the speaker, which is strange I mean what if you never want to fit sound you’ve still got to pay for the speaker? So I found that a little bit odd However, if you ask someone who is going to fit it with DCC sound and let’s be honest Not that many people do it’s not as though every other person is going to be fitting it But if you are one of those people it is pretty handy suppose at the very least The sound versions are available as well You can buy them with the sound decoder installed as well as the speaker for 219 pounds 95 But as always those prices are a little bit lower if you go to the retailers So over recent years there have been a lot of sad stories about old long-standing model shops Which no longer can make ends meet and have had to close down However this month I got an email about a brand new model shop Which is about to open I think on the 19th of October. So this is Smith’s model railways, which was established in 2018 by James Smith I think to start with they were just selling on eBay as a lot of us have in the past But they’ve done so well that they’re now able to open up a whole new model shop, which is really really exciting news So what they’ve done is is they’re going to be taking over an old model shop, which has had to close It was known I don’t know if you know it as the auto loco model shop the owner died Unfortunately last year I think and it’s been empty ever since So they’re going to be having the grand opening on the 19th of October and they’re going to be open six days a week Tuesday to Sunday and the address is 10:00 Station Road Sheringham Nr2, 6 8 re so if you want to support a brand new model shop Or maybe just go and have a nosey and see what it’s like get yourself down there and see what’s going on Finally then I’ve had an email asking me to mention the tiny trains festival Which is going to be at the LCR Heritage Centre on the 4th and 5th of April 2020 it sounds as though it’s going to be a really decent event The reason I’m mentioning it now is if you booked straight away you get 20% off on your entry fee Which is pretty good and thank you very much to ollie from Fox and Edwards for letting me know about that so if you’re looking for a Monitoring fare of some sort in your local area look that one up and see if you can make it either way Thank you very very much for watching. That is all the news for this month In fact, there’s been a lot of news for this month I haven’t been able to fit it all in but if there was something that I didn’t mention and you think I ought to have Done. Do let me know down in the comments and I will consider that for next month for the time being though Thank you all for watching I hope you keep enjoying your modelling projects and I will see you again here very soon for some more videos Take care of yourselves then folks and I will see you very soon. Cheers everybody. Take care You

    Thomas and Friends Motorized Wooden Railway Train Races
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    Thomas and Friends Motorized Wooden Railway Train Races

    January 7, 2020

    look at all these competitors! Thomas, Percy, James, Spencer, Hiro, Gordon, Lady, Rosie, Toby, Victor, Diesel, Charlie and Salty! then pick
    a nice oh you’re picking Rosie charlie
    and big red I’m amazed that you picked these out by wheels who do you think is
    gonna win you think Big Red’s gonna win I’m gonna
    go with Charlie One for the Money two for the show three to get ready and four
    to they’re off it looks like an early lead for Charlie those are coming in I
    think she’s dead gosh you’re gonna get here with big red
    they are neck and neck but Charlie definitely ahead at this point
    Wow look at how far he is ahead of these guys is this right red raring to go
    I think it’s a piece I think it’s safe to say the heck Charlie’s gonna win the
    red wheel race the big question is who’s gonna come in second it looks like big
    red is not cheap beating Rosie Rosie a past champion we’re gonna have to end up
    switching your batteries Rosie the joke’s on these two as Charlie wins the
    race who will be our next contestants Pennsylvania torpedo Rio Metroliner hero
    Liam why these three engines these are your three favorite engines which one do
    you think is gonna win your radio with the torpedo I’m gonna go
    with Brio metroliner often it looks like Briol Metroliner is definitely a third
    hero cutting in second and the Pennsylvania torpedo is going in first
    look at this big race here though Wow I had rights on forehand that looks like
    hero still holding in a second and Rio is in third but the big story here is
    the Pennsylvania railway torpedo coming in first hero of the rails like losing a
    sponsor and daddy’s pick Brio metroliner does terrible Brio does terrible daddy
    had a bad pick in hero of the rails didn’t go as fast as the Pennsylvania
    torpedo with that light on he did really good
    Oh Mattel fisher-price Thomas Gordon the express engine Spencer he rode the rails
    race who do you thinks gonna win you think Spencer super speedy Spencer I’m
    gonna go with Thomas I think Thomas will do it this time
    Gordon Spencer and Thomas the Tank Engine
    they’re off and who is in the lead it looks like this is a very close race
    looks like Thomas the Tank Engine is dipping down and it looks like Gordon
    might have a little bit of space I had of Spencer this is quite the race the
    classic race if you will Bergen Spencer Thomas at third Gordon pulling off ahead
    it looks like he is a full out so ahead of Spencer with Thomas still in the
    third as we come to the end were passing the
    cold tracks we’re gonna see who’s the first one off as it is board Spencer
    will come in second and goal or Thomas rather comes in third the Express and
    improves why he is fastest and best you want James Express Percy Express and
    Thomas Express Veronica why did you pick these three because they’re all the same
    you guys both pick Thomas I’m gonna go James cuz he’s splendid One for the
    Money two for the show three to get ready and four two
    they are off and it looks like Percy has a bit of a lead but Thomas is catching
    up here I don’t know if Thomas is gonna be able to pass Percy James for disaster
    takers and lastly but you think about God’s sake let’s take the best friends
    are definitely going they were going out of control I think that Thomas might
    actually ahead by just a little bit we’re gonna see who falls off first here
    I think it’s gonna be Thomas and it is a tie but it looks like Percy and Thomas
    tied each other so you know what we’re gonna do guys
    we’re gonna put them both in the second round Oh Veronica picks lady your get a
    big day later and I am going to go with this Percy right here One for the Money
    two for the show three to get ready and four to they’re off and it looks like a
    lighter might be slightly ahead lady in second and you Percy coming in third
    lady ambulant I don’t know it’s Percy gonna catch up the lady looks like this
    probably died now he is way far behind looks like lady is melon debris so is he
    is tossing the daylight knocking the daylights out of the daylight it looks
    like maybe of the rail with her magic dust is ahead Percy definitely in turn
    here comes lady. Will she be the first past the post she is a light comes in
    second and dad’s pick comes in last again lady of the rails Veronica’s
    choice will go on to the next round Veronica which engine do you want for
    the next race snowy Thomas you got it William who do you pick Victor yes I had
    bad luck with the last Percy I’m gonna go with this one
    Thomas Percy and Victor oh they’re off and we’re race it is wall incredibly
    slow snowy Thomas is going the closer than any engine I’ve ever seen looks
    like a real race is between learning curve Percy and Victor here with Victor
    coming in slightly ahead of Percy he is definitely moving ahead so he Thomas in
    the distance er I don’t think he will recover
    looks like Percy might be catching up now to Victor it will be enough to
    overpower some he’s really getting some games now I think that he’s moved up wow
    he has he’s passed Victor he will be the first off it looks like folks the first
    to reach ed he is off at Victor comes in second wow that was exciting
    became a snowy Thomas will come in first Victor was in the lead but ultimately it
    looks like learning curve Percy overtook him and got the wind six engines remain
    Oh Veronica she picks you you like Thomas don’t you I’m boiling with diesel
    right away I think I’m gonna go with this James right here learning curve
    Thomas learning curve James and diesel this is gonna be a fun race One for the
    Money two for the show three to get ready and four to they’re off and it
    looks like a three-way tie Wow what a race this is turning out to
    be I think James might have a slight lead here no it’s diesel diesel hasn’t
    slightly he is breaking away from the pack
    that’s great little James comes in second learning from Thomas hit third
    diesel is slightly ahead as you can see here folks but it would be enough we’ve
    seen an over taking of last race when we thought Viktor was waiting the Percy won
    no diesel is definitely ahead at this point I clear not ahead as James is
    definitely in second and Thomas will finish in third oh no oh wow
    these Oh devious diesel goes on and wins the race
    3d Thomas wouldn’t railway engines remain all of them fisher-price who got
    salty the dockside diesel Toby the tram engine and fisher-price James the
    splendid and two guys any predictions on who’s going to win this race James Toby
    you’re oh they’re off and it’s a three-way no it looks like James is in
    the last camp poor James salty definitely coming in
    second for Toby the tram engine is racing up a storm is James definitely
    goes back into third place all he comes still in second hopefully Toby can
    maintain this awesome leave that he has Henrietta would be so proud of him as
    the dockside diesel trying to catch up to Toby James well in third it doesn’t
    much matter here folks as Toby will go on and be the first one past the post
    salty comes in second and all the James’s have been eliminated
    salty raced a valiant effort as James came in a distant third but Toby the
    tram engine the fastest engine in this race here we are at the second round
    folks interesting to note no red engines are
    here and there’s only one non Thomas and Friends engine
    Oh Liam Liam likes torpedo Pennsylvanian torpedo lady of the rails I’m gonna pick
    Gordon one two three so and they are off it looks like the
    pestle Vina torpedo is slightly ahead of it ladies coming in second boarding
    coming up strong mother’s womb I’m in Pennsylvania torpedo something this hit
    is Edwin threw it must have been something in there can he just turn
    right giant leap forward there ladies still ahead of Gordon for second place
    but don’t think much matters world line now Pennsylvania Scorpio will go on to
    win eliminating Bolton lady who comes in second and the Express engine who comes
    in third Oh Veronica picks Toby diesel I’m gonna take this Percy I think Toby
    backwards/forwards Percy and diesel this is gonna be a fun race One for the Money
    two for the show three already or maybe seven to get ready and four to coming a
    turn but Percy Express is leading away won’t be coming in second easel and
    third it looks like the Express engine is definitely pulling out ahead Wow
    here’s really Florida hat it looks like it is far and away Percy as Tobias help
    full-length ahead of diesel but it doesn’t much matter as long as Percy as
    the first over the and Toby will come in second and that devious diesel he’s full
    of surprises diesel and Toby fought gallantly but
    Percy expressed just blew them out of the water
    we’ve got learning curve Percy Thomas Express and learning curve Charlie
    you’re my best friend Percy you’re my best friend Thomas I have a
    slow start but looks like Charlie exploiting a heavier with Percy coming
    in there but no me Charlie and Thomas are neck-and-neck
    Tom has already tied his first racing cut to this round somehow won’t be
    enough is he just going to be the tie guy or what’s gonna happen personally
    nothing in third Charlie and Thomas neck-and-neck it looks like Charlie
    might be playing slightly ahead we’re gonna see who goes over first here I
    think now it’s Thomas that’s slightly ahead as he goes on it he won’t
    first just ahead of Charlie I’m learning her first people coming turn thomas
    express he tied his first race he almost had a second he’s in the third with his
    old fan Percy again and here we are folks the final these two engines have
    already tied sometime this race and it is Pennsylvania torpedo the only non
    Thomas and Friends engine he has made it right to the very final torpedo Percy
    Thomas are we ready looks like a slightly headed Thomas but
    Pennsylvania’s repeal is definitely ahead Thomas it’s now striking behind
    perseus well ahead of them now but it doesn’t matter cuz that’s the vania
    torpedo it’s falling away in the lead he is going really fast
    Percy coming in second Thomas in a distance earth and it will be
    Pennsylvania torpedo goes on and wins the whole thing Percy
    second and unbelievably he tied in his first race was pretty good in the third
    race Thomas Express but here we out today’s Champion Pennsylvania torpedo
    Sir Topham Hatt in his bathing suit giving the trophy to Pennsylvania
    torpedo interesting to note all these engines go both backwards and forwards
    maybe that makes them faster hey guys click here to watch another
    video and like here to subscribe to our Channel bye


    Indian Railways Explained.

    December 29, 2019

    Have you ever travelled in an Indian train
    and wondered why there are so many different classes on a train??? Indian railways is one of the world largest
    railway networks comprising a distance of 65436km. There are many classes. Let’s see them one by one. Unreserved/General Class This is the cheapest class and although entry into the compartment is guaranteed, a sitting seat is not guaranteed. Tickets issued are valid on any train on the
    same route, if boarded within 24 hours of buying the ticket. These coaches are usually very crowded and are usually positioned at front and back of
    the train. 2nd Class Seater This is a non-AC seater class available in short distance trains and can accommodate 108
    passengers in each coach. They are numbered D1,D2,etc. Sleeper class This is the most common coach and found in almost all trains and commonly known as the second class. It has berths for sleeping and accommodates 72 passengers. These are costlier than 2s.
    They are numbered S1,S2,etc Chair Car This is an air conditioned version of 2S, but with better seats and services. Some trains like shatabdi express provide bottled water,
    juice, coffee or tea, and meals relevant to time of day of the journey. The coaches are numbered C1,C2, etc. Garib Rath trains have chair cars numbered J1,J2,etc Executive class This class almost is like the chair car but with better services and is more spacious. The coaches are numbered E1,E2,etc Ac three tier economy This is an AC version of sleeper class, but less spacious and more crowded. They are only present in Garib Rath Trains. The passengers are not given bedding and is available for extra payment. Garib Rath trains have coaches numbered G1,G2,etc AC Three tier This is an AC version of sleeper class with 8 bays of
    8 passengers each totalling 64 passengers in each coach. The coaches are numbered B1,B2,etc AC Two Tier These ac coaches have ample leg spaces and
    curtains for privacy. They accomodate 46 passengers in a coach. They are numbered A1,A2,etc First class This is a non AC coach and it is priced between 1AC and 2AC. Since 2A is cheaper, bookings were low and hence manufacture of FC coach
    has been stopped and is now present in very few trains. It is numbered F1, F2, etc. Flrst class AC This is the most expensive class in Indian
    Railways with fares costlier than Airways for long distance trains. It carries only 18 passengers per coach. The coach is carpeted and passengers have very high privacy. It is numbered H1, H2, H3, etc. Now, you have learnt all the classes Of Indian Railways I hope there is no more confusion now. Please Subscribe, more videos are coming. Subtitles by the community

    Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Railway Train Races
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    Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Railway Train Races

    December 20, 2019

    Battery operated Train races! you’ve got a great selection here. are
    you ready to go to the contenders William? James,
    Percy, lady, Thomas, Salty, Percy, Charlie, Gordon, James, Percy, Rosie,
    Snowy Thomas, Victor, Toby, Spencer, Thomas, James Diesel, Jet engine, Brio steam engine, Hiro, brio metropolitan, Brio freight train, We’re going to do something different, Liam’s gonna pick a train, and then Veronica’s
    gonna pick a train and daddy will pick a train and we’re gonna race against each
    other. Oh Veronica you’re picking Rosie? remote
    control? I’m going to go with Toby. Veronica picks Rosie,
    Liam picks brio freight train, and daddy picks Toby. let’s get them racing! they
    are off, and it looks like Toby, dad’s pick is in third place.
    Rosie coming at second but once again the Brio freight train is coming in top,
    let’s see how he handles the first climb. and he is doing good on that first
    climb, looks like he might go on to win this whole thing. is, he’s already on the
    second climb. keeps climbing. Rosie still makes the first time. oh Brio freight
    train wins! looks like Tobey is now past Rosie and made it to the very top of the
    hill will he come in second, and it looks like a sure thing Oh is he goes down
    slowly who’ll be off first? Oh
    Rosie comes in third and Liam’s remote-control brio freight train makes
    it to the next round. lady? you pick a big red? okay, and daddy
    is going to pick Spencer. here are the engines ready to go, Veronica are you
    ready? and they’re off! and here they go and it looks like pretty much neck and
    neck, with big red just slightly ahead of Lady, and Spencer’s coming in third. house
    they go up hills oh no big red has stalled on the hill! that lady takes off
    it looks like lady ahead of Spencer with big red still stuck on that hill Lange
    is now at the very top and she’s gonna go down won’t she be the first to fall
    off and she is lady wins Spencer comes in second and big reg just sit there a
    little longer Kay bronica which one do you want to pick now you go to backwards
    forwards Thomas I think dad’s gonna pick Victor Josie’s gonna pick for its chain
    which is Rosie which train do you want it’s too – you are too – train oh oh
    dude sheep it Breo did you pick Brio train so Veronica picks backwards Birds
    Thomas Josephine has picked the Brio metroliner for William daddy has Victor
    from the Steamworks but it looks like Oh backwards forwards
    Thomas is coming in first well Metroliner which was our winner
    laughs and he’s coming in third but that was first Thomas will he be able to
    climb a hill but here’s Victor now Victor and Metroliner but Thomas’s a
    seems to be stuck on the hill but Victor seems to be barely ahead of Metroliner
    will he be the first one down to hell let’s see what happens and in a weird turn of events Brio
    Metroliner last year’s champion is once again beaten Victor barely veronica
    which one do you want to pick now for this race oh you going with another
    Thomas oh oh backwards words Percy and I’m gonna go
    with old school gray wheels James Veronica picks Thomas Liam has Percy and
    dad has James let’s get him going Percy backwards first Bruzzi will see if
    he can make it up the hill but he is definitely in first place Thomas coming
    in second James is and he is going will he be the first one off and he is stuck
    on the second hill but Thomas will come in second and James was picked by dad so
    he can’t win no matter what he’d say hola best of luck to you James and
    second everyone else finishes you actually given efforts kom who do you
    want to pick okay you got it buddy you’ve got brand new Percy I’m gonna
    pick snowy Thomas brought it guys pick Percy Williams got James and daddy has
    snowy Thomas let’s get going man daddy can’t take away over here comes
    backwards forwards James will he be able to climb the hill today Percy at second
    and James’s gate oh he’s making it up a thirsty gain some
    speed there’s snowy Thomas is stuck in a snowdrift
    Oh James is going will he be able to do it James wins Percy comes in second
    slowly as it is and snowy Thomas and there is his dad even more and it’s
    another to win for Liam as James KQ victory lap we have more tension do you
    want next you’re gonna pick hero the rails I got to pick a winner here so I’m
    going with jet engine okay Veronica which one do you want to pick Charlie
    Veronica picks Charlie Liam picks hero and dad picks jet engines they are all
    looks like dad’s giant here it’s finally raining yes as Charlie has a little bit ahead a Hilo
    now dad has almost been eliminated charlie is definitely at first as he’s
    coming over and it looks like he will go on to win unless Hiro beats him at the
    last second at all that was the close push but charlie is not what an upset
    Bharata Capac last she picked Charlie and she won
    Kree picking Oh Veronica picks Percy Liam is picking salty I’m gonna go with
    Gordon Gordon never loses Veronica’s pick Percy William has salty
    and daddy picked Gordon who beats Philip and race once garden salty comes in
    second and Percy is coming in third here is big Lord he’s gonna climb this he’ll
    just like Gordon tell yes it is a sulky is now in second and Percy crew seems
    like he is felted to climb the hill at all as Gordon is still in the lead
    albeit slightly over salty salty is going that cadet William wins again as
    salty makes it at the last second it defeats Gordon okay this is the very
    last race of the first round we have three laughs who is picking which engine
    you’re gonna pick James Liam has picked James
    Veronica picks Thomas and dad is left with diesel learning curve Thomas
    fisher-price James and dad has diesel and baby do I need a winner it looks like dad and diesel are just
    getting on edge as James is now past Thomas here let’s see if diesel can
    climb this hill no problem oh yeah sure to get like a troublesome
    truck yes oh I’m gonna do this Oh James Thomas has seems not problems
    it’s up to chance all in the last second he decides to go
    James now at the top of the hill will diesel make it to the bottom first come
    on baby daddy yeah and James will come in second as thomas
    has trouble climbing the hill and here is diesel daddy’s oh man are you getting
    stuck again diesel and after the first round Liam has won five races veronica’s
    won two races and daddys doing terrible Veronica do you ever cook you’ll you’re
    gonna go with Lady William who do you want out of your engines
    real freight train gee I wonder who I’m gonna pick veronica has lady Liam has
    Brio remote control freight train and daddy has one chance of making it to the
    next round with diesel they are off and it looks like Rio is coming in front
    with Lady and psychic and diesel nightmare taco gear so let’s just get
    Brio and Aubry Oh is negotiating these hills with no problem lady got hung up
    that doesn’t much matter cuz Brio is just moving on and he will definitely
    make it oh and he has made it to the third round lady coming in second and
    diesel he’s full of surprises folks Liam wins again and all of dad’s picks
    have been eliminated next race Veronica you will pick charlie that’s your last
    engine Liam who do you pick the Veronica is on her last hopes for Charlie as Liam
    has Brio metroliner and salty up against her
    they are off it looks like Charlie’s doing very well but Sophie is very close
    behind with the Brio metroliner in third place but don’t forget folks he will
    surprise you on those hills what’s gonna happen Charlie’s getting out the hill no
    problem Charlie’s also coming it coming in that 3o Metro liners catch up quick
    but Charlie is definitely going although he’s been still nobody goes with Sophie
    still do what will happen here will them Charlie going he was a lead in the
    venture of a salty and the Metroliner are eliminated and against all odds
    Veronica goes to the net drum with charters the last race of this round
    only has two engines both of them Williams
    it’ll be battle of the old school as we have for it’s backwards Percy versus
    forwards backwards James like James is just barely ahead of Percy these
    forwards backwards engines are notorious for having problems climbing up the
    hills but let’s see how big he was right now it looks like furseus points
    slightly ahead but James is back up on the straightaway
    these guys are necking I go no it’s a second hill they’re both having issues
    what’s gonna happen will one of them lately though James and slightly buddies
    God he’s got a birdie still stuck at the peak of that second hill it’s born
    Cypress James will go on it accomplished it at long last as he is eliminated and
    here is the final race to brawl to sell it all folks breel Freightliner from
    team william charlie from team veronica and forwards backwards james also of
    team william who will be the ultimate winner looks like liam is it first it
    sucker with Freightliner and old school James as Charlie comes in third we’re
    coming up that first hill what’s gonna happen here and will there be a problem
    uh looks like j.lo table not real Freightliner
    as a gap between the freight liner and Oh James James comes back but looks like Charlie will he make it up kids go happen oh my goodness
    against all odds team Veronica with Charlie has won this edition of Thomas
    battery-operated wooden railway Olympics hey guys click here to watch another
    video and click here to subscribe to our channel bye


    British Rail – Britain’s Railway Concerto advert (High Quality Rip)

    December 1, 2019

    This is the night mail crossing the border
    Bringing the cheque and the postal order Letters for the rich, letters for the poor
    The shop at the corner and the girl next door Pulling up Beattock, a steady climb
    The gradient’s against her, but she’s on time. Passing the shunter intent on its toil
    Moving the coke and the coal and the oil Girders for bridges, plastic for fridges
    Bricks for the site are required by tonight Grimy and grey’s the engines reflection
    Down to the docks for the metal collection. The passenger train is full of commuters,
    bound for the office to work in computers The teacher, the doctor, the actor in fast
    The typist, the banker, the judge in first class Reading The Times with a crossword to do Returning at night, on the six forty-two.

    Transport in Australia: Railways At Work
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    Transport in Australia: Railways At Work

    November 29, 2019

    Whether we live in a big city or in the
    country most Australians depend in some way on the railways. In this land of vast distances, trains
    carry not only passengers but mail and parcels and agricultural products like wool, wheat and livestock and manufactured goods and raw materials of all kinds. Since Australia’s first train of 1854, farmers, graziers and businessmen have found it cheap and convenient to use trains. for carrying heavy loads over long
    distances. Until motor cars and then aeroplanes came
    into general use less than 50 years ago, trains
    were also the fastest means of carrying goods and people anywhere. In the early days as the Australian settlers moved inland
    growing wheat, wool and other products, the railways
    were built to bring them the food and supplies they
    needed and to take their farm produce to the city markets and seaports There is now a network of 26,000 miles
    of rail line spread throughout the Australian states, enough to travel once around the earth’s
    equator, but in such a big country as ours there
    are still areas where no lines have yet been built. Many men are employed on the railways.
    There are signalman who look after the signal boxes, making sure
    the lines are clear before another train comes through. There are gangers who repair rail tracks and make sure they’re kept in good
    condition. There are yard men, who couple up the carriages and others who examine the wheels and under carriages. to see that the trains are safe to
    travel in. There are engine drivers who drive the
    powerful locomotives. The station master is responsible for
    all the trains that pass through his station. He controls the men who load
    the trains and the porters who check the
    passenger’s tickets. Thousands of skilled tradesmen are
    employed in railway workshops where the trains are kept in good running
    condition and in factories where the railway carriages and
    locomotives are built. The diesel engines fitted to the
    locomotives give them power to haul loads weighing thousands of tons at high speeds. Many types of locomotives, trucks and
    passenger carriages are built to serve the needs of the
    railways. No type of country is too difficult for
    the men who build the railways. Soon a new line will be built through
    this valley. First, surveyors go out to plan the best
    route for the new rail tracks. The steel tracks themselves are often joined into long lengths and
    sent to the construction site on flat top trucks. The long length of line gives smoother and
    quieter travel. The tracks are laid on heavy hardwood
    sleepers and fastened with iron spikes. Heavy blue metal is packed around the
    rails and sleepers to keep them in position. The stone is dropped and spread along the newly laid line. Trains can travel over almost any type of
    country. Bridges are built to carry the tracks over steep gorges and wide rivers. In ragged mountain country, cuttings are
    made through smaller hills and tunnels are built through steep hills to avoid taking a long route around them. Rail tracks carry the train through
    the jungle and tropical fruit country, over the golden wheat lands of Western
    Australia, through coastal farm lands and across the great flat stretches of the Nullarbor Plain. As the trains race across country the passengers relax in comfort. Modern trains are fitted with sleepers and with dining cars. They are air conditioned so that the
    passengers may travel in comfort under all weather conditions. Just as important as passenger trains are the work trains that
    carry great loads of produce raw materials and manufactured goods
    from one end of the country to the other. Whatever the load may be the railways
    have the equipment and the rolling stock to carry it. The goods trains are assembled in marshaling yards by a system known as shunting. The shunters arrange the loaded trucks in
    the right order on the trains so that they can be uncoupled at their
    destinations as the trains travel from town to town. Each track carries a label showing its starting point and its
    destination. A shunter releases the brakes, allowing the truck
    to move slowly down hill to the next man who switches the points so that the truck goes onto the right line. Railway lines in most countries are a standard gauge or width of 4 feet,
    8 and a half inches, but in Australia many of the states have
    different gauges. Now a standard gauge line is being built connecting all the mainland capitals.
    This will permit freight to be carried from one end to the continent to the other without unloading and reloading. Already a standard gauge line runs from Brisbane to Melbourne. Although mixed loads are common, there are many trains with trucks designed to carry one class of goods only. From far inland, sheep or cattle are loaded onto stock trains. which carry them up to 1,000 miles to market. In Queensland, special trains carry
    sugar from the sugar mills to the seaports. In the Derwent Valley in Tasmania the logging special takes great loads of
    eucalyptus logs to the paper mills at Boyer. Coal is the most important single item of freight on the railway. At Leigh Creek in South Australia coal from the open-cut mine is taken to
    power stations. The five and a half thousand ton train is the heaviest in Australia. From the big open-cut mines at Yallourn and Morwell in Victoria, coal trains carry millions of tons of brown coal and briquettes each year, providing fuel, gas and power for homes and industry. The railways have many special services. Between Port Augusta and Kalgoorlie there is a partnership between road and
    rail transport known as the pickaback rail service. Road tracks are driven onto the
    railway tracks and carried eleven hundred miles across the
    Nullarbor Plain. The drivers are able to sleep during
    the trip saving themselves and their engines a long hard drive across the Nullarbor. The Nullarbor Plain has another famous
    train known as the ‘Tea and Sugar’. It carries bread, meat and groceries on a weekly run across the flat plains. The Tea and Sugar train is village
    store, bank and pay office for the railway workers
    and their families who live in settlements along the rail
    track and who work to keep lines in good repair. It is a special train service for the
    people who live in this lonely stretch of country. In the Western District of New South
    Wales a special health clinic train makes
    regular visits to isolated towns. The clinic’s Sister lives on board the
    train and conducts a baby health centre for the mothers. At one time all locomotives were
    powered by steam. Steam which is made in the engine boiler
    turns the driving wheels. Although the steam locomotive is being
    replaced by diesel locomotives and electric trains, it still finds regular
    work in many places. In Port Pirie in South Australia a steam
    locomotive is used to shunt the freight between the goods yard and the steelworks. Some express trains are still drawn by
    steam locomotives but the diesel locomotive is gradually
    taking over for both passenger and freight services. because it is fast and strong and
    economical to run and maintain. For lighter loads there are diesel rail cars, a passenger car with its own diesel engine. It provides fast travel between towns where there are not many passengers to be carried. In some states, diesels are used on
    suburban passenger services like this one in South Australia known
    as the Red Hen. In Melbourne and in Sydney, electric trains carry
    suburban passengers. Sydney has the only underground rail
    service in Australia. In peak hours a train runs every two
    minutes along the four-mile loop that links the
    inner city stations. In New South Wales and Victoria, electric
    trains travel 90 miles out from Sydney and Melbourne. One of these is an express train serving the
    Blue Mountains area some sixty miles west of Sydney. Australia’s railways are developing. Keeping pace with the growth of our
    population and the expansion of our towns, cities and industries. No matter where we live, most of us depend in some way on the
    railways, which carry passengers, mail and parcels, and the products of our farms and factories throughout Australia.

    How do you power a modern railway?
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    How do you power a modern railway?

    November 28, 2019

    The first method of propelling railways was by horses. People like
    Richard Trevithick developed the steam engine and they used that to transport
    coal from the mines. Other forms of power have
    become available over the years such as diesel and electricity.
    The advantages of electrification are it’s cleaner,
    it’s more efficient,
    it’s quicker. You can get more
    passengers on a train. The trains can be made bigger than by
    using diesel or steam railways. Balfour Beatty is a world leader in railway
    electrification. In climatic conditions ranging from
    the heat of India to the arctic conditions of
    Canada, Norway and Finland. OLE or ‘Overhead Line
    Electrification’ is the collection of masts and gantries and wires and
    supports that hang above the railway. All of that is designed to deliver power to
    an electric train and ‘Rail Electrification Designer’ helps OLE
    designers and OLE engineers to be able to devise and develop and design those
    OLE components. We’ve developed this software in-house and we developed that using the expertise for OLE engineering that we’ve got here. It
    promotes right-first-time engineering. It allows the engineer and the draftsman to work together to get the design right on the screen, to visualize that in 3D and to
    understand exactly the interactions between the components they are
    designing and how it might interact with other structures that already exist on
    the railway. So once we receive the
    cross sections from
    the electrification team, we use this analysis
    program and then produce an output for the
    civil engineers to design the foundations. The input from both teams is then
    submitted to the client and then, once accepted, it goes to construction to be
    built on site. Here at Maidenhead we’re installing the overhead
    line design to provide an electric railway between Stockley and Maidenhead
    for the ‘West Outer’ electrification. It starts with the installation of the
    foundations which then have overhead line structures installed upon them and
    then the supporting and registration equipment. The final installation of the
    overhead line continuing contact wire is done by either road-rail or wiring
    trains. Subsequently, trains are able to run on it at speeds of up to a
    hundred and twenty-five miles an hour. The benefits to passengers of the new electric service will be faster, more frequent and more reliable electric,
    air-conditioned trains. Balfour Beatty’s OLE
    capability in this industry is better than ever. From
    the installation of foundations, steelwork wiring with modern technology, right
    through to commissioning. Our commitment is to build a modern day railway and leave a legacy that we can all be proud of.