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    My Red Train (+1 hour funny Train kids videos compilation)
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    My Red Train (+1 hour funny Train kids videos compilation)

    November 6, 2019

    Hey! HEY Fish! Hello! Hello THERE! Fish! HEY Fish! Hey, CAN you hear us? Be quiet, kids,
    don’t make noise in the Oceanarium, you are scaring THE fish! Ha!…. One more time! Arghhhh! Hrrr… HEHEH… What a great catch! Argh! Ahem! Aweso-ome! Ethan, ….you ran around, like… Like a real submarine. Hey you! ….Be quiet! You are scaring my fish. Why are fish scared of everything? They are mysterious creatures. ER, This is REALLY very interesting. Ah, awesome! Something is missing here… I’VE GOT IT!! This is our new submarine, now we are going
    to know everything about fish! I shall wait for you ashore. Don’t be afraid! George is a genius. He has everything worked out. Take the radio AND Keep in touch. Hey! Fish! Hello! Hello fish! Ahahaha! Hehehehe! Are you all right IN THERE? We are fine VERA!… Ah! What’s that? THE Oceanarium doesn’t have all this metal
    junk, LOOK AT ALL THIS, what a mess! Let’s make a present for Grandpa Billy! OH Yeah! He will be happy. One… more… time! ARGH… ARGH… ARGH… Ah, ah, ah, Vera, would you help me? Aaaah, yeaahhh, ah,
    oh! HEH…. What a great catch today! Awesome! You won’t believe how much junk Grandpa
    Billy pulled out NOW! Whom are you talking to? Me? You. Nobody. Just myself. HMHM…… Don’t go off your head for joy. RIGHT…I’m going home! Are you rising to the surface? Vera, WE’VE BEEN ruptured! We are drowning
    OH MY GOODNESS Help! Help! SOS! Ethan and George are drowning! One more time! Grandpa Billy! One more time! Thank you! You saved our lives! Did you find out why fish
    ARE scared of everything? WE Didn’t have much time, let’s go to the Oceanarium!

    24 HOURS On A TRAiN / JustJordan33
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    24 HOURS On A TRAiN / JustJordan33

    October 15, 2019

    (mellow guitar music) – Hi guys, it’s Jord and today I’m here at the train station, and I’m going to be spending
    24 hours on a train, which is gonna be super fun, and crazy because… I don’t even know, I haven’t
    been on a train in ages. Have I even been on a train? – You’ve only gone on train rides that go to pumpkin patches, North Pole, fun little train rides
    that might go for an hour. – And this is gonna be for 24 hours. So it’s gonna be a really long train ride, I hope I don’t get carsickness, that’s why I’m wearing
    my carsickness bands, they hit a pressure point and it helps, that way I don’t get carsickness. ‘Cause I get carsick pretty easily. So, this should be fun,
    let’s go on the train. – And voila, we are on the train, ta-da. So it was an adventure getting here, because it was so, so, so
    crowded in the train station, you guys don’t even know. – So crowded. – Very hotly… But we’re finally in the train, we have our seats, it reminds me a lot of an airplane, really I think it’s an
    airplane but it’s not. – There’s no seat belt! – There is no seat belt. We have a tiny bit more leg room, that’s the only difference
    between an airplane. – We don’t have a meal,
    it’s hot chocolate. – We don’t have a meal but
    we are spending 24 hours so, we brought some
    Harry Potter chocolate. And I have pistachios, and we have some more
    snacks in my mom’s bag. And I have a lot of water. – Oh, my ears. – You guys can’t see but we are moving, but you can’t really tell. – We’re in a tunnel, or
    underground or something. – Yeah, it’s crazy. – Where are we? – I don’t even know. But this train, it’s kind
    of not what you think of. You think of a train like
    on the Polar Express, like those trains where
    everybody is sitting on a table. – This is more of a subway with seats. – Yeah, except there are
    some seats that have tables. – It kind of looks like an airplane. – Oh my ears are popping, wow. Anyways, yeah we’re on the train, and so the 24 hours begins, dun dun dun. – Okay to prove you guys we are outside, here’s the window, got
    out of the weird tunnel. – Jordan’s eating a chocolate frog. – Mhmm, I’m kind of hungry already. Breaking out the chocolate frog. – From Harry Potter. – Yep, it’s really good. But… I feel like we’re going
    kind of slow for a train. I expected us to fly through space and be be like “ahh!” – Jord, we have like… 24 hours on here
    – I know. [Jord] I know, that’s true. So… I don’t know. This is very different, I’ve never been on a train like this. – And we’re facing the opposite way, and Jordan gets carsick. – And I feel like I’m going to get really train sick. Because we’re facing the opposite way. – Oh look, we’re back in the tunnel. Hello. – I feel like whenever
    we go in this tunnel, it just reminds me of Harry
    Potter and the Dementors, and I’m like, “Oh no, the
    Dementors are coming!” But I’m eating my chocolate frog, having a nice little snack. And this is not at all what I expected. Audrey’s eating some fudge flies now. – They’re the best ones. – So I’m eating these snacks, and she was like, “oh
    that’s good, I want some.” And we actually did a video of us trying all of these
    snacks, so if you wanna come see it, check it out! It’s us trying Harry Potter
    Treats on my channel. – Or you can check out my channel for fun at AllAroundAudrey. – Oh? I feel like we’re in Harry Potter. – Well they eat these snacks on a train, and now we are. – Basically we’re wizards! Right? Okay, guys, it’s been a while now, it’s around lunch time, and I’ve just been sitting here listening to my four songs that I have on iTunes, ’cause literally– – Did you finish them? – Yeah, I went through
    the cycle five times. Of my four songs, so I
    have them all memorized and it gets quite boring. – I’ve been practicing French, again. – Yeah, she’s just
    always practicing French, because we are going to Paris! But let’s check up on the boys and see what they’re doing, because they’re sitting
    right in front of me, and they’re really loud. Jacob! (mumbling) – What was that? Ah! [Jord] Hello! – Hello! [Jord] Let’s go around this way. We can talk to them. Hi, Tyton! – Hi! [Jord] Are you eating Doritos? – Maybe. They’re spicy! [Jord] They’re playing
    on the Nintendo Switch. So we are also currently
    in a tunnel right now. And I was reading it on the little TV that’s up there, Let me show you ’cause I
    keep mentioning the TV. We have a little TV up there, and it gives you tips and
    tricks about the train, and it even says right now that we’re 75 meters below sea level! Which means we’re under the ocean! – Under the Channel! – Yeah. It’s crazy. Oh yeah, I guess it’s not an ocean. – Yeah. – But we’re under the water right now. We’re swimming! Look, there’s a whale! – I wish, I wish the
    tunnel was see through! – New invention (mumbles) – That would be so cool. – Audrey, we need to come
    up with a train system run by the Aud and Jo Train Co., and we have see through tunnels where you can see all the wild life, and the ocean life. – I think that would be cool. – We need to do that. – We’re creating it.
    – Check Marked! – Train marked. – Train marked! Okay. Alright, let’s get
    onto the pistachio party. I’ve got my pistachio packet. Jake wants a pistachio Will you open up my pistachio? Please? Once upon a time… Audrey
    and I were playing Barbies, and we were really little… Because that was one of
    our favorite things to do. And it was- – (mubmles) – It was getting kind of
    boring in Barbie World because we were just doing
    the exact same things. Oh, let’s go to the market! Oh, let’s do this! And so Audrey was like,
    let’s add in a new character! And we had a big pistachio jar, like literally a jar full of pistachios. – Like a clear tub. – Who has a jar of pistachios! – We did.
    – Us, apparently. So we took the jar of pistachios, and we added it to the game, but we make it a creepy character– – No, I did- – Yeah, Audrey did, I did not want it to be a creepy character,
    I’m a scaredy cat. – Do pistachios have seeds? Do you see that, it looks like a little mini avocado! Yeah! – Pistachio jar would just go around and haunt the Barbies,
    and it was really weird, but I was genuinely scared
    of the pistachio jar. Like literally, I was really little, and I got spooked really easily. And then, also, after the pistachio jar, we decided- Audrey- decided to add in another creepy character
    which was the invisible tank. – That was because of the boys. – Yeah. So apparently, there was an invisible little army car, going around our Barbie
    village that I didn’t even see. But I was still terrified of. And I was like, “my Barbies!” And oh my gosh, it was a spooky time. And it wasn’t even around Halloween. – It’s because our brothers would always take their little army
    men and fight with us. – Yeah. Yep. Oh I got Audrey’s
    pistachio seed collection- or, shell collection. It’s pretty great! I say this was a
    successful pistachio party. – You didn’t even eat one. – I know I’m going to eat them when I turn the camera off. Ty is trying to take my pistachios, still. The boys really want
    some, maybe we’ll let them enjoy the pistachio party. Okay. We’ll come back after we eat lunch. Okay, guys, somehow we convinced the boys to give us the Nintendo Switch. I don’t know how, but we
    got the Nintendo Switch. So we are going to race each
    other in Mario Kart now! Alright, let’s set up the game. Okay, here are our characters, I am Princess Daisy, and Audrey is Toad. Alright. We’re gonna play. [Audrey] First race. [Jord] And this is gonna be so hard because I’m doing it one handed. [Audrey] Good luck, sister, I’m gonna win! [Jord] How do you go? I don’t… – You have to hold the top one. – What! What, I don’t…woah! (laughs) okay, I’m going now. This is so much harder. I am in 12th place because I am doing this one handed,
    and it’s extremely hard. – Yeah, you’re doing it the wrong way. – And Audrey’s in 3rd place… Audrey, do you think you’re gonna win? I’m definitely gonna loose, I can’t do this with my left hand. Oh come on, let’s go. (mumbles) Oh my gosh, ugh! I’m on my fourth lap, Audrey’s
    probably on her last one! – I don’t know how many laps I’ve done… I must have been going. – She just run, Forrest, run. – Run, Forrest, run! Yes! I finished in first place. – Good job! I still have not finished, I’m in 12th place- – You’re just sitting – (mumbles) it’s so hard with one hand. That was super fun, I can see why the boys did not want to give it up, and why they’ve been playing on this Nintendo Switch for hours. So we’re probably going
    to race a few more times, and… I don’t know! We’ll see what we’re going to do next. Alright, guys, its been a while, and I’m starting to get hungry, which means it’s probably dinner time. And… I don’t think a pistachio party’s gonna cut it again, because dinner: we have to have a good meal. That way we can go to bed, okay? – Okay. – So I also started
    reading my book, and… This is how far I am! TaDa! So that’s been fun… And I think on this train,
    I think there’s a cafe. – So let’s go get some food! – And I think we should
    go venture out of our part of the train into
    a new part of the train- – Our cabin? – To the cafe! And get food. This is going to be so fun. – Let me get my sandals on. – Okay, we’re gonna go! Let’s go. See when I said that we were right next to a trash bin, I meant it. (mumbles) I’m gonna fall. Oh no! Okay, we’re about to enter into the next area of the train, which is crazy. And we’ve got the Euros here, and look at how different the money looks than American money! [Audrey] That’s so cool. – It’s so colorful! So. Time to head off,
    and this is moving a lot, so I’m kind of worried, alright, let’s go. We did it! We did it! Yeah! [Audrey] We’re going lightning fast. – Okay, we are going really fast. (playful music) Okay, we made it through to the next car. Do they even have a cafe? [Audrey] I saw someone with food. – I think we need to keep going! Where…number 6…yeah
    this is car number 6. So I guess we’re going down further? Alright, let’s keep going. [Audrey] Look at those
    little rail hand-holds, or else I would fall on so many people – Same, it feels like
    you’re flying at some parts, you’re like, whoa. Okay, Oh my gosh, it never ends! Plus this one’s smaller! Where is the cafe! [Audrey] Alright, we’ll come
    back when we find the cafe. – We made it! I don’t even know, I think we had to go to the back of the train, but
    we’re here at the Cafe! Oh, the front of the train? Why did it count up? [Audrey] It’s moving this way. – Oh it is the front of the train! Wow… Here’s the cafe! Wow… this is really cool! [Audrey] What do you want to get? – I don’t know, let’s look. – What’s a good dinner meal? They have a chicken Caesar sandwich, sandwiches… Muffin… Brownie! Lots of different chocolates up there… I don’t know. Okay, guys, we are failures,
    because we got back from the cafe, and we
    came back and we sat down, and we got Pringles and
    a sandwich to split, and we split the sandwich and we ate it, but we didn’t film it! So I remembered we should film, and I have the Pringles here
    that we’re going to eat, and it’s so little! This has been a goodly dinner. Mmmm. – Oh, this is weird! – It’s like…more of
    like a chili flavor… Than the cheddar… – It’s like a mix. – It gets more spices. It’s good though! – Really good! So this was a great dinner… And a water bottle. Yes, we didn’t get any
    drinks from the cafe because we already have
    a lot of water, so… We were pretty good on that. I think we’re gonna head to bed now, soon. We’re probably gonna, I don’t know… Play games or something
    on our phones or something and then probably gonna go to bed, because it’s getting pretty late. Okay, guys, it’s like after dinner around night time, and I’m ready to got to bed. It’s even dark outside, look. You can’t even see because
    it’s our reflections. So I’m gonna go to sleep now and… Let’s try reclining! – It works! – Whoa, how do you get back up? How do you get back up? [Audrey] Well, you’re stuck like that. – Well. No I think
    there’s also something… I was watching on the TV up there There’s like secret tricks to this train. There’s something underneath
    your seat that you can move. I don’t know what I’m doing. Oh, I feel it, wait,
    how do you get it out? There’s a secret, like, lever thing and then it’ll extend your legs, that way your legs can be under the seat. Oh got it, I got it! It’s just a long extender! So my seat is extra long, so my legs really don’t fit. [Audrey] Oh, yay. – I mean, look. Oh, I’m gonna get my feet stuck. Alright, we’re going to
    go to bed now, goodnight. [Audrey] The lights don’t
    turn off in here, so… – Yeah. Goodnight! Ow,
    my foot is really stuck. Okay. [Jord] Audrey, wake up! Audrey… Audrey! Goochie goochie goo! Wake up! It’s early. It’s morning time on the train. – Are we in France? [Jord] We might be, I don’t really know. Just looks like land to me. But I can’t really tell. – When did you wake up? [Jord] I woke up 10 minutes ago. And I was like, let’s wake up Audrey! So good morning! – Oh. [Jord] Well. It’s 9
    o’clock in the morning, so it’s kind of, it’s kind of late. – Let me get situated. – I think we need to have breakfast. Mission: Breakfast. Let’s go. – What are we eating for breakfast? – Chocolate? Carmel corn! – Yeah… Where is it? – Carmel corn. Let me dig in my bag real fast. Okay, guys, I found the breakfast. Which is… gourmet popcorn. And, fun fact: I can’t lift up my chair… It’s stuck in the recline position. So…yeah. Okay. We’re gonna share this
    teeny bag of popcorn. [Audrey] Oh yay. Breakfast. – For breakfast. [Audrey] I haven’t tried this yet. – It’s good! Tastes like zebra popcorn,
    but without chocolate. [Audrey] So just caramel? – Yeah! Okay, 24 hours is coming to an end! The train is about to stop
    and we’re about to get off! – Yay, I’m so excited! [Jord] We’re in Paris! Okay, guys, so we are in our hotel room, we are off the train, 24
    hours has been completed, it’s actually the next day,
    that’s why I have a different hairstyle and am wearing
    different clothes. But, it was super fun, and actually, it was kind of difficult
    because we couldn’t really move around for 24 hours! I think the biggest adventure
    was going to the cafe, which was really fun. So thank you guys so much
    for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, give
    it a big thumbs up! And comment down below, where do you want me
    to spend 24 hours next? I’ll see you guys next time! Bye!

    Learn to Count with Shawn the Train  –  Fun and Educational Cartoon for Kids
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    Learn to Count with Shawn the Train – Fun and Educational Cartoon for Kids

    October 14, 2019

    Hi, my name is Shawn.
    I want to help you learn numbers. Let’s count all the objects in my wagons. I have ONE(1) car. ONE(1) TWO(2) construction cones. ONE(1), TWO(2) THREE(3) drums. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3) FOUR(4) wheels. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4) FIVE(5) mailboxes. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5) SIX(6) jars of jam. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6) SEVEN(7) keys. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6), SEVEN(7) EIGHT(8) balls. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8) NINE(9) nails. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9) And TEN(10)… Oh, no! My crates fell on the ground.
    Now my wagon has ZERO(0) crates. Help me count to TEN(10) to put them back in my wagon. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9), TEN(10) We did it! Thank you!
    Now we’re ready to go. Let’s go! Wait car! I didn’t mean you go, I meant “Let’s go!”
    Ok. Let’s count numbers one more time. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9), and TEN(10)

    How to Litter Train Baby Kittens
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    How to Litter Train Baby Kittens

    October 5, 2019

    Hi everyone! Let’s talk about litter training kittens. Cats and kittens are naturally inclined to cover their waste, so they instinctively understand the box most of the time. But! There are some tips and tricks that’ll help ensure that your litter training experience goes smoothly. Excuse me…! You’re so excited to use the litter box! You gotta wait until there’s litter in it… To litter train kittens, you’re obviously going to need a litter box and… litter! But it’s important to know what you need to get. For your box, a small cheap shallow box is where you want to start with these little guys. Nothing covered, nothing too tall, nothing with a door, or steps, or anything like that. In fact, when they’re first learning I just use these cardboard trays as their first training boxes. The cardboard trays that hold canned food are *perfect* for litter training kittens. I love using these, because they’re so shallow the kitten can just walk right into it. And once they get really gross, you can just toss them in the trash. This means a clean box for the kittens, and less hassle for you. If you’re working with kittens under 8 weeks old, I recommend using a kitten safe litter, meaning something that is fragrance free and non-clumping. Remember that kittens navigate the world just like human babies – with their mouths. Highly fragrant litters can be bad for tiny kittens if ingested, and clumping clay litter is definitely a no-no, since it clumps up when it touches liquid. Instead, I recommend using something like an unscented paper-based litter, or even a corn or wheat based litter until they’re 8 weeks old, and confidently exploring the box without munching on it. Once the kittens are closer to 6 or 7 weeks old, I move them into a plastic litter box that is more like what they’ll have as an adult. You still want this box to be shallow and lidless, but it can be a bit bigger and more sturdy than those cardboard trays. If you’re raising baby kittens, you know that they don’t go to the bathroom on their own for the first few weeks of life. From zero to three weeks of age, kittens will be stimulated to go to the bathroom by their mother licking them. If you’re caring for an orphan kitten who doesn’t have their mother, you’ll have to help them go to the bathroom by stimulating them with a soft tissue. If you want to learn how to do that, watch my video, “How to Stimulate Kittens to go to the Bathroom”. Okay…! You’re gonna poop! Once the kittens hit three weeks old, their bodies start being able to gradually go to the bathroom independently, so you might start to notice that they pooped or peed in their bedding between feedings. That’s a perfect time to start introducing the litter box. If you’ve been stimulating kittens to go to the bathroom, you can even start stimulating them right into the box around three weeks of age. They’ll be able to associate the scent of their urine with the box, and this can kick-start their understanding of good litter habits Ooooooh! Good job, Hank! Of course, if you’ve recently adopted a new kitten or rescued a kitten that’s more than three weeks old, you should introduce them to the litter box right away. The litter box should always be the first thing you show a kitten any time they go to a new home, or a new room. … are you napping in the litter box? Kodi, that’s where poop goes! Kittens naturally understand the box because they want to cover their waste, but there are several things you can do to ensure that they do use the box. First you want to make sure that it’s easy for them to find. That means when they’re learning, they should really never be more than 10 feet away from a litter box. If they don’t know where it is, they might start looking for somewhere else to go. Put out as many boxes as you need depending on the size of the space. For instance, a little baby in a playpen only needs one. But if you have a rambunctious eight week old kitten running around your house, you should ideally have at least one box in each room while they’re still learning. Kittens will typically be drawn to go to the bathroom in a corner, so I recommend starting by putting a box in one to two corners of the room. Of course, limiting the amount of space they have while learning will really help, because they’ll be right next to the box at all times. So consider keeping your babies consigned to a playpen, or a single room, until they’re totally trained to use the litter box. Once the kitten starts using the box, congratulate them! Kittens do well with positive reinforcement. You can use an encouraging voice, and give them some extra pets while they’re exiting the box. You also want to make sure they don’t find alternate places to go to the bathroom. Maybe you have a pile of laundry in the corner of your room, or some blankets all bunched up in their playpen… This might be okay to you, but to a kitten? They might think this provides a good place to cover their waste. Kittens also learn by example and imitation. If you have one kitten that isn’t getting it? Bring them over to the box to watch their buddies, so they have a chance to learn. You can also put the kitten in the box and run your fingers through the litter to show them that it’s a place to dig, or even gently run their paw through it to encourage digging behaviors that ultimately lead to potty time. This will also teach them how to cover, if you’ve got a baby that isn’t covering his waste. If you have a kitten that just really isn’t getting it, make sure you try a few different litter brands. Some kittens will have preferences, or may be sensitive to the feel or smell of certain brands. You also want to think about the kitten’s history. If it’s a feral kitten that’s been living outdoors, the bathroom to them might look like some dirt and some leaves… so there’s no harm in putting a couple leaves on top of the litter box, if that’s what it takes to help them make the association. Remember, they have the same goal as you do – a clean environment. So have patience while you’re helping steer them in the right direction, and never use negative reinforcement or punishment if they get it wrong. Excuse me! That’s my finger! This is where a lot of people mess up. They don’t clean the box enough! This is a big pet peeve of mine because it’s so unfair to the animal, and it gives people the impression that cats are smelly animals. Cats aren’t smelly animals! You’re a smelly animal if you don’t clean the litter box. One way to think of it is… whenever you feed them, you should also check out the box and see if it needs a scoop. If it does, it’s easy to just toss that small amount into a toilet, a trash bag, or a smell proof pail. When kittens are litter training, it’s so important to keep a clean box so that they’re incentivized to use it. Otherwise, they might think it’s super gross, and start looking for somewhere else to go. The more they go elsewhere, the more they’ll think it’s okay to go elsewhere. So do yourself a favor and keep that box clean. That goes for kittens, and adult cats too. Oh, hi, Kodiak! You decided to join me for the end… Ultimately, litter training is all about meeting them where they are, and thinking like a kitten – not like a human. So make sure you’re putting out a box that’s safe, shallow, and easily accessible at all times. Keep it clean and encourage those good habits, and your kittens will be litter box champions in no time.

    Learn Numbers and Carve Pumpkins with Shawn and Team! 🎃
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    Learn Numbers and Carve Pumpkins with Shawn and Team! 🎃

    September 22, 2019

    (Speedy) Hi, my name is Speedy and this is Rusty the Robot. (Rusty) Hello! (Speedy) We are here to teach you how to count these pumpkins and Rusty will carve them. (Speedy) Let’s count: ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8), NINE (9), TEN (10) (Speedy) Ok, Rusty, now you can carve numbers on the pumpkins. (Rusty) ONE (1) (Rusty) TWO (2) (Rusty) THREE (3) (Speedy) FOUR (4) (Rusty) FOUR (4) (Rusty) FIVE (5) (Rusty) SIX (6) (Rusty) SEVEN (7) (Rusty) EIGHT (8) (Rusty) NINE (9) (Rusty) TEN (10) (Rusty) I am finished. (Speedy) Great job! Look out, Rusty! Benny is coming! (Benny) Excuse me! I am late getting to a Halloween party! (Speedy) Whew. That was close. Benny is late again. (Speedy) Oh no! All of the pumpkins fell on the ground.
    It is too dark to see the numbers on the pumpkins. Now we can’t put them back in order. (Rusty) ZERO (0) pumpkins detected! (Shawn) Hi, Speedy.
    Hi, Rusty. (Rusty) Hello.
    (Speedy) Hi, Shawn. Look, all of the pumpkins fell on the ground. (Speedy) Now we can’t see the numbers. (Shawn) Don’t worry, guys. I have lightning bugs that can help us.
    They can fly into the pumpkins so we can see the numbers! (Speedy) This is number EIGHT (8). This is number FIVE (5). (Speedy) This is pumpkin number FOUR (4).
    This is pumpkin number TEN (10). (Rusty) I detected pumpkin number ONE (1).
    Detected pumpkin number SIX (6). (Shawn) Look I see pumpkin number THREE (3).
    This is pumpkin number TWO (2). (Speedy) I see SEVEN (7) and NINE (9).
    Now we can put them in order. Let’s count: (Speedy) ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5),
    SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8), NINE (9), TEN (10) (Speedy) Thank you for your help. Now you can count to ten. (Shawn) Happy Halloween!
    Ah! Oh! Benny is coming back.

    Do Your Ears Hang Low?
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    Do Your Ears Hang Low?

    August 18, 2019

    Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to
    and fro? Can you tie em in a knot, can you tie em in a bow? Can you throw em o’er your shoulder like a continental soldier do your ears hang low? do your ears stand high do they reach up to the sky? Do they droop when
    they’re wet do they stiffen when they’re dry? Can you wave them at your neighbor with a little bit of flavor? Do your ears stand high? Do your ears flip flop can you use them as a mop? Are they stringy at the bottom are they curly at the top? Can you flap them up and down as you fly around the town? Do your ears flip flop? Do your ears stick out can you waggle them about? Do they wave in the breeze from the smallest little sneeze? Can you cast a cooling shadow over most of Colorado? Do your ears stick out? For more sounds and stories, check out our other videos!

    NEW RECORD!!! WELL OVER 150 RATS Caught by My Mink and Dogs!!!
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    NEW RECORD!!! WELL OVER 150 RATS Caught by My Mink and Dogs!!!

    August 13, 2019

    today was a record-breaking day like
    record shattering like blow it out of the water oh my gosh my name is Joseph
    Carter and I am the minke man when I was a senior in high school I started
    learning about the American mink I was told that mink were horrible vicious
    little animals who were impossible to tame challenge accepted
    I’ve been in love with me ever since I get mean from fur farms and give them a
    new life in this new life my mink live as naturally as possible even hunting
    for their dinner the way a wild mink would so come join me on my adventures
    as we learn more about this intense little predator amazing American mink
    now if you’re really wanting to dive into mink and learn the nitty-gritty
    details I would strongly recommend you read my book the new sport of mink
    Andrey if you would like to support us you can buy a shirt or hat or consider
    becoming one of my faithful patrons just go to the links in the description below people often ask me why I prefer to use
    greyhound mixes over terriers that is why I prefer to use greyhound mixes no
    matter how fast their short little legs run no terrier can quickly cover ground
    like a long-legged lurcher that fast black dog is my boss and he’s
    what’s called a bull lurcher he is one-quarter pit bull three-eighths
    greyhounds and three-eighths whipping any dog crossed with the greyhound er
    whippet is termed in lurcher the advantage of using a bowl archer like
    boss is the pit bull helps give him some of the toughness and drive of a terrier
    and also some of the speed of the greyhound this little white dog named Neela is a
    Jack Russell terrier owned by my buddy Matthew he has his own channel called
    Matthews mink Manor we keep Neal on the leash most of the time because she likes
    to dive under the cement when she sees a rat we don’t want to have an accident if
    the cement unexpectedly slipped off the tractor oh just get dogs good girl in the last
    good great there’s just one more that’s still alive back down good girl Neela drop it drop us bus bus the point of your brindle dog is my
    little puppy shurni she’s a Dutch Shepherd and she’s just here to watch
    the older dogs in action she’s only five months old in his far too young to be
    catching rats herself good girl yes yes good girl bucket yes good girl another
    one bucket yes bucket bucket yes good girl bucket bucket yes yes yes yes yes there’s a few
    I don’t know where to go good job Neela Connie was jumping through the air out
    drop out struck out girl good dog okay go ahead summer anything under their players once we
    tried to avoid the rats suffering whenever possible and put them down as
    quickly as we can contrary to what some people would think
    using mink and dogs for pest control is far more humane than the commonly used
    modern methods the squeaks of rats disturb some people but the same people
    take no thought whatsoever for the hours of torment suffered by a poisoned rat
    dying down in its burrow where nobody can see or hear good kupuna gosh oh there’s a bunch right there good job
    Neela good job boss good girl Neela good jobs Oh boss
    no come here come here good boy come here it’s good boy get down Warda cops
    it dogs you’re going under the hay down to the next one yeah your girl
    yes speaker oh please Ganguly okay pretty good start to today huh
    as we continue along moving sections of cement the escaping rats move on to the
    next section eventually congregating in large enough
    numbers that it’s helpful if we start using the mink along with the dogs yeah
    we need to start doing me oh my gosh in order to be as efficient and safe as
    possible we prop the cement up with a railroad
    tie so there’s no risk of it slipping off the tractor we then release the mink
    under the gap created the mink enters the gap and begins catching rats the
    rats who try to escape the mink run into the dogs waiting outside
    typically the mink flushes the rats in a slower and more orderly fashion than
    just lifting the cement with the tractor wood giving the dogs more time to catch
    the fleeing rats yeah good boy yeah good boy this make
    his name spot because he has a little white spot on his chin just like his
    father Rocky he’s a fearless hunter but I like his
    father he’s quite large and so has some obvious difficulty squeezing into tight
    little places good job I’m sorry a job spawn
    good boys get alcohol I ran a good boy we have a but Alfie okay move the
    cameras back good job good job
    there’s one good jobs new watch stop boy boss boy
    boss oh you didn’t bite me I just grabbed
    Kate alive oh my gosh how did I do that you may
    wonder why we lift the cement for their mink instead of just letting them
    squeeze down the rat holes a bunch of rats will sometimes bottle up in the
    dead enemy and the meat wat to sit down there killing them one by one
    which is quite time-consuming when dealing with large numbers of rats it’s
    quite helpful to use the much larger and more powerful buck minigame
    the buck creeks are so large that they typically can’t fit down the Brat
    burrows and so only dummies are embarrassed if we don’t want the cement got okay oh yeah yeah yeah fuck Neil Neil Neil I got one Oh give us good job Neela oh there’s so
    many oh these are all the lies look these are all alive smart leave any next bus bus business good job Neela yeah yeah yeah yeah here let me chase one over there here
    drop this was a really holy no bites none ever does like people
    often wonder about the disease risks involved with catching rats most of the
    diseases people worry about either aren’t typically found in my area or
    aren’t carried by rats at all hantavirus is only carried by a very small handful
    of specific rodent species the deer mouse being the only one in my area the
    plague is not typically carried by the brown rat but is instead carried by the
    black rat which doesn’t live here either rabies is almost never carried by any
    small to medium-sized rodent rats included girl nila leptospirosis or Wiley’s
    disease though very common in wet areas with mild winters is almost unheard of
    here in the high desert of Utah with that being said there’s always
    going to be some risk of disease so my animals and I stay up-to-date on all
    available vaccinations you may wonder what we do at the end of the day with
    over a hundred dead rats and the answer is we either turn it into mink food or
    if possible we sell them to people with pet snakes good job there heads not near
    big enough to be very good job spot back at home my mink are kept in much larger
    and more spacious enclosures they get all kinds of enrichment like branches to
    climb on and pools to swim in and this is just our little transportation method
    for transporting a whole bunch of mink at once good girl good girl this is real yep a real shoes are in
    case we need something I can squeeze in a lot of places yeah pop your bus hey Raven hey Johnny what they told me
    was nice car good job Neela yeah good girl any luck yeah here job Oh this yellow dog is a one-year-old
    Greyhound named Lily Lily is plenty old enough to start hunting but she hasn’t
    mentally matured enough to take any interest yet we brought her along hoping
    that watching the other dogs having fun would eventually make her want to give
    it a try glad I’m wearing gloves I’d like to get
    bitch scared a second there you go no she’s getting them up oh she’s she being sucked good job Mysterio
    did you visit oh the queue mystery oh she got it out good job oh my gosh just goes to show they can start outside
    doesn’t mean they’re gonna be so this is the supplement week out of the bunch good job me lush good look oh good girl the mingkun dogs work as a
    team to help eradicate the rat infestation the dogs understand that the
    mink are an important part of their pack and that they must respect them at all
    times unfortunately not all of the mink
    understand this and some of the more aggressive ones try and bite their dogs
    to do their best to avoid the teeth of their feisty little hunting
    Connecticut’s good girl hiki sky you did an excellent
    job I did one is still there baby okay Johnny here being such good moral
    support she’s the cheerleader are you to dodge Geneva Tierney’s do such a good job to use to
    get used to the retriever you do be cheaper can you reach each direction
    every picture so look at all these guys man there’s
    tons of there’s forty these little guys we’re gonna go see if we can find a
    foster mother see this one’s actually old enough it’s already can be waned
    he’s fine we’ll just give him soft food but like these little guys they’re
    borderline they need a mother to nurse on and it looks like this is a this one
    this one’s old enough to wean but these little guys in they need a mother oh my
    goodness today was a record-breaking day like
    record shattering like blow it out of the water I cannot believe the luck that
    we had today oh my goodness so happy so Dominque did awesome jobs man they were
    they were knocking him out mama doesn’t like Maggie because she’s helped me
    doctor her a couple times give her shots things like that so she thinks she’s
    about to get a shot so she’s right now she’s on edge and she’s ready to bite
    anyone that touches her anyway so if I get bit that’s why anyway so just
    happiest can be journey that was a great introduction to routing for her as a
    little puppy she did a good job for just a little innocent puppy not doing much
    but bringing rats putting them in the bucket and kind of disappointed in Lilly
    she’s a year old now we were really hoping she’d get started at least a
    little bit today but I don’t think she even knew what we were doing she’s just
    kind of hung out boss and good old Neela man they were they were doing an awesome
    job all-around amazing day so appreciate you guys joining us and just a reminder
    Matthew he wasn’t able to join us today but Matthews mink Manor take it check
    out his channel I’ll put it in the link below but man what a wonderful day and
    look at all these rats all these rats in the cages are ones we caught by hand
    do you believe we caught all of those rats by hand and I only got bit like
    three times it was awesome so anyway thanks for joining us and you
    guys have a great day hey hey getting a bit girl boy so the
    grand total from that ridiculously amazing day of ratting was a hundred and
    eighty eight rats forty of which four babies so the lucky number for those of
    you who are going for the contest for the Hat is a hundred and forty eight
    adult rats or I should say adult and some adult rats because some littles
    adult rats work totally adult so we actually had several people that had
    correct guesses so we’re also gonna have surprises for the runner-ups but the
    first person to guess the right answer of a hundred and forty eight adult and
    some adult rats was Ray Lucassen I’m not sure that’s his real name but that’s a
    screen name didn’t have a real name on there so ray Lacoste send you one
    the next runner-up was Christina followed by Vince or probably goes my
    video if you look at his screen name I’m guessing that’s what he goes by will
    Freeman following this ow Emily H and Paulina yes sorry sorry
    calling they’re not sure to pronounce that so those are the winners the the
    person first person who got it right the sramek Austin he’s gonna of course get
    you know the Hat like we promised and everyone else we’re gonna have some
    wristbands we’re gonna be sending out to you for for being runners-up so
    appreciate you guys with this little competition I’ve never done this before
    I hope you guys enjoyed it and yeah I hope more than that sure hope you
    enjoyed the video that was that was an amazing day so if you are a winner
    message us on Instagram your address so the mailing address you’d like the prize
    to go to and we’ll go ahead and get these prizes out to you so appreciate
    you guys

    I’ve Been Working on the Railroad | Favorite Children’s Nursery Rhymes | Baby Genius
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    I’ve Been Working on the Railroad | Favorite Children’s Nursery Rhymes | Baby Genius

    August 10, 2019

    I’ve been workin’ on the railroad. All the
    livelong day. I’ve been workin’ on the railroad. Just
    to pass the time away. Can’t you hear the whistle blowing? Rise up
    so early in the morn. Can’t you hear the captain shouting. “Dinah,
    blow your horn?” Dinah, won’t you blow. Dinah, won’t you blow.
    Dinah, won’t you blow your horn? Dinah, won’t you blow. Dinah, won’t you blow.
    Dinah, won’t you blow horn. Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah.
    Someone’s in the kitchen, I know. Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah.
    Strumming on the old banjo. I’m singin’ Fee, fie, fiddle-e-I-o.
    Fee, fie, fiddle-e-I-o-o-o-o. Fee, fie, fiddle-e-I-o.
    Strumming on the old banjo.