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    Rare US&S Teardrop Bell, Old Railroad Crossing, and Switch CSX Downtown Miami Spur Former SAL
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    Rare US&S Teardrop Bell, Old Railroad Crossing, and Switch CSX Downtown Miami Spur Former SAL

    August 20, 2019

    Teardrop mechanical bell guys from the SAL days. From the 40s that bell’s been there. The bell itself is a US&S Model 15 highway crossing bell. US&S right? The bell was first patented on February 20th, 1917. These bells are 100 years old now. This is a 3rd generation tear drop bell. So that bell is 100 years old? It’s still active. These teardrop bells were actually made between the 1940s to the mid 1960s when they stopped production. But this is a 3rd generation teardrop bell. The second generation shows up as their still… What does it say on top there? On top it says US&S Co. patent number. The patent number is 3rd generation the US&S Co. and it had a shield on the back of the dong. That’s the second generation. The 1st generation was a little bit bigger and more solidified. Only said Union Pat. Pen. Look at the pinnacle! And then we got an old switch back here. Look at this guys! This is buried treasure over here! IT’s a WEIR switch. facing West again. And we’re going to take one more look at the 100 year old mechanical teardrop bell. Even though CSX runs on it, You can see it says, “CSX Downtown” but but it’s maintained by the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority Alright guys, thank you for viewing

    Broken Crossing Gate at CSX Railroad Crossing
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    Broken Crossing Gate at CSX Railroad Crossing

    August 20, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, A CSX train just finished going through here and I saw that a car hit the crossing gate and that is the outcome. I’m over here at NW 17th ST and NW 127th AVE at the CSX crossing and yeah That guy was trying to beat the crossing that was what happened. Here is the Safetran systems signal base Safetran gate mechanism Safetran lights and the cracked gate let me give you, this is track view North. Track view South. And this is what that looks like from afar. Let me give you a Here you can see the relay case. Look on the other side. Yeah, the CSX train comes it’s actually a rock train that goes over there and takes rocks from North to South over there, this is track view South. And then Here we have a Safetran signal base. Safetran lights Safetran gate mechanism This crossing in intact, they haven’t hit it yet. and this is a what kind of cantilever is this? Fabricated Metals. So yeah guys That’s what we have here today. A cracked crossing gate. Okay guys Again this is NW 17th Ave Sorry NW 17th St and NW 127th AVE Miami, FL. Please Subscribe or Like! Thank you for viewing. Over and out.

    What Does This Railroad Crossing Look Like 64 Years After ?
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    What Does This Railroad Crossing Look Like 64 Years After ?

    August 20, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here your railroad archaeologist, so today’s time machine is gonna take us back to the year 1955 specifically Fort Lauderdale Florida
    1955 we’re gonna visit a seaboard crossing that was originally built in
    1926 and when this picture was taken it was 29 years after it was built so we’re
    gonna see some coconut trees we’re gonna see some the forest outhouses we’re
    gonna see traffic jam old cars this picture is gonna be very very nice I
    like it in fact I wish we could return to those times and then after the
    picture I’m gonna show you what it looks like nowadays I went to the location and
    took a video and you’re gonna compare the picture to the video one after the
    other and you’re gonna let me know what you think in the comments guys I
    personally like 1955 butter but yeah keep an eye on the original seaboard
    crossing with a placard ugh no stop on red signals the coconut trees yeah um if
    you haven’t subscribed to my channel please subscribe so you can see videos
    like this hit the notification bus you can get alerts too when I upload my
    videos and enjoy this video let me know what you think down below guys you and welcome to 2019 ladies and gentlemen
    this is what it looks like nowadays so you remember that lovely little road
    crossing that was there with the house on the other side looking east ok so
    right now that overpass here is an extension of Broward Boulevard going
    east on to i-95 notice that on the other side of the bushes there is 595 sorry
    i-95 there are the tracks right there and then that overpass right there is Broward
    Boulevard take a little bit closer so here we are this is where the crossing
    used to be that’s probable of art that’s facing east I’m gonna go up on top now
    and show you guys what it looks like from above okay ladies and gentlemen
    here you have it I’m gonna include the Google Maps inks
    in this location so you guys can follow along with me
    sorry I’m a bit winded I just finished climbing that right there it’s tougher
    than it looks okay so at this very spot is where those
    two little possible and the lights the original seat boy don’t cross it that’s a try real station you can see
    the sign right there by the light post says 5 94 95 south so yeah big big difference call me crazy but uh I’d
    rather have it as it was before but you guys please check out one of my
    other videos please subscribe if you haven’t that notification Bell thank you
    for viewing take care sayonara

    Abandoned Railroad Crossing with Lights Folded Down
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    Abandoned Railroad Crossing with Lights Folded Down

    August 19, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m over here at NW 12th ST and NW 127th Ave here in Miami, FL. and I’m going to show you guys an abandoned railroad crossing today. Here we go, here’s a look at the line. You got pine trees growing in the middle of the line. I think there’s a squash over there. in the middle. You got wooden cross ties here. And then let me show you the actual crossing. We got a Oh! This is a GE GE signal base. Okay I think this might be an STS model 95 gate mechanism. Harmon lights which are folded down now. and then the cantilever is a oh, it’s also a Harmon. Yeah, there you go. Harmon cantilever The lights are also folded down on top. Can’t tell. Those might be WC Hayes lights, might be Harmon too. Let me give you a look from over here. And then Let me give you a look at the other cantilever. which is right underneath the express way over there. So right now I’m facing North right. and Here you can see the other one I wonder if That cantilever hits the actually makes contact with the bottom of the expressway? Let’s take a look. Actually, it’s a few inches shy of making contact. Again the lights are folded down. Harmon cantilever. GE base on the signal. Signal base. Lights folded down yeah. I wonder how long it is before they take this one down? Let me give you a wide shot of what it looks like from this side. This is looking South. And there, over there is the relay case. Please Subscribe or Like guys. Thank you very much for viewing. Over and out.

    Old Railroad Crossing 1987 & Now
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    Old Railroad Crossing 1987 & Now

    August 19, 2019

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m going to take you back in time April 1987 Look at the 3 cantilevers Old SCL cantilevers This is where it’s located. Right on North River Drive where the red arrow is flashing. It’s a very busy corner of Miami. You got 4 main streets meeting there. You got North River Drive right here then you got NW 36th ST US 27 in the background and then you got the 112 highway exit and the on ramp quite a lot right? This is track view South. As you can see, this is the CSX historic Bridge in Miami, which was built in 1926. and the signal right there. And then track view North You’ll notice the 112 and there’s a Tri Rail Station. So now onto the crossing as it looks nowadays. Hey guys, I’m going to show you guys an old school SCL crossing located on the S line extension There’s the mile post right here. WRRS cantilever with Modern Industries lights Okay guys and we got 4 Safe Tran lights up there. But yeah, that cantilever that side got replaced with the modern one. See it’s vastly different from this one Here you even have the crossing gate separate from the cantilever which is a characteristic of an SCL crossing. And here you have a Safe Tran gate mechanism. And let me give you a shot from the back. Crossing lights are Reco lights. Oh, here you go! Our lucky day, they’re doing signal work. signal maintenance over here. Electronic Bell sounds That’s an E dinger. Back in the day this used to be a most likely a US&S mechanical teardrop bell. I have a video. I’ll include a link to it. There’s one down the line. Yeah, look at the Safe Tran Systems base. And we got the crossing gate going back up now. There was a huge malfunction at this crossing a few weeks ago. I’ll include a link in the description. Okay guys, please subscribe, like, or share. And I thank you very much for viewing. Take care. Over and out.

    Walking Abandoned Railroad Bridge From Decades Ago
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    Walking Abandoned Railroad Bridge From Decades Ago

    August 19, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here, your humble railroad archaeologists they were here in
    downtown Savannah near the historic district and we see a lot of economic
    progress here we see the old highway of pilings right there to your left then
    the new highway to your right boom we see a lot of cars a lot of industry
    going on here we see cranes building buildings we I just saw a freighter leave and we
    feel the Port Authority building over here however all this economic progress
    is overshadowed by a black cloud which looms over us which is symbolic for the
    end of the railroad as we clearly see over here this is a truly heartbreaking
    sight guys look at this see so both sides of this were made of all
    break the both of the foundations that’s that authentic feel bridge right see if I could find a date on this real can’t beat that kind of engine right
    there next to the major highways why do some pop you can see the fall foliage in
    front of him yeah turn it up for a date – but this
    rail is so corroded I cannot see a bead on it
    holy crap it’s got ice breaking underneath so yeah you can see it went into the
    portal I want to go cuz there’s a security booth right there and they
    might think I’m being a terrorist something but yeah you can see uh it
    goes right into the point right there and then I will take you on a tour back
    this way yeah I see some radio I see okay that says nothing though I mean I’ve
    date okay so I will go back onto the street now
    and show you where this met you so you got cars parking on this rail
    here with I don’t think they have to worry about a train coming this way yeah we can see it ends up for another
    times but there’s construction going on right over there and it goes right into
    that crane I could run into that crane right there because that road is closed and I can’t
    walk beyond that point so that would be the end for now I’m gonna try to go on historic aerials
    dot-com and see if I can date back look back through you can go through back
    through decades like in the 40s and 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s and see when I was
    installed and when I was abandoned alright guys thank you for viewing
    please subscribe her like take care we give you one that shot of the bridge
    here the older removes the bridge and then three monstrosity they thought
    right next to it thank you for viewing please subscribe her like take care over

    FEC Railroad Crossing Former Site | Miami, FL.
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    FEC Railroad Crossing Former Site | Miami, FL.

    August 19, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m here on SW 69th Avenue and Waterway Drive I don’t know if you could see the sign, the sun is kind of in the way. So yeah, SW 69th Ave and Waterway DR. This is the sight of the former FEC Railway crossing As you can see, the RXR sign is still there. and the pavement marking is also still here. See if you can make it out. Yeah, there it is. The car drove over it. Yeah, there it is RXR. And then here you can still see on the opposite side of me you can still see the foundation where the crossing gate used to be. and on my side up ahead you can see where the wires and cables used to be for the connection on this side’s crossing gate. There’s the old signal box there. The foundation for it. And here is where the crossing gate used to be. used to connect to. The FEC Railway sign. Private property There’s some sort of marker down that way. Think it might be a whistle post. Then on this side, there’s no cars coming ok… Here’s the foundation for the one on this side. This one is still intact. And then, oh look! There’s a railroad tie over there. There’s actually several railroad ties. I actually have a video of the bridge that’s right there. I’ll include a card to it so you guys can click on it on this video. So yeah guys, once again, if you want to look this up on Google Earth, this is Waterway DR just a block West of SW 69th Ave This is the former FEC Railway that from North which is Miami International Airport South towards Dadeland and then it met up with the mainline that ran parallel next to US1 that went toward Homestead alright guys once gain here’s the foundation I thank you very much for viewing and please subscribe, like, or share this video. Thank you very much.

    THE SAFEST Railroad Crossing in the USA
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    THE SAFEST Railroad Crossing in the USA

    August 19, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today I’m
    going to show you guys probably the safest railroad crossing in the whole United
    States so I’m at North West 37th Avenue Northwest 28th Street here in Miami Florida just a few miles from the Miami International Airport
    probably like less than a mile, this car coming I’m going to cross, so yeah so this is Northwest
    28th Street here you can see the railroad signals and here you can see
    that crossing itself right so the reason why I say well let me first show you
    the crossing first we got a safe tran system signal please we got a
    Siemens gate mechanism there is a crossing number contact info we got to
    safe tran LED lights all around and the Ebell on top with a bracket to hold
    it in place and the lights on the crossing gate are Reco lights okay and
    then this here is track view south this here is track view north the one
    you see on top there that’s the metro rail that goes that way to Miami
    International Airport but that green bridge you see over there that’s the
    historic SAL draw bridge that was built in 1926 so yeah so this is why I say
    this is the safest or one of these safest or rolling crossings here as you
    can see this is a dead end there’s a no trespassing sign there
    people just come here to dump trash illegally see
    no trespassing or dumping but as we can see nobody or most people don’t follow
    those rules and the funny thing is that they have they actually have a pavement
    marking over there you see on the ground the rxr know if you guys can make it out
    it’s a dead end like 200 feet that road ends right there they even have a
    light over there and then this crossing is probably the same safe tran signal base siemens gate mechanism but you see
    contact info safe tran LED lights all around this one has an E bell Reco
    lights and a bracket so I don’t know why they decided to invest all this money in
    this crossing American Airlines so yeah I don’t know why they decided to
    invest all this money in this grade crossing here when you’re not I mean how
    many cars come through here a day I think the only people that come through
    this crossing and people are gonna illegally dump stuff so oh and by the
    way they have a green we got green and yellow but there’s no train so so yeah
    guys yeah you just had the pleasure of seeing perhaps the safest or one of
    these safest crossings if anybody knows how I can access a website I don’t know
    if the NRA has a site or something that that shows the statistics for accidents
    that are crossing but yeah I’m guessing this would rank as probably one of those
    very high very high or very low in accidents very high in safety so there
    you go I’m gonna include a Google Maps link in the description guys please
    subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Ancient Railroad Crossing & Signal
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    Ancient Railroad Crossing & Signal

    August 19, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today I’m
    over here at Canal Street Church Avenue in Mulberry Florida near Plant City
    I’m gonna include a Google Maps link in the description and I came across this
    old seaboard crossing over here You see it has the no right turn lens orange light up top and the pinnacle
    very top so yeah so this is a oh yeah US&S ancient and then over here we got a we got a WABCO relay case these lights are safe tran LED lights
    got the crossbuck there this is a WRRS signal base over here on the crossing
    gate and we got a mechanical Bell to the mechanical Bell is WR RS as well
    safe tran gate mechanism and then Oh track view
    north and we got a train coming this way so I think we’re gonna wait for it and then here we got another US&S signal base a US&S light at the very top You can’t tell because of the back light but yeah I’m going to try to cross the road, its a very busy road here okay in Miami we only got one of these
    types of crossings and here I’ve seen three in the same block this is crazy
    this place is filled with railroad history so look at this US&S relay case! right there US&S US&S signal base over here we got this bad boy and then what I
    really noticed I was this old signal over here look at this guy walking south and as I said I’ll include a Google Maps
    link so you guys can follow along with me, but look at that signal he has a
    green now as I said the Train is just down the track but look at
    this signal that is ancient you can see the pinnacle of top and the rust amazing! then here you got this crossing, it
    already has an E bell and stuff so it’s nothing out of this world but yeah
    definitely there’s a sight to see over here. There’s a couple of cops over
    there so I don’t want to get too close I’m guessing that one is a US&S as
    well see yeah
    US&S right there you can see the signal base on it all right you guys,
    Please Subscribe Like and I’m gonna shoot the train video right now thank
    you for viewing over and out

    Country Railroad Crossing & Former SCL Depot
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    Country Railroad Crossing & Former SCL Depot

    August 18, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentleman I’m over here at
    a country style railroad crossing in Palmdale, Florida. It’s just a wood and
    cross bucks over here. There we see this line over here that ends right
    there with the wheel stops this is looking north and then this here is the
    mainline this is looking North also looking West this is the other crossing
    here, just wood and cross bucks some cross ties here that were removed there used to be a station here back in
    the day I’ve seen old footage of Palmdale black and white there was a
    semaphore here too. See there’s a My truck! look at that abandoned house a railroad Shack the SCL Depot was located right off to
    my left right here and I remember in 1995 driving through here and seeing it. so this is facing South guys and then it’s my truck there, I didn’t want to leave it alone, it’s still running. next to the lykes ranch if you guys know
    when this train station was removed I’d sure love to know please comment below
    if you know more or less a date and I’m gonna include a Google Maps link to this
    location alright guys so yeah this is all right off of us 27 and Broadway
    Street in Palmdale Florida thank you very much for viewing please subscribe
    or like take care let me give you one last glance over and out