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    Old Abandoned Railroad Spur
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    Old Abandoned Railroad Spur

    August 27, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m over here in Oakland Park, FL right next to the CSX main line. and look at what we have over here. We have an abandoned railroad spur. That used to service this warehouse over here. This is where the boxcars used to load. or unload. Classic SCL crossties. As this used to be a former SCL track back in the day before the merger. This is facing North and this would’ve been the end. of the spur. And now were going South again. Look at this. Look at this, they’re all over the place. Alright guys, I think That is it, there’s no more over there This is where the railcars used to load. Let me just take you guys here to the end of the line. I was trying to look for a date on the rails but they’re rusted beyond recognition. They have a layer of dirt here that’s been encrusted on them. Alright guys, thank you very much for viewing. Please subscribe, like, or share. Thank you. Bye.

    Old Railroad Crossing US&S on CSX Former SAL SCL Miami, FL
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    Old Railroad Crossing US&S on CSX Former SAL SCL Miami, FL

    August 27, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I want to show you guys an old style CSX Railroad Crossing To begin with, I’m going to show you this one with the pointy tip. This one has the no left turn lens on it. I don’t know if you can see it. Get you up close here. No left turn. And then one up top. And then what I really want to show you guys let me give you a side view of this one. is the old style cantilevers that are used in this crossing You can see them on that side of the road that would be the East side of this intersection which is Coral Way and SW 72nd Ave. Miami, FL These are probably dating back to the SAL or SCL days and then they can also be found on this side of the intersection, Which is the West side looking East. Yeah. They don’t make them like that anymore. See if I can see who manufactured these and it says US&S Oh! They manufacture the mechanical teardrop bell! nice. So do you guys know if they made the cantilevers also? Please comment below. Interesting thing, I can see over there That crossing has an E bell on it so despite it being an old style cantilever this old crossing over here, they have E bells on both sides. Funny, I would’ve expected to have seen the mechanical bells. Alright guys, Please subscribe, like, or share. And I thank you very much for viewing. bye bye.

    Homeless camp cleared out near railroad tracks
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    Homeless camp cleared out near railroad tracks

    August 26, 2019


    3 Unused Railroad Crossing Drive Along Tour
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    3 Unused Railroad Crossing Drive Along Tour

    August 26, 2019

    Okay guys so I’m on Kings Highway and
    I’m going to give you a tour of the end of the CSX S line. This, here we’re coming up on the crossing. This is going to be Northwest 10th Ave and these are the tracks right here. This is an old SAL, old Seaboard
    line it is now CSX but CSX hasn’t ran a train
    through here for years and nor do they have any plans to send another one, so
    right now I’m headed southbound on 10th Avenue you can see in some parts
    it’s there’s litter all over it that dead chickens, branches we’re coming up on a milepost here
    that’s a milepost 66 it says, I think it says end Homestead block I couldn’t tell with all the graffiti behind it. Relay case This is another crossing I believe this is Campbell Dr so in there the track curves and then
    there’s the old abandoned SAL station. It goes between those shrubs
    there. You’re going to be able to see it you got to see there’s a spur coming up
    there to the left is abandoned Train station built in the 1920s and
    that’s where all the tourists used to disembark and then here is abandoned
    spur, let me show you the train station and there’s the spur I actually have a video on this crossing
    that I did a walkthrough this is where the spur this ends and then right
    there there’s a wye you can see the switch in the distance
    I’m going to make a left here as soon as this guy passes. You can see the
    switch next to the crossing there and floor it okay I’m going to include a link for the video
    that’s at the end of the track so you can see what it looks like the last
    crossing it’s actually the last crossing in the United States and the end of the
    CSX s line so please subscribe or like thank you for viewing guys over and out

    Upside Down Cross buck & Abandoned Railroad
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    Upside Down Cross buck & Abandoned Railroad

    August 26, 2019

    Guys, check this out. This is a wrongly placed cross buck by CSX Look at the milepost right there. and then look at how they put the crossing. They put it upside down. Incredible huh? Then, over here there’s a abandoned spur. Apparently this is a interesting. Yeah guys, it’s fenced off about 50 feet down the road. Look at the rail spikes. It’s an old SCL line. See if I could Well this line is still connected to the mainline. I have a another video which I did on that side I’ll include the link to it. But yeah guys, let me give you one more shot of the wrongly placed cross buck. I don’t know if its even worth it to call and report this because its obviously abandoned so This is what the other side of the crossing looks like guys. Please subscribe or like! Thank you very much for viewing. Over and out.

    Railroad Crossing Gate Hits Truck
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    Railroad Crossing Gate Hits Truck

    August 25, 2019

    Hey All Train Fans Out There. The Gate Hits The Truck and A Train Goes By, Then More Of The Gate. Be Sure To Watch The Whole Video To See All The Good Stuff and SUBSCRIBE!

    Abandoned Railroad Crossing Railroad Archaeology
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    Abandoned Railroad Crossing Railroad Archaeology

    August 25, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen another
    abandoned railroad crossing here in North Miami, I’ll include a Google Maps
    link cuz I’m not sure I’ve been driving around this little industrial so
    I’m not sure the Avenue but I’ll find it on Google Maps and include a link down
    below so let’s see so here the sidewalk ends right this is
    facing south this would be facing north this would have been an industrial spur
    and then this facing this is facing east see we see no traces of trail of rails
    or spikes they probably see yeah they removed a cross buck on both
    sides, there’s a car coming let him pass on that side I don’t see the location of the cross buck either
    where it was so yeah I just went right in here It’s a jungle in there This is facing north so this is pretty
    much like all we see here just these the grade that’s it see uh Oh trying to dig for it but you can’t
    see them there how unfortunate and I’m gonna try to see my intuition
    tells me that crossbuck would have been somewhere around here but nope
    that was probably taken out so long ago all righty guys please subscribe or like
    thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Rochelle Railroad Park: Train Talk Ep. 9
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    Rochelle Railroad Park: Train Talk Ep. 9

    August 24, 2019

    Hello everyone and welcome to Train Talk! Today, we are going to talk about a so called
    railroad “hot spot”, or great place to watch trains, that is located in Rochelle,
    Illinois. So let’s visit the Rochelle Railroad Park! Rochelle is a quiet little town, located about
    75 miles to the west of Chicago in the north-central portion of the state of Illinois. It is in this town where two major rail lines
    cross each other, making for a great place to watch trains. Running northwest to south east is the BNSF
    mainline. The other rail line, running southwest to
    northeast through the town is the Union Pacific’s mainline. Both of these rail lines are major components
    of the national cross country freight rail network. The BNSF line was formerly owned by the Chicago,
    Burlington and Quincy railroad, and it runs from Minnesota’s Twin Cities region south
    along the mississippi river into Iowa, then crossing the river into Illinois, through
    Rochelle, and to Aurora, Illinois, where it joins up with the BNSF’s triple track mainline
    into Chicago, known as the “race track”. The Union Pacific line is also a very important
    east-west running railroad. It was once part of the Chicago and North
    Western Railroad and begins as far west as Council Bluffs, Iowa. It passes through Des Moines, Iowa, Rochelle,
    Illinois, and then into Chicago. The final stretch of this line into Chicago
    is used by Metra commuter trains as the “Metra Union Pacific West line”. In addition to both rail lines meeting here,
    Rochelle is also important because it is the location of Union Pacific’s “Global 3”
    yard facility, one of 5 large intermodal container train yards used by the Union Pacific in the
    greater Chicago area. The yard is located on the west side of town. It is because of all this train action that
    Rochelle has become such a great place to watch trains. The Rochelle Railroad park was opened in August
    of 1998 and serves as a safe and fun place for railroad enthusiasts from all around the
    world to come and watch trains. The park is situated directly to the east
    of the railroad junction between the Union Pacific and BNSF railroads. This kind of junction or crossover is called
    a diamond because of the shape made by the rails where they meet. Because of this junction, there are over 80
    trains that pass through here in a 24 hour period, making this an especially good place
    to watch trains. In addition to a view of the diamonds and
    the passing trains on both lines, the park also features a gift shop open every day of
    the week except Tuesdays, two diesel locomotives and a demonstration piece of old fashioned
    “strap track” that are on display, and a covered pavilion with benches and radios
    set to the frequencies of both railroads, so you can hear the crews of approaching trains. The park is open 24 hours a day, so you can
    watch trains pass by here at all hours. And, for those of you who aren’t able to
    make the trip to Rochelle but still want to see the trains pass, you can go directly to
    the park’s website to view real time web cams showing the passing trains. Also not far away on the BNSF rail line is
    the old Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy passenger depot, built in 1921. While at one time Rochelle was served by passenger
    trains on both rail lines, passenger service officially ended in 1971 with the formation
    of Amtrak and since then, no regularly scheduled passenger trains have been routed through
    Rochelle. While there are now several railroad parks
    in various places in the United States, Rochelle was the first such park to be built. Historically, Rochelle was a well known place
    to watch trains among railroad enthusiasts. Over the years, it grew in popularity to the
    point where the city of Rochelle decided it would be a good idea to open up a train watching
    park as a way of building tourism. So in 1995, the parcel of land located directly
    to the east of the diamonds was purchased and construction began. The park was finally opened to the public
    on August 30th, 1998, and it has remained a great place to watch trains every day since. Thanks for watching this episode of Train
    Talk! To find out more about the Rochelle Railroad
    Park and to view the park’s webcam, please visit And, if you have any questions, comments,
    or suggestions, please leave those below! Until next time, I’m Mike Armstrong. I’ll see you down the line! Thanks for watching!

    Unused Railroad Crossing SW 216th ST Miami Florida
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    Unused Railroad Crossing SW 216th ST Miami Florida

    August 24, 2019

    okay ladies gentlemen today we have
    another unused railroad crossing here at Southwest 216th Street near cutler
    ridge homestead area South Dade okay so this is a CSX s line homestead
    extension subdivision and this is an ungated crossing here I’m gonna give
    you track view northeast you see there’s a tree blocking the way
    right there from Hurricane Irma this is This is a safetran signal base I believe
    yeah safetran signal base emergency contact info
    CSX s-line homestead subdivision milepost 59 point 26 and we got
    fungus filled safe tran lights all around e dinger up top cross bucks
    over here Street crossing is pretty good there’s no bumps or degradation and this is track view SouthWest this crossing is a little bit tilted maybe
    from the winds a hurricane Irma maybe from no upkeep but you can see the that those lights let me first give you
    the signal base, safe tran signal base emergency contact info and then you can see the back of those lights are
    in dire need of paint, safe tran all around and then over there we got the relay
    case which has no power to it give you that I’m gonna include a Google Maps link to
    this location so you guys can see exactly where I’m at
    follow it yourselves Oh actually yeah look at the crack on the the crack on the
    signal base here wow, nice all right you guys follow me on instagram at railrol82
    please subscribe or like thank you for viewing
    over and out