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    Railroad Crossing Under Metrorail
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    Railroad Crossing Under Metrorail

    August 28, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen RailROL82
    here so we’re coming up on the Northwest 12th Avenue crossing and the CSX
    downtown spur Miami downtown spur see the pavement markings and the sign okay so this is Northwest 22nd Street
    I’m gonna include a Google Maps into this location and just a few feet away
    from me we have the crossing that right there is the Metro Rail it’s an
    above ground light rail system passenger train and then here we have what we came to see so here’s the emergency contact info CSX S line sorry S line
    extension downtown milepost 442 and that’s the crossing number we have an MI cantilever, those are WC hayes lights e bell WC Hayes gate mechanism I think that’s a WC hayes base as well I’ve never seen this before here that
    sticker and then the lights are yeah WC hayes, you see those visors were cut off
    well they were cut off because of the gate the gate would interfere with them today
    as I said this was uh a my modern industries and then you got the lights
    over there my favorite visors and this is the spur
    itself it’s facing east towards Miami, see some
    voodoo right there I’m gonna try to cross over here what you hear there is the metro rail this is facing west and this side we
    also have mi lights they look to be incandescent, MI cantilever safe tran signal base WC Hayes gate mechanism electrocution hazard emergency contact info the lights two tracks cross bucks see the
    E bell in the background and the Rico lights on the crossing gate Also MI lights, see the metrorail all righty guys so yeah give you a track view again here track view west there’s the switch thank you for viewing, please subscribe or like. take care over and out

    Lonely Railroad Crossing
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    Lonely Railroad Crossing

    August 27, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen so we
    continue our tour today along the CSX downtown Miami spur here is the next
    crossing this is an mi relay case dot number this is facing west towards
    Hialeah here we have the crossing equipment, so this is an original seaboard line facing west as I
    said and then here you have a safe tran signal base something so yeah I saw a
    safe tran signal base safe tran gate mechanism emergency contact info four safe tran lights all around, those are
    Rico gate lights E bell up top cross buck and then here we have the grade crossing
    you can see the what kind of good condition it’s in it’s wood it’s probably an original seaboard they
    have to put these metal plates right after the cars on don’t bottom out there
    something facing east and then here you have the
    other one you see that light took a pounding right there safe Tran signal base safe signal
    base safe Tran gate mechanism emergency contact info see if Tran
    lights oh this one has a safe train mechanical bell safe tran bracket and Rico lights on the crossing gate see somebody tore this one up over here that used to be here and let me give you one more shot of the track over here so they said this
    is track view east alrighty guys thank you for viewing please subscribe
    or like take care over and out

    Railroad Crossing CSX Industry Spur
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    Railroad Crossing CSX Industry Spur

    August 27, 2019

    Okay ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to show you guys a spur over here and railroad crossing it looks like its a very lightly used RR crossing it might be unused lets see when i get there based on what the rails look like ok so thats i95, this is the Fort Lauderdale Tri Rail station and then here you see the spur and then here you see the switch the stop dismount sign this is facing South and then yeah these rails look really polished at least this one definitely sees activity yeah that sees activity the other one, I don’t think it sees much activity you could see it has a lot of growth on it yeah I don’t want to go, that’s trespassing so stay right here and then I see this one I don’t know if that was a train that that leaked motor oil something very thick thick chemical but this one here that goes all the way over there and then this might be a very lightly used line notice there’s no cross bucks on that side just this one alright you guys Please subscribe or like, thank you very much for viewing. Over and out!

    Tropicana Train at Night Plant City Railroad Crossing
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    Tropicana Train at Night Plant City Railroad Crossing

    August 27, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, So I’m over here at Plant City FL right We got the green over here and we’re waiting on the CSX Tropicana intermodal train He’s right down the tracks over there that crossing just activated and soon this one will too crossing activates train horn train horn train horn train horn train horn train horn Please subscribe or like guys, thank you very much for viewing take care over and out

    Removed Railroad Crossing
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    Removed Railroad Crossing

    August 26, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen RailRol82
    here, this is a sad day for rail fans this here is the CSX homestead subdivision right and as you can see the crossing was removed recently they got this
    sign now tracks out of service and then right now walking South and I think over here was where the
    cantilever once stood yeah they removed, there’s no more signs of it see? so then this here is a track view Southwest and you can see
    that the next crossing which is 232nd ST the signals are still there those signals are still there. I guess
    their days are counted like they’ll probably be removed sometime soon so the tracks are out of service and then
    I’m gonna cross the road now this is track view north
    east a whole lot of cars coming, let me
    try to see if l could film it on this side but on this side we got the same view
    you got the pavement markings right there and you got the rxr right
    there and then here you got the out of service sign this is the northbound lane
    of Krome Avenue and here is where the cantilever stood too. There’s no traces, they removed everything. The washers the only thing I can see the wires everything was cut removed and the relay case is gone yeah totally totally track view NE guys let me
    give you then another shot this way and yeah so I guess it’s just a matter
    of time before the rails are pulled to won’t be seeing you guys much longer so
    it was a pleasure knowing you and I had high hopes for you but I guess not everybody else did or who knows maybe you’ll be sold and reused again in the future it’s happened before all right you guys, Please subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Unused Railroad Crossing SW 216th ST Miami Florida
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    Unused Railroad Crossing SW 216th ST Miami Florida

    August 24, 2019

    okay ladies gentlemen today we have
    another unused railroad crossing here at Southwest 216th Street near cutler
    ridge homestead area South Dade okay so this is a CSX s line homestead
    extension subdivision and this is an ungated crossing here I’m gonna give
    you track view northeast you see there’s a tree blocking the way
    right there from Hurricane Irma this is This is a safetran signal base I believe
    yeah safetran signal base emergency contact info
    CSX s-line homestead subdivision milepost 59 point 26 and we got
    fungus filled safe tran lights all around e dinger up top cross bucks
    over here Street crossing is pretty good there’s no bumps or degradation and this is track view SouthWest this crossing is a little bit tilted maybe
    from the winds a hurricane Irma maybe from no upkeep but you can see the that those lights let me first give you
    the signal base, safe tran signal base emergency contact info and then you can see the back of those lights are
    in dire need of paint, safe tran all around and then over there we got the relay
    case which has no power to it give you that I’m gonna include a Google Maps link to
    this location so you guys can see exactly where I’m at
    follow it yourselves Oh actually yeah look at the crack on the the crack on the
    signal base here wow, nice all right you guys follow me on instagram at railrol82
    please subscribe or like thank you for viewing
    over and out

    Out of Service Railroad Crossing
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    Out of Service Railroad Crossing

    August 23, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82
    here again your railroad archaeologist today I’m over here at the Redlands at
    this out of service or railroad crossing here I just noticed we have a gentleman
    sitting on the tracks but I’m guessing he knows they’re out of service yeah
    so me y’all get back to the crossing okay so this here is track view NorthEast right and then look at the grade crossing these wooden grade crossings
    are ancient the track itself was built in 1926 and then here all we got is this
    on dangling yield sign, cross bucks emergency contact info CSX transportation Crossing # 631139A Milepost there’s no customers left on this line
    so no no trains come down here and this is the East, sorry the Western side of
    crossing and then over here is the Eastern side of crossing so this is
    basically an agricultural area here as you can see it’s all nurseries and plants. I’m going to include a Google Maps link to this location so you guys can see I’m
    guessing this happened, you see that gap there? See the gap right there? that probably happened when Hurricane
    Irma came. Despite it having these holes here for the wind resistance,
    Hurricane Irma made it tilted. The yield sign and the cross bucks and I bet you guys know what that is if you’ve seen a lot of my videos, please comment below and I’ll tell you if you’re right
    or not so yeah Here you can see the date but I think, let me see oh yeah 1925 right there 1925 75 pound rail alright you guys, thank you very much for coming along with me on this tour. Please subscribe or like, over
    and out.

    Unused Railroad Exploration
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    Unused Railroad Exploration

    August 21, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here. Your railroad archaeologist so I’m over here at the CSX Homestead
    subdivision on you I tell you Rico drive processing I did a tour of this crossing
    last year and today I’m gonna show you what this time looks like now that it’s
    officially out of service here we can see some girls on it so Moodle right
    there this thing was built this is facing
    south west facing north east the sign was built in 1927 looking for a real
    with the date on it 75 pound rail built by a Marilyn Marilyn steel I do not see
    a date though but yeah I know for a fact that was built in 1927 and you can see
    the old wooden ties and if I stand on this line okay it’s mostly gross just
    see what it feels like to have been on this line this is what it was what it
    would have felt like see a nice residential area next to here and
    agriculture it’s on my right I’m gonna include a little map into that crossing
    so you guys can know where I’m at and this is facing north east so you see
    over here we can find a date on the rails yep
    1926 right there 1926 built by the seaboard airline railroad design came
    from my Annie from 5-9 the International Airport and do you ignore that it came
    to haul away from from Central Florida to homestead homestead is a city that is
    about a few miles south of here just to put it into perspective on this
    Yurika drive here this crossing is 1 84th Street and this line ends at around
    320 something 330 something Street so this is our about 20 miles away or so
    from the end of the line you can see these rails pure rust that’s a shame because if these reels
    could talk I’m sure they’d have some very interesting stories to tell and yeah there we see the gateless
    crossing it’s really case on the other side so yeah guys that’s this crossing
    and I’m gonna continue further south to Seoul I thank you for coming along with
    me please subscribe for like dinking please comment over and out

    What Does This Railroad Crossing Look Like 64 Years After ?
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    What Does This Railroad Crossing Look Like 64 Years After ?

    August 20, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here your railroad archaeologist, so today’s time machine is gonna take us back to the year 1955 specifically Fort Lauderdale Florida
    1955 we’re gonna visit a seaboard crossing that was originally built in
    1926 and when this picture was taken it was 29 years after it was built so we’re
    gonna see some coconut trees we’re gonna see some the forest outhouses we’re
    gonna see traffic jam old cars this picture is gonna be very very nice I
    like it in fact I wish we could return to those times and then after the
    picture I’m gonna show you what it looks like nowadays I went to the location and
    took a video and you’re gonna compare the picture to the video one after the
    other and you’re gonna let me know what you think in the comments guys I
    personally like 1955 butter but yeah keep an eye on the original seaboard
    crossing with a placard ugh no stop on red signals the coconut trees yeah um if
    you haven’t subscribed to my channel please subscribe so you can see videos
    like this hit the notification bus you can get alerts too when I upload my
    videos and enjoy this video let me know what you think down below guys you and welcome to 2019 ladies and gentlemen
    this is what it looks like nowadays so you remember that lovely little road
    crossing that was there with the house on the other side looking east ok so
    right now that overpass here is an extension of Broward Boulevard going
    east on to i-95 notice that on the other side of the bushes there is 595 sorry
    i-95 there are the tracks right there and then that overpass right there is Broward
    Boulevard take a little bit closer so here we are this is where the crossing
    used to be that’s probable of art that’s facing east I’m gonna go up on top now
    and show you guys what it looks like from above okay ladies and gentlemen
    here you have it I’m gonna include the Google Maps inks
    in this location so you guys can follow along with me
    sorry I’m a bit winded I just finished climbing that right there it’s tougher
    than it looks okay so at this very spot is where those
    two little possible and the lights the original seat boy don’t cross it that’s a try real station you can see
    the sign right there by the light post says 5 94 95 south so yeah big big difference call me crazy but uh I’d
    rather have it as it was before but you guys please check out one of my
    other videos please subscribe if you haven’t that notification Bell thank you
    for viewing take care sayonara