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    Automated Railway Crossing Project by Roboversity

    April 5, 2020

    Railway crossing is largely dependent on risky human operated gates. This project aims to make level crossing safe using embedded systems. In this course you will work on sensors, motors and microcontrollers to automate railway gate control. Sensors detect an approaching train and signal the microcontroller to shutdown the motorized gates. So by making this project, you get to solve a real engineering problem. You can do this course online at your own convenience or register at one of our venues.

    KYTC Minute – October 11, 2012
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    KYTC Minute – October 11, 2012

    January 30, 2020

    Hi, this is Miranda Thacker with your KYTC
    Minute. Your safety is the foremost concern of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. So
    this is a reminder to be careful when driving through railroad crossings. Last year, Kentucky
    ranked ninth nationally in the number of railroad crossing collisions and 14th nationally in
    the number of railroad crossing deaths. Compounding the tragedy is the fact that every one of
    those incidents was preventable. Never race a train to the crossing – even if it’s
    a tie, you lose. The average locomotive weighs 200 tons. A train hitting a car is comparable
    to a car hitting a soda can. And trains can’t stop quickly enough to avoid a collision.
    It takes the average freight train travelling 55 mph more than a mile to stop. An oncoming
    train is always closer and moving faster than you think. So don’t ever drive around a
    railroad crossing gate. We’ll have more rail safety tips in our next segment. Finally,
    here’s a reminder to cast your vote for the nation’s top transportation project.
    The finalists include a Kentucky project – the U.S. 68 Double Crossover Diamond Interchange
    in Lexington. Just go to our homepage and follow the instructions. Vote up to 10 times
    daily – and encourage others to vote as well. Should Kentucky win, the $10 thousand
    grand prize will be donated to the Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign and its six
    partner charities. Voting ends Friday, October 19. This has been your KYTC Minute. Visit every thursday for updated information.

    Discovering abandoned railroad tracks at Miller Road on S Line and B Line in Valrico Florida
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    Discovering abandoned railroad tracks at Miller Road on S Line and B Line in Valrico Florida

    January 24, 2020

    Hi everyone, Sam the Railfanner here! So we are at Miller Road in Valrico Florida on Christmas Eve having a picnic on the Seaboard Air Line. We’re gonna go to the Bone Valley Line to see on what happens to the Abandoned railroad tracks? Please do not… don’t skip to the Bone Valley Line part cuz it’s cheating. Okay, so Miller Road has two railroad crossings in Valrico, Florida. And we are going to explore Bone Valley Line. Okay. Yeah, you see? Okay, we’re almost at Bone Valley. We’ll see what if the abandoned line has got any trains or gotten worse… Think it does get used sometimes but yeah, we are walking to the other crossing again, ha ha. Here we go. Would you like to move here too? Okay, so both of them are 2 TRACKS crossings Only one lines is the main line on each crossing, as you can see. Ok, let’s check the Bone Valley line railroad, see what has happened Last time I checked Well, doesn’t look good. But this is shiny. this gets used too. When i filmed a CSX Phosphate Train, it was at this crossing and it was on this line. Okay, so this crossing has 1 bell, 2 gates, 4 pairs of Safetran Lights, 2 Safetran Bases on each crossing same thing for the other railroad crossing, but you can see the crossing lights That’s what it gets, CSX Q442, Q441, K422 and K423 pass by that crossing only. And I think some Teco Coal Train’s but okay, so please don’t keep skipping the video, it would be cheating. Okay. Let’s see… I’m on the abandoned line. This is the CSX Bone Valley Line. We can view the 1 signal crossing lights from here. As you can see, the lights are LED’S on the other crossing while these lights here are not. Okay. We’ll discover the tracks on the Seaboard Air Line. We’re walking back to the other one. Don’t skip because it’s cheating. All right, I’m running. Well i better get to the other side because there’s a car coming. All right! All right, so we’re about to let’s see if the other railroad is shiny or not. Yeah, okay! Yes, it’s so chilly, but here we are at the other crossing! This is a two-track crossing, so 2 railroad tracks on each crossing. You can see this has four pairs of safetran lights too with safetran LED’S maybe, probably Western Cullen Hayes… He uses Western Cullen Hayes Mechanical Bells, but not Electronic Bells. That’s pretty weird. This line is a little bit shiny. The main line gets used a lot. Alright, yeah, this gets just more as you can see if this has 2 Safetran Bases on each crossing, 1 NEG E Bell… So as you can see, that gate mechanisim makes noise when it lowers, i think it’s that side with no bell. But thank you for discovering the abandoned railroad tracks with me and Sam the Railfanner out!

    Railway Crossing | in 2019 Part 1
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    Railway Crossing | in 2019 Part 1

    January 17, 2020

    Who’s that Mr. Railway Crossing Signals it Has Boomgates Crossing Lights a Bell on top Crossbucks and… Then Australian Victoria Metro Trains Travel Across in Live Action Film and Enjoy the Series “Filmed by Train Hunter Junior” im Noa done wii teh subtitlez

    Hough Lane Level Crossing (10/09/2019)
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    Hough Lane Level Crossing (10/09/2019)

    December 22, 2019

    Hough Lane Wigwag there, keep crossing clear Yodalarm on the back 2 and a half counterweights from 2016 Hough Lane Level Crossing Do not trespass on the railway Penalty £1000 There’s your emergency gear Wigwag, another train coming if lights continue to show Keep Crossing Clear, Telephone Hough Lane Level Crossing SK 931 428 This phone will call Ancaster Signal Box Wigwag, Keep crossing Clear Barrier with 1 counterweight from 2016 Yodalarm on the back Hough Lane Level Crossing Do not trespass on the railway, Penalty £1000 Wigwag up there, another train coming if lights continue to show Keep Crossing Clear, Telephone Island Sign This level crossing is on the Poacher Line between Grantham and Ancaster That way, towards the Proceed Aspect Is towards Grantham That was is towards Ancaster The Timetable you would use for this location is Barkston East Junction